The Walking Dead Recap: The In Crowd

The Walking Dead Season 4 RecapAs if a perimeter breach and sick bay bedlam weren’t enough for the The Walking Dead’s living to contend with, this week’s episode also sets the stage for a certain someone to come back with a vengeance. But we’ll discuss that when we get to the end of our “Internment” recap…

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WHERE THERE’S AN ILL… | As the hour opens, Hershel is doing everything humanly and even superhumanly possible to keep all of his quarantined patients not only alive but optimistic. (Let’s make it Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday, he jokes. Of course, “first we have to find some spaghetti.”) He even moves heaven and earth to prevent anyone from seeing those who succumb to the flu bludgeoned as they turn into walkers. (“A sad soul,” he notes, quoting Steinbeck, “can kill quicker than a germ.”) Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Sasha passes out from dehydration, Glenn collapses just as Henry turns, Caleb kicks the bucket, and before Maggie busts in to restore order, a walker pins her dad, whose rescuer gets bitten himself after accidentally blowing away an innocent bystander! (Yes, it’s just as chaotic as it sounds.)

THE WEAKEST LINK | In storyline B, Rick and Maggie work to reinforce the fence against the growing horde of walkers pressing their noses (if they still have them) against it. When she’s called away by the siren song of gunfire inside the prison (see: storyline A), Rick is finally forced to let eager Carl help. But it’s no use — there are just too darn many walkers. When at last the fence gives, Rick and Carl stave off the invasion by turning the yard into a shooting gallery. Then, hallelujah! Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob return with the medicine that the infected so desperately need. “Dad,” says Carl, “everything’s gonna be okay.” But is it?

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THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM | Though Maggie and Hershel seem to give Rick a pass about his decision to banish Carol, the hour ends with Daryl asking the doc where she is. “Talk to Rick about her,” Hershel says ominously. (And something tells me Daryl’s reaction to the news isn’t going to be quite so stoic!) Then, we come to our final shot: Just after Rick and Carl split a green bean — perhaps suggesting that, regardless of the mad world in which they live, not all hope is lost? — the camera pulls back to reveal that they’re being watched by (dun-Dun-DUN!) the Governor! Okay, NOW all hope is lost.

Okay, your turn. Were you worried that Glenn might actually die? Were you hoping that, when Lizzie lured Henry away, she actually WOULD die? How massively bad do you predict Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s ouster will be? (Will he go after her?) And finally, before you hit the comments, how happy are you to see Ol’ One-Eye back?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gabriel Anthony says:

    It was a great episode, but the point is that TWD taught me that I can get so excited about stuff after what happened at the 2nd half of s2. But it’s been an amazing 1st half so far, but…

  2. Guest says:

    Daryl is going to go after Carol, not even the Governor is going to stop him.

  3. AshleyRae says:

    This episode was INSANE! Out of all the eps. on this show this one SCARED the crap out of me. The hurd breaking the fence down and coming through which was going to happen at some point, to the tombs where some of the infected turned and attacked the cell block.

    Big props to hershal w/Dr.S ill he was the only person @ the time who can help treat the sick and MANTAIN the virus 4rm killing them…… Despite ALMOST getting himself killed. Rick telling maggie about carol i was surprised w/her reaction she took it well and realized she could probbly do it again. The governor needs to DIE!!! Thank the TV gods glenn and sasha are ok!

  4. Danniel says:

    Daryl and Carol need to happen, it’s what all fans want since they became closer in season 2. He’ll probably go after her.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I am praying this happens!!!! I loves me some “Caryl”!

    • Lilly says:

      Not EVERYone…. I like their caring relationship but I don’t see it as a physical one.

      • Lyn says:

        You are right, Lilly: Not everyone! I like both characters — and kinda want Daryl to find a woman who’s a kindred spirit — but I do not want a Carol/Daryl romantic mashup.

        • Lilly says:

          I like being right! :) And I agree with you, Lyn, about a “kindred spirit” – if he gets romantically involved at all. I frankly am in love with the sullen, secretive Daryl as a leader. I can live with that for a while without a love interest for now.

        • Guest says:

          This is how Daryl gets involved; in a caring, awkward and slightly sullen way with a kindred spirit like Carol. He’s not the kind of man confident enough to rip someone’s clothes off or seduce a woman twice as younger as he is.
          Its what makes Carol and Daryl so unique for TV.

      • I agree. I also love their caring relationship but I don’t think I’d want to see it go further than that.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Your opinion, Lilly, is a minority one. Most people want Carol and Daryl together. Never forget that.

        • Lilly says:

          Well, Alistair, based on the few who have chimed in here, that doesn’t appear to be true. There are people on both sides. I still see Carol as more of a mother figure – albeit a tough one, which I liked – but not an edgy, young mate for Daryl. But that’s my opinion.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Some people are so hell bent that they have to be 100% right all the time. Not everyone wants them together, not by a long shot. I used to really want a Daryl/Carol hook up but now they’ve become such good friends and have that special bond and I don’t see it romantically. If they got together I wouldn’t hate it but if they don’t I’m okay with that too. I like to see a poll on this subject, a real poll, not one that people can vote over and over again just to get their way.

          • sophia says:

            From what i’ve seen the majority of people want Daryl/Carol to be together ( Norman says that it’s the number one question that everyone ask him ) but there is plenty who doesnt want romance ( minority )
            Their popularity came out as a big surprise for me , i thought that people only loved the “hot chick with the bad ass dude” , my faith in humanity is restored , not everyone is shallow.
            though ALL fans want more of Daryl/Carol scenes because she manages to bring out a soft side of Daryl , which is the main reason why people like him.

          • Guest says:

            To be fair, its not just her for Daryl brings out a confident side on Carol too. I think they are popular because its not shallow, because its not based on sex and because it carries on regardless of how they look like.

          • Lilly says:

            Really good arguments, Guest. I just don’t watch TWD for the romance, I guess! Now that I think about it, Maggie and Glenn are enough for me at the moment.

          • Ruffian9 says:

            I’ve always seen Carol as a mother figure, even for Daryl. Her come-ons to him are cringe-worthy. I hope the show doesn’t hook him up with anyone. That said, I hate the Carol character, so there is that.

        • Winter says:

          Never forget that?! What a condescending, asinine thing to say. She is certainly entitled to her opinion whether it is the minority or not, and I don’t know for certain that it is the minority. BTW I agree with you Lilly, I kind of see them more as friends or siblings but not lovers.

        • r says:

          Well,between her,Lyn,myself and you,you’re a minority of 1.
          Never forget that.

    • AshleyRae says:

      Uh………….I’m a daryl fan and it’s up to the Writers to put those 2 together but i see that as a waste at this point with everything that’s going on right now.

    • Simon says:

      Come on, The Walking Dead of all shows should not be focused on couples, can’t two characters care about each other without any romantic inclinations.

      • Meredith says:

        I take your point, but at the same time, I think in any kind of long-term disaster scenario, there would be a whole lot of bangin’ going on. A) When you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, I think sexual inhibitions would drop real quick, and 2) They have a whole lot of downtime that needs to be filled somehow. Maybe random couples should start doing it for the sake of realism? ;-)

        • Liza180 says:

          You’re right. When the human race is threatened, its actually in our genes to want to copulate and get the females pregnant. Its actually instinct. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see Carol and Daryl do it. Didn’t surprise me with Maggie and Glen, either. Even Michonne and someone (I don’t know if she is straight or gay) wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Kevin Little says:

        It’s mostly because 40 plus year old women are OBSESSED with Norman Reedus. I mean, stalking obsessed and can’t stand the idea of Daryl being with any woman.

        • Christa says:

          What do you base that on? I am a 40 plus woman, and I admit to being a big Darryl fan, but I could take/leave Darryl/Carol, while my fifteen year old daughter is completely taken with Darryl and she is a huge Darryl/Carol fan. Do you have some sort of polling results with demographic data to support this claim of yours?

    • Dale says:

      Whether or not it happens, it would be sorely unrealistic for Daryl not to go after her after he went after her on season 3, and after her daughter in season 2.
      It would be akin to expect Tyreese not to hit something/someone after Karen, or Rick not to go mental after Lori, or Glenn not to be upset after what the Governor did to Maggie.

      • Lilly says:

        Good points. Except the prison group is about to need Daryl, big-time. I honestly think Daryl will be torn between his affection (and protective relationship) for Carol and his respect for Rick – whom he will ultimately agree did the right thing after his emotions settle. Whether Daryl runs off after Carol before he gets a grip on his emotions will depend on the writers, of course.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Yeah, I agree. I think Daryl will be conflicted for the reasons you mentioned but also lets not forget his reaction to what happened to Karen and David. He was pissed and told Tyreese that he would put a bullet in their head when they find ’em. I don’t think that is just going to go away just because he finds out it was Carol who did it. It will be interesting.

          • Lilly says:

            Agreed. It may give Daryl pause that Carol was the “killer” but after his emotions settle, he’ll have to deal with his initial reaction.
            It is interesting that our TWD friends face the same moral dilemma that we face: We want to justify what Carol did because we care about Carol. She’s one of the “good guys” we’ve bitten our nails off for the last three years.
            But I’m a believer in black and white (I admit sometimes that is difficult to stick to), moral absolutes. Daryl will face what I think we should face: Either the person who killed Karen and David in cold blood deserves to be punished/banished/killed, or he/she does not. It shouldn’t change once we/they find out who did the killing.
            I’ll ask what I did once before: Would the Carol defenders change their opinion if she had killed Glenn … or Hershel … or Daryl … in cold blood under the same circumstances? Or is it easier to forgive Carol because we hadn’t become invested in Karen (and certainly not David)?

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Lilly ~ also Carol didn’t put up much of a fight when Rick told her he wasn’t taking her back with him. Sure her first reaction was surprise and she cried that was basically it. Then they packed her car together, she gave him her watch and off she went. It seemed to me that she understood why he was letting her go. Not that is gonna stop Daryl from being upset but I thought this needed to be pointed out.

        • Guest says:

          I think that’s the kind of cheap shot The Vampire Diaries like so much, which is great for a minor ratings show based on the usual plots – the right hand man always agrees with the lead, characters respond to attachment only when convenient to the plot, no higher stakes as a result . but not when it comes to the most original show about zombies on TV.

        • Lisa says:

          Rick banishes Carol after killing two for what she felt was the good of the group. Then by this argument why was Carl not banished after shooting that young boy last season?

          • Sophia B. says:

            Here, here, I feel the same way. The only reason is because Carl is Rick’s son. Non of them have blood free hands. I think this show has become PC even when dealing with killing the Zomies. There is no such thing as a zombie you shouldn’t kill and Dale found out that the hard way. And as far as I have seen with out medication (and how did they know which meds to give them) no one has survived and a lot of people where killed. One thing that made me scratch my head was why didn’t Hershel lock every one in their cells? He knew this illness kills and they turn. That would be my first thing to do. Not just tell them to stay in their cell, but lock them the hell up. And I am team Daryl/Carol. But I have a feeling that Daryl will not go after Carol, which will make me sad. I’m just wondering will they tell Ty.

          • Lilly says:

            You seriously see no difference?!
            Carl was a young kid, obviously in need of some guidance, who made the (arguably wrong) call to shoot an ENEMY fighter who was about to surrender.
            Carol, on the other hand, is a grown adult – a LEADER of the group and a member of a council set up to made decisions together – cold-bloodedly MURDERED two trusting, presumably defenseless FRIENDS in their sleep. Yes, she apparently had reasons she believed were for the “greater good”, but when did doing the wrong – even evil – thing for the right reason become acceptable? Would you have so easily forgiven her actions if she had similarly put Hershel or Glenn out of their misery instead of Karen and David, whom we had not had a chance to care about yet?
            Even if you don’t buy the immorality of what Carol did, as Rick explained, it was an issue of trust. What happens the next time Carol decides to take action in secret against one of THEM because she sees them as a threat to the “greater good” of the group?
            As a slightly overweight person with blood pressure issues, I would sleep with one eye open myself, wondering if we had to start running whether Carol would serve the betterment of the group by killing all the “dead weight”.

          • Lilly says:

            You seriously see no difference?!
            Carl was a young kid, obviously in need of some guidance, who made the (arguably wrong) call to shoot an ENEMY fighter who was about to surrender.
            Carol, on the other hand, is a grown adult – a LEADER of the group and a member of a council set up to made decisions together – cold-bloodedly MURDERED two trusting, presumably defenseless FRIENDS in their sleep. Yes, she apparently had reasons she believed were for the “greater good”, but when did doing the wrong – even evil – thing for the right reason become acceptable? Would you have so easily forgiven her actions if she had similarly put Hershel or Glenn out of their misery instead of Karen and David, whom we had not had a chance to care about yet?
            Even if you don’t buy the immorality of what Carol did, as Rick explained, it was an issue of trust. What happens the next time Carol decides to take action in secret against one of THEM because she sees them as a threat to the “greater good” of the group?
            As a slightly overweight person with blood pressure issues, I would sleep with one eye open myself, wondering if we had to start running whether Carol would serve the betterment of the group by killing all the “dead weight” in their sleep….

          • r says:

            Because he was about 12?

    • jake says:

      id rather see him with michonne

      • alistaircrane says:

        Ewww! They have no chemistry and no reason to be together. Carol and Daryl have history and off-the-charts chemistry. That’s why they have such a large fanbase. Michonne has better chemistry with Rick. Now they would make a good couple.

        • new guy says:

          No, you may be right about the chemistry between Carol and Daryl (moreso Carol than Daryl), but it doesn’t look right. She looks way older than him. He needs a bad ass, and Carol is so freaking annoying. I’m glad she’s gone and I hope she stays that way.

          • violet says:

            She isn’t “way older than him”. Norman Reedus is 44 and Melissa McBride is 48. She only looks older because she doesn’t dye her hair and the character doesn’t wear any noticeable makeup. Why would a badass need another badass? People require partners that balance their personality and require what they lack. No one wants to fight all the time. I personally have no investment in whether they hook up or not, but the insistence that they “can’t” be a couple because she isn’t young and hot is pretty sexist. The durability of relationships isn’t based on whether it “looks right” to other people.

      • Ruffian9 says:

        Yes. That would be hot.

      • dana says:

        Yes Daryl/Michonne! The first time she really smiles is at Daryl. The next is at Hershel. Hershel/Michonne??

    • Guest says:

      I was just starting to like the idea of Rick and Carol when he banished her the episode before, but that doesn’t mean I’d rather her with Rick instead of Daryl.

    • betty says:

      I think they should be more concerned with the fact that the fence is coming down the Governor is looming around then a love plot. I think its a show about Walkers not a love story.

      • alistaircrane says:

        There is a place for romance in ANY story. True love is what we all strive for. We all want to find our soulmate if we haven’t already. And you can’t deny Daryl and Carol’s chemistry. They NEED to be together no matter what the circumstance.

        • Liza180 says:

          I have to disagree. While I love the idea of love, when the human race is threatened, it is complete instinct to copulate and get females pregnant. I said this above, but I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more coupling than we have. While TV would make it about love and attraction, its more about partnering up to bring babies into the world.

        • justsaying says:

          true love is what we all strive for? yes. if we are 10 year olds watching a disney movie. sheesh. it really bugs me when i hear grown people talk like this. it’s called reality, folks. in real life, people don’t all find their “soulmates” and live happily ever after. having these kind of unrealistic expectations of life are why many people are depressed, suicidal, and/or addicted to substances. or why they stick with an abusive relationship. etc…

    • dsdsdd says:

      This. I love their relationship and I hope they take it to the next level.

  5. JP says:

    THANK YOU TWD… Great episode… Walkers, glen almost dying, mini Rambo going bonkers, and the Governor… Cannot freakin wait until next week to see what ole sadistic eye-patch has been up to

  6. veronica says:

    they need to dig a giant ditch/moat outside the fence to catch the walkers…and they need to kill the gov’na.

  7. Mike R. says:

    I enjoyed this episode. I still missed Carol, but I thought this episode really showed how great of character Hershel is, but a few times there I thought he was a goner. I feel it is something special, that whenever a character is in danger in this show, that I genuinely fear for there safety in comparison with other shows I never feel that urgency, because there is no way they would kill this character( exceptions Rick, Carl, and maybe Daryl). While there was a lot to love this week, I’d be lying if I wasn’t bother how easily maggie accepted Rick’s decision to abandon Carol, I understand why Rick did it, but like you said it felt more like the show was telling us we should agree with Rick’s decision rather that a natural reaction from Maggie. I also was a bit annoyed that we have to wait until next week to get the reaction we’ve all be waiting for from Daryl.

    ​ I am personally both, excited and nervous for the return of the Governor. The Governor was a pretty interesting villain last season all things considered, but the entire second half of last season was kind of terrible( besides Home), so I’m hoping Scott Gimple will be able to improve the Governor, just as he has improved so many aspects of the show this season.

    • Lilly says:

      The reason Maggie accepted Rick’s decision about Carol is because it was the right decision under the circumstances. You saw that she had to think about it, and confirmed that Carol admitted MURDERING two innocent people (when they now have hope that the sick could be cured). And as I predicted, Rick was honest with everyone about it. This was a trust issue with him. Carol had crossed a line and – especially with Tyrese’s reaction in the equation – dealing with what she did was something the group didn’t need right now. And Rick would also never lie about what HE did about it.

      • Liza180 says:

        I still don’t think Carol did it. I think it was one of the kids.

        • Lilly says:

          Liza, I was against that theory even before Carol admitted killing them (with the possible exception of Carl, who is more likely for the writers to convince us Carol would go to such great lengths to protect). But I am even more strongly against the theory now. Why in the world would Carol let Rick banish her now? She can’t take care of the kids she’s protecting if she is no longer there! Nope, I think we are all just upset that the writers did that to Carol’s character (whom we loved watching evolve) and are looking for a way to justify it.

    • Dale says:

      I understand Maggie because, regardless how affectionate she might be with Daryl, Carol is Rick’s unnoffical first lady ever since Lori died: She was the one Rick trust with his baby where Beth only babysat, Carol is the one Rick went to whenever s**t hit the fan, Carol the only one who challenged Rick or let him be depending on the situation.
      Even if Maggie didn’t see him as a leader, this decision would still be Rick’s as Carol’s unofficial husband. Much like her stepmother was Hershel’s decision to make back at the farm.

  8. Av says:

    I was hoping Lizzy would kill the zombie herself. The entire season reminds me of the book The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

  9. Rdub says:

    Why the hell didn’t they use the machine guns on the herd BEFORE it took down the fence?!?

    • Lilly says:

      Saving ammunition until it was absolutely necessary.

    • Guest says:

      Because Carol wasn’t there to tell them. Like it or not, Carl & Rick have grown dependent of her long before the knives & Patrick (they are somewhat incomplete without her).

      • wrstlgirl says:

        LOL, well Carol was there before when the fence was coming down in the premiere. Rick doesn’t need Carol to give him orders.

        • Guest says:

          And yet Rick follows Carol’s lead more often than not: he stopped beating Tyreese when she said so, he paid his respects the moment she said so, he even took her watch because she said so.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Of course he listens to her and respects her opinion, same as he does for Hershel, Daryl, etc. If he was that attached to her he would never have banished her from the prison.

          • Guest says:

            It’s different with Carol, it has always been since they found her two days after T-Dog and Lori i died: Rick relies on her in a way he doesn’t rely on Hershel, he relates to her in a way he doesn’t relate to Daryl, he values her support in a way he doesn’t value Maggie’s, Michonne’s or Beth’s, etc.
            The biggest proof of how attached Rick was to her is that he banished Carol where he would’ve killed Shane, that he cried for Carol in a way he didn’t cry for Merle or Andrea, that he made the choice for himself rather than submit to what Tyreese, the Council or anybody else would say.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I was thinking the same thing. And also, they keep the guns and ammo all outside? What happens if it rains. Also, if the guns had to be kept outside, wouldn’t putting them in different areas be a better idea instead of all of them in one area so that they could grab one anywhere?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Gotta go with the saving ammunition response, it was my answer too, and also the noise would just bring in more Walkers. You don’t use your gun unless you absolutely have to. And at the point the fence came down it was 100% necessary. Also I believe they have stockpiles of weapons around the prison and probably locked up inside too. I’m sure they have some in the lookouts, etc. It looked to me like they were in a covered grate so the weather wouldn’t be an issue.

    • r says:

      Because they didn’t have any.
      They had a couple of carbines.

  10. Lyd says:

    You know that we won’t get Daryl’s reaction until the mid season finale right? The next two episodes are the governor stand alone episodes that Andrew Lincoln talked about in the interview with Norman and Atlanta magazine. He said there were two episodes that he and Norman weren’t in at all. Which takes us to the midseason finale…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      The synopsis for Sundays eppy says “a familiar face returns as the group members struggle to find humanity in a world of constant threats” That doesn’t sound like a Governor stand alone episode. Guess we’ll see :-)

  11. AshleyRae says:

    I HOPE Michonne slice and dice the gov. and or Daryl shoots him in the other eye!

    • Guest says:

      I’m just thinking of all the time she wasted looking for him when Michonne could’ve just waited for the Gov to show up. Anyways…

  12. azu says:

    Yay!!! The governor is back!! I suspect Daryl will go look for murderous carol his friend. Please the writers should not give us a carol Daryl relationship. That’s just disgusting!!! They should remain as only close friends and nothing more

  13. worthymagic says:

    Did Hershel say he was burning the bodies after they died? If he did(not totally sure) doesn’t that make Rick look like a total schmuck for chasing away Carol? What will Darryl do when Rick tells him that he abandoned Carol? What will Tyrese do when Rick tells him that Carol killed his girlfriend, but he chased her away? Amazing that the Governor has made it back so quickly. Where are his buddies? Too bad the show revolves around Rick, because it would be time for Tyrese or Darryl to take him down.

    • slinky065 says:

      Yes, Hershel said they were burning the bodies AFTER they had died from the disease and then been knifed in the head. Carol killed (and I assume knifed) Karen and David BEFORE they had died of the disease and then burned them.

    • Guest says:

      I reckon Rick and Tyreese will think twice about what happened to David once they see the myhem in cell block A, unless all Tyreese cares about fis revenge over Karen

      • Faster says:

        I hope so. Otherwise I’m having a pretty big problems relating to these characters and their motivations and reactions in this dilemma.

  14. Joey says:

    Good episode. Glad Glenn and Sasha are gonna okay. surprised to see The Governor outside of prison. Can’t wait for The Governor episode next week.

  15. James D says:

    sweet sassafras! that was pretty intense i didn’t think Glenn or Herschel were going to make it. and to see the Governor at the end was the cherry on top. I do believe the prison will have to be abandoned because you know what is about to hit the fan.

  16. Faster says:

    Chris Hardwicke talked through the entirety of Talking Dead. I thought he couldn’t get more annoying, but I stand corrected.

    • Phil says:

      Wait… He TALKED through a TALK show called TALKING Dead? The scoundrel!

      He’s probably just trying to stave off another Marilyn Manson style hijacking. I’m with you though. Small doses. Maybe the show doesn’t need to be an hour long!

      • Lilly says:

        Agreed, Phil. I actually like Chris Hardwicke’s hosting style on Talking Dead. He is not only a host but also an extreme fan. I think he was filling gaps left by the not-very-talkative Breckin Meyer (much to my disappointment, since I’m a big fan of his). Last night was SOOOO much better than the agonizing Marilyn Manson debacle!! I love it when they have uber-fans on the show who talk excitedly (like I would if I were on there). But Breckin and Adam – though intelligent guests – weren’t exactly gushing commentary.

        • Faster says:

          I was miffed that he accepted questions then jumped in to answer them as if he was the guest as well as the annoying host. I didn’t feel like the guests weren’t talkative, just that they couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. Plus, Hardwicke has very little value to add to these conversations. I don’t know, I guess I’m in the minority, but at my house we cringe through Talking Dead only to see someone who is actually on the show…

          • Lilly says:

            I don’t think you’re too far in the minority (if at all) in your dislike of Chris, actually. I’ve seen some negative comments here against him. He just doesn’t bother me. I actually kind of like him as more of an enthusiastic fan who gets to host the show rather than a professional “host” who supervises others’ commentary. And I really thought he was jumping in because Breckin was answering in short, cryptic sentences. But it could just be me.

    • Alan says:

      oh no he talked all through a show with the word “talking” in the title that he hosts, how dare he do his job.

      • Faster says:

        If you think that is an insightful comment, you are missing something big. Point is, people don’t tune in to hear the host’s thoughts, at least for the majority of the show which features guests.

  17. Leah says:

    Loved the episode, I was expecting a twist coming up with either Hershel or Glenn (though I know there would be a riot if the latter happened!), and was begging the others not to be too late in returning! Also expected Daryl’s reaction on this episode and not the next.
    NOT happy for the Governor to be back, but was obviously inevitable, on the fence about Lizzie, as terrible as that may sound.
    Side note: it was a broad bean not a green bean, they look quite different:)

  18. James says:

    Hershel is such a dude !

  19. CBWBDK1 says:

    I was hoping Glen would die.

  20. Rich says:

    Why are they out there shoring up the fences when they should be killing zombies first? If they made killing zombies a priority, it would leave them with the opportunity to shore up the fences properly in the lull between zombie waves.

    • Faster says:

      Because that would make sense, and I don’t think TWD is in the business of making much sense this season.

    • Alan says:

      the fences were about to come down, they couldnt kill them quick enough. if they still had the numbers they had at the start of the season then they could have had 2 crews working in tandem but as it was they had to make a decision over which one should take priority but it was a losing game either way since the numbers were just too much for their heavily scaled back operation to handle.

  21. CJ says:

    As a side note, they were eating fresh peas at the end, not beans. :)

  22. Jo says:

    Now I’m starting to second-guess myself since no one else mentioned it, but didn’t anyone else notice Rick’s reaction to Carl killing the zombie herd that broke down the fence? A couple of looks towards him that I took to mean ‘why are you so calm while doing this? Why are you handling this better than I am?’ (Which he was, right?) Rick watches the one zombie coming towards him and doesn’t respond, but Carl calmly shoots him (her?) in the head. I don’t know; I think there was something there that made Rick see that while Carl has ‘been a good boy’ there’s still something of the ‘you scare the crap outta me, kid’ inside.

  23. Lilly says:

    That was a very pronounced reaction by Rick to Carl’s shooting. But I took it to mean “maybe he’s not just a kid anymore” rather than “OMG, he’s a killer” – because they were shooting walkers, not people. Carl was not only calm, he was accurate. And with a gun he’d supposedly not used before. I think the moment was a GOOD thing in the father-son relationship, not a bad one. But, as always … we’ll see.

  24. Dominique says:

    Wow TWD is definitely stepping up its game this season, what a great episode! So much tension, so many “inside walkers”. I thought for sure either Glenn or Sasha would be a goner, so I’m glad theyr survived (for now?). Hershel finally got his chance to shine again, somebody just give Scott Wilson that award already.
    Rick and Carl working together was badass. Dozens and dozens of walkers coming their way and they held them all off with just the two of them; nice!
    To be hones I didn’t miss Carol at all. I just don’t find her that compelling anymore, and am not a fan of this possible thing between her and Daryl AT ALL. So I’m good with her staying gone.

  25. betsy says:

    I didn’t miss the Governor while he was gone and I wish he wouldn’t come back. He makes the story more about him instead of our gang and walkers, and he’s really not that interesting.

    • Lilly says:

      I agree with you, Betsy. I personally think the Gov’s story line got too much attention last season and led to the frustration we had with Andrea not seeing through him. I’m over his cruelty and am ready for our gang to kill him and move on. But I think we may be an anti-Governor minority here!

      • Faster says:

        I agree. I hope they are able to organically weave his revenge story, I suppose, into the existing storyline. Seems like all his other threads were tied up when Andrea died.

  26. Brian says:

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that they used antibiotics to cure a virus? It doesn’t work that way. And Lord knows what I am looking for in a zombie apocalypse show is realism!

    I also would love to see Tyrese and Daryl both go looking for Carol – for very different reasons.

  27. Jessica says:

    The writers of TWD need to figure out what direction they are going with this. A lot of the show’s writing is slow and a lot of characters seem outside of themselves. Maggie’s response to Rick’s telling of Carol was quite dismissive. I do understand that she was thinking of Glen but considering Carol had been a part of the group. I felt as if her response was extremely dismissive.

    The governor returning is old. We get it, the writers need some new material since they now have medicine but there are so many ideas and imaginative plots that they can come up with. The fact that they had to revive the governor from last season is a bit ridicolous. Its like a roach that doesn’t die!

    I wish the writers would go further with the ideas of the walkers, see what other scenarios can come of this. Also, possibly finding a home outside the prison walls and seeing what other groups and survival tactics they can use?

    Sometimes the show seems a little predictable with what’s going to happen. I sure hope Daryl punches Rick in the face and looks for Carol. Carol’s decision might have not been the best one but it was the best decision she felt at the time. Rick isn’t the greatest leader I have seen and yet everyone looks up to him.

    The fact that Carol was making the initiative by teaching the kids about knives was something that I found was NEEDED. Everyone needs to learn how to defend themselves in this world.

    • Faster says:

      Agree. I am hoping that they haven’t “dumped” the illness storyline, it seemed kind of like they were trying to wrap everything up with this last episode when most of the sick people died and turned, the little girl asked, “Is it over?” and Glen and others seem to be stable. Then here comes the Governor. I hope I am just imagining that though.

  28. new guy says:

    Alright, honestly I just want Carl to die. He is such a horrible actor. Especially the emotional scenes. He brings down the show. Aside from that, I think Michonne needs to hook up with Daryl. I don’t care about Carol and Daryls history/chemistry (which by the way seems like only Carol is interested not Daryl). They don’t go together. She looks a lot older than him too.

  29. Pati says:

    This episode was great there was so much going on I actually teared up a little for Glen, with this show you never know who’s going to die

  30. AnnieM says:

    Does anyone here read the comic? Because I’m thinking Lizzie is beginning to remind me of young Ben from the comics. OR…maybe the Governor will kidnap her to ‘replace’ Penny? Another thought – Carol might meet up with Abraham on the road, and eventually reconnect with Rick & everyone after they flee the prison (which I assume will happen this season).

  31. azu says:

    OMG!!! Rick and Carl gunning down those many many walkers was too damn good!! Wow! I was so to ed!! Meanwhile carol has to be constantly rescued. Remember how the walker falling down the stairs nearly got her? What about when she went outside the fence alone to fix the pump? If Rick hadn’t helped her what would have happened? Hershel was just great!!!!! Do you guys now see the stark difference between how Hershel handled himself and carol’s psychopathic actions? So very different!! Tell why Rick wouldn’t want his kids to learn from and be around Hershel rather than the murderous carol

  32. Robert says:

    I don’t know that Daryl will go after Carol, yet, but I also think that she is not out of the picture either. Scenario one, Daryl searches for and finds her, brings her back with a few others. Scenario two Carol returns on her own with a small army, to redeem herself, and with their help defeat the Governor once and for all.

  33. I_hRt_TWD says:

    I’m late but just feel the need to weave in my 2cents!
    1. Maggie was calm about Carol because se realized Carol would have killed Glenn just as quickly to “fix” the problem and we all know Maggie is not letting go of Glenn! Now that he is better she may revisit her feelings.
    2. GO CARL!! He was sooo happy to be back in the action. I think like any other preteen he just wants to be seen as a grown up. His version happens to involve handling semiautomatic weapons with ease! Rick realized he is no longer a kid when he saved him when his gun jammed.
    3.”Hell Yeah” HERSCHEL! I loved his response to Michonne! But am I the only one who thought HE might die…I thought he was go to die “peacefully” in his sleep from exhaustion (dang suspenseful music). Glad to see he made it though.
    4. Daryl will go after Carol….but Michonne may try to stop him – that’s the coupling I see if any.
    5. And if Daryl doesn’t Tyrese will! Watch Out!
    6. I never believed little Lizzie to be sick…I think she wanted to try to get sick so she could turn! She never developed any real symptoms and the “cough” she gave Carol seemed very “I don’t want to go to school mommy” fake. And the foot in the blood…UGH – over her.
    7. Please kill the Governor. Not in the mood. Hopefully those 7000 walkers they met up with trying to get the meds get to him soon!
    8. Talking dead made me realize somethings…I need to watch more Mythbusters and they should do a zombie apocalypse episode! And I need to make friends with a crazy inventor!
    Sorry for the counting, just wanted to make sure I hit it all! Happy Dead Walking!

  34. Random Hero says:

    i think darryl will go after carol and the gov. will kidnap them both

  35. Cindy says:

    I cannot stand the governor. I wish someone would blow his head off.

  36. oldnnrbroke says:

    doesn’t anyone realize how epidemics work? If Herchel had burned sick bodies would he have been banished? Oh wait, he did. If Karl had killed someone who was not attacking would he have been banished? Oh wait, he did. Rick banished Carol without going to the council, because she was a woman who made decisions and did not knuckle under to his unrealistic “don’t teach the kids stuff” stance.

  37. Philly says:

    How is Rick the voice of morality? Remember the human with the backpack on the side of the road? He drove right by and let him die. Bring Carol back!!!

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yes! Yes! bring Carol back now!!!!!

    • Lilly says:

      Yet again, there is a HUGE difference between some of the tough choices some have had to make regarding STRANGERS, or even potential enemies (Rick in the bar or Rick against Shane).
      What Carol did was MURDER innocent, defenseless FRIENDS in their sleep. Carol had no way of knowing it was going to be an epidemic. And she also did not know with 100% certainty that Karen and David were contagious or going to die.
      What Rick did by banishing Carol was based on TRUST (or lack thereof). He could no longer trust that he knew for sure what Carol would do in ANY future situation that she deemed a threat. Period. What if she decided that Judith’s crying endangers the prison inhabitants?
      And she has NO remorse.
      Contrast that with Hershel. If you think TWD is all about who can be the biggest bada$$, then maybe you’d prefer to follow the Governor’s story. Carol was acting more like him than Rick or Hershel (and BTW, the man Daryl is aspiring to become).
      But if you watch TWD because of the personal struggles of these people to try to maintain some sort of humanity amidst the horror, then Rick did the right thing by banishing Carol.

      • Sophia B. says:

        Okay, sure. Then you have to call all the ones that have killed the living MURDERS also. No matter why they killed them. If you feel threaten you feel threaten no matter what the reason. And how do you know she feels no remorse? She felt that all the people in the prison was in danger, she didn’t do it for personal gain or for the joy of it. Rick demanded every one to except the fact that he killed Shane for the good of every one, why can’t Carol expect the same thing from every one also? Yes, I think Rick did the right thing by killing Shane and I also think Carol did the right thing. We all will see with the new shows coming, if Lizzy had to do with anything that happened. The show still dosen’t have a Ben.

      • r says:

        Don’t tell people what to believe about the show,that’s the point.
        It’s up to every individual to decide what it means to them.

        • Lilly says:

          Sorry … “R” … I wasn’t telling anyone how to think. I was making an argument for what I believe to be true. Persuasive argument is the backbone of debate and discussion. You are free to be persuaded or not. I just enjoy healthy, intelligent debate.

  38. This dead show is killing me. I can hardly stay awake until the end anymore. And I’m deleting talking dead before watching because I could not care less what they have to say. And no, I am not glad in any way to see the Governor. He was fun at first but has completely worn out his welcome with me. I have no interest in his character or what it might mean or do. Enough of him already. Yeah, I will admit I used to love to spend time with the Talking Dead show because it was so fun sharing the episode. No longer. I end each of these new shows simply hoping the next one will be better. This season has been, simply put, one disappointment after another.

    • Sophia B. says:

      I agree with you about the Govenor, I think he has out lived his story line and needs to go. They treat him as if he is invincible. The story needs to move on, with out him. While I have been disappointed with what has been happening I am still a die hard fan.

  39. Rachel says:

    I see Daryl going after Carol. He supported Merle, and you know he was a bit on the sinning side. So he is not going to be cool with Ricks decisiom. Ty and Daryl will get into it and Ty might have a different reaction after hearing Carols reasoning and also seeing how much of a mess just one infected person can do, and what happened with the whole group of infected. Watching Glen and seeing that if they had caught it early it might have stopped it. On the other hand though remember Daryl had shook hands with the original infected guy and then ate his food and licked his fingers. Sometimes you can have someone who is a carrier and can infect others but is immune themselves. Things can get pretty tricky. I want Micchone and Daryl to hook up before he goes out searching for Carol. I want Micchone to get pregnant either by Rick or by Daryl or Ty. A sword wielding 9month pregnant woman would be incredible. Cant wait to see what happens next!

  40. Bring more people to TWD says:

    Did anyone find it strange that in SEASON 2, Andrea killed zombie by stabing him in the eye. Michonne did the same thing to Gouverner and he didn’t die.. How can that be posible ?? And one more thing, Carl and Lizzy should fall in love… And bring back Andrea and Amy at least in one episode like flashback :)

    • Sophia B. says:


      • Bring more people to TWD says:

        Becouse i love Amy and Andrea, and i think it was bad decision to kill them off, Andrea becouse she is strongest woman character and Amy becouse actress Emma Bell didn’t get a chance to show her talent and i just loooove her, that’s why …

        • Sophia B. says:

          Good enough.

          • Bring more people to TWD says:

            Are you with me about this??

          • Sophia B. says:

            Sadly, no I am not.

          • Bring more people to TWD says:

            Why not??

          • Sophia B. says:

            Ummmm…well I have never liked Andrea. From the first time I saw her, when she wanted to shoot Rick in the face, how she treated Dale, her relationship with Shane and I guess her willingness to side with the Governor over well everybody. She always made me feel as if she wanted to be the leader (King) of the group. She didn’t want to help with the every day chores that the women did, she only wanted to carry a gun. I guess that’s where the King part came in to play for me. I can see both sides of that, why couldn’t she do both. I guess that is some of the things. She just got under my skin. I guess she did her job as an actress. As for Amy, well she just wasn’t around enough for me to care either way. She did do a great job with the character she played even if it was for a very short time. I hope that your not offended. This is just how I feel about the characters Andrea and Amy.

          • Bring more people to TWD says:

            Why would i be offended… I respect your opinion, but Andrea and Amy are my favorite characters and amazingly talented actresses i i wish that they didn’t get killed off. And the same situation is with Sophia, the kid was amazing. I watch videos on the set or off the set and she is so funny and the thing she have with Daryl ( she is his girlfriend xD) is soo cute. I am sad that they didn’t let her stay alive after she was lost in the forest :-P So i would like to see three of them back somehow :-P

          • Sophia B. says:

            That’s good to hear. There are so many people on this site that are ready to jump on you when you don’t agree with them. Some even say we are stupid and not fans. As for Sophia I loved her (not just because we share the same name). I thought if she lived it might have been better for the Carol/Daryl hook-up that I want so much, but I know it will never happen
            X(. I also thought Sophia would have been a really good story line for Carl.

          • Bring more people to TWD says:

            That is soo right, Carl and Sophia- a lot of story line. They should’ve just follow the comic book about Sophia. And i think that there would be more story line with Amy and Andrea if they were alive… I just love them …

    • SandraG says:

      Andrea used a knife (longer) that hit the brain, and Michonne only used a piece of glass that did not penetrate the brain.

      • r says:

        Andrea used a screwdriver.

      • Bring more people to TWD says:

        Yes but it’s not the only time it happend… And one more thing, just a thought, i don’t wish for Glenn to die but i think he will die from the flu. When Maggie ask Hershel where is Glenn, he said:” In the cell 100”. In the The Walking Dead Comic book, in issue 100 Glenn dies. Is that an accident or not ?? o.O

  41. Madre says:

    I’m thinking that Carol can easily start her own post-apocalyptic group, maybe even take the group to the prison and get her 2 girls. Yes Daryl will be offended by Rick’s decision, but for this matter to be treated fairly they need to have a meeting and vote. If Daryl goes after Carol if would bring more drama, and isn’t that what we all want?

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yes, we want more drama. But I really will be surprised if Darryl gives it any more thought than Hershel and Maggie did (openly). I think he cares about her but I think he will see it the way Rick did, even if it is because Ty will try and kill her. But I really did think they loved each other, not just because they needed each other. If what Carol did (if she really did do it) made him drop her so fast, then all of the people in prisons shouldn’t ever have a person that would stand by their sides. Rick was more tolerant of Merle than Carol and he killed just to please the Governor and himself. He was even going to kill Glenn and Maggie, but yet they took him in. I just don’t understand that at all. And you can’t say it comes down to trust, he left Merle their with Carl and Judith while he Hersel and Darryl went off to talk to the Governor. Sorry, I went off on a rant.

  42. Pel says:

    I’ve reviewed Episodes 1-4 of Season 4, of The Walking Dead, on my blog. If you check it out, any feedback is much appreciated :)