Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Fight Club

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith would be better off wearing boxing gloves than surgical ones. Not only does she get — as the episode’s title suggests — the “Two Against One” treatment from Alex and Stephanie in the OR, but Cristina and Ross… well, keep reading. I’ll tell you what they do.

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TOYS “R” US | Early on, Mer is having a pretty good day. The fancypants 3D printer that she needs for her research has arrived, and she’s used it to make — ta-da! — a fork! (Hey, she’s gotta start somewhere.) Unfortunately, her determination to prove to Cristina (and maybe also herself) that she isn’t a good doctor, she’s a great one, is obvious — so obvious that Alex and Stephanie side against her when she gets overly ambitious during surgery. Later, at Ross’ urging, Cristina asks Mer if they can use her printer to save a baby’s life. Mer’s icy response? Submit a proposal to the board. (Whoa.) It’s a time-sensitive issue, Cristina pleads. “Well,” Mer retorts, “then you’d better get to work!” (Again, whoa.) But, since Cristina has never been the type to take no, much less hell no for an answer, as the hour ends, Mer discovers her ex-BFF and Ross shanghaiing her new toy! (This isn’t gonna be pretty… )

GERM WARFARE | Meanwhile, Bailey alternates between being pissy with Ben about his return to his old job at Grey Sloan and displaying symptoms of OCD. Foremost among those symptoms? She freezes during surgery and becomes so paranoid that the patient will contract an infection that Ben is forced to fib to Jo so his wife won’t seem as crazy as she is.

SACK TIME | Though April and Matthew’s Pre-Cana counseling reveals that they’re 90 percent compatible — what, is he hot for Jackson, too? — there’s still one issue that they haven’t resolved. No biggie, says the bride-to-be. “We’ll get a joint checking account!” Uh, no — it’s the issue of her having had sex and him having not. To put his mind (etc.) at ease, they agree that she’ll deflower him that very night. And then, of course, she changes her mind.

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VITAL STATS | Elsewhere, Richard saves the patient next door (Lanie Kazan), Emma interviews with Callie for a position at Grey Sloan (which she decides against taking), Arizona starts admitting (to April, at least) that she’s hooking up with Leah, and Derek pulls a Mark, needling Jackson until he agrees to be a better teacher to Leah.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Should Mer and Cristina have already kissed and made up by now — if not for the sake of their friendship, then for the sake of the board and their patients? Is Miranda being too hard on Ben? (He moved back to be with their family, after all.) How big is the explosion gonna be when Callie finds out about Arizona and Leah? Are we really supposed to think April is over Jackson now? Do you think she is? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amy says:

    The Mertina fighting needs to end. We now have Meredith willing to let a child die because she’d lose 1 day in her research? 1 day! While never my number 1 favorite this season has made me truly dislike Meredith.

    • Mike R. says:

      This, 100x this. For Sandra Oh’s final season, it has been so disappointing. I know drama is necessary in a show like this, but the twisted sisters has always been a highlight for the show for me, and Shonda is just ruining this season with their petty fights.

      • Tracey says:

        I’m over the MerCris fighting. Its made me hate Meredith

        • Rook says:

          Meredith was kinda mean during this episode but the fighting between her and Cristina isn’t all Mer’s fault. Plus Cristina stealing the 3D printer was messed up, yeah it was to save that kid but its still but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

          • MLO says:

            Sure it does. What Mer was doing at this point amounted to play. No one’s life was on the line.

          • the girl says:

            That’s not fair, to insinuate that her research is play. She was in the process of creating a simulation of the liver. How is that fun and games? Not to mention the work that went into the grant proposals and research documents to get the money and backing for the machine and project in the first place. Meredith has every right to take her work seriously and it was unfair that Cristina let Ross shrug Meredith’s work off like it was nothing.

          • Alrisha says:

            Meredith needs to stop the moaning! Chrisitina was right. She IS a better surgeon than Mer, she is better than anyone else. She wasn’t prepared for the surgery that Christina was king enough to give to her. All I’m a mom, you must understand, it’s ridiculous. Hire a nanny like everyone else. But no, she is turning the back to the one person that saved her husband life in the most impossible situation, among other thing. At this point Mer needs to grow up.

          • leilah says:

            You people do realize this is a fictional TV series? Right?

          • Heaven says:

            I think Cristina was very tactful and accurate with what she said to Mer about her work not being as good since her focus has changed to parenting. Especially in the context of the surgery she kicked her off of. However Cristina was so wrong for stealing the machine. Why not go to the chief? It was underhanded. The girls have come through fights before and it never took this long. If Sandra Oh leaves without their fight being resolved they can count me out of the GA fan club!

        • Emma says:

          I liked it much better when they were each other’s person.

        • yosha says:

          ikr n christina is normally d mean 1

        • Elizebeth says:

          I think it was definatly Christina who ruined everything and her resident. Christina didn’t show any empathy for merideth and having a family while being a doctor. She made both work. christina should have know it was merideth a machine. She ruined the episodes when they were fighting

      • larissa says:

        In my opinion, they’re just making them fight so that the public can deal with the fact that Sandra is leaving the show. Don’t you think that it would be 1000x times worse to let go if this was her best season of all times?

        • CarrieB says:

          Totally agree! Shonda is letting the Grey’s junkies down easy–the Mer/Cris fans, the Fab 5 fans, and the Crowen fans. They should thank her for doing it this way because it would be worse to have things happy, giddy and lovey dovey up within these groups up until the season finale. Then she and everyone else who watches this show would have to listen to wailing and whining all summer.

          • Heaven says:

            That’s BS! When a major loved character leaves a show, we SHOULD mourn them. There should be a swan song. What Shonda is doing is deconstructing the fabric of their relationship and it’s lazy writing. She’s letting no one out easy but her writing staff. Remember Sloan? How beautifully he exited. Lexi. George. Hell even Addison’s exit wasn’t on a bad note. She better fix this. FAST

        • yosha says:

          yep rather dan killing her like d otthers

        • yes, if you notice the pattern; before a character goes, they make the character dark, make them fight if they are shipped with someone, then they make up and they either leave or die

      • Mary says:

        Wait Christina is not coming back after season 10??? Why???

    • Sarah says:

      I agree, Mer is becoming a bigger bicth each episode.

      • cas says:

        I feel like you should blame Cristina, I mean yeah Mer was kind of a bitch about the whole thing, but Cristina started it with her whole bitchy comment about Mer not being a great surgeon.

        • klee says:

          I don’t think it was bitchy, She didn’t say Meredith couldn’t be a great surgeon, and she didn’t say she was a bad one. Cris told her that she couldn’t scrub in on a complicated surgery because she hadn’t done her homework because her focus has obviously and understandably been on her family. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t get back to being great. It just meant that she wasn’t now. It was harsh, but it was also the truth. She just took it way harsher than I think it was meant.

          • kelly says:

            Yeah, I think Mere totally over-reacted to what Cristina said. What she said was essentially the truth. Mere did “ease up”. Bailey didn’t take an extended maternity leave. Granted, Mere had had surgery but Callie was horrendously injured when Sofia was born via C-section and SHE got back to work as soon as she could. The truth is, Mere DID ease up and they ARE in different places in their careers and skill development.

            Even when Cris was saying what she was saying, I never imagined that it would become what it has. It was later in that episode, when Meredith was pitching that fit in her kitchen, that I realized that the writers might very well break up the “twisted sisters” to facilitate Cristina’s departure, which is stupid. The Mere/Cris relationship is the real heart of the show. A husband could become an ex-husband but your sister is always your sister. They may not be blood-related, but they are sisters.

            I wonder if it will be revealed that Meredith was more bothered by Cristina’s abortion than she let on.

          • Alrisha says:

            Meredith said she was as good surgeon as Christina was. And Christina said she is not. And that true. Had been established in this show from the very beginning that Christina is an outstanding doctor, a gifted doctor. Meredith was lousy at preparing the surgery they were supposed to had, and tried to used the mom card.

          • Uraya says:

            Absolutely! Meredith is jealius and whiny. I used to like her until now!

        • Elizebeth says:

          I agree 100%
          And also just because mer wasn’t prepared for the surgery didn’t mean anything. It was one surgery. And Cristina was being a total crab about it

    • Aradragoon says:

      I find it funny so many people are upset with Meredith. The fact is that the printer was purchased for the purpose of Meredith’s research and most likely funded by the grant. As such since there are deadlines to meet for the research she would be allowed to use it and not Christina. Yang was right about Meredith not being as good but she has ben wrong since.
      For arguments sake lets say she made a proposal to the board and they let her make what she needed, when it failed the first time and they did not meet the schedule THEY (yang and ross) made it would have been over, the board would have said too ad it goes back to the purpose it was purchased for. She failed again after that and wanted more time, the same thing it wouldn’t go past that if it got there. Then she wants more time? Yang needs to be suspended at this point as does Ross for talking to an attending in that manner so disrespectfully.. Meredith was acting like a child but the machine was purchased with fund she received for RESEARCH meaning it MUST be a priority for that research or should the research be able to be put on hold again if another person come in after that, well is saving a life so screw her research right? Well, Yang got to use it and it can be used for Ortho so I guess they can use it too since we have to be fair and Meredith can put off the research since its just one day right? Well don’t forget neuro…. oh and general surgery.. and plastics we have to be fair right?

      The precedent here is wrong, it was purchased for a reason and even if it managed to get to he first attempt and failed it would NEVER get past that. This doesn’t even factor in the potential lawsuit b continuing to put the child’s life in danger by just waiting for that “perfect” printed piece when there are, as Karev put it, other options to buy time until the 3D method has been tested and is common to fix the problem as opposed to risking the child’s life to make a bigger splash because that’s what this is.

  2. Regarding Bailey…did you mean OCD instead of PTSD?

  3. Jenna says:

    Never once thought Meredith couldn’t handle the surgery with Alex, but that’s not really the point here. I am shocked at what the writers are doing with Cristina this season. I’m sure it is good for Sandra Oh, to have her character turn a bit darker I guess, but by next week’s promo, it looks like she will also turn on Callie as well as Meredith? Trying to figure out if the writers intentionally WANT me to dislike a character I once loved, or if they “think” they can bring it all back in at the end of the season. At this point I seriously doubt it. Sorry, it’s plain painful to watch this character who use to be Cristina Yang. Not liking her much at all. Can we have the Cristina from seasons 1-9 back please?

    • Laura says:

      I don’t think her turning of Callie is intentional. Lawyers play with words in order to win cases. She thought going on the stand would help. Of course we have to see next week but I feel that Shonda is showing a good side to Christina, one that is the same ambitious Yang we always seen and actually a good teacher to Shane. Remember Christina has gone through a lot of trauma and she is still standing. Don’t vilanize a couple of bad calls everyone has their bad day as we see this episode with Meredith and next episode with Callie. That’s what makes characters dynamic, how they adapt to sticky situations comes with the package.

  4. Babygate says:

    Lamest episode ever. Tired of Webber in the hospital desperate for attention. Retire already. Absolutely hate what they are doing with Bailey. We just saw her be all dark and insecure at the end of last season. There’s too much going on to add this to the mix. I mean, what the heck is going on over at Shondaland? This episode was all over the place. It was hard to focus. I actually just wanted it to end. They had like 7 stories going at once. Shane is back to being insufferable. Arizona has graduated to being intolerable as well as despicable and gross. Seriously, is she crazy? Why is she acting like she’s the happiest person in the world? By the way, we have already seen Leah and Arizona in more intimate situations than Calzona has had since S6. This year Shonda is out to destroy our favorite characters beyond repair. Webber, Bailey, Arizona and even Cristina and Mer. The absolute best part of the episode was the promo for next week. Oh, and Mer’s fork and Callie interrogating poor Emma. That was funny.

    • Babygate says:

      Had to go back to watch the parts I missed and it’s actually worst than I thought. Did Arizona actually have the nerve to say Callie is not that nice? Then she admits that she’s seeing other people even though they are only separated? When is Callie going to find out about Leah? They cannot get back together. I wish Emma would have stayed. She’s so sweet. She wants two girls! Aww! Shane actually instigated this rift between Mertina. He needs to go. This ‘sharky’ persona is insufferable. Ok, and they had freaking Lainie kazan on and they gave her like a minute of screen time??? They should have gotten rid of twitchy guy instead and given her more time. What a waste! Rant over…

      • Ninna says:

        Emma won’t have two girls. Sorry. She will be married to the manly of the house and he’ll want boys to be named after his father, take his family name and spread his seed. Hope she remember it’s his way or highway. She must remember Joe’s wall still is at a pitch lenght. I wonder how long it will take for the problems begin.

      • Fiete says:

        No, actually Shane is pretty important right now! Although I have not liked him very much up to season 10, first evidences have made him a very good character! After being the unsuccessful follow-up to Mac Dreamy, he got a minute with the homeless patience he treats after “mousies” (Heathers) death. He promises to be a better doctor. And he seems to evolve from that, by making the decision to NOT follow on Dereks neuro-track, knowing that he would be second choise, only first choise after the death of Dereks real 1st choise. He saves Rhichards life, by deciding over his head, first time not being the cower, but deciding for everybodies good.
        The fact, that he has the skill to be excellent makes him equal to Christina, by proposing new, life saving and innovative surgery/science. Most important for Christina: In the status that she is in now, she does need a companion, and not a teacher as a boyfriend (Burke) nor a patient (Hunt). And with Shane, she has a person that is ambitious as she and still she does not have to look up to him (Burke) or that she has to take care of (Hunt). Probably not the greatest feelings at the moment but promising for future. If Ross leaves after the Boards for another job, Chris can follow. Or not. She is not involved yet, which feels good.
        And by the way: Mer and Chris.Even best Friendships break. Thats fact. Sad. It all became clear already after birth of little Baily.

    • RC says:

      Exactly!! I just can’t like the “interns” and Smash Williams (Shane) is my least favorite – he is so annoying. He has not expressed enough guilt over the death of Heather (which should have been him – and I wish it had been!) and now he’s a shark! If they have him and Christina “hook up” – I will quit watching and I have watched this show since Day 1 (just because I thought the previews for it looked good),

      • LC says:

        Yee-gads! Thank you! I was excited when he started to express his guilt and atone for the wrongs he did by taking care of the old, homeless woman, but is that really all we’re going to get? When are we going to follow that story line further?! Shane’s secret needs to come out, like soon!

      • Les says:

        Shane gets more unlikeable every episode!?! I got used to his ass-kissing last year, and had accepted him as the guy who tried the hardest but wasn’t anywhere near the top of their class… This year he’s suddenly insubordinate, moody, and a brilliant cardio savant! I accepted the young brilliance of past interns like Lexie (photographic memory), Meredith (a lifetime with the master), and Cristina Yang (the double-doctor), but Shane just doesn’t wash in that role. He’s no Cristina Yang! They spent all last season showing him as obsessed with Neuro like Cristina was with Cardio her intern year, but we’re supposed to believe that he’s coming up with all the revolutionary ideas in the Cardio department a few short months later?!? My fingers are crossed that he gets some serious set-downs in the very near future…

        • Fiete says:

          Seriously: You have no clue about life, do you? You had never felt the wish to change the world? Well – sorry! If you want to change the world (or in this case, change science, save lives), you have to find your niche (what ever level, you are at). And that takes several trials. Believe me! I am a scientist myself and had gone through a serial of trials to find out, what I am good at and where my food print is large enough to make a change. It simply takes you through puberty once more: Notice what are you, what do you and want to be, what are you good at, where you are best. No need to mention, that you need a full load of honesty to do so (which hurts). I like Shane. Not my type of guy, but definitely: Good development!!!

  5. Mary Kate says:

    I’m sorry but I just do not see how April could be over Jackson. Jackson/Stephanie and April/Matthew feel a little forced to me. I guess only time will tell!

  6. Holly says:


    • Ed says:

      A million times this. I’m sorry but that was an incredibly messed up thing of Christina to do and don’t even get me started on Shane. Ugh I cannot stomach that character any longer.

    • RUCookie says:

      Count me among this team. While it saddens me to see this friendship fall apart, Christina has crossed way too many lines. You would think that she would not be manipulated by Shane… but she is always pushing to try new procedures at anyone expense… funny thing was that while it is OK for her to try an experimental surgery on a BABY, Mer wanting to push the envelope on the teenager was shown as proof that Mer is off… sorry that is such BS. I am really pissed at Mer (and Alex) – I am TeamMeredith

      • Ben says:

        I can see that Mer was using the surgery to boost her own ego, but I also agree with Derek: she wouldn’t have said she could get the tumor, if she wasn’t capable of doing it. All surgeons have egos, so what Alex said seemed a little unfair. I honestly don’t understand the logic of this Mer/Cristina drama. Meredith has always been there for Cristina, and yet Cristina is incapable of showing support towards her best friend. I like that Derek is now assuming Cristina’s role, but this is Sandra’s last season – she should be given better material than that provided in this episode. And I still dislike the interns. Shoving them in front of us every week is not going to make me like them more.

  7. cyclone says:

    Am I the only one who did not like April and Jackson together? They never clicked to me and they were never really together. I like April so much better with Matthew.

    • Diva says:

      Hear, hear!

    • Kat says:

      You’re not! ME TOO! I love Matthew *SO* much and I seriously hope, Jackson stays away from her. I like Jackson, and I like April, but just not as a couple!

    • Ninna says:

      Me too. Jackson has to accept the consequences of his choices like she did.

      • LaLa says:

        LOL, y’all are acting like Jackson still wants April. HE made the decision to move on. April got engaged, and she was still drawn to Jackson.

        • Ninna says:

          In that case why are we about to see this for 10×10 ?:


          ““Somebody That I Used To Know” – Ben worries that a casual conversation with Derek could potentially cause issues for Bailey, Cristina turns to Shane as tension grows with Meredith, and April’s upcoming wedding makes for an uncomfortable situation between Jackson and Stephanie. Meanwhile, Meredith plans a Thanksgiving dinner at her house, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

          Guest cast TBA.

          “Somebody That I Used To Know” was written by Deborah Cahn and directed by Debbie Allen”

    • Lauren says:

      Yes, I never like April and Jackson together! I hope that storyline is dead for good! I am actually starting to like him with the intern.

  8. Amy says:

    What If Bailey Has A Brain Tumor?

    • MP says:

      That was my first thought as well.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I was thinking more MS with the vision issues and her issues with her hand?

    • abz says:

      This whole Bailey situation is reminding me of the Izzie cancer storyline and how something was wrong with her but it took her FOREVER to realize and do something about it. I hope they don’t drag this out any more. I wanna know what’s wrong with her.

    • GreyAnatomySCFan says:

      I was thinking about that too – especially because Meredith in her introduction was saying how cancer are a billion cells taking over one person outbalancing them (something along those lines). But i doubt that will happen since that happened with Izzy. I’m starting to think it might be OCD? Can also be PTSD but OCD seems to be the most obvious.

  9. Cindy says:

    I finally gave in to my common sense that has been telling me since the plane crash to stop watching this mess. I deleted the three eps I had yet to watch on my dvr. So I missed three before tonight. After reading the recap ( had not seen the others) and your comments, I applaud my decision. Shonda trashed this show a long time ago. It stinks and I’m out.

  10. S says:

    I didn’t get 2 storylines tonight, I didn’t like the Callie interviewing Owen’s girlfriend, and I didn’t like the Jackson/Derek and the twitch guy. Both of those stories didn’t go anywhere. The only thing that came out of anything was Arizona took off the necklace, which to any Calzona fan is a huge thing. Those necklaces are big in the place of Calzona, so her taking it off is really bad. But honestly. I didn’t understand what Callie was doing, and didn’t get the Derek trying to fix the guys twitch. This season has been far more miss than hit.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I wasn’t sure where the Callie scene was going either. Was she vetting her out fior Owen but then I kept wondering if she was trying to find out what post-divorce life was like or was she hitting on her…I think the storyline with Avery was that he wasn’t letting the interns do anything when he’s supposed to be teaching.

      • the girl says:

        I saw it as Callie asking her what life is like after divorce (getting a glimpse into her own future) and also vetting her for Owen (you want kids?). Definitely NOT hitting on her although I understand why you may have gotten that idea. Also, definitely not actually interviewing her for a job.

        • Saabgirlatx says:

          Ha ha ha, yeah no job interview going on there! It was at the end when she was asking her about weekends and staring at her that made it seem forward. I’m glad she’s not going to be working there though, too convenient.

    • Ninna says:

      Callie’s interview had the purpose of subtitling Owen’s new girl. It was a short and quick summary of what this character is. In a nutshell to show how different she is from Cristina and that she’s very alike Owen to hasten a story arc that seems not going to end very well.

  11. Chablis says:

    Sucky recap for a sucky episode.

  12. Ben says:

    This season of Grey’s has been so lackluster. I just think Shonda can’t be bothered anymore. I used to love watching this show so much.

    • Mary says:

      I’m the biggest fan of this show but I’m losing interest. I’ve watched from day 1 and have never missed an episode but it’s getting to the point I think they are running out of ideas. And I still haven’t warmed up to the interns.

    • GreyAnatomySCFan says:

      I think she is just paying more attention to her new show Scandal. Grey’s Anatomy is what made her be known so she shouldn’t be puttingt this show on the side! Actors might start believing this and start losing interest.

  13. erin says:

    No more Mer and Cristina fighting! :( Makes me feel like I’m in a fight with my person. But why is Bailey so upset that her wonderful, loving, hot as hell husband wanted to come back home and be with her??

    • GS says:

      THIS! 1000 times this! Bailey is ridiculous!

    • cas says:

      Yeah that is pretty ridiculous. I don’t think he is hot but come on it’s pretty stupid that she doesn’t want him to be with her.

    • Liberal teapot says:

      Bailey had to live the first year or so without her husband whilst he pursued his idea to be a surgeon. She could deal with that, and she supported him. but now he’s been away and for nothing. there was no benefit on the other side.

      She believed in him and supported him. She’s a teacher and saw something in him, in dropping out she believes she might have failed to support him. Think back to that conversation with George when she asked if she failed him.

      Surgery is what’s she’s about, and his repudiation of it feels to her like he is repudiating her.

      • abz says:

        I agree, but definitely after tonight’s episode there is something wrong with her. I had this feeling ever since her drama with Webber and him kicking her off his case that something was going to happen to her. She just hasn’t seemed like the old Bailey in a while.

  14. Sally says:

    What a messed up episode. They’re ruining this season so far.
    I hope it gets better SOON

  15. bjohns says:

    I guess I’m in the minority. Friends who have grown up have grown apart. Mer nailed it on the head when Christina only is interested when it suits her (remember she avoided the introduction of the machine she would need to beg to use). Then Alex was right to tell Mer she only wanted to get that tumor to show she was a great doctor and a great mom. This to me is showing how the two twisted sisters are gonna need time apart and lead to Christina leaving. Calm down people, Shonda will reunite them before she leaves.
    Jackson and April are hopefully done and April telling Matthew why they didn’t do it made sense to me.

  16. Sam says:

    So sick of petulant passive-aggressive self-entitled Meredith. Who the hell does she think she is?

  17. GS says:

    This episode was so bad that I kept falling asleep and having to rewind. I’ve never liked Christina and her holier and thou attitude so I say good for Mer for standing up to her. Wish Owen would disappear with that new chick. Arizona is a joke and I’m disgusted with how easy she is finding it to just keep cheating on Callie. Bailey is being a total B**** to Ben. How is being an anethesiologist a disappointment? He came home to be with her which I honestly can’t figure out why. Shane is the lamest most annoying character ever on this show and that’s saying something since there have been more than a few. I like April and Matthew more because I like the actor playing him but I do want her back with Jackson in the end. This was a very disjointed, disappointing episode.

    • What I don’t understand is all the Christina-haters out there.What’s wrong with saying it’s OK to be good at your job and good at trying to balance work & parenting? Sorry, it’s unrealistic to be a GREAT surgeon and a GREAT parent at the same time because both requires a considerable amount time to do well. Something has to give. What Christina said was she supports her decision to be a great mom. She’s just not willing to put her patient life at stake. Meredith was clearly not ready for that type of surgery that day. Christina chose to be a great surgeon and selfless sacrificed her relationship with Owen so that he could have a family.

      And her not going to the 3D machine presentation is much like her not staying for the kids party. She felt her presence would not be welcomed (and she was right to think that given what transpired). It’s not holier than thou. If she didn’t believe in Meredith’s research she would not have gone through the length of stealing it. And it’s certainly in-line with some of the antics she and Meredith have pulled together in the past. When have they ever really played by the rules?

      • Babygate says:

        I love Cristina. I’ve always liked her better than Meredith. But what she did was wrong. Mer was in the middle of printing a liver. Cristina had no right to interrupt her procedure. She could have called a quick board meeting but instead she went behind her back and actually messed with Mer’s procedure. That was unprofessional, at the very least. Old Cristina would have never done that because even as a shark, there were certain boundaries she respected. And this has nothing to do with Mer’s decision to have kids or her new priorities or anything like that. This is about what she did last night.

        • Ninna says:

          ” Old Cristina would have never done that because even as a shark, there were certain boundaries she respected.”

          And she was respecting those boundaries (she kept shutting down Shane’s insisntence in using the printer and tried to find other ways to solve the tiny patients problem) until she understood Meredith’s humungus ego was willing to let die a baby to win a fight. She was willing to put in the line a newborn’s life for one lousy day of work with her beloved printer. Meredith was the one stepping over the boundary and being irracional. That’s why Cristina didn’t say anything more and moved on and Alex caught immediately what was going on and said what he said. She had stepped the line with Alex’s patient either.

          As someone else pointed out, and very well, old Cristina would have taken the printer without talk to her and in the end she would’ve told M to get over herself.

      • GS says:

        That is a total crock! There are plenty of surgeons out there with kids. Christina has always been holier than thou as she thinks she’s the only one who is a great surgeon and that you have to sacrifice everything to do it. The only reason she has sacrificed is because others don’t want the same things and she ends up alone on her high horse. I like her fine but yes she is the epitome of holier than thou and has been from day 1. Meredith is only standing up to her finally.

        • Ninna says:

          “There are plenty of surgeons out there with kids.”

          And none of them raise one single kid of their own. They put others doing the job for them in real life. Raising kids and having kids are two different mainland separated by an huge ocean.

      • Both were mean to each other but more Cristina than Mer. Cristina says that Mer let up after she had her baby and Bailey and Callie didn’t, however she was wrong with that statement. She forgot that Bailey asked Cristina to babysit while Bailey went to work, Let’s not forget that Cristina used a surgery intercom to ask why bailey’s baby was crying, and Bailey answering during surgery. I would assume that the surgery Bailey worked on was critical too. Callie had to recover after her surgery, so I’m sure she had more time with Sofia while she was recovering, along with having Mark and Arizona to help while she went back to work. so yes both did let up, it took awhile for them to go full focus on their job. She shouldn’t assume that Mer couldn’t handle it, when they go in surgery, their focus is there, she knows they all multi task! Granted if Mer slipped up in surgery then yes, tell her she can’t be there. But she was on break, doing whatever she wants since she’s on break!
        It’s very arrogant of Cristina to think she’s better than others, to Mer. She is not, yes, she’s better in the field of Cardio, but to other fields she sucks. And let’s not forget she didn’t become great by herself, she got a lot of help from Burke, from her other professor that she slept with. And Webber helped her with some unique surgeries, so she didn’t become great on her own. Mer is just as great in her own field as Alex is to his. I’ve always hated how Cristina thought she was better than others. Look what happened when she thought she was great in the gunther episode, she shot an epi in Alex.
        So I am not sure why some here hate Mer, when it’s more Cristina than Mer in this situation. Cristina didn’t take Mer seriously with her project, which i’m sure had a deadline, the 3d printer was there specifically for Mer’s project, She did not know that the printer would work for the baby, in which it failed yet had no thought or consideration when Shane took over again, and Cristina condoned it. Along with allowing Shane disrespecting a higher rank, in fact she rewards him by kissing him, yuck!

  18. Leila J says:

    It has been painful to watch Cristina and Meredith fight this season. Sad thing is, they used to be able to patch things up, but now… Shane as usual was annoying, but determined to save a patient and also to do groundbreaking work. He did all the leg work and wanted to see it through to the end. I might not like Shane, but I can respect what the kid is trying to do. Jackson was on his period it seemed and I am glad Derek put him in check. I like Leah and Jackson was just an inexcusable ass to her. Arizona is doing nothing wrong in my opinion. She and Callie are separated and it doesn’t look like Callie is going to take her back anytime soon. She has already cheated once so what harm will another indiscretion cause? I do believe Meredith would have gotten the tumor. Alex and Stephanie needed to chill. Meredith knew what she was doing. But of course now we will never know. Cristina and Shane using Meredith’s machine without permission was expected. It’s not like Cristina has ever been one to follow the rules or do as she’s told and now she has a partner in crime? Please… Now I am sure there will be hell to pay and the friendship that was will be gone with the wind. Looking forward to next week’s episode since it will be Callie centric. Sara Ramirez is one of my favorite character’s on Grey’s Anatomy and I love to see her in emotionally charged scenes. April and Matthew are cute, but April is so not over Jackson. It is too bad she didn’t realize she loved him until it was too late and by that time the dude was fed up with her and her rollercoaster of emotions. I do not like Jackson and Stephanie at all, but the girl has got to have a storyline doesn’t she? Bailey, my dear once lovable and adorable Bailey, where oh where can she be? She has become so unrecognizable in the past couple of seasons. I get her character and all of her idiosyncrasies, most of which used to be cute and funny, but now it just makes me cringe. However, I will trust the writers and follow them on this journey.

    • Babygate says:

      ” She has already cheated once so what harm will another indiscretion cause?”
      Really?? If you are sorry that you cheated the first time, you don’t keep cheating because it invalidates your argument. We have seen nothing in Arizona that would indicate that she’s even sorry. She’s showing extreme passive/aggressive behavior. She still wears the ring but sleeps with Leah. She is the one that cheated but yet says that Callie is ‘not so great’. She wants to act like everything is normal but is obviously still angry with Callie. She says sex with Leah is great but all she shows in her alone moments is longing for Callie. She obviously wants Callie back but is acting like a slut. And, she admits they are not really divorced but she’s seeing other people. AND, she lied by saying ‘yes, we are’ when in reality is, ‘yes, I am’ because Callie is not seeing anyone. AND, she wanted to force Callie to move past the cheating but won’t apologize or forgive her for cutting off her leg.

      • Katie says:

        Agreed. Calzona has been absolutely ruined for me this season (and as a lesbian, believe me when I say it would take a lot for me to take that stance). There is absolutely no way I could ever support Callie taking Arizona back now. Cheating happens on television all the time, it’s one the most overused conflict stimuli ever, in my opinion, but if you’re supposed to root for the pairing that cheating party has to beg, and I mean beg the audience for forgiveness, especially when it’s a pairing that is as popular as Calzona used to be. And Arizona doesn’t even act sorry, having the gall to actually complain about Callie not being nice. I’m sorry, what?. I love Jessica Capshaw, this has nothing to do with her as an actress, but at this point the only enjoyment I get from Arizona is watching Callie rebuff her at every turn. Please do not put this pairing back together. Arizona doesn’t deserve the awesomeness of Callie.

  19. Marge says:

    Disappointing episode once again… April & Matthew are just a big joke to me, I can’t understand what is the problem with Bailey: one of a sudden she’s back to being worried about infections? Why can’t she be happy that Ben chose her over his career?
    After each and every episode I’m thinking: can’t Shane and Leah just leave? Like all the other interns in Lexie’s class, they’re a waste of screen time in my opinion. I always liked Jo and I like Stephanie as well, I even like her with Jackson and I’m starting to feel like she’s a better choice than April.
    Arizona is more and more gross as the season progresses: at the beginning she wanted to save her marriage and now she’s with another woman? I’m almost fast forwarding when she comes on.
    And am I the only one that had a season 1 flashback when Cristina gave a coffee to Shane? Looked like when Burke did. It felt weird because Cristina was NOT the type of person to give anyone below her ANYTHING! In season 4 she couldn’t even bother to learn the names of her interns and NOW she’s giving a resident coffee? I don’t know where the writers are going with her character this season but I don’t like it.

    • Babygate says:

      ” I don’t know where the writers are going with her character this season but I don’t like it.”

    • tonywife says:

      writer is new who wrote 2 ep, I doubt she remem
      the writer is new who joined GA last saeson, and only wrote 2ep, I doubt she know Cristina well,

  20. cas says:

    I really dislike how people jump on Cristina’s bandwagon. She is the one who started this all. She never listens to the rules and she thinks she is better than everyone else. She is the one who lashed out at Mer first. Also, Arizona and Callie are separated and Callie has made is seem like they are not going to be together so to me it would seem that Arizona is not cheating on Callie. But everyone has their own views on this. I bet if Callie hooked up with someone though those same people wouldn’t say anything. Bailey is just annoying this season, seriously why would you not want your husband around? I love April and Jackson and wish they would just be together. I really dislike Jackson and Stephanie, mostly because I dislike Stephanie. That about sums it up.

    • Monica4185 says:

      I agree. Cristina messed up Mer’s research, it was wrong just like when Mer messed up Derek’s research back in S7. It is hypocritical of people to defends Cristina’s actions now. Also agree that Cristina started the fight and she can’t recognize that Mer felt hurt and that Cristina was judging her.

      • the girl says:

        The biggest issue is that Cristina doesn’t respect Meredith’s choices. She says she does, but that’s not true. When I was in college, all of my friends had children, and I didn’t (still don’t), and I got invited to a lot of kids parties. I felt like what Cristina did was very rude, to come in and leave like that. Even if she felt uncomfortable, she still should have said hi, told the kids their costumes were great, hugged her friend, and THEN left. The thing is, just by inviting her, Meredith was trying to show that Cristina still has a place in her life – even though they are in different places, even though they want different things, Meredith is still trying to make room for her. Cristina came in and observed Meredith’s life and she chose not to be part of it.

        • I think you forget that she was not really invited. She probably would have done all the things you mentioned she should have done if she wasn’t on the outs with Meredith.

          And I disagree that she disrespects Meredeth’s choices. She understands she wants to be a good mom. She supports her decision to be a mom and a surgeon. She just doesn’t believe you could be great at both. You could disagree with this argument or her belief.

          But I think it is like most relationship a matter of miscommunication.

          • nobody special says:

            so how come Cristina gets to decide whether or not Meredith even gets to TRY to do both? C has decreed that “you can’t do both” so the discussion, in her eyes, is over. When Mer decides to make the effort to have both worlds, because she believes in herself enough, well, that’s just irrelevant, because the Great and Powerful Yang has spoken. i used to think i wanted a “person” like those two were for each other. now, i think i’d rather have a friend.

            Both of ’em were wrong, in their own way; Mer really let her feuding get in the way of a child’s life, which seems out of character (i blame Shonda) but i believe she could have been convinced. C simply said, once again “you have opinions/thoughts/plans/whatever? tough! my wants and needs come first, and screw you” like she always has. i’ve always liked both of the women, but have no illusions about which one would drop the other like a moldy sock if it were in her best interest.

            and Arizona? why couldn’t we have kept the leg and amputated the doctor?

          • Ninna says:

            “so how come Cristina gets to decide whether or not Meredith even gets to TRY to do both? C has decreed that “you can’t do both” so the discussion, in her eyes, is over”

            When did Cristina decide Mer couldn’t do both ? She never did such a thing. She only decreed that ‘you can’t do this surgery, wich I took from B and gave you to play favourites in the first place, because you’re blatantly unprepared for it and my patient’s life is more important than your giant ego.’ And this after seeing repeatedly during the day that she was bustling with her kids.
            I would like to have Cristina yang as my doctor, not Meredith Grey, in that case.
            If she thought Meredith couldn’t do both, she wouldn’t have given her the surgery in the first place. Obviously.

    • Jade says:

      Totally agree about the Cristina shippers. Makes me cringe how her rabid fans give her a free pass for everything. Like she’s some innocent, helpless child. I love Cristina. She’s not perfect and that’s the way I like her. I think it will be interesting to see where she and Shane go. It will probably be Cristina in the Preston A-hole role and Shane in Cristina’s role when she was with that douchebag.

    • bbr says:

      Agreed. It is shocking how so many women point their finger at Meredith… She is not right, but come on people, can’t you respect that she has feelings in regards to all the changes in her life? We women are horrible with each other, we should be kinder…

  21. LaLa says:

    At first I thought Bailey might be pregnant and going through early over the top nesting, but by the end of the episode I knew it wasn’t that. I read MS in one of the other posts . . . I just can’t believe that the infection last season could still be affecting her so much. Hmmmm. I hope she pulls it together, or it comes to a head quickly, because it’s painful watching her right now.
    I was sooo mad with Shane! I was proud of Cristina for telling him no, but then she turned around and hijacked the 3D printer anyway. I don’t know. I’m kinda #TeamCristina. I feel sorry for her because she seems to be alienated from everyone except Alex (and Shane). Simply because she’s telling them the truth (Mer). She’s always been that way, however. For Meredith to continue to hold it against her is totally unfair. And way to go Alex for calling Mer on it.
    I don’t know if April and Matthew are going to make it down the aisle, but I really don’t want her and Jackson back together. I think they have said all they need to about their short, B.U.D.D.Y. relationship. I also hope Callie is able to move on from Arizona. I hope to God they are done. Please, Shonda.
    I still love this show.

  22. MLR says:

    Christina has always been the better doctor not to mention surgeon of the original set of interns and most of the other doctors. Christina was right to tell Meredith that she could not operate because she was not and had not prepared for the surgery. Meredith just could not handle her friend actually saying it much less believing it. Meredith knows it because why is she trying so very hard to prove Christina wrong if she was not right. Christina said out loud one of her biggest fears, she cannot be a good doctor and a good mother. Derek is taking the lead with the kids is the only reason she is able to do any significant now. Has anyone noticed Meredith is becoming her mother and leaving the father to raise the children? In my opinion, Christian knows Meredith is upset and does not want her around, so Christina stays away. Christina was an after though invite to the Halloween party and was not invited to the printing by Meredith. Not letting Christina use the printer was all about sticking it to Christina and not saving the baby’s life, so shame on Meredith, being a mother of two. First day of research v. a life – Christina is the better doctor. In the past, that would have been Christina and Meredith at the printer if the printer belonged to someone else. The friendship will never be what it once was, which will give Christina the push to leave; she now has nothing, truly nothing, keeping her in Seattle. The character of Dr. Burke should be brought back and she leaves with him.

    • James says:

      I agree ! Meredith keeps moaning about how she doesn’t want to be her mother, and yet she is perfectly willing to let Derek pick up the slack. She can be a good mother, and a good surgeon – she just can’t be brilliant at both. The reason Cristina is so successful is because she is totally focused on becoming the best surgeon she can be. I had a college roomate who wanted to be a surgeon and she literally worked like Cristina does to get there. There’s no right choice to make, but you have to be willing to sacrifice some things, and she was. You can be very good at a few things, but if you devote yourself to something entirely, you can be the best. In my opinion, Cristina should have left a while ago – it was only really Meredith who was keeping her in Seattle. Maybe this will be a good thing for both of them. It could help Meredith be happier with her choices (and get her priorities) and would give Cristina the freedom to truly flourish.

    • Peevesie says:

      Actually it wasn’t a choice between first day of research v/s childs life. Imagine every time they need a donor organ they stop her reserach and take it for granted???and no cristina is not the better doctor. She is the more compulsive and confident docter There is a difference. and Meredith was prepared for the surgeries. The heart/liver thing it was just before going off to the surgery that she got the page. She had been studying with bailey before that. But Cristina made it into a does she have a concussion, no?, then wasn’t important enough. The other one also, Meredith has never gone above what she knows she can do unlike cristina. If she said she could get the last tumour it wasnt about cristina or alex or whatever. It was her confidence in her ability. and now the kid is going to suffer because a stupid new resident and alex didn’t have confidence in Meredith’s ability. Oh and she isn’t leaving the father to raise the kids. She is being there emotionally. But there are a lot of daily tasks and routines that comes with kid and Derek is taking greater responsibility. And that is after two years of being a completely present mom to Zola.

      I have a person and we are like meredith and cristina. Different but supportive.

  23. mj says:

    Grey’s is completely ruined for me with this Meredith Cristina fight.. I hate it

  24. Saabgirlatx says:

    Another thing that bothered me with the printer was that it was mentioned that for different types of creations there would be different cartridges. How convenient was it that they had the right one there in the hospital like the day after they got it? Too convenient. You knew at the end Cristina would be in there.

  25. ss says:

    Way to go Meredith, you put your feud ahead of a poor little baby’s life. Awesome doctor! Not.

  26. Michelle says:

    Shonda stopped putting any effort into Grey’s when Scandal took off. It’s the only show she cares about.

    • GreyAnatomySCFan says:

      AGREE!!!! Makes me upset because I think Grey’s Anatomy is what made her be known. She should respect the show and put all of her effort into each scene!

  27. Has Arizona’s leg grown back? It is a non factor any more. Are we just to believe that she has adapted so well that it is never noticed or mentioned?

    • Justine says:

      You do realize limbs don’t grow back, right?

    • GreyAnatomySCFan says:

      I thought Arizona was so self-concious about her leg? It seems like that’s not the case anymore with her sleeping with many! Its like she got over it out of nowhere. I agree – they should mention it more rather than making it seem like she went from really hating her prosthetic to absolutely not talking about it at all. I would like to see more of her with her daughter. It seems like she is not really connecting with her – also, what kind of example is she setting?

  28. Jade says:

    I’m loving this season. I can’t stand the twisted sister/ you are my person BS so I am happy Meredith and Cristina are fighting. I hope it lasts the entire season. I’m sure there will be a tearful goodbye between them in the season finale but I’ll enjoy this while I can. I’m also loving Arizina and Leah, and Callie is much more tolerable this season away from Arizona. I hope they divorce.

    • Jade says:

      Something else- I would like to see Crustina and Meredith not make up at the end of the season. It would be so predictable if they. I’d rather see Shonda go against the norm of what you normally see on TV and end Cristina’s run with them estranged. One can only hope.

  29. someone says:

    I think what some people don’t see is that Cristina did this because she was trying to save a child’s LIFE. (and not to get back at Meredith). You have to be a doctor first and do the best for your patient and then think about everything else. Yes, it was wrong to steal the printer but in the end of the day, she only did to help. Come on, people show some heart. If I were her, I would act the same way because helping someone > everything.

    • CarrieB says:

      How about all of the times over the life of Grey’s Anatomy that Cristina didn’t care about the life of the patient? Why should she now be given a pass this time? She messed with Meredith’s research and set her back in her study. This is a big no-no in the working world. Meredith has every right to be upset.

      • Ninna says:

        “How about all of the times over the life of Grey’s Anatomy that Cristina didn’t care about the life of the patient?”

        It’s called progressing, maturity. Cristina is not the same of some seasons ago. Didn’t you notice yet? She has changed. She became a better carer and a better teacher and a better person. With this bratty attitude, Mer is only showinhg she’s regressing.

        “She messed with Meredith’s research and set her back in her study”…ONE SINGLE DAY.
        It would be worth having that day even if it was at the expense of the life of the little baby. How nice!

  30. Grey's fan says:

    Cristina stealing the machine for her own benefit is in character but I still don’t agree with what she did. Unless I misunderstood, using the printer to duplicate human organs is experimental, hence the research, so how is it okay to use a baby as a guinea pig?

    • Ninna says:

      For her own benefit????!!! Have you seen the episode?

      ” so how is it okay to use a baby as a guinea pig?”

      When every single resources, knownledge, techniques were used unsuccessful and everyone is completely desperated for a solution before a dying child.
      Very easy to talk from the mighty high horse of great principles when we are talking about others pain. I’d like to see if it was your child what lenghts you’d go to save it.

  31. Naomi Jones says:

    Meritina should fight over the machine and it is up to christina to show meridith why she believes the replicater will work to save a baby. I believe if Christina can show Meridith she’d cave in. It’d be great if the two surgeons could team up and work together with the intern assisting. They could make Grey Sloan the number one hospital – wecan only hope. Bailey’s obsessive compulsive disorder has progressed to the point that no one is as good as a surgeon as she and her paranoia is interferring with her judgement. An intervention will need to be done in a hurry. Mental illness is a subject no one wants to address and OCD is one of the hardest conditions to treat.
    Arizona bails when she is scared and that’s what she is ding — sex is her out is her defense mechanism — I hope daddy stands up for Arizona because she is a good man in the stom. Callie and Arizona need to forgive each other and they need to get into a room or an elevator and talk. Arizona though wears the pants and so it will have to come from her.
    I just pray she comes to her senses after all she gave up Africa for Callie and decided she wanted lots of kids with Callie — but it took a crises now didn’t it?

  32. I feel like this needs to be Grey’s last season…and that it likely could be, and they’re wasting too much time preparing us for a Cristina departure, when they could just make it a really great, really happy season that ends on a positive note.

    I also feel like when the series does end, Shonda will simply blow up the hospital to get back at ‘everyone’ that failed to make it last forever. She always kills characters off when the actor wants to leave…it’s so daytime soap of her, and rather juvenile. It bothers me that I still watch this show even though I dislike it so much these days. I will certainly be relieved when it is over.

  33. GreyAnatomySCFan says:

    My thinking is that Bailey has some form of OCD…but have we seen some form of it in the past seasons? Bailey doesn’t seem to be same person at ALL from the first few seasons. I agree, i totally dislike the interns. Even though week after week we seem to be seeing them more i still don’t feel i’m connecting with them. Only intern i like right now and don’t mind is Jo. That’s about it – everyone else can be gone. I really hate the idea that Cristina and Meredith are fighting. I wish i would have seen Cristina be more supportive with Meredith having children and her going over to help them out like any good friend would. Especially when baby Bailey was born. Sure – she doesn’t want to be a mom herself but she could still help out once in a while with her best friend’s/sister’s children! Isn’t she the godmother or something like that? I’m really saddened with Cristina’s exit but i’m hoping the fighting doesn’t keep going until the final episode. It’s all leading to Cristina feeling lonely and not part of the team anymore which will want to make her pursue other things somewhere else. Truly sad! I learned to love Cristina with her great drive to be a great surgeon while being very honest and funny at times! She’s just awesome! — It seems like Shonda isn’t giving her best anymore. For me, i really like this episode. It has me intrigued the whole entire time but the past episodes have not done much for me. I do believe it is because she is involved in her other show (Scandal). If anything she should be paying for attention to Grey’s Anatomy! This show has made her popular so she should respect it. If the actors don’t feel like Shonda and the writers aren’t giving the show all their best then that’s when the actors don’t want want to continue. Maybe getting Izzy back would make things soo much better!

  34. curmudgeon says:

    I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly what is making me hate the cheating Arizona storyline so much. I really wanted her and Callie to have a good knock-down drag-out fight (like the season 9 finale) but it just fizzled out. These two characters go through 8 circles of hell over 5 seasons, and suddenly we’re just supposed to be cool with them moving on.

    I think what it comes down to, is there needs to be someone calling bulls*** on Arizona. She’s been treated with kid gloves since the plane crash. She’s no longer “a good man in a storm” and it would be really awesome if someone finally called her out on it.

  35. Tracy says:

    Imagine if the last 9 seasons were just “George’s Dream” — then we could have Izzy, Mark, Lexie, & Teddy back for the last few episodes. Not Preston. Get rid of the boring new interns, put Crowen back on track with a feisty adopted child, then let Meredith & Cristina bond over mother/surgeon/person issues. Jackson & Izzy. Or Izzy & Callie (silly Arizona can keep her pet Leah — who is taking care of Mark & Callie’s baby these days…Derek??)
    Why are so many of the male MD’s so whipped? Some female fantasy that puts Derek/Richard/Owen/Sharkey/Ben in subservient househusband/underling roles? We need cute studly Henry to come back to Teddy (from undercover adventures with Huck on Scandal) and just wear his dress uniform. A lot. (Doesn’t matter which Shondaland show.) Miranda performs brain surgery on herself with the 3D fork and is fine. Mark and Lexie take over the hospital from Owen since their names are already on it (ok that’s a script wormhole but go with it). George wakes up from this whole dream to see April gazing down at him, and falls hopelessly in love — then he uses the 3D printer to recreate her “virginity,” winning her love, and everyone practices medicine happily ever after.

  36. Mee mee says:

    I hate that mer and yang will not be friends forever after all they have been through from the beginning. I adore Derek and can’t believe Mer is so on/off with him. Having sweaty sex with dead men doesn’t phase me as much as Meredith’s reluctance to out Derek before her complex friends. Ah well…

  37. thea says:

    i like callie and arizona…would hate to see them break hot together and cute..stunning couple on television and besides couple problems is what every couple go trough…i wish for them to be together in every other season after season10..they are what actually got me to watch this series

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    • Miriam Beard says:

      I agree, seems since Meredith is the namesake of the series she should be more of a heroine than her counterparts. She seems to have less affrontery than the other though she has more surgical skills and her verbal communication is admired by most. Anyway I’m getting a bit bored so something drastic better be in the pipeline.

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