Ratings: New Girl and Mindy Rise, Biggest Loser Gains, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dips Again

Ratings Marvel's Agents of SHIELDTwo Fox comedies were among this Tuesday’s few gainers, while the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spied yet another ratings dip.

Opening Fox’s night, Dads (with 3.7 million total viewers and a 1.4 rating) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (3.8 mil/1.6) both added eyeballs while steady in the demo. New Girl (3.9 mil/2.0) was up 5 and 11 percent, while Mindy Project (2.9 mil/1.5) rose 7 and 15 percent.


ABC | S.H.I.E.L.D. returned to 7.2 mil and a 2.5 (per finals), dipping two tenths in the demo aka its fifth consecutive decline. The Goldbergs (5 mil/1.5) and Trophy Wife (3.7 mil/1.1) — both of which recently earned full-season orders — were down two and three tenths in the demo, respectively.

CBS | NCIS (19 mil/2.9) ticked down a tenth, NCIS: LA (14.8 mil/2.4) slipped two tenths and Person of Interest (11.8 mil/1.9) was flat.

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NBC | The Biggest Loser (6.8 mil/2.1) packed on 13 and 17 percent to hit three-week highs, but The Voice (11.3 mil/3.4) dropped a few eyeballs and dipped two tenths in the demo.

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THE CW | The Originals (2.03 mil/0.9) and Supernatural (2.2 mil/0.9) both were steady-ish in audience while down one and two tenths, respectively.

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  1. jasie says:

    Man such a bummer the Brooklyn Nine Nine and Trophy Wife don’t get larger audiences. Both have me laughing the whole half hours. Glad they were both picked up for a full season atleast.

  2. B says:

    Hoping for a full season pickup for The Originals.

    • Riana says:

      Maybe it doesn’t need a full-season pickup. They could go with a 16-episode season and just pick it up for season 2.

      • Brandy says:

        It’s not a limited series,.Its stable in ratings,performing he best of CWs new fall shows and a spinoff of thier number one series plus it’s Czws third highest rated show after VD & SPN and above Arrow and one of only three shows able to hit 1.0Itl get a full season.Also, Reign and The 100 are limited series and with CD,Nikita,Op Model & Reign finishing thier seasons in Jan or sooner, those need replacing and thes not enough idseason replacements to not give TO a full season.

    • Dennis says:

      I love this show, it is so much better than TVD i’m so sick of Elena I wish someone would stake her although oddly enough I love Catherine. Stefan is such a dud.

  3. Eddie says:

    Glad B-99/TMP/New Girl are rising!

    • r.m. says:

      Me too! It’s a great lineup & all three shows have appealing leads and great supporting line ups. I’m hoping that more people discover how funny these shows are.

      • scooby says:

        Ditto. Actually those 3 shows were a pretty strong group last night in particular. I’m about to rewatch TMP. I know I missed some jokes because Ike Barinholtz (aka Morgan Tookers) was tweeting from the show’s twitter feed and it was amusing so I got distracted. Also, Timothy Olyphant’s body. Where was I? ;) TVLine has promised me more Glenn Howerton soon, so looking forward to that. I’ll be honest. Wasn’t that into ‘It’s Always Sunny’ when I tried it but the episode involved Danny DeVito and poop so maybe I should give it another shot. They can’t all be like that right?

  4. steven says:

    AOS will soon be at No Ordinary Family levels.

  5. Logan says:

    Shame AOS isn’t doing better last nights episode was the best yet.

  6. Julia says:

    Timothy Olyphant was hilarious on The Mindy Project! Glad it could add viewers!

    • Curly Girly says:

      “My body is attracted to your body, but when you speak you make my brain angry”. Love Mindy!!

    • suzi says:

      Tim O on Mindy really WAS hilarious. Seen pretty much every movie he’s made and find his range of characters to be amazing. Mindy is kinda cute and funny but she needs to speak a little slower and stop being so “perky”.

  7. Tammy says:

    Yeah BIGGEST LOSER!!!!! Love that show.

  8. Mika says:

    Glad to see Coach’s return to New Girl helped. I am missing my “Happy Endings” but this helps. Plus Max is on Mindy Project.

  9. jeremy.hudson says:

    Why does the The Voice’s rating drop so much?

    • Eric7740 says:

      Speaking for me personally, two words: burnt out!!! I haven’t watched at all this season, and now apparently there’s going to be a show on Thursday as well? To much time to invest in one show, again I’m only speaking on my behalf.

  10. Greg says:

    For SHIELD it looks like a case of too little too late. Last night’s episode was very good. There was character dynamic and interaction. Ward, who had been a wooden plank, finally got a personality. We finally got to look into the Fitz and Simmons dynamic which is the most interesting aspect of the program. They seem like brother and sister and yet there is some UST there, albeit a little.

    But in the end, it seems to have arrived too late. Now if this episode was put 3rd or maybe even 4th then you could have had carryover because we finally got to see into these characters. Now, it doesn’t look good.,

    • Len says:

      Typical Whedon. Take forever to actually a dimension to the characters, and by then everyone ehat bailed because of the 2d characters

      • Jason says:

        You make no sense. Most of Joss’s characters were great from day one. Problem is Joss is not writing this show. His baby brother is!

    • Eurisko says:

      I agree with all of that. Fringe took awhile to get the show in line. Part of me(the evil part)likes seeing this show continue to tank. They were sooooo cocky about it. Reviewers said the pilot was great(lies) and the characters are unoriginal as all hell. But the good part of me wants it to find its footing and continue to get better. I hope they kill a team member to show us the threat is real and Maybe add Cobie next season.(please?)

      • Eurisko says:

        I was agreeing with @Greg. I have a question for anyone… Am I the only one who thinks Agent Coulson is going to turn out to be Skye”s father? It’s way too obvious but then again this show has not been very smart. Maybe Skye is the love child of May and Coulson?

        • Heidi says:

          Dang, that’s somewhere I’d not even gone re: Skye and Coulson. Loved last night’s episode. They finally showed some soul and made you interested in the regulars.

      • Greg says:

        I kind of want it to tank too, mainly because I’m mainly a DC supporter (yet I don’t watch Arrow). But I really find the dynamic of Fitz and Simmons fascinating, and this was the first episode that really addressed that.

    • Travis Lynn says:

      Fitz and Simmons are an amazing dynamic. I would agree though that May and Ward are starting to develop. I would hate to see this show tank though, once they throw in a big cameo I feel it will gain that second wind.

  11. Jared says:

    Loved THE ORIGINALS last night! It was so good!

  12. Azerty says:

    One of the best New Girl!

  13. Mikaela says:

    AOS is getting better with every week. The problem isnt the storylines or anything else, it’s the fact that ABC put it up against the number 1 show in all of TV. There’s no competing with NCIS. That being said, AOS is my favorite new show of the season. I’d hate to see it die off like Firefly because people aren’t giving it a chance to shine. AOS has amazing potential and I see it. I just wish others would see it too.

  14. luli says:

    Shame shield was pretty good last night, one of the best episodes so far… Elizabeth Henstridge did an amazing job as Simmons.

    • Christina says:

      Loved her last night! They need to use FitzSimmons WAY more. Next week looks promising for Fitz too – I’m already rooting for a FitzSimmons hook-up.

    • Curly Girly says:

      ITA. Best episode so far, this episode made me actually care for the characters for the first time. So many feels at the end!!

  15. Mari says:

    So agree with the people saying yesterday’s AOS was the best episode to date.
    Looks like the show is finally finding its footing, I’d hate to see it cancelled after only one season just because ABC wanted to best NCIS.

    Let’s hope they’ll maybe move it after the sweeps or that DVR ratings will keep it afloat.

  16. Chrissy says:

    I love aos but what did they think was gonna happen it goes up against the biggest show on tv the #1 show NCIS!!! And I’m an NCIS girl!!! But I do DVR AOS

    • Katherine215 says:

      Honestly, I don’t think it’s losing viewers because of or to NCIS. I think it’s losing viewers because the writing was just poor and the characters were one-dimensional. Last night’s episode was definitely a step up from the first ones, but it’s going to have to build on that and generate some buzz before people consider returning.

      • Bella says:

        I’m an NCIS fan, but was excited when I heard about AOS, so I DVRd the first few episodes and after watching them, was disappointed, so haven’t bothered since. It had so much potential, but there was no character development to speak of, despite all the talking, and not enough real action.

  17. Apples says:

    I bailed on AoS around 4 eps in. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. It won’t get canceled- in fact it will easily get renewed. If the quality improves steadily I’ll come back to it later.

    • Rook says:

      This episode was better than the others you should watch it.

      • Apples says:

        I’m going to wait a bit and see if the word-of-mouth on it indicates a one-off improvement or the series as a whole getting better. I can always marathon a bunch of eps later if it is the latter.

  18. Sara says:

    New Girl was so much better with Coach back! It would be great to have him back on the show full time.

  19. Esaul says:

    I don’t think ABC wanted to “best” NCIS. There’s just no competing with the veteran show. Rather, they tested the waters on original programming on Tuesday night where DWTS had its results show. It was always a terrifying idea in theory. ABC doesn’t have a veteran show serving as a lead-in. That, I believe is also part of the problem (not the entire problem mind you). They shouldn’t test it with a show as heavily promoted as S.H.I.E.L.D. either. That’s a huge risk and a huge mistake. They should’ve tested one of the veteran shows on Tuesday night to see how it performed, then slowly build Tuesday night instead of creating a new slate altogether. They’re relying on entirely new shows. Thursday is strong already with Grey’s and Scandal. Lend the strength to another night to see how it does. Do I think it will do well on Tuesday? Probably not. Would I risk moving Grey’s? Also, probably not. But they need to create a foundation for Tuesday night and build off that. It’s like with NBC moving Revolution which did well behind The Voice pre-fall break. When it came back, it fell. And then NBC had the noble idea of using it as the lead-in for Wednesday night. It’s a mess. ABC should test these waters first before trying something revolutionary. It’s a shame too.

    • Greg says:

      Either that or ABC should have put a show up against it that was just fodder to make it like the “death slot”. ABC and CBS used to do that on Thursday Nights when NBC had The Cosby Show

    • John 1138 says:

      I look at it as they thought they could pull the comic world audience with a show that while titled “MARVEL…” doesn’t actually deliver (and they said it wouldn’t) the comic world of superheroes. So the comic world audience showed up reading nothing beyond the title and when a procedural with some tech rolled across the screen they started dropping out…. yet it’s not been very compelling as a tech procedural either. Last night was decent, maybe that will draw some new viewers.

      • John 1138 says:

        Oh and they figured the slot was a reasonable one because the comic world audience wouldn’t overlap with the NCIS people. Probably right on that for the most part: SHIELD is declining on it’s own merits not being eaten into by NCIS.

  20. Shaun says:

    NCIS LA is hitting a wall,Deeks and Kensi are kinda stalled in whatever they were starting.We won’t even need Kensi to leave to crash that ship.

  21. joe says:

    AOS was not better last night. Don’t listen to these people with such low standards. They say the same thing for every Sci Fi show. Every show to these people, are getting better and better. We can’t reward garbage. The show is bad.

  22. Lyss says:

    Hahahaha laughing at Trophy Wife! ABC chose to keep that show and canceled Back In The Game, the only one of their new comedy’s that stabilized in ratings and somehow managed to grow in Men ratings against the World Series. Can’t wait to watch all of them fail!

  23. prish says:

    SHIELD needs to have their super smart agents start developing powers, then into superheros, at least one or two. I wish the show well. We don’t watch it, now, but we might if they started getting super powers. (just a hint to the suits)

  24. Ali says:

    Agents of SHIELD is dropping because (IMO) people wanted more Firefly, not superhero comic booky stuff. Just saying…..

  25. Jason says:

    While last ngiht’s episode of SHIELD was mildly better than the rest because it focused on the one good character on the show, the show is still a mess. I can’t even believe it’s from Joss Whedon. Obsiously he is not involved except maybe adding one or two lines per show. There are none of Joss’ classic elements. This show makes Doll House look like Breaking Bad! Huge mistake of Nepotism by giving the Marvel franchise over to your little brother. Obviously this Jed Whedon is not qualified to run a show that should have been a homerun as it’s a Spinoff of one of the biggest films of all time. I’m one of Joss’s biggest fans but I’m about to give up on it. Meanwhile The Originals has been phenomenal!

  26. Ella says:

    SHIELD is terrible, can’t believe it got a full season pick-up. The characters just aren’t engaging enough and the plots are sub-par.

  27. Mikael says:

    AOS is a very slow burn. It’s funny how the ratings go down each week, as the episodes actually get better each week. I hope it’s not too late by the time it gets really good. Thor 2 seems like it will make a lot of money, and AOS is apparently going to tie into it, so maybe more people will check it out.

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