Grey's Anatomy Post Mortem: Camilla Luddington Weighs In on Alex's Decision, Future of 'JoLex'

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers Alex JoThis Halloween on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, fans of the Alex/Jo romance were given a (boo!) scare when all of the tension stemming from him rediscovering his father led up to an intense, could-go-either-way face-off between the budding lovebirds. Would Alex shut Jo out, by shutting a door in her face? Or would he let her in, signaling a huge step for them? Camilla Luddington spoke with TVLine about the emotional outcome and what it means for the future together, as well as weighed in on this week’s other happy/sad twists.

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TVLINE | The table read for the Halloween episode must have been very funny.
It was hysterical. We loved it just because it was reminiscent of the old Bailey, always popping up and scaring us and not thinking we’re worthy of anything. And then all the zombie stuff….

TVLINE | You had moments like,”The patient leans up and bites Leah in the neck!”
I know! They were telling us it would be Halloween-themed and we heard rumblings about something like a zombie, and I was thinking, “How are they gonna do this?” But it was really cool.

TVLINE | Speaking of scary, I was nervous for Jo when it seemed like she was going to tell Meredith what’s going on with Alex. I was like, “No. Don’t. That can’t end well for you.”
Yeah — this being Grey’s Anatomy, it’d turn out horrible. But I think that in that moment, Jo really has no idea who to turn to. Something they cut  from last week is that I had asked [Jackson], “Do you know anything about his dad?” So she’s sort of been putting out feelers, to see if anybody has any idea what’s going on. And at that point, Alex has been so standoffish, and there are so many times she’s reached out but is so exasperated, she does not know what to do. In normal circumstances, she would never, ever reach out to Meredith, but it was like the final straw to her.

TVLINE | Were you on the edge of seat when you first read that final scene, where she’s at Alex’s doorstep? When a couple has a door between them, it could always slam in someone’s face.
It was hard for me, these past two episodes, because I really just feel for Jo. Usually when we’re not filming a scene, we’re not present, but I went and watched the scene that Justin [Chambers] and James Remar filmed in the bar. Because when I read it, it was so heartbreaking and I wanted to see how it went. I felt really invested in both Jo and Alex’s journey with this storyline, so by the time it got to the door [scene], I myself was almost exhausted. I felt like she was again putting it all on the line, but I remember saying to the director, “I don’t want her to be upset. I don’t want her to play it that way. I really feel like, at this point, she feels like she’s done everything she can.” But it’s always scary because I was like, “He’s really not even gonna open the door to her?” And they’re like, “No. He’s keeping it closed.” And that made it so difficult, as she stood there in this costume. There’s something so vulnerable about it to me.

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TVLINE | Alex letting her in… Do you feel that’s the biggest hurdle they’ve cleared so far?
That’s an interesting question…. I would say yes. In their relationship, yes. Obviously, the biggest hurdle was admitting that they had feelings for each other. But again, this situation was taxing, because they’re both horrible at communication.

TVLINE | It was almost more of a test than a hurdle. Like, will he let her be there for him in that way?
Yes — and I think the door was obviously symbolic of him literally letting her in. And I don’t feel like Jo has been like this ever in a relationship either. There was a point last week where he says to me in the elevator, “It’s none of your business.” I remember discussing it with the director and thinking, “I would just be like, ‘We’re done.’ I would text him and say, ‘You can’t talk to me like that.’ Even Justin was sort of like, “Wow. He’s giving her such a hard time.” It was almost difficult to play, but I loved it because I feel as if her showing up is something she’s never done in the past. I think she’s thinking that he won’t open the door. I think she’s thinking that it will not fix things, but she just has to say it. I saw that as Jo progressing herself in a relationship.

TVLINE | What can you say about the next beat in their storyine? Will they get some easy-peasy?
Well, yes and no. I think I’m allowed to say this – there’s a malpractice trial for Callie, and Jo assisted her in that surgery. So she’s part of that and that’s a little stressful, and Alex is supportive of her then. But I’d kind of just love them to have some sort of romantic vacation or something! They had a couple of episodes where it was fine and then it was instantly drama. JESSICA CAPSHAW, SARA RAMIREZ, TESSA FERREROf course, again, that’s in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about what’s going on with the others. Were you surprised by the Leah/Arizona hook-up? Because they’re totally doing it now.
I know! I kind of liked it. I know that the “Calzona” fandom is so passionate, but I feel like it’s something that Arizona needs to experience. Sometimes you need to experience somebody else, because you always think the grass is greener on the other side. Clearly there was a part of her that wanted to be free and kind of sever that relationship, even though in the beginning of the season she wanted to work on it. I almost see that it’s a good thing, if Arizona sees she needs to really work hard at getting that relationship back on track, because the grass isn’t greener. I think there are fun elements to that story line.

TVLINE | And look at Shane, buying Cristina a drink!
That was interesting. I feel like with Shane, there’s this reaction that’s happened after Heather’s death. That moment between them, where he buys her a drink, is a bit like, “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming.” But I think that’s his character now. And you’ll see more of that this season.

TVLINE | And Bailey, what a sad episode for her. Dropped by Webber, and things aren’t going well with the hubby…..
The scene where they’re arguing, and Trick-or-Treaters and coming to the door? That got the biggest laugh in the table read, because as much as it’s sad, it’s hysterical at the same time — or at least it was at the table. But yeah, Bailey’s going through a tough time and you’ll definitely see more of that. Actually, in the next episode, Jo is operating with her, and you see a lot of tension between Ben and Bailey in that episode.

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  1. Liz says:

    The fact that Camilla always seems like such a sweet and lovely person makes me wish I liked Jo more. Though the writing for her does seem better this year and I like her more than Leah and Stephanie.

    • Olivia says:

      I actually like her. I see a lot of hate towards the new interns, but I hate it when showrunners don’t do it as real as possible, it’s obvious that in a hospital you’ll have new people. It bummed me when Lexie was the only one of her class left, that’s not realistic.

  2. Tony says:

    I have not enjoyed a Greys episode so much in forever! Yes they have out out some amazing episodes. But this was just a nice sit back and enjoy. No ones life was on the line. Yes Bailey and Ben was some drama. But I think she’s been down so low for so long that she doesn’t see a good thing when he’s standing in front of her.
    There was Some great comedic beats in this episode. Reminded me of the episode where everyone was sleeping in the hospital for a week to win the contests and the next one where they all tried to get the sparkle pager from Meredith.
    Please give us some more like this!!!!!

  3. Cindy says:

    Enjoyed the episode tonight. Really loving the residents. Happy with Arizona and Leah progressing, and Emma still being in the picture with Owen. The Bailey and Richard storylines are getting old. And Sharkstina! I’m calling it!

    • Mareesa says:

      Hope they keep Arizona and Leah thing going. Was bummed when Lauren didn’t come back but I like the Arizona/Leah dynamic. Chemistry is good so far. I really hope Arizona does NOT go back to Callie. That ship has sailed in my opinion. Time to get Arizona someone new….

      • Olivia #2 says:

        Well, I think it’s safe to guess that they will fix their relationship at some point. But until that happens, I’m happy with Arizona/Leah. I’ve warmed up to Leah this season. Also I’m tired of the endless drama between Callie and Arizona, 1) because it’s been there, done that and 2) because it’s time that we see Arizona as an individual not defined only by her relationship with Callie. It’s still not much as of now, but oh well. Still better than an endless “my whole existence on this show revolves around my wife”. It’s nice change of pace for once. Hopefully it will offer a more solid ground to the inevitable reunion of Calzona.

      • Babygate says:

        Didn’t like Lauren. She went after a married woman and that’s not ok. Period. But I like Leah. Too bad Arizona is just using her. I wouldn’t mind if they stay together because Callie deserves better than a cheating wife who wants to cut off her leg. Arizona will never be happy unless she deals with her crap.

  4. Babygate says:

    I’ve seen every single episode of this show. I own the DVDs. I’m a fan. And I don’t ever remember enjoying an episode this much. It was phenomenal. I was grossed out and spooked and intrigued all at once. I still wish Shane would leave but tonight I actually liked him a little bit. When he said he was not a better doctor than Brooks it was kind of redeeming for him. I like fun Owen. He played it light and it was delightful. I still think that Webber has become irrelevant but at least his scenes didn’t irritate me. Callie and Mer are really bonding over their kids. It’s nice to see. As a Calzona fan, I would say this episode was kind of cathartic for me because I finally reached a point of not giving a crap about Arizona. Every episode I’ve been bemoning her lack of screen time and tonight I was glad I didn’t have to suffer her presence. Sleeping with Leah while still wearing the necklace that is supposed to symbolize her love for Callie is beyond gross. And worst, she still acts like a belligerent little girl trying to get a rise out of Callie. Good for her for not getting sucked in into that little trap. Oh, and I’m not a hardcore Jolex fan but that last scene had me clapping. It was perfect. Jo’s speech AND her costume were perfect. Sad moments: Bailey. She’s heading down another rabbit hole and I’m not .looking forward to it. And Mer realizing that Cristina had dropped off the cupcakes and left. She was right. She knew Cristina would not really enjoy it. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see the demise of the twisted sisters.

  5. Alex says:

    “JoLex”? BAAAAARF! Stop it. Stop it NOW.

  6. urbanangel111 says:

    Fun episode – just not feeling any real chemistry between Jackson Avery & Stephanie Edwards characters…not buying their “love story”

    • thatgirlp says:

      Neither am I, Jackson and that Steph chick are not clicking. He has way better chemistry with April. It’s like both of them want to prove that they have moved on…Ain’t buying it!

      Enough with those B Team INTERNS with trying to force them on us. Way too much screen time has been given to them already….ENOUGH!!!!!

    • meah says:

      Chemistry is subjective.I feel there’s chemistry btwn Avery and stephanie.But I didn’t get any chemistry btwn Avery/april,but am sure there are people who feel they have great chemistry,and that’s okay.
      I like that avery is sweet,nice to her,I love how shonda is building their relationship slowly
      I also feel shonda really wants to develop Leah and stephanie this season,cos last season she developed jo,shane,brooks
      I loved the scene when the bell rang and karev shouted ‘lights are off’.it was sooo funny
      Yay!! Ben is back,jason George is busy on 3 shows(mistresses,greys,witches of east end)
      Loved the EP

    • meah says:

      Chemistry is subjective.I feel there’s chemistry btwn Avery and stephanie.But I didn’t get any chemistry btwn Avery/april,but am sure there are people who feel they have great chemistry,and that’s okay.
      I like that avery is sweet,nice to her,I love how shonda is building their relationship slowly
      I also feel shonda really wants to develop Leah and stephanie this season,cos last season she developed jo,shane,brooks
      I loved the scene when the bell rang and karev shouted ‘lights are off’.it was sooo funny
      Yay!! Ben is back,jason George is busy on 3 s
      hows(mistresses,greys,witches of east end)
      Loved the EP

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed. Way back when April was still a virgin I gwen hoped that she and Jackson would end up together becuase the chemistry was evident. They are good friends. He was very protective of her even when he was with Lexie. It was sweet. The foundation was already there. I’ve time to appreciate Stephanie because she’s funny, but she and Avery do not compliment each other. They are the worst pair since Izzie and George.

  7. Kendall says:

    As much as I agree about how disastrous it would have been for Jo to tell Meredith, I kinda wish she had only because Meredith is the one other person Alex would trust enough to tell and I want to know what she’d think. I’m sure she’ll find out eventually though.

    Oh no, Camilla said Arizona’s random hook-up story is fun! Prepare for the crazy shippers to rip you a new one, Camilla.

    • I hope Alex tells Meredith at some point.

    • abz says:

      I agree. I really miss the Alex/Meredith relationship. It always felt like it grew into a really close brother/sister-like bond. I mean I’ve always love the twisted sisters :) but there was always something special about the Alex/Mer scenes because even though they didn’t happen very often, when they did, they were amazing. I hope he does tell Mer and I hope they can work on developing that relationship even further. I know they’re all “grown” up now and have their own lives, but Mer/Cristina/Alex are the only three original interns left and even though it’s implied that generally that they are all very close, I would love it if they could continue displaying the relationship between the three further. Also, add in more Cristina/Alex scenes as well because I always love those because they rarely happen.

  8. Saabgirlatx says:

    This episode reminded me why I loved Greys! It had smarts, humor, tears and joy. Really classic or old school Greys – much different than the show has been lately. Bravo

  9. Dani says:

    That was an excellent episode! I hope GREY’S continues with this path.

  10. Ben says:

    It was a relatively good episode, but (and low and behold here comes the caveat that is bound to provoke ire) I still can’t seem to invest in the interns story-lines. I really don’t see the show continuing without the original cast. Having always watched Grey’s, I am invested in the main characters – of whom we seem to see less and less these days.

    • Babygate says:

      I think that’s the general consensus. Long time fans want to see their faves, not the newbies. I personally resent how much screen time they get in relation to the originals. But I think that compared to other interns they’ve brought on in the past, they are a pretty good bunch. Together they have great chemistry. You can see there’s a camaraderie among them. Also, I realize this is an aging show that was not expected to last this long and now the main characters are over 40 and a lot of fans are aging out of the 18-49 demo so they need to bring in new blood. And Shonda is being smart. She’s attached each intern to an established character and intertwined their storylines so that it feels more organic than in the past.

  11. Babygate says:

    Something was bothering me about the Callie/Arizona confrontation so I had to re-watch it. IMO, Arizona is deliberately trying to provoke Callie. It’s like she’s looking to really get into a big fight with her. And she’s lying and being disingenuous in a way I would have never thought Arizona could be. She spent the night with Leah. BTW, still wearing her necklace AND her wedding ring. She’s actively having sex with someone else while holding on to the symbols of her marriage. Which shows that even though she’s sleeping around, she’s not ready to let go of her marriage and also that she’s hateful. But besides that, she told Callie she spent 3 hrs the night before working on Sofia’s costume which was a lie since she spent the night with Leah and only remembered in the morning that it was Halloween. And then she goes head to head with Callie suggesting that Sofia chooses between them. Callie saw her ruse and refused to engage. I think that Arizona is at her wit’s end. She’s using sex as a distraction all the while trying to manipulate Callie. She’s sleeping with someone from work, for crying out loud. It’s like Arizona is poking a bear on purpose. What will happen when Callie finds out? As far as I’m concerned, they are beyond saving. There’s no way that these two can come back together in a healthy, organic and credible way. After an appropriate amount of time, something that apparently Arizona knows nothing about, Callie should move on to a healthy, mature and reciprocal relationship with someone not wishing to cut off her leg.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I agree, but I think that it’s textbook Arizona. She acted the same way when Callie was prego and she didn’t get her way. She never wanted kids so Its even worse that she’s battling it out for Callie’s attention using Sophia…

      • Babygate says:

        Textbook Arizona? We’ve never seen her like this. She came back from Africa. She accepted the baby. She accepted Mark. There’s always been an underlying snark and the furtive evil looks that she would throw at her wife, but I’ve never seen her wanting to purposely hurt Callie like she is now. This is all crazy to me. She is the one that cheated and yet she’s trying to punish Callie. Which makes me think that is still all about the leg.

  12. I love Alex, I love Jo and I loved their last scene. It was so meaningful, the boy who didn’t grow up emotionally letting the Tinker Bell in. It was beautiful. I love everything about them, they are so perfect together. I can’t wait for more, I hope we get to see some light and fun for my favorite couple.

  13. Ninna says:

    I gave up on Calzona. For me it’s over for good. It should be for Callie too. It will never be beautiful again, they’ve lost the sparkle. Precisely like Crowen awhile ago. They never recovered the beauty of what they once had.

    Never liked Jo/alex. The interns don’t hold my attention, except mousy who is gone.

    Bailey, is not the same Bailey that’s for sure. I’ve a grain of curiosity to see where her SL with Ben goes. Happy that Ben returned. He has a charisma, a presence on screen that’s engaging and captivating. She seems to be a lucky woman, but I’m expecting him to cheat at any moment. This is ShondaLand, afterall
    Speaking of character or lack of character, I’m not feeling invested in Owen and his new pet on the block. They need to pair him with someone more visible, more appealing. Or maybe that’s exactly the message the writers want to send. A simple tasteless girl for Owen. Will he be happy with tasteless after spicy?
    The girl simply isn’t interesting enough, to keep me interested in Owen’s journey, after Yang.
    The chief should jump out of the bed, or will he stay there the entire season?

    And finally they are separating my fav girls, Mer and Cris. So it is quickly loosing interest either. What are these guys doing? Lack of creativity? Understandable, ten seasons afterall. But if they can’t do better end it!

    • Babygate says:

      Agree with the Bailey and Webber storylines. I honestly don’t care where they go. Webber needs to retire and Bailey needs to go back to being the Nazi. This hysterical Bailey is unsettling. And I don’t like what’s happening with Mer and Cristina but Sandra is leaving and something has to happen to justify that departure. It will be interesting to see if Owen can survive as a character without Cristina. He came into the show for her and has always been a supporting character to her. He’s never quite moved up to the front line.

      • Ninna says:

        I’m not saying he should be alone forever. For me, the girl fails to keep my attention and that might have to do with the fact that no one is comparable to Yang. He wants simple. It’s simple and uninteresting. Let’s see for how long he fancies simple. I’d like to see if the ‘ be carefull about what you wish for’ it is only applied to Cristina or not.

        But I don’t agree he has always been a supporting character to her. and he’s never quite moved up to the front line. He came up to the show with a powerful SL, supporting her character yes, but always with a strong presence on the show and in the front line with stories of his own. Many times the SL was told on his POV, not hers. More than once Cristina seemed the recurrent character. In fact I don’t remember another character beyond the originals that had enter the show with such power. Since season 5 this character along with cristina has been sucking all the air time in the front line.
        Derek seems to be a recurrent character for Meredith.

  14. ScottyDog says:

    I enjoyed this episode, the cases were interesting without dominating the whole story. The whole Calzona thing is confusing me – I can’t tell if the writers are inconsistent or being very clever with the character of Arizona. She is either pretty heartless and slept with someone else and is now with a new partner (I don’t mind Leah actually but they are like mates rather than lovers – they haven’t even hugged on screen! And the age difference must be like at least 10 years which is bizarre!) and its alright but what i am hoping is… She is trying to suppress her feelings like she would normally do (the “control” element from her wedding episode her family like to know exactly what is happening since her brother died – the “relationship” is a coping mechanism though I am disappointed they brought up the therapy thing and then just ignored it – and I would like to see the relationship from her point of view – not hiding it but her true thoughts which we saw glimpses of in the premiere when she was crying at the door for Sofia. There are too many characters to flesh them all out but i think they do need the interns/residents, so the attendings have folk to teach and be in charge of. I am growing tired of the Bailey/Chief storylines I must admit! I am much more interested in stories between Mer/Cristina/Calzona and even Alex/Jo than these two! And the trailer for next week looks like they are rehashing old territory with Bailey the whole no confidence thing which I find tiring and I would be happy for her to remain a supporting character with the chief to pass on wisdom like the earlier seasons, though i do love Ben! April is great this season – I think it would move her character back to burden her with Jackson who i find dreadfully dull. Oops didn’t realise my post was so long!

    • Babygate says:

      Agree with pretty much everything except April and Jackson. I actually prefer them together. But I am also over the Chief and Bailey drama. They Excel in the medicine. Their personal lives are not very compelling right now. And I would really be surprised if we saw any actual physical contact between Leah and Arizona because of the optics. Seeing Arizona cheat with Lauren was a shock and she became enemy #1 for most of the Calzona fandom. I would think Shonda would avoid a double blow thus making Arizona unredeemable and Leah forever hated. This hook up is a device, for now. So they have to be very careful how they handle it lest it blows up in their faces.

  15. LaLa says:

    I felt so sorry for Ben. There he was, trying to explain to Bailey how much he loves her and Tuck and wants to be home with them, and she comes back with how disappointed she is in him. And that’s not even the truth. She’s hurt about the deteriation of her relationship with Webber, and her downgrade in status around the hospital in general. I know it’s going to get much worse for her before it gets better, so I’m bracing myself now.
    Poor Cristina. I know it must happen, but it’s so hard to watch. But Shane and Cristina? Not bad. I liked the little spark there at the bar. Interesting.
    Glad Alex and Jo are getting back on track. Stephanie was an idiot for heading to the hospital so soon, but it was nice to see Avery wanting to spend time and take care of her. Very nice.
    Uggh, Arizona is soooo irritating. I’m hoping Callie is able to move on. Really am not rooting for Arizona at all.

  16. Name(less) says:

    I think they’re doing a good job & a realistic one, of depicting the change in a friendship between two female friends, one with kids one without – so when Yang inevitably leaves at end of season it won’t be so ridiculous & fictitious that Meredith can’t survive with out her like before.

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  19. Jordan says:

    What has been baffling me since last season is this whole Ben deciding he wants to be a surgeon thing. He was an attending aneshtesiologist. They make like $300k in real life. Who in the world would want to stop making that kind of money to do a second residency, where you spend 5 years making $50k, just to do another profession where you hang out in the OR with patients’ lives on the line. Totally unrealistic and why the hell would his wife want it? Why would Bailey WANT him to live in LA, make crap money, and spend that long in training when he doesn’t have to?

    • Les says:

      It confuses me too! As does most of what they’re doing with Bailey recently… She’s at her best when she’s being bossy and intimidating – like that scene where Shane tries to get her to examine that disappearing patient. Her break-downs are usually so poignant because she is so generally tough… And that set-down of Ben was soooooo awful! Why have him in the mix if he lives a thousand miles away, doing a job we know is basically 24/7 for 5 years?!? If his absence is because the actor has other shows to juggle (which he has from the beginning, I think) then why keep the character around? I like their interaction when he’s in town – and she’s not being horrible to him – but having him spend their married life so far away is really confusing…

      • abz says:

        I think it’s because of the fact that she accepted him leaving so soon after they got married because it was something he really wanted to do and then he up and quit and maybe its all that time lost for nothing. I don’t know that’s one theory maybe, but I too found it odd. I thought she would have been happy to have him back. Plus they would be rich because he’s a friggin anesthesiologist and has “bucket loads of money”!

  20. abz says:

    LOL I always find it hilarious when fandoms are referred to as passionate because you know in the back of their minds, they’re really thinking “obsessed” and “crazy”.

  21. Luli says:

    I’m hating the Meredith/Cristina storyline!! They need to make up soon! The cupcake scene broke my heart… I want the twisted sisters back!

  22. Les says:

    I’d like to see them bring in a decent new love interest for Cristina. We’ve known from the beginning of the show that she’s attracted to brilliant cardio-gods that have something to teach her – and they’re attracted to her! – so why are they showing her giving mediocre young Shane a second look?!? If cardio is indeed her life, then why not give her a new cardio-god to partner with? Owen seemed to stumble on a “simple” potential partner right away…why not bring Colin Marlowe back for a visit…? Or send her someone new on a consult…?

    • ggny says:

      Because she is the cardio-god now. Why would she want to fan over someone now? That would destroy her character. She IS the Cardio-God she doesnt need someone to follow around like a Puppy

  23. Jasmine says:

    Idk where and what Shonda is going with the Calzona storyline but at this point I don’t care and is sad because Calzona was the most Beloved, beautiful adorable gay couple on TV and she just MURDERED that!!… Literally!…If she wanted them to be more “realistic” ( because that’s the reason she said she threw in the cheating storyline) she could of done it another way imo …and what she said about what’s coming up and will blow our minds away is like nothing that she does now wouldn’t blow our minds! ARIZONA cheated already and that’s the only thing that really blew our minds. She could of made this couple the BEST Gay couple on Televion but instead she didnt.

  24. karenbee says:

    I thought the writing this episode was just lazy. The ways in which the writers are phasing out Sandra Oh are obvious and kind of a cop out, given that Cristina and Meredith have been each others’ “people” for so long. Plus, has anyone on the writing staff even HAD lasik? They couldn’t have gotten a simple outpatient everyday procedure more wrong and overly complicated if they tried.

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