Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Once, Arrow, PLL, Dracula, Glee, Bones, Criminal Minds and More

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Question: Any news on what comes next for Once Upon a Time‘s Neal, now that he is in Neverland? –Stephanie
Ausiello: Though it appears that Hook will soon share with the others the news of Neal’s presence on the island, SwanThief fans might be wise to worry about the pirate losing his latest (figurative!) grab of booty. As Colin O’Donoghue notes, “Hook spent 300 years looking for revenge because he lost one woman. Who knows what would happen to him if it happened again?” For the short-term, though, the sea captain won’t be making waves. “He is desperately trying his best to be a team player, to try and help save Henry. Because he now sees there’s more to life than that side of things,” the actor previews. That said, O’Donoghue warns, “It’s very easy to go back to old habits.”

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Question: Can you please share some info on this Blind Item? —Mari
Ausiello: As I revealed exclusively on last Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live, the series in which the actor in question currently stars (and soon will be killed off of) does not air on ABC, CBS or NBC. And because I’m feeling generous I’ll also rule out Spike, Logo and TVGN.

Question: Big Arrow fan here ‘shipping Oliver and Felicity hard. Got anything on those two? —Sue
Ausiello: I hear Episode 6 is a big one for “Olicity.” In possibly related news, I also hear Oliver is going to aim his arrow at one of the women in his life very soon. (I’m talking about his penis.)

Question: I’ll take anything on Bones‘ upcoming episodes. —Cassidy
Ausiello: If it turns out that this is the show’s final season, series creator Hart Hanson would ideally like to craft a four- to six-episode farewell arc. But that would require Fox giving them ample notice that the end was, in fact, near. “We would like to know tomorrow,” Hanson concedes. “We can pivot fairly quickly if need be, but it would be more satisfying if we were able to do a run of episodes to finish off the series.”

Question: I have to admit that I am enjoying The Crazy Ones more than I thought I would. Any scoop? —Steven
Ausiello: Rumor has it Lewis, Roberts & Roberts will soon be faced with the unenviable task of improving on this iconic advertising ditty.

Question: Any idea how long Ava will be behind bars on Justified? —Mario
Ausiello: At least through Episode 4, which is when we’ll meet “Albert,” a charming-yet-creepy male guard at the Harlan County Jail. A real creep, he abuses his ounce of power to demean and take advantage of the female inmates — Ava included.

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Question: Is Beth returning to Criminal Minds? The last episode, with Hotch’s death bed epiphany of sorts, seemed to hint that way. But I know the actress is now on Scandal. —Deanna
Ausiello: In a word, or four, Thomas Gibson says, “God, I hope so.” But he then points out: “It’s all up to Shonda,” as in the aforementioned Scandal‘s creator. “It’d be very nice to see if she’d let [Bellamy Young] come and play. I’m hoping that they will.”

Question: Is Alex punching his dad on the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy going to be the last we’ll see of James Remar? He’s so good in the role, hope he comes back! —Jackie
Ausiello: He will be back.

BorderlineQuestion: Care to give us any Carrie Diaries scoop? – Julius
Ausiello: I do care! Asked to preview some ’80s-centric pop culture mentions, EP Amy Harris shared, “[This Friday’s] second episode is a Z100 concert where Bryan Adams is playing. Also, Howard Stern gets mentioned as someone who Samantha knows, perhaps intimately. And we’re doing a Sixteen Candles house party.” Bonus Scoop: An upcoming episode will shadow Walt during “his first experience at a gay bar,” shares Harris. “That’s going to be a big one for us.”

Question: I adored the premiere of Dracula. Please tell me it will be renewed. –Andrew
Ausiello: If it can keep performing like it did on Friday – the pilot managed to hold onto most of Grimm‘s audience — I’d bet that the drama will be back next year. But no matter how long NBC may want to bleed the concept (see what I did there?), star/exec producer Jonathan Rhys Meyers warns that his alter ego probably has a shelf life – or at least, that’s how I interpret it when he says: “The thing about making something like Dracula is, you’ve got these elements of power and wealth and all this, but you still have to lose, eventually.” He adds, “Season 1 maybe, or Season 2 maybe, but [Dracula]’s got to lose. Morality demands it.” (Log your alternate interpretations in the comments.)

Question: Got any good scoop on Witches of East End? —Ray
Ausiello: An upcoming episode will flash back 100 years to “reveal who Ingrid was then and why she is who is she is today,” previews Rachel Boston of her character’s previous lives, adding. “Because of the choices you make in another life, you’re still retaining that wisdom and information as you go into this life.”

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Question: Is Glee doing a Christmas episode this season? —Jonathan
Ausiello: Affirmative. Maybe. As several clued-in readers pointed out below, Glee‘s current timeline doesn’t exactly lend itself to a holiday episode, but the show did recently put out a casting call for an alcoholic shopping mall Santa (is there any other kind?). In that same Dec. 5 outing, we’ll meet Cody, an extremely handsome and charming manipulator who, curiously, will not be doing any singing or dancing.

Question: A little birdie told me that Pretty Little Liars’ Spencer develops a drug problem when the show comes back in January. Any info on that? —Cora
Ausiello: I have absolutely no info on that, sadly. I can, however, tell you that the Season 4b opener will answer this burning question: Why are Mona and Ezra seen talking in the new promo? “It looks like Mona may have had an interesting relationship with Ezra, and we’ll explore that,” teases EP Oliver Goldstick, adding that the pair “reach a sort of agreement, [but] we don’t know what it is. Is he onto her behavior? Or is she onto his? Something is going on between the two of them. They become strange bedfellows for whatever reason.”

Question: What kind of scoop do you have on The Good Wife‘s 100th episode on Dec. 1? —Jordan
Ausiello: If you thought the tension between Will and Alicia was thick in last Sunday’s game-shattering episode, just wait until Episode 100. Things go from downright bad to downright nasty.

Question: I’m absolutely addicted to House of Cards. Any news on Season 2 you care to share? —Matthew
Ausiello: Nothing official/confirmed, but I have a hunch Frank is going to get a ghostly visit from Corey Stoll’s late Peter Russo at some point. I can feel it in my bones. In related news, watch Stoll — and his Cards colleagues Michael Kelly and Christina Gallagher — playfully dodge nearly all of my Season 2 Qs in this recently unearthed video from last month’s Emmy red carpet…

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  1. steve says:

    The blind item has to be damien lewis Homeland IMO

    • Elly says:

      I’m betting Ron Pearlman.

      • Kjess says:

        That’s a good guess. I hope it is!

      • Just one thing says:

        Ron Pearlman is fantastic as Clay, but I’m trying to think of a series he could possibly headline. He’s got a very specific “type.” Though I guess his type would fit for HBO/SHO/CINE/AMC, too…
        Damien Lewis, on the other hand, has a bit of a broader type, that could translate to any brand from broadcast to basic cable to Netflix to subscription cable. My money is on him. By all accounts, his character’s arc seems to have run its course on Homeland, and people have grown tired of that aspect of Carrie’s story.

    • nellibly says:

      I agree. When last seen, our anti-hero was locked up by a Venezuelan drug lord, shooting up heroin. His story arc appears to be heading for a bad end. Even if he somehow escapes, where would he go? I don’t see him getting captured and undergoing a long trial. The only question that remains is whether he was behind the bombing, or was a he a patsy? I hope we learn that much.

    • neha says:

      I agree. I can’t imagine an Emmy-award winning actor like him being happy being in 1 of every 5 episodes. I hate to say it, because Brody was one of the best characters in TV, but I think he’s going to be gone soon.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Damian Lewis was able to film a movie while the rest of the cast was shooting Homeland, he wasn’t sitting at home doing nothing. He also signed on for a new Nicole Kidman movie last week, he is doing fine.

        • neha says:

          Yeah, but he’s not the lead in the movies. He’s the lead in THIS show. I never said that he’s “not fine”. However, he would probably prefer to be the lead of another major show than be on this show for 20% of the time, apart from the rest of the main cast.

          • johnhelvete says:

            I don’t get your comment. It is not like the writers are going out of the way to bleep Damian Lewis over. They made a decision that showing Brody on the run was either not going to be very interesting and decided not to devote numerous episodes to that or they had the restrictions of a TV budget and were not able to have Brody on the run since the one episode that featured Brody was filmed on location. By all accounts Lewis was on board with this decision and even took advantage of this and filmed a movie during the Homeland season 3 shoot. It probably is the best thing for Lewis to get killed off this season though, there will always be uncertainty with the Brody character and how long that character can be viable on the show.

          • neha says:

            @ john – How hard is it to understand? The writers aren’t doing it to Damian purposely, obviously they would want to keep him no matter what (which they even said). But, the story just doesn’t call for him anymore. His scenes just detract from the main story. Damian probably isn’t on board for it any longer, since he has made many comments saying that it’s probably time for Brody to die. It’s like if Bryan Cranston started suddenly appearing in 1/5th of the Breaking Bad episodes – it wouldn’t be a good use of his talent, even if he was also doing secondary roles in movies.

    • Bob says:

      I’ll bet you $10 that it Peter Dinklidge (Sp?) from Game of Thrones.

    • Manny says:

      Yep…Damian Lewis.

    • Cas says:

      Glen from TWD.

  2. Jenna Holt says:

    They’ll talk about Olive with Felicity, but everyone knows he will sleep with Laurel, Sara or someone else. They should just stop the fan service. Felicity and Oliver doesn’t have anything in commum.

  3. M says:

    I can’t recall if this is true or if I just made it up, but didn’t we see in the Arrow season 2 promo that Oliver and Laurel hook up again? Maybe that’s where his arrow lands.

  4. miid says:

    Thanks for the Arrow spoiler. I love Oliver and Felicity so I’m excited for episode 6 and seeing their relationship grow this season.

    • Annie says:

      Felicity is clearly crushing on Oliver, but I think she and Diggle should hook up! We’re all expecting it to be Oli & Felicity – see how long she and Dig can hide it!!! Would test their 3 Musketeer vibe if Diggle hadto choose between saving Felicity or Oliver…or Felicity saving Oliver or Diggle :) Lotsa ways to play around with it…Bring back Walter please, just listening to him talk is pure heaven, ahhhhh.

  5. Lorena says:

    So this death is in TheCW, FOX, USA, HBO, please not Booth (Bones) Neal (WhiteCollar) Michael (Nikita), Damon (TVD) Klaus

  6. Georgie says:

    How can there a Christmas Glee this year if they haven’t even finished the school year from last season?

  7. Helen says:

    I absolutely DO NOT want Bones to end. I want at least another season. I’m not enjoying this Bones spoiler :(

    • vp44 says:

      I, do not want Bones to end, I love that show. Please at least 2 more seasons, the cast is wonderful and cannot get enough of it! Love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Woobstermom says:

      Do we need to start our letter writing campaign now to let Fox know that we don’t want Bones to end this season? Come on Fox, you so owe us Bones’ fans for moving the show all over the week and yet, we still follow it!

  8. gineet says:

    Yay episode 6 I’m ready lol :) I’m loving S3 of Arrow and Oliver/Felicity scenes. They’re just great together and I’m also rooting for them.

  9. Jamie04 says:

    So glad to hear Glee will do a Christmas episode….I need my Klaine duet!!!!

  10. Jamie04 says:

    Christmas in July! It will be summer in Gleeland!

  11. no chat about Beauty and the Beast?? did I miss it? love this series

  12. I stil think that Bones should be renewed for one final shortened season and be allowed to end on the 208th episode.

  13. Alichat says:

    Ok Michael….can you at least tell us if someone, in all the comments against the post, has guessed the right answer to the Blind Item?

  14. Masa says:

    I read somewhere yesterday (I think) that there will be no Glee Christmas _album_, but there will be Christmas _songs_ performed by the cast. So I guess that means there will also be Christmas episode…

    • Andy says:

      There is no Christmas album this year. Columbia already released a statement about it. Most they would do is singles on iTunes if they do that much.

  15. TAF says:

    Already sick of the Emma, Nealfire, Hook triangle. Make it stop. Don’t care. Burn it with fire.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Me, too. I want to know what happens with Rumple, Neal, Henry and Rumple’s Dad. Don’t care at all about Hook/Emma – it’s a side show to the real story.

      Can’t wait for episode 8 & 9 – Rumple’s Dad, Henry’s adoption by Regina.

    • Catherine says:


      Why am I not surprised a Neal question was spun into more talk about Hook? Seems all anyone at ABC or the media wants to talk about is Hook, Hook, Hook. I know his episode was the most recent, but can we move on, please? This overpromotion is a big turn off.

    • Amy says:

      Agreed! Put Emma and Hook together already and be done with the stupid love triangle already. P.S. I think it is pretty rich that Neal won’t give Rumple a second chance, but completely expects Emma to give him one!

  16. Jenny says:

    I bet they will write if off as one of the members having a “dream” about Christmas. Sort of like last year. It will make no sense with any current plots. Probably one that could be as a stand alone.

  17. Glee says:

    I don’t think the producers or writers care anymore. I think it’s more a we are almost done who cares about quality we only have 2 more seasons to get through. I feel like they stopped caring last season. I have to wonder if the extended school year was S4 time mismanagement wasting too many episodes on useless Newbie and Blam SL;s and then they found themselves in a time crunch at the end. I really was hoping to avoid a Christmas episode this season. It’s going to hurt without Finn :(

  18. Oliver queen says:

    The arrow is my penis

  19. TV God says:

    Why 208th episode? The human body has 206 bones…

  20. Nicole says:

    Is anyone else having problems viewing the PLL promo link? I got blocked in your country.

  21. Sally says:

    An alcoholic Santa? Stay classy Glee…

  22. Arthur says:

    Hook and Emma are obviously endgame and I love it. Neal is a snooze and kind of a jerk. Given the spoiler pics that leaked today, I’d say things are going just fine with Hook and his pursuit of Emma.

    • spotteddog says:

      I actually think Hook is going to end up staying in Neverland when the others leave. A character like Hook (so tightly tied to the Pan story) is going to be hard to wedge into future stories. JMHO

      • Teresa says:

        The spoiler pics that Arthur mentioned clearly showed Hook in Storybrooke with everyone else. :)

      • Lynn says:

        But Hook is also over 300 years old (Like Rumple) there are years of stories to fill in …and stories from his Navy days….his adventures after his first trip to Neverland…his time with Milah…his time in Neverland the second time, his time in the EF when he left Neverland before the curse…the possibilities in flashbacks are endless… and I look forward to them….and of course what plays out with Him and Emma! :0)

        • Delirious says:

          I wanted to ask about this… What’s the explanation regarding the different timelines and character ages?

          I’ll explain: if Rumple and Hook are 300 years old, Neal got stuck in Neverland around 1910 (the original Peter & Wendy setting) and returned around 1990 – so that he was a pre-teen, to catch up with Emma’s age, who is almost 30 nowadays, in theory, since she was sent here moments before the curse appeared, and they spent 28 years “age-frozen” in Storybrooke. That makes Neal be 120, more or less? What happened with the other 180 years for Rumple? I mean, does anyone remember, approximately, how much time passed between Bae “disappeared” and Rumple met Regina in FTL? Because if not much passed, I don’t know what it would mean for everyone – Regina, SW, Charming, and all the rest of them. They seem to have aged “normally”…

          • Gail says:

            If you are saying the Snow and Charming and all aged normally except for the 28 year curse, that doesn’t work because the Grimm’s Fairy Tales featuring Snow and Charming in our world were first published in 1812. I would go with time moves differently in the different worlds. That way there would be less age difference between the various characters and make it less creepy.

          • Rocío says:

            Yes, I also think that time moves differently in Neverland/FTL/Our world. It’s the only way to explain it.

      • Cass says:

        It will be forced and awkward but I’m sure this show will try it.

    • A.B. says:

      For someone who says that anyone who talks bad about Hook is ignorant you sure like to talk bad about Neal, a lot. Everyone is entitled to like whomever they please and it doesn’t always have to be Hook.

  23. Kylie says:

    Love Hook and Emma after the last episode, perfect together. Neal can get with Tinkerbelle.

    • Amy says:

      Completely agree! Don’t like Neal’s character at all. A big letdown after how much I liked young Baelfire. He and Neal seem like two completely different people instead of the same character!

  24. A says:

    Someone asks about Neal but gets an answer all about Hook instead. Alrighty then…cuz that makes sense.

  25. Lucy Sylvia says:

    please don’t end bone best show on T.V I LOVE BONE

  26. Pragueexpat says:

    With the revelation of Carrie working with Saul on Homeland, I am thinking the end game will include clearing Brody. That is why they are holding him in South America – to protect him until he is cleared. And, can you imagine the consequences bringing him home, cleared – especially to his family? Perfect fodder for next season…..

  27. Felicity is Firestorm’s stepmom. Let’s see that development on the show, lol.

  28. Ikitty says:

    What about Jax on Sons as the blind item? It’s possible. With all his schedule changing and dropping out of movie etc…

  29. Garnet74 says:

    Love the Arrow Oliver/Felicity spoiler! They’re a great duo on the show and I’m always happy to read when things pick up for them. Can’t wait for this episode. Thanks, TVLine!

  30. LiaF says:

    I love Hook and Emma, but I think they may have Hook go back to being bad so they can reunite Neal/Emma zzzzzzzz.

    • Amy says:

      Blah I sure hope you are wrong. I think it’s ridiculous that Neal refuses to give Rumple a second chance when he is practically demanding one from Emma!

  31. Drew says:

    I think Oliver and Felicity have great chemistry as friends and I live their interaction. But I would hate for the show to make the common mistake of thinking that this should lead to sex or a relationship. That ruins so many good tv shows. Felicity is his safe zone. Making her one of the complications in his life would suck.

    • jdc says:

      I so agree. Ollie and Felicity’s relationship should stay as it is, if it turns romantic that’ll definitely turn me off of the show.

  32. Blind item leaves out a major network in its hint: FOX. I think the show is Bones and David Boreanez’s character dies.

    • Katie T says:

      It’s not David Boreanaz. He’s already replied to someone on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that he’s in for season 10 if Bones gets picked up

    • Cas says:

      Are you dumb? When they kill people off shows, the show still has to be able to survive. There would be no Bones without David.

  33. Shaun says:

    I don’t think Homeland has the guts to kill Brody.

  34. Britta Unfiltered says:

    So Corey Stoll is coming back as a ghost. I guess I should have expected that, because House of Cards is Richard III, and Richard III has a lot of ghosts in it of people that Richard III killed. I just finished up watching The White Queen this week, and what a sad story that is. Especially the part with the princes in the tower. Though the show appears to take a stance that Richard III didn’t order those boys killed, but rather it was Henry Tudor’s mother who had done it. I don’t think I buy that theory. Anyhoo, I find the War of the Roses period in English history fascinating. I like what House of Cards has done with its modern day adaptation of Richard III.

  35. DawnJ says:

    When will Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds get it? The Beth character is poison, although I’m sure Bellamy Young is sweet. She needs to stay on Scandal. I hope we never see her again on Criminal Minds.

  36. Pat says:

    I sure hope this will not be Bones last season. I will be upset to see it end. I love watching this show. So I will keep my fingers crossed that it will be renewed next year.

  37. ratinhos60 says:

    And the sick love triangle Hook / Emma / Neal will continue. Hook seems want to sleep with all the women of Rumple and his descendants. If I were Henry would be careful with his future wife.
    Out become so cheap…

    • Amy says:

      Kind of like how Neal refuses to give Rumple a second chance but is practically demanding one from Emma? (insert roll eyes icon here)

  38. jts37 says:

    I think they could be very ambitious with Dracula going through time. End season 2 in the current time with Dracula thought dead or imprisoned, flash forward 100 years you can have the same actors in different roles much like they do in American Horror Story possibly some as descendants of his enemies.

  39. Sandy says:

    I was thinking Saul on Homeland, Walter Goggins on Justified (oh no!!!), or maybe someone on the Americans.

  40. Cas says:

    Spencer developing a drug problem would be stupid. Most shows like that don’t accurately portray problems like that in the first place so why even try?

  41. Kelly says:

    The Hook and old habits comment makes me want to see him more and more with Regina. They’d be perfect together. Really get each other and can be devilish together.

  42. BoomMan says:

    Everyone in the industry knows that the blind item (person being killed off, going to another show) is Norman Reedus. Daryl on The Walking Dead.

    • spotteddog says:

      How do you know? Are you in the industry or know someone who is?

    • Ashley says:

      Definitely not. NR has said in several interviews that he loves working on TWD and would stay until the end of the series if the writers let him. He also said that he was turned onto TWD because it wasn’t another cop show, or medical drama, or lawyer drama, etc. so for him to choose to leave and get involved on another show is very doubtful. That new show would have to be a very unique and new concept. Also, he said recently they are filming the last 2-3 episodes of the season right now, and there are photos of him on set. The blind item sounds like the death is happening sooner rather than later, so the timeline doesn’t fit either.

    • betty says:

      Absolutely not. I looked up IMDb and it show all upcoming projects and Norman only has TWD. So very sorry but you are WRONG!!

  43. sarah says:

    The Blind item will be Clay on Son’s.
    However he did not mention the CW so there is a very slim chance it is Paul Wesley!

  44. Rita Sioros says:

    There is no way this is Bones last season. This show has so much more to offer.
    Shame on you for even putting that in print.

  45. M Crowley says:

    FYI – Actress name is Kristen Connolly (Christina Gallagher is character).

  46. Alex says:

    FFS, when did Once Upon A Time become Once Upon A Hook. I am so sick of him and this stupid Emma/Hook “romance”. Neal too. Get rid of them both. Season 1 was magic, season two was a disaster and while season three is an improvement, it just seems like it’s all dragging.

  47. D says:

    I’m afraid it’s Booth ( Bones). As much as I hate this, and David Boreanaz did say he is ready for S10, he wouldn’t admit it’s his last season as nobody would have continued to watch the show, because BONES is Booth. I hope I am wrong….

    • Ali says:

      ITA, no Booth, no Bones and it would be cruel to finally get them together to kill him off now. ugh

      • D says:

        That’s why we had the wedding so early in the season… again… I hate this so much but I have this bad feeling…I hope so much I am wrong….

    • Katie T says:

      It’s one thing him not saying it’s his last season to not upset anyone but it’s another thing flat out lying saying he’s in for season 10 if it’s picked up. The response from him I saw was from a direct question from a fan to him on Twitter. He could have easily ignored it and not answered if there was anything to keep secret and he was leaving. I know he winds up fans sometimes but there’s no way he’d go out of his way to lie to them on a question like that when the easiest thing would be to not answer. Also the whole way he’s tweeted about the series recently suggests he’s in it for the long haul.
      And as others have said, Bones wouldn’t be Bones without him. And it certainly wouldn’t last

  48. Lisa says:

    I love Hook with Emma so I hope we see more of them together! Neal is okay but I like Hook better!

  49. Lisa says:

    Still hoping it’s not Charming on Once who’s leaving! Or anyone from Supernatural – especially Jensen Ackles! Would love it if it were Wade from Hart of Dixie who is going! Can’t stand him!

    • RichieS says:

      Agree on “Wade” of least redeeming characters on tv. Too bad HOD is a comedy or they could have a season-long whodunnit with the long list of suspects in that murder.

    • Brandy says:

      I agree about Charming( doubt it’s him) & Wade!So glad there’s someone else that dosent like Wade or Zade like me

  50. D says:

    Hi Michael! See what you did to us? I bet you read this and enjoy every moment of it! :-)
    Are you “feeling generous” today? Can you give us another hint? :-)