Justified's Walton Goggins: There's a Season 5 Scene that 'Permanently Altered' How I See Boyd

WaltonJustifiedProduction on Justified‘s fifth season (bowing in early 2014) has only just begun, but already Walton Goggins has been pushed to the limit by the direction the acclaimed FX drama is taking his Harlan County outlaw, Boyd Crowder.

“I’ll say this: I filmed a scene [for the season premiere] until almost 1 a.m. that has permanently altered the way that I see Boyd Crowder,” he tells TVLine, careful not to spoil it outright. “I’m as excited about it and scared by it as I’ve ever been, as an actor. But it’s done and that’s what it is. Boyd will have to deal with that emotion.”

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To recap: Justified Season 4 left Boyd reeling after his fiancée Ava was carted off to jail for the murder of abusive brothel owner Delroy Baker — and just as their dreams of the big house with a white picket fence were quite literally coming to fruition.

“This is a headset that I’ve never been in for Boyd Crowder,” shares Goggins. “I don’t think he’s ever been as cornered or felt as impotent as he feels right now. That emotion for a man like Boyd is a dangerous place to be.”

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The Sons of Anarchy scene-stealer and Oscar-winning filmmaker notes that “while Boyd may not be able to break the glass ceiling after what happened last season, that glass ceiling will definitely take some of his bullets.” And in the meantime, “Between [executive producer] Graham [Yost], the writers, Tim [Olyphant] and myself, we’re just trying to figure out who Boyd is right now. It’s still a mystery to me five years in, but I’m closer to solving it than I’ve ever been.

“Tighten your belt,” he adds with a laugh, “because it’s going to be pretty bumpy on the Crowder train.”

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