Castle Recap: Half-Dimes Show

Castle RecapThis week’s episode of Castle wasn’t an invaluable bag of half-dimes, but it wasn’t a sack of coal either.

I open with that distinction because it seems as if all-day Monday, ever since the episode aired in Canada, I was tweeted at about how “crappy,” “Jump the Shark”-caliber and “ham-handed” this week’s episode would be. As such, despite the best efforts, a person goes into a viewing experience with certain (in this case, negative) expectations.

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“Get a Clue,” at least with its Case of the Week, had a fun enough element to it — as does any instance where Castle over-imagines a far noisier and far-out method to the madness. Sure, it was absolutely a stand-alone installment. And my god, yes, the tension with Alexis was jarring in its juxtaposition of tone. (The episode was 92 percent silly, National Treasure-like fantasy, 8 percent family drama played for almost no laughs.)

In short: Fresh off a disastrous dinner party at Alexis and Pi’s new pad, Castle joins Beckett at the crime scene where a woman was found killed in a ritualistic manner. Add in religious icons/pagan symbols from her apartment and a mysterious stalker-monk, and Castle’s noodle churns out a vast conspiracy involving Freemasons and hidden treasure. Turns out, the victim had participated in a fund-raising scavenger hunt to benefit a historical society, tracking down symbols throughout the city. But when she realized that the symbols in fact fit together like a puzzle to reveal a billion dollars’ worth of lost American Revolution-era half-dimes, her cousin offed her — so that he could actually live of their “birthright” wealth versus simply donating it.

One problem with the Case of the Week, in my opinion, is that it was oddly Ryan and Esposito-free, save for some follow-up interviews and desk jockeying. The guys’ presence was never really felt, so you could almost understand when Ryan remarked how he missed the days of Beckett’s D.C. job. Also, any time you have a stone door with mysterious carvings that is opened by a secret lever, revealing unimaginable baubles and trinkets, it takes me to Frisco and Felicia’s Aztec treasure-hunting days. All that was missing was Sean Donely.

On the home front, meanwhile, it came back to the same conspicuously combative stance Alexis took last week (with that “Let me?” crack). Was Castle a bit of a tool at the dinner party, belittling Pi’s work in… counting bees… and snarking about the “dumpster chairs”? Yeah, pretty much. It doesn’t help a lead character when we see no effort being put into knowing her daughter’s beau. (But rest assured, we the viewers are allowed to loath Pi off the bat, since its our precious 42 minutes-a-week he’s infringing upon.)

At episode’s end — off of a painfully clumsy segue relating to “declarations of independence” — Castle goes to make nice, but Alexis isn’t having it. Rather, she finally airs her grievance, that she learned about his engagement via Martha, and not her own phone call. Alexis kinda smartly argues (and I paraphrase), “Hey, I don’t know if you made a smart move or if Kate’s the right one for you, but I accept it, because it makes you happy.” And all Alexis wants for Pi and her own choice is the same: acceptance.

Rick vows to do better, but Alexis rebuffs his olive branch as well as an invitation to go out for “make-up ice cream.” No, she needs time to “stop being mad,” while he needs time to really think about and accept her choices. And the hour ends with her door shutting, on that somber note.

And yet, there were notable quotables:
* “Dumpster chairs. That’s… great.”
* “What color is it?’ “Free.”
* “A lot of our founding fathers were Freemasons.” “Yes. I saw National Treasure.”
* “Home, crack home…”
* “Hello…? Is there a smithy hereabouts? We have traveled many a mile….”
* “This is not my idea of going to the chapel with you.”

What did you think of “Get a Clue”?

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  1. Amanda says:

    Frisco and Felicia. Sean Donnelly. This is why I love you TV Line. Anna Devaine forever.

    • lkh says:

      I really enjoyed the hommage to Roman Holiday, Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn–I know Marlowe references these types of movies often–the scene in the chapel is almost exactly the same including the face on the wall.
      I agree something is off with the chemistry and didn’t really enjoyed the Alexis angst at all. I keep going back to Seasons 2 and 3–sigh.

  2. K says:

    In earlier seasons of castle before Beckett was shot Alexis totally respected her. Alexis liked Beckett. Beckett was someone she could go to for advice when she couldn’t go to Rick. Beckett always seemed like a motherly figure when she gave Rick advice about Alexis. Beckett has parented Alexis indirectly. Alexis for the most part has lived a sheltered life. Growing up the only person who mattered to Alexis was Rick because he was always there for her. He gave her whatever she needed. Alexis watched castle spend each day and night at the precinct with Beckett following her around like a puppy. Castle almost took a bullet for Beckett at Montgomery’s funeral. I think Alexis was aware of how deeply ricks love for Beckett went if he was willing to die for her. Alexis was angry at Beckett because she didn’t call Rick for 3 months. Alexis saw Rick consumed with pain. I think Alexis holds a grudge on Beckett for that summer. Alexis was traumatized when she was kidnapped, drugged and taken to Paris. Rick fought to the end of the earth to save her life. Rick flew to Paris to save her. Has Alexis forgotten that Rick saved her life? Alexis went to Costa Rica to regain some control in her life after that trauma she endured. She wanted a sense of normalcy. She met PI on a banana plantation who in her eyes was completely safe. While in Costa Rica Martha called her up and told her that Rick proposed to Kate. Alexis was angry and hurt that Rick didn’t tell his only daughter he was engaged.

    • RBA says:

      I took a look at IMDB to find out who wrote it, and it was Chritine Roum who also wrote Secret Santa… If you remember in that episode Alexis too was bothered by her father choosing to leave the family dinner to be with Beckett, so maybe the problem with the show and the episode is that the writers are writing the show based upon how they wrote their last episode and not bothering to incorporate elements from episodes written by other writters. If so, this is definitely an issue of continuity and the lack of proper direction at the top.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think if the writing was great, that would all be true, but you are giving the writers WAAAAY too much credit. They will explain it simply, she is upset that Castle didnt tell her about the idea to propose and that he did, and that with his history with women Alexis can easily have that opinion (that she might not be the one).

      So to be clear, i think what you said all made said and would be deep and line up fantastic with the characters…however the writing on this show has proven to (at least) me that they arent that deep thinking, and the characters arent that deep. I highly doubt her getting kidnapped will ever be brought up against for the rest of the series, like most procedural’s they dont bring up much from their pasts. Idk why, maybe cause they dont want the viewers just starting to watch to feel like they missed out not starting from the pilot and give up on the show cause so many comments are call backs to previous seasons.

      If they did do call backs the first i would have wanted to see is a comment about how they made a ENTIRE episode about Rick installing the GPS app on Alexis’ phone and how wrong that was and such a boundary breaker and yet she ends up getting kidnapped and taken to Paris and held hostage? Lol…uhhhh…kinda gives weight to the idea of putting a tracker on your MINOR child, let alone a gorgeous daughter who is putting her life up online (her vlog) and she has a famous rich father who im sure wouldnt be hard to find out where he lives.

  3. Jon says:


    I might come back to the show after Xmas, but that episode has finished me for a while at least.

    I loved Alexis up until this season but they’ve destroyed the girl we loved purely to make drama for drama’s sake. I can’t, won’t, watch that.

    For everyone who will disagree with my choice, I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the show.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Im not DONE, but i completely agree. It really shows the caliber of writers when its time to take a beloved and adored character and give them a story line, and it turns into a giant cluster-frak. The way it should have gone? Subtlety is a writers best friend. Depth in silence. Patience. Instead they throw Jar-Jar-Binks at us (Pi) who is universally hated and despised. I understand what they wanted, a boyfriend who is a bit of a slacker and a bit of a hippy and is kinda a lovable idiot. But what did they do? Took all those traits and turned them up to 11. Big mistake. Did he have to have the mustache and huge curly hair and the clothing? I mean they made him MEGA hippy. Then every single scene was him being insanely presumptuous (giving Castle advice, talking to him) rude (going through his fridge, walking into castles bedroom, walking into his bathroom, taking his toothbrush).

      Same applies with how Alexis has acted. Now if “K” was right and that was the reasoning for all of Alexis’ actions, then i would give the show and writers a lot of credit. But its not, they arent that good, and “Castle” isnt that deep to connect all those dots, no matter how perfectly they add up. I do agree a lot of Alexis’ actions are on point with a spoiled, sheltered, “father is my best friend!” teenage daughter. I agree it would be unrealistic for her to stay so mature and great (what made us love her) until the show was over. Considering how in reality Castle is a pretty crappy dad, it makes sense in America for her to rebel (sad). But i cant imagine the girl that was so smart and mature being so stupid to move in with a guy (no matter how great) after 3 months or less. And IMO i would respect the character of Kate WAAAY more if she wasnt such a crappy modernist. “You cant tell your teenage daughter what to do or she will just do it more”…uhh….ya if your a crappy parent and want to raise a typical crappy selfish American. How about Castle tells her if she wants to be so adult and make mature adult decisions, he is done paying for her college and giving her any money, shes moved out, its time for her to be on her own.

      Should he have made the remarks? Not necessarily, it wasnt mature. They were hilarious, and personally i liked them and would have told her to shove her self righteous look off her face cause you’ve been given everything in your life, and all the love of a single father and best friendship (not that he should have) and what do you do? Move in with a lazy hiippy after knowing him 3 months and have a little fit cause he didnt tell you about proposing so the woman you’ve seen him be in love with for like 5 years? Shove it Alexis. Time to grow up. No more $, no more college $, the real world is about to hit you straight in the face. Enjoy your big girl panties.

      • Jane says:

        I think you’re opinion of so-called modern parenting is a little unfair. Letting your child make some of her own decisions doesn’t mean you’re a lazy parent or that you’re automatically going to raise a selfish “typical” American kid. I think there needs to be some kind of balance between strict parenting and modern parenting. Kids do need to make her own decisions and learn from their mistakes, but giving them a free pass as far as money, paying for college, etc. isn’t smart either. I think a balance of both is smart and since every situation is different, what works for one doesn’t work for another.

        • Jane says:

          I did want to add though- even though I think modern parenting is a good thing in moderation, there is no way in heck I would let Pi stay in my home. And to be so disrespectful? Um, NO! That’s so far over the line that I can’t see or understand any justification for that. That really is spoiling and letting your child get away with anything.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Totally agree with everything you said, just didnt think it would go over well if i wrote ANOTHER paragraph detailing how i think a parent should parent lol. My thing is its great to have a fantastic relationship with your son/daughter, but do NOT be their best friend or buddy (like Castle was to Alexis), you are a parent, their authority figure, the person in charge. How Alexis is acting is a perfect example of a daughter who doesnt respect Castle’s authority and parenthood enough to ASK him to do things (let Pi move in, let Pi be in her room, let Pi cook dinner etc).

      • Kal Kurtis says:

        I agree with you Nate. That end scene just really bothered me. Having Alexis compare the two relationships is just dumb in my eyes because the situations are nowhere near the same. She watched for years as Castle feel in love with Beckett so his impulsive propsal should not be that suprising But that is in no way the same as her moving in with a hippy after knowing him for 3 months and then talking to her father like that. This was the one time where the Castle/Alexis dynamic really bothered me. No real parent would let their daughter talk to them in that matter without having a few choice words back. For her to talk like she was completely in the right and like Pi wasn’t a complete nuisance when he crashed at Castle’s for weeks just bothers me. I mean there is good reason why Castle doesn’t like that guy

      • Gigi says:

        Dang it!! Where’s the like button? Likelikelikelikelikelikelike!

      • Mike M says:

        This nails it. The relationship feels wrong because Rick was always in charge, cool dad or not. Now he’s acting like a needy teenager around her. He’s the father, and the writers need to treat him like it. She’s still living off HIS MONEY.

    • cindy says:

      I totally agree – I’ll probably still DVR it, but it has now moved from my MUST watch, to I’ll watch if I find the time. I’m so disappointed with this season so far. :-(

  4. Teri says:

    I’m so sick and tired of Alexis and her drama. She’s dragging this show down, I can’t believe they’re dumbing down Castle for Alexis and her dumb stooge of a boyfriend. I’d rather watch an episode dedicated to Lanie and Espo than this spoiled brat. *SIGH* Castle is letting me down this season; last season was terrible and it seems like they can’t seem to get out of that jinx because we got another stinker of an episode tonight. Caskett the last couple of episodes has been pretty much MEH and it’s turning me off with this show because I watch for Caskett and Nick and lately the episodes have been so boring that nothing is keeping my interest. What happened to this show. (ugh I’m so mad that this season is turning into another turdfest)

    • tvdiva says:

      I believe it is the writers bringing Alexis down. She was never a brat until this storyline with Pi. This is as bad as when the writers on Gilmore Girls split up Lori and her mom, and when Lori slept with a married Dean. This is out of character for Alexis, and I wish the writers would stop and review the mess they made. Pi is an idiot, and no one a smart as Alexis would pick him as a boyfriend.

      • Stormy says:

        You mean Rory slept with Dean. Lorelai is Rory’s mother. And that all happened because Amy Sherman Palladino was no longer in charge. As for Castle, IMO Pi is not an idiot, just a knock off clone of Adrian Grenier. I actually didn’t mind the case this week it being Halloween and all, but they borrowed heavily from many sources. Little or no originality. For the first time, I found nothing charming or even attractive about Alexis. She even looked different. Martha [Susan Sullivan] continues to be delightful.

  5. Emma says:

    It was a good enough episode, but I felt zero caskett chemistry. :( I know the episode was not caskett centered, but just a little touch of it would have balanced it out more perfectly.

    • Nicky says:

      I’m a HUGE Caskett fan. Borderline obsessed (okay, so there’s no ‘borderline’ about it). But I know they’re together. I know they’re in love and that they’re engaged to be married. I don’t need to be shown that in every episode especially if there’s really no place in the episode for it. They were at work the whole time. No need to show them being lovey dovey. That would have been inappropriate. She mentioned going to see him later to cheer him up. For an episode like this, I think that was enough “Caskett” to be shown.

      • Mary says:

        Good to know I´m not the only thinking that way:)

      • Emma says:

        When People on here say it needed more Caskett, don’t automatically assume we want sex or lovey, dovey mushy scenes. Just some sort of emotional connection would have increased this episodes likeability factor so much. Why not actually show a 30 sec scene of her actually going to the loft? Something simple even. Most people turn in to this show for the Castle Beckett storyline, so I think every episode should at least contain some sort of Caskett moment and I’m not talking about only sex.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Exactly. They should be overflowing with chemistry. Their eyes should spark when they look at each other and they should be unable to smile when they look at each other. Why? Because they have been wanting each other for 5+ years, finally got together, and are now newly engaged. We arent asking for making out or sex or roses…but no episode that has both of them in it together should feel completely lacking the “spark/chemistry” department. Have you seen engaged? newly married couples in person before? Its like a glow and a aura of passion and connection and chemistry and happiness. In this episode they might as well have been brother and sister.

        • Nicky says:

          Probably because that 30 second scene would cost them hours of extra work and time is money. Plus, it would take away from the rest of the show. IMO, Beckett telling Castle she’d be over late WAS the Caskett moment of that episode. The mention Castle made involving Beckett and a chapel (I don’t remember exactly what he said right now) WAS a Caskett moment. Castle and Alexis talking about Caskett being engaged WAS a Caskett moment. Nothing more than that wouldn’t have really made much sense for this episode. But, like I said, that’s just my opinion. I think on the eps when we don’t have all the lovey dovey Caskett stuff, we get enough. And I think it makes the episodes where we have lots of lovey dovey Caskett goodness even more special.

      • castle fan says:

        Yes I don’t need the romance and candy in every episode because realistically, who does that?

        Also Alexis is annoying me. They even dressed her up like that stupid hippie Pi. For her to make a stink face at her father – yes the very one who is paying for EVERYTHING IN HER LIFE – is unacceptable. I wish they would just write her off because she and dippie hippie are dragging the whole show down.

        I did like last night’s episode though. Very National Treasure.

        Looks like it’s an Alexis centric episode next week. Too bad Pie isn’t in a body bag. The writers better not make Pie and Alexis an end game because they have no chemistry – other than to annoy viewers. Way to foist Cousin Oliver on us, writers.

  6. c-mo says:

    I actually liked the ep because of the silliness of the COTW particularly since the family drama was so serious. I agree that Castle was a tool. I know when I dated someone my parents didn’t like, they pretended that he was welcome in their home (granted not to live for over a month) and allowed me to make my mistakes. Although I also afforded them the respect due parents and attempted not to act like I knew more than them.
    Favorite line “What color is it?’ “Free.” Hilarious!!!!!

  7. Famo88 says:

    Please take Alexis off the screen or you will lose viewers. I am sick of Alexis being a brat story line. The writers of assassinated her character and her redemption is almost impossible now. Also, the viewers watch the show for Castle and Beckett not about Castle’s daughter being a brat. The case was all over the place. Not a good episode at all. I am sick of seeing every episode ending at Castle’s sad face because his daughter is being a downright disrespectful bitch. Didn’t like todays’ episode at all.

  8. eridapo says:

    The problem with this episode besides what you mentioned is that Alexis’ character is being written out of character. Where is the girl we seen in the last 5 seasons? Her anger at her father (and possibly) Beckett was not properly developed and given the little we know of PI we don’t see what she sees in him,

    You can argue that Alexis had reasons to mistrust Kate as we saw in Rise, Cops, or Secret Santa, but you contrast the Alexis of those episodes with the Alexis of Lives of Others and Squab who works with Beckett and who is also encouraging to do right by Beckett by taking her to the Hamptons..

    • John 1138 says:

      She invested her money in a green tech startup that led to her needing to come by the loft for food, he’s involved in green NGO work so they’ve got that in common. Their idealism seems to overlap.

      • Alichat says:

        That may be true that they have that idealism in common. I don’t feel that they have really built up a good foundation for why she likes him. I have a hard time reconciling the girl who freaked out when her girl’s night party turned into a full-on-trash-the-house party with the girl who at brings home a guy and lets him crash at her dad’s home without even asking if he could stay….bothering to introduce him….who is ok with said boyfriend of three months eavesdropping on her father having an intimate conversation with his fiance in his bedroom, or using her dad’s toothbrush….asking intrusive questions. I mean, if they are going for the ‘Alexis has finally hit her rebellious stage’ plot, then Rick should stand up for himself more when she berates him. Was he a little rude at her apartment, yes, but considering what he’s had to put up with for the last month, it was a more realistic reaction than the conversation at the end of the episode.

  9. James D says:

    All i can say is wow, really Alexis? Really? i don’t know who she thinks she is treating Castle like that. I’ve been willing to give her the benifit of the doubt because for the most part she has been a lovely character, but she lost me tonight with the clear disrespect she was showing Castle at the end. you’re mad at him for Beckett fine, you’re pissed at him for the way he treats Pi ok, but that does not exuse the behavior. for a man that has raised her by himself loved and cherrished her and given her everything she could possibly need or want, I’m sorry but you do not act like that, what a self involved bratt. Super sorry for venting but that really irks me, if i ever acted like that to my father i would be skinned alive. how about acting like an adult at tell him from the begining you have a problem with how he handled the engagement. Anyway with that out of the way :) i really enjoyed this episode yes it was ham-handed and campy but that’s part of this shows charm, i will survive with out any caskett moments but i hope moving forward we get at least a little moment between the two each episode. I know I’m probably old fashioned but i still think its odd they don’t live together… i guess by Alexis’ display we know why.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Treating Castle like what exactly? She told him she expected acceptance and when he basically just told her what she wanted to hear, she told him he was still angry and couldn’t just brush her feelings away because he didn’t want to be at odds with her. God forbid Castle be in the wrong about something. I thought Alexis handled it maturely.

      • JJ says:

        Are you serious? She’s treating Castle like a friend when he’s her father. He doesn’t have to like Pi, that’s his right simply because he’s her father. He’s concerned about her well being and even though he is immature he managed to raise her – up until this point – to be a kind, responsible, & mature person. It’s like her character did a 180. Alexis needs to realize that while she may think that because she’s an adult that she doesn’t need Castle’s input on anything, she’s still living off of his money so she at least needs to respect that he’s not happy about her terrible decision. She is NOT being mature.
        Also what doesn’t make sense is the dislike she’s developed for Beckett, I mean it would make more sense if Martha didn’t like Beckett either but we all know that she adore’s Beckett. I’m sure they talk about that together. I’m just very disappointed with the direction they’ve taken Alexis, they’ve turned her into the stereotypical bratty kid whose angry because her Dad is getting remarried and it’s frustrating because we’re not all like that! I was so looking forward to Castle getting that right, it’s disappointing they resorted to this stereotypical rebellion.

      • castle fan says:

        Uh huh, don’t tell me if you talked to your folks like that – especially if your folks are financially supporting you – you wouldn’t be cut off forever. I can see a mature conversation between an adult child and their parent but not some wet behind the ears brat who is still dependent on Daddy’s wallet. Nope she wasn’t mature about it – especially the stink face.

        Alexis/Hippie is dragging the whole show down.

      • Nicky says:

        You said it yourself. “She told him she expected acceptance.” Parents don’t have to “accept” their children’s poor judgement. What if she decided she wanted to drop out of school and become a criminal? She can’t “expect” him to be happy with her decision. What if she fell into drug abuse, but it made her happy? She shouldn’t “expect” him to be happy with that decision either. Alexis’ conversation w/ Castle at the end was nothing short of manipulation and emotional blackmail. She’s using her forgiveness as leverage to force Castle to trust, respect and accept a man she herself has only known for 2 months and can’t possibly know all there is to know about him either. Castle apologized and against his better judgment, agreed to try to make her happy. But that wasn’t good enough for her. That’s not mature. That a child throwing a tantrum until she gets what she wants.

        • lkh says:

          When my son was little, 2-3 years old, he didn’t have tantrums–I thought I was so blessed not to have to put up with them in stores, etc like other folks did. My Mom warned me that people go thru the tantrum stage, at some time, in their lives. The age of this stage varies from person to person. My son decided on 15 years old for his :[–and as we know, teenagers can be very unpleasant too. Alexis seems to be a late blooming, tantrum throwing teenager. It doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. It also means you don’t have to take it out on a young man who decidedly has different boundaries than you’re used to but so far doesn’t appear mean spirited.

  10. Melanie says:

    The hate I’ve seen directed at Molly Quinn the past 24 hours has been truly disturbing. I’m not talking about Alexis, I’m talking about MOLLY. Calling her a b****, saying she has lots of input as to what happens on screen, that she put a certain tone in Alexis’ voice because Molly is obsessed with taking down Caskett, to Molly getting bashed for not following certain cast members on Twitter and the reasons why….seriously stop pretending anyone personally knows Molly. Anyone who was calling her horrible names yesterday can get out of the fandom as far as I’m concerned. I’m embarrassed to be in the same fandom with you.

    • taran63 says:

      I agree with this 100%. I’ve commented elsewhere how much I detest Alexis’s character, and I do. I’ve honestly reached the point where I want her off the show.
      However, I think Molly Quinn as an actress is doing a great job. A large part of my anger at Alexis’s character is because Molly is doing such a great job of playing her as an entirely different person. It happens to be a person I dislike, but it takes a good bit of talent to make me dislike a character so much. And it must be fun for her as an actress to get some range and be able to make changes rather than playing the same character.
      So while I hate the character, I’m easily able to separate that from wishing any harm on the actress herself. I hope that others are able to make the same distinction.

      • Mike M says:

        The problem is, the show doesn’t work without her. And the show is kinda not working this season — largely because she’s been effectively absent. They really need to fix this or ratings are going to dive bomb.

      • K says:

        I think molly encouraged this storyline because last season she got very little screen time until the season 5 two parter. If I were molly I would be grateful about any screen time I’m given

    • Sara says:

      That’s really wrong and I feel bad for Molly BUT every fandom has these trolls. Not that it makes it any better but there are many who cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy and take it out on the actors.

    • James D says:

      That is pretty sick i wasn’t aware of that. Why would you possibly call her such things under any circumstances, but especially under these what you’re mad at her for doing her job well. what a bunch of jackholes, those trolls that take their frustrations of a character out on the actor/actress that play them is an unfortunate circumstance we face now a days at it really needs to stop, people need to grow the F up and act like adults and exercise some common decency, as i’ve said above after tonight I’m pretty fed up with Alexis the character, but I will always adore Molly for her clear dedication to her craft. I’m with you if you stoop to such a level of scumbaggary then you do not belong in this fandom.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’ll never understand why people attack actors on Twitter. It’s bone-headed and, really, kind of nutty.
      Do I think Molly Quinn has had some effect on the storyline we’re seeing play onscreen? Yep. Do I think she’s been playing Alexis this way all along, whether the writing supported it or not, and they’re only now making that portrayal a more relevant piece of the story? Uh-huh. Does that mean she deserves to be attacked for it? No. (Are we in grade school here?)
      I guess it helps that I’ve been ambivalent toward the Alexis character for a couple years now. Nothing she said or did in this episode shocked me. It certainly hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the show.

      I come from a family where, no matter how smart I was, my “place” among adults was as a “child.” I’ve never bought into the notion that Alexis was the parent in the relationship. (I’ve also never liked the constant joking that Molly Quinn was the only adult on set, either, but whatever.) Castle is a dweeb and he had a pretty crappy reputation as a bachelor, but his abilities as a father were never in doubt for me. Alexis could’ve been the most responsible kid on the planet, and whatever Castle did in his romantic life and his career, I got the impression that he would also protect Alexis.
      Whether this storyline blows over or not, I’ve really just kind of resigned myself to how I assume the character dynamics will be on the series until the finale. If things change drastically, and suddenly Castle, Beckett, Martha and Kate can be one happy, blended family, awesome. If that doesn’t quite happen, oh well. There are plenty of great things about Castle that overshadow the lame for me.

    • Andy says:

      …this sounds way too much like a pattern in pretty much every show. The one where everyone detests a character for some unknown reason (and in many cases, I actually like the character because they’re actually written like normal people), and someone starts taking it out on their actor.

      As for the storyline, because it actually shows Alexis as a human being rather than her father’s reins. Wouldn’t you be tired of having to basically be your father’s conscience while you yourself are just trying to discover who you are? I see nothing wrong with the characterization, and the people who are railing against it have no real-life justification for their anger at it. And in this episode, it’s pretty clear that Castle was in the wrong at the dinner party…though it’s also clear that Alexis herself was spoiling for an argument.

  11. Nadia says:

    Castle is maddening at this point. First of all, the whole Alexis situation is ridiculous. She is asking for acceptance just like she supposedly has given for her father’s relationship. That doesn’t make sense at all!!! Castle has known Beckett for 5 years, she has known Pi for what a month?!?!? And her father is supposed to just accept and love the fact that she is shacking up with a sage incense, fruity fruitarian? Hell to the No!!! And the fact that Beckett and Alexis haven’t shared ONE conversation or hardly any contact in over a year make me wanna pull out my hair and eat it.
    And speaking of the Caskett relationship, why the hell is Beckett tossing around phrases like, “I’ll come by later to cheer you up.” Why is it being circumvently suggested that Caskett isn’t living together. She goes to DC, Castle decides to get a place for them in DC, she gets fired and then comes back to NYC and lives in her old apartment? WTF x a million. And don’t get me started on the fact that there hasn’t even been a whiff of them feeling like an engaged couple in TWO episodes now… The storylines feels soooo discombobulated and its heartbreaking b/c its something that Castle has done so well for so long. The first 4 eps were soooo AMAZING and unfortunately if it doesn’t change soon they may be losing a viewer after the Christmas break…

    • Mari says:

      I agree 100%!!!!

    • Mary says:

      See, I don´t have a problem with them not living together! When he was going to move to DC of course it was for them to be together, after all it could be weeks with not seeing each other at all, o course he wouldn´t get a place just for himself! Back in NY, with his loft crowded until now and particulary if Kate still had her lease, for me it makes sense she´s living at her place! I´m sure we´ll see them moving in together and I´d like to see a talk about it, not just “ok, now that you are back from DC let´s just live together”.

      • Francine says:

        I don’t have a problem with that either! Honestly it made sense when he was getting a place for them together in DC but it hasn’t been all that long since she’s been back. And considering all the craziness going on with Castle’s daughter, it make sense that they wouldn’t have gotten around to moving in together yet. I’m surprised that’s even an issue with some people.

    • castle fan says:

      I’m sorry but when I was engaged to my husband, we didn’t shack up. Not everyone decides to live together before they are married.

      I also don’t think it’s realistic for them to be all mooney eyed because they are in love. This is a procedural show, not a soap opera.

      • Jeri says:

        My brother and his long-term girlfriend still don’t live together. They find it convenient to keep separate residences – he has a teenage son still living at home, and she is fairly independent. They do sometimes sleep over at the others’ place but haven’t moved in together yet. At some point they plan to sell their houses and get a place together. I understood that Beckett still has a lease on her apartment, so if she was going to move in with Castle she would either have to sublet or it would cost a ton of money to break the lease.

  12. skrable2 says:

    The Alexis storyline, coming after the ridiculous fed arc, have made this season extremely difficult to invest in. It’s painful what they’ve done to her.

  13. Susan says:

    Caskett has been hit or miss with me to be honest. I don’t know what it is but sometimes they’re just so off/awkward I wonder if it’s a directing problem or maybe Nathan/Stana are just like that. I dunno, sometimes I get second hand embarrassment watching these two in intimate situations because they just can’t do it properly. I dunno it’s hard to explain but they’re 50/50, odd times they’ll get it right and other times it’s really pathetic to watch. Just my two cents.

    • Emma says:

      I agree. I also feel like Stana puts a little bit more effort into trying to act chemistry with Nathan, but he just seems so off. I actually feel sorry for her, having to deal with Nathan’s awkwardness. Your right though, it’s 50/50. You never know what you’re going to get.

      • Anna says:

        I agree , I love Nathan as a comedy actor but as a romantic lead he is struggling

        • castle fan says:

          I am very surprised by this since Nathan Fillion came up from the ranks of One Life to Live – where, yes, he played the romantic lead.

      • Patrick says:

        Yeah Nathan’s an awesome comedic actor but he can’t do squat in romantic situations… he just doesn’t work well with Katic, this whole romance stuff is not his forte at all. That’s why watching Nathan in the earlier seasons was a lot of fun because of the banter and barbs he had with Katic’s character.

        • Apples says:

          Each to their own, I think the show has improved season upon season, especially AFTER they’ve got Castle and Beckett together.

          • Mary says:

            Totally agree! And saying NF doesn´t work well with SK? We clearly don´t watch the same show, because I think they have the most amazing on-screen chemistry!

          • John 1138 says:

            I’ve liked Castle all along but I do think they’ve handled the transition to the two leads being a couple rather well and that wasn’t a given.

            OTOH: Wouldn’t “old fashioned” be they living separately until AFTER they’re married? :D

        • Ann says:

          I felt the same way last season. It felt like Stana was all in and Nathan was going through the motions. So far this season though, I think he’s doing a much better job.

      • gremlin says:

        I don’t feel that at all. I’m not always satisfied with Caskett scenes, far from that. But it always feels to me like a writing-directing problem, not acting at all. They are sometimes too clever by half trying to give fans some Caskett and at the same time not give it. That’s what looks awkward, and convoluted. All those interruptions and stuff. Mostly it comes through the Castle’s character because he’s the weird one I guess, and writers feel it’s more reasonable to pin all this weird stuff on him. IDK. But feeling sorry for Beckett to have to deal with Fillion? C’mon. The most romantic scene I’ve ever seen on Castle is his speech about four years in Always. That’s when I felt the love more than ever on Castle. So I just don’t know what you all are talking about.

        • GG says:

          I absolutely agree, most of my problems with the show start and end with the writing. How can you even say that NF “wasn’t all in” this ep when there wasn’t even a single romantic scene written? It actually felt that this episode it’s Stana who wasn’t all in, Beckett just came across as disinterested in Castle’s problems and antics. Do I think the actors get bored with their roles? Sure I do, sometimes it’s obvious, like any procedural. But mostly it is still the writing. May be Beckett seems more “all in” to some because she is actually the only character writers are at least trying to do anything with (well, they try to do something with Alexis but it’s too horrible for a review). Last season they’ve been pulling some odd game with Castle – he’s in, he’s out, he’s shallow, then he suddenly proposes. Boom. That’s what goes for Castle’s character development here. So it’s kinda hard to see what was supposed to be Castle’s “subtext” as written and what was actor being bored. And I kinda don’t blame him for being bored with the last couple of seasons, if he is. They kinda forgot he is supposed to be an independent – and title btw – character. Just a doormat who pulls up different emotions and even character traits on cue from other characters (mostly Beckett). Any depth in Castle I felt last several seasons been coming through the acting mostly. Beckett too, but honestly, she has a lot more opportunities for that. So I’m kinda sick of fans trying to pin all their frustrations from the show on actors, like this time with Molly. I just always feel it’s their fandom talking, and with Castle there are several “camps” that are at war with each other so sometimes it turns really ugly for the actors. Shame, I say. Address your frustrations to the writers and the producers of the show, people who really have the power.

          • Nicademus11 says:

            It never ceases to amaze me that people don’t realize that actors are a vehicle for the story and that the creative control lies in the writing and editing room. It’s why actors talk about the differences between theater and TV/Film. They are completely different mediums. TV/Film being a directors medium and Theater being an actors. All that to say, both Fillion and Katic have stated numerous times in interviews and panels that they have very little input to storylines and certainly the overarching direction of the show. That lies squarely in the hands of Marlowe.

            The actors make choices and on this show shoot an enormous amount of footage. They are are also given direction for those scenes to achieve the tone and arch that the director and Marlowe are seeking to achieve. Shows ebb and flow as to storylines and characters but the vitriol thrown at the actors to me is so completely uncalled for and sadly Molly Quinn is taking the brunt of it this season. It’s a shame really that people can not separate that this is merely entertainment, to critique sure, but it isn’t something the viewers own, dictate or direct. If as a viewer you don’t like the direction of the show you stop watching it. You don’t demand the creators bend to your desire and will. That I will never understand.

    • Apples says:

      Given the right material they really make me believe in them as a couple, but tonight’s episode had nothing and was completely OOC for Castle at several points

    • Bey says:

      I’ve always found Caskett to be slightly “awkward” they don’t know how to kiss properly without making look weird and I remember one time Castle was trying to hug Beckett and it was super awkward. Their body language is off; it’s all about timing and chemistry and they can’t do it. But I still enjoy the couple sure they don’t blow me away with their romance but I’ve just learnt to accept that Nathan and Stana are the way that they are and leave it at that.

    • Just one thing says:

      I concur.

  14. ana says:

    Why did Kate seem so ANGRY and annoyed the entire episode, as opposed to her usual “mildly amused”? You’d think she was the one who moved in with Pi. Stana Katic dialed this one in and the lack of effort was distracting.

    • Sue says:

      Yeah it was a bit of a strange performance from her. I couldn’t quite gauge what Beckett was thinking/feeling at times.

    • Christina says:

      I didn’t sense any anger from her. There was still that classic castle/Beckett banter we’ve seen in the past. There was a scene in the precinct where Castle was rambling about his theory and Beckett looked over at him with adoration/amusement. Beckett was no different in last night’s episode than what we’ve seen.

  15. taran63 says:

    I realize that I am overreacting, but here are my honest feelings. After watching this episode and seeing the next episode’s promo, I truly, without any exaggeration, hope they kill off Alexis next week. I realize there is 0% chance that is going to happen, but that is honestly what I wish would happen.

    I’ve grown to dislike her character this season, but this episode finally reached the point where she truly disgusts me. I realize not everyone will feel that way, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion; this is mine. And it distresses me to feel this way. Before this season Alexis was my 3rd favorite character on the show, only after the 2 leads, Castle and Beckett. But she has done such a 180 that I dislike every scene she is in.

    And it’s just getting worse each episode. In earlier episodes I could just ignore or even fast forward through any scenes she was in. But those scenes have grown and show no sign of decreasing. And that actually follows the trends of this show. Each season there is some obstacle for Castle and Beckett’s relationship, whether that’s Johanna Beckett’s case, relationships with other people, or secrets that are being kept. This season, it appears Alexis and her behavior is being set up as on obstacle to be overcome. But the consequence of that is taking a character that I, and I believe others, loved and transforming her into someone I detest.

    I actually dislike her much more than I do Pi. I wasn’t sure why that is, but after thinking about it I believe it’s because I never liked Pi. He was a new character and I had no connection to him, so it didn’t matter how idiotic or how much of a leech he is. I have no emotional investment in him. But I liked Alexis and to see her intelligence seem to drop and her relationship with her father deteriorate makes me dislike her.

    And I really hate the way that Castle seems to be constantly be painted as the sole bad guy in all this. I’m not saying he’s blameless, but I’d still put most of the blame on Alexis. Proposing to your girlfriend of 1 year who you’ve known for 5 years is far different from picking up some guy in a foreign country and moving him in to your parent’s home without telling him. And while I agree that Alexis shouldn’t have had to hear about her father’s engagement over the phone, she chose to leave the country making it difficult. If it bothered her so much she could have said something, rather that waiting for months to use it in an argument to win points.

    What I dislike the most is that message being sent that if you love someone you have to always agree with them. You can’t offer advice or warnings if you feel they’re making a mistake. You can’t offer criticisms or suggestions. No compromises can be reached, you must support them fully and give them whatever they ask for. If you don’t, than you don’t really love them, you’re the bad guy, and they are being perfectly reasonable to cut you out of their life until you capitulate to their demands.

    And all of this happened on an episode that I otherwise would have really liked. I thought this was a fun case, and I really enjoyed the National Treasure style case. I’ve really enjoyed the Castle/Beckett interactions this season, which have always been one of my favorite parts of the show. But I hate this developing Alexis angle so much, that I might have to stop watching the show if it begins to dominate the show like it’s starting to. I don’t want to, but if I don’t enjoy watching the show, than I’m not enough of a masochist that I’ll force myself to watch. I have to believe that this angle will eventually pass, and I can always start watching the show again a few months down the road. This is my initial reaction, so I guess I’ll see how I feel by the time the next episode rolls around. Old episodes of Castle are constantly being shown on TNT, so I can always get my fix by watching some of those.

    • Thank you for this. Except for the part, where Alexis needs to be dead ;) But every other word that you said was spot on and exactly how I feel about the message that is being conveyed through this storyline.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree, great post except for the ‘killing off Alexis’ part.

        I loved the COTW by the way. The sword fight alone made the episode great. As far as Castle and Alexis go, he could be more understanding but if I was his character I would have acted the same way. Loved the ‘rotting ambition’ line from the previous episode, pretty much how I feel about how she is acting. Still my favorite show and I am going NOWHERE!!!

  16. Dani says:

    the only thing i hated about this episode was the fact that alexis compared beckett to pi and her “i don’t know if she’s the one” comment… what the eff alexis!!?!? i understand being hurt that he didn’t tell you but are you really just “accepting it”?? it rubbed me the wrong way, i wonder if she felt like that all along? i hope she gets to work on her relationship with beckett i’d love to see that.

    I actually quite enjoyed the case, people sure do love to be over-dramatic when an episode doesn’t automatically blow their socks off :/ (i don’t mean you matt love u)

    • Lupe says:

      I agree with you,Dani. I also liked the episode but don’t understand why Alexis feels that way. I thought she liked Beckett and she should know by now that she’s the one for her dad. Alexis and Castle always have had a good communication and don’t get why they are not talking like they used to.

    • Stormy says:

      To me, it’s like they stole the whole “you didn’t tell me you were engaged and I’m angry” storyline from Gilmore Girls when Lorelai got engaged to Luke. Lazy writing.

    • castle fan says:

      I hope Beckett gives Alexis a big kick in the rear for treating her father like this. Also, Pie IS NOT Beckett. At least Beckett has a job and looks like she is perfectly groomed.

  17. Sara says:

    Really not liking Alexis this season and don’t get me started on Pi, I get Alexis is mad that Rick didn’t tell her about the engagement personally but she’s behaving like a spoilt, petulant kid. I’m sure it wasn’t Castle’s intention not to tell Alexis himself – things don’t always go to plan and she was travelling so maybe Martha go to her first. Whatever the reason, I thought she would be smart and mature enough to let go of stupid matters and be happy that Castle found someone who he loves.
    Also, Pi needs to go as far away as possible. He’s irritating for no reason and he brings nothing to the show. Way to scrape the bottom of the barrel, to annoy your father Alexis.

  18. @CastleHeatfan says:

    Please read my Twitter. Molly Quinn has no respect for Stana and she keeps pitching her own ideas and is ruining the show.

    • Kevan says:

      You have no clue what Molly Quinn and Stana Katic are like in real life or how they feel about each other, and it’s frankly none of your business. It’s just a show. Stop taking what’s going on in the show so seriously. Stop trying to engender bad feelings toward actors that you don’t personally know.

    • Sara says:

      This is television show!! Whether or not Molly has any respect for Stana is none of your business. Leave them alone!!! Neither of them ruin the show, The show is fine and you need to back off.

    • Mary says:

      Well, people like you is the reason I left Twitter! This is a tv show, The actor´s lifes are none of your business, leave them alone!

  19. Luli says:

    I loved the episode, all the references, and the National Treasure vibe!! And I’m guessing Alexis and Castle are ok by the next episode? because she’ll ask his help for the death row case….

  20. Angie says:

    glad to see I am not the only one that has been annoyed at Alexis and think that she has been acting like a spoiled brat and i found myself rolling my eyes every time she was on my screen.I mean she bring a boy home she just meet to live at her father ‘s house to live rent free while she is also being fully supported financially by castle no matter what age I know my parents wouldn’t have that and then the whole let me be spiel not even caring how her father felt that his only daughter was moving out. In my opinion castle wasn’t a tool during dinner he was being a father making valid points out of concern for his only daughter and i hate that everyone is so quick to side with Alexis and don’t get where castle is coming from.Then she had the nerve to basically demand that castle support her relationship and to compare her relationship of a couple of months to Castle’s relationship of years with Beckett

  21. MelindaB says:

    My favorite line was, “A felonious monk!”

    I get that Alexis is hurt that she wasn’t told about the proposal, but she’s acting rather childish about it. And she loved Beckett, so why is she now only “accepting” her? I miss the wise, level-headed Alexis of past seasons.

    • MaireW says:

      Totally agree. This years Alexis is such a character departure, and it throws off the old “Castle family rhythm” the show had developed over the previous seasons. I loved Castle and Alexis’ special bond, their teasing banter and Alexis’ intelligence. Suddenly that has all disappeared, and the basis for that major change just doesn’t add up when compared to the characters’ previous relationships to each other. Now we have Alexis acting like a 13-year old hitting puberty, rather than a smart (2nd year?) college student. Plus, her implied resentment of Beckett doesn’t jibe with their relationship in previous seasons. Writers, please fix this or I won’t be able to keep watching!

  22. Anna says:

    It´s sad when your favorite show turn into this mess. Where is the banter ? the chemistry between stana and Nathan? the romance? and of course the cases this season are so pathetic and dumb that I don´t know where to start. And now an out of character Alexis , this is too much.

  23. lauri5567 says:

    1. Am I the only one who noticed that the monk had a tumor that caused his crime spree which is a little similar to General Hospital’s Franco who had a tumor that caused his crimes?
    2..I was a little surprised that it was Ryan not Espo that made the snide remark about Beckett’s DC job.
    3. I can get that Alexis has some resentment and believes that Kate has strung her father along. It just seems that her temper tantrum in reaction is off the charts.

    • Stormy says:

      Everything about this ep was “borrowed” from other sources. Alexis anger= Rory/Lorelai on Gilmore Girls, COTW= National Treasure [Free Masons & treasure, hidden chamber] & NT Book of Secrets [hand in the hole to find the lever resulting in fake scream]. And …. huge plot hole … if the killer found the chamber, how hard could it be to figure out opening the crypt? Castle did it easily by accident. A fun, if predictable, episode.

      • Christina says:

        I kind of took the borrowed thing differently – they themselves made a National Treasure reference in the episode, pointing out this was similar. If Beckett’s seen National Treasure, we can infer she probably saw the second one, which is why Castle teased her with the hand in the hole thing. It was a joke, which is why he said “I can’t believe you fell for that.” I took it more as a fun joke because they’ve both seen the movies…which are also Disney, so nice plug there ABC.

  24. Patrick says:

    Looks like another garbage season. It all started with that pathetic engagement and the whole DC mess. This show doesn’t know what they’re doing anymore… Castle/Beckett relationship is pretty much void of any chemistry, and Alexis is getting my last nerve, she and Dana from Homeland need to leave. Everything is huge mess and it sounds like the showrunners are gonna continue with this mess.

  25. Laura says:

    The actors seem so bored with their characters , specially Nathan . He is really suffering this series. I used to love the show but now it´s just a waste of talent . I want to see Stana ,Seamus and Susan do something better than this .

    • Emma says:

      So true..I especially hope Stana, in her future projects, gets to shine. It’s so stifling watching her struggle to make chemistry with Nathan. Beckett also limits Stana’s talent as well….IMO

      • Lucy says:

        Please stop embarrassing the fandom with ridiculous posts like this.

        • Laura says:

          What fandom ? The Nathan fandom? Don´t be blind , you cant tell me that Nathan is enjoying his character.I don´t blame him the writing is going downhill.

          • Lucy says:

            No, the general show fandom who find the constant actor bias by certain sections of the fandom to be embarrassing. You adore Stana, good for you, but belittling her costar makes you look awful and reflects badly.

    • Apples says:

      It was about the writing not the acting for me. We’ve had 5 excellent romance-heavy eps where everyone has knocked it out of the park, but they couldn’t do much with this script.

    • Mary says:

      Oh, I see, your thing is the “S” word!:) I totally disagree with you.

    • SS says:

      if anyone seemed bored in this ep, it was Katic.

  26. Lucie says:

    So much hate. We don’t force you to watch if you don’t like it !

  27. Rich Abey says:

    “Hey, I don’t know if you made a smart move or if Kate’s the right one for you, but I accept it, because it makes you happy.” I mean..seriously Matt?? You expect us to take in that bullcrap? For a person who was supporting Caskett right from the start (from Season 1 mind you), Alexis acts like a dumbass pretending she didn’t even think an engagement was going to happen. So what she wasn’t there to hear about the engagement upfront? You think that a a guy or girl proposes only after making sure all their family members are close by to get the news immediately? And who was it that so desperately wanted to go to Peru again? Not Castle for sure! Its high time she grows up and stop putting the fault at Castle’s feet.

    • Christina says:

      Honestly, I think it’s reasonable that she’s a bit upset by it. While Alexis definitely supported it in the beginning, she also had to endure the pain Beckett occasionally caused her Dad. I think she’s being a bit dramatic with her actions, but I do think she’s entitled to have some feelings about the whole thing. Plus, from her perspective, I don’t think she’s ever seen just how committed to Castle Beckett is.

  28. lame says:

    I can understand when a person whom you considered your confidant leaves you out of the loop on a decision that significant,compounded by the fact that you never received a call at all.
    I also can’t understand how MilMar let one of our favorite characters slide into the most hated person on tv category.
    Really nice to see those dramatic back grounds that have been the hallmark of Castle return. I was beginning to think season six would be back lots and in studio senses.

  29. DarkDefender says:

    IMHO Alexis is just testing her boundaries with her father (in the extreme “it’s a TV drama” kind of way).. Much like Castle has tested boundaries his whole life (and continues to do in many ways).. Chalk it up to lazy writing, or calculated brilliance, but she is mirroring Beckett ala Knockout, Rise and Always.. 3 key episodes in the Caskett relationship, because in each of them.. Castle and Beckett had it out, he called her bluff and walked away and she had to right the wrongs to get him back.
    I enjoyed the COTW almost as much as “Time Will Tell”.. I thought the dinner was decent and Castle didn’t seem as snarky as people posting here seem to think. If they had put in even a 30 second, believable Caskett moment and deleted the end scene (and it’s starkly contrasting seriousness).. It could have been another awesome episode.
    Overall I’d give it a solid “B”
    But that’s just me.
    And I prefer to spread the Castle love, flaws, bad episodes and all.

  30. Apples says:

    Worst ep so far by far.. I’m squarely pinning the blame for that on writer Christine Roum, who has written two suspect episodes already (‘Secret Santa’, ‘The Fast and the Furriest’) but managed to redeem them by including some sweet Caskett moments and character interaction. She deigned to screw that up too this ep, which leaves it very few redeeming features bar the two Alexis scenes and Castle fencing.
    I’m liked the Alexis stuff because it felt realistic to me, but the awful dialogue. When Castle was repeating his theory about a secret order of monks for the third time or so (in the monastery) I was actually hoping he’d shut up and the episode would move forward. That’s when you know an ep of Castle is really bad, when I can’t even get on board enough to want to listen to Castle spinning his ludicrous yet fun theories.
    And ugh, the Caskett banter was so lacking. That cringe-worthy crypt scene when Castle has a nervous breakdown…awful. Castle is never like that when the pressure is on. He might crack a few bad jokes but generally he is cool, calm and collected. That was a totally OOC moment.
    Especially after 5 strong episodes in a row including ones from MilMar, Hanning and Winter, this felt like a bit of a kick in the gut.

  31. Lucy says:

    A friend of mine is a Nielsen family. He’s just told me he’s going to swap his schedule and start watching Blacklist live and DVR Castle.
    Why? Because of the Pi storyline and this Alexis plot line.

    That’s bad news whichever way you look at things.

    • Raines says:

      You do realize that after this past episode, there’s no more Pi, right?

      • Just one thing says:

        Really? How do we know this?

        • Jules says:

          Um, yes there is. Go check Rob Kyker’s twitter. He just posted a set list for 6×11 and Pi is listed as part his ‘things to do’ check list.

          So much for the Castle Creative team listening to the fans, huh?

          • Just one thing says:

            I don’t think they can reasonably be expected to listen to the vocal fans all the time. They’ve seemed pretty responsive about other things in the past. Maybe Pi will be given a chance to “redeem” himself, and fans will grow to like him. (Though I just see him as a pawn in this storyline, so I don’t think he needs redemption.)

    • Christina says:

      Ughhh please beg him to go back to Castle. He’s valuable ratings points we need!

      • Lucy says:

        I tried, believe me. But it’s difficult to convince him when I agree with him. Luckily, I’m not Nielsen so I don’t so much matter. I will keep trying though because as much as I hate the current Alexis saga, I want the show to continue to be strong for as long as possible.

        • Christina says:

          Yea def don’t give up. The Blacklist is good, but c’mon, this is Castle. I agree that the Pi/Alexis storyline is kind of distracting, and I very much prefer any other scene to theirs, but it’s only a passing phase.

  32. gremlin says:

    This wasn’t my favorite episode. I don’t enjoy every Castle episode especially in the later seasons, but the balance still holds. What I’m trying to say is I’m totally OK with others and myself criticizing the show. What I’m not OK with is this strange urge to mix up actors in this, as if you know them and their relationships and thoughts personally. Like you know all undercurrents of their lives, those people you never met. It’s hilarious actually. Only in this comment section here I saw multiple comments about what a horrible person Molly Quinn is and how she hates Stana and obviously influences storylines in the show (right, because Hollywood producers are always happy to hear what a teen actress has to say). Or how poor Stana who deserves so much better than Castle, has to struggle to act alongside Nathan Fillion who is just as horrible and can’t act too. Hey, I’m all for having favorite actors but why should it be demonstrated like that I don’t know. If anything, you’re hurting Stana’s image with such comments, and you’re hurting the show.

    • Lucy says:

      Thank you so much for this comment. I am sitting here applauding you.

      To criticize the show, ok, but to involve the actors is just terrible and reflects badly on the actor. Not to mention embarrassing the fandom in general.

    • Apples says:

      Yeah the weird obsessesion parts of the fandom has with the actors and their private lives and views really creeps me out.

  33. Just one thing says:

    Dang it, forgot to mention: Castle proposed to Beckett the day he signed Alexis’ permission slip. Did she hop on a plane to Costa Rica that night, or did Castle just keep their engagement (about which both Castle and Beckett were very happy), a secret until Alexis left?
    We don’t even have to get into the fact that Castle, being as close to Alexis as he is, would NOT have kept that a secret from her.
    A plot hole, perhaps? A contradiction in established character development and dynamics? Whatever it is, it’s not making people happy.

    • Ann says:

      I wondered about that too. And then in this episode Beckett says that she’ll meet up with Castle “later” at his place. This is the same night that Castle has his “Aha” moment with the puzzle. But the next day he tells everyone about it at the precinct. Are we to believe Beckett didn’t go over to Castle’s that night, or that he didn’t tell her about it until the next day. It really bothers me when TV shows have a timeline that makes absolutely no sense in real life. Like when characters start a conversation in one place and finish it in another as if they didn’t just drive to the second place together. It’s a ridiculous TV trope. /rant

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah, she definitely didn’t go over. Sometimes the show likes to talk a good game through either character to establish Castle/Beckett’s allegedly sexy intimacy. Guess they didn’t think people would notice.
        And Castle is a MAJOR offender of that conversation trope. Just like entering characters magically heard the last part of the conversation as they arrive and know the full context enough to rely. Silly, lazy stuff like that.

      • Christina says:

        As I followed it, I more pictured Castle leaving, and then returning to the precinct that same day. Were Beckett and the guys in the same clothes? Didn’t pay attention to that.

    • Kim says:

      JOT – This! I’ve been wondering the same thing! When I heard a rumor online that Molly hinted at this being the case, I was so confused. Unless Alexis’ bags were waiting at the front door, and she hopped a cab seconds after she got the check from Castle, I just don’t see how this timeline works. I’m all for varying degrees of suspension of disbelief, but my disbelief was well and truly suspended after learning how Alexis found out. Is it possible Alexis was leaving later that day while Castle was proposing, and after, he and Kate went to her place to “celebrate”, forgetting all about Alexis? Maybe. I just find it hard to believe that after her Parisian Adventure that Castle wouldn’t remember she was leaving and give her a proper goodbye. And maybe he did. It wasn’t shown on screen, so maybe after the check exchange he did walk her to the door, give her a hug, and warn her about the dangers of UV exposure and Malaria. I’m just not a fan of Castle being portrayed as bumbling in this instance. When Alexis confronts him about it, he simply says, “it just happened.” And yeah, it did. But this guy loves his daughter. I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t tell her. Or explain during that conversation that he was planning on telling her when she got back from Costa Rica, since that type of news should be delivered in person. I’m failing to see what the writers/producers/creators are trying to do here, but I’m honestly not loving it. And as you’ve already pointed out, it looks like I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of this plot hole/storyline. It hasn’t been dealt with well, in my opinion. And I have a feeling it won’t be resolved all that well, either. Which is a shame. Alexis was an ok character for me. Loved her interactions in seasons past with Castle. But they’ve kind of destroyed her character for me this season. I’m not sure what they can do to undo all of this. I am almost positive, though, that it will Castle apologizing to Alexis again next episode because she will be right like she always is when it comes to knowing best. I’m not saying Castle is blameless. He isn’t. But Alexis isn’t always in the right either. And in my opinion, this is one of those times when she isn’t.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah, it’s just sloppy. And, like DC/McCord/Sully and Pi, merely a means to an end. Instead of plot points and characters having any depth this season, they’re all just lily pads upon which the lead characters hop.
        They needed a reason to infuse the season with conflict, and Castle/Alexis angst was where they decided to go. The reasoning behind it is lame, but really… it’s the only thing they had to go with since they never addressed Alexis’ opinions of Castle/Beckett last year. Without the flimsy “you didn’t tell me you got engaged” excuse, the reasons for her issues with Castle/Beckett are even more threadbare. And they’d probably feel even more out of left field to people.
        The Pi thing doesn’t bother me that much. He’s a doofus who would probably be just fine in some New York hostel. If he could make it in Amsterdam, I think he can make it in Manhattan. They’re doing a great job making Castle the bad guy in this, even though Alexis is acting pretty entitled and silly. Had the angst stayed there, it might have been alright. Making it about Castle/Beckett clouds the issue, as it calls into question whether Alexis really likes Pi, or if she’s just trying to get back at Castle on some level. At the end of the day, that’s not a great route for the Alexis character, and makes her seem a bit vapid.
        They obviously haven’t done Alexis any favors with some fans, but that’s because the dynamics have been so botched. I’d like to think that, if Alexis knew how many times Beckett defended Alexis’ independence and POV to Castle over the last five years, Alexis would be appreciative of Beckett’s input or at least would warm to Beckett’s presence in their family. However, as the dynamics have been established onscreen, I suspect Alexis would just say, “So what?”
        It’ll be interesting to see how this storyline is resolved. Or if it’s ever fully resolved for Castle, Alexis and Beckett.

        • Kim says:

          I totally agree. The DC arc was wrapped up rather abruptly. I enjoyed it, but I was looking forward to things moving back to NY. And Sully just disappeared into the ether. I’m wondering if he’ll ever be seen or heard from (or even mentioned) again. I’m ok with drama, but this is sloppy. And I agree. If it was just about Pi and Alexis moving in with him, most of the fandom would either ignore it or be ok with it. But to toss in Beckett for the sake of adding drama to either relationship with Castle is annoying. The writers didn’t fully flesh out why Alexis seems to dislike Beckett. We’re left assuming why. Which is starting to become an issue for viewers. I don’t really care for Pi. I think some viewers hate him because he popped on the scene around the time that Alexis started to change in an unpleasant manner. Maybe they hate him based on association. Or because he’s annoying. Whichever. It can be hard to separate him from Alexis since he’s been a catalyst in some of her decision making. I’ve thought from the beginning that most of the Alexis/Pi relationship was based on sticking it to Castle. I’m not saying she doesn’t care for him. But would she be in a relationship with him if Castle hadn’t gotten engaged and didn’t tell her that he did? I don’t know. Feels like Alexis needed something to focus on and Pi was it. All of those smirks and smug smiles she kept shooting Castle while Pi was staying at the loft made it seem like she was enjoying ticking her father off. She never apologized for Pi being everywhere and having no manners (on camera) while he was staying there. I think she was enjoying watching Castle squirm. And sure, moving in gets Alexis some independence. Maybe, outside of convenience, she wanted some space because she doesn’t know where she fits in with Castle anymore since he’s now engaged. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexis took joy in surprising him with moving out, knowing full well he’d be all kinds of unhappy about it. I don’t see Alexis and Pi lasting, but that might be wishful thinking. This whole thing makes Alexis look petty and manipulative. Castle has made mistakes. How he acted at dinner being a pretty one. Not to mention everyone suggesting throughout her life how smart and grown up Alexis is (Because I blame her “I know best” viewpoint on Castle and Martha’s shoulders. They kind of created a monster by suggesting and probably letting Alexis raise herself. Castle probably could’ve scaled back on being the cool dad in order to be a good dad and throw down some rules and expectations.) But he’s not good with adjusting to Alexis being an adult, which she knows by now. He was man enough to apologize and offer to try to accept Pi and their relationship. But acceptance doesn’t mean he has to like it. Which, I feel, is evidenced by Alexis saying she accepts his relationship with Beckett but doesn’t seem to like her or particularly want her around. Castle isn’t perfect, but he’s not always wrong and the writers seem to enjoy making him the bad guy far more often than he should be. This plot line included. Also, why isn’t Beckett stepping up a bit with Alexis? She’s far too perceptive to not notice that Alexis tolerates her and nothing more (or so it seems to me). I’m not saying Beckett is wrong in leaving some of these issues to Castle to deal with. Alexis is his daughter. But Beckett is going to be a apart of the family (she already is) and everyone is letting Alexis dictate what place/role Beckett is allowed to have. Whatever issues Alexis has with Beckett need to be resolved. They should have been a few seasons ago, to be honest. But they’ll never be a family with this tension still hanging around. Or with Alexis being allowed to make all family decisions while not confronting Beckett about why she doesn’t like her. And vice versa. Beckett needs to start trying to actually be a part of the family and trying to resolve whatever issues Alexis has with her. Not that Alexis needs a mom. She already has one. But they could be friends. I hope we see some progression, but I’m not holding my breath. I’d be surprised if Alexis and Beckett share any screen time in next week’s episode. And this is so much longer than I wanted it to be. Oops.

          • Just one thing says:

            “Oops.” Hahaha, thank you for that laugh. I definitely agree with you.
            If we’re sticking strictly to the fictional story with these characters (and leaving all real-world presumptions, hypotheses and downright mind-reading out of the mix), you’ve hit the nail on the head.
            However, I think it’s pretty true to Beckett’s character to keep out of it. She seems like a private person, doesn’t divulge much. She also doesn’t pry, which sometimes make her seem aloof or disinterested. At any rate, Beckett clearly cares about Alexis and respects the relationship Castle has with his daughter.
            So, yes, if we’re supposed to buy that at some point down the road, Castle and Beckett are actually going to tie the knot and be “togetha forevah,” something’s gonna have to give. Beckett and Alexis are gonna need to have a watershed moment of their, either with Castle or without him. .
            Because as it stands, especially with the power that one line from Alexis had on viewers, if the characters never talk about it and it doesn’t get resolved, it’ll always hang over the dynamics of these three characters like an anvil. Which, you know, may bum people out a bit.

          • Kim says:

            JOT – I never realize how wordy I am until I go to post the comment. And then all I can think is, “well, crap.” :) I completely agree. Beckett does keep things close to the vest. That is totally in character for her. And up until this point, I’ve never felt like she needed to say something to Alexis. Giving Castle advice and defending Alexis when Castle messes up has been more than enough. No one, let alone Beckett, was needed to do anymore than Beckett did in those situations. I think it was on point for her not to get involved. Alexis is Castle’s daughter, so it’s up to him to deal with the tough issues. Her advice and point of view were helpful and respectful of the father/daughter relationship Castle and Alexis have. I don’t think Beckett needs to jump in to save the day or head Castle off before he royally screws up. At the moment, anyway. I don’t think she’s ever needed to play that role. Unless Alexis asked her to. Alexis and Beckett don’t need to be best friends. But they do need to get along for everyone’s sake. And though I don’t think it was previously needed for Beckett to jump in and resolve whatever misgivings Alexis has toward her, I think it might be now. Yes, this needs to stop. Either Castle needs to step in and ask the tough questions about Alexis’ feelings toward Beckett to foster some understanding and peace, or Alexis needs to step up and be an adult and tell Beckett that she has some misgivings about her. The problem I see is that it doesn’t look like Castle is going to step in or that Alexis is going to step up. I want to see Castle and Alexis (more so Alexis) apologize and move onward and upward. What I want to see more is all of them figuring out this new dynamic and then moving onward and upward as a family. With Beckett. To me, it feels like Beckett has to stop this stalemate between her and Alexis since it looks like Alexis won’t. You’re absolutely right. The tension is going to drive some of the fans crazy. If they do show some family-esque moments between Alexis, Martha, Castle and Beckett, I want to be able to enjoy them. That will be hard to do if it those scenes feel fraught with tension and Alexis looks like she’d rather be anywhere than in the same room with Beckett during a family function. Something’s got to give. Which is why I would like to see Beckett end this face-off. At some point, she has to step up if Alexis won’t, which it looks like. This is the one time where I wholeheartedly approve of Beckett jumping in. And this was less wordy, but still pretty wordy. Sigh.

  34. Apples says:

    Yes, I thought that too. Especially given as how caring a sensitive a father he is portraying as being AND the fact the break-up of his second marriage came partially over the fact he never let Gina “in” to the relationship between him and Alexis…we’re suddenly supposed to believe he’d be this insensitive boor who wouldn’t realise that establishing the right dynamic between Alexis and Beckett was crucial for him and his future happiness?

    The writing staff have absolutely assassinated his character in this arc/episode.

  35. Mary says:

    I enjoyed the week case a lot! (but I love adventures movies like Indiana Jones and loved reading The DaVinci Code, so no surprises)! I also loved the quotes Matt posted, so all in all I liked the episode…not my favourite, but not a bad one, at least for me.
    About Alexis…let´s just say I think she had a point about the engagement and I think Castlé behaviour at the dinner could have been better…but she totally lost me when she didn´t allow the father who always had an amazing relationship with her enter her place; and when she dared to compare his relationship with Beckett (whom he knows years) with hers with Pi (whom she knows for 1 or 2 months)! At the end of the episode she was an insolent and spoiled teen! Does that ruin the show for me? Absolutely not!

  36. Marine says:

    Lanie and Espo in a same scene? Squeeeeeee :) Loved that part! Hope to get more “shippy” moments in upcoming episodes!!!

  37. Pat says:

    I am not sure why they have taken the character of Alexis’s in this direction. She seemed to form a strong relationship with Kate and was always close to her Father no matter what the situation may be. I hope this changes soon because I do not like this storyline at all.

  38. Francine says:

    Im surprised so many people find Alexis’ resentment of Beckett as such a big shock. It’s been hinted at before, although rather sporadically. Maybe its been too subtle or too random, I don’t know. But it doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all. Then again I’ve never understood the argument that Caskett doesn’t have chemistry either (which seems to be popping up again). I’ve always found the subtleness of their relationship to be wonderful. This was by far not the best episode and I hope they turn things around, but I still don’t find the Alexis storyline bothersome enough to quit the show. Its a shame others feel that way but I supposed I can understand. The biggest problem I have is what Just One Thing pointed out above, the timing of the engagement with Alexis still being around. There’s no way he wouldn’t have told her and it bugs me to no end.

    • Jane says:

      I agree that its not a total surprise to see Alexis feeling this way. I do think its been so random that its hard to make sense of it. One episode she seems to be angry and the next all is fine. I guess it is a writing issue and Molly Quinn does seen to play the character that way whether the writing calls for it or not, so it all seems very weird.

    • Just one thing says:

      I agree, none of Alexis issues with Beckett are really a shock, per se. But yes, it was so sporadic and random in the past, I’m not surprised that people missed it when Alexis expressed issues with Beckett. That it was never fully explained WHY Alexis has issues with Beckett always bothered me, so maybe they’ll take it a bit deeper at some point. Give us some meat to go with this carbo-licious, empty-calories, drama.
      As for Castle and Beckett, I think their chemistry is strongest when it comes to verbal sparring and working side-by-side in case-related action. But as soon as the “action” goes from side-by-side to anything resembling romance, you never know what you’re going to get (as someone said above). It’s really hit-or-miss on the romantic physicality, which is why I almost cringe when it looks like they’re about to execute it, because it’s really so unpredictable — and not in a good way.
      So I agree with you; the subtlety, their energy working together, that hint of an allure between them, is their strongest asset. Unfortunately, since they bit the bullet with the relationship TWICE, the show can’t get away with avoiding the rest of it anymore, even when it’s awkward.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I think the inconsistency of the Caskett moments can be attributed to the idea they all have about how “fun it is” that they get interrupted all the time. It makes for awkward moments and the actors never seem to get a chance to naturally show PDA without it having to be broken up by some other action in the scenes. Although they do the “interrupted moments” well for the most part, it does lose fluidity in their ability to show that these two characters are “in love”.. I don’t doubt there is love between them, but the “in love with each other” feelings being shown with them… Not done enough.

        • Just one thing says:

          I agree with you that their interruptions mid-kiss seem to have been played up for comedy. But I could also name a few instances where they weren’t interrupted, and it was still incredibly awkward.
          The famous precinct kiss, in my opinion, rose the ranks toward the top of the list after that episode aired. It’s seems to be a combination of a few factors that results in something rather cringe-worthy for me.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Agreed. I’m just saying NF & SK having to act all interrupted mid kiss most of the time.. Might be a contributing factor to the awkwardness we sometimes see between them when they do kiss. IMHO

  39. Cap says:

    In my opinion Alexis is not acting out of character. I started to dislike her in season 3 and it went downhill ever since. I don’t care about her storyline one bit but since it’s dragging down Castle (the character) now, I’m getting more and more annoyed with her. In the past I could just tune her out but that’s kinda impossible now. She acted the same way when Castle tried talking some sense into her when Ashley went to college and she applied for early admission. Even went so far as taking his classes instead of creating her own future at college. She didn’t give a dang about how Castle felt and she still doesnt. It’s all about her and if you dare to say something she doesn’t like, she gets all mad.

    I also don’t get why people are mad at Castle for acting like he did in their apartment. For weeks or even months Alexis has been forcing Pi on Castle. She invited him to live at the loft WITHOUT asking. He was blocking the couch, messing up the kitchen, useing Castle’s hygene products and comes off as a scalawag. Then she tells him she is moving in with the guy she deliberately showed off as a loser to her father. Just remember the scene where they are using the blender in the kitchen, Castle enteres the scene all annoyed and she smirks at him “Did we wake you dad” — I could have slapped that grin right off her face back then. Now that she got what she wanted – an annoyed father who loathes her boyfriend (which after her little accaptence speech only confirms my suspicion that’s how she feels towards Beckett) she gets all mad at him for being sarcastic and not supporting of what Pi does ?? Gimme a break.

    Lets see if they come up with a good solution for the Alexis problem or if it just falls behind a curtain like apparently Sully did. I doubt it since they are not good with solving such kind of problems….but one can hope right ?

    I’ll be doing flips as soon as Alexis disappears from my screen which hopefully will be after next week’s episode. I don’t care if they redeem her character or not. I’ll just go back to ignoring her.

    • Nicky says:

      Season 3? Try season 2, episode 4 “Fool Me Once” and the whole violin teacher debacle. That was the first time Alexis showed Castle her butt. And it was the first time we saw him let her get away with that kind of behavior. She’s been deluded into thinking she’s his equal and doesn’t respect him as a parental figure. Granted, a lot of that is on Castle for letting her grow up that way, but she’s a smart girl. She knows what she’s doing and she knows how to manipulate Castle into getting what she wants and making him feel bad/guilty about it in the process. She’s her mother’s daughter. So you’re right. This isn’t at all out of character for Alexis. She’s a spoiled, petulant, spiteful brat and this episode proved that by letting us all know that her big act of “growing up and moving out” is all just a temper tantrum. She moves in with Pi and emotionally blackmails Castle into accepting her boneheaded decisions all because he didn’t tell her personally about his engagement to Beckett because she apparently already knew from Martha? Yes. Those are the actions of a mature woman *sarcasm*

  40. gaby6034 says:

    haters, if you don’t like a tv show, you can do many other things, read a book, play computer games, or if you are a tv addict you could watch Hostages, Betrayal from your dvr, instead of Castle.. lol
    now tell me, if this show it soooo horrible, how can it gets more viewers than last season and almost the same ratings? (in L+7 it is getting much better numbers than previous seasons)

  41. Andy says:

    This eposide wasn’t my favorite. The whole Alexis thing is really getting out of hand, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with the show. This will end, and apparently it will be next episode. Also, I enjoyed the Caskett scenes, I mean, they don’t have to makeout for us to say there were good scenes. I liked how Kate was teasing Castle by saying all those random stuffs like he always does. I don’t get why people say this season has been awful, until last night episode, I’ve felt it’s been an awesome season, way better than last one.

    • Apples says:

      I agree. I think the season so far has been fantastic- in a way that hurts this ep because of the high standard that has been set so far, this ep feels even worse for following 5 high-quality episodes in a row.

    • Becks says:

      Totally agree, it was just kind of meh for me. Honestly I think the problem is that we’ve been kind of spoiled on the Caskett front lately. I can’t help but feel bummed that they didn’t have any scenes together outside of work this ep or last. If this ep had aired during season 4 I probably would have liked it a lot more, just because I wouldn’t have been expecting them to have any extra scenes together.

  42. Barb says:

    I haven’t watched the entire show yet (just snippets online) but I have to say that since Alexis’ graduation, her role on the show has been spotty at best.

    Now this season they give her a boyfriend that no one gives a damn about (Mr. ugh) and her entire bratty attitude is much to be desired. It’s time to either ship her off somewhere since the writers don’t know what to do with the character or integrate her better (maybe make her an assistant to Lani) because right now, I really don’t have any interest in the character at all. Give me more Martha instead.

    • Gerard Jones says:

      I do not want to see Alexis working at the precinct ever again. I disliked having her there in previous seasons, and now that I find her character intolerable, the idea of having to endure the presence of her character there is odious.

  43. John says:

    Stanatics, smh

    • Just one thing says:

      Whatever, dude. If slapping a label on people who disagree with you and “shaking your head” makes you feel better about the situation, more power to you.

      • John says:

        This has nothing to do with disagreement, I just don’t like when people like write and thinks their thoughts are facts, “Molly doesn’t like Kate/Stana so, she play Alexis this or that way, etc” “Nathan is bored with the show so he doesn’t want to develope Castle character” take a deep breath and share your opinion about the show with facts no your expeculation, that doesn’t bring any positive thing to this place.

  44. Dare Johnston says:

    Pi = this TV season’s Ellis…..

  45. daniac says:

    This comment is more for last week’s episode but it still bugs. Alexis claimed she was going to pay for her half of the rent from her work study money. No way would she be granted work study. That is federal aid for disadvantaged students and has actually taken a big cut this year. I work at a large university and the number of students receiving work study aid has dropped drastically.

    Granted this is tv and if the Glee kids can afford an apartment with no apparent income then why not Alexis. I supposed it is my dislike for Pi that adds to my irritation for this story line.

  46. Maryann says:

    This is my favorite episode in quite some time. I loved the “National Treasure” plotline, and I thought that the Alexis story line was quite realistic. And Pi? I wonder how old the writer of the episode is. This is a story that makes absolute and total sense in the context of how characters would have acted when I was in college in the early seventies. It is very difficult to sort out whether it is totally out of character for all involved, or whether it is a story line simply going in an unpopular direction, but it doesn’t feel as completely out of left field as some seem to think. I for one am sticking with all characters involved (including Alexis) to see wher this all leads. She will figure out on her own, given a little time, that Pi is bad news.

    • John 1138 says:

      That’s the main timeframe (70’s) for that level of idealism but it never quite went away, just not so mainstream. And a Costa Rican rainforest or an NGO performing a bee census is just where you’ll still find them and that a young woman who attends green conferences and invests far too much of her month’s allowance with a green tech startup finds a fellow idealist attractive isn’t a shocker at all.

  47. Bridget says:

    I used to be annoyed back in the day when Alexis was either written as Perfect!Daughter or when the writers didn’t hide the fact that her whole purpose of existence in the show was to be used as a vehicle to mirror something about the COTW or something about Beckett, but I would prefer to go back to that over the OOC mess of an Alexis that has been shown this season, and especially last night.

  48. Alice says:

    Gee Alexis, you’re so smart. Of course, your father getting married to a woman he’s known and worked with daily for several years, and been in love with for about half that time, is TOTALLY the same thing as you moving in with a guy you picked up on vacation after a few days.
    How dare he not see that.
    Seriously- she used to be mature and bright, what did they do?

    • Katherine215 says:

      That’s not what she said at all. People seem to be deliberately misinterpreting what she said just to keep hating her. She said she didn’t know if Castle was making the right decisions for his life, but he didn’t know if she was making the right decisions for her life, either. But since she loved him, she was accepting his decisions and supporting him, and she wanted the same in return. She wasn’t comparing the relationships, but the idea that she was supporting him and he wasn’t doing the same for her.

      • Erin says:


      • John 1138 says:

        Yes I agree. She may be being a bit more hardline about it than I’d prefer but Rick was rather obnoxious at the dinner. Talk about your unreconstructed “man child”…. he could have benefitted from Beckett being there to tug on his leash: though Martha tried.

        • John 1138 says:

          Oh and after such a passive aggressive sniping fest? The next time you show up you don’t get in the door to sneer at my home furnishing choices.

      • Nicky says:

        I don’t see how you can say that what Alexis said is being misinterpreted and that it’s not about the relationship. Those relationships are the root of this issue. Because Castle probably wouldn’t freak out *quite* as much if the guy she was moving in with was, say Ashley or even that guy Max she was dating last season. That’s because Castle would know something deeper about the guy and feel a bit more confident in his intentions towards his daughter. And I’d TOTALLY be on Alexis’ side if Castle were marrying some random woman he met 2 months ago. She wouldn’t support that and I wouldn’t expect her to. So I think it’s a lot more complicated than just a simple idea of Castle not supporting Alexis while she supports him. The relationships/decisions are on two totally different levels. Alexis is supporting a relationship of Castle’s that has been going on in one form or another for 5 years. But she’s expecting Castle to support her “relationship” of mere months of a guy that neither of them can possibly know that much about.

  49. Lupe says:

    For once. Matt. I don’t agree with you. It was a great episode. I think there was enough Ryan and Esposito, the case was good. The only thing is that I don’t understand why Alexis feels that way about Kate. She has always been on Alexis side, and to me doesn’t make any sense what she said at the end of the episode.

    • John 1138 says:

      It’s not that as I see but that while she was on Rick’s side regarding Beckett (backing his choice) he’s not on her side regarding Pi on backing her choice..

  50. Tom says:

    It was an okay episode. Not the greatest, but okay. Pi has to go. He’s getting to be as annoying as Kalinda’s husband on last season’s The Good Wife. In the future, I’m just going to fast forward through the Pi, Alexis parts. I don’t care about that story line. It’s not really believable and just boring.