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NCIS Tony Life After Ziva SpoilersWhen will NCIS‘ Tony get his groove back? Does a Grey’s death still loom large? Does Bones‘ job not jibe with a toddler? A beach wedding for Castle? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

What can you tell me about life after Ziva for NCIS‘ Tony? –Cheryl
As glimpsed in this week’s episode, Tony’s still working through his issues regarding her absence, so it’ll be some time before he opens his heart again. “I’m curious to see what’s next for him in his personal life, but we’re not going to rush into anything,” showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains. “Much like a real relationship, it takes time to recover and to figure out what’s next, and the one thing we’re really trying to do is approach this from the standpoint of as if it’s real. You have to give people” – the audience included – “time to ‘mourn’ and deal with their feelings, and then re-embrace why they watch NCIS.

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Can you tell us anything about Episode 6.05 of The Mentalist? –Deshani
Before this Sunday’s episode, titled “The Red Tattoo,” is over, you will get a kind of whopping new clue to Red John’s identity.

Do you have any new info on The Mentalist, or have you already given it all to us? –Samara
Did you not see above that I watched this Sunday’s episode?! Well, I can also share that one of the five remaining possi-Johns is about to reveal a certain phobia. But does his fear thus rule him out…?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard something interesting about Cho of The Mentalist. Is there anything special coming up for him? –Sonia
What if I told you that Leverage fave Beth Riesgraf guest-stars in this week’s episode, and that her cute-as-a-button character winds up asking a certain stone-faced CBI agent out for coffee…? (Lucky duck.)

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I’m wondering about Shane’s guilt over Heather’s death in the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. Other than that one episode, he’s been acting like it never happened. Will we see him deal with it in the future? –LaDonna
You will see Shane deal with it in the very near future – aka the next two episodes, starting tonight. As Gaius Charles previewed for us, “We’ll have to see Shane balance that sort of personal trauma with how he does his job and falls in line at the hospital. It’s going to be pretty cool, pretty interesting.”

We’re five weeks into Grey’s Anatomy and Arizona Robbins has gotten to say about three words. Any idea when we’re going to get her story? –Jennifer
Bide your time just a bit more. I’m hearing that the episode you wanna watch out for airs Nov.14.

I know we’ve got the Bones honeymoon in a couple of weeks, but we’ve really not heard much about what’s after that. Any scoop? –Cindee
Bones‘ freshly-minted newlyweds will soon tackle the (stuffed) elephant in the (toddler’s) room: Is their profession compatible with parenting? “Like any parent whose job puts them in danger, they will have to balance whether they want to continue with that kind of job,” reveals series creator Hart Hanson. “Is it fair to the child or children to be in gun battles and stuff? We have to start talking about that as a story generator.”

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Are Necessary Roughness and Drunk History still in contention for renewal, or did they get the axe without me noticing? –Bruce
Both are in contention, but I just checked and there’s no word on either. (I predict only one of them will get the good word.)Sinners and Saints

Can you get spoilers for The Originals on Rebekah and Marcel’s relationship? –Nancy
As you know, Marcel is forbidden from acting on his feelings for Rebekah, as part of a pact he was forced into by a disapproving Klaus. But as you’ll see next week, that hardly keeps the comely Original from regularly getting up in Marcel’s grill and tempting him with “What if…” scenarios. Marcel, alas, will have his hands full with the other gals in his life – namely Davina, who’s about to “act out” in a big way, and Cami, whose true identity he thus far is unaware of. Also in Tuesday’s episode: a massive download of witchy mythology. Seriously, like keep a notepad nearby.

I love Falling Skies and can’t wait until Season 4. We know that Robert Sean Leonard will appear in at least one episode, but what is the status on Gloria Reuben’s character? –Ganon
File this under “interesting”: At this time, there are no plans for the ER alum to return as Marina.

Will Castle and Kate will get married mid-season or at the end Season 6? –Russell
Ha, nice try with the trick question. You know that show boss Andrew Marlowe refuses to confirm that vows will be exchanged this season. But if we are heading for a wedding, here’s how Nathan Fillion would like to see it play out. “I am, myself, not a huge fan of the big church wedding with everybody in stuffy suits,” he told me. “I’m a fan of the beach wedding, with everybody in linen. And if it meant an episode [filmed] in a tropical location, then that would be great, too.” (P.S. I could totally get behind this tropical wedding shoot, especially if I’m invited along to cover it.)

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Any news about The Following‘s return date? –Saralynn
Nothing more specific than “January 2014,” no.

Do you know anything about Criminal Minds‘ 200th episode and if any Prentiss scenes occur in present time? Will she interact with everyone? –JP
I tried to sneak your question by Thomas Gibson during this week’s Q&A, but he dodged it like the pro he is. “Paget [Brewster] will be there, but I won’t say how,” he hedged. Even teasier, he mused: “And hopefully we’ll see her again…?” All told, Gibson describes the milestone episode as “a gift to fans, and we’re as happy Paget’s coming back as they are.”

Will we be seeing the Cheshire Cat again on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? I really enjoyed that scene in the premiere. –abz
Yes — in fact the feral feline (voiced by Keith David) will appear in the same episode that introduces Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of Mrs. Rabbit.

Do you have any scoop on Ironside? Will we ever see how his team came together? –Jayne
I’m thinking… no?

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