The Walking Dead Recap: Whodunit

The Walking Dead Season 4“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally… ” Hey, wait a minute — that’s not The Walking Dead at all. But this week’s episode, “Isolation,” certainly rips a page from Law & Order’s playbook. As a result, by the end of the hour, we know that Karen and David (who?) were killed by… Keep reading. We’ll get there.

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MOTIVE | Early on, Tyreese expresses his upset over Karen’s demise by lashing out at Daryl and slugging Rick (who retaliates so brutally, he sprains his own hand). Later, though Tyreese and Rick make up — “It’s on both of us,” says Tyreese, even though his souvenir from the fight is the creepiest, most beat-up eye this side of the Governor’s — Karen’s grieving beau suggests that the cop isn’t doing enough to find her killer. In fact, the way he sees it, Rick’s inaction suggests that “murder is okay in this place now.” To prove him wrong, Rick goes all CSI on the crime scene and then shocks the hell out of us (well, me, anyway) by asking Carol, “Did you kill Karen and David?” Even more shocking, instead of reply, “Who the hell is David?” she answers simply, “Yes.”

SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT | Meanwhile, as all of the most vulnerable survivors — the old (Hershel) and the young (Carl) — are segregated from the infected, one new character (Sasha) after another (Lizzie) after yet another (nooo, not Glenn!) comes down with the deadly flu. “We don’t get to be upset,” Beth reminds Maggie (even though she clearly is upset). Soon, Hershel and Carl are having what appears to be a contest to see who can go stir-craziest the fastest. Hershel wins, sneaking out to get elderberries — a natural flu remedy, he notes. (And they say TV isn’t educational!) Maggie, of course, flips when her father wants to bring his medicinal tea to the infected. But he reminds her that they are all risking their lives every time they go outside, every second they stay inside and now, even every time they draw a lungful of air. “The only thing you can choose,” he concludes, “is what you’re risking it for.” (His reward for his good deed: a faceful of blood because Caleb — a fellow doctor, no less — can’t be bothered to cover his mouth when he coughs!).

HIGHWAY PATROL | Finally deciding that sending “positive vibes” Sasha’s way and standing guard over the infected might not be the absolute best use of his time, Tyreese joins Daryl, Michonne and Bob’s expedition to a veterinary clinic 50 miles away to score some antibiotics. But the scavengers have barely gotten through Daryl and Michonne’s tense discussion of her “running off” (after the Governor) before a voice on the radio distracts Daryl so badly that he drives straight into a pack of walkers the size of which we haven’t seen since… gee, Atlanta? It is a literal s–t-ton of zombies! For a minute there, it looks pretty bad for them and, for another minute there, it looks even worse for Tyreese — when the others make a break for it, he remains in his seat, staring with his one good eye. He snaps out of it, however, just in time to take out some rage issues on a whole mess of walkers and rejoin the others on the run.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you guess when Carol had her meltdown that she had killed Karen and David (who?)? Do you think Rick will keep her secret? Now that Hershel is again looking at whiskey glasses a la Sue Ellen Ewing, will he and Bob form an AA for survivors? And what about poor Glenn? The show wouldn’t — couldn’t — kill him off… would it? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sg. Grant says:

    They better not kill Glenn.

      • Karen Estes says:

        Carol is lying! She is covering up for Lizzy. Remember the girls father said, “care for them as if they were your own.” You don’t think she would confess to a murder she didn’t commit to protect Sofia? Lizzy liked her pet walker. Karen and David worked the fence more than anyone. LIZZY IS ONE SCREWED UP LITTLE GIRL. Come on I can’t be the only one that sees this.

        • Veronica says:

          Yes!!! I see it. Now that the last episode came out revealing a mutilated dead rabbit I think it’s even more obvious that it couldn’t have been Carol. Tyreese was right when he connected the the murders with the rats then the dead bunny. Lizzy didn’t hesitate to shoot the two people attacking Tyreese either.

        • Stentor says:

          Speaking from 6 months later, I guess we all see it now, since tonight, Carol had to put LIzzie down like a rabid dog because that little bitch was crazy. Massive Kudos to you Karen, for seeing very presciently what practically no one else spotted, mega-kudos.

    • Jonathan alanis says:

      Someone has never read the comics before

      • Dee Dee says:

        They’re always going off the rails from the comic! There are characters alive now who should be dead. And ones who are critical to the comic storyline that they’ve killed off in the show. I think everybody’s fair game. But I agree, they BETTER NOT kill Glen! :-)

      • Aleksa says:

        Not a great indicator. (COMIC SPOILER) Carol died early in the comic, and Sophia is still alive, if I remember correctly..

      • xomareen says:

        I felt like this is about not wanting to have Glenn killed because of some flu and right now.

      • Guest says:

        Then again, Andrea is still alive on the comics so is Sophia and Dale had the plot that belonged to Hershel, its not the same story and characters are bound to live or die in a different way.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I will not survive Glenn’s death. He better make it!

    • TheWalkingDunce says:

      I seem to remember there being a trailer for this season that showed Glenn trying to convince people that it would be safer leaving the prison, which I don’t think anything even close to that has happened yet to trigger my memory of that scene. I’m thinking that means he survives…

    • Alan says:

      nah i doubt it. the way i see it rick, daryl, glenn and maggie are safe, everyone else should be watching out for the reaper though.

    • nathan says:

      dude in the comic hes gonna die of the si

      • Sophia B. says:

        In the comics Glenn is beaten to death by Negan the leader of The Saviors. The Walking dead doesn’t always follow the comics.

  2. Keegan says:

    Okay, It was an amazing episode to start, the best all season hands down. Loved all the zombie killing, and finally starting to see them get into a city type area to explore, prison is getting boring.

    Yeah it was obvious Carol killed them right when she had her meltdown over the water, was too obvious if you ask me. I kind of think Rick might say he won’t say anything because he doesn’t want pointless deaths and he understands why she did it, then again I think he might tell Tyrese because he knows what she did was pure murder because it didn’t stop it.. That’s the risk she took be a hero and stop the infection or be a murder… Should have never took that risk so she deserve’s to get killed by Tyrese for revenge if he wants..

    But I don’t know, could go either way.

    Can’t wait until next weeks episode, it will be just as packed with fantastic brutal zombie slaying, and drama/murder will be going on in the prison for sure!

    • Guest says:

      Rick did the exact same thing as Carol when he killed Shane, and he can’t just give her up after they lost Lori (Not to mention, what Rick did to Sophia). Tyreese is only going to kill Carol – with extreme prejudice – and Rick can’t let him.

      • Lilly says:

        Rick killed Shane in self defense. Totally different.

        • Sophia B. says:

          None of us knows if they had died before Carol tried to stop the spread by stopping them from turning. Let us give her the benefit of the doubt. I knew that it was Carol when I watched last weeks episode again right before the new episode. When I saw the blood on both of the pillows. I remembered when Carol stopped the girls father from turning after he died. I do think Carol will die, but not by Tyreese, but by the older girl. I think she will die and turn and Carol will hold her when she turns and let her kill her. I think Michonne and Daryl have some thing going on and Carol finds out and it pushes her over the edge. I really hope that I am wrong, because I want Carol and Daryl together,,,,AND I WANT HER TO LIVE!

          • Max says:

            I dont really think Carol and Darryl see each other that way. I think they just joke about it but I could be wrong. On the other hand I think Darryl and Mishone would be the absolutely most bada** couple of all time

          • Dane R says:

            I really hope carol dies, she turned into a crazy bitch…. guarantee that she is the one that fed rats to the walkers in the previous episode

          • Sophia B. says:


          • Jessica S. says:

            Am I the only one who thinks it’s obvious that the young girl (Lizzie) was the one feeding the walkers? She has shown that she thinks of them as people many times… People saying it was Carol is absolutely insane… Ugh.

          • Sophia B. says:

            I do hope you are right about Carol, Jessica S. I do hope Lizzy is the crazy and Carol is the one who is protecting Lizzy. Because I really like Carol and I want her to return to the show. Even if she did do it, I want her to return because I think she did the right thing…if she did indeed tell Rick the truth. When Rick was driving away he kept looking at the watch Carol had given him and in his rear view mirror becoming more angry as he drove away. He either was very angry that he had to do some thing like that to Carol or he regretted just letting her go and not killing her. How ever it turns out, I never wanted Carol to leave the group or the show. Like I wrote before I like Carol and want her back. I am hoping that she comes back during the fight with the Gov. to save the day. Then there is now way they couldn’t take her back. She would prove to every one just how awesome she is.

        • Riddle says:

          Rick did not kill Shane in self defense: he got him to lower the weapon, told him they were heading home to work things out and, the moment he least expected, Rick stabbed Shane to death.
          It was not to save a community from an outbreak, it was not to protect the group from certain death: Rick killed Shane to keep his woman (and he lost her anyway).

          • Lilly says:

            Nope. Rick knew his friend. He knew (and it broke his heart) that that moment was kill or be killed. Whatever Shane was doing in that moment, he was NOT giving up on his desire to kill Rick in order to have Lori to himself. Rick saw this in his eyes (and we all KNEW this), so Rick killed Shane before Shane killed Rick. But it tore him apart to do it.

          • Guest says:

            It was not kill or be killed: Shane was going to leave the group, Lori told him she didn’t blame him. Rick could’ve left it at that and part ways. He killed Shane because he could, plain and simple.

          • Lilly says:

            Go back and watch those last two episodes. Shane was LOSING it! He not only wanted Lori and Carl for himself, he was jealous of Rick’s authority. Period. There is NO way he was letting Rick out of there alive. No way was Shane leaving the group! He killed that kid (which, I realize, had been heavily debated with Shane believing he should be killed anyway) by luring him away and snapping his neck in order to get Rick out on his own. Shane was in a kill-or-be-killed mentality and Rick knew it. Rick also knew the only way he was going to survive the situation was to get Shane to lower his guard for a minute. Which he did, and it tore him up inside that he had to do it.
            At least that’s the way I read that episode.

          • Sophia B. says:

            I’m with you Lilly. How many times through out the shows has Shane thought or even tried to kill Rick. Even Dale saw him hold Rick in his gun sight. Also the time when they were going to leave the kid and Shane attacked Rick. If Rick really wanted Shane dead he would of not gone back for him and rescue him from the school bus. By the time Rick killed (in self defense) Shane, Rick knew there was no going back from this one. Shane even killed that kid, so he had a story to tell every one why Rick died, this was all planed out by Shane in other words premeditated murder. And please don’t forget Odis, he killed him so he could get away. Or is it okay just because he was able to get the medical equipment back to save Carl. So in short Rick killed Shane in self defense because he new today or tomorrow one of the two would die, because he knew Shane would never give up.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        I’d say killing someone in self defense is a little different than burning sick people (who are possibly still alive) in a gasoline bonfire. I mean really?! That said, I am not sure what problems it will solve by telling. There is entirely too much going on to start a riff in the group. He could say the killer got sick and died – and call it day – any old lie will do, at this point. Besides, I love Carol 2.0 :)

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Its probably to high concept for the walking dead writers to come up with, but if i was them (if we wanted Rick to not say it was Carol) i would write for Rick to say it was the Doctor, who i imagine will end up dying from the sickness, so Tyrese will believe the killer of his GF is dead, and not keep looking.

    • NateW says:

      My take:

      Carol didn’t kill them. It was the older little blond girl. Check it:

      1. She couldn’t kill her dad. Now she wants to make up for that. Carol told her she had to be able to and taught her how. Carol gave her the knife. Now Carol is blaming herself for the killings.
      3. She also has small hands
      4. Her little sister said she was “messed up” in The previous episode. (She’s the one feeding the rats to the zombies–remember, she named one of them and felt bad for them.)
      5. That was the FAKEST little cough in the world when she told carol she was sick. She’s going in there to take care of business. Did you notice the big knife on her belt when carol let her in?

      • bill says:

        damn… i’d put money on that

      • bobbygers says:

        you think she would have the strength to drag the bodies out though? maybe she’s larger than I thought

      • Pepper says:

        When she coughed, I was convinced she was the killer.

        Plus the “previously on” segment showed the dad asking Carol to take care of the girls as if they were her own. I think that’s why she’s taking the blame instead of snitching on her.

      • I agree with all four points. However, (no disrespect to the blond actress) the cough could easily have been down to bad acting. In episode 2, her ‘crying’ scene left me totally unconvinced. I sincerely hope I am wrong though, because there is great potential in the theory you’ve outlined.

      • Chaselondon says:

        I was going to give my point of view. I didn’t know how to explain it, until I found your comment! You are absolutely right, all 5 points are correct. I am 100% sure Carol did not kill them. And I am sure rick will see the blonde girl in action in either the next episode or the one after. Absolutely love the walking dead! My fav characters: the council + michonne! ;p

      • Giselle George says:

        wow…i didnt think about it that way..hmmmmmmm

  3. Danielle says:

    Carol is a crazy bit**

    • alistaircrane says:

      No she’s not. She did the right thing.

      • AshleyRae says:

        Rick beating on tyrese was a good thing….for a bit. He needed that and i thought he was going to give up when that huge ass walker hurd got in the way. As for carol burning the bodies i say she did the RIGHT thing but i also agree that she’s starting to lose it ‘MENTALY’.
        Damn i HOPE glenn and sasha gets through it……BUT of course NOBODY is safe. As for the others i could care less.

        • the girl says:

          I don’t think she’s losing it mentally. She was trying to avoid getting anyone else sick by destroying the virus, burning the infected bodies. The “meltdown” was simply a show of frustration at the fact that she went so far to save everyone and didn’t manage to save a single person after all.

          • alistaircrane says:

            Thank you! That is what happened. And her guilt over it led her to take the risk of fixing the water pump outside the prison walls. Still, it’s possible she didn’t do it and is covering for one of those creepy little girls.

          • ylanda71 says:

            alistaircrane, you hit the nail right on the head. The female blood hand print and knowing how the lengths Carol will go for the people is how Rick figured it out. She did it out of care, not malice or craziness.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            This. Carol might be the best leader at this point, able to make unemotional yet very strategic (sometimes brutal) decisions for the safety of the group as a whole. Her motivation seemed very clear to me… protect the majority. I do hope she “killed them” before she burned them… Not that that makes murder much better, but the whole burning someone alive is nasty business.

        • Dale says:

          If anything, Carol is one of the most rational characters on this show: she didn’t lose it like The Governor when her daughter died, she didn’t lose it like Rick when her spouse died, she didn’t lose it like Morga, Shane or Michonne when everyone she ever met died.
          Carol is metally stronger that some of the toughest characters on the TV show.

      • Sophia B. says:

        I’m with you. She did the right thing. Even if it didn’t turn out the way she wanted.

  4. dte421 says:

    This show got SO BAD so fast. I don’t know if I can’t make it through this season.

  5. Tom Charles says:

    Nobody, not even Rick, is safe.

  6. JP says:

    Great episode. Like how Scott Gimple is keeping it compact. But I noticed two things tonight. 1) this season has been moving so much better since Andrea was killed and 2) what is with the walking dead and female leads (minus michone)… First Lori was weak and dragged story line. Then it was Andrea who got on my nerves… Now it seems like Carol is filling that vacuum of, “I cannot stand her.” I hate saying that because her character has so much potential, yet now is turning into a shell of herself… Just my opinion. Sure many will disagree.

    • AshleyRae says:

      Carol is already on the ‘get on my nerves’ list too. I’m starting to sense she’s gonna be a pain in the ass for awhile.

    • Mike R. says:

      Weird, I’m loving Carol this season, but not everyone will love the direction they are taking her character.

    • Olive says:

      Carol’s character development has been awesome since last season. She ended up being a character I found useless and annoying to a character that intrigues me. I hope there isn’t an I-hate-Carol banwagon like there was with Andera’s character last season.

      • AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

        That little girl lizzie is gonna KILL carol……….her mind is way off! I won’t be surprised if it happens.
        As for andrea her parts in S3 was really F’d up i was happy she got killed off. It was TOO LITTLE TOO LATE for her in the end.

        • ylanda71 says:

          Carol is finally credited as a regular and they are trying desperately to develop her character. Not the quickies before death like before T-Dog so I think she will be there at least till the end of the season.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Exactly. She is the one character Gale Ann mentioned in the After Show – as loving her development. I think she’s sticking around…. :)

    • Guest says:

      Its not a CW show, the “hate bandwagon” has no relevance on the direction of any given character (if anything, its the other way around).

    • Alan says:

      carol has been the best character so far this season in my opinion.

    • Chris says:

      I like Carol too, Since the first season she always seemed like a shoe in to be the next to die, but somehow she is still alive. She’s not annoying to me just a survivor. Anyway, I think Carl killed Karen and David and Carol is covering for him.

      • Jessica S. says:

        It was obvious that Carol killed David and Karen when she had that meltdown by the water before Rick even asked her. You have to see the context clues throughout the episodes.

  7. alistaircrane says:

    I can forgive Carol because her heart was in the right place. She was trying to keep everyone safe. I hope Daryl isn’t mad at her because I am shipping them hardcore!

    • Guest says:

      I completely forgot about Daryl: Rick can’t do this to Daryl, if Tyreese kills Carol theb Daryl is going to kill Tyreese and, before you know it, everyone is going to start killing everybody zombie or not.

      • tripoli says:

        I really can’t imagine Rick telling Tyreese that Carol killed Karen and David. He’s got loyalty and trust with Carol far stronger than what he’s got with Tyreese. I’m sure he’ll be conflicted and a bit tortured over the whole thing but I just don’t see him outting Carol. Especially given his own past with murdering those who pose a threat.

        • Sabalore says:

          I feel like Tyreese might not make it back from the supply run, therefore dilemma of telling him it was Carol = solved.

        • Abby says:

          I agree with you. Rick isn’t even the type to stew with anger over the fact that Carol’s decision got him punched in the face so hard, which she watched happen and didn’t say anything. Telling anyone what really happened is probably not beneficial to their survival. If Dr. S. dies from the illness, since he was generally alone with the sick at first, I would simply pin it on him to give Tyreese some closure, and give the same reasons Carol offered for doing it, thus allowing people to get upset then move on to more important things without thinking of retaliation. That is, unless this is not going to be an isolated action on Carol’s part. She isn’t likely to burn more bodies, because the infection still spread even though she was trying to curb it (and failed), but if she starts going unhinged then perhaps Rick should change his tactics…we shall see in the weeks ahead, I guess!

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Rick won’t tell because it’s completely counterproductive. What would telling solve? They need as many big dudes around as possible. *And* they love Carol. He will figure out a way to achieve both goals (satisfying Tyrese while protecting Carol). It doesn’t seem that hard. Just blame someone who’s already dead. Done. Next.

      • agora says:

        Good point, Rick has no grounds to out Carol after what he did to the prisoners on season 3, Shane on season 2 and Merle on season 1. If anyone should understand where Carol comes from that’s Rick.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Wow. Great memory! And good points as well.

        • Lilly says:

          Not to be contrary, but how do you equate what Rick did in self defense – to both Shane and those evil prisoners – to what Carol did to two decent people who were sick but MIGHT not have needed killing??

          • Riddle says:

            Have you not seen Patrick? The sleepwalker dude was eating BBQ the day before: this thing kills, and those it did kill came back to keep on killing. That much was established by the show.

          • Lilly says:

            Yes, but Karen and David were quarantined and locked up. That’s different than what happened with Patrick when no one knew the sickness existed.

      • Kaylah says:

        I don’t think Rick asked Carol to find out if she really did kill them; he asked just to see how she would answer. I think he knows it’s a child, when he saw the small hand print on the door. He knows Carol would do anything to protect the children, even if it’s confessing to murder…

        • Karen Estes says:

          I tell you people, Carol is lying! She never killed anybody! She is covering up for LIZZY! Remember, she promised to care for those girls as if they were her own. You think she wouldn’t lie to protect Sophia? LIZZY liked her pet walker. Karen and David worked the fence more than anyone. Besides, let’s not forget LIZZY is seriously messed up.

          • Sophia B. says:

            The more I read Lizzy did it, the more I am thinking along the those lines. But in the end I think someone helped drag the bodies out it could of been Carol or Lizzy’s sister or Bob that helped her. Just who in the heck is Bob. I think that Darly brought him into the group and he has only been there for about 2 weeks. Not sure I trust him just yet and he was a medic in the military, or that is what he says. I just hope Carol will live to see another season (and get with Daryl).

        • Sophia B. says:

          That could be so true. Just by a bloody hand print he asked Carol. I remember Carl telling Rick about Carol’s stroy time and what she was really doing. I saw a resent commercial and it showed Rick and Carol going on a run to find anitbiotics, which Rick doesn’t do any longer. So I’m wondering what that could be about. One other thing if this is a virus antibiotics will not work. Also the medications Daryl’s group went after. What are they going to do use the sick as guinea pigs to see which medication works? What are they going to say to the ones that don’t get the right med….”Oh sorry about your luck.”. Not sure where this story line is going. I just want Carol to stay alive

  8. alistaircrane says:

    I didn’t enjoy this episode and in fact I couldn’t wait for it to end. The series has been lacking something now that Andrea’s gone. I really loved that character. She was great. Outside of Daryl and Carol, I have no interest in anyone. Michonne should have been kick-ass but wasn’t. I’m over Rick. Glenn and Maggie are the two least interesting characters on the show. I also cannot stand Herschl, Maggie and Beth. I am glad they’ve beefed up Carol’s role this season, but obviously they are trying to turn the audience against her so it will be easier for them to kill her off.

    • alyssa says:

      Andrea was the most obnoxious waste of airtime this show has ever seen. I practically rejoiced when her character was killed off.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Nope, Andrea was awesome! I felt for her when she tried to kill the Governor but couldn’t. It’s one thing to kill a zombie, it’s another thing entirely to take a human life. I miss her.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I jumped off my couch with a fist pump when she was bitten. Best zombie food ever!!!!!! Andrea came really close to ruining the entire season last year. It was awful.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Wow, you’re truly messed up, wrstlgirl. The hatred you feel towards your fellow women is disturbing.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            LOLOLOL, I’m messed up. You do realize that Andrea is a fictional character in a television show right?!?! You seem to get bent out of shape because someone doesn’t like what you do. I love Rick, Glenn, Maggie, etc. but I didn’t jump all over you for hating on them did I.

          • TheWalkingDunce says:

            You bash Maggie, Beth, and Michonne…

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          That was a very satisfying death for me as well.

          • Sophia b. says:

            I also LOVED it when Andrea became zombie chow. I never liked her from the very first time I saw her in the show, when she wanted to shoot Rick in the face at the store. I did however take more pleasure from Shane’s death.

    • Jason says:

      So you hate everyone ! Why do you watch ? Such retarded comments on here by retarded people. It’s a TV show. Enjoy it and relax.

      • tripoli says:

        Perhaps you should relax. alistaircrane often provides thoughtful comments on this site and has a right to do so without being hounded by a bunch of strangers who can’t accept a difference of opinion. Not everyone is in love with every aspect of the show and is free to voice that. I don’t agree with his comment but he should be able to make it without people being rude and jumping on him.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Thank you for sticking up for me! I appreciate it. It’s like some people are just waiting to jump down people’s throats around here.

          • tripoli says:

            No problem. It gets pretty tiring seeing people attack a commenter who has a difference of opinion. You at least have been engaged in discussing why you feel the way you do, rather than just saying you hate the show and aren’t going to continue watching. I think some really great ideas and conversation come out of the discussions that offer many views so it would be nice to see that happen, free of attacks and negativity.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            you mean like how she/he attacked me tripoli??

      • alistaircrane says:

        I already told you why I watch: Carol and Daryl. I don’t need to “relax and enjoy it”. I am not a passive viewer who just accepts what is spoonfed me like you do. I am actively engaged in the text, and I have strong, passionate feelings about it.

    • azu says:

      I think you’re confusing this show with all those lollipop daytime soaps you watch. You want to stop watching this show because of the death of one totally useless Andrea? I say adieus!! Good riddance! In case you hadn’t heard, nobody is safe on this show, including Rick!!!!

      • alistaircrane says:

        Andrea was my favourite character out of the bunch. Totally sympathetic and relatable. And I wouldn’t mind it if Rick died, he’s been quite annoying since he killed Shane.

      • Imagineer says:

        Wow. The flaming. A bucket of ice water might do the trick.

    • Cosima says:

      I never really loved Andrea on the show, she seemed so weak when compared to the comics. I think knowing how strong and kick-but she is in the comics made me frustrated with the live version. I was upset when they killed her off, though. She seemed to be coming into her own and getting more interesting, then they kill her off. Was she the last of the original show runners usual crew of actors? I read somewhere that the show was going to slowly kill off all the actors who were tight with him, and were vocal about his ousting. It was just tv gossip at the time, but now that Herschel, Shane and Andrea are dead, maybe not. It is a zombie show, so the deaths could just be storyline driven.

    • Chris says:

      I think it would have all been a lot more interesting had Shane lived instead of Rick. Think about it. Say Shane takes Rick out to kill him but instead they are attacked and Rick dies saving Shane. I think the show would have been a lot more fun and chaotic with Shane leading the charge. His character had unlimited potential and plenty of time to redeem himself. Rick’s character is basically done except what he can do through Carl. Can you imagine Shane, Darryl, Michonne and Merle against the Governor. Would have been a lot more fun than Rick in my opinion.

  9. Pati says:

    Awsome episode, I think it was pretty obvious that it was Carol. Daryl was so bad ass

    • Guest says:

      I would have blamed Daryl before Carol, I just can’t believe he took a beating for her and doesn’t even know it. I only hope these two come out of this one.

      • Kristen says:

        Maybe Daryl did know what she did…he seemed awfully determined to get Tyreese to go with them to get the meds. perhaps keeping Carol away from him in case he finds out??
        Then again, I am REALLY hoping for a Daryl/Carol hook-up so this might be my desperation talking : P

  10. A.B. says:

    So I wonder how close to the comics they will keep Carols fate.

    • I’m pretty sure we’re way past that. The comics and show are so far apart there is no sense in comparing anymore.

      • A.B. says:

        Yeah I guess that’s true. But what I meant was if they off her do they do it like the comics and she commits suicide( I believe that’s what happened) or does someone else do it, Tyreese.

      • Peach says:

        I’m not entirely sure… it seems like they kind of switched the prison arcs around. We got a majority of the woodbury plot straight up… and now it seems that we’re getting a whole bunch of the really great plots from the first comic prison arc now… but then again I don’t think anyone is safe on this show. (Except Carl and Rick.. .but that is only until puberty finishes… and then Rick is probably a goner.)

  11. jerrired says:

    I think they’re setting up Carol to go super crazy and have to be murdered by the end of the episode. I also think Michonne and Daryl was the romance Norman Reedus was hinting about. I’m really hoping Glenn doesn’t die. If he does, I think he may have been the blind item TVLine posted about recently.

    • ylanda71 says:

      Thinking outside of the box, perhaps Darryl and Michonne will have the relationship. Those two had some suspect conversations last night. Michonne and Rick have given each other google eyes a couple times as well. I think perhaps they are building Carol up for her to die at the end of the season.

  12. Laura says:

    I feel like they’re gonna do a little twist with the Carol deal because it was just TOO obvious, you know? Maybe it was the little girl that couldn’t kill her father and Carol is covering for her?? When Rick asked, “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for these people?” And she said, “no.” Maybe hinting towards taking the fall to protect the little girl. She’s definitely the mother figure of the show. Just a theory, who knows.

  13. Ben says:

    Carol was totally covering up for that little girl Lizzie. just sayin.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah! Lizzie is “messed up” and Carol has tried enforcing all these survival rules in her head and with a mentally unstable young girl, Carol’s advice could’ve totally been all mixed up in this girl’s head and this is how Lizzie reacted. Especially with her taking the knife from Carol the creepy way she did. And Carol’s meltdown was her freaking for Lizzie. I mean it all works and makes sense, but UGH WHO KNOWS. I just want to find everything out right meow.

    • Ace says:

      I agree that Carol is actually covering for someone, although I’m not totally sure it was Lizzie. The murders seemed to get resolved too quickly/easily.

    • Abbie says:

      Well, she’s not covering up for Daryl, he was burying two bodies while Carol was burning the other two.

  14. Cheeky says:

    I don’t like what they’re doing to Carol. She was doing so well in terms of growth and all of this feels forced, like they’re giving her so much story just they can can kill her off later as Walking Dead is known to do. I would like to think she was doing it to cover for Lizzie, but only time will tell.

  15. Britta Unfiltered says:

    AAAHHH! My DVR cut off the last minute! I had no idea it was Carol. I didn’t even know it was revealed. Comcast will pay mightily for this.

    • Bearoness says:

      It’s not Comcast’s fault; your DVR records during the times that AMC gives them. The same thing happens on my TiVo, so I set up my season pass to end recording 3 minutes after the ending time. Blame AMC!

    • Phil Holmes says:

      Lol. My dvr did the same thing. I had to watch the episode all over again on demand because I had a feeling something big would be revealed in that conversation between Rick and Carol. As far as Carol covering for Lizzie by taking responsibility for the murders, can’t say I agree with that theory. After the talk she had with the girls when their father died, telling them they needed to be strong in order to do what was necessary, I knew she was edging toward a darker path. Also I can’t see Lizzie being strong enough to get the drop on two adults like that, then dragging their bodies that way, even if they were sick.

    • JJ says:

      Yep. I had to wait for the rebroadcast to see the revelation. AMC wants people to DVR Talking Dead too, probably to milk some L+3 ratings.

  16. James D says:

    I knew it was Carol you could tell from the season premiere she’s not exactly seeing clearly because of Sophia. still doesn’t explain who was feeding rats two the walkers? if Glenn dies from the flu I will seriously flip out, I’m just saying if you’re going to kill him off at least make it a good death. I think Hershel might be the next to go unfortunately.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I know. Right?! If Glenn dies, this is a pretty lame way to kill himk after all he’s been through…

    • Jessica S. says:

      From context clues in the show it is clear that Lizzie was feeding the walkers. She sees them as human, not dangerous. She cares about them way too much. Even her sister said she was sick.

  17. Michael says:

    This episode highlighted almost all of the regulars best qualities. The season has been solid so far, imo.

  18. TJ says:

    When and where did Karen and David show signs of sickness? I must have missed it.

    • Abbie says:

      Karen waa coughing like Sasha by the time Tyreese brought her to A block, Daryl told Hershel David was sick but no info on how bad it was.

  19. Wow Carol admitted to the killings and here I thought the governor was somehow hiding out in the prison and had done the killings.

    • ylanda71 says:

      I think the Gov still has a mole. Who was feeding the rats? I think it’s Bob. They say he’s new and only been there 2 weeks. He’s new yet he always seems to be volunteering and with the counsel members and regulars.

  20. ActionLisa says:

    Carol shouldn’t be punished for trying to keep the prison safe. And I like Tyrese, but he needs to toughen up. Herschel, as always is solid.

    It seems Carl & Beth are the most “well adjusted” now. They know what must be done & they do it. Simple.

    Looks like someone with a name is going to die. I just hope it’s not Glenn. I’m not ready for that.

  21. Phil Holmes says:

    Unlessss, in some kind of sick twist Lizzie killed Karen and David in their sleep as revenge for them killing the walker she named Norman at the gate. Then Carol discovered what she did and dragged the bodies out and burned them to cover up the girl’s crime, out of guilt for giving Lizzie the knife in the first place.

  22. M3rc Nate says:

    I know main characters die but there is still SOOO much gas left in the tank that is Glenn and Maggie, so i imagine Glenn being the healthiest and in best shape (and fantastic age health wise) he will hang on long enough to get the meds to survive the sickness.

    Overall this episode didnt have anything that annoyed me besides the typical TWD stuff thats in every episode. They KNOW they are driving out to where walkers out yet they still wear Tshirts? Really? Could get out the guards uniform and armor? Get tuct-tape and tree branches and build armor thats bite proof? Hell find a ton of leather/pleather and sow it together and put it on the most typical bite spots, or at LEAST your forearms (the most bitten spot)? Jeez.

    I gotta agree with Jack on The Talking Dead….they really dont plan out (like a football team or Special forces team) different plans of action for when they encounter zombies? like a little pow-wow before going on the trip and say “ok if we run into zombies and we have to abandon the car, we move as a group in a diamond formation (that they need to practice) until we get to safety, then we ______ etc”. And really? a hammer is all Tyrese took? No backup knife? No second hammer for your other hand? Lol. You see if this was a zombie movie that knew it was a zombie movie i wouldnt care. But TWD says its reality if zombies were real…but 98% of the survival tactics and practice and hand signals (so ur never talking making noise) and protection (hand made bite proof armor using brances, fencing, leather, layers of paper from phone books etc) are all ignored and never once brought up. LAME.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      “Hell find a ton of leather/pleather and sow it together and put it on the most typical bite spots, or at LEAST your forearms (the most bitten spot)? Jeez.” That’s a really good critique. They did figure out how to make a silencer for Carl’s gun – and that seems a lot harder. I like when people critique the show and actually have something smart to say. Thanks.

  23. rachelle says:

    So people are thinking that Carol is covering up for Lizzie and that Lizzie’s the one who murdered Karen and David? Where would Lizzie get the idea to scope these two people out and kill them? Even if she wanted to redeem herself for wimping out and not being able to kill her father, I don’t see how someone in her position, with her mindset would think “oh, let me go kill these two sick people.” It’s such a 180 that I think she’d at least start small. The only way I think she could’ve committed the murders is if she was directed to do it, by Carol most likely, in which case Carol would still be responsible for the murders. I don’t think Lizzie did it, but I’m willing to read a good argument saying that she might’ve! Carol’s bat-ish crazy. I could understand why she’d kill them, but that’s so cold. Imagine. These people were still alive when she stabbed them to death. And then she desecrated their bodies by dragging them out like bags of trash and burning them. But then again, Carol can only do wrong in my eyes as I am seriously not a fan.

    • Teeny Bikini says:


      Not only that, but Lizzie does not have the physical ability to drag 2 adults through a maze. It’s just an insane theory. At the very least, I think “we” can agree – an *adult* capable of pulling dead weight committed the murders. I am really hoping they were already dead from the virus when Carol burned them. Everything else seems too unthinkable.

      • Laura says:

        Okay, but what about the theory that Lizzie stabbed them with the knife she took from Carol and Carol stumbled upon the act and Carol herself dragged the bodies to help cover for Lizzie?

  24. Hester says:

    *Spoiler Alert*

    Well don’t quote me but on anything so not exactly a spoiler but the producer has already said its about to start looking more like the comics. So I hate to say it for all you people who say “I’ll stop watching the show if so and so dies blah blah blah” but maggie and glenn dont last in the comics. So it looks like the end is near for glenn because he does die maybe not now but it sure looks that way. Also your beloved carol kills herself so it looks like theyre leading to her death as well. As for the affair its either tyreese or daryl I believe its tyreese who cheats in the comics but since his girl is gone and daryl isnt in the comics it they might point it towards daryl. Anyone is really open for death right now except for rick michonne tyreese and maggie imo they make it a long time in the comics. And if you think rick is open for death thats an obvious no go hes obviously the main character. Thats like watching the series Dexter and saying I wonder if they’re going to kill off dexter this episode then who’s going to be the main character. Lol but I can say this the show has had a lot of twists to it when you compare it to the comics which I enjoy. That really what keeps my attention to the show when I’m almost positive something is going to happen and then something else happens and you’re just like WOW I cant believe that really just happened! It kind of urks me when somebody said they only like the show based on a character. They’re all characters and they all make up the show they’re all given a part which make it equally great but its the story line that tops it all off. Watch the show and enjoy guys :)

    • xK says:

      *Spoiler continued*
      Don’t forget, another aspect of the comic is the psychopathic child Ben who tortures animals and murders his brother because he’s convinced the dead always come back. Sound familiar?

      I agree that no one is safe (not even Daryl, you rioters, hehe) but I think it’s too early to kill Glenn, and I highly doubt Carol will kill herself unless it is to save someone else.

    • J.K. says:

      Then again, Sophia died before she even met Maggie, unlike the comic books Maggie is not pregnat with Glenn’s baby, there are no twins in her family, Patricia didn’t outlive Hershel and Daryl doesn’t even exist in the comic books.

      I just don’t see how a man who can barely talk to the woman he likes, would be able to cheat on the woman he loves: that’s just not Daryl.

    • Abby says:

      Hester, relax. You make totally valid points but you’re so indignant and kind of incorrect. No one is safe, but that includes Rick, too. Kirkman has always said that though the comics started as Rick’s story, they have long since morphed into Carl’s story, and he’s toyed with killing Rick a couple times. And how long one lasts in the comics is not, and has never been, a guarantee for their TV show counterpart – Andrea and Shane are exhibits A and B on that one. Andrea died a LOT sooner, and Shane lasted quite a bit longer…

      And yes, Glenn does eventually die in the comics, but not during the prison arc. People who do not believe he will die yet are just as correct as you are that Rick will never die. It’s speculative – only the writers know for sure. But the thing is, if it’s “about to start looking a lot more like the comics” then Glenn should live through this flu, as there is potentially so much more to explore within his relationship with Maggie before he does kick it.

  25. Kris says:

    Carol dies in the serial, she commits suicide by zombie over Tyrese issues.

    • Abbie says:

      Then again, Tyreese dumped Carol for Michonne in the comic books, I seriously doubt that’s going to happen in the TV show when Daryl is closer to Carol and Michonne to Rick than Tyreese is to either one of them. So, no suicide by zombie here.

  26. Guest says:

    I can’t wait until Carol dies. I started to seriously hate her in the middle of season 2. And she was and STILL is useless. She relies purely on others to save her ass and is such a hypocrite. She told that little girl that she was weak because she couldn’t kill her father and because she was upset, but when Sophia died she fell into a depressive hole and cried and cried for ages. She is hardly able to teach kids how to use knives when she can hardly use one herself. She had no right to kill those people. They were isolated and it didn’t change anything anyway.
    I hate her.
    I can’t wait till her death.
    I just realised. I sound Emo.

    • xK says:

      hahaha – that’s okay, we all get a little emo sometimes.

      I’m actually the opposite of you. I thought Carol was completely worthless until season three. Her character grew because of Sophia’s death. (She was not nearly as boo-hoo as Lori throughout her entire life on the show.) She told the girl she was weak because she WAS weak, and if there’s anyone who knows the value of being able to protect yourself, it’s Carol. She’s trying to right the wrongs that she has committed her entire life: allowing herself to stay with an abusive husband, sticking with him even though he was looking at Sophia with perverted lust (that was alluded to in an episode when Sophia was missing), never taught her daughter how to protect herself, etc. She has changed because of that; she’s not hypocritical. She learned something.

      And I think she’s actually really good with a knife. She managed to survive in the tombs with it and hid in that little room where Daryl found her. She would have been okay down by the hose if her knife hadn’t gotten stuck in the walker’s head.

      She is, however, the premiere character used to make the other characters look awesome and grow themselves.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Clearly, this is a different Carol than Season 2. People grow. Characters are supposed to grow. It seems very natural to me that Carol would overcompensate for all of the years she spent being someone’s victim (read: abusive husband) and the helplessness she felt while everyone looked for her daughter but her. She has made a complete 180 because of those tragedies and now can’t bear to be the a victim again. I think she was trying to teach Lizzie to take control of a situation – not let the situation control her – albeit in the dumbest way possible. If nothing else, they have succeeded in making Carol interesting. I will applaud the writers for that.

      • Lilly says:

        Totally agree with you, Teeny. I’m a little proud (if made nervous) by Carol’s slow transformation from victim to killer-wanna-be. What disturbs me is that she could have progressed to a point that has now put Rick in a bad position. Most people here argue that Rick shouldn’t shake things up by telling anyone that Carol killed Karen and David. And yet, honesty is the basis of trust, and Rick is an honest man. And this is a little community that’s based on trust (supposedly different than what the Governor built, where whatever evil he did in the name of protecting the community was a-okay).
        If Carol admits to doing what she did AFTER Karen and David died and turned, that’s one thing. But if she says she killed them in cold blood because she made herself some sort of judge and jury in a medical situation that hadn’t really shaken out yet to prove they NEEDED to be killed … that creates a whole other person in my mind. A person I cannot respect or like. It’s one thing to be able to stick a knife in a man’s brain after he dies before he turns, and quite another to sneak in and kill a live person – a FRIEND – just because they MIGHT carry a deadly disease. And then calmly face her friends in a council meeting and face-to-face and act like nothing happened. That’s disturbing, especially for the person I thought Carol was.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Eloquently stated. And I believe dead on. I am hoping the writers have left themselves an out (ie, they were already dead, they were attacking her, something, anything). If they have written themselves into a corner (she set a torch to sick people that were still alive or something equally inhumane) – it will be hard to redeem the character. I will wait to see. It’s definitely tricky business.

          • Lilly says:

            Ditto that 100%. Because of the blood on the pillows, I believe Carol stabbed them through the head before dragging, so I’m really hoping she slayed walkers, not killed her friends. And I seriously doubt she would have burned them alive, period. Now, maybe she waited until they died/turned. That doesn’t bother me. But killing them when no one was 100% positive that every case of the flu was lethal…. That’s not right. Especially since we haven’t seen any remorse from her now that there is a glimmer of hope with antibiotics. The next ep should be enlightening!

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Oh, I can’t wait to see what happens next…

  27. Dominique says:

    I find it amazing that most people are trying to justify Carol’s actions. She KILLED and burned two people. People who might have gotten better if they were to be given to antibiotics. There was no reason for Carol to kill them; they were seperated from the others, locke dup so they couldn’t get to anyone in case they would turn into walkers, and the illness had already started to spread anyway.
    And if Carol IS covering for Lizzie, then it wouldn’t make any sense either. Lizzie is a little girl, weak. I’m expected to believe that a little girl could kill two adults by herself, then drag their bodies all the way outside? Do you know how heavy that is? There’s no way she would’ve been able to do this without seriously injuring her shoulders.

    I don’t know how this is gonna turn out, but there should be justice.

    • Abbie says:

      I find it amazing that most people forget Rick KILLED Shane, in cold blood. On top of the two Nebraska guys, the three prisoners when Lori was pregnant and several others just to keep his family safe, Carol is doing the same thing that he did only to keep a community safe.

      • Bree says:

        Shane was out there to kill Rick. I don’t understand why people still try to act like Rick is an asshole for killing Shane…it was self defense. If he didn’t do it Shane would have killed him…over a girl. Shane was a dick.

        • azu says:

          Some of you are actually blaming Rick for defending himself against Shane? Unbelievable!! So Rick should have just laid down like a fool and allowed shane to kill him? That’s so sick of y’all. Shane wanted Lori and Carl so therefore Rick had to die? What an idiot!! He couldn’t find his own girl? He had to kill his so called best friend and take his family. That anyone can support shane’s attempted murders shows how disturbed a lot of people are. Carol is an unhinged murderer!! She had absolutely no excuse!! Karen and David were locked up!! This is far worse than what ever Carl did last season that ya’ll wanted to crucify him for. Carol is getting dangerous!! No one is safe. Rick had better tell the rest of the group. I feel things will get worse if he keeps quiet!!

      • Abby says:

        You have an awesome name, and I agree with you – if people are starting backlash against Carol for the fact she admitted killing Karen and David, considering even Rick has not passed a negative judgment on her for what she did, it’s a little ridiculous. I can only imagine that in an apocalyptic scenario you would do whatever you could to keep people safe. It’s not like Carol, and everyone else, doesn’t also realize that the move WAS a mistake because it didn’t stop the spread (and in fact dialogue revealed that they acknowledge as much). It was a mini-mystery, it’s been solved, and we’re hopefully all moving on to next week now; not latching onto hating yet another strong and decisive female character on this show, I sincerely hope…

        • Lilly says:

          “You would do whatever you could to keep people safe.” Ahem…. Isn’t that how the Governor justified slaughtering those soldiers, trying to kill Michonne, and a hundred other evil things even before he went insane?

          • Abby says:

            Yes, yes it is how he justified it. I’m not saying that it’s acceptable behaviour for a civilized society, but I am suspending belief here as it is an apocalyptic one with a lot less civilized rules. The Governor lost it when he lost Penny, and in his mind he was justified killing people to protect Woodbury’s fortifications and prevent any of the citizens from losing a child like he did, etc. This doesn’t mean that Rick’s crew has to let him live. Not after what he did to Glenn and Maggie, Merle, and Andrea. Carol appears to believe she was justified in her actions, but that doesn’t mean that anyone else agrees – it also doesn’t mean she must pay for what he did or that Rick has to sell her out to an extremely angry Tyreese (if he does, what right does he have considering he killed Shane, Dave and Tony, Tomas…all with the express goal of protecting the group, just as Carol did. It’s better for the prisoners to remain united, and sharing with people that Carol killed Karen and David will throw their community into chaos.
            If you’re simply trying to imply that Carol is going insane, I won’t argue. I’d very easily believe it.

          • Lilly says:

            I think you and I view some of these dilemmas quite differently, Abby (for me, especially the part about equating what Carol may have done to two friends with what Rick had to do against people threatening evil on him and his friends). But I do LOVE that we’re talking about it!! That is why I watch this show! The amazing moral quandaries our characters find themselves in. (I do wish there were a few more “beautiful” moments to give us hope, but then I’m a bit of a Pollyanna in the world of Disney….) I see many issues as black and white when others see gray, but they are questions to be pondered. And debated (pleasantly). Thanks for the exchange!

          • Rogue Wolf says:

            You forget Lilly, that Shane was Rick’s *BEST FRIEND*. Him killing his supposed best friend is not right either, and yet he’s getting a free pass for it. Is it because he’s male and Carol is female? Why is it that female characters usually get S#!t on?

      • arienfire says:

        Try again. Rick killed Shane because Shane was trying to kill Rick. Rick killed the Nebraska guys because the Nebraska guys were going to kill them. Big Tiny was killed by Tomas, the psycho prisoner. Rick killed Tomas because he tried to kill Rick. Andrew was killed because he tried to kill EVERYONE in the group, AND Rick. Several others? Who else? He went to rescue Glenn and Maggie, didn’t kill anyone until THEY fired at him.

    • Laura says:

      Carol could’ve caught Lizzie in the act and dragged Karen and David’s bodies.

    • xK says:

      Karen and David could have been sleeping, Lizzie stabbed them both in the head, Carol walked in on the aftermath and started clean-up duty. Then she admitted to it because she’s the one who’s been teaching the kids who to use knives so in her eyes, it falls on her. Therefore she takes the fall.

    • charlid6179 says:

      I think everyone is underestimating Lizzie. I don’t think she’s weak at all. I think after she wasn’t able to kill her father, she had to prove that she could kill. What’s your perfect opportunity? Kill someone who (as far as you know) is going to die anyway.

    • Lilly says:

      Dominique, first I don’t think the covering-for-Lizzie theory holds any water. But I agree with you about justifying Carol’s actions. With one caveat: We still don’t know for SURE that she killed them before they were dead or if she waited until they turned. I’m holding out hope for the latter…!

    • She KILLED and burned two people. People who might have gotten better if they were to be given to antibiotics

      Given what antibiotics? They didn’t have any, and Carol didn’t know anything about the Vet school last week.

  28. carrabus says:

    The question is — will Rick tell Daryl? He’ll find out somehow.

    • J.K. says:

      He’s got to tell Daryl, Rick would like Daryl to tell him if Lori would’ve done the same thing Carol did.

      • AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

        I think in the next ep. rick is going to tell daryl he has no choice i don’t see that he will keep that a secret. Their COUNSEL is sherinking cuz glenn and sasha are sick……they should get together and talk about what they should do about carol.
        On Talking Dead somebody i forgot who suggest they should throw carol out. So IDK…….but i do say daryl will know sometime in the next ep.

        • Abby says:

          Daryl is still on a run/suddenly trapped in the Georgia woods hiding from a huge crowd of 75,000+ walkers, so I might suggest pushing back your prediction by at least one more episode.

  29. wrstlgirl says:

    I didn’t expect Carol as the culprit so interesting twist but I don’t get how some think she’s covering for Lizzie. I don’t think she could drag those bodies out of that cell and outside to burn them. Seems a bit of a stretch.

    • AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

      It was little too obvious that it was carol but i STILL think that lizzie is going to kill her i have a feeling she’s kinda playing her (carol).

    • Laura says:

      Again, Carol could’ve discovered Lizzie in the middle of the act and cleaned up for her to protect her. OR, the human body does amazing things when filled with psychotic adrenaline. ORRR, Lizzie had help from another unknown. The scene where Carol, Lizzie, and her little sister where Lizzie takes the knife from Carol and her sister says she’s “not weak, she’s messed up,” I feel, has to have some future significance. This is all theoretical, of course and I’m DYING for this all to unravel. The murders were “solved” too quickly for it to “just be Carol.” I mean, such an important storyline plot all wrapped up in one episode? Come on. There’s more to it, there has to be!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Sorry, I hadn’t read through all 90 comments. I actually think this is going to continue to play out over the course of the season. It’s by no means a done deal :-) I think the fight and conversation afterwards between Tyresse and Rick was foreshadowing a working relationship between the two. Which will, of course, weigh on Rick whether or not he should tell Ty the truth about Carol. Or he could just run up to Ty with a white flag yelling “I figured it out, I figured it out” JK

      • Lilly says:

        I agree, Laura, that Lizzie’s sister’s statement has siginificance. I just think the Lizzie-as-a-murderer-of-two-sick-people angle is incredibly lame. Though I find the idea that Carol felt guilty for giving Lizzie the knife she killed those people with an interesting one, Lizzie had NO motive to kill Karen and David. And why in the world would Carol – no matter how protective or guilty she feels – protect this little girl she’s known for only a few months and lie to all the friends (Rick, Daryl, etc.) she owes her life to for the last few years? That story line is just out of left field, and I don’t buy it.
        I think Carol kicking over the water tub was her frustration at doing whatever she did to Karen and David – hoping it would stop the disease – but it was all for nothing.

        • And why in the world would Carol – no matter how protective or guilty she feels – protect this little girl she’s known for only a few months and lie to all the friends (Rick, Daryl, etc.) she owes her life to for the last few years?

          Especially when there would be no need to. What are they going to do to a little girl? Execute her? Kick her out and make her fend for herself? Sacrifice her to the zombies?

          No, they’d do pretty much nothing because she’s a kid who just lost her dad who doesn’t know any better.

          • Laura says:

            Karen and David killed her walker that she named and was super bent out of shape about it. And if word got out that she killed and burned them, someone would do something, Carol knows it! Someone would snap and not care it was a child, or feel like they “had to do it.” There’s always someone who doesn’t give a sh** or has it all justified in their head. The writers love doing that to start debates amongst fans!

          • Lilly says:

            You could be right about Lizzie. Goodness knows most people here are leaning that way. I just won’t be happy with that story line. We aren’t invested in this girl enough to care – except now our friends are now faced with the dilemma of what to do with a child who MIGHT be a psychopath. It just feels wrong. Frankly, someone else’s proposal that Carol is covering for Carl makes more logical sense to me. But I would hate that even more because I want Carl – as weird as he is now as a sullen teenager – to grow into a great character. I would hate for him to lose his soul so young!

          • Laura says:

            That’s true, too. But maybe the writers aren’t worried about how much we care about her, but more what the group does in response to a mentally unstable murderous little girl. Again this is ALL theory, we all have no idea! I’m just really wishing Sunday would hurry up already haha.

          • Lilly says:

            Right there with ya! But I wonder what percentage will focus on the prison (Carol/Rick) versus the group looking for meds without a car to drive home with?

  30. ANJA says:

    I know that there are a lot of people for and against Carol at this point so because this is kind of a huge emotional type of event each side is going to have some strong reactions. Personally I like and respect her characters growth and how much she has changed from Season 1. Who would have thought back then that she would not only be still standing but also be the last original group female? I thought she would be gone in a matter of days!
    I am no expert but watching her for so long I simply can’t believe that she did this terrible thing…or by herself!
    Here are the reasons;
    1. She is a bad ass now but she is also one of the most compassionate characters so cold murder simply doesn’t fit
    2. Lizzie has been acting weird – naming the walkers & possibly feeding them. Even her sister said – she is not weak – she is messed up
    3. Karen & David were the ones that killed Lizzie’s special walker friend – Nick!
    4. Lizzie took a knife from Carol in Ep 2 at the fence
    5. Lizzie was fake coughing to go in to sick cells
    6. In the preview for next week there is another body being dragged out and Carol is on a run with Rick so it couldn’t be true?

    Basically I don’t want it to be Carol! If she is involved then it was probably to cover it up…
    Pretty much MIND BLOWN

    • AshleyRae says:

      I’m telling you she’s playing carol!!!!!! Lizzie didn’t LOOK that sick all pale faced etc. all she did was cough. But i still say to keep an eye on carol……I kinda agree w/one of the comments above that the writers might make her go crazy and she has been off not thinking straight. Also keep in mind the ‘mid-season’ finale Andrew Lincon (Rick) says it going to be a PAINFUL one……….

    • Abby says:

      I don’t think a 12-year-old could drag out both those bodies on her own. I would agree that she doesn’t appear to be that sick and is either a) seeking attention, or b) will try to kill someone next week, but I don’t think she was capable of killing David and Karen without at least an adult’s help. Maybe Karen did help her, but I would say that makes her just as complicit and not just covering for Lizzie.

    • Lilly says:

      You make some good points (though I still don’t quite buy this Lizzie story angle). I do agree with everyone that something doesn’t pass the smell test with Carol just up and killing two people just because they MIGHT have a bad, bad disease. Yet that’s still more believable than a mousy little girl we know nothing about doing it.
      I guess what ticks me off is the possibility the writers could put so much on this little girl character we barely know (and don’t yet care about) with the only clue being her sister’s cryptic remark about not being weak. Why should she be given the power to create such havoc without building that character for us first, at least a little? Why throw a psychopath into the mix now? It’s just too much. I think Lizzie has a role, but a little later. (I do believe she could have been feeding the walkers – even if it seems she was too short.) I find it hard to believe she wants to risk getting sick herself by secretly murdering other sick people. I suppose we’ll soon see how it plays out….

    • Everyxnewxday says:


      That was the FAKEST little cough and the giant knife was practically screaming “look at me!!!” The whole time she was saying that she is sick.

      I suspected Lizzie as soon as I saw the bodies. Too many hints that are pointless otherwise.

      she liked “nick”
      She fed nick rats.
      She’s “messed up”
      (What the hell, maybe she’s been hanging out with the zombies and eating rats too and/or tossing them into the pig slop/getting everyone sick)
      They killed nick.
      She couldn’t kill her dad
      She has a freaking huge knife that CAROLE thought her to use.

      Has to be her.

    • Phil Holmes says:

      At first the Lizzie theory didn’t add up to me either, but the more I thought about it the whole mystery was solved much too quickly for it to really serve a rich storytelling plotline. The notion that the world these people have been forced to try to adapt to would cultivate an environment that would create a child like Lizzie is right up the show’s alley. How DO you deal with a CHILD that has done such a horrible thing when you have no juvenile courts or facilities to turn to? What lessons are to be learned from something like this?

      • Lilly says:

        Okay, Phil, you make the most compelling argument yet. But I still say this “mystery” is too vague and poorly developed to be the real answer. We don’t CARE about that girl yet. Yes, her youth presents a difficult problem for our friends, but it is NOT true to Carol’s character – I don’t care how much she wants to protect these kids. Even if she’s gotten more badass, she would NOT lie in the faces of her friends who have saved her life over and over to protect this (sick) child, especially if she killed two friends in cold blood. I’m not buying it. Yet.

        • Laura says:

          Maybe. Maybe not. But Carol has taken these kids in as her own, especially after their dead father asked her to. She’s been spending every day with them teaching them survival 101. She lost her own daughter and she’s more of a mother figure than stupid Lori ever was. Aaaagh, I just want to find out already!

          • Lilly says:

            Laura, all of your reasons make logical sense, but I don’t FEEL it. We haven’t had time to grasp whatever feelings Carol has developed for these kids. Just one episode where a father dies in front of his kids – in any other show, sure, that would be gut-wrenching – but in TWD we aren’t invested in those kids or Carol’s feelings for them yet. I will feel cheated that they threw this moral dilemma on the group for some kids we barely know or care about. But – of course – MAYBE we’ll get some answers Sunday!

          • Gupy says:

            You made some excellent points Laura. Even though Lilly doesn’t FEEL it, doesn’t mean it can’t happen on the show. In the span of a few episodes, I thought the writers did a really good job sowing how much Carol was invested in those kids.

          • Gupy says:

            oops, *showing*

  31. Abby says:

    When I realized it was Carol (about the point when Tyreese asks her to watch over Sasha when he goes on the run), I wasn’t surprised because why she did it made sense, but good on the writers because no one seemed to be guessing it would be her.

  32. Charlid says:

    But did Carol do it or is she covering for someone else?

  33. azu says:

    Hey you haters!! Leave Carl out of this!! Carol’s murdering of Karen and David is a thousand times worse than what ever you feel Carl did last season

  34. Kaba says:

    Last time I checked you burn the body to prevent the sickness from spreading from even the dead.
    I’m with Carol in her decision…was it terrible? Yes, entirely…but in times like this pragmatism justifies psycho.

  35. Sean-not Shane-zombied says:

    Carol did not do it, she is covering for Sasha who got sick first after killing those two. Carol is protecting Ty and Sasha.

  36. Teesha says:

    So, what if this David character that we don’t really know anything about has more of a part? What if he helped Lizzie for some reason or even Carol? I’m not exactly defending Carol because that kind of broke my heart and honestly, i’m a little upset that she seems to be changing way too much and isn’t as compassionate as I thought she was. Even before the deaths. But something just tells me that this is very un-Carol like. Yes, she threatened to cut Merle’s throat. Yes, she encouraged Andrea to kill the governor. But to kill the sick people that were innocent and alive still and then burn them and just leave them to be found? It just seems very unthought out. I feel like there’s a lot more to this. I wonder if they turned and then for whatever reason they were burned. Or I wonder if the little girl does have something to do with it. Or I wonder if David was somehow involved and then got killed himself somehow. I feel uncomfortable with just thinking that Carol did this without some sort of other outside influence. And not only because she was trying to protect the family. I don’t know if Lizzie is really malicious or if maybe she is just messed up in the head as they called it. Or maybe Carol saw something that made her kill them. I think my question is that if she wanted them dead and for it not to come back to her then why did she leave them there? All the blood was left and they were meant to be found. Something doesn’t seem right in my book.

    I don’t know if one can really come back from killing innocent people. I feel like they were always killed for being an outward threat. I know sickness is a threat but these people were so innocent. Something just doesn’t seem right.

  37. Kobe says:

    Glenn can’t die! They’re killing off everyone I care about! Season 2 is still my favorite when everyone was still around. I miss those days on the farm….

  38. KF says:

    Great episode! Carol the cold blooded murderer. I hope there are consequences for her actions. The best parts of this episode was the Daryl and Michonne scenes (I sense some chemistry there…hot!) and Beth and Maggie talking. Very sweet moment between the sisters.

  39. Carolyn Yates says:

    all of u people sound like a bunch of women watching the soaps lol

  40. Where was it ever mentioned the Indian doctor’s name was Caleb? They only referred to him as Dr. S

  41. I can’t believe I just read all these comments lol.

  42. cjw says:

    Why do you continue to put spoilers in your headlines? You did this with The Killing. I can see that you changed it now (but the original URL gives it away), but really, how dense can a TV website be?

  43. ANJA says:

    The more I think about the little signs from the episodes the more I am convinced there has to be more to this story!
    The scene where Carol loses it with the water bucket might be caused by guilt but not because she killed 2 people. She may be trying to protect Lizzie because she caught her in the act or found out in some other way. Even if she didn’t do it she feels like it’s her fault that it happened;
    1. Carol is the one that taught the kids to USE the knives
    2. She is the one that kept telling Lizzie that she can’t be weak and has to do whatever is needed to survive
    3. Lizzie took the knife from CAROL so essentially she provided the murder weapon
    4. Carol promised to protect the 2 girls like her own so she might be thinking what if it was Sophia who did this?
    5. She is realizing that it was her knife lesson and her gung-ho kill to survive pep talks that might have started it all
    Lizzie is weird or “messed up” according to her sister and yes she might be small but if Karen & David were bedridden it would have been easy for her to kill them. I don’t think she is the one that dragged and did the burning part but that’s probably where Carol came in to play – burn to stop disease and clean up…
    I just keep thinking about Lizzie and her freak out at the fence “why did they kill him” (Karen & David) ” he was special and now they killed him”…
    Carol might want to protect the group but I can’t see her killing 2 people…
    The hints are subtle but there…
    I know I put entirely too much thought into this but things just don’t add up to “yes I killed them”!? Walking Dead writers have a twisted minds so making it just be Carol seems unlikely and really mediocre
    Regardless I love Carol and I am sure Daryl will back her up! He is after all her other “person” according to the TWD scoop
    What do you think?

    • Laura says:

      Completely agree with you. There’s so many hints towards something more, ESPECIALLY with Lizzie and her sister. There’s no way the writers would give us such an easy answer. I’m so excited for Sunday night!

    • Chris says:

      I think Carl did it. He has little hands. Lizzie may have helped but it was definitely creepy Carl. Happened right after be got his gun back too. Carol would be more likely to cover for him anyway.

      • azu says:

        Carl, Carl Carl!!!! Leave the kid alone!!! He had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Carol the so called”saint” has a hand directly or indirectly in murdering Karen and David. Geez! Leave Carl alone!!

  44. Remsej says:

    It’s Lizzie who killed Karen and David. Carol was there to guide her how to do it because Karen and David will die anyway, they wait for Karen and David to die and then Carol teach Lizzie how to stab their heads. Carol told Lizzie that they need to burn the bodies to stop the flu on spreading. Carol drag the bodies and they burn it.

  45. Mikael says:

    I couldn’t tell if Lizzy’s cough was fake or if it was just bad acting. But can’t believe that “Dr. S” would cough blood all over Hershel and not cover his mouth!!! He could have at least turned his head away!!

  46. Tammy says:

    I think that young girl killed them. She took her knife back from Carol and was pretty messed up after the death of her father.

  47. Chris says:

    It was Carl not Carol. Lizzie may have helped him but I definitely think it was Carl, makes more sense for Carol to cover for him. Am I the only one he creeps out?

  48. arleen says:

    how did rick know it was carol, just by looking at some blood on the door?

    • Sophia B. says:

      Arleen that is what I have been thinking. Just by a bloody palm print, not even a whole hand. He went all CSI. I really can not think Carol killed them while they where alive. She waited for the girls father to die, why not with them. The preview for next week shows Carol and Lizzie talking together with no one else around. That girl is so creepy. So we shall see what will happen next week, with Carol, Rick and this whole mystery. Or maybe not.

    • tareq says:

      I have been looking all over the internet for this answer, how did rick know that carol was the killer? I’ve searched countless forums but it seems no body is asking this question which is driving me crazy! Most people are more concerned if carol is hiding something or not. You r the first person to ask this question! I know he saw the prints on the door but so what? how did he make that connection. I hope somebody would read this and try to explain it in case I missed a clue or something.

  49. tareq says:

    I have been looking all over the internet for this answer, how did rick know that carol was the killer? I’ve searched countless forums but it seems no body is asking this question which is driving me crazy! Most people are more concerned if carol is hiding something or not. I know he saw the prints on the door but so what? how did he make that connection. I hope somebody would read this and try to explain it in case I missed a clue or something.

  50. saint sirhc says:

    My predictions. Of course it was not Carol. I think Lizzy and Mika each killed Karen and David while they were asleep. Carol caught them and helped drag the bodies. Carol fealing the guilt of teaching the two girls how to kill, takes the blame. I don’t think Carol will die but I could be wrong she might. I do think while Lizzy is in quarantine she will kill someone, possibly Hershel hopefully someone random. Then while that is going on Mika kills Beth and Judith. I think Beth and Judith will most certainly die because on the season teaser it shows a very distraught Rick. Then when all comes to light no one will know how to handle a child serial killer or want to deal with it. So Carl takes matters into his own hands and executes the girls.