Celebrity Apprentice In Limbo: Is NBC Ever Bringing The Donald Back?

Celebrity Apprentice CancelledDonald Trump is in no danger of getting fired by NBC.

Despite the fact that the Peacock network has yet to order a new edition of Celebrity Apprentice, NBC’s head of alternative programming, Paul Telegdy, insists the show will eventually go on.

“We are on track to produce The Celebrity Apprentice as always planned,” Telegdy insisted in a statement, “coordinating among New York City weather conditions, sponsor needs, and celebrities’ schedules.”

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Eyebrows were raised last May when NBC announced a schedule that, for the first time in a decade, did not include an Apprentice edition. The network maintained at the time that although the show was on the bubble, preliminary casting on a new season was underway.

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Now, five months later, the show has still not been renewed. And even if NBC was to formally order a new edition, the earliest CA could get on the air at this point is late spring/early summer.

At the Television Critics Assoc. press tour last summer, Telegdy faced questions about whether Trump’s off screen antics were consistent with NBC’s ideals. “We live in a country where free speech is entirely supported,” he said. “He’s in the business of creating his own headlines and we’re in the business of creating our own.”

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  1. amadeline says:

    In response to the headline – I hope not!!!

    • arial2 says:

      Totally agree!

    • newinkpop says:

      I hate that show…if any version of The Apprentice needs to be brought back, its the original. Especially since so many people need jobs, you’d think THAT would be the best show on TV but of course Donald Trump has to bring in celebrities and have them compete for “charity” but what kind of “charity” show has them acting like a bunch of idiots

      • Vince says:

        Umm…you DO know they brought back one of those editions three years ago and it miserably failed right? That’s why they cancelled normal apprentice in favor for celebrity apprentice for good

      • Ro says:

        The Celebrity version is much better than the original Apprentice. The original show had nothing short of spoiled brats with huge egos and a sense of entitlement.
        At least the Celebrity version benefits those who are in need by contributing to charities.

    • Will it be Apprentice or a run for POTUS? Let’s hope it’s Apprentice…though his antics are quite entertaining.

      • Barbie says:

        I just got email apprentice cast will be named in the next week ! :-)


          • Barbie says:

            HereS the CAST:-)
            Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Cast: K Michelle, Kenya Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Gordon Ramsey, Scott Disik, Snooki & More

            Producer Mark Burnett has allegedly revealed the cast for the new season of Celebrity Apprentice…. This season looks like it just might be the best one yet!


            Ving Rhames

            George Lopez

            Gordon Ramsey


            Andy Dick

            Criss Angel

            Hulk Hogan

            Scott Disik



            K Michelle

            Kenya Moore

            Leah Michelle

            Holly Madison


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  2. Bobby says:

    Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. That’s the mature response, anyway
    I look forward to a new season whenever it comes.

  3. Ed says:

    Hope not. Way passed it’s prime

  4. Liz says:

    Replace Donald Trump and I will watch

  5. liz McQueen says:

    I hope that the show is not renewed. I no longer watch the show.

  6. DavidSask says:

    Their family screwed themselves over with Donald’s mouth and feuds and the African kills constantly!

  7. Renaak says:

    After yet another terrible scene I’ve switched over to watching Apprentice UK and enjoyed if far more than the last five or six seasons of the US version.

  8. Tran 2.0 says:

    Really hope it may very well be the end for Celebrity Apprentice and the Donald. What does this mean for NBC Sunday night line up if Believe and Crisis are staying put on that night?

  9. Paul says:

    Quit putting this clown on tv. How about rebooting the show with some CEO who isn’t a complete freakshow?

  10. Kim R says:

    I didn’t realize that this show still got the ratings it needed to be viable for the tv schedule. When I lost total respect for Donald I lost total interest in the show.

  11. Linderella says:

    Give him a seltzer bottle and a rubber nose and he’d be a perfect clown. Please cancel this show.

  12. I hope not. I never want to see that man on television again.

  13. Babybop says:

    Not even embarrassed that I like this show. Hope it gets renewed!

  14. Tim says:

    Please don’t put Vidal Buffoon back to my teevee. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  15. arial2 says:

    Suggestion for NBC: dump Trump and renew Crossing Lines (which filled the 10 PM Sunday slot this summer), but this time let viewers know it’s there. Its European producers have already approved a second season, so it’s not like NBC will have to foot all the costs of producing it.

  16. Ella says:

    I prefer the regular Apprentice to the Celebrity one, it’s much more interesting.

  17. Michelle says:

    I have always enjoyed The Apprentice, celebrity and otherwise. I would love for it to come back. I am always in anticipation of it!

  18. I certainly hope that NBC finally sees that Trump is a bonehead. It’s time to put that show…and Trump out to pasture.

  19. Den says:

    Come on guys…I want Celebrity Apprentice back, and Donald Trump back as well. Come on, Celebrity Apprentice and Donald Trump go together. If not with Donald Trump, forget Celebrity Apprentice or the Apprentice for that matter. How can people forget how much Trump did for them and the City of New York is beyond me.

    • Julie Shipman says:

      Please bring Donald Trump and the Celebrity Apprentice Back. I enjoy the show and I miss it a lot! It’s an awesome show! I don’t like the NBC programming that’s on right now, so I do not watch anything on the channel that much. Also pleeeeeeeeeease bring back Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel!

  20. Jakklrentice says:

    Ok I LOVE the show, I usually hate the results and dont always agree with who he fires, but the interaction of people with different personalities is always so interesting to watch, its my favorite show. Donald Trump may be controversial whatever, but it is HIS show, and hes not the only one in it, what about Ivanka and his kids? Quit whining, u hate donald more than the show itself, shut up.

  21. Tua says:

    I know its gonna be renewed cos it is :) but now i just want to know who the celebrities are :) i want Raven Symone and Marisa Tomei :) those two females would make the show more interesting i tell u that ! But there has 2 be a villain .. So obviously they should hire Brandi Glanville bcos shes a Fake bitc* like Honestly .. She’ll make the show more entertaining tbh . And the males should be : Jim Carrey cos of his humour and Jackie Chan.. He needs yo be on !! :) but thats just my opinion.

  22. Alice says:

    PLEASE renew the show…..I love that show and was so looking forward to the 2014 season.

  23. Steve says:

    I love Apprentice! Hope it gets renewed! Waiting so long though is always a good way to kill a program in my opinion!

  24. Karen Wilcox says:

    I love the apprentice and Donald Trump. I have been waiting to watch the new season. I hope they bring it back.

    • barbie says:

      I love watching the Donald and I love the Apprentice and the Celebrity Apprentice too. I have always chosen the Apprentice that Donald chose too. It’s great TV. (better than the silly sitcoms and violent shows. I’m a fan of Regs Philbin too. So make sure he guest stars on it again. You brought him on the final live episode one season. He is great!

  25. Bruno says:

    C’mon NBC, renew Celebrity Apprentice already! People shouldn’t let their political views interfere with good entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, period. It’s not all about the ‘D’ man, it’s also about social interaction and charity work. I look forward to every new season and wish people would lighten up a little and enjoy the show or just change the channel!

  26. D. Dogperson says:

    The show has done more good with contributions to worthy causes. A whole lot better than the many violent and inappropriate TV shows.

  27. barbie says:

    I love watching the Donald and I love the Apprentice and the Celebrity Apprentice too. I have always chosen the Apprentice that Donald chose too. It’s great TV. (better than the silly sitcoms and violent shows. I’m a fan of Regs Philbin too. So make sure he guest stars on it again. You brought him on the final live episode one season. He is great!

  28. Barbara sumpter says:

    Donald trump is one of the best entertainers on tv!!! They got rid of Regis Philemon. Don’t let them do it to donald trump!

  29. Scarllett says:

    After Donald setting it up last year for Trace Atkins to win ~ when he didn’t deserve to. I will never watch it again, anyway. The only people who don’t believe that are die-hard Atkins fans. Anyone who was ‘neutral’ like me, could see the writing on the wall. Trace even indicated that he was going to win by various things he said. I hope this show burns!

  30. Nena Robbins says:

    The Apprentice is a great show. Donald Trump says what he believes, so that irritates those who believe differently. Sorry, not everyone loves liberals and their hatefulness.

  31. The Apprentice is a great show. And Donald Trump makes it. HE HAS HELP A LOT OF CHARITY. Please bring the Show back.

  32. carla says:

    I hope they do bring back the apprentice it is one of the best reality shows i watch, next to survivor and amazing race. Bring back the Donald he is the best because he does say what he feels and not sugar coat it. Carla K

  33. Fran says:

    I love CA but when Gary Busey was on I just almost screamed. It is enough to make me not watch an entire season and I am a huge fan of the show. I think it is great to have opinionated opponents after all the adversity is the heart of the show, but to have idiots who are beyond annoying is not good business.

  34. Debra Disney says:

    I am a HUGE fan of The Donald! Always watch Celebrity Apprentice. Would be thrilled for 2014 announcement,. HOWEVER, No Way would Gordon Ramsay (Chef Ramsay) participate — he is nearly SuperHuman, So it wouldn’t be fair to the others. Not to mention, he has 3 Excellent shows of his own on FOX, and all those restaurants! I am certain he has other/more urgent things to do! Celeb. Apprentice cast is Always an interesting mix, and finding out who REALLY will be on is something to look forward to!

  35. Dora Williams says:

    I will be watching it always have and will continue. Thanks Donald

  36. Justin says:

    I think they need to go back to the original format. However, even though I am a HUGE Trump fan, there needs to be a different hosts. To me, the perfect hosts would be Mark Cuban.

  37. SteveO says:

    Just give us new season !!! I also like original “business” Apprentice better because then Trump can go medieval !

    Cheers from Croatia !!

  38. Stinky Feet Lover says:

    Can’t wait for this show to come back!!

  39. Mary Hall says:

    Love, Love, Celebrity Apprentice, really looking forward to the show,,Please bring it back soon,,

  40. Mary H. says:

    Great line-up.. can’t wait,, Love it Donald!!

  41. Marium says:

    I miss seeing the Apprentice..Can’t wait till it comes on…I love the twist and turns and challenges…The competitiveness of all the guests..It’s a great learning tool for anyone in sales…or business..Lot of good ideas..Never boring..Great show..can’t eair to watch it..PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON! This has been a long winter we need some Apprentice!

  42. Joyce says:

    Seems you brought the lowest of low for this season. Kate Gosslin, she is not a celebrity, her children are. Hopefully Kate will be the first to go and I will be able to watch it. Brandy Glandville, wow.

  43. Stacy Thomas says:

    Will Celebrity Apprentice be back on in 2014 ? If so when?

  44. Greg Ng says:

    responsible free speech is supported but not acts of anarchy and lies!!! trump and his birther movement wasted lots of tax payers money and time in their nuisance lawsuit against President Obama, it was willing to spread lies just to make itself popular

  45. Barbie says:

    They filmed a new season-will be on in the Fall! Woo hoo ! :-)

  46. bruce schacter says:

    Celebrity Apprentice needs to happen..this is a reality show that truly reveals the hearts and souls of people we admire from afar…this show has the ability to bring its viewers closer to celebrities than other medium…..

  47. Matt says:

    I hope it comes back. Donald is such an icon. No one can make this show as good as he can. In 22 other countries they tried Apprentice, and none of them survived more than 1 episode. God Bless America…

  48. Debbie Perger says:

    I want The Apprentice to come back on. I enjoy so much watching The Donald and his minions! I love his kids. PLEASE BRING THE APPRENTICE BACK!!!

  49. Lilli says:

    So what’s the latest on the Apprentice show. Is it coming back or gone for good?

  50. Debbie Perger says:

    We want the Donald!
    We want the Donald!
    I hope Donald Trump runs for President!
    Please bring back The Apprentice; don’t care if it’s Celebrity Apprentice or just The Apprentice.