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NCIS Tony Life After Ziva SpoilersWhen will NCIS‘ Tony get his groove back? Does a Grey’s death still loom large? Does Bones‘ job not jibe with a toddler? A beach wedding for Castle? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

What can you tell me about life after Ziva for NCIS‘ Tony? –Cheryl
As glimpsed in this week’s episode, Tony’s still working through his issues regarding her absence, so it’ll be some time before he opens his heart again. “I’m curious to see what’s next for him in his personal life, but we’re not going to rush into anything,” showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains. “Much like a real relationship, it takes time to recover and to figure out what’s next, and the one thing we’re really trying to do is approach this from the standpoint of as if it’s real. You have to give people” – the audience included – “time to ‘mourn’ and deal with their feelings, and then re-embrace why they watch NCIS.

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Can you tell us anything about Episode 6.05 of The Mentalist? –Deshani
Before this Sunday’s episode, titled “The Red Tattoo,” is over, you will get a kind of whopping new clue to Red John’s identity.

Do you have any new info on The Mentalist, or have you already given it all to us? –Samara
Did you not see above that I watched this Sunday’s episode?! Well, I can also share that one of the five remaining possi-Johns is about to reveal a certain phobia. But does his fear thus rule him out…?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard something interesting about Cho of The Mentalist. Is there anything special coming up for him? –Sonia
What if I told you that Leverage fave Beth Riesgraf guest-stars in this week’s episode, and that her cute-as-a-button character winds up asking a certain stone-faced CBI agent out for coffee…? (Lucky duck.)

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I’m wondering about Shane’s guilt over Heather’s death in the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. Other than that one episode, he’s been acting like it never happened. Will we see him deal with it in the future? –LaDonna
You will see Shane deal with it in the very near future – aka the next two episodes, starting tonight. As Gaius Charles previewed for us, “We’ll have to see Shane balance that sort of personal trauma with how he does his job and falls in line at the hospital. It’s going to be pretty cool, pretty interesting.”

We’re five weeks into Grey’s Anatomy and Arizona Robbins has gotten to say about three words. Any idea when we’re going to get her story? –Jennifer
Bide your time just a bit more. I’m hearing that the episode you wanna watch out for airs Nov.14.

I know we’ve got the Bones honeymoon in a couple of weeks, but we’ve really not heard much about what’s after that. Any scoop? –Cindee
Bones‘ freshly-minted newlyweds will soon tackle the (stuffed) elephant in the (toddler’s) room: Is their profession compatible with parenting? “Like any parent whose job puts them in danger, they will have to balance whether they want to continue with that kind of job,” reveals series creator Hart Hanson. “Is it fair to the child or children to be in gun battles and stuff? We have to start talking about that as a story generator.”

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Are Necessary Roughness and Drunk History still in contention for renewal, or did they get the axe without me noticing? –Bruce
Both are in contention, but I just checked and there’s no word on either. (I predict only one of them will get the good word.)Sinners and Saints

Can you get spoilers for The Originals on Rebekah and Marcel’s relationship? –Nancy
As you know, Marcel is forbidden from acting on his feelings for Rebekah, as part of a pact he was forced into by a disapproving Klaus. But as you’ll see next week, that hardly keeps the comely Original from regularly getting up in Marcel’s grill and tempting him with “What if…” scenarios. Marcel, alas, will have his hands full with the other gals in his life – namely Davina, who’s about to “act out” in a big way, and Cami, whose true identity he thus far is unaware of. Also in Tuesday’s episode: a massive download of witchy mythology. Seriously, like keep a notepad nearby.

I love Falling Skies and can’t wait until Season 4. We know that Robert Sean Leonard will appear in at least one episode, but what is the status on Gloria Reuben’s character? –Ganon
File this under “interesting”: At this time, there are no plans for the ER alum to return as Marina.

Will Castle and Kate will get married mid-season or at the end Season 6? –Russell
Ha, nice try with the trick question. You know that show boss Andrew Marlowe refuses to confirm that vows will be exchanged this season. But if we are heading for a wedding, here’s how Nathan Fillion would like to see it play out. “I am, myself, not a huge fan of the big church wedding with everybody in stuffy suits,” he told me. “I’m a fan of the beach wedding, with everybody in linen. And if it meant an episode [filmed] in a tropical location, then that would be great, too.” (P.S. I could totally get behind this tropical wedding shoot, especially if I’m invited along to cover it.)

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Any news about The Following‘s return date? –Saralynn
Nothing more specific than “January 2014,” no.

Do you know anything about Criminal Minds‘ 200th episode and if any Prentiss scenes occur in present time? Will she interact with everyone? –JP
I tried to sneak your question by Thomas Gibson during this week’s Q&A, but he dodged it like the pro he is. “Paget [Brewster] will be there, but I won’t say how,” he hedged. Even teasier, he mused: “And hopefully we’ll see her again…?” All told, Gibson describes the milestone episode as “a gift to fans, and we’re as happy Paget’s coming back as they are.”

Will we be seeing the Cheshire Cat again on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? I really enjoyed that scene in the premiere. –abz
Yes — in fact the feral feline (voiced by Keith David) will appear in the same episode that introduces Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of Mrs. Rabbit.

Do you have any scoop on Ironside? Will we ever see how his team came together? –Jayne
I’m thinking… no?

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  1. R says:

    A Caskett Hamptons wedding would be a dream come true!

  2. Apples says:

    Caskett wedding speculation, woo! I can totally foresee a Hamptons wedding.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Castle is super rich.. It should be on a cool location shoot… But on the Beckett side of it.. Low key Hamptons fits. I like the idea of Linen and the sunset over the ocean.. And a nicely tanned Beckett. :D

      • Carl says:

        How about Bora Bora…………Just asking.

      • Rich Abey says:

        “A nicely tanned Beckett”! Every Castle fan’s (both boys & girls) dream isn’t it? I’m ok with a church/beach wedding..either way a Caskett wedding in itself is a dream come true for all fans. Doesn’t have to be a Hamptons wedding necessarily…could be someplace even more private & charming. Rick does have the cash to splash and given that Kate doesn’t allow him to shower her with gifts (like a sugar daddy?), this would be an ideal chance for him to go all out to find the perfect place for both of them! :)

      • Apples says:

        I think much like the proposal, quiet and intimate is very much them. I don’t think a flashy, far-away wedding suits either of their characters.

  3. Mateo says:

    Costa Rica would be right on the money for that tropical wedding. Especially after December

    • Lupe says:

      I agree with you, Mateo. Costa Rica is beautiful and after Christmas is summer time so it will be really nice. I know this because I’m from there:). But I don’t want a wedding this season is too soon.

  4. 206episodesofBones says:

    I knew this particular storyline would have to come up at some point on Bones as Christine could be orphaned in the blink of an eye. I always thought Bones would end with Booth taking a promotion and their professional partnership coming to an end.

    • Ali says:

      Yep, that’s my new theory on how the show ends, when it does, always thought before our last image would have been the wedding. People evolve and change jobs are their lives changes and it might be time for B & B to look at their family and how their lives affect their children too.

  5. CA says:

    Oh goody!! More mopey, depressed Tony!! I don’t think it’s taken me 5 months or longer to get over guys I’ve had actual relationships with.
    I’m lovin’ the more grown up Tony (notice it took Ziva leaving for him to mature cuz she wouldn’t let him), but part of his charm is his sense of humor.
    As Gibbs said “she wanted to move on, so let’s move on.” I have no clue why the writers would use that line if they had no intention to, you know, move on.

    • Cindy says:

      I like what they’re doing with Tony; the person who doesn’t miss a guy she’s had a close relationship with for 5 months must be cold-hearted; I’ve been down in the dumps for a long time after breaking up with a guy I’ve gone with (and in those days we didn’t have a sexual relationship; just emotional involvement, like Tony and Ziva.) It took me until someone else came along before I could get over my “love;” So Tony’s immersing himself in work, being slightly distracted by reminders of Ziva, and I find that perfectly natural and realistic

      • sladewilson says:

        I would find it interesting too if they hadn’t done it already with Jeanne!!! It’s just an extended retread of how Tony reacted to his “break up” with Jeanne. You would think he would realize what’s happening and deal with it. Does Rochelle Aytes have to come back for a cameo to get Tony back on his groove again? Time to move on…

        • jean says:

          I have been an avid ncis fan for years, getting others to watch, and spending many, many weekends watching their marathons. The ensemble cast made it great, and when Ziva joined that cast, the chemistry was perfect to me. I loved her character and I loved watching the magic between her and Tony. NCIS was more than tv show to me, too. I started watching while recovering from catastrophic electrocution injuries, while caring as well for my Dad… a Purple Heart marine from Iwo Jima. Ziva’s strength meant something to me. The devotion between the cast meant everything. You could see it. But for me, it is gone. It is too sad to watch without Ziva, the same magic I once felt with the show is just gone.

          • Marilyn Lee says:

            I totally agree with you. The spark is gone..
            There is no humanity …nothing people can identify with or admire. See “Reunion” as an example of Ziva’s
            Heart and soul.

      • James Eller says:

        Here’s a possible story plot: While working in DC, Kate gets involved with NCIS on a case. Tony is enamored, by her and her abilities. The fact that Rick has never had a long term relationship with his past wives and girl friends, leaves Kate uneasy about their future. The question for Kate, is, can she maintain his interest, because he has shown he is easily diverted.

    • Sandy Thompson says:

      I totally agree. I’m tired of Tony anyway. How about Agent Boren in Ziva’s position??? I loved it last week. Time we moved on from silly Abby and mopey Tony.

  6. Alisa Neely says:

    PLEASE can we GET PAST ZIVA ALREADY…..as far as we know, there was NOTHING sexual between tony and her…..this is just what MOST fans were HOPING, not to have to deal with…..once she was gone……we want the WORK SMART, NOT HARDER TONY…..not the morning over something that NEVER happen guy……she didn’t RESPECT him as a man or as an agent….or her SFA.

    • luke says:

      Great job capitalizing random words, fool.

    • Mary Beth says:

      I’m sorry if you’re not a fan of the NCIS role of Ziva, but Cote de Pablo and her character Ziva are beloved by many and are sorely missed. The show is still immensably enjoyable without her, but for many (including me), it’s not the same show without her. I respect your opinion and hope you respect mine.

    • Irishelf says:

      I don’t think you are watching the same show I am. Tony has acted the same way since the show started. He has always been goofy and sexist (in the real world, he would have been fired for sexual harassment). Before Ziva came, Gibbs got most of the action, not Tony. I didn’t like the show before Ziva came and I don’t like it now that she is gone. The ratings since Cote’s departure have slowly been dropping and I suspect that will continue as those who wanted to give NCIS a chance once the character was gone get more and more disillusioned with the Zivaless NCIS and stop watching. I think the drop will increase once Ziva replacement starts. The show’s writing has gone downhill since GG started running things and he blew it when he didn’t try hard enough to get Cote to stay. GG has continuously lied to fans (like when he said Cote would be back for two episodes and she was in only ONE with a whopping 15 min. screen time). I, for one, am so disgusted with the whole thing (especially since I feel Cote’s departure seemed awfully fishy) that I will no longer watch NCIS until TPTB realize their mistake and woo Cote back!

      • Jeox says:

        I don’t know where you get your information from, Irishelf, but the numbers watching NCIS are exactly the same as for the same time last year, and NCIS remains the number one scripted show on TV despite new competition from SHIELD on a Tuesday night.
        Tony’s ‘sexism’ is much quoted by Ziva fans but finding actual evidence of it is harder for you. How about the seminar on sexual harrassment where Ziva licked his ear in the episode ‘Drive’? I think if anyone deserved to be fired for sexual harrassment it’s her.
        With the ratings holding steady, and a lot of people happy to see Ziva go, I don’t think the show is going to have to ‘woo back’ Cote any time soon. I, for one, hope she stays gone. I stopped watching the show during S10 but I’m back for S11 ONLY because she’s not in it anymore.

      • as524 says:

        And here come the lies about the ratings dropping…you haven’t been able to prove that anytime you post it so why you keep claiming that is beyond me. Get that you’re only a ziva fan & the show means nothing to you but honestly……

        • Tha first 2 episodes with Ziva was a avg of 20.10 m…without Ziva has dropped to 18.7 per episodes. That is a lot of people. (Nielson rating)

          • BJG says:

            Actually if you compare S11 & S10 #’s they both were over 20 million and the episodes after dropped. And when comparing the #’s they are on par (18+ million) or even better then S10 #’s. This also according to Nielsons. Your argument doesn’t hold water.

      • Erin says:

        The ratings aren’t dropping at all, even though some Ziva/tiva fans want to desperately believe, and convince anyone who will listen, that they are. Tony got lots of action before Shane Brennan took over as show runner and pushed the super/tragic Ziva agenda to the center of the show. I am starting to enjoy the show again. I actually didn’t watch the last several episodes of season 10 because I became so disgusted with Tony being used only as butt monkey and the T of Tiva, and I was so sick of everything being written around poor victim Ziva’s melodramas. I hope she finds a nice job in a soap opera or as a model or something for which she is suited and that she never comes back to NCIS. Now if the writers can quit stopping the action for the “the team looks longingly at Ziva’s empty desk” moment, I’ll be one happy fan.

    • AHW says:

      Who are you to tell people how they should feel about a character they miss? Why don’t you get over yourself, and learn to write coherent English while you’re at it? I wish I had had you as a student in one of my university writing classes; how I would have relished planting a juicy F on your essay, if you could even write one. The word is mourning, genius. Tony and Ziva had a close friendship that was all about sarcasm and teasing on the surface, but that was devoted, albeit platonic, underneath. Underlying that friendship was a sexual tension. It’s natural for Tony to feel awful, as well as to miss Ziva, who respected Tony in many ways. Ziva had been taught to suppress her feelings, so her sarcasm was a way of deflecting what she really felt. You can respect someone and tease them at the same time. As for Tony being a “goofy sexist,” that’s just a schtick in which he engages. Tony also keeps up a public persona, while his inner self is far more vulnerable. It seems some of you are not too perceptive.

  7. Pickle8182 says:

    I thought for sure “Castle” was going to say a costume wedding. “The Mentalist” is confusing me a little bit. I hope everything is clearly explained when Red John is revealed. And how he brainwashes people!

  8. John 1138 says:

    Mope Tony is very much way too downer for me. We get it, he busted, now move on. He was better the episode before this last one. This last one was too heavy handed in the moping department.

    OTOH: fingers crossed for Necessary Roughness!

  9. Bran says:

    I don’t think Tony will ever be happy. He’s ssssssssssssssssslowly turning into Gibbs 2.0

  10. Bran says:

    Beth Riesgraf sure does gets around on CBS shows. NCIS w/ McGee, CM w/ Reid and now w/Cho on The Mentalist.

  11. Jerri says:

    Ugh. NCIS writers please enough of the Ziva mentions & mopey Tony (how old is he, 12?!) p. She’s gone. No need to mention her every damn episode & tony isn’t a love struck teen, he’s a grown @$$ man. It’s getting irritating. Let’s see an episode without nods to Ziva at least until much later in season.

    • Wendy Foran says:

      Oh I so agree. Every post, comment or review is all about Ziva. The show was great without her to begin with. It fast became The Ziva Show!! Even I’m commenting on it..and I hate it. Love the original Team Gibbs, works for me. Love how the team dynamics have almost returned to pre Ziva. She was not the only person on the team although I completely understand why fans of the character think she was and that Tony was a complete fool. From S5 until CPD left , she was the only member of the team who could pick locks, fire a gun, go into buildings first, save Tony at every opportunity, fight, drive fast, the list goes on and on. I really hope this season continues going from strength to strength. Enough moping already!

      • Elle says:

        I don’t get why people are hating on ziva now. I get that your tired of the moping and I agree with that but I also think that she is part of the team and it’s not the same without her and my opinion has nothing to do with “TIVA” I didn’t watch the show before she was on it and I don’t really like seasons 1&2 I think that the show got better with her in it but as of right now idk whether I like the episodes because they are purposely making episodes that they know will interest the viewers like (TWITRER, MIKE FRANKS RETURN TONYS PAST & now CGIS -AGENT BORIN& then GIBBS FATHER will be on in the ep after that) and after that episode it will be introducing the new agent(wich I won’t hate just cuz of ziva& no one els should either) until I get a regular old episode I won’t know whether I like the show as much without her . But I am a fan and I for sure will not stop watching.

  12. Babygate says:

    Don’t care about Shane. He has been insufferable since last season. I’ve enjoyed the last couple of episodes more with him on the background. Now, if only we could vanish Stephanie as well. Arizona feels very much like a recurring character. There is so much material for serious drama: PTSD and offering to cover her wife’s leg, talk about being passive aggressive. Instead, she’s walking around the hospital making eyes at anyone that gives her some attention. This is shaping out to be another Calzona story that gets rushed and poorly executed. I kind of feel bad for Jessica Capshaw. She’s doing the best with all the crap thrown at her.

    • chris says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Don’t care a hoot about any of the new interns, they are just a waste of screen time. The gross lack of story for AZ/JCap is just glaring and honestly JCap should read the tea leaves and find another gig. With Greys its All Callie All the Time. AZ’s POV is never shown.

      In JCaps latest interview she tells us we are to assume a ton of crap that supposedly has gone on off screen/the audience has never seen! What the heck is that?! We can plenty of intern crap but we can’t progress AZ’s storyline? AZ lost her leg back first episode of last season and I still have NO IDEA what’s going on with her. Shonda says she cheated bc of PTSD? So where is the on screen acknowledgement of this and the couples dealing with it? Everyone else who had PTSD got it acknowledged and got support from their sig-other and professional help, but not the lesbian/ONLY character to actual be physically maimed and not miraculously recover on this show? Heck even Izzy with brain cancer was made whole again.

      We are over half way through the first 12 eps and JCap might as well have stayed in Italy for all the screen time/story progression we’ve gotten for her character and apparently we will get some interns story before we even get a hint of hers? That’s just insulting to an actor of her caliber not to mention her fans. Sara Ramirez is a fine actress but the one sided portrayal of the couples relationship has done neither her nor her character any favor. Callie comes off as selfish, vindictive, and uncaring most of the time.

      JCap used to talk about how proud she was to portray the only adult lesbian in prime time and how AZ’s “good man in a storm” speech was her fav scene. Well at this point I can only say that the show has done absolutely more harm than good to the LBGT communities cause. Greys has refused to show the couple as equal. There has never been the intimacy/love scenes to balance out the painful journeys. No prom sex for C/A – heck they barley kiss and their whole relationship was chaperoned by Mark (often in their bed!).

      They’ve taken AZ from good man in a storm to cheater in a storm. Now they are playing to hurtful stereotypes/the lesbian is ‘nothing but a amoral player,’ with Callie divesting herself of her clothes/that nasty cheating lez – and dancing on the celluloid closet door greys now belongs in.

      The C/A pairing had such potential to break ground and do good – instead its been written such that it has given tacit approval to slam the lesbian. Pity is this couple really could have made a difference but instead its been written to reinforce prejudices. I hope JCap finds a decent gig where her talents are given the screen time/due they deserve!

      • Bobby says:

        Holy teal deer! It is just a tv show, ya know? Take some deep breaths and chill.

      • JKR says:

        That sounds like an awful lot of pressure to put on a TV show. I’m a lesbian, and I’m glad that we’ve had Calzona. Did it suck when Arizona cheat? Of course it did, because we’re invested in the characters. And while they might not get the same “explicit: love scenes as the rest of the couples, they have been treated the same as the others. Not to mention, Grey’s has had quite a few gay/lesbian patients and it’s rarely used as a plot point.

        • grace says:

          I think if companies buy 30sec tv advertisements for big bucks to sway tv audiences buying habits, then tv must have an effect on people, otherwise why spend the bucks? Likewise, would seem to me that the characters and the stories told about them may have even more effect on public opinion, given how much people seem to invest in said characters. Certainly Greys has pitched its lesbian couple as a ratings ploy on occassion and heralded them as ground breaking etc (the wedding and the musical come to mind). Capshaw and Ramirez themselves have often spoken with regards to the import of their prime time characters on a hit show, to the social conscience. So if Greys can exploit the same sex coupling for ratings and publicity, and the actors can argue their characters carry import, would seem reasonable those watching should hold the show accountable and evaluate its stories based on the impact those stories may have on the pubic conscience. My recollection is that this couple has not been shown as equal given we only see their pain with never a true intimate moment for balance. A stolen moment of passion in an on call room is rewarded by chicken pox. They go for a weekend away for some sexie times and end up in a car crash before they even get there. Callie is outfitted in her lacies on the bed waiting for Arizona to come home for sex and AZ goes down in a plane and gets her leg cut off. I could go on but you get the picture. The show constantly sends the message that even thinking about same sex relations gets you sick/thrown thru a windshield or maimed. Even the guest star gay couplings have suffered similarly. The gay couple that went to marry ended up with one crushed by horses before the ink was dry!

    • Rich Abey says:

      Doesn’t care about Shane either! Only times I ever cared about what he was doing was when he operated on Meredith last season & when he was helped Mcdreamy recover by playing table tennis.
      Calzona: feel the writers have lost direction. The negative tension could have made for some great storylines.

  13. colleen says:

    Oh Thomas you made my day: “…we’re as happy Paget’s coming back as they are.” And the possibility that she’ll be there for more than one episode, I’m in heaven. Once you get here back, Criminal Minds, Erica Messer, you’d better not let her go.

  14. Just one thing says:

    Cool picture Fillion’s painted there. Sounds like a great idea.

    • Maria says:

      Agreed. A beach wedding (like, maybe the Hamptons?) at sunset…he and Kate would look stunning and it would fit their characters’ personalities too.

      • Carl says:

        I don’t know about Castle but Kate would be absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

        • Just one thing says:

          The entire concept has the potential to look great. (My vote’s for Hawaii.)
          And I think Castle looks the best when wearing suit-free t-shirts. Wish they’d let him wear those more often, actually.

          • Apples says:

            Yeah, I’ve liked the recent scenes of domestic Caskett in bed in t-shirts and with bedhead and stuff. They should vary up the wardrobe from the same old jacket and blue/purple shirt a bit…

          • Christina says:

            Couldn’t agree more here – I’ve loved seeing Castle out of his normal suit. Anything but that leather coat is usually okay, but Castle in pjs is the best.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Ouch..you hurt me! Hey the man (Nathan Fillion) is still ruggedly handsome too.

  15. nas says:

    I still don’t even understand what HAPPENED with Tony and Ziva. Everything was so behind the scenes that it doesn’t even make sense. Why does he have to get over her? Did she tell him she was never coming back? Why can’t he call her or get in touch with her? Why is she off the grid from him or the team? None of it makes sense. It’s the like the writers clearly don’t know WHAT they want to do so they’re just not writing anything specific. Given that Glasberg has a history of saying the exact opposite of what ends up happening, I assume there’s a new Tony love interest by February if not sooner. I don’t think it will be well received by the general viewership.

    • CA says:

      A few people also said that the ratings were going to nose dive after Ziva left and that hasn’t happened yet.
      I think a new special someone for Tony would be a great way to pull him out of this never ending emo music video world he seems to be stuck in.

    • chris says:

      I liked bad ass kick butt ask questions later Ziva. Just couldn’t see the Tony Ziva pairing, it just didn’t seem real to me. That said I agree that I don’t understand what we are supposed to be thinking about Ziva’s exit or why the two couldn’t be in communication/seeing each other at this point. Do they not have Skype? Plane tickets aren’t that expensive are they?

      • FreeTonyNow says:

        I know. Right? Especially since they weren’t having any trouble communicating in May.The only thing I can come up with – Ziva is in the wind…again, and is not responding. She’s totally disavowed her old life.
        Seems like Ziva is the only one who has had no trouble moving on. The boys should take their cue from her. Move on!

  16. NCIS4evr says:

    I think NCIS has done a good job in the past three episodes of gradually letting go of Ziva. Michael Weatherly gave a beautifully layered performance this week, showing his emotions concerning a fear he had made a mistake, both with Ziva and with Anton those 15 years ago. Weatherly is much more than just the funny guy, and it’s kind of sad that some only accept him as the comic relief. Although personally I’m more than ready to move on from the Ziva mentions, I think the ep was very in character for Tony, who has always taken the blame for any perceived wrong on his shoulders. The show has had to walk a fine line between going forward and being respectful to the fanbase as a whole, which I feel they’ve done well. Hopefully now the team, as well as the fans, can all move on.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      ooooooohhhh believe me, i HATE him being the butt of the joke or class clown all the time….i like the SMART AGENT….we know he can be…..but, to see him doing such a “soul searching” type thing over a woman, who would have rather KILLED him and showed little to NO respect to him….just doesn;t work for me……ziva MADE her choice….and he needs to LET GO OF HER….she truely HADN’T wanted him to find her….she doesn’t want to be there at ncis….FINE BY ME…..it’s time to show WHY gibbs still has him as his SFA…..and starts treating him as such.

    • Silvia says:

      I think you said it all!! kudos!!!

  17. Kate says:

    Oh great! From mid-life crisis to mopey Tony all in the name of Tiva. Enough already. Please bring back the easy going, funny Tony who is reliable and cares about ALL his team mates and not just the one selfish member who always put herself first.

    • Annie says:

      I love Tony and think that Michael Weatherly is a truly gifted actor, but enough with the Ziva angst already. They were teammates who flirted – not Romeo and Juliet. I really hope they’ll stop continuing to sacrifice Tony by tying him to an absent team member just to brown nose a relatively few extremely vocal CdP/Ziva/tiva fans who seem to have way too much time on their hands on the internet.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      AMEN…..i totally agree….i have to wonder….if tony EVER thought, if he’d been the 1 thought DEAD….would ziva have RISKED ALL to AVENGE his death?…..some how, i CAN’T see it….being she always thought , she was BETTER then him and thought he was DEAD WEIGHT.

  18. BJG says:

    Hello…. Ziva is GONE. Let’s move on.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE with you…..i was HOPING once the 2 parter was done….that would be the END of it……if and that’ s a HUGE if…..tony has to deal with her being gone….let him do it OFF CAMERA…..it’s NOT like they had any GREAT LOVE AFFAIR or anything…..she didn’t want to return….thank god….LET’S MOVE ON.

    • Martha says:

      CdP quit. Ziva quit.

      NCIS is moving on faster than journalists that keep posting and re-posting the same GG’s sentence over and over again, just to keep a ‘dead’ character on the show. So sad :(

      In Once A Crook, we saw the usual Tony who blames himself if anything bad happens to his friends. We didn’t see a desperate man desperatly in love with a woman who treated him like sc*m at any chance. If Tony couldn’t sleep and were so upset because he missed the love of his life (Ziva), why a very few Gibbs’ words and his real friends’ concern and love, made him feel much better to the point he fell asleep at his desk with a smile of his very handsome face?
      If he were in love with Ziva, only her return would have made him feel better ;)

      Please, stop with this fake love. Tony loves Ziva but he’s NOT IN LOVE with her. Big difference!!! MW did a wonderful job in showing it, so give this amazingly talented actor good script (like in OAC) and free him from a storyline that he’s always disliked from the bottom of his heart. #FreeMichael #FreeTony

      Small note: many fans (likely the most part of fans) and the show do not need to ‘mourn’ anyone, because Ziva is not dead.
      She’s perfectly fine and safe in her country after she freely decided to quit her job, her ‘family’ and (judging from what her Dr. friend said) the man she loves.
      They didn’t give us the chance to mourn Kate (who died) and forced Gibbs to accept Ziva on the team immediately, why should we cry over someone who freely and voluntarily quit without any explanation until Gibbs sent Tony to find her?

    • FreeTonyNow says:

      #ZivaGone #FreeTony

  19. Babybop says:

    Not going to lie, I loved Drunk History. I hope it gets renewed!

  20. Cute as a button for Beth? If her character is as annoying as Maeve was… I don’t see anything cute as a button about it. But good job with Thomas dodging the question about Paget. I’m better not mentioning her name since one person I know in British Columbia will flip a lid…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Wow. You do know actors can play all varieties of characters, right? Kinda comes with their life’s profession.

      • Angela says:


        I’m just curious as to what was so annoying about Maeve. I liked her, myself. Besides that, she was only in, what, four episodes? Doesn’t seem like enough time to really start becoming annoying. But eh *Shrugs*. To each their own, I guess.

        Anywho, thanks for the “Criminal Minds” stuff here. I look forward to seeing what they do with Paget in that episode, and if she decides to stick around beyond that, or at least show up in occasional guest spots here and there? All the better.

  21. FreeTonyNow says:

    Okay, I’ve had enough time to mourn. You know, I get that he misses her on the team, I get that the team misses her, but good gracious is it really necessary for grown men to stare at the now gone Ziva’s ringing phone for 30 seconds before one of them gets up the nerve to answer it? Ziva is not dead! Tony didn’t mourn Kate this long or with this intensity, and she’s dead – killed right in front of him with her blood splattered on his face.
    I expect a shrine to be built at Ziva’s desk any day now – and maybe the show should put Tony in sack cloth and ashes and let him pay homage to the desk three times a day (“Sorry, boss. Can’t go to the crime scene with you. It’s time to mourn Ziva”).
    Seriously, though, I think ‘Once A Crook’ is (or should be anyway) the end of the mourning period. And, really, the episode was not about Tony missing Ziva. It was about the guilt Tony was carrying because he couldn’t help Ziva and he couldn’t bring her back for the team (who he felt was suffering because of his failing). Tony now knows that he can’t fix everything; knows he’ll still try to because it’s who he is; and most importantly, knows it’s okay for people to make their own choices. As soon as he worked through all of that – with Gibbs’ help, he could sleep. Any “mourning” the show conjures up from this point on will be manufactured, not organic.
    I’m hoping Tony is the one to welcome the fourth team member and usher her to Ziva’s desk (presumably, any shrine will have been removed by then). #FreeTony

    • Martha says:

      Standing Ovation For You!!! Great!!!
      Perfect post :)

    • Dee says:

      Yeah, pretty much agree with your whole post. Thank you.

      Move on already, sheesh.

    • mimi says:

      Ziva is gone and tiva has always been just a big huge (unbelievable) yawn.
      CdP quit and NCIS finally woke up and got back on track, so why tie the show and one of the best actors and characters ever to something so unbelievable, boring and annoying?

      #FreeTony #FreeMichael #FreeNCIS

    • Erin says:

      Great post – FreeTonyNow! Especially you comment about them turning Ziva’s desk into a shrine and making Tony wear sack cloth and ashes. IDK – maybe you should delete – we don’t want to give them any ideas.

  22. J says:

    Three The Mentalist scoops?! Thank you, Matt! Smart girl asking Cho out on a date. I’m really interested in what this phobia could be and how it may rule out a suspect.

  23. I really hope it’s Drunk History getting renewed, that show was hilarious and I’d really like to see more popular celebrities gettings drunk and telling stories

  24. Phoebe says:

    I hope we get to see Castle and Beckett get married this season! I think a beach wedding is very doable for the show, since they film it in L.A. They’ll be able to do a the scene out there on the beach. I don’t think they’ll be spending money on traveling to another location.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Fact is they should do the wedding out of LA. Since the pilot, the only time they ever stepped out of LA was to go to Paris (and a damn good outing too..pity Nathan didn’t have to go cause it would have made for some great BTS fun!). Given how well ‘Castle’ has been performing in the ratings (what with averaging over 12 million viewers the last 2 seasons), and being the one constant “rock” for ABC over the past 5 years, they could pump in some cash for at least 1 wedding episode and go all out bonkers & make the best TV wedding ever!

  25. groveg says:

    Of course greys death plot device. So glad I quit the show years ago. Beth R. is a look alike to Cho’s ex gf who I liked meh. Too bad she is not asking Jane. Haffner is out as RJ. Continue the Mentalist spoilers. I want to know if my RJ guess is correct.

  26. Shiloh says:

    I think it’s smart of G.G. To have a mourning period for both Tony and for fans. I really think Gary Glasberg is pretty awesome as showrunners go.
    Thanks for the “Bones” news . Interested to learn more about this new baddie as well as how they deal with post-marriage life.
    Hey, I’m with Fillion about not being into stuffy weddings. Beach is nice. Something more inventive and original could be even better.
    I’m so happy Paget is coming back to “Criminal Minds” for an episode. I miss her character on the show. And even better news that she could be back someday. ;)
    Thanks for all the great scoopage, Matt! :)

  27. Jillian says:

    Shonda is completely ruining Arizona’s story line. I was utterly confused with what is going on with Leah/Arizona tonight and I don’t think I was the only one. I’m going to have to rewatch the first couple of episodes in case I missed something. I wish they would have shown what actually happened between them because at first it was friend zone and then tonight Leah went all crazy on Arizona professing her feelings for her which I thought came out of nowhere. Instead of vaguely implying that something may or may not have happened, they should give Arizona more than 30 seconds of airtime and fill in the blanks.

  28. Aimee says:

    This season of Criminal Minds is sooooooooo much better than last season. That being said, the main reason I’m still watching is that I’m waiting for Paget to come back. I know it’s only for one episode but that is enough to keep me interested.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i’d actually rather her NOT come back….she needs to MAKE UP HER MIND….either she’s coming or she’s GOING….i found her to be Blah and kinda COLD….though, she seemed to really care about hotch.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Yeah we all love Paget but I still watch Criminal Minds after 6 years is cause it just gives off this comfort vibe (well..as much comfort as a crime procedural can provide). The Mandy Patinkin era was a bit too dark but since then the show fell into my comfort TV section along with ‘Castle..something I can enjoy every week even during my hectic University studies.

    • Irishelf says:

      Paget is supposed to come back for one episode? Does anyone know when? I stopped watching Criminal Minds when her character left (I understand why she left, after what TPTB did to her and AJC-I boycotted Criminal Minds after their unjust firing and started watching again once TBTB realized their mistake and brought them back) ,but I wouldn’t mind watching one episode if she’s in it.

  29. Jeox says:

    Matt – why are you still answering Tiva and Ziva related questions when you promised you would try harder to represent the wider spread of NCIS fans? I know for a fact that you got at least one non-Tiva/Ziva related question this week because I sent it in! I hope others do the same.
    To be honest, I’m sick of hearing about her. She left, and I’m not interested in a moping Tony when he has so much good stuff in his life. He should be allowed to have some fun with his team, and they should stop trying to portray her as the big love of his life when they never even got together, and he hardly ever even confided in her as a friend. She’d never even been to his apartment until last year! One kiss goodbye does not an epic romance make.
    As an NCIS fan who didn’t care for either Tiva or Ziva, I wish Gary Glasberg would remember that WE exist, and would like to see the Tony we loved back again. He’s a funny, caring, decent man who sometimes wears a mask to hide his true feelings, who feels more guilty than he needs to about not being able to help people more, and who has been left permanent scarred by the death of his mother as a child, having an absent, narcissistic father, a fiancee who jilted him at the altar, and two close work colleagues who were killed in the line of duty. I can see why he would feel upset that he effectively lost another close work colleague, but let’s not turn it into more than it is. Cote de Pablo has gone and as far as we know she isn’t coming back. It’s time to move Tony on and rediscover what made this character so compelling before he became Ziva’s punching bag and his entire existence was confined to being the ‘T’ in Tiva.
    I really liked the most recent episode of NCIS. It’s clear Ziva leaving hasn’t affected the ratings in the slightest, which isn’t a surprise to those of us who wondered why Glasberg was so intent on making it the Ziva show when he had such lovely other characters to play with. I loved seeing Gibbs’s trust in Tony, and MW, as usual, proved he has the dramatic chops to play much deeper scenes than they usually give him. I love how upbeat and funny Abby is this season – PP has been criminally underused in the past few seasons. I also loved seeing an Abby/Tony and an Tony/Ducky scene as those became incredibly rare in the past few seasons too, when the only relationship Glasberg seemed to care about was the one Ziva was having with Tony or with Gibbs. It’s nice to see a few other relationships showcased instead. I also liked seeing a caring Tim for a change, being genuinely worried about Tony.
    NCIS without Ziva is proving to be a lot more interesting and has better pacing than NCIS WITH Ziva. It’s nice to see some other relationships flourishing instead of Ziva-centric ones. I look forward to them not staring at her desk every five minutes – please can that be soon! The woman left of her own accord! And in typical selfish Ziva style she did it without even contacting them or explaining herself to them until Tony tracked her down. She didn’t want to come back – and they should stop spending any more time on the character.
    In my view a post-Ziva Tony is likely to be a much happier one. Finally, he’s free!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      If you’re referring to a McGee Q, last I spoke to Gary I asked point blank for a McGee- or Abby-specific scoop and came away empty-handed. I try. I don’t write the show. Next week I’ll have a Bishop-y item.

      • Jeox says:

        No – I asked a question about the future of the Tony/Gibbs relationship and what we could expect going forward, as I don’t have a ‘feel’ for that relationship at the moment and it seems to have been neglected for the past couple of seasons. In the old days it felt like Tony and Gibbs were friends (for example the steak and beer scene in ‘Flesh and Blood’, but now the show only really shows Gibbs’s friendships with Vance and Fornell, and his relationship with Tony isn’t clear to me anymore. As Tony is Gibbs’s 2IC, I’d like to see them relating to each other more as equals with a long standing history together. Gibbs seems to have been segregated from his team in recent years – in the past he was team leader but part of the team, but lately he just seems to come in to bark orders and goes again, whereas before they seemed to work together to solve things, and he also had more of a laugh with his team. I am pleased there will be a Bishop question, though. I look forward to her arrival, and I hope she’s better written than NCIS’s female characters usually are.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          your right, the TIBBS friendship/relationship seems to have taken a BACKSEAT, to the new deal between gibbs and vance …..seems as if ALL others friends, took 1 to the TIVA thing….even the friendship between tony & tim while ziva was gone, took a back seat to ZIVA….it seemed to become the ZIVA SHOW….with her acting as if she was the SFA…..and gibbs siding with her over tony….someone he SEEMED to trust above all others except franks that is….of course, i blame SHEPARD for the trust issue where tony is concerned.

  30. Sara says:

    Why are there like 3 questions on one show….instead of giving scoop on more shows? Why do we need 3+ questions about Grey’s anatomy. Personally, I can’t wait for that stupid show to go away

  31. Angie says:

    Okay, PLEASE correct the reference on Robert Sean Leonard…He was on House, not ER…..

  32. #ZivaGoneandTivaDead says:

    Honestly, Cote QUIT (with little notice to the show) & ziva was written off. It’s past time for the show to close the door on the character & for the Entertainment news media to quit bring her up – unless Cote gets a role elsewhere, then they can publicize that all they want.

    The constant feed in to the ziva fanbase by the show & the continuing to fan the tiva flame that was never lit by a certain fan group & the entertainment media is boring & over done. The ziva phenomenon was media created as was tiva. It’s done & over – past time to move on.

    MW deserves far better than to be stuck playing a Tony in mourning character for someone he was never in a relationship or stated strong feelings for. The show put Jeanne behind him quicker & they were actually in a relationship. The show put Kate behind them within 2 episodes of burying the character & yet the ziva crap just drags on.

    Am excited to meet Bishop & it’s past time that the door on ziva is closed. It’s bad enough certain sites seem bent on burying NCIS as a whole now that Cote QUIT. She wasn’t the be all & end all in ratings no matter what some might want to believe.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i totally agree…..it’s time for ALL TO MOVE ON…..we got SICK of all scoops sliding towards ziva/tiva when she was on…..and we are SICK of it NOW, that she is GONE….she LEFT them having to REWRITE the script at the LAST MINUTE….and according to PP, they weren’t aware she was going until 1 hour before the press release went out….NICE FRIEND she was to her co-stars….and she PRESSED FOR TIVA, when MW didn’t want it.

  33. John 1138 says:

    Tony is still on the show so asking about what he’ll be doing post Ziva seems more than reasonable especially given the somewhat upped emphasis on his feelings in the recent episode.

  34. seuss says:

    Yay for Mentalist scoopage — please keep ’em coming, especially if it involves Jane and Lisbon. I just want those two kids to get together so badly (sniff, sniff).

  35. AMayo1 says:

    Where were Booth and Brennan’s brothers? They weren’t even mentioned.

  36. cherry says:

    Ziva! Ziva! Ziva! I am ok with her leaving. I was getting discussed with the fact that more & more they were making her a field agent over McGee. He started becoming a desk ornament. Which really wasn’t right, since he was there first. Heaven forbid if they put her in the background. Who ever it is that they bring on to replace her, her picture should be placed after Sean or Brian in the credits. I will not stop watching.

    • FreeTonyNow says:

      You’re right, cherry. One of the best things about Ziva being gone is the emergence of McGee as a field agent and as a man. He challenged Gibbs in MTAC when they were talking with Tony in Israel. He covered Gibbs’ six with some wonderful sharp shooting in Afghanistan. He has supported Tony through his guilt about letting Ziva and the team down. He’s contributed to solving cases beyond sitting at his desk.
      I love this McGee. I hope he is allowed to stay even after Bishop shows up. He is just so much more effective than posing as the weekly “desk ornament.”

      • BJG says:

        Free TonyNow: I agree with everything you said except for the part where you said that Tony let the team down. He didn’t. He went looking for Ziva and SHE decided not to come back to NCIS. He spend months out of his life doing this. No, Tony didn’t let the team down, Ziva did.

        • Jeox says:

          Ziva also left in the most selfish way. She disappeared without a word to her team, who have been so loyal to her, and seen her through countless dramas, and put their lives and careers on the line for her so many times. She just left without telling them. She could have got in touch, and told them she was moving on with her life, and said proper goodbyes to them. But no. She just disappeared, and so Tony had to give up months of his life searching for her because they’re worried about her, and because they don’t know why she’s disappeared. She must have known they’d be worried and upset, but she sends no word, makes no call – she just cuts them out of her life. She knew, after Somalia, that they wouldn’t just give up on her – of course Gibbs or Tony would come after her to make sure she’s okay, but she just sits there, waiting for them to show up so she can have her big dramatic moment because she was always so full of her own drama and tragedy and can never see anyone else might have their own lives and tragedies without hers taking over and being the only important thing in everyone’s lives.
          I blame the show, and I blame, within the context of the show, Tony and Gibbs for indulging her for all these years and never calling her on her s*** – and there was a lot of Ziva s*** over the years. I hope now she’s gone that we are DONE with that. I just wish we’d had a scene where Tony, or Gibbs, or SOMEONE on the show, maybe Ducky, called her on her behavior, because we see Tony endlessly being called on his behavior and yet hers was so much worse and she was never, ever made to face up to it. Even now, with her gone, they still stoke up the ‘woe is Ziva’ garbage by staring at her empty desk every five minutes. She wasn’t a very nice person, she didn’t treat them well, and she’s gone. I wish they’d say ‘good riddance’ and move on.

          • Erin says:

            Couldn’t agree more Jeox. She was arrogant, smug, and disrespectful to Tony 95% of the time. Are the writers just being instructed to pretend like she was the most beloved just to woo some extremely angry and vocal Ziva fans who now seem to hate everything about the show anyway? I’m so tired of the many seasons of Tony being sacrificed at the altar of Ziva and tiva. It hasn’t even seemed to end with her departure.

  37. Sheila says:

    Necessary Roughness was terrible this season! At least Drunk History is fun and gives comedians some TV time. MORE MATT GOURLEY!

  38. Don’t care where caskett gets married, as long as it actually happens (it will, in Simon i believe) and there are no body doubles involved. ;)

  39. Irishelf says:

    Notice how the same 4 or 5 people keep posting their “I hate Ziva” rants multiple times to make it appear more people disliked her. Hey geniuses, they post your name every time you post. They can tell it’s the same people, so give it up. It’s quite obvious that most of these people dislike the actress, not the character, so I wish they’d just admit it and knock off the bashing. I’ll never understand how someone can hate a character/actor so much that they feel the need to constantly bash them. And if these Ziva haters actually read the full ratings (not just the one age group or the ones obviously skewed in NCIS’ favor), you will find that the ratings have been dropping (slowly and slightly) since the premiere (with a very slight rise w/ Mike Franks episode). Plus, reviews by people after watching the episodes have not been very good. NCIS episodes used to get scores of 9+ (out of 10). This season so far, NONE of the episodes have scored higher than 8.7 (the premiere). The rest have been lower than this, especially since CDP’s departure). It is the Ziva haters that are in denial and I hope they are happy, since her departure has ruined the show!

    • BJG says:

      “And if these Ziva haters actually read the full ratings”… We’ll be glad to if you just give us a link to these so-called “facts”?? Many of us have asked for this proof and all you do is go on and on with nothing to back it up. You constantly complain about us “Ziva haters” but when we make posts we back it us up with facts. Put your money where you mouth is and show us the facts; give us a link.

      • Erin says:

        These unscientific fan ratings that you claim as proof that the show is going down are no doubt being pulled down by the new “haters”. I’m guessing that the rabid Ziva fans, who are convinced that there were horrible abuses, discrimination, and conspiracies perpetrated against CdP (without one single shred of actual evidence) are going online en masse to rate the episodes with a “0” since they seem desperate to convince everyone that NCIS is now hated. Right – It was hated by 19 million people last week. Poor thing.

    • Elle says:

      See now they’re just going to change their names . I don’t understand what people are talking about when they say that she’s such a bad person and as for the show being to focused on ziva in the past Seasons that is on the writers not the actress and sure as hell not the character

  40. Vince Pasulino says:

    You may have already addressed this issue but i would like to know, what is going on with the Price is Right models? Only Rachel has been working are the others on strike? I miss them and there friendly banter. The show is starting to get boring without them.

  41. Irishelf says:

    For those who keep saying NCIS is doing well despite CDP leaving, I think you need to start looking at the actual reviews for the episodes. Not one episode this season has gotten a 9 or better (high score is a 10), the highest being 8.7. The 1st two episodes scored the highest and they have all been lower since. Compared to last season when many episodes scored 9 or higher. And the highest scoring episodes last season were those whose focus was on Ziva, which scored 9.4. Shabbat and Shiva both got 9.4, Berlin got 9.3 and Revenge got 8.8. I think reviews are more a reflection of how a show is doing than ratings. But even in ratings, NCIS has shown a small drop in viewers that will most likely increase as more and more people start showing their displeasure about her departure by boycotting the show!

    • BJG says:

      And who are the people doing the reviews? And how many times can one person “review” or rate an episode? Is it possible that it’s the Bring Back Cote people who are giving the show a bad review? Are these people actually watching the show? or are they just trying to sabotage it?

      The only ratings that CBS cares about are the Nielsons. And if you compare the #’s they are on par with last year.

      Again Irishelf, please back your comments with facts and/or a link.

    • Erin says:

      Fan rated scores are hardly reflective of the show’s quality. Especially when the new “haters” – the Bring Back Cote crowd, have shown that they spend a huge amount of time online, are giving every non Ziva episode the lowest possible score in order to skew the score to their desired result. Just because one segment of the so called “fandom” spends a great deal of time and effort on various forums trying to push their view point to the front, doesn’t mean that they represent the majority of fans, that is those viewers who are watchers who simply want to be entertained and don’t post online or vote in the non scientific polls at all. And again – please post where you are getting your statistics for the viewer numbers that are actually scientifically derived and then show us this big drop in numbers that you are referring to. Viewer numbers for the first five episodes from last year are remarkably similar to this years – no big drop at all.

    • Pete says:

      Where does one find these reviews for the episodes?
      I’ve seen occasional ep recaps/reviews on some of the media sites, but aside from IMDB, I have never seen the episodes “rated” anywhere. Whereas the viewing figures are all over the place.

  42. cherry says:

    I wasn’t a ziva hater. You have to admit that more of the shows favored Tony, ziva & gibbs with everyone else was put into the background. Who didn’t like the show favoring ducky & Jimmy. They need to take them out of autopsy more. Everybody needs to get over the loss of ziva & move on. As far as i am concerned they don’t need to replace her, just bring some one in when they need someone. I actually liked Kate better. I hope sometime they bring back colonel Mann.

  43. Elle says:

    And also for those of you hating on “tiva” and “TIVA fans” you do need to remember that it was the writers who gave this romantic chemistry filled relationship to the fans with no plans to ever make something if it. I think that one of the reasons people are so irritated by her departure and the fact that they’re no together is that almost every other show has gotten their ” pairs” together and not NCIS . I loved the character of ziva just as much as I love the rest. Ziva, Abby, Gibbs, Tony, Tim, Ducky, Jimmy this to me is the team. IDC what anyone els says. I don’t think she should be replaced I don’t think they need another team member. What I would like to see in the show is more about the rest if the team ad their lives like what happens exactly with Tonys mother ? We definitely need to know more about Tim !!

    • Lynn ley says:

      I for one,loved Ziva and miss her character. If you follow each character’s “life history” it’s easy to understand Ziva being different. As far as the romance, I think Ziva and Tony knew they could not give in to their feelings because it was against NCIS policy for co-workers to date. I really love all the characters on the show, but I do wish Ziva had stayed.

    • Pete says:

      I seem to have missed the point here, I thought that NCIS was a crime drama show not a soap – why do we have to have “pairs” on this show?
      Why can’t we just have off-screen relationships hinted at?
      Actually NCIS did that brilliantly in the first couple of seasons, lots of subtle hints that could have meant all sorts of different pairings, from Gibbs with his redhead picking him up after work, to Abby & Tony potentially having a “friends with benefits” relationship and even – shock, horror – an emotional connection between Gibbs & Tony that could have been/lead to a romatic relationship – and everything in between. When Ziva was introduced there was even a hint that there had been something between her and Shepard, in addition to the Gibbs/Shepard Parisian romp.
      But no, the media pushed Tiva, a few VERY loud fans pursuaded someone that every single person who watched NCIS wanted Tony & Ziva to be together and what we got was a totally unbelievable relationship between a man who was merely concerned for a member of his team and a woman with no respect for him at all. Seriously, there was better chemistry between all of the other characters than between Tony & Ziva.
      It was so obviously unbelievable that they had to resort to scripting characters telling the audience that Tony & Ziva were “made for each other”.
      The show would have been so much better if they had stuck to the subtle and ambiguous references to allow everyone, even the Tiva fans, to imagine the relationships they wanted or those of us that don’t want a great love story in everything we watch to just ignore it all. But the Tiva fans seem to be the only fans of any relationship on this show who couldn’t just use their imagination. The calls got louder (from what is now very obviously turning out to be only a tiny percentage of NCIS viewers) for every gory detail of this fantasy romance to be played out onscreen.
      At least the show had the sense not to go there totally and completely alienate the vast majority of fans. The millions of fans who are still watching and enjoying the show – even without Ziva.
      For the record I believe that the Tiva fans and those who were dubbed the ‘haters’, all put together, only ever amounted to a tiny fraction of the viewers, everyone else was never that bothered in either direction.

  44. Bettyboo says:

    have this awful feeling that it’s them all, they are the group there is no one RED JOHN They all do the killings and that is why the clues all point to them, thing is that would be the worst KICK IN THE GUT for me. REd john should be personal not a group of people. The season 3 finale with the fake red john was disappointing also because there was not much interaction between them. He was about to walk away and say very little to PJ. It wasn’t him but I would have expected him to personal with Jane, He loves and hates Jane.

  45. When is CBS going to stop messing around with the Sunday evening lineup? It’s obvious that The Good Wife and Mentalist are not as important to CBS as are the sports shows. I am fed up with trying to figure just when to record these programs. Keep the sports on the sports channels. Not everybody is interested in sports. I am surprised that the producers of The Good Wife and Mentalist don’t seem to care. If this nonsense continues, I’m through with CBS’ Sunday lineup!!

  46. Bill says:

    Castle is the first TV series I have ever seen where the love interest turned into a couple that works. Their relationship hasn’t changed anything about the show or the story lines, etc. Whereas with Bones it totally ruined it for me and I will never watch another episode. their relationship goes totally against Brennan’s character.

  47. Loretta says:

    Please tell me Ziva is going to come back!

  48. Marilyn Lee says:

    Core de Pablo’s qualities may never be replaced, because TV execs are not looking for anything except Sexiness, toughness, smarts and beauty. Ziva also revealed inner qualities that viewers identified with. I have never seen that combination in
    Any tv personality.