Report: ABC May Exhume Body of Proof

Body of Proof Renewed Season 4Rigor mortis perhaps hasn’t quite set in with Body of Proof.

With Lucky 7 already cashed out and its other non-S.H.I.E.L.D. freshman dramas struggling, ABC may resurrect the cancelled procedural, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Talks of the possible plucking-from-the-ashes are said to have started at the start of this TV season, and a final decision could come within the next month, as the likes of Betrayal and Wonderland either stabilize (or even rise), or slide further.

At this stage, it’s unclear who all — Dana Delany? Mark Valley? Gravedigger Michael Ausiello? — could be brought back for any possible Season 4.

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Body of Proof, during its rejiggered third season, averaged 10.4 million total viewers and a 1.9 demo rating, with its out-of-season finale drawing 7.6 mil/1.2.

Wonderland with its second telecast dropped to 4.5 mil and a 1.2, while Betrayal this Sunday ticked up to 3.6 mil and a 0.9. Scandal repeats currently filling the Tuesdays-at-10 void aka BOP‘s old home have averaged about 2.8 mil and a 0.8.

Would you like to see Body of Proof back on your telly?

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  1. Eric says:

    So they are going to cancel low rated shows and then resurrect a low rated show and put it back on the air? Yeah, that makes sense. Honestly, Body of Proof isn’t going to perform any better now if they resurrect it than it did when it was on the air. The ratings will still be the same or heck, they may even go lower. I just don’t get the point of resurrecting a show that was cancelled for low ratings. They are stupid if they actually go through with this.

    • Elyse says:

      agreed!! I guess they would rather have a low rated show that already has a fan base? times must be tough over at ABC!

    • Esaul says:

      Body of Proof did perform better than some of the new shows though. Will they retain the ratings or do better? Who knows. But they do need to find something to repair some of the poor ratings it has.

      • vic buon says:

        brin body of proof back. it was one of the best shows on tv.

      • Lynn Lyons says:

        What is wrong with these kind of shows is they have a great start then they try to compete with similar shows. I never tired of Quincy. I enjoy the science and if they would show the hows and why and not demonic or voodoo etc. they might fair better. We have enough serial killers but the many unsolved cases should give them plenty of sorce material. The third season was not your best. But the man who spread the dease that took two episodes was so interesting. it’s a reallity that could happen. Mix Quincy and Diagnosis Murder and they could have a resurgence, since most shows are really not new just changed enough to keep us there.

      • Brenda says:

        I wish you would put body of proof back ,and also the soaps amc and oltl ,the chew is so stupid and them comedy shows is awful. I’m not watching and many more are with me!!!!! No wonder your ratings are down and will stay down till you put descent shows back ON!!!!!!

    • jmanphx says:

      It might have been on the lower end of the rating totem pole, but it still outperformed the shows it would replace… by a wide margin. Plus the show had a following that would like to see it return. So it probably wouldn’t be as bad of a move as keeping the existing ones on the air.

    • TV Gord says:

      I can’t disagree, but personally, I wouldn’t mind having it back.

    • Mike R. says:

      Sounds like an excuse for low ratings, but BoP had a large veiwership, but low rating, Wonderland is already pulling a 1.2 but with 5 million viewers, BoP pulled a 1.2, but 7.5 million viewers, maybe that had something to do with it. This move is confusing.

    • Alex says:

      Body of Proof is probably a lot cheaper than Wonderland, so from that perspective it’s a fair idea.

    • Dee says:

      Makes you wonder just how badly they’re struggling with their other shows. (Very, apparently.)

      • Olivia says:

        Yup. Ah, the (not so) fresh smell of desperation. The new formula was crap anyway, why would any fan want it back? I wish FlashForward and V could have been given the opportunity to return back then. Oh wait — they were not procedurals or medicals shows… lol. Never change ABC. Never change.

        • chistosa says:

          Sorry Olivia but I disagree. I hated FlashForward and V was not that great.
          Body of Proof was averaging almos 10 million viewers by the end of the season and the addition of Mark Valley was a big reason. I happen to like procedurals and based on the success of NCIS and the Law and Order series I think there are many others who feel the same way. My husband loved V and tolerated FlashForward but I don’t believe they were universally loved.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Really? Have you actually been following the other ABC shows? Yes Betrayal & Wonderland are struggling. But Agents of SHEILD, DWTS, Castle, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal are all doing fine thank you. Stop making misinformed comments.
        Yes BoP was struggling for ratings in its final season but part of this blame goes to ABC for ruining the schedule plus spreading cancellation rumors even before S3 began. They even aired S3 ten months after the S2 finale!
        So instead of blaming the shows blame ABC, cause they can be very unprofessional sometimes, and this unprofessionalism can ruin shows. A prime example is their attitude towards ‘Castle’ which in its 6th season averages close to 12 million viewers a week so far, but still receives the least amount of publicity I’ve ever seen towards a show that performs so well. Despite such mistreatment & lack of support, thankfully the show has gone from strength to strength thanks to its viewers.
        So just because you didn’t watch or liked a show doesn’t mean others did too.

        • Jax says:

          It’s a matter of economics. Castle has a solid core fanbase that will show up no matter what. Also, it’s been on for 6 years so if it hasn’t picked up more viewers by now it’s not going to. Why in the world would ABC waste money on advertising for the show when they could spend that money on other shows that really need it. In a way, it’s a backhanded complement. ABC knows they can count on Castle so they don’t worry about it. As for mistreatment, you got six seasons which is a heck of a lot more that other shows got.

        • chistosa says:

          Actually Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is not doing that well in the ratings. It has gone down significantly each week from the premiere and last night was it’s worse night yet,

          • Charles Dexter Ward says:

            SHIELD has dropped each of its appearances, but not “significantly”. It got a full season order, so I would guess they will run it a full season, and if it does not stabilize it will be one and done.

    • Tom says:

      Low rated??? It’s only problem was that it wasn’t high in the demos, with its near 2.0, that’s something abc would kill for now.

    • Iakovos says:

      I respectfully disagree. BODY OF PROOF is worth another shot. The reboot was not good, agreed, but the concept is there for something good. If it goes ahead, the producers need to laser-focus the core concept and stick with it… procedural? character study? romcom? I say keep BODY OF PROOF very real in its depiction of police/ME work (in that cable TV way) and you just may see a hit.

      • Mary Peloso says:

        bring back body of proof it was interesting

      • LongTimeFan says:

        Bring back Body Of Proof — it is a great show. get rid of Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars which are stupid and rigged shows, Modern Family the Neighbors and trophy wife too

        Almost any good show goes away before it gets a chance. I am surprised they kept Once upon a Time because I liked them.

        Oh wait the networks only care if you are between 19-45 anyone older doesn’t count even thought we buy products more and advise on buying products

        I have been watching more on Lifetime, CW and TNT the last few years because their shows stay a bit more and they have semester type seasons. So you see one set of shows for X amount of weeks then the next set of shows, then another back to to the first set..

    • Charles Dexter Ward says:

      The alphabet network doesn’t have the finest leadership in television, that’s for sure. It makes a lot of decisions that are head scratchers. At this point there would be significant restart costs; the sets have been dismantled by now and the crew and cast have moved on. If they’re going to bring it back for a year, and if they have to replace a lot of the people, it will fail, because people who want to watch it will also want it unchanged.

    • j says:

      I would watch BOF over some of the current shows….and I did watch it and not Betrayal and the other shows mentioned.

    • christine says:

      I love body of proof and want it to return. I watched every single week and never missed an episode. I also loved it inside. Why do the good shows give taken off and the stupid shows stay.

    • Redpup says:

      Heck it’s not as low rating as half the other shows, ABC caters to a niche audience with all it’s shows so naturally the ratings will be lower than other broadcasters because only certain people watch each show. Body of proof to my belief adds that extra flare to things such as CSI, I mean let’s take that for example, how the heck did CSI survive their Miami season!? – The most predictable season of all, at least in body of proof you get a story that is hard to unravel and keeps you glued…

      – Anyone complaining about low ratings (I apologise for my saying this, but it’s quite hard not to) is simply brainless.

    • I really,really liked Body of Proof and I hope they bring it back and dump some of those crummy reality shows.

    • Shirley says:

      Hi From wet & windy UK We love the show IT SHOULD BE BACK! its ten times better then some of our stupid programs we have here. I like the fire-ry Lady Dana Delany.

      MORE! More please

    • diane says:

      body of proof was a great show and they would be fools not to bring it back

  2. ben says:

    I really hope they see Wonderland through it’s whole season.

    They said it was a self-contained story so it can work as that. Characters from that show (Naveen as Jafar, please) can also then crop up on the Once mothership if that works in with the story.

    • abz says:

      I hope so too. Also, if they decide to do this spinoff thing again (I really hope they do!), it can be Neverland-based. Have the Darlings and Robbie Kay back as Peter Pan. Maybe show us young Bae’s time there and have Hook pop in and guest star when not needed in the mother show. I think there would be a lot of potential for a Neverland spinoff. It may even be more successful than Wonderland.

      • ben says:

        Something tells me they won’t be doing it again, which is a shame, but the Wonderland ratings are far lower than I think anyone would have anticipated.

    • Jon says:

      They really killed Wonderland by deciding to ignore the original plan they had set out of the series- to air in the winter gap between new episodes of flagship Once. They decided to launch it on the most crowded night of the week, in the same time slot that they’ve historically had trouble with. Then there’s the fact that flagship Once has been failing for a while, and…. well, you start to wonder how ABC ever thought Wonderland was going to be a good idea in the first place.

      • ben says:

        It was a good idea as a summer show.

      • Kristina says:

        I think they killed Wonderland with that terrible-looking promo. I almost had my husband talked into trying it out, until he saw that. He looked at me and asked what kind of low-budget crap that was. Neither of us had any interest in watching it after that, and what I’ve seen from the show has done nothing but back up our initial opinion. OUaT was so successful because it was well-done, this looked (and felt) slapped together.

      • Mikael says:

        I wish it had stayed as a show that would air during Once’s winter hiatus. I actually really like the show aside of the obvious miscasting of the Red Queen. Thursday night just isn’t a good night. I thought if they weren’t going to do the hiatus plan, putting it after SHIELD would’ve been a good choice. Although, SHIELD goes down every week, so ABC is in trouble this year.

    • Mike R. says:

      While I’m not sure how much better, I still think they should have given it Revenge’s slot, and moved Revenge to 10pm. Did they think too consecutive hours of fairy tales were too much. They were sending off to die in their death slot, which has only gotten more killer the bigger BBT gets. It should played during OUAT’s hiatus, but they could have at least given a half-way decent time slot. I think they’ll play it out, they don’t have anything to replace all their failed dramas.

  3. nicky says:

    i never understood why it was cancelled in the first place with those numbers

    • Kat says:

      The demo rating was really low- 1.9.

      • Mike R. says:

        ABC is dreaming for a 1.9 right now, none of its new dramas sans SHIELD are getting that number, and two of its old shows are lucky to get a 1.9 these days. Nashiville and Revenge have plummeted this season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if OUAT is hitting 1.9s by Spring. ABC needs help, not sure BoP will help, but if it is able to pull 1.9, that is considered a success.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Are you kidding me? Castle, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, OUAT, Modern Family & SHEILD have all averaged at least a 2.2 or better rating this season so far!

          • Apples says:

            MF is a sitcom, not a drama. And he specified new dramas- Castle, GA especially are quite old. Except for the heavily hyped and marketed AoS, all their new dramas- Betrayal, Lucky 7 & Wonderland are dead on arrival. Nashville, Revenge are probably going to be cancelled after this season. 2.0 in the demo and 10m viewers is nothing for ABC to sneer at, especially as BoP could go into syndication and start making them more money sooner than new shows…

          • Apples says:

            Oh, and I love Castle, but it is averaging 2.08 this season.

        • courts says:

          By SPRING, OUAT could be hitting 1.9s by next week.

  4. rod says:

    Now please bring back Happy Endings and Brothers and Sisters.

    • mantua says:

      Aww, a Brothers & Sisters Thanksgiving/Christmas special would be much appreciated, after five seasons that abrupt ending was a slap in the face of loyal viewers. I don’t think the high-profile cast could commit to more than a two-hour special…but boy, would that be great or what ?

      • JON says:

        I wonder if the cast would do it though. I think they were pretty upset with ABC, but then again, they might do it for the fans.

        Still haven’t watched the last season, just because I know I’ll be left hanging anyway.

        • mantua says:

          It would be a nice gesture from ABC and some great press, something they definitely need now that their new shows are struggling (yes, I sugarcoated) and even their old hits don’t really feel like hits anymore (Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Nashville).
          I’m 25, I’ve been a loyal ABC viewer since they struck gold in 2004/2005 with the Desperate Housewives/Lost/Grey’s Anatomy trio, I stuck with them even after they cancelled three of the most promising short-lived shows in recent years (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone) and to this day I remain a loyal viewer of Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Scandal, Nashville, Revenge and even Trophy Wife (which with its spot-on, high-profile cast and great sense of humor, should be paired with Modern Family). Long story short as a loyal viewer, I would very much appreciate if they did something specific for the fans and wrap up a show that had been remarkably succesful for them for years.

      • Kim says:

        I would love to see a special holiday episode of Brothers and Sisters!

  5. mantua says:

    At this point, ABC should just have the balls to move Castle after six seasons, it no longer needs the DWTS-lead-in, now it has a built-in audience and as one of the highest-rated dramas on ABC, they should use it as a lead-in for something like Body of Proof. But I guess they will just revive BoP so they could send it to the cursed Thursday 8PM slot to die…again.

    • Rich Abey says:

      I get your point but I’m pretty sure 99% of Castle fans won’t agree with you cause getting an excellent DWTS-lead-in is pretty much the only publicity or support that ABC has given the show over the past 5 seasons. Were it not for Nathan Fillion’s cult following, the DWTS lead-in & director Rob Bowman’s connections, the show would have been roast in its first year before having the chance or time to pick up the uber fan base it has now. Moving Castle to another time-slot would feel like ABC completely abandoning the show, not that we Castle fans needed ABC’s support much in the first place!

    • Apples says:

      DWTS is a pretty poor lead in these days, in the demo. It skews very old, like Castle. I’m not sure that moving Castle is worth the risk as it means screwing with an established solid performer. If things go south in its new slot, you potentially tank Castle and whatever show you put in its slot could also be dead on arrival.

      Given NBC own that night thanks to the Voice, best off leaving Castle and its steady performance there and fixing other holes in their schedule.

    • StephanieDJ says:

      I agree with you. They should move it to another night and put BOP on Monday night. Interstingly Castle scored it’s hightest ratings ever when Dana Delany appeared as a guest for 2 episodes as Special Agent Jorden Shaw.

  6. abz says:

    I wish they would reconsider giving GCB a chance again. It got cancelled way too fast.

    • mia says:

      That show was so much fun to watch, they just never took the time to get people watching it. They need to release it on Netflix for a few months, give people a chance to watch it and then put out new episodes.

  7. Nikki says:

    ABC needs to revive Ugly Betty!

  8. Alichat says:


  9. GeoDiva says:

    I wish it was the old Body of Proof cast. Didn’t like the new people.

  10. mia says:

    Yes!!! Bring it back. I still don’t get why they cancelled it. I don’t think it was THAT expensive to produce after they made all those changes.

  11. Joseph D says:

    You know, there were signs that ABC still had faith in this show. Through most of last summer, they continued to rerun “Body of Proof” in the same timeslot it aired in before, even though they has already cancelled it. It really seems like they wanted this to succeed, even after they gave up on it.

  12. Janis says:

    YAY, YAY! YAY, YAY!!!! I REALLY REALLY hope this happens! I miss my Megan and Kate fix!!!!!!!!! Body of Proof was (is?) and AWESOME show!

    • JS says:

      I am with you. I thought it was crazy they canceled it. The writing was better and they were making Meagan more human rather than witch. We needed to see more of the softer Meagan.

  13. Please do this. I might be the only one, but I always really loved Body of Proof.

  14. Holly says:

    I liked Body of Proof. I was sorry to see it cancelled so I’m all for it’s resurrection.

  15. Boiler says:

    If true this is great. Shows how dumb ABC appeared to be in the first place. 10 million watch with demo higher than many current dramas

  16. sally smith says:

    they need to resurrect Peter with a clever story. I like him much more than the other guy.

  17. prish says:

    They should bring back the previous police pair, Bud and Samantha. Also, they should make Megan more of a team player. They were writing her too caustic, at the end.

  18. prish says:

    They should bring over VEGAS. That was a terrific show that shouldn’t have been cancelled, imho.

    • Uzi says:

      Yes! I loved that show! My understanding is that it too wasn’t a total bomb in the ratings, but the audience demographic was “too old.” I’d hoped a cable network would pick it up…

  19. Shaun says:

    Yes please. I wondered why they cancelled this show even though it was doing better than some shows last season. Now compared to this season, it was doing way better. Just make sure they bring back Jeri Ryan too. I’ll continue to watch the show nonetheless.

  20. Tony says:

    Have flu. I hope this isn’t a flu dream. Loved the show! Please bring it back. It was crime drama but very light hearted. Great for end of evening viewing.

  21. rebecca says:

    I would be thrilled to see BOP back…was a strong supporter and still am

  22. Jo says:

    Iger needs to clean house. ABC is a disaster.

  23. TV Gord says:

    (I’m going to this particular well for the second time in a week, but…) Judging Amy? ;-)

  24. Matt M. says:

    BOP managed moderate 18-49 demo ratings, in the 1.6-2.0 range, not BAD for a 10PM drama, especially on a struggling network like ABC. BUT, the show was one of the most-watched on ABC and was a great performer in total viewership and younger and older demos. If ABC does decide to reboot, they should market as a reboot in order not to lure just returning viewers back, but also new viewers. I bet if it got placed on Tuesdays at 10PM again, it would probably beat POI on CBS in the demo.

  25. Eric says:

    If ABC resurrects anything, bring back Brothers & Sisters!!!

    • Cynthia says:

      too late, half the cast is busy with other project (Rhys, McFarlane), the rest was tired anyway (Flockhart),Griffiths living in Australia ecc.

  26. Brooke says:

    If Dana Delaney AND Mark Valley are able to come back, hell yes i would love to have Body of Proof back on the air!

  27. Some chick says:

    This Nielsen household would start watching ABC again if they did.

  28. ChrisGa says:

    So strange, after reading about the poor ratings for Betrayal, Lucky 7, et al over the last few weeks, I actually thought to myself “hell, maybe ABC will reverse it’s decision and resurrect BOP”(much like CBS did with Unforgettable). Granted, the all-mighty demo wasn’t where they wanted it to be, but BOP’s total viewership on most weeks was one of ABC’s biggest. I never understood why they cancelled it, I always said they should slide it in on the schedule behind Castle. Either way, I hope they bring it back, I thought it was an extremely entertaining hour of TV every week.

  29. Michelle says:

    YES, please!!

  30. Ela says:

    Yes please! I’ve watched BOP from the start and I would be THRILLED to see them back! But how I wish Peter was there :(

  31. Han says:

    I would love to see Body of Proof back on TV, its an awesome programme

  32. Julie says:

    I kind of like Betrayal. It’s a guilty pleasure on Sunday night after Revenge. And before I watch Homeland on DVR

  33. Brad says:

    I would love to see it back providing it isn’t up against NCIS, NCIS: LA or Person of Interest.

  34. JON says:

    ABC should bring back their TGIF lineup.

    • Allie says:

      I have missed. TGIF ever since it went off the air so many years ago! I grew up with it and couldn’t wait for it all week long. Those were cute, fun shows that I still love to this day. They could put some great family shows on that night like they used to. No offense to Last Man Standing or The Neighbors, but they aren’t like the shows I grew up with.

  35. andres876 says:

    happy endings PLEASE!!

  36. jake says:

    Absofinlutely! they were morons to cancel it to begin with!

  37. Buddy says:

    This was such a dumb cancellation. ABC should have renewed Body Of Proof and Happy Endings as schedule spackle. Neither has big ratings, but they have significant followings and consistent numbers. Rather than looking for a desperate “relaunch,” ABC could have played the “We love our fans” card and acted like the renewals were really to please its audience, which would have been a reasonable half-truth. Also, both shows were in reach of syndication numbers (I know Happy Endings was produced by Sony, but still…). They could use these bench warmers right about now!

    • Apples says:

      Yes, I did not understand the decision either. Especially as ABC are so light on procedurals, which do well in syndication as well. Canceling Body of Proof while green-lighting awful shows like Lucky 7 and Betrayal was an idiotic decision.

  38. Dave says:

    If we’re talking about resurrecting shows, how about Happy Endings? Still upset about that cancellation.

  39. Cody says:

    I for one would love to see Body of Proof brought back. I thought it was such as good show and I really loved how we saw the crime solved from the medical examiner’s view. I felt season three was really good with the cast changes and the ratings did go up. I’d defiantly tune in if it returned. Fingers crossed…

  40. xx says:

    (yes, I know that’s ABCFamily…)

  41. YES! Not only will I be happy, I’ll actually think that maybe ABC and other studios actually pay attention & care about what the viewers really want.

  42. Tim says:

    Body of Proof was AWFUL its final season. If they do resurrect it, they should just pretend that season never happened and pick up after season two.

  43. K says:

    I so wish ABC would resurrect Happy Endings!

  44. Babygate says:

    If it comes back on Tuesdays it will be tough against Chicago Fire and Person of Interest. I will have to pass. But still, it’s gotta be better than Lucky 7. The only problem would be with fans that migrated to other networks like me and are now following other shows. I hope they do bring it back. It was a solid show. Megan had like zero, ZERO chemistry with the cop. She really doesn’t have much chemistry with anyone, except maybe her boss. They always seem to have that frenemy vibe. And I hope that if she does come back, Megan will be nicer. During S3 she had become a bit of a witch with too much attitude. She was becoming unlikeable.

  45. Tony says:

    Have Kate become City Councile woman and bring in Luke Perry’s character ah the new head boss.

  46. MzTeaze says:

    Noooooooooooooo. The last time they resurrected this show, it got worse, not better.

    If they really want to resurrect a show, bring back Flash Forward or Day Break.

  47. ziljenh says:

    I do love BoP, and it would be great to have it back. But i would absolutly be exstatic if ABC picked up The Glades in stead. It was one of the best shows and A&E should never had cancelled it.

  48. Eric says:

    The only two ABC shows that I want to see are Pushing Daisies and Happy Endings. But most of those shows’ casts are busy elsewhere at this point…

  49. Ethel says:

    This would be awesome news and I don’t care which cast members new or old they use. Oh heck, yes I do. Mark Valley for the win!

  50. Rachel says:

    I would seriously be so excited if they brought this show back!!