The Walking Dead Recap: Pigging Out

The Walking Dead Season 4In the wake of Patrick’s demise and reanimation last week, The Walking Dead serves up a full-on zombie smorgasbord in “Infected.” But that isn’t the part of the episode that’s likely to reduce you to tears. What is? Read on. We’ll discuss…

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LOVE BITES | Early on in the hour, we get a coupla cute scenes, one in which Tyreese serenades Karen with “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and one in which Glenn wakes Maggie and promises, “I’ll bring you breakfast after perimeter check.” (Ah, post-zombpocalyptic romance!) Of course, such sweetness is worrisome since, on this show, sweetness is almost always followed by death — or worse! (Maybe it’s for the best that Daryl and Carol aren’t the mushy type!)

CELLBLOCK TANGO | Over the course of Patrick’s first and last night as a walker, a half a dozen (give or take) other jailhouse denizens are turned. So when all hell breaks loose in the morning… well, it’s a whole lotta hell! Before the situation is brought under control, a few extras are killed, Rick has had to put down his farmer’s hoe and start beaning walkers again, and Carl has defied his father’s wishes and fired a gun (albeit with an exellent excuse: to save Michonne).

MODERN FAMILY | As the dust settles, Carol summons young Lizzie and Mika (Mica? Micah?) to say goodbye to their bitten and soon-to-be-zombified father. Lizzie thinks she should be the one to put a knife through Dad’s brain, but when push comes to shoving in the blade, she can’t do it. (Sniffle.) Later, Carol — now the orphans’ surrogate mother — lectures Lizzie that being weak will get her killed. But “she’s not weak,” Mika (Mica? Micah?) insists. “She’s messed up.” (We already know Lizzie thinks of one of the walkers — Nick — as her pet. But is she so messed up that she’s the unseen individual who’s been feeding rats to the walkers at night and possibly creating the growing problem of walker clustering at the fence?)

THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD… FENCE | Speaking of that clustering problem, it eventually becomes so bad that, to save his vegetable garden from being overrun with walkers, Rick is forced to sacrifice the pigs to the horde. (This only reinforces what Daryl notes earlier on: Though Rick may be down on his ability to lead, “when the s— hits, [he’s] there with the shovel.”) Between all this — and the bird and/or swine flu going ’round that’s killing/turning people like Patrick — Rick decides to keep the secret (which Carl blabs) that Carol is teaching the kids self-defense. He even straps on his sheriff’s belt again and, whether Carl’s a budding sociopath, gives him back his gun.

BUMMERS ALL AROUND | Meanwhile, when Michonne hears Judith cry — and especially when she reluctantly holds the baby — we get the very strong impression that she had and/or had and lost a child. And remember how I noted that sweetness on this show is always followed by calamity? Glenn and Maggie dodge a bullet this time, as it’s ailing Karen who croaks — which Tyreese discovers in the worst way imaginable: by showing up at her cell with flowers, only to follow a trail of blood to the spot where her and the alsoinfected David’s bodies have been incinerated!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to see Karen bumped off so quickly? Are you liking getting more Carol (even if more Carol/Daryl would be even better)? How sad was it when Rick’s brief hiatus from killing came to an end? Is Lizzie the one who’s been feeding the walkers? Or is that too obvious? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Elyse says:

    NOT THE PIGS! :(

    • Mikael says:

      I have to say, it’s funny that I have no problem with people dying on this show (and in gruesome ways too) but the scene with the pigs really upset me, as did the season 1 scene of the walkers killing Rick’s horse.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I absolutely agree. I’ve watched S1-3 at least six or seven times and I always ff through the horse scene. I just can’t watch it or hear it for that matter. Last nights pig scene left me with a pit in my tummy…..I just can’t do animals suffering. Just hearing stories about it on the news or whatever sickens me.

      • Lilly says:

        I’m with you. Perhaps it’s because we feel the humans have a fighting chance against the walkers but the animals were basically helpless in their respective situations. My other sadness with the piggies this week is because it also represented the death of animals that were both a soft spot for Carl AND food for the survivors. Even though they couldn’t risk eating the pigs once they knew about the plague, it was super sad that they had to die in that way. Plus their death represented another loss in what had become a somewhat “normal” life over the last few months. That really was one of the saddest parts of this episode for me, too. I had to look away.

    • Kat says:

      I agree with all of these post about the pigs. Was one of the hardest parts to watch in the whole series for me.

  2. JP says:

    Awesome episode.. Ricktatorship is coming back.. Michone scene was heartbreaking (as a parent myself).. Only qualm is it’s pretty transparent that the army guy is feeding the walkers.. Random character getting screen time for no reason.. Screams “I’m the bad guy..” IMO best show on television hands down.

    • Lilly says:

      Agreed. One of the best episodes to date, IMO. And the shortest hour on tv! I need two-hour episodes!!

      • Alrisha says:

        I second the motion. I was watching and all of the sudden was over. Was so good I didn’t feel the hour go on, lest ended. This season stared very strong. Good to see Rock coming back. I don’t think Carl is sociopath. All the kids are mess up one way or another, zombies are one hell of a way to lost innocent.

      • bruinsgirl says:

        I agree! need to be longer or less commercial breaks!

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Wouldn’t matter really. If they made it longer they’d just throw in more commercials so you can’t have one without the other unfortunately. 60 minutes typically translates into about 40/45 actual showtime. 90 minutes = more like 60.

    • NHJMC says:

      I agree – great episode minus the thousand commercials – jeez they gotta cut that out a bit or people are gonna DVR instead. Not me though I will put up with the commercials to watch it at 9:00. So yeah I think it’s Lizzy feeding the walkers – it’s pretty obvious – she for some sick reason like that “Nick” walker. IDK maybe they did that to mess with us.

    • Gabe Craig says:

      What makes you so sure it’s the army guy? I mean Lizzie is the one who breaks down when she see’s her favorite zombie Nick killed. I like the army dude, and he told the rest of the group what medicine to get and packed it up, granted not on his bag. And I like the army guy, I think that there is something off about him, but I can’t picture him doing that. Especially when he seems heartbroken about Zach’s death. I think Daryl needs to cool it. In the 1st season he didn’t care what he sacrificed to get his brother off the roof. And we find out that Rick handcuffing Merle to the roof ruined the plan that Daryl and Merle were going to steal from the camp in the 1st season as well. And he pulled a gun on T-dog because he thought it was his fault. He wasn’t perfect either.

  3. AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

    Michonne i think lost her baby before all this crazy sh*t. I don’t TRUST those woodbury people i say bob stooky is a INSIDE MAN for the governor. But who knows. Love the ep. but ep. 3 is going to be insane! Tyrese needs stop being a little bitch isn’t he an ex-NFL player in the comics?…… COME ON NOW!

  4. AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

    *One more thing i think that little girl lizzie is feeding those walkers those rats.

    • ajintexas says:

      I agree with the thought that the little girl is feeding them rats. As for who burned the bodies, I say it was Rick or possibly the other doctor guy who was explaining the illness to them. Or maybe they did it together. Either way Rick seems to be burning anything he thinks is infected and he sacrificed the pigs because they were not safe to eat anymore. I don’t see why he wouldn’t burn the infected people.

    • Kat says:

      Don’t think it’s the little girl. The person was able to hold the flashlight at eye level with the walkers and it’s not likely that she brought out a ladder with her. I was originally thinking it was Bob since we know very little about him and he’s new to the prison group but someone pointed out that it looked like the person feeding the walkers was white.

    • I think so too! everyone else thinks the governor is doing it because the person is taller – I don’t know maybe it’s him but how the heck is he getting in and out?? They have lookouts don’t they still?

    • Jillian says:

      If you look closely at the hand feeding the walkers in the beginning, it’s way too large to be a childs hand.

  5. alice says:

    When tyreese went to see karen in the cell she wasn’t there, there was blood dragged all the way out &burned who let her out &burned her? PleAse i didn’t understand that part.It didn’t show how or who killed who….thanks

    • Lilly says:

      Apparently the two sick people did die of the “flu” sickness, but someone was waiting and stabbed their heads in their cells. Then dragged their bodies out and burned them. That would be considered an insult because they burn walkers and bury their loved ones and friends. As to WHO did that? That’s the big question.

      • alice says:

        Who? ? Killed &burned karen, she was sick but why burn her … i also loved the part of michonne &bby she seems sensetive &emotional when she holds the bby. Did she loose a baby in past before all the walkers or during or just dnt want to get close to anyone???

        • Alrisha says:

          When you got a plague, the best way to keep everyone safe is burning everything that are either infected or was is contact with an infected been. That’s why Rick burned the pig’s house and his shirt.

          • azu says:

            Agree. The best way to control the spread of a serious infection or better yet,plague is to incinerate the dead bodies and other infected materials. And I also agree that tyrese is acting like a big old baby. Can’t he take a cue from the 13 year old Carl, who is mature way beyond his years?

          • Snsetblaze says:

            Should have burned the pants too.

      • Lilly says:

        Besides, we don’t know yet whether the person killed people who still had the flu (which really WOULD be bad) or if they stabbed them in the head after they died and turned (disrespectful, but not evil).

    • we don’t know who burnt those two bodies if they were alive, dead, turned we don’t know yet.

  6. Guest says:

    The only thing that bothered me was Rick letting Carol be, it was big of him and all but when did he become Carol’s husband? Daryl doesn’t even presume as much yet Rick acted as if this was a personal choice they make as a family/couple or something.

    • Lilly says:

      You have to understand that Carol and Carl both assumed Rick would intervene because Carol was teaching kids something without their parents’ permission or knowledge. As a parent who is trying to teach his son to stay a good person in all this hell, Rick would naturally have a tendency to NOT take liberties with others’ children.

    • Guest says:

      Yet the focus was not made on other people’s children, Rick focused on Carol and what she could do – and couldn’t do – on her time, factor in Carol and Carl response to his decision and you get a family dynamic, rather than two friends and one of the friend’s child.

      • Alrisha says:

        Carol and Carl presumed well, I’m sure Rick would act other way is thing were as usual, but when you have to worry for walker, and that the people sleeping next to you awaked as walker for some flu, Carol teaching kids how to defend themselves seen like a good idea. Carol didn’t ask for permission to anybody, Rick just decide not to interfere. My guess, he got to much to worry about to focus in what’s Carol doing in free time.

  7. KF says:

    What did I like about this episode? Lots of stuff, but it certainly didn’t have anything to do with getting more Carol. Didn’t care too much about Karen, but Michonne breaking down and Rick having to kill his pigs and get back to reality were the best parts of the episode. As someone mentioned above, the Michonne scene was heartbreaking. Great episode!

    • Lilly says:

      Agree 100%, KF. Also loved the convo between Beth and Michonne. “What do you call someone who lost a child? You’d think someone would have given them a name.” Great writing. Spellbinding episode.

  8. alistaircrane says:

    I’m loving that Carol has a bigger role this season. She is so likeable, and also kick ass! I just want more of her and Daryl!

  9. joel says:

    I believe it is someone from Woodbury, perhaps that old lady with arthritis that’s feeding the zombies. She seemed eager to fight when David was drafting his army. That army guy looks like he is up to no good.

  10. Omar says:

    Amazing episode! Loved the scenes between Michonne and Beth (and Judith). I was shocked when I saw Karen and the other guy burned. That was an awesome twist!
    I don’t think is Lizzie. I’m pretty sure is someone older and TALLER!

  11. Jean says:

    Thanks, Tv Line for the ‘Who died’ title’,was it obligated? :( like the article about Pretty Liars’ Midseason Finale(about A.). Come on, I’m not saying you shouldn’t write articles about the episodes, but please, be more careful. There are people who can’t watch live.
    Now I’m trying to forget the name I’ve read coming here to write.
    Thanks for reading.

    • xK says:

      It is kind of crappy, but I would STRONGLY recommend not visiting this site until you’ve seen it. They do this all the time. I completely avoid spoiler sites, recap sites, and Facebook until I’ve seen the episode, lol.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It’s pretty simple really. I haven’t watched last night’s Homeland so I don’t click on any link, etc. that talks about it. Guaranteed if you do you will be spoiled. You have to take control of it. They are not going to stop.

  12. Chester Cheetah says:

    I just don’t understand why they don’t go to an abandoned grocery store and stock up on Cheetos… those things are friggn delicious!

  13. Babybop says:

    This episode was just the definition of AHHHHHH!

    But seriously, what was up with Carol telling that little girl, “You’re weak!” It’s like, hi, my father just died right in front of me and I’m 12, I’m sorry for not being a warrior right now. I thought that was totally out of line.

    • Lilly says:

      Well, in our reality that would be out of line, of course. But it appears Carol is making it her mission to toughen up these kids so they don’t die like her daughter did (remember, before this season, the only children in the group belonged to Rick, and he had that under control). Now, she’s seeing these young, protected kids as vulnerable, like her daughter was. The adults might not always be there to protect them in this new world, and any hesitation because you’re scared means death. This is tough love on an apocalyptic scale. Better to have those kids dislike her but alive, than sheltered and weak, but dead.

      • Mira8 says:

        yup yup. You toughen those kids up or the are dead meat.

      • ipear says:

        I agree. Carol probably feels allot of guilt for not teaching get daughter. And that Lizzie girl is off. Better watch out for her! And who the f just burns up bodies!!? I’m wondering!! And whoever is feeding the Rays needs to get beat up!! Oh and I felt sad for the baby scene. . she always wears a hard exterior. Oh and if you haven’t watched DON’T READ! That simple.

    • jj says:

      lol, totally agree!

  14. azu says:

    I’m sorry guys, but the walking dead is the best show on t.v. I love all the characters, well except carol who is always quick to talk smack about Rick and his business since season 2. Someone needs to remind her to show some respect for the people who sacrifice their lives daily for others. As for the proposed carol and Daryl pairing, yuck!!! Not a good idea. Please they don’t have any sexual chemistry at all. Much better they remain friends

  15. Olivia says:

    Firstly Darryl = Yummy
    Why did Maggie fall at the fence? Do you think she might be pregnant and hiding it from Glenn? There’s something different about the way she looks at him more tenderness??
    Michonne she is really developing a personality at last, I thought her story was she was raped by her chained walkers or something, now I think they killed her child or unborn child??
    Rick, yay Ricks back meak farmer is just so not him. Felt Bad for the piggies :(
    And who’s the figure with the torch in the opener it’s not the lizzy kid as this person was walker height and doubtful kids would be in the dark feeding them, clearly the mystery person is trying to attract the walkers to the fence purposefully and finally were Karen and David even dead before they were burned I think it this army dude that’s the newbie to the camp
    Btw why don’t they dig trenches and put the spike sticks along the fences to keep the walkers off the fence or make a walker trap like the governor did.

  16. James D says:

    holly crapsicle that was an intense episode. Poor wee piglets, I’ll never be able to watch babe again after that. poor tyresse. things are going down this season i can feel it someone is the governers inside man, and judging by the promo for next week Rick is going to loose it again. Please don’t let it be Hershal who bites it (sorry for the pun) my guess is though that he will die next week.

  17. Anna says:

    Someone went in where Karen and David were, killed them and dragged their bodies outside to burn them. Maybe it’s the same person that is feeding the walkers rats??

    • Lilly says:

      We don’t know yet if the person killed Karen and David before or after they turned into zombies. If they just waited until they turned to zombies, you could just argue they wanted to destroy the plague disease by burning the bodies (when normally you would bury your loved ones out of respect). Now, if they prove the person killed them while they were just coughing … that’s another thing. But the pillow of Karen’s bed had blood on it. That could mean the person stabbed her in the head while she was sleeping, or it could mean they watched and stabbed the person in the head AFTER they turned. We’ll see.

      • Kat says:

        We don’t know for sure that they were killed before the died but I think it’s likely. Someone there taking it into their own hands either in an effort to halt the spread of the flu or to cause panic in the prison among the survivors b/c they are working against the group.

  18. Henry says:

    Lizzie and Bob seem to be the plausible culprits. Lizzie probably couldn’t have dragged and burned those bodies. Maybe Bob did the killing and burning. And, Lizzie fed the walkers, not really realizing the harm she could be causing.

    I like the season so far. It is more about the zombies, survival, and is moving quicker. Last season really dragged, especially towards the end, and then ended up with a very anti-climatic ending. I hated the decision to not resolve the governor story arc; there was plenty of wasted time during the season that could of been put to use to do such.

    Carol has really become a B. Maybe they are setting up to kill her off.

  19. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Never in my life have I felt so sorry for pigs. Life got dark, man. Time to go put my blue streak in my hair.

  20. Liz says:

    I am a big fan of Carol! She went from a weak, abused wife through the loss of her only child to a tough badass! Yes, it was apocalyptic tough love, as another commented said, to tell that little girl she was weak, but this is the harsh new reality. I am still bothered that her hair doesn’t seem to grow while the guys are all shaggy and scraggly, but that is just me being picky about details. Overall, great episode. Sorry piggies!

  21. wrstlgirl says:

    I have to wonder if maybe the Gov himself isn’t actually in the prison. It’s big enough for him to hide especially if he has an ally or two. Would be a strong contrast to all the time Michonne has been spending outside the prison searching for him. He’s hiding in plain sight. I felt all warm and fuzzy when Rick put his gun belt on. I don’t care much for unsure Rick and loved the scene with Daryl giving him props and telling him he’s just as good a man as he always was. Hopefully this is the beginning of him getting his nerve back. The pig scene was the hardest thing for me to watch and the first time anything on this show forced me to look away. Michonne crying with baby Judith was tuff too. Looking forward to seeing more of her back story.

    • Lilly says:

      Totally agree with 100% of what you said, wrstlgirl! The back side of that prison is open, so even if they set up barriers or doors for walkers, the governor could have made his way in and out. It’s a big place to hide in. It is difficult to believe anyone inside the prison could really be helping him, though someone here suggested that the new army dude could be a plant. Sasha said last week Daryl found him alone. And I’m a big fan of Rick, but I HATED his lunacy last season and want the old Rick back. Of course, Daryl is … just perfect. Love the fact that he respects Rick. And, of course, I agree with you about Michonne’s great scene. She did it so simply and so beautifully. Just a minute of simple emotion conveyed soooo much. It was touching, too, to have Beth tell her outright that they care about Michonne and are willing to risk their lives for her.

    • bruinsgirl says:

      I agree with most of that myself Liz – although I do not think the Governor is in the prison at this point. My theory…..Lizzy is feeding the walkers cause she like that “Nick” walker. IDK why obviously like her sister said she is “messed up” even though she is a kid she is making me nervous now. I think Bob Stookey is working with the Governor – he gives me a wicked shady vibe. Cause of him Beth’s BF got killed. I saw a lot online this am about people thinking Rick feeding the walkers those piglets was dumb……I don’t think so – if people listened they would know they wouldn’t have been able to eat them anyway – as they think this sickness could be affecting animals as well. I am nervous that we will lose a lot of people to this sickness. Have a feeling after seeing next week’s clip maybe Beth or Judith or both. Why is Beth holding Judith and crying? man can’t wait for this week’s episode! I say that every week lol. OH and YES that broke my heart when Michonne held Judith and cried – they need to give us HER BACK STORY ALREADY I am dying to know!! They do in comic somewhat. I believe on free comic book day this year the free comic was about “Michonne and her story” I gotta get that! Last season I said there was something a spark u could call it btw. Rick and Michonne and sure enough the 1st episode of S4 u can tell they have gotten VERY close, her Rick and Carl. I love it! I love Michonne she is so bad ass we need her! she will stick around I bet they won’t kill her off anytime soon – they better not! or Daryl! Even though I am nervous for Daryl even Greg Nicotero said something last night at the beginning of Talking Dead – something like “well Patrick did die and he did shake Daryl’s hand! Or he could be saying that to mess with us as Daryl is such a fan fav.

  22. TammyR says:

    How was Hershel walking around with no crutches?

    • Lilly says:

      Talking Dead addressed that last week: They found a prosthetic in one of their runs. I assume they’ll officially address it on the show at some point. They explained last week how, in one of the early scenes, Hershel was kneeling with Rick in the garden, and the actor actually has his real leg buried in the dirt.

    • bruinsgirl says:

      They got him a prosthetic leg u could see it in episode 1 of season 4

  23. Abby says:

    I thought last night’s episode was phenomenal. I cried pretty hard when Lizzie and Mika lost their dad and when Michonne held Judy. Also felt like it had the right mix of gore – I mean, I’m still throwing up in my mouth over Patrick just munching out the dude’s throat/voicebox so he couldn’t scream for help and wake anyone up.

  24. AshleyRae LOVES SAMCRO! says:

    Michonne is one of my faves along w/rick and daryl. Dani guira did a GREAT job in that scene holding judith and showing emotion.
    I believe that those pet walkers she had in S3 probbly had something to do w/her losing her own baby and or killed her BF who she mention to rick when he was going through his lost of lori. mich . is a badass same w/daryl they need to stick around MUCH MORE LONGER!

  25. Stone Bearer says:

    OK, my question is now that Rick has finally burned that shirt he’s been wearing since day one of the Walker Apocalypse, What will he be wearing next week? I’m hoping for a tee shirt with some ironic saying on it. Or in honor of this week’s fallen, a Miss Piggy Shirt.

  26. azu says:

    I cried quite a lot this episode. The one that really broke me was Rick’s reaction as he killed the pigs and then when he gave Carl his gun. Wow!! Andrew Lincoln can freaking act!!

  27. Bring more people to TWD says:

    Can you somehow make Andrea, Amy and Sophia back to do show but alive, somehow they survive and then Carol could have 3 douthers and Andrea and Amy would be reunite. And there would be more people who could kill Gouverner plus it would be more interesting :-D Think about it !!!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL…..No :-)

      • Bring more people to TWD says:

        It would be AWESOME !!!

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          LOL…..No :-)

          • Bring more people to TWD says:

            Dont s**t it would be soo awesome, are favorite characters would be back and we would have soo many stories about how they came back, how are they still alive and with Andrea, Amy, Daryl, Tyrees, Rick, Michone, Carol, Glen, Maggy and Sasha, it would be one strooong team ;) Think about it if you are TWD’s truely fan. And i have some more ideas for this show that are awesome :-D Just answer here if you would like to hear them ;)

          • Bring more people to TWD says:

            And again i forgote about that Irish women, she should be back on the show alive, and she should become one of the major characters :)

    • Cher says:

      Daughters, dummy. And if the dead came back, how could it be otherwise than walkers?

      • Bring more people to TWD says:

        I dont know the directors are supouse to wright things and we should just give them ideas. And just answer me this, do you wanna see Amy, Andrea, Sophia and that Irish chick again ?? But really ?

  28. Bring more people to TWD says:

    And one more thing… bring back that Irish women and make her somehow to be alive :) I think there will be very, very interesting stories abouth her, and also abouth Amy, Andrea and Sophia’s return ;)

  29. johnny says:

    I couldn’t handle the pigs. In fact I changed it. It bothered me so much I was a big fan of TWD and the comic books. Its strange to watch gore and then become very offended when somebody maims an animal. At least let the pig run free or kill beforehand or don’t show the process WTF!!! Due to that clip I cannot support this show anymore. I already see enough cruelty to animals on the net, news stories and so on. I’m very disappointed and I hope the show gets canceled

    • Lilly says:

      Okay, Johnny, I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. It’s a stupid TV SHOW. If you can accept the death of the human beings as fiction, then accept the death of the pigs as such. (And CG at that!) And it wasn’t gratuitous killing of animals. Those pigs had to die anyway because they might carry the plague. Their death the way Rick sacrificed them served a purpose: though sad to watch, they saved the lives of the PEOPLE who would have died if those walkers had broken down the fence.
      Here’s a thought: If you’re having a tough time because you’ve SEEN real cruelty to animals on the Web or TV, then maybe you should sensitize yourself to seeing PEOPLE mistreated on the Web – the way Christians and women are slaughtered in the Middle East these days. Maybe that would ruin your ability to discern fiction at all and not be able to watch any TV at all show where a person dies.
      Just get a grip on reality, please.

      • tripoli says:

        For someone who starts of their rant with “it’s a stupid TV show”, you’re pretty worked up over it. Perhaps you need to take your own advice and get a grip.

  30. J. May says:

    I have read that in the concentration camps one could develop a state of mind so dangerous that it could literally kill you. It was a loss of existential structure, the uncertainty of whether one would be alive for the next five minutes that it threatened one’s sanity. TWD is starting to feel like that for me. You can’t even die and be at peace. If the writers don’t have some kind of end game in mind where even the hope of a cure is possible I will have to stop watching. It’s just way too intense.

    • Lilly says:

      J. May, I agree. I don’t see myself stopping in the near future. I’m absolutely GLUED to this show – especially so far this season – but I do often ask myself, “To what end?” If there can be no cure, can they at least find a way to live somewhat normally? Or will normalcy develop occasionally, only to be ripped away cruelly to rob them of all hope? I’ll be watching TWD for some time to come because the writing about these people’s personally and moral struggles has me captive for now. But if/when it turns to nothing but sorrow, inevitability and gore … I’m out.

  31. azu says:

    Please you can as well just stop watching now. Because red is not about finding a cure. It’s about how people survive in the midst of incredible odds in an apocalypse!! There’s always world war z for those kinds of unrealistic stuff. P.s. I never understood the attraction for that movie. Was it brad Pitt? Cos I thought it was pretty boring

    • J. May says:

      If the show is not about finding a cure, or even having the hope of a cure, then as the saying goes, no one here gets out alive–or even dead, and the sooner they realize that the sooner it will all be over. Macabre, I know, but there it is. As for unrealistic, we’re watching a show about zombies, so, you know…

  32. johnny says:

    @lilly I totally agree with you. You are correct in Uganda they beat Christians with bamboo sticks and burned them alive. They kept running out of the fire but the mob shoved these poor people back in. But to say I’m an idiot because I have a soft spot for animals well I guess that’s your opinion. FYI I live South Side Chicago you should come visit and see how humans really act in poverty. Oh and catch the dog fighting rings that go on none stop or the former drug dealers that now just wait for a car at stop light (because the police put up cameras on the corners now they can’t deal anymore) and beat a man with crowbar and take his car. That is reality out here bar none. I think with the following that TWD has and the way people are really in to it didn’t do any animals any favors to show that clip. What I was saying is it could’ve been shot differently you see Lilly people are screwed up. I appreciate your passion for the show and the fact you called them “Walkers” not zombies shows me you’re really in to it.

    • Lilly says:

      Johnny, first, I apologize for calling you an “idiot”. I guess I sometimes overreact to what I see as others’ overreaction (everywhere, not just on this tv commentary!). I’m just tired of people jumping from point A to point Z so quickly and emotionally without what would appear to be logical thought. “They killed an animal on one of my favorite TV shows, so I hope the show is cancelled” just sounded like overreaction. You do, however, sound like a very reasoned person so I apologize for making assumptions.
      My perspective: I have never watched TWD for the gore (I often look away at the blood-n-guts), or even the suspense. It’s the amazing moral dilemmas and emotional pain they face (and the writing that makes it possible) that captivates me. I admit I cried because Rick killed those pigs (and did NOT cry when the people in the group were eaten – mostly because we hadn’t developed an emotional attachment to them yet). But I cried at the pigs because of what it obviously meant to Rick to have to do that. I admire his ingenuity for thinking on the spot, for doing the “hard” thing that no one else had thought of. I found myself wondering what was upsetting him: sacrificing innocent animals? having to kill pigs even HE had thought of fondly (despite cautioning Carl not to do the same)? or seeing something of the normalcy they’d built destroyed with the act of killing what was supposed to be the group’s food (even though he knew they couldn’t eat them now anyway)?
      So I didn’t see cruelty to animals in that scene. I was moved by the human tragedy of it all. I do admit, however, that I can imagine how some might see it differently.

      • johnny says:

        You and I and most people that post on these sites have an appreciation for the show. But most people don’t dig in to a show like us. I have told people about the show its not about zombies they are a byproduct the real story is human interaction when society has fallen apart. Your interpretation maybe spot on for what Rick was experiencing. But my point is this show has 10million plus viewers so there has to be some responsibility there. They need to be careful. Remember we are a society that rewards bad behavior. Case in point who was on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine after bombing Boston? Or maybe you remember the movie Natural Born Killers when 4 different couples went on sprees because they were inspired. I think this show is gonna go to far and IMO it has by showing the best way to maim an animal. I’m not looking at it from the perspective of what it meant I’m looking from the point of what most people see it as. If we were all good little soldiers then this wouldn’t be an issue but 10million is too many variables for an incident waiting to happen.

        • Lilly says:

          Your points are quite valid, of course. But it still holds true that if some miscreant will “learn” that abusing an animal is okay because of watching this show, then there are an awful lot of scarier things they could be learning to accept from the show long before the pigs were killed. I’m just hoping that maybe the show is teaching some of us to expect better of ourselves in times of crisis (if not a zombie apocalypse). Because there’s enough out there desensitizing all of us to lowest forms of human behavior there is.

  33. Bring more people to TWD says:

    And again i forgote about that Irish women, she should be back on the show alive, and she should become one of the major characters :)

  34. naahh says:

    thanks for the spoilers dickhead, i looked up lizzie and mika and suddenly this popped up in the results, flat out telling me “KAREN DIES”

  35. bob says:

    You guys didn’t find that karen’s bracelet was in negative direction when she was burned compared to when she was in the begining of the show? If this is not bug, karen could be an inside woman.

  36. Jillian says:

    I find it to be interesting that the worms were highlighted in the beginning of the episode. Worms make compost by eating anything decomposing, pigs eat compost, people eat pigs. I’m willing to bet that it’s the worms spreading the new ‘flu’

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