Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Walking Dead, Nashville, NCIS: LA, Sleepy Hollow and More

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Question: I would welcome a good scoop on The Walking Dead. —Travis
Ausiello: The midseason premiere is going to be a big episode for Chandler Riggs, according to his TV dad Andrew Lincoln. “[Carl] does something this season…. Man,” he previews with a laugh. “Episode 9 is his episode. It’s so cool.”

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Question: I got a feeling something will happen to either Rigsby or Van Pelt on The Mentalist when Red John’s identity is revealed. Can you speculate on that? —Brendan
Ausiello: Why, because Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti, the actors who play the newlyweds, are said to be leaving midseason? Whatever the pair’s ultimate fate, the show is keeping mum. As EP Daniel Cerone, who wrote the wedding episode, told Matt Mitovich, “I’ve got to be honest with you — in terms of their future and their life on the show, or their place on the show or place not on the show, I can honestly say nothing has been decided. That’s something that we’re still exploring creatively.”

Question: Please shed some light on this portion of the official Vampire Diaries logline for Episode 4 (airing Oct. 24): “Jeremy makes a startling confession that hits Damon hard?” —Monique
Ausiello: It pertains to a recent Mystic Falls tragedy.

Question: I’ll take any and all Bones spoilers you have, good sir. —Matt
Ausiello: What’s the perfect companion to Booth and Brennan’s wedding album? The wedding video! Press PLAY below for an exclusive first look at B&B’s long-awaited nuptials, interspersed with behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast (including David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel).

Question: I love Nashville. Please give me some good news on Deacon and Rayna! —Sara
Ausiello: Neither of them are getting killed off in the show’s winter finale. Sadly, the same can’t be said for [spoiler].

I Think I'm Gonna Like it HereQuestion: I’d like to trade my soul, or maybe a liver and a kidney, for some delicious scoop on Supernatural. —Henry
Ausiello: Given my wine consumption of late, I should probably take the liver. (My new apartment doesn’t have a doorman so please have it delivered to the office.) Here’s your Supe spoiler: Sam won’t be the only one kept out of the loop about Dean’s decision to let Ezekiel heal his brother. Shares Misha Collins: “Cas and Ezekiel knew each other way back when, but Cas is kept in the dark for a long time about what Dean did with Ezekiel.”

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Question: Can you drop some Betrayal spoilers? – Allyson
Ausiello: I was going to make a cancellation joke, but an ABC insider tells me there are no plans to pull the struggling soap off the air. So now I’ve got nothing. (Totally sucks because my cancellation joke was really funny.)

Question: I may be getting ahead of myself, but will the second half of Revenge‘s season kick off with a mystery-laden flash-forward, too? —Janine
Ausiello: That’s TBDBP (To Be Determined But Probable). “We’re playing with that idea,” confirms showrunner Sunil Nayar. “But we wanted to make sure that if we did another flash-forward that it was definitively the compelling thing that was going to carry us for the [final] 12 episodes. It’s definitely something we’re keeping in the hopper, but we haven’t committed to anything yet.”

Question: I’m out for some Revenge… scoop! —Gordon
Ausiello: Nolan and Patrick? So totally happening.

Parenthood Season 5Question: Any chance we’ll see Jason Ritter return to Parenthood since his Fox show is over before it began? —Evan
Ausiello: I did some digging and, sadly, there are no current plans for Mark to resurface. Of course, Parenthood has a long 22-episode season ahead of it, so those plans could very well change.

Question: Russian Beauty and the Beast fan here, in need of a scoop: —Natalee
Ausiello: Da, I have! TVLine has confirmed that 90210 alum Riley Smith will appear in Episodes 7 and 8 as “The Bombmaker,” a sophisticated, hired assassin with a specialty in explosives — and a particular vengeance against beasts such as Vincent.

Question: When will Juliet Rylance first appear as Kalinda’s new Good Wife love interest? —Chris
Ausiello: I just confirmed that her first airdate is never. Save the date!

Question: I’m really loving Sleepy Hollow. And I love Ichabod and Abbie. Any scoop? —Sanna
Ausiello: You already know that Golem will terrorize the pair this season, but what you may not know is when. I’m hearing the towering foe will turn up in Episode 9 and, according to the casting notice for the role, interested actors must be over 6-feet tall, possess creature/suit/prosthetic experience, be comfortable with stunt work and be composed entirely of inanimate matter. Fox’s rookie hit is also on the lookout for actresses to play Irving’s (Orlando Jones) thirtysomething ex-wife, Cynthia, and teen daughter, Mae.

Question: Will Revolution have flashbacks of Miles, Rachel and Monroe that show the audience what really happened when she was held “captive”? –Mya
Ausiello: Does Aaron have unruly facial hair?

DescentQuestion: Got any scoop on NCIS: LA Deeks/Kensi? —Katie
Ausiello: It’s time for another round of “Is This Just a Coincidence or Am I Onto Something?” Earlier this week, NCIS: LA EP Shane Brennan told Matt Mitovich that “there’s quite a shocking moment in Episode 10 that throws everything awry, and then for the next eight or so episodes Kensi and Deeks’ relationship is in some serious trouble.” Curiously, it’s also around Episode 10 that the show is introducing a new (possibly recurring) “physically capable” American female agent, and two Middle Eastern male agents. Now, I ask you: Is this just a coincidence or am I onto something? (Mitovich votes for the latter, theorizing that Kensi will take a very dangerous off-grid assignment in the Middle East that sets up Daniela Ruah’s forthcoming maternity leave.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Meg Masters)

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  1. I can’t wait for Booth and Brennan to get married already so people can stop talking about this wedding. I’d like to know other things about the show, like what’s up with Cam’s identity theft.

    • Bridget says:

      I’m amazed there are still things left to even spoil about the wedding.

    • Shaun Ed says:

      I like watching Bones but when did Booth and Bones’ wedding become a big deal? I guess it had to do with the season 1 finale but still, I don’t understand the hype around it,

      • David4 says:

        I think it’s because they stretched out the flirting so much, they never really dated before having a child and now it’s finally closing that way too long storyline out.

      • LSJ says:

        I think its because the storyline is too stretched out and overplayed. The whole Pelant business ruined their “engagement” and stretched out a storyline that should have wrapped up already. Fan outrage, probably led to the constant leaking of wedding stuff to keep the fans from revolting.

        • Angie says:

          Speaking of Pelant, I have this feeling that Pelant is NOT dead, Booth shot him with only one bullet, now I realize one bullet can kill a person, but it was so weird that Booth did not even check his carotid artery for a pulse & he could have been wearing a bp vest. Just my opinion but I think Pelant in some way or another will do something but it will be after Bones & Brennan are married. I don’t think we are done with Pelant yet, his demise was too anti-climatic!

      • Angie says:

        Also, what about Jarrod (Seely’s brother), it’s like all of a sudden Booth does not even have a brother, even when their mother was around. Will Jarrod be at the wedding????

    • Bob says:

      Maybe there’s going to be a last-second surprise for everyone concerning the wedding. Sure, they have them standing in front of the preacher, but nothing being shown afterwards. Maybe they won’t actually get married?

      • LSJ says:

        After fan reaction from the broken engagement, I find that unlikely. Fans will probably revolt if the wedding is cancelled. It’s time to wrap up this storyline.

  2. Jo says:

    Glad to hear Nolick is happening on revenge, I’m going to start my cold showers today.

  3. Ally Oop says:

    Boo. I dont like the idea of Nolan and Patrick together.

  4. luvndahouse says:

    Ohhh, Irving is getting a wife. I hope they consider Bianca Lawson (she’s 34), she would be perfect for the role since it seems that Teen Wolf is not working her much this season.

    • Guest says:

      Good for Irving! I’ve been meaning to learn more from the Sleepy Hollow’s Captain since his ultimate response to Luke’s prank.

      I wish it could be a wife instead of an ex wife, judging only by last episode, perhaps its better if they are as far away from Ichabod and Abbie as possible.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Bianca Lawson would actually be perfect for the ex-wife OR teen daughter.

    • Guest says:

      Maybe they could get the witch from Vampire Diaries for the teenage daughter, the character was killed off last season so the actress is available.

  5. iMember says:

    I’m not a shipper, but I’m SO HAPPY to hear Nolan and Patrick are going to be a thing. From their first scene together the chemistry was WILD! Can’t wait to see how their relationship works out.

    REVENGE is on FIRE this season. SO GOOD.

    • Zack B says:

      Agreed. I never ship, but they had some chemistry in their two scenes. Impressive all things considered.

    • Drew says:

      You’re kidding right… Patrick seems so “stale” and Nolan is too energetic for him. I’m liking the season so far, but I think another flash-forward would be pointless. I like how season one and two (I know, season two sucked) played the second half of the season dealing with the fallout from the flash-forward. It’s getting a little repetitive..

    • justin hartley has crazy chemistry with every thing in existence!! amazing man.

  6. Nolan and Patrick? What? What? Giving me heart palpitations, Michael. That has definitely catapulted Revenge at the very top of my Monday watchlist (since I can’t watch on Sunday nights). Sorry Good Wife and Homeland. Actually, no, scratch that. I’m still watching The Good Wife first.

  7. Lysh says:

    Orlando Jones’ live tweets give me life. I’m glad we’re going to learn more about his character!

  8. L says:

    I know I’m one of the few that like it, but I’m happy that Betrayal is sticking around for the time being. Thanks for the info Ausiello. :)

  9. linda says:

    “for some delicious scoop on Supernatural” – He asked for delicious scoop, this is definitely more on the stale side.

    I really wish Jason Ritter would return to Parenthood. I just can’t get on the crazy train for Sarah and Hank hookup.

    Thanks for the Sleepy Hollow and Revolutution information.

  10. Jill says:

    Once again, not a real Deacon/Rayna scoop which probably means the PTB are going to keep them apart for much longer than shippers would like. Maybe they’ll kill off Peggy or Lamar will get shanked in prison.

  11. Roger says:

    Cool for Betrayal. I like the show and glad that its sticking around. Its a slow burner but you can’t tell when its time for the stuff to hit the fan it’s gonna be good. Also, the original score is amazing.

  12. Lorena says:

    OMFG Nolan and Patrick that is so damn freaking awesome and hot

  13. Ok, I don’t want to be Debbie Downer here because I feel like these episodes of Revenge have been a lot better than last season but if we are going to do a flash forward could we please stick to none Emily characters? Honestly, there is literally no suspense or worry about this flash forward because if Emily dies the show is over and I know that isn’t happening so it is completely pointless. At least with the previous flashes it created a sense of urgency wondering who was dead and how it would happen. This is just… blah. Em’s is obviously in her wedding dress on the Grayson yacht and I don’t care if she is in the middle of the ocean and gets shot she is still going to survive. So, yawn.
    Also the Bones wedding stuff made me squeal like a little girl and laugh because that is SO the Jeffersonian team and I am really glad everybody is there. Now if only they would bring back Zach. He has been under psychiatric evaluation for years now, surely he could be deemed mentally sound and released???

  14. 3dhouseofmagic says:

    Still no news about Franklin and Bash??? Or did I miss something?

  15. Ryan says:

    NCIS: Los Angelese sounds good. I like how they are planning so far in advance.

  16. Kim says:

    Nashville: Please tell us it’s Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s character who’s biting the dust. Like her as an actress, just CAN’T stand that character!!

  17. Glen says:

    What do you know about the return of Banshee?

  18. Hey says:

    Good week. Also, *Daniela

  19. Karen Ball says:

    I don`t like the direction of the new season of Beauty and the Beast.I`m not going to watch it this season.I really liked it`s first season but hate what they have done with the story line in season 2.Too bad.They have lost me and all of my friends.

    • Lia says:

      I read early 2014. Can’t wait!

    • Same here, the first season is really good and so far it is a 1 of a kind storyline, but not very good for the season 2, i still have some hope for this show though..

    • Danielle says:

      I think if you are patient, the show will come back around to the love story (it’s definitely still there but not as much of the focus right now). I too really enjoyed the love story from season 1 and starting from scratch this season kinda sucks, but it also kind of interests me as to how the writers will make them fall in love all over again but under different circumstances. While I loved V from Season 1 there are aspects of S2 V that I’m really liking too. I’m hoping the writers will eventually combine the two to make one smokin HOT Vincent!! :) But the long and the short of it is, don’t give up. Give it some time to see where they are taking us. The fans mean a lot to them, I don’t think they will disappoint us. They know what we want, because they want it too.

  20. It’s way past time to kill of Carl!

    • Guest says:

      Carl is already dead inside, I think its far more intriguing to watch him trying to build a life despite of that.

    • Joe says:

      All this “we hate Carl” is so two seasons ago. I think they’ve done really well with the character over the course of the past year. People really need to find a new person to pick on.

      • Curly says:

        I hear that the actor who plays baby Carl is leaving the show at the end of November sweeps because another network has him starring In their hot new pilot…but I also hear that Revenge show runner was really tired of baby Carl’s diva like attitude on set- which was holding up production, so Carl was going to be written off even before the actor leaked the news to TMZ that he had plans to jump networks.

    • Guest says:

      I’m with Beth on this: Giving the nature of The Walking Dead, I don’t [hate] anymore, I’m just glad I got to the chance to know the characters.

  21. Sidney.B says:

    Can someone please tell me what’s happening for Will/Gunnar in Nashville ? I dropped of after the season finale last year and I want to tune in if only these two get together.Are they working that way ?

  22. jennkyle says:

    I’m so happy that and is not planning to pull betrayal off I like it a lot

  23. Kristen says:

    Come on Ausiello! Andrew Lincoln already mentioned episode 9 being a big one for Carl at NYCC!……New scoop would be great.

  24. Lauren says:

    i wish we could get some nashville scoop on characters other than rayna/deacon. It seems pretty obvious, to me at least, that those two aren’t going to be together anytime too soon. I’m more interested in juliette/avery..i liked their friendship and i’m wondering if they’ll still be around eachother at all. She needs a friend! I hope avery isn’t just gonna be in scarlett/gunner love triangle scenes. They are getting kind of old at this point since scarlett doesn’t seem all that interested in either one of them. Maybe they’ll fight over her bff instead..something is definitely up with that girl.

  25. Shiloh says:

    Thanks for the ‘Bones’ news. Can’t wait for next week.

    Re: ‘The Mentalist’ Like Cerone. He’s written some of my favorite episodes of the series, like ‘Fugue in Red’ or last season’s ‘Devil’s Cherry’-fantastic episodes. :)

  26. Jared says:

    Love Riley Smith..Love BATB. Match made in heaven for me!

  27. Pati says:

    I like Betrayal it sucks that it will probably get cancelled but at least it’s not any time soon

  28. J says:

    I hope we don’t lose Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman from The Mentalist. They bring a lot of great humor to the show and are mighty awesome dramatic actors as well. I think the show will be missing something without their good chemistry together and Yeoman’s partnership with Tim Kang’s Cho.

    • cas says:

      You realize it has already been confirmed that they are both leaving the show? It is just not confirmed as to how they will leave the show.

      • J says:

        The EP Daniel Cerone just said “…nothing has been decided.” So maybe they were planning to drop the actors but now have a new storyline that might need them. I’m only going by what was said in print, not speculation.

  29. Mickey says:

    “The Bombmaker!” Things are really explosive this season on Beauty and the Beast!

  30. Penny says:

    I can’t wait for the Bones wedding! Hopefully, they haven’t spoiled too much! I told myself I wouldn’t read the wedding spoilers… and that lasted about an hour!

  31. N says:

    I LOVE Nolan!

  32. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the BATB scoop. Really loving this show!!

  33. jj_flower says:

    Thanks for the Mentalist and Revolution scoops.

  34. cas says:

    I don’t trust Patrick though. I don’t mind the idea of Patrick and Nolan, but I think Patrick will just be using him to gain information on Emily.

  35. sarah says:

    Okay so who will die on BNashville? At this time I can not think of who, maybe Rayna’s dad?
    If Bretrayal is doing as bad as it is then what makes ABC think it is worthy of staying on? They did not give the same courtesy to Pan Am or 666 Park Ave!
    I would love to see Jason Ritter back on Parenthood for good. He has had 3 shows and none of worked out: The Class, The Event and then the one that got cancelled before it aired. Jason Katmis needs him back on Phood!

  36. Mary Ann Steele says:

    I’m disappointed with NCIS. “Zivas” departure feels like a death. It appears the writers are “reaching” but not really having success. I was pleased to see “Mike Franks” (even though he’s “deceased”, but still had the feeling the “family” is broken. Will this be the *end of NCIS?

    • John 1138 says:

      Reactions vary: personally I’m loving the rejuvenated feel to it and am looking forward to a season superior to many recent ones.

  37. Thomas Cory says:

    I enjoy reading the comment section to see what other people think about the shows that I watch.

    With that said, is it too much to ask people to proofread or spell check their comments.
    There is no reason to rush what you want to post in the comment section.
    I am posting this here, but it is true of almost every comment section I read.

    I am not a teacher. I just play the part.

    If the people of TV Line can take the time to inform all of us, can’t we take the time to double check our posts.

    I am not trying to be a pain in the a##.

    Feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes I may have made.

    Thomas C

  38. Jen says:

    I wonder if the real reason why Castiel isn’t welcome at the MoL bunker on Supernatural has something to do with Dean not wanting him to find out about Ezekiel bunking there with Sam. It would make sense given that he can still hear the angels and Zeke is an angel, and worse than that, he knows him. It would be hard for him to stay incognito around Castiel. I’m one of the fans who thinks Cas being out on his own is a good thing, though. He needs to fend for himself for a while in order for him to get some real character development. So while it may seem like a crappy thing for Dean to do by telling him he can’t stay there, it will be better for the character in the long run. I love the human Castiel storyline, I’m really excited to see where this is all heading for him.

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  41. Robin says:

    I am so excited about the B&B wedding! We HAVE waited long enough!

    Regarding Patrick and Nolan, all I can say is what a waste of Justin’s gorgeousness….

  42. Marie says:

    Cancel Betrayal and bring back Body Of Proof – Thanks

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