Lauren Cohan On Whether Glenn and Maggie Will Be the First-Ever Walking Dead Wedding

The Walking Dead Season 4Although “romantic” is hardly the first word anyone would use to describe AMC’s The Walking Dead (which kicks off its fourth season Sunday at 9/8c), there’s no better word to sum up the scene in which embattled young lovers Maggie and Glenn got engaged. “I think it was really beautiful,” Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, tells TVLine. “They went through the very real possibility of losing each other in the most horrific circumstances… [and now] they feel like they have given their bonds to each other.”

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Which is all well and good for the couple. But their fans might want something more — as in an actual ceremony. “Whether there is a wedding or not, we will see,” the actress teases. “It’s going to be really interesting to see if something that’s sacred is safer [in Glenn and Maggie’s post-zombpocalypic world] or if it’s more dangerous because of how much they mean to each other.

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At least at the outset of Season 4, the sweethearts are as solid as can be. And, for the moment, apparently out of harm’s way. “They’ve put away all of the upset from Season 3,” Cohan previews, “but they still kind of come at things from different sides of the same coin. Maggie feels this semblance of security [in the group’s new normal], and she wants to settle in and enjoy it. [On the other hand] Glenn’s still very wary. So they balance each other out.” (Reporting by Megan Masters)

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