Walking Dead Premiere Recap: The New Normal

The Walking Dead Season 4If you had even the teensiest concern about how Scott Gimple would fare as The Walking Dead’s new showrunner, you can stab it in the head and lay it to rest. The AMC hit’s fourth season premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident,” was action-packed and stomach-turning, heartbreaking and funny. In other words, pretty effing awesome. Here’s what went down.

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LIFE AS WE KNOW IT | After a glimpse of some of the loveliest baby elephant ears you’ll ever see, especially outside of a penitentiary, we join Rick in the vegetable garden where he’s playing Farmer McGregor. (All he’s missing, Hershel suggests, are overalls and a bigger ass.) Apparently, since the Woodbury/prison merger, things have calmed down so significantly that the sheriff no longer even likes to carry a gun. However, when Rick sets out to check their traps — lest walkers make off with any game they might catch — the council insists that he pack heat. Good thing, too, it turns out. But more on that later.

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE… | In short order, we discover that Daryl’s hunting skills have made him a rock star to the Woodburyans (“You’re gonna have to learn to live with the love,” Carol teases); Michonne, who is now not only able to smile but crack jokes, has been riding off for long periods of time in search of the Governor; Carl has taken to naming the livestock (even suddenly-sickly Violet the Pig); Tyreese is dating Karen (Noah’s mother from last season); and Beth is dating Beaver Casablancas from Veronica Mars! As for the zombpocalypse’s supercouple, Maggie and Glenn, he’s being extra protective of her — with good reason, we find out later.

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INTO THE WOODS | While trap-checking, Rick happens upon a newlywed who’s so grimy, she could easily have been mistaken for a walker. In fact, it’s her husband who’s a walker — or would be, if he wasn’t just a severed head in a sack! (Hard to walk without legs!) The woman is so desperate to be with him that first she tries to feed Rick to him, then she commits hari-kari! “You don’t get to come back from” the things we’ve done, she whispers as she slips away. So, when Rick gets back to the prison, Hershel has to reassure him in his patented Hershel way that, yes, they do get to come back from the things they’ve done. (Then why did poor Violet have to die? Why?!)

CLEAN-UP IN AISLE 3 | Meanwhile, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Beaver Casablancas and newcomer Bob Stookey, a former Army medic, head out on a drugstore run, which — as they tend to on this show — goes horribly awry. Bob’s Sue Ellen Ewing-esque battle with a bottle in the beer-and-wine section brings a whole rack crashing down on him… which, in turn, starts the walkers on the roof shuffling… right over a part of the ceiling that’s been weakened by a previous chopper crash! Before all is said and done, zombies rain down on them, Bob comes so close to death that even we need a drink, and alas — after just a single episode! — Beaver is ready for the taxidermist!

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IT GETS WORSE | When the survivors of the supply run return, Maggie informs Glenn that she’s not, as they suspected, pregnant — but they would’ve managed if she was. “I don’t want to be afraid of being alive,” she says. To which he responds, “Being afraid is what’s kept us alive.” (Welcome to almost-married life, kids!) Elsewhere, Daryl is surprised by how prepared Beth is to receive bad news. “Is he dead?” she asks impressively impassively. “Okay.” Then, assuring Daryl that “I don’t cry anymore,” she simply changes the sign she’s propped up from “30 Days Without an Accident” to “0” and gives him a hug. Finally, an ailing newbie named Patrick who resembles nothing so much as a white Urkel, trails blood to the showers, collapses and turns… as the camera focuses ominously on the water. Have they all been infected? Did the water kill Violet, too? Questions for next week!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season premiere? Are you liking the new characters? How bittersweet was it when Tyreese broke down in Karen’s arms after discovering that he didn’t like killing walkers any better in the field than he did at the fence? Is Rick now so pacifistic that he’d object the way Carol thinks he will to her teaching the kids self-defense? And how adorable was it when she called Daryl pookie? Anyway, whatever you thought, don’t just think it, vote in the pill below and then elaborate in the comments below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ed says:

    Eh it was ok. Wasn’t the best premiere of the series

    • Jim says:

      Did Rick cut off Clara’s head? She pleads with him, “Not to stop it” right before she goes all hari kari on herself. You see Rick walking away from her lifeless body, but can’t make out any discerible outline of a head.

      • Ernesto says:

        The head in the bag belong’s to Clara’s husband.

      • paul says:

        She was what Max Brooks referred to as a “Quisling” in WWZ, not that POS movie that Brad Pitt released, but the literary masterpiece by Mel Brooks’ son.

        • Brett says:

          I read World War Z a few years ago, and I enjoyed it…but “literary masterpiece”? I would probably lean more towards “above average for its genre”.

    • Walker McGee says:


    • i totally agree. i also thought that it was out of character for michonne to be laughing and cracking jokes. i prefer michonne to remain mysterious and serious. she is one of my favorite characters and i don’t want her personality to change as it seems to have. also, there’s too many pairing up ( developing relationships). i don’t want to see a lot of smooching, especially young carl. i don’t want to see much of carl at all. hell, there.s just too many personality changes!!!

    • John Dietz says:

      i totally agree. i also thought that it was out of character for michonne to be laughing and cracking jokes. i prefer michonne to remain mysterious and serious. she is one of my favorite characters and i don’t want her personality to change as it seems to have. also, there’s too many pairing up ( developing relationships). i don’t want to see a lot of smooching, especially young carl. i don’t want to see much of carl at all. hell, there.s just too many personality changes!!!

  2. Jss0058 says:

    Yeah it was good but not that great. Maybe the weakest premier of the series so far

  3. dean says:

    “Pretty action packed”- what show were you watching?

    • Jordan Holt says:

      I’m glad it wasn’t full of action, the first episode practically set up the entire season, Ebole virus maybe that causes the bleeding eyes and is primarily found in animals he isn’t (like the buck Daryl found and brought back and to what i believe Patrick ate and got ebole too causing him to turn whilst he was alive creating a new faster zombie due to the lack of decay and maybe a beating heart because he isn’t actually dead, the ebole virus could mutate the underlying ‘zombie’ virus everyone has, which could cause it ti set in before the victim is brain dead ) From what i watched it was setting the season up for us. But obviously your entitled to your opinion just thought if you heard a few speculations then it might make you see it differently and see it as a better premiere

  4. Matt C. says:

    So is the water infected? Or does it have something to do with a new virus infecting the livestock? Either way, that’s almost scarier than the walkers themselves…

    • Ashley LOVES SAMCRO! says:

      They said something within the prison that is going to be a problem for them so yeah i’m also guessing the water but i think it’s more than that.
      Anyhow this ep. was ok the only scene that got me cracking up was the walkers falling 4rm the roof of the store.

    • azu says:

      People are never satisfied. Always complaining. There’s such a thing as a build up and great story telling guys which is what attracted me to this show not mind numbing action all the time. You can go and watch Chinese films for that you immature little kids!!!

      • EpicTea says:

        Finally someone with common sense, everyone wants every episode to be action packed, which would get boring real fast, it’s first a foremost a drama, I like the build up, and the balance of action and story, if it was just killing zombies and guns blazing I would get bored and stop watching, Im with you on this.

        • Elly says:

          I agree with you, it’s the drama that makes the show and then when there’s action/zombies it’s tense because it’s special. IMO though, there was just something off about this ep. The parts of the show that were quieter and focused more on storytelling, which I usually really enjoy, didn’t have the same impact for me they normally do. I think maybe the tone of the show was different or there was a certain subtlety they usually have missing from this ep. It felt a little more like the characters were plot devices rather than the plot being driven by developed characters trying to navigate their world (the latter is usually what gets me invested). It just didn’t quite hit the mark for me, it’s like there was a depth missing that’s normally there. I still try and stay positive though.

      • betty says:

        I completely agree. The show was great it gave us intrigue, action and drama. I have no clue what people want, if its just complaining to complain. I will say what always makes me happy is that its not the majority if you go to tv by the numbers the show always does fine. So I guess in the end let them complain if it makes them feel better. There are Debby downers everywhere just have to get use to being around them. Hopefully first to go in a zombie apocalypse lol…….

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Agreed. This show sure does bring out a lot whining and complaining. Personally, I thought they were laying the groundwork for a good season. All of the core characters showed development. When we first met Carol she was victim in every sense and now she is giving knife lessons to kids. The same with Beth. She was suicidal – and now, the death of her boyfriend barely rates emotion of any kind. Fascinating. And Michonne (Michonne?!!) is charming and funny. Who knew? I just love watching the characters grown in this zombie world – with literally no hope. And there are couple of good mysteries going on too. Not to mention, it was literally raining zombies in the store. And that’s just cool. I think I am gonna watch it again…. :)

        • fatty mcfatfat says:

          i like how u all just had a conversation about people that complain about this show….you didnt even have a conversation about the show itself

      • Kate says:

        There was enough action for me in Big Buys, or whatever the store was. I like the time the episode took to reintroduce us to our Grimes gang and I was not bored at all.

      • John Dietz says:

        you need to calm down. it’s not that serious!

    • Dr. Jenner says:

      I’m thinking is the soil, if wlakers were buried then the grass has the virus, if grass has the virus then animals and crops are infected too, if they eat enough of those…walker!

      • Lyn says:

        I like your diagnosis, “Doctor.” The suddenly sick kid had enjoyed the game brought in — but then, probably everyone had? And maybe the pig was similarly affected, having been around for a while and eaten/drunk a lot. Seems like the water table would be affected, too, by contamination from the virus-infected bodies that now are everywhere. Ugh!

        • Ross Cooper says:

          I think you’re missing something here. Every single person in that prison is already infected with the zombie-virus, but it only activates upon death. It appears that it’s just your bog-standard swine-flu or something which killed Wurkle, problem is, dying in a confined space in the middle of the night is going to be extremely dangerous for everyone else.

          • Lyn says:

            True, but not sure where this isolated swine would have picked up swine flu. And only 50 case of swine flu transfer to humans since 1958! Then again, where would they have picked up something ebola-like that seems to have afflicted the nice nerdy kid? (Something that kills so extremely quickly and bloodily.) (Is bloodily a word?) Hard to think it’s not zombie-related.

          • dkcmdje says:

            Wurkle, LOL

      • charlid6179 says:

        I don’t think the walkers have to be buried. Hundreds of dead, rotting humans walking around leaving bits of skin and rotting fluids on the ground are bound to cause disease. The animals graze on those lovely bits of flesh and the people eat the animals then the plague starts.

      • Jordan Holt says:

        They burn’t them but i see where your coming from but they did only bury their own people and not the inmates and guards Look up Ebole and tell me thats not what patrick dies from.

    • rose says:

      omg finally I mentioned this bout the animals 2 years ago wuz up with them they r living &breathing there was a scene when carl threw a stick in the water for a dog at the barn the dog nevr came back hmmmm I do agree that they r going to get sick from meat & become vegetarians mayb that’s why in the beginning they showed them growin veggies

    • paul says:

      You would think these idiots would boil all the potable water being there are dead things all over the goddamn place leaching into the soil.

    • Davey says:

      No no – remember, Harry Potter kid was thankful for the deer that was caught at the beginning of the episode and he had to shake Daryl’s hand and stuff (Daryl licking his fingers was awkward). Later we saw a deer carcass near the pig and rabbits when Rick found the crazy dirty chick. Is there a link to the deer and the animals getting sick? They all must have eaten the deer then! (maybe?)

  5. JP says:

    Good, not great. However, the raining zombies was pretty cool.. Nicotero is a genius when it comes to special effects.

    • Lyn says:

      Yeah, Rick’s encounter with the weird, corpse-like, Lori-like woman was the weakest point for me, but overall the episode established some intriguing plot threads. Too bad poor Beth’s love life did not improve for long, but maybe she can sing a song about it ….

  6. steve says:

    Andy what show were you watching??? was action-packed i had to stop reading there. There was no action what so ever. It was a very boring Premier

    • Ross Cooper says:

      Yes, because a massive set-piece in a supermarket where a crashed helicopter causes a roof collapse sending dozens of zombies plunging upon a small band of survivors doesn’t count as ‘any action’. Jeez, some people really do just love complaining.

  7. Simon says:

    Here we go again, the complaints about not enough action. Chris Hardwick mentioned on Talking Dead something about how you need story telling and set ups. And I agree. I love the action but I’m okay with breaks from it as long as the story is interesting. I enjoyed it. And yes it may not be the best premiere ever but don’t take anything away from what was a very good episode.

    • azu says:

      thank you Simon, you give me hope that there are still a few mature people out there that understand and appreciate great story telling. There’s beauty in contrasts. Your saw how homey the prison is right now so you’ll be appropriately shocked when it goes to hell

    • EpicTea says:

      well said, people are just dumb, I think just because it has zombie people assume it suppose to be action packed, but they forget its a drama first, It was a good episode not great.

    • Alan says:

      welcome to the internet where we arent allowed to enjoy anything ever.

  8. Jason says:

    Yeah, I stopped reading after “pretty effing awesome”. I was obviously watching something different. 16 minutes of ads, 30 minutes of boring. 2 minutes of plot, and 2 minutes of falling walkers. Oh and 10 minutes (9 too many) of “woe is me” Rick. Really just an hour leading up to a cliff hanger, becoming very typical of AMC.

    I’m watching Talking Dead now (I can’t believe they can fill an hour just talking about this episode) and I can see how the premiere is just setting the stage for the rest of the season; I’ll withhold further judgement :)

    • EpicTea says:

      go watch power rangers little kid, obviously this show is too good for your little brain to handle.

      • Jason says:

        Actually, it was Hanna-Barbera, my kids grew up on Power Rangers, but whatever makes you feel superior. I’m sorry if my little brain wasn’t as entertained as yours and forgive me for insulting your intelligence.

      • azu says:

        Haha power rangers? Epic tea, you’re too hilarious!!!! Hahahahahaha!!

      • Ju says:

        Is it necessary to reply to every post that didnt love the episode and call them immature or dumb? Personally I loved the episode but people like different things and I respect their opinions. There is no need to be so rude.

        • azu says:

          Different opinions are fine ju. Just ask all these negative commentators to be polite and respectful of peoples hardwork. Tell them to give constructive criticisms or stop watching the show if they hate it so much
          I don’t watch all the tv shows and yet I won’t go and sprout nonsense about them. I simply don’t watch!!

      • Vida says:

        Can you not tell that Jason is not a “little kid” based on the non-illiterate way he writes online?? And ps, there are far too many ads and promos. Some old characters need to go…primarily the ever-useless Carol. Pookie. Can I vomit?

        • Man Love says:

          OMG I agree – it was too ‘on the nose’ too fast, too many relationships blind sided me since the end of season 3, I couldn’t swallow it all at once. Isint she a little old for Daryl?

  9. alistaircrane says:

    Beth had best keep her skanky hands off Carol’s man, that’s all I have to say!!!! The Carol and Daryl scenes put a huge smile on my face. Love them together! Such great chemistry!

  10. Joey says:

    pretty good and slow start to the season. they killed a few of the new characters quick. from I heard what they said on Talking Dead, episode 2 and 3 will be crazy.

  11. rachelle says:

    Worse thing was Carol and Daryl. Love Daryl. I don’t want him with Carol. It drives me soooo crazy!

    • Guest says:

      I’d say the opinion would have more weight if it weren’t posted right after the first mention of Carol and Daryl’s chemistry.Otherwise is like fishing for a reaction.

    • betty says:

      I agree every time I see them together I feel like he is hugging his mom. Its horrible. I’ll never get why they don’t find Daryl a kick ass woman not a grandma. I’m sorry but that is jus my opinion.
      May Carol be eaten already…….

      • Brigitte says:

        So when a woman chooses to not dye her greys that makes her old? That actress is only 2 years older than Norman Reedus. Grow up!

        • betty says:

          The least of my problem is her hair color she is just old looking sorry that I’m not hot on Carol you go do her. Give Daryl somebody deserving of his hotness and if that bothers you TO BAD. Oh and by the way I cant wait till Carol gets eaten by a walker, plan on saving that episode on by dvr for ever…….

          • Lola says:

            When you finally learn enough grammar and proper spelling for a coherent rant, I’ll save that to my computer. You’re the only only one talking about “doing her”.

          • fatty mcfatfat says:

            wow betty u suck, carol has been with the cast from the start, she has earned her place on multiple occasions, she deserves to be a part of the main cast.

        • Ross Cooper says:

          You guys are so shallow. So despite the two-year age gap between them, and the fact that they obviously care immensely about each other and the fact that Carol is likely the only reason Daryl stuck around in the first place… she isn’t worthy of him because she’s not twenty? Grow up.

          • betty says:

            So you defend a woman who’s only job during the zombie apocalypse was to take care of her own child and could not handle that responsibility a woman that did not have the guts to stand up to her abusive husband. Yeah she’s a real winner. Again I say I cant wait till they eat her I think I might even pop a bottle of the bubbly. By the way I think your mistaken on why Daryl stuck around I think he found a group of people that treated him like a human being instead of being abused constantly by others specially his on family. Oh and yeah the fact that she looks like and old hag does not help….

          • alistaircrane says:

            Agreed. How pathetic!

          • Gaara says:

            “a woman who’s only job during the zombie apocalypse was to take care of her own child and could not handle that responsibility a woman that did not have the guts to stand up to her abusive husband”

            I’ll just let this.. thing sink in. Jeez what’s wrong with you kids.. One day reality will slap you so hard on the face ( I’m in my 20’s btw, before someone calls me a “old gag”)

            And nice to know that the new survival rule n. 1 is: if you’re a woman your first priority is finding hair dye and face lotions, otherwise you’ll deserve to be eaten. Great.

          • Gaara says:

            e.c. “old hag”

          • Lola says:

            So Betty, who’s spelling isn’t going to get any better, jabs at Carol for not standing up to her abusive husband (you obviously have no clue about the psychology of abuse), but you’re all hot for Daryl despite HIS abusive situation. He made it quite clear that Merle was abusive, yet he followed him out of the group, then asked the group to accept him.

          • fatty mcfatfat says:

            betty, your saying ur gonna pop a bottle when carol dies, well, im gonna pop a bottle when ur dead

      • Vida says:

        This is funny. Betty has easily gotten everyone’s knickers in a twist. I do agree with her anti-Carol remarks though. Can’t stand that useless woman. No mom would let her only child run into danger without charging after her like a raving lunatic, even if it meant putting your own life at risk, let alone the strangers at your side. You just couldn’t. Ever since that moment, I hated her. No redemption.

        • betty says:

          To lola i’m devastated that you do not like my grammer or my spelling…. I would say suck it, I know that is incorrect and must be very difficult for you to read but I don’t give a crap. By the way Carol sucks she was a horrible parent and a waist of time on a great show. Again i’m planning on having a party the day she is eaten alive!!! By the way yes shes and OLD HAG

    • Guest says:

      Thanks to prove it was just like I thought: fishing for a reaction.

  12. Tierna says:

    WAY too many commercials, and so much time wasted for Rick’s “life lesson” with Clara in the woods. Honestly, how long has it been since the start of the zombies and she conveniently decides to kill herself right then? How on earth has she been keeping herself alive this whole time with a tiny knife? Dumb, and again, waste of time.

    Glad to see that there will always be teen/tween mean girls and/or PC police after the Apocalypse.

    Also, Daryl and Carol continue to be the main reason I keep watching.

    • EpicTea says:

      thats why you go back and re watch the entire season on couchtuner or netflix because everything is fresh on your mind, once a week episodes and commercials weaken any tv show.

  13. Jaime says:


  14. allie says:

    really intrigued about Patrick’s death at the end, the seemingly increased # of crazed looking zombies at the fence (why did they show that nasty eyed one twice?), Violet the pigs death and why Clara really did look like a zombie. Her tent was pristine and she was filthy so I find it hard to believe that her “filth” was dirt…I think there is another version of the zombie virus going around that hits folks when they are alive.

  15. omar says:

    I really liked it! It was awesome!
    Carol and the Knife’s School was so good. And I loved what they did with Beth.

  16. vdofan says:

    a few questions…. *possible spoilers*

    Is the thing that’s causing people to turn after they die advancing? Are people now turning before they die? Is the water causing it?

    • Lisa Buckler says:

      I think the funny eyed Z had swine flu. That’s probably what killed the pig and Fern.

    • Jax says:

      New strain of the virus! It’s mutated which is perfect because that’s what viruses do. Now the virus has species jumped which is why Violet is sick. Pigs are very close to human anatomy and physiology so it makes perfect sense that the pig would be sick.

  17. James D says:

    oh man this is going to go bad. really bad. please Gimple and Kirkmen don’t kill off Daryl or Glenn, i’d be so beyond pissed. i can tell their will be a high mortality rate this season though. good episode.

  18. Singing_gal says:

    So excited to see D’angelo in something else! And as a conflicted good guy rather than a conflicted bad one. :)

  19. Steve F. says:

    So Patrick was played by the kid that plays Phineas in “Phineas and Ferb”…

    “I know what we’re going to do today, Ferb! We’re going… to DIE!”

    Also, Tyreese and Karen (the Woodbury army survivor) – who’da thunk it?

    The walkers dropping through the ceiling – and one hanging by its entrails – was one of the best sequences Greg Nicotero shot.

    Looking forward to next week.

  20. Michael says:

    The water probably is infected, but that probably came from the fact they have open topped barrels of it everywhere! Granted, the show has never made mention of the fact anyone could be infected any other way than a bite or dying, but this does bring up a lingering issue that’s bugged me about it, the sanitation. One of the first things you think of when disease and epidemics break out is the issue of hygiene and cleanliness. I’m glad the show may be finally addressing it. You could call it a plot hole of sorts imo.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      regarding sanitation I am a big fan of Joe McKinney’s awesome DEAD CITY novels and he makes a huge point about how easy it is to absorb and get infected by zombie blood spatters in micro-cuts and eyeballs yet these Walking Dead folks get as up close and personal as possible gouging and dismembering zombies and are infections waiting to happen…am heartened by the new wave of characters (including Carol’s knife school kids) to make it more possible to endanger series regulars and not take their survival for granted…and am totally excited with the upcoming addition of Southland’s Michael Cudlitz

  21. Jonny says:

    You guys, Patrick obviously got sick from shaking Daryl’s hands after he licked them.

  22. Sean says:

    For me, I actually think that it might not be the water so much. I am reminded of an episode of MASH-its not the rats that are making everyone sick-its the fleas and the ticks and the mites ON the rats that make people sick, and when the rats die-the fleas go elsewhere. All those people coming in, not bathing like they should in a place that was already a prison, the dead animals all around them-those from the sling traps, the livestock and likely, plenty of ones that hang around the walkers that seem to flock the fences, I wouldn’t be in the least bit suprised if that turned out to be the case here. Patrick even thanked Daryl for bringing in a deer near the beginning of the episode from sometime recently, Rick when he ran into that woman in the woods-did they name her? Well, you could see a could of other dead deer, dead or dying, covered in flies and other carrion crawler insects. Who’s to say that isn’t a way to get the active virus?

    • Elly says:

      They’re clearly making a big deal out of what’s going on with the animals. I don’t know where people are getting the water being contaminated from, if the water was contaminated literally everyone would be sick. The kid who died thanked Daryl for the Deer and it’s possible he cooked/prepared the Deer for eating (I’ll have to check if that was mentioned at all), exposing himself to whatever virus the animal was carrying.
      It’s odd they haven’t addressed the insect thing. There must have been a lot of mozzies that bit Walkers, being bitten by any insect that’d had anything to do with the Walkers would be a huge issue. I dunno what the insect-level is like where they are on the show but in the hot parts of where I live it’s impossible not to get bitten.

      • Sean says:

        Well, no matter how much bathing they do, there just isn’t much that they can do about the pests that would hang around the prison, I mean, lice and other critters would be there, you can wash your clothes, can only do so much about the cots, mattresses or other bedding, unless they can spread lye on everything there, not a whole lot they can do. And again, all those walkers coming right on up to the fence like that, would be just so many of them. And from what I could tell, they seem to be mostly collecting water from hanging buckets and drums they have set up, that is standing water which could easily mean mosquitos.

      • cory says:

        Mosquitos likely cant transfer the virus…. contrary to popular belief mosquitos can not transfer aids/hiv through bites.

        • paul says:

          One thing max brooks stated in WWZ was that animals and insects avoided any type of exposure to infected humans, as they knew how toxic the flesh and fluids were.

      • leha says:

        They really focused on the kid using the water before collapsing, and even after, which is why I personally think it has something to do with the water. Or, at least, that it will. I don’t disagree about the deer statement made at the beginning of the epi, though.

  23. Sierra says:

    It isn’t that people are getting the zombie virus…They are already infected as stated in season 2. The problem here is that there is some virus going around that is killing animals/people. When people are killed, they automatically reanimate a walkers. So for example, if you had a bad outbreak of flu in the prison and some people died as a result, they would come back as walkers. This is not a new zombie virus. Now with a higher population in the prison, it will be harder to provide surveillance on sick people who manage to die through the night and then come back as walkers. Never mind walkers on the fence, these “internal walkers” will be the worst.

    • Becka says:

      I keep thinking when I saw Patrick hit the floor and right before he woke up zombiefied…that I was confused by the blood on his face. he didn’t fall face down..so he didn’t bash his face. So where did the blood on his face come from? It looked like it came from his eyes…so I wondered if there wasn’t some kind of hemorrahagic fever of some type going around. Just a thought!

  24. Faster says:

    My complaints with this episode have nothing to do with there not being “enough action” but more with how impractical all of the main events in the episode seemed to be and how they potentially took away from better story lines. I was able to look past that and enjoy the episode, but I feel like I have to bring them up. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the helicopter on the roof of the store the same copter from the end of S2? So the copter has been sitting there for more than a season, and at the same time that the group enters the store below the walkers start to fall from the roof? My boyfriend and I fought over this, and he said that the noise from the wine case falling caught their attention and took them to the weaker part of the roof – but still, in a full season we are to believe that the walkers haven’t covered walking the entire surface area of that roof? I don’t know about that one, but that was a great scene nonetheless. Also, the whole story line with the woman in the woods is seemingly pointless right now, but I really hope that, as an above poster mentioned, she may have been infected by an evolved form of the virus that infects people while they’re alive. But, why did she just decide to kill herself in front of Rick, a stranger to her? I get luring her back to feed her husband’s walker head – but if she wanted to kill herself, why hadn’t she done it already? I don’t know, the whole thing seemed like a poorly thought out plot device to propel Rick into some sort of revelation. That all being said, I of course loved Daryl, Carol, Tyrese, and a less-fragile Beth.

    • Alan says:

      just because its the same prop doesnt mean its the same chopper

      • Faster says:

        True, but isn’t it supposed to be the same helicopter that we saw earlier? Like I said, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that was the point of the camera panning up from the storefront to the roof showing the helicopter with the ominous music before the commercial break.

    • Walker McGee says:

      It’s not the same helicopter from season two. Your trippin’

  25. Austin says:

    Here’s a quick question. Why did Rick not get Hershel look at the pig before it died? He was a veterinarian in his previous life. I found that kind of strange. Maybe he’ll look at it in the next episode. This episode was predictable. They showed the bloody-eyed walker twice so you had to know it would be the focus for a bit.

    • Gerry Lopez says:

      My theory, and I’m almost certain I’m right: Herschel is dead. He is not seen interacting with anyone other than Rick in the whole episode.You heard it here first.

      • Paid some attention says:

        Maggie was told that her father and glenn were fine. So no. His existence was noted by at least 2 other characters.

    • Pierre says:

      I was thinking completely the same! It was so strange. They got a dying pig and they just look at it saying “I don’t know what’s happening” without thinking to call the vet. Not credible!

  26. meangene says:

    I think Daryl is infected with something. Phineas was not sick until after the finger licking handshake with Daryl. Of course then he went on to serve the food. Is it possible that Daryl is immune but a carrier of a new disease strain? Maybe Daryl will be the savior of humanity carrying an antibody to fight the disease? Ah if only there was a scientist in their midst………..

  27. alistaircrane says:

    My gut reaction: If Daryl is infected (and dies), he will die in Carol’s arms and it will be the most romantic moment in TWD history.

  28. thi86 says:

    Great episode!! wow, the final scene was really surprising. I mean, it could be the beggining of a epidemic, and put this with a zombie apocalypse, and things will be a lot worse for them. Man, the moment i saw that the prison have lots of new people, i knew that this season will have lots of killing. I can’t wait to see the next episode! And yes, i think it’s linked with the pig.

  29. Abby says:

    Walkers outside the fence had evidence of the virus, too – there was a man who bled out from his eyes that Rick kept noticing in one scene, then a clip for next week showed a woman outside with the same blood from the eyes. Very intriguing – why should a post-apocalyptic world have only ONE virus to deal with, after all!

  30. It was an excellent premiere. Last season’s premiere was good but very grim. It’s nice that they switched things up a bit. And I’m glad my favorite group of survivors seem to be doing well. I can already tell that Scott is going to do a good job. His balance of action and drama seem to work.

  31. I’m no expert, but I really don’t get the idea of water contamination people are bringing up. If it was water contamination, then everyone at the prison would have gone the same as Patrick. So we’ve got to throw that one out. Maybe they kept showing water as kind of a red herring, to throw us off or to make us think along other lines so we wouldn’t figure out the story line.

    I think it has more to do with the sick animals than anything. It was Violet the pig at the prison, and a hog out in the wild. Swine flu? Or worse, Ebola. A lot of more educated (in the scientific sense) people have been suggesting Ebola…. and it makes sense. But that still brings up the question… Why did it keep focusing on that zombie at the fence with the blood coming from his eyes? Scott Gimple, showrunner for this season, confirmed that that zombie and Patrick died from the same thing, that we needed to notice that that zombie is “fresher” than the others and died of the same thing. My question is, where in the world could a “fresh” zombie have come from? And if it died of the same thing that Patrick died of, then it could lead back to the animals… the zombie, before it was a zombie, would’ve had to have eaten an infected hog or pig or something. BUT STILL that doesn’t even make sense either because, those pigs that are at the prison are pigs that everyone has been eating… or, maybe not, because Rick told Carl they would be food SOON, that they weren’t piglets anymore…. but then, how would Patrick have gotten sick? Could it have something to do with Daryl licking his fingers then shaking his hand? But why then isn’t Daryl sick?

    I hope they expose what it is soon. Like everyone has been saying, why not talk to HERSHEL about the pig when he used to be a VETERINARIAN, like his whole life! Doesn’t make much sense to me. But it’s too late for that now. He might help determine, though, what they’re dealing with. Let’s hope someone puts Zombie Patrick out of his misery soon before he infects everyone.

    Finally…. Clara…. What in the world? That whole thing was odd to me. Creepy to boot. Was there a reason for that, other than to present the premise that you “can’t come back from what you’ve done” and to fool us into thinking walkers talk now?!

    • Faster says:

      My impression of the water was that NOW, after Patrick died in the shower, it could become contaminated from touching him and/or the blood that came out of his face. I am no expert either, but I think that could be a reasonable concern if you’re dealing with any of the above-mentioned viruses or diseases and a less than ideal water supply situation. But I don’t think it had anything to do with the initial cause – that pretty clearly came from the pig and/or the deer mentioned early in the episode.

  32. Richie says:

    too much talking, not enough zombies

  33. Disco Dave says:

    When I saw Phineas go down with the superflu I recalled in the first episode when Morgan brought Rick into the house and talked about the virus giving a person (like his wife that died) a fever that “just burnt you up” and that no medication could stop it.

  34. HAP says:

    I had to scratch my head when I saw the overnight ratings for this cable show. When did our society become so fascinated with zombies and vampires?

  35. Zach says:

    Remember when the kid said to Daryl “thanks for that deer yesterday” I think it is the livestock

  36. Doc says:

    “Daryl Dixon: Undercover Cop”…a Walking Dead prequel????

  37. Babybop says:

    I really liked the episode! Perfect balance of action and exposition, for me.

    I never thought about the water supply thing… I just figured he had been bitten somehow and didn’t tell anyone…

    Only thing that bothered me was why did the girl make Rick come back with her if she was just going to kill herself?

    • Paid some attention says:

      She didn’t plan on killing herself in the first place anyways. Things just worked out that way. Out of hope, out of options, desperation, awakening from a semi delusional state, mounting pressure and everything in between. You break down and you take the exit out. She however as a character is full of plot holes

  38. Does anyone know the actress’ name who played the crazy zombie looking newlywed, Clara???

  39. ryan says:

    okay so im 13 and i completely understand this show more than some of you , anyways since patrick as we know had gotten infected and i dont know if y’all remember but carol let patrick start cooking food for the people, so my question is, since patrick started cooking that food, who ever ate the food he cooked for , will they be infected also?

  40. dkcmdje says:

    Loved the episode. The walkers falling through the ceiling was bad a s s. The character development (Sasha, Michonne, Daryl, and some others) was great. Then at the very end, they set us up with a suspenseful new threat for the next episode. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  41. Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    The entire “it’s raining zombies” sequence was GOLD.

  42. imsure says:

    I thought it was an superb episode people complaing of it not being a good priemere act like its the last one i liked the part were some the group had to escape the super market glad none the main peoples died this episode left me askin for more wich sadly theres a wait on but in due time i spose i love walking dead an its story line everybit also whose to forget that this one episode was a series record breaker!!!! Congrats to the crew keep dooin what ya do make this show last longer then breaking bad so i dont have to deal with heartbreak haha.

  43. WikusBez says:

    I was so amped for this season to start and the opening episode, but i dont know, kinda feeling let down? Apart form the storyline which had me glued, I just get really frustrated ! like why don’t Rick and the crew just kill the walkers that are at the fence?!!!! lets say something happens one day and there is a breach? BAMMM like 10000000 more zombies to deal with ( I know I am exaggerating , but still) . Apart from that total lack of reasoning, i enjoyed it and look forward for the rest of the season :)

    ps. props for the guy who made the summary :)

    • Alan says:

      did you not see them having a dedicated crew of people who job is to kill the walkers? or how carol and daryl had a discussion about how the amount outside is increasing and that they are starting to struggle with the amount of them? they addressed exactly what you are complaining about in the episode.

  44. Jny says:

    wow greg from everybody hates Chris is back!! Haha

  45. abi azalas says:

    Why are the zombies not attacking the animals?

  46. travis says:

    what if the chick that killed her self was a zombie like the ferb boy and isn’t dead and they can talk and are alive not as dead and can trick u! u know they are twisted like that

  47. Mikael says:

    How come some people turn to walkers almost instantly, and some take a lot longer? Is it just however it fits the scene?

    • Paid some attention says:

      From a medical perspective regarding viruses and those that are along that line (late at night too lazy to go blabber jabber), there is no true constant. The only true constant is the inevitability everything else in between is just a blurred grey line simply meaning the same virus might kill patient a in hours whilst patient b took a week before dying.

  48. Tim says:

    I just want the show to get back to looking for a cure and staying alive. Enough with all the “drama”, it’s not a soap opera. I’m tired of all the love stories. I also think the group has gotten way to large, it’s more exciting when the group is small ( around 5-6 ). One more thing, PLEASE have Rick put his Sheriff uniform back on, that uniform stands for something. This show is slowly turning into “Supernatural”. I used to watch that show also but they got off track after a while and i lost interest. Very disappointing premiere.

  49. JulFT says:

    The new CG zombies ruined it for me. Why fix it if it ain’t broke!?

  50. Mike says:

    Patrick thanked Daryl for the venison. Maybe it had something to do with the deer Daryl killed.