Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Once, Castle, Five-0, Scandal, Supernatural, TWD and More!

Bones Wedding SpoilersWhich Scandal strangers will get more friendly? Will the Bones wedding go off without a hitch? Did Once Upon a Time‘s Hook ever swagger down the aisle? Is red-hot White Collar romance ahead? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

You know Gladiators are always up for more Scandal scoop. Anything to share? –Miranda
Katie Lowes got my brain churning with this tease about working with a cast member she hasn’t shared scenes with much or at all before. “I can’t tell you who, because it’s so scandalous, but I’m so excited,” she effused, all but bursting at the seams. “It happens in, like, Episode 6 or 7, and you’re never gonna guess, you’re never gonna guess! We just started [earlier this month] and it was awesome!”

How many episodes in Scandal Season 3? –Paul
Right now, 22. But with ratings like this… don’t be surprised if ABC gets hungry for more of those bitches. Er, Gladiators.

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Do you have anything about the Bones wedding? —Tatiana
Well, it happens. That much I can confirm. But the path to holy matrimony is a bumpy one for B&B. Among the pre-ceremony obstacles: smoke, fire, death and a huge satchel of cash. But make no mistake, the episode is a wholly satisfying love letter to fans, that includes a performance from resident psychic Cyndi Lauper, a nifty call-back to Season 2 (specifically, this episode) and a ton of returning guest stars (including, yes, Parker.)

Might Stephen Fry be appearing at the Bones wedding? Gordon Gordon Wyatt is still one of my favorite recurring characters. –Tina
“While we wanted to include all of the Bones ‘family,’ scheduling conflicts and other commitments prevented some of our characters from making it to the wedding,” EP Stephen Nathan reports. “But we’ll send them all pictures.”

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Once Upon a Time‘s Pan is one creepy kid. Do you have any scoop on the history between him and Hook? Or really, any scoop on Hook in general? –Stef
I am told that Hook’s sure-to-illuminate reunion with Pan is “imminent.” As for more Hook scoop, his backstory is also fast-approaching. In that episode, Colin O’Donoghue says, “You’ll see different colors to Hook, and to Killian Jones before he becomes Hook. You begin to understand a bit more why he is so self-absorbed, apart from the whole thing with Milah and why he’s a pirate. [It’s about] how he becomes a pirate, which is brilliant. The guys have done a great job with that.” And speaking of Hook and Milah….

I have a question brought up by the Once Upon a Time Season 2 DVD set. Were Milah and Killian actually married, making him Henry’s step-grandfather? –Rita
No, that confusion is the result of a mistake made during the production of a DVD featurette. Series cocreator Adam Horowitz confirms, “As far as show ‘canon’ is concerned, Hook and Milah were never married.” (Glad to have that hot potato off my desk!)

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Although I knew Castle‘s D.C. arc was coming to an end, I was really shocked when Beckett was fired so abruptly! Is she getting right back at the 12th Precinct or will we get to see a glimpse of Unemployed Kate before? –Martina
Well if you watched the shiny new episode of Spoiler Alert! co-starring Stana Katic, you saw her detail the hurdles keeping her from jumping back to the NYPD. As such, “She’s kind of out in Nowhereland” professionally, Katic added. “She’s defined herself so much by [her work].” So in the interim, will we see her as a homebody or ersatz housewife? Katic laughed. “I don’t know about a homebody, I don’t know about housewife…. But Castle in this next episode inadvertently helps her find that definition [of who she is] once again. As he always does — inadvertently”

Since Hilarie Burton is not returning to Grey’s Anatomy, can you please tell me if you have any news regarding her returning to White Collar? – Rocky
I can confirm that Burton will not be reprising her role as Sara anytime during Season 5. Besides, Neal’s dance card is plenty full with a new lady. “There is a really incredible girl who comes into Neal’s life, played by the gorgeous and talented Bridget Regan,” Matt Bomer previews. “She is sort of atypical in terms of what Neal finds attractive in a woman — with the exception of the fact that she’s a redhead. She’s like an onion, and in every episode more peels off and Neal becomes more attracted to her.”

Are we going to see NCIS: LA’s Nell and Eric venture out more in Season 5? –Cari
“There is always fun with those characters,” show boss Shane Brennan answers. “In fact, Nell’s out in the field a couple times this season, and at one point, later in the season, gets a serious moment or two out in the field. She gets to fire her weapon, in anger.”

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Can you tell me anything that I don’t already know about the Walking Dead premiere? —Ben
It’s excellent (but you could probably guess that); we find out how Rick and Michonne spent their summer “vacations”; we get a pretty clear sense of where Glenn and Maggie’s, and Carol and Daryl’s, relationships stand; we learn just how gentle a giant Tyreese really is; and we catch wind of a secret that [Spoiler] is keeping from Rick.

Can you tell us something about the Steve/Danny relationship this year on Hawaii Five-0? I need to know that it will keep being the most important relationship on the show! –Mary
The Oct. 18 episode opens with a double date at the movies with McGarrett, Danno and their respective ladies – but face it, you all know who the real couple is in that group, right?

Something about Supernatural I’ve been wondering about for a while: How come Castiel never went back to visit his wife? Now that he’s mortal, will he go see her? – Elisa
While we don’t know about paying the Mrs. a visit, Misha Collins does tell us that his angel-turned-human isn’t “just” having sex in his new form. “Cas is also experiencing emotions that he hasn’t experienced before,” says Collins. “So it’s not just purely physical sensations, but it’s also the incumbent emotions.” In fact, he says we’ll even see a “smitten” Cas, one who “has a date” this season!

I’m loving Sleepy Hollow so far, and I’m loving it even more with Jenny on the team. Please tell me she’s going to stick around for a while! –Rachel
I am assured that Jenny plays an important role in the overall story and as such, you can definitely expect to see her in future episodes.

Is Justin Long coming back to CBS’ Mom? He and Anna Faris have great chemistry! –Rebecca
Yes, Long is technically recurring, and his next appearance should land on or around Oct. 28.

When will Beauty and the Beast‘s Vincent finally remember Catherine? –Stephanie
I’ll be honest — coming out of Episode 2, the outlook looks bleak. But lord knows, they intrepidly engage in (ahem) an old “habit” or two on Monday to try to arouse the lunk’s… memory.

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  1. Hannah says:

    A Sara free season of White Collar ? That’s a dream come true. No more fast forwarding through half the episode because of that useless character.

  2. Allison says:

    Ahhhh, the Bones wedding, can I say the highlight of a very good Bones season.

  3. Thanks for the SPN info. Any chance we can get some Dean-unique insights?

  4. Stephanie says:


  5. Estee Thomas says:

    with regard to this question:
    “Something about Supernatural I’ve been wondering about for a while: How come Castiel never went back to visit his wife? Now that he’s mortal, will he go see her? – Elisa”

    Castiel didn’t have a wife; his “vessel” had a wife. Cas is mortal but he didn’t revert back to the guy whose body he took over.

    • Mo says:

      Maybe they were talking about Cas/Emmanuel’s wife Daphne. You know, the one who found him naked in the woods by the river & took him home & “married” him. That was a sketchy deal, so I’m glad we’re pretending that never happened.

    • Waterfairy32 says:

      The poster may have been referring to the wife Castiel had when he was “Emanuel.” After the Leviathans left Castiel’s body and he was found in the river by Daphne.

    • SonOfCoul says:

      Considering Castiel has been blown to bits by Lucifer, Exploded from within by Leviathans, among many other gruesome things, It’s pretty safe to say that Jimmy the vessel is long gone by this point, theres really nothing left of him but his image at this point.

  6. Gaby says:

    Nooooooooooooo!! I want Sara back in White Collar! Neal’s not the same without her. =(

    • Templar says:

      Not me. Alex, yes. Sara, NO!

    • Nara says:

      As if I had not guessed this months ago, Neal/Sara are a compliment to each other, which for me made them Perfect together.
      Jeff, Matt, and whoever else choose to just, move forward so quick to someone else,
      shows that ALL the “love” Jeff said about Hilarie/Sara was just the typical “lala crap”…..
      To each his own……….
      The never ending circle of Peter always pays, and Neal just skates through with no real punishment, So tired of it!!!!
      Now conformation No Sara-

      • JBC says:

        Nara, Did you only watch White Collar when Hilarie Burton came on? Do you only watch WC for the romantic storylines?
        As far as Peter pays and Neal skates… Neal is not free yet since he is still in “custody” on the anklet..but he is still a conman, so he will try and do things sometimes and get away with things. He is living on the treasure that he ran away to the island with, so Sara is not actually perfect for him, as she has stated herself that she can’t cross a line she can’t come back from ..but I am sure she could compromise, since the writing of this character is all over the board, being whoever they want her to be. But she is only one little character in a great show.
        Neal and Peter have been a great team together. They have had their ups and downs, but have a strong bond now. I love watching them solve crimes together, and their banter is wonderful. I enjoy Elizabeth, Mozzie, June, Diana and Jones.. There is so much to love about this show, other than if your favorite pairing is being shown in a certain season. I was so happy to see Alex return for an episode and had to wait 24 episodes to see her again, and didn’t even care if it had anything to do with romance, since I love the character and what she brings to the story.
        So as you say to each their own.. seems senseless to leave because your storyline is on hold for a season. Thankfully the network only cut the episodes and not cancelled this show altogether since the ratings have been less than stellar. I am so glad we have a Season 5.

        • hanna says:

          JBC, I had a moment of revelation the other day. the actress who plays Sara was apparently on a very popular soap opera. Most of these so called “shippers” are fans of that other show. They don’t really give crap about Neal/Peter or the complexity of White Collar. Infact, the funny thing is they don’t even care if Sara gets a good storyline or is even on screen as long as Neal and Sara are the endgame! I find it hilarious and don’t quite understand. I have never been a shipper anyway. I love Neal with women as long as the woman is engaging in her own right, and Sara to me was not.

  7. Lysh says:

    THANK GOD FOR THE HOOK AND MILAH CLEAR UP. I was tired of the posts about it on Tumblr.
    Wow what a massive mistake on the s2 DVD. I’ll just stick to the show for my canon. And Adam and Eddy.

    • utd12 says:

      YES thank god they weren’t married! I am so excited for Hook’s backstory, I keep hearing it’s a really good episode and from the sound of it, it does sound very interesting. How hook became a pirate! I’d love to see that!

    • Alice says:

      It’s great that it’s cleared up (frankly, I’d be shocked that Milah would chose to marry ever again) but I’m not sure that “Grandmother’s lover” is THAT much better a title than “Step-grandfather.” Step-grandfather is a a little less “ewwww”.

    • courts says:

      Why? They were in a committed relationship, the not having it legal is a teeny tiny technicality. Like how people say Regina is Snow’s stepmother when it was a forced marriage, she was desperately unhappy and hated it. Committed, loving and consensual relationship means a hell of a lot more than a piece of paper in a feudal society.

  8. Alisa Neely says:

    the MOST important PAIRING ON H50 is DANNY & STEVE…..not steve and catherine or danny & gabby…..we want LESS MCROLL & MORE MCDANNO…..even alex KNOWS what the WINNING thing is…..the O’Caan CHEMISTRY is KILLER.

    • veniascott says:

      thank you alisa for being brave to speak the truth about what is most important on H50! i agree 110% with you on what is the true glue to the show, and what the true romance is on the show. I think danny and steve relationship/romance, is the glue that hold the show together. If that is gone you lose the show and to me it becomes just another cop show. I have never ever I mean never like Catherine and gabby boring she gives me a headache. Please just give us more Mcdanno and just let the real romance play it self out. I don’t say this to be funny Alex and scott have the best Chemistry on tv, and that is rare these days.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        you are VERY welcome and THANK YOU for agreeing with me….i will ALWAYS tell it like i see it….and we MCDANNO/H50 FANS must NOT give up….we MUST keep saying how we FEEL every place possible….catherine is BORING AS HELL and gabby, had the NERVE to text danny while he waited at the airport for her….and told him, she wasn’t coming…and then shows up….UGH….and catherine LIED to steve for doris….UGH.

    • Maryann says:

      I can’t stand the Steve and Danny interactions, and Danny in general. I would be very happy to see Danny’s character gone from the show, or at least no more time-wasting “banter” between the two of them. If we have to have Danny scenes, at least make them with his daughter. At least those are kind of cute.

      • veniascott says:

        I have to disagree with you there. I think Scott cann does a great job with danny o the show and has growed as a actor. You can say what you want and pick whatever character is your favorite character you like, but I love the banter between Scott and and alex. I think it is one of the best on tv and the real reason I watch the show. These days you don’t get good chemisty on tv and these two have it, and I never ever get tire of it, and I adore Scott as Danny sweet or banter with steve I love him

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i totally agree….scott and alex have AMAZING KILLER CHEMISTRY….and even alex, KNOWS what the winning COMBO is for the show….and it sure as HECK is NOT steve and catherine….they have 0 chemistry….the show would be BORING as heck without scott caan playing danny…..and he’s GREAT with kids….especially the little girl that plays danny’s daughter, grace……and if tptb DON’T side stepping the BEST thing on the show….they are going to LOSE a heck of ALOT of viewers…..some of us are SICK of CATHERINE being SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS…..it’s getting almost as BAD as TIVA was on NCIS.

  9. JoRo says:

    I knew Hook and Milah werent married, NOTHING in the show gave that idea, and i really dont think Hook would of hid it – he loved Milah and he was not ashamed of saying it. But we now KNOW for sure for everyone lol… as for the DVD misshap, there seems to be quite a few in the family tree.

    Glad to also see Hook’s backstory – about time!!! and more Hook-Emma build up, indivdually and together

  10. Grace says:

    Thank you for answering the H5-0 question!! And you are so right about the real couple on the show. Who can forget McGarrett slinging his arm around Danno on the couch in last year’s Halloween episode while they watched a movie?

    • veniascott says:

      I am so glad that person ask that question and Matt gave a honest answer. I will never forget that scene where steve and danno snuggle on the couch. Danny look so relax in steve arms. I can think of some other scene to, that basic say who the true couple is on the show , Mcdanno is the real romance on the show.

  11. Mo says:

    “Smitten” Cas? Something tells me he’s going to be that guy who finally gets laid & then follows the girl around like a lost puppy. I just want to tell him, “Oh sweetie, sex does not necessarily equal love.” I’m actually kind of looking forward to seeing this date!

  12. linda says:

    I’m glad Jenny will be around to hang with Abbie and Ichabod. The whole foursome ‘friendship’ on H50 is just going to be real annoying to me. I didn’t sign up to watch a soap opera.

    • veniascott says:

      Linda I like your commment about sleepy Hallow, and I agree 1000% about H50. I agree with you I sign on for the bromance of steve and danno, not cathrine and that boring gabby, you are so right.

  13. lovemunkey187 says:

    Will we get another NCIS/NCIS:LA crossover?
    Dinozzo and Deeks need screen time together.

    • Ing says:

      This! Can you imagine Deeks and Tony fighting for Kensi’s attention? Trying to one up each other in front of her, and make her laugh? It’s just gotta happen! They haven’t had a crossover in a long time.

  14. wordsmith says:

    I’m likewise intrigued by the Quinn tease from Katie Lowes. Who could it be? There are only a few pairings that would be not only new but outright Scandalous.
    Fitz? Little too obvious, right?
    Mellie? Could be fun.
    Rowan? Would depend on the context.
    Charlie, maybe? Definite potential there.

    • Debbie Jones says:

      It’s definitely Papa Pope because it was already spoiled that Quinn was gonna go SUPER DARK. I would love love to see some scenes with her and Papa Pope.

  15. Babybop says:

    Yay for Justin Long on Mom!

  16. Lisa says:

    I enjoyed the McDanno answer here cause they are definitely the main dynamic on that show that I am interested in (as I don’t care for Catherine much and don’t know enough about Danno’s love interest to even remember her name). But I completely hate the Supernatural information as the only couple that I care about on that show is Dean/Castiel. So unless it is Dean that Cas is smitten with, which I highly doubt, then just this information just makes me want to watch the next episodes less and less. The premiere was great, but I just wish they would just stop with the random female love interests that usually come out of nowhere. I admit that I am “Destiel fan” and as such am probably going to get hatred for this comment and just for being who I am, but if they’re not going to go the couple route with Dean & Cas, I just wish they would just at least give us Team Free Will together and without these stupid love interest story lines that a lot of people don’t care about, like Lisa in Season 6 for Dean or Amelia in Season 8 for Sam. I’ve always had strong doubts about the whole “Destiel becoming canon thing” much as I want it, and if we can’t have that then, all I want is Cas, Dean, and Sam together fighting the good fight together! The show is best for me when the three of them are with each other.

    • veniascott says:

      I feel the same way you do about Mcdanno. I have never ever liked Catherine and I hate the fact she is a regular cast memeber. I think gabby is just plain boring and true I kind of forgot her to. to me the my Main reason for watching the show is Mcdanno.

  17. Marie says:

    I can’t wait for a whole season of White Collar without the obnoxious, snotty Sara. I hope she never comes back.

  18. You have totally made my day with that little Beauty and the Beast nugget as I am partial to that ol VinCat habit! :D Mow I’m even more stoked for the next episode ~ Kidnapped!

  19. elle says:

    Yay for no Sara in White Collar! Hope she gone FOREVER though. I like how Matt describes his new love interest. Can’t wait to see that storyline. Ofcourse ,Peter and Mozzie and El and Diana!
    Hook and Emma have tons of chemistry, better than Emma and Neal imo. I’m also impressed with Peter Pan so far.

  20. Mary says:

    Thanks for answering my question, Matt. We definitely know who the real couple is, which one is the dynamic that makes the show’s success. I really hope the writers will keep having the relationship between Steve and Danny as “engine” of the show, along with the Team/Ohana dynamics… keeping the 4 main characters on the spotlight, they deserve it and we want to know and see lots more of them!

    • veniascott says:

      mary thank you for being brave to ask that question and make the statment that is true, and I agree with you 100% Mcdanno is the engine of the show, no doubt and I want more Mcdanno give a break to cathy and who ever Gabby is.

  21. AC says:

    Haha, an old ‘habit’. Even if they are depriving Vincent of his memory, at least they aren’t depriving us of Vincat lovin’!

  22. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the Beauty and the Beast scoop!! I really love this show! And am really enjoying the changes they have made this season. I hope people give it a chance, it is a great show with a fantastic balance of action, romance, drama, humour and mythology.

  23. Kim says:

    Beauty and the Beast!!! Fave!!!

  24. Kim says:

    I’m excited for the coming episodes of Beauty and the Beast Season 2! This show is the best!👍

  25. Kate says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop. I still can’t believe she was fired- I thought she’d quit. Either way I’m very happy she’s returning to New York! Does anyone know how many episodes it has this season? I’ve heard both 22 and 24. Thanks!

    • Rich Abey says:

      I remember ‘Castle’ writer Terri commenting a few weeks ago that 22 episodes have been confirmed so far…but they are getting ready for 24 anyway to avoid last minute plans like last season (when they had literally days to come up with “Still”).

      • Shawn says:

        And Still turned out to be one of the best episodes ever! If they did that in a few days, just imagine what they’ll come up with next. Everyone should be watching Castle!

        I tried to clear my dvr out as I had all Castle episodes in it before this season started AND I have all the dvds and went from 105 episodes down to 86. HaHa! I had to force myself to delete more and now I have only 46 episodes of Castle in my dvr

        I don’t need any but the current season, but I love the easy access of the dvr. But that’s how great this show is if I still had almost 90 episodes after trying to clear space. HaHa!

        I’m so proud of myself that I got it down to half of that!

        I’m now trying to make myself to clear all but the current season. Like my sister told me, “Shawn, you can just get up and put the dvds in when you want to watch an episode.”

        Sounds simple, but then she doesn’t have OCD (Obsesseive Castle Disorder). Lmao!

    • Shawn says:

      Marlowe mentioned 22 episodes at Paley, but you know ABC is more than likely going to sneak more in at the end of the season as they usually do.

      Loving Castle this season and the Caskett scenes are incredible! Can’t wait to see Number One Fan and how Castle “inadvertenly” helps Beckett get back to NYPD and reinforce how good she is as a homicide detective. I love this show!

      • Mary says:

        I´m also assuming Castle helps Beckett back to NYPD, but the article only says he helps her finding “who she is”, nothing about the NYPD:)

  26. Nanna says:

    Wow… The comment by Misha Collins about Castiel makes me want to puke. I’m a fan of Misha, but all he has been talking about regarding Castiel in S9 is about how he is gonna have sex with some random girl. And now Cas is apparently going on a date and be smitten by someone. I’ve had enough, I don’t want S9 being about Cas being the straightest heterosexual dudebro on the planet. Wtf. This is just lame.

    • sassy girl says:

      He is straight. Even married Daphne. Angels are sexless creatures anyway and now that he is human, he might be one of those asexual people.

      Sorry, Destiel fans, stick to canon.

      • Erica says:

        HAHAHA “He’s straight.” “Angels are sexless.” “Maybe he’s asexual.” Careful, your homophobia is showing through. Are you serious? You’re saying he could literally be anything, including having no sexuality at all, but not homosexual. WOW!!

        • sassy girl says:

          Enough with the insults just because there are fans who don’t think Castiel has the hots for Dean. Or do Destiel fans think they deserve the Nobel prize since they are so liberal and all?

          First of all, angels are not human so they do not have a sexuality. Their actual form is big balls of light.

          And second, even if they do become human and get a sexuality, why would you assume Castiel is homosexual? Why did he marry Daphne, a woman,?

          Third, even if Cas is homosexual, why would Dean be?

          Sorry, you have to get your Destiel kicks from fanon. Good luck.

          • Lisa London says:

            I’m with you, sassy girl. I’m perfectly okay with the Destiel pairing in fandom (though not a fan) but it’s very clear none of it has actually happened in canon so far, no matter how much those fans think it has. Also, recognizing that a character is straight base don his behaviour does not make one homophobic…

          • Lisa London says:

            *based on*…

          • Erica says:

            I really don’t care if you think he’s straight. I don’t care if you think he’s going to be screwing every female on the planet. But what I am unbelievably SICK OF is people like you who, instead of making YOUR OWN COMMENTS, go around on all of these articles obsessively replying Destiel shippers WHO CLEARLY BELIEVE THAT HE IS NOT STRAIGHT, AND THAT HE AND DEAN HAVE SOMETHING MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP. STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE. If you don’t believe he’s gay/bi, FINE. BUT YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE THE MINDS OF PEOPLE WHO DO. So why the HELL do you guys go around starting these arguments? Why? Do you really think you’re making yourself look good by trying to tear down the opinions of others? Literally, no matter how many times you try and convince us Dean/Cas are straight, you will never convince us. EVER. All you’re doing is starting USELESS ARGUMENTS, WHERE NOBODY WINS. I have never, ever, EVER seen Destielers stalking comments sections to scan for “brothers only” comments that they can reply to, the way that Destiel haters SEEK OUT Destiel comments. Seriously, what is the matter with you people? You guys are more obsessed with Destiel than the shippers are! What are you trying to achieve? It’s so unbelievably pathetic that Destielers can’t express themselves ever, anywhere, without malicious people like you coming to tell them, “you’re wrong.” Do not tell me I’m wrong. Do not tell me, or any other Destiel shippers, that Dean or Cas is straight. Say it in the comments all you want, but do not start fandom fights and wank that will achieve absolutely NOTHING, and we will NEVER stop shipping them. Get a life.

          • Nanna says:

            Sassy Girl, how can you just assume Cas is straight? Just because he married Daphne while he didn’t know who he was or were he came from doesn’t make him heterosexual!
            I really saw potential for them to portray Castiels’s sexuality in a interesting way because HE WAS A SEXLESS CREATURE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO LAND IN A MALE HUMAN BODY!! But the spoilers sadly seem to point in the direction of making him a white cis-het man! Of course! Just Like most of every other character out there! And again supernatural just introduce yet another female character just for the sake of using her as a sex-thing for the boys and then she will disappear or get killed when her job is done!!! I’m so tired of heteronormativity and sexism, and if S9 really is going that way the spoilers seems to show, then I’m done with Supernatural for good.
            So please stop provoking people with your “brothers only” and Cas/Destiel-hating mentality! Sorry, but you really seem to fit in that category.

      • Lisa says:

        Sorry, sassy girl, but why can’t you stick to being nice? You see the show how you want to see it that’s cool, but other fans have every right to interpret the show however they want to, to be upset about things about the show, and to express their opinions. Fans are honestly hurt by these spoilers and interviews that have been being released about the show. Are people incapable of being sympathetic or empathetic to other people now?

  27. Joy says:

    Christ. Why are you guys asking the questions Cas fans DON’T want to hear? We don’t want anything about Cas’s love life UNLESS IT’S WITH DEAN. Don’t you guys get it?!

  28. Erica says:

    A big “NO THANKS” on the Cas comment. Do not want. He’s already felt those feelings…with Dean. Or are we just pretending they’re just “bros” now? *eyerolls so hard*

    • sassy girl says:

      He didn’t have those feelings about Dean and Dean sure didn’t have those feelings for Cas. So if Cas can get some from a girl, all the better for him.

      • Erica says:

        Yes, he did.

        • Lisa London says:

          No he did not. As much as you might be willing it, nothing in the show has ever even indicated more than friendship or brotherly love between those two. Also, Castiel in human form on Earth can get off with men and/or women for all I care but it’s been pretty obvious for eight seasons that Dean isn’t attracted to men. You can still enjoy that pairing in fanfic, that’s what it’s for, but don’t pretend it’s canon.

          • Erica says:

            I can enjoy the pairing however the hell I want to, darling, and I don’t have to pretend anything. Because it is canon, and literally everyone who works on the show admits that they’ve put hints into the show. So, if anyone’s living in a fantasy land, it’s you. Do not for a second think that you are going to tell me how to interpret a show that has all but flat out said Castiel is in love with Dean.

            Oh, wait. It did.

            “You know, the one in the dirty trenchcoat who’s in love with you?”


          • Lisa says:

            As much as you might be unwilling to admit it, people CAN see things differently. You don’t see what Erica sees but it doesn’t mean that she is wrong or that you are wrong! We’re all individual people with individual likes and dislikes and individual experiences that make us who we are and all of that stuff makes a difference in how we view television shows and fictional characters and relationships on television shows.
            See what you want to see, but don’t tell other people how to act or how to enjoy or not enjoy a show. That just reeks of rudeness.

          • Ramona says:

            LOL @ Erica quoting Balthazar of all people. Hmmm, if he’s the truth-teller of canon, then Cas is dating SAM as well

            Sam: I need some advice.
            Balthazar: Advice?
            Sam: Angel advice.
            Balthazar: Well, then go ask your boyfriend.
            Sam: Cas can’t help me.

        • sassy girl says:

          Erika, in other words, you can’t handle fans disagreeing with you. If Destiel fans can speak up and give their own interpretation, why can’t other fans? Why are you not satisfied with Dean and Cas being just good friends? What, they must fall in love too just because you ship them in fanon?

          I’m tired of fans like me being constantly told we are homophobic just because we have a different opinion.

          By the way, like Ramona pointed out, the show has flat out pointed out Cas is Sam’s boyfriend. So too bad for you.

  29. Mickey says:

    Well, if that’s how they’re going to jog Vincent’s memory, they can do that all season before he remembers Cat! ;)

  30. veniascott says:

    I want to thank mary for asking the question about the steve/danno relationship on H50 and for matt giving a truthful answers. Yes we all know who the real couple is on the show and what the real romance is. I have been a fan of H50 since season 1. To me the best part of the show is the steve /danno relationship. It is the mail reason I watch the show. Alex and scott have the best chemsity on the show and I love then together. At this point we all know what the true romance is on the show. I will however say that I have never ever liked catherin and I hate that she is now a season regular on the show. For the one time I met gabby don’t care for her either. She is boring one note character and could care less about her. I am also not liking this stupid soap opera with steve cahterin, and some guy named Bill. I hate it and it me bring down the show, I am also not looking forward to this silly sit com double date scene. The only way I like it is if they drop cathy and gabby off somewhere and let steve and danno have the date. Other than that Mcdanno is the bromance for me.

  31. Mary says:

    About Scandal: in the soap opera this show has become, the only thing that would surprise me would be the id the “quinn thing” was that she and the president were involved – but I don´t think even Shonda Rimes would go there!:)
    So, IMO, it would be one of those caracthers:
    1 – Eli Pope (not a strong option, because he only appeared recently, so there weren´t much chances of him seeing Quinn);
    2 – Mellie (maybe she´s leaking to her what she knows about Olivia);
    3 – James (no idea why, so it sure would come as a surprise)!

    • Mary says:

      if “the Quinn thing”, not id:)

    • Debbie Jones says:

      That’s amazing. It doesn’t feel like a soap opera to me. It feels more like a political thriller. This season they’re going peel back the layers on B613 and reveal what Operation Remington was really about. Also we will learn something about CAPT Jake Ballard’s real mission. He’s my favorite character so I’m excited. I also love the story line about Papa Pope and Olivia. These first two episodes have been awesome. I can’t stop re-watching.

  32. Mercedes says:

    Creo que “Beauty and the Beast” es una fantástica serie que, además, tiene algo diferente, tiene sorpresa, tiene profundidad, tiene inquietud,… Me gusta mucho.

  33. TV God says:

    I hope Zack is in the wedding episode. I really hope he is!! It hasn’t been the same show without him…

  34. miracle says:

    According to H50: There is slight difference between “romance” and “bromance”. Just sayin’.

    • veniascott says:

      You are very corret miracle very corret and I think as well as other who the true ROMANCE really is .

      • miracle says:

        Don’t get me wrong, but the Steve/Danny relationship has always been written as “bromance”, and hopefully will ever be.

        Remember what Alex said? “We’re going to be the bromance of the decade!”, or in the live tweet during 4.01 he tweeted as his answer to the question “why does Steve love Danno so much?” Alex: “They’re partners. They’re the brothers that neither of them ever had” (I know – and Alex knows -, Danno has a brother, but Matt isn’t literally a brother, right?) What others read into their relationship, well, to each their own.

        But nonetheless you’re right, it’s the bromance and ‘ohana theme (and I mean ” ‘ohana”, not “family” in the narrow sense of the word) that runs like a common thread through the episodes, that keeps this show together. And that’s why we all love it so much.

        • veniascott says:

          now matter how anybody sees it, That is the reason we love them , because of the great chemistry and they work well togther and that is why we love to watch them.

  35. I wonder if the secret on The Walking Dead that someone is keeping from Rick, might be that Carl kept alive the zombie version of Lori, remember Rick never found her body, he/we were to believe her body had been eaten by a Walker, but what if it wasn’t? Carl seems twisted enough to do something like that! It would make for an interesting story line!

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