Hart of Dixie Recap: Back In the Saddle Again

Hart of Dixie Season 3 PremiereHart of Dixie‘s Season 3 premiere is a rough go for “Zade” and “Zeorge” fans alike, with the reveal that — during the CW charmer’s five-month time-jump — pint-sized doc Zoe Hart has moved on with a surprisingly likeable (and smart and adorable and…) new love, played by Dexter‘s Josh Cooke. What’s more, George is missing in action and Wade, well…. Wade is the same as he ever was. Only single, if not quite ready to mingle.

Here’s how the hour unfolded:

Zoe Hart is happily (?) adjusting to her full-time life in New York, except for one very distracting thing: She keeps imagining some of her Bluebell faves are hanging in the Big Apple. Oddly enough, one such hallucination turns out to be real, as sweet Rose is in town for a school trip — and she’s livid with Zoe for bailing on her Southern home.

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“Maybe before we start our new life, you should put the old one to bed?” Zoe’s supportive new novelist beau, Joel, suggests — thus leading to the fashionista’s brief return to Bluebell. (She does, after all, need Brick to send along a reference letter to a co-op board in NY so that she and her guy can move in together.)

Once back in town, Zoe’s first interaction is with her sexy ex-y Wade, who tells his runaway former love — who, for the record, calls Bluebell “a rest stop on my way to reality” — that there’s “no need to explain. I don’t have any regrets.” The rest of Bluebell, however, is not as understanding and has little interest in welcoming back the woman who essentially broke up with them all over an email. Luckily, Zoe’s quickly able to win them over after she locates a disheveled and drunken George (more on that later) and, as such, saves the town’s beloved Founder’s Day parade.

As it turns out, George spent his time touring with Lily Anne realizing what a mistake he made letting Tansy go. (Cue a hilarious training montage between George and his fearless leader Lemon.) Unfortunately, as he later learns, Tansy’s now dating the attorney of Bluebell’s rival town Filmore. (Fret not, shortly thereafter he rebounds with Lavon’s cousin — unbeknownst to either of the men, of course.)

After riding a float in the big parade, Zoe makes her way to her New York-bound plane. However, Wade’s very ill dad intercepts her and keeps her in town. Finally forced to spend some actual time together, Zoe explains to her onetime love that she thought a lot about his finale declaration once she got to New York — “but then real life just took over. Being back in New York reminded me of who I was, who I’ve always been… It doesn’t mean that it’s not nice to see you.”

Responds a genuine-but-clearly heartbroken Wade, “I just wish you good luck in New York and with the rest of your life. I hope you’re happy.”

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After saving Wade’s dad’s life, dealing with the surprise arrival of her boy-toy Joel (and his subsequent introduction to Wade!) and surfing through the parade, Zoe makes a major choice: to stay in Bluebell.

“This place is where I belong,” she explains to her writer boyfriend, who it just so happens is free to master his craft wherever he pleases. “I’ve been trying to fight it, but somehow it is.” (Too bad that Lemon — who was under the impression that Zoe was on her way out of town — spitefully told Zoe that she and Wade were dating!)

In other Bluebell happenings: Lemon has a secret boyfriend, none other than Wade’s band buddy Meatball! (Wade’s reaction to said love connection is priceless.)…. Dixie‘s lovely leader Leila Gerstein enjoys a brief cameo during the parade, alongside the little girl who waves hello to Zoe…. Lavon and Annabeth are as adorable as ever, but his dietarily-restricted cousin is… not. And she’s causing trouble for the two.

Did Dixie‘s return draw you in? Are you OK with Zoe’s new beau? What about George’s hot hookup?

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  1. Evie says:

    Loved being back in Bluebell again but I’m not wild about Joel. Interested to see how the rest of the season pans out.

  2. Boiler says:

    So great to have just a fun show to watch!

  3. Lalalala says:

    Love lemon and Wade together, they remind me very much of Dan and Blair (the only thing I liked about gg) also Joel is Seth Cohen 2.0

  4. woodyinho says:

    well duh! it was quite obvious she’s not going to leave Bluebell.

  5. Debbie says:

    Hate the cousin, and new boyfriend, Joel, is a snore. And did George and Wade get even better looking over the summer?! Love AB and Lavon.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Almost in total agreement(except for the part about George getting better looking, guess he just doesn’t do anything for me). The cousin has GOT to go, the actress is trying WAY too hard and the faux-Southern accent is beyond groan-worthy and will eventually cause ear bleeding. That said, still love Wade, Lemon, Lavon and AB.

    • redjane12 says:

      The cousin is pretty awful but Noel is kind of cute.

      Wade always looks hot but George has put on weight even after he lost the ‘Big Lebowski’ look, he was looking puffy….

      • Caro says:

        George has not put on weight! He has gotten ripped! Look at the trailer and ads for the movie he did with Rachel Bilson this summer! Scott Porter plays a surfer looking dude but and rarely wears a shirt and he looks GOOD! Really good!

  6. John 1138 says:

    The ever do artful dodging of a certain issue is going to get seriously old. But I guess it’s better than Lemon – less HoD.

    Maybe there’s a drinking game?

    On other fronts this is such a good ferling show. Glad it’s back. Carefully placed and timed pompoms (really?) or no. :)

  7. Alicia says:

    Hated George’s hookup! George and Zoe belong together!

    • Evlids57 says:

      I was so disappointed with the season premiere! Worst episode to date. As many have mentioned, Zoe’s new boyfriend is blah and not attractive (like he’ll really end up staying for long anyway) and Levon’s cousin is pointless. On top of that, she’s a pretty bad actress. Hoping Tansy is gone too.

      If anything, they should have kept Shelby and Jonah around–at least they added something to the show.

      Time for Zoe and George to finally be together this season! Wade can have Lemon.

      • Costello says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely hated the episode. I sat and said “I waited months for this junk?” what makes the show is the constant turmoil of Zoe Hart trying to “follow her heart”.. As a confused virl who doesn’t feel like she has a place to anchor, she is always torn between two lives, one with George the otjer with Wade. Where in blankity blank blank did Joel come from…. Thumbs down, hated it.. Every second of it.

      • meow21 says:

        Totally agree. When you have a cliff hanger at the end of a season, you need to resolve it at the next one. Saying Oh well, I hooked up with Jonah but it ended, and Brick broke up with Shelby, just doesn’t cut it. It’s like the writers were too lazy to think of something real. There were so many storylines in this episode with no explanations how they started. I really waited for the new season and it was so disappointing.

      • KimCee1066 says:

        I didn’t like the season 3 premiere either. Zoe admits to a short-lived fling with Jonah and now she’s ready to buy a condo (or whatever) w/ Joel?? That was quick! I was not pleased with Zoe’s depression spiral in the 2nd half of season 2. Now, she’s flittering from guy to guy. Clearly she’s grown NOT AT ALL in her time away. I want to like her (I used to), but what’s to like? She’s weak. She doesn’t know her own mind. I was really disappointed in her character

        Wade and Lemon pretending to be together – love it! They’ve always been my favorite characters. AB & Lavon are too adorable!

    • kateee says:

      Girl me and you both… zoe and George have frustrated me so much that they won’t just freaking be together. And I love AB to death!

  8. Tara says:

    Never liked Zoe with Wade. I didn’t see the chemistry between them and I never thought they made sense. Zoe was right when she said that being in NY reminded of her who she was, who she had always been and then implied but left unsaid that the person she was would never end up with someone like Wade. I think that was a nice way to put it and it is so true. I hope the show will put Zoe and George together for awhile and give Wade a new love interest.

  9. Lisa says:

    Joel is cute and very supportive of Zoe. It’s nice to see her in a functional relationship.

  10. Shan says:

    I am hoping the faux relationship between Wade and Lemon does not turn into a real one. The “play dating” is fun but it would make me stop watching the show if it became real. I like them as friends and business partners but nothing romantic. I hated Joel he was such a bore and so not right for Zoe. Zoe needs someone to challenge her and call her on her BS etc and Wade did that. I would accept Zoe/George just so they could get it out of the way and realize their fantasy of each other is just a fantasy and they are better off as friends. I wish Magnolia and Shelby were back as I liked them esp magnolia. I hate Lavon’s cousin as I do not see any depth to her and she just came out of nowhere. I am glad Tom gave Zoe a talking to as to why everyone is mad at her. I liked how Lavon said bluebell is real life because it is not easy and has problems and conflicts and Zoe can grow. I am a total Zoe/Wade fan but I will wait patiently just please do not put Wade and Lemon together as that is just eww..
    I liked how Rose confronted Zoe in NY. I liked that HOD is back and same with Beauty and the Beast. I liked that Lemon’s secret hook up is with Meatball and she only told Wade. I also like how Wade only told Lemon stuff and they are confidants. That is nice.

    • Maris says:

      I like your opinions & I agree with all of them except for the fact that I didn’t really hate Joel

      • Katherine215 says:

        Agree with you both (I didn’t hate Joel but all the rest was spot on). I hope Zoe/George never comes to be – didn’t I read somewhere on this site that they were abandoning Zeorge?

    • Lizzie says:

      Spot on! Lemon & Wade were awesome together! They have what this show lacks & that’s friendship pairs. I’m pretty sure that they won’t get together. That Zade look at the end killed me. She obviously not over him. As for Joel he will skip tow as soon as he knows the truth. Season premieres didn’t disappoint

  11. Hodan says:

    You could tell Zade is not over by a long shot. These two belong together. <3 Zade!

  12. Beth says:

    Not loving Levon’s cousin’s character. Hopefully that improves. But picking up George after talking to him for a minute? That’s a bit quick.

  13. Cindy says:

    I did not like the Zoe/Joel moments. Her telling him she loved him was painful to listen to – especially since she never expressed those feelings to Wade. My favorite part was the last scene seeing Zoe look back at Wade. It is clearly not over. :)

  14. Jillian says:

    Really not liking Zoe’s new boyfriend. He was a bore. I love me some Zade, but I wouldn’t even mind if Zoe and George got together at this point. At least they have more chemistry than her and Joel. Lavon’s cousin primarily annoyed me as well. Hopefully they bring back Magnolia soon because she was much more enjoyable than both of the new characters put together times two.

  15. Maryam says:

    Zade for me too. New guy is a temp.

  16. DAXEN says:

    I really hope that episode 1 is no indication of how the rest of the season is going to play out, seriously, Also Joel doesn’t even look like an author, he seems super boring, OMG!!!

  17. DAXEN says:

    OMG!!! Seriously why is Joel staying…… Let’s start a twitter campaign yall, we need to get rid of his bad acting!!!!!!!

    • While I understand the desire to express your opinion, please keep in mind that there is an actual human being behind that character and starting a twitter campaign about “his bad acting” would most likely be really hurtful. You can express your desire for change in a positive way instead, like talking about the things in the new season you do like! :)

    • Boiler says:

      Not sure I like the character but to blame bad acting is a little over the top I think. I am guessing he won’t be around for long but who knows. It is just great to have the show back!!

  18. Norma says:

    HOD is back and back in a good way, especially after last season. They decided to have Wade and Zoe keep that banter going and that is a good because they are a huge part of the show. Z new boyfriend is different and strange and rather uncomfortable to watch together but then again maybe take someone like him to deal with Z because of her quirkieness Wade did look as cute as ever and George is as boring as ever. Thought Lemon grew up and her character seems more confident and more likeable now.
    I was on the fence about watching this season but after this first episode I think I will hang in there.

  19. I like Zoe’s new boyfriend! I hope they don’t try to make him really rude about the town. He seems like he’d be more interested and fascinated with it than anything else. I’m hoping Zoe and Wade are both able to move on to healthy relationships. I’ve actually loved the idea of Wade and Lemon since season 1, so I’m excited about their fake relationship potentially turning into a real one. :)

  20. Melanie says:

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Lemon was perfect. I loved her whipping George into shape and I have to disagree with the recapper, I don’t think she told Zoe that she and Wade were an item to be spiteful, I think she did it because she cares about Wade and she’s protective of him, given that she’s the only one in Bluebell who knows for certain how deeply he cared about Zoe. That said, I hope their relationship stays platonic. Personally, I really enjoy their friendship in the same way that I enjoy Lavon and Zoe’s. Judging by that last glance, I don’t think that Zoe and Wade are done by any means–after all, Earl wants to die in the presence of his son and future daughter-in-law! I’m happy about that–I like their chemistry and how they challenge each other. If they must to start the season apart though, I was okay with where they started. Wade isn’t as over Zoe Hart as he’s trying to tell himself, but I’m glad he’s not blaming Zoe. They broke up, he asked for another chance and Zoe declined–she doesn’t owe him her love because he declared his. The issue is that Zoe traditionally has a lot of trouble figuring out what she does want and that has and probably will cause confusion and heartache down the road. I was glad that she made a positive choice to stay in Bluebell by the end of the episode. Hopefully, that’s a sign of things to come.

    • Marc says:

      “They broke up, he asked for another chance and Zoe declined–she doesn’t owe him her love because he declared his.”

      I could not agree with you more. I was so happy that Wade, although clearly unhappy with Zoe’s new relationship, didn’t act out or blamed Zoe, because frankly, Zoe does not owe him anything. They were in a relationship, he cheated, they ended things, then they had a one-night stand. His heart may have been broken, but Wade is responsible for the way things ended. Although I mjust say I was thrown for a loop when Zoe told Joel that she loved him.

      • Melanie says:

        Absolutely. I appreciated Wade’s growth over the two seasons, especially after the break-up. In my opinion, he took responsibility for his actions and he tried to make amends. I was really worried that his characterization would suffer, but no. (The impulse to save a little face when Lemon presents it to him as a fait accompli is understandable to me.) I think he genuinely doesn’t regret putting himself out there (which is huge for him) and he genuinely wishes her well.

      • mizzJJ says:

        “I must say I was thrown for a loop when Zoe told Joel that she loved him” I was wondering when someone was going to bring that up.

    • Allan Mitchell says:

      I agree completely! Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems that there were a LOT of commercials?

  21. Yoki says:

    Loved the whole episode! So funny how they try to conceal Lemon’s pregnancy.

  22. Marc says:

    You know what I don’t get? The way that George seems to completely blame Zoe for his romantic problems. From day one everyone knew how Zoe felt about George, he waited for his wedding day to make a move, and it was just too bad that she had moved on. She then came to him when he was with Tansy and he said no, again, he waited too long and she slept with Wade, again. Yes, Zoe showed a serious lack of judgment and consideration for Tansy, but if he really wanted Zoe that badly, why wait, and if he really didn’t, then he shouldn’t have showed up at her place. It was because of his wishy-washy ways that he is alone. Plus, Tansy asking that George leave his home on a whim didn’t help matters either. he should stop blaming Zoe, accept his role in the mess and move on already.

    • Winston Mize says:

      First, I ship Zade, so this is in no defense of zeorge, but To be fair, Zoe did go tell him to go live a little and sow his oats, after being in a relationship for so long. he wanted to be with her, she was sleeping with Wade, basically waiting on George to be ready, but then she fell for Wade. So when she told him she had feelings for him and he was with tansy, she was being selfish, they had already established they had moved on, but all of sudden she was back, because her thing with wade ended. Why? because George is the safe choice. He is the Dawson in this equation. Like joey, she is afraid of what her love for Wade could do to her (i.e. forgiving a cheater, something that would compromise her beliefs) and George was her safe way out, she knows deep down it could never work, or it”ll never happen, so she goes to him because it’s safe.
      As for Joel, I do feel like he is Seth Cohen 3.0 (Chuck was 2.0) and he just feels like another safe option for her, and her saying then L-word after five months…Does not feel like something Zoe would do.

      • Marc says:

        I do agree with you for the most part, but I have a huge problem with George and by extension Bluebell placing all the blame on Zoe, not some, but all. I have no doubt that she acted selfishly the second time she came to George, but ever since season two, George saying he ended his engagement to Lemon “for Zoe” and then she decided that she was going to date Wade is not her fault, its really a matter of him waiting way too long. Her telling George she wanted him when he was with Tansy yes, was a disaster, but then he decided to go after Zoe, instead of trying to make it right with Tansy. Zoe set things in motion, but George does love to rise to the occasion, albeit as a “Johnny come lately”.

    • Melanie says:

      Yes, yes, yes. I like some things about George, especially the way he cares about Bluebell and its people, but I can’t remember him taking any responsibility for his problems with Lemon, Zoe or Tansy. It bothers me that he used Zoe as an excuse to leave Lemon at the altar when his feelings for Zoe were just one part of their issues. It bothers me that he shamed both Lemon and Tansy for thinking that there was something between himself and Zoe and Zoe for moving on after he rejected her. It bothers me that he is ignoring the fact that he has both family and professional problems and he’s pinning all the blame on to his romantic life.

  23. Meredith says:

    I was hoping Zoe would return to Bluebell w/ Jonah, le sigh. To me he was the perfect combination of Wade and George and better looking than both of them.

  24. Melissa says:

    Joel is boring and not good looking enough which I guess is the plan to get us still rooting for her to end up with George or Wade. I don’t understand George and Tansy. Tansy is so annoying and I was so glad to be done with her last season. I cannot stand Lavon’s cousin, why do we need a new annoying character to bug AB, it’s more fun watching Lemon ruffle her feathers….hoping this season premiere wasn’t an indication of how the season will be, it didn’t feel like the HoD I love, get rid of Joel and the cousins and Tansy. I liked her with Lemon’s cousin way more than Joel…

    • Marc says:

      You are not the only one who found Tansy annoying and how weird was it that she actually expected George to leave everything he had behind to run off with her?

      • Evlids57 says:

        Tansy needs to go!

        • Radha says:

          Of course this is coming from a Zeorge supporter, so I am not surprised you want Tansy to go.

          • Melanie says:

            I am most definitely not a Zeorge supporter, but I didn’t care much for Tansy either. There were times when the two of them were cute together and George did seem calmer with her. But Tansy herself was too much for me. Too crazy about the dog, too insistent about George not being a musician, too unreasonable about her brothers, too much! The ultimatum to George about moving out of town was the last straw for me. I would love for George to be single for a while and figure out why he’s so unhappy with his life in a way that doesn’t begin and end with Zoe Hart.

          • Marc says:

            @melanie, Tansy became increasingly annoying as the show progressed and I couldn’t take her pretty much for the same reasons you can’t either. The brothers coming to visit was so extremely annoying especially her getting upset with George because he couldn’t keep her idiot brothers in check, then of course, the “if you are as serious about us as you say you are” ultimatum in the finale, I was done with her. George should run off with her to do what? Live and dress hair in her trailer?

  25. Christina says:

    I get that Zoe is dating someone already, but “in love” and ready to move in together…..it’s only been 5 months…so did she start dating joel right when she got to New York?

    • redjane12 says:

      I think she’s not as over Wade or as into Joel as she pretends. I thought it was telling, and a bit cruel, that he introduced Wade to Joel as ‘her neighbour’ rather than ex-boyfriend.

  26. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I liked the ending best when Zoe looks back at Wade. :-) I was texting a fellow fan last night about some of the incongruencies of Zoe’s character. She’s always seemed like such a commitment phobe, but now she’s willing to share an apartment with someone she’s known for less than five months. That part just seem so out of character. Also, what about her up and leaving the hospital on such short notice. What….She had a family emergency and needed to head home to Bluebell. Oh well, perhaps I’m just nitpicking. I really do like scruffy George. Glad he seemed to keep the closely trimmed beard. Like others have commented, found the let’s hide Lemon’s (JK) pregnancy pretty funny. I’ve been a Zade fan for quite some time. I just didn’t see the chemistry with Joel. Oh well, I’m sure I could say more. Oh yea, I really liked Lemon with Meatball. And, Please let the ruse of her relationship with Wade be just what it appears to be. As someone else stated, she’s just trying to help out Wade. That’s all… And for the people who recommended Chicago Fire last week, many thanks. What a great show; i’ve found a new favorite drama!!

  27. Sheila says:

    What'[s with the Zade fans? You guys seem to be unable to even consider the idea of Zoe with anyone else which I find very narrow minded! We’ve never seen Zoe in a real relationship with anyone else – not George, Jonah or Joel so how do you know she won’t be better/happier with someone other than Wade?

    • Melanie says:

      You bring up an interesting point because I think that Lavon was correct when he said that Zoe may have found her life and New York and by extension her relationship with Joel easier, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the right choice for her. As for Zade, I don’t think the show wants us as viewers to think that Zoe and Wade are over yet. The number of scenes the two of them had in 3×01, the way those scenes played out, the subplots that emphasized their relationship and will continue to do so at least into the next episode and most of all those glances at the end of the episode indicate something to me and probably to many other Zade shippers. It’s also a little hard to take Zoe’s ‘I love you’ to Joel seriously when she not only hasn’t mentioned Wade by name, but she may not have even mentioned that she had a serious relationship that ended disastrously or much about Bluebell at all. I also find Joel’s New York hipster vibe a tiny bit annoying, but that’s a matter of personal taste. That said, if Zoe and Joel are your cup of tea, ship away!

  28. Babybop says:

    Happy to see them trying to conceal Jaime King’s pregnancy in hilarious ways like hiding her behind a TV in one shot. Ha ha.
    It’s not that I hate Joel or anything, I just think Zoe is waaaay too quick to jump into a relationship with him. I mean, didn’t you JUST break up with Wade, then try and get with George, then maybe have a fling with Lemon’s brother? She’s turning into Elena…
    Glad to see AB, love her.
    Just please, please, please do not pair up Lemon and Wade for serious. I like them in a brother/sister relationship.
    Also, best conversation ever goes to them:

    “I can’t stop having sex with Meatball”
    “… Do you mean Meatball or an actual meatball, because I don’t know what’s worse.”

  29. Andrew D says:

    I hope Michael C. Hall guest stars for an episode and Dexter kills Joel. He’s a creep and I just can’t stand him. Anyone else feel this way?

  30. thi86 says:

    Very good and entertaining episode. Some things came out of nowhere (like, Lemon and Meatball? WTF? lol), but it was a good episode.

    I do not like Joel at first, but i will give the guy some time, since Zoe seemed happy. I do not like what the writers dit to Zoe in last season, she was a entire mess with the triangle. I think it will a good thing to take some space from it. Zoe seems better and more confident.

    I love all the AB scenes, she is so funny. And i love all the interaction with Lemon and Wade. I really like their friendship, and i think it will be hilarious this ‘fake relationship’. lol. I laughed so hard with Zoe’s face at the kiss. Was priceless. Lemon’s reaction was hilarious too. and, what the hell happened to George? The guy seems totally shifted. Well, i really hope that this season it will better than the last.

  31. Ana says:

    Love me some HoD! Although I have to say, that after waiting for so long, I was really expecting a more meaty premiere. Let’s hope it gets better as it goes on.
    Creepy Joel is right, something about him really rubs me the wrong way. I get that there really was no other direction for the writers to go than a new guy, but in hindsight they handled the Jonah entry all wrong last season – he really wasn’t needed there. Would have been so much better if they brought him in this season.
    Wade and Lemon…just no…NO. Meatball and Lemon…no. We need some fresh relationships.
    Bring back Jonah, Shelby and Magnolia!

  32. TERESA says:


  33. TERESA says:


  34. Cgood says:

    Season two was just so much fun. Season three seems stiff and silly at the same time. Zoe and Wade were fun, sharp and sexy. It was just so much fun to watch. I was hoping the writers could make up for this in another way but so far, I’m just not impressed. I’ll keeping watching for a bit though, maybe it will get better.

  35. Linn says:

    Zoe and George is just a silly fantasy from their side….
    Zoe- because George was a kind of a releif from home sickness when she first moved to Bluebell and assosiated George with the known and safe..and when he also have alot of the same interests as she does I guess Zoe just made that connection mean more than it really was.
    George- because he at first was trapped in a 15 year long releationship that he probably first discover when he was in New York he was not happy in, and maybee felt like he was caged, but in New York he was more in charge and free. And Zoe who comes from New York reminds him of that and George make that feeling into a make believe love connection…
    I think Zoe and George is more suiteable as friends.

    Well..a long and boring way for me to say………

    I really really really really really really REALLY…….(did I say really???) hope that Zoe and Wade gets back together again….

  36. Coral says:

    I freaking love Zoe and wade together, i just think he is the most adorable thing ever and he cares about her so much. I felt heartbroken when he cheated on her but I understood he’s never had anyone like Zoe in his life to belevie in him like that. He’s been in love with her since the first episode. When she turned and looked back at him my heart melted.. I do not like George he needs to leave Zoe alone. I did like him and tansy together though. And I like the idea that there putting couples together you would never expect. Like lemon and meatball, I don’t think I like that I think they should bring back Walt and put them together. Joel is terrible, everyone’s right it just doesn’t make sence that Zoe spent all that time in bluebell with wade and didn’t once tell him she loved him but she meats this guy and throws I love you around like its nothing, that tells me they won’t last if she truly loved Joel like she loves wade she would have out a little more thought into. I vote get rid of Joel. Put Zoe and wade back together, I just think wade deserves love and I love crazy earl saying his daughter in law and stuff, I also think it’s cute that obviouly wade tells his dad about Zoe. I also noticed when crazy earl said all that neither Zoe nor wade stopped him and told him they weren’t together any more. Team wade :)

  37. les quick says:

    What happened to Magnolia

  38. Alessandra Vianna says:

    I think season 3 is a bit boring. There is no chemistry between Zoe and Joe. Lemon is my favorite now! She is becoming a wonderful person. She is the only one who makes the show interesting to watch right now.

  39. Diane Scott says:

    This was one of my favorite “mindless” past times but this year it’s been hard to watch. I was all set for Zoe and Jonah to be an item, but no, I have to watch this new guy Joel. Somebody compared Zoe and Joel to Dan and Blair but that was not at all the same. Blair hated Dan for several years but we saw a friendship emerge, we had the build up. That didn’t happened here. We knew nothing about this character before he was rolled out, besides Dan was really fun to watch, REALLY! Over the whole George thing, Tanzy and this cousin Lynlee makes no sense to me either. Also does AB speak several decibels louder than anyone else on the show or is that just me? Bring back Jonah and the reporter Lemon had a one night stand with and send Joel back to NY. PLEASE!!