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Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter on George's Season 3 Twist (He's MIA!) - Plus: Details on His New Love

GeorgeDixie_300Hart of Dixie makes its charming return this Monday (The CW, 8/7c) — but the series’ third season kicks off sans one handsome, key component: George Tucker!

As Scott Porter, the man behind Bluebell’s Golden Boy, says with a laugh, “George might be in hiding when we return. The first episode of the season is actually the hunt for George Tucker, which is very funny to me.”

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Last we saw, the newly single lawman (who’d been shunned by Zoe and dumped by Tansy) opted, on a whim, to tour with local songbird Lily Anne. And when the premiere picks up some five months later, George is most definitely MIA. His absence won’t be a long one, though, and when he does pop up again (in rather shocking fashion, mind you), a lot will have changed — particularly in the romance department.

“George is coming back from a crazy summer, and he’s a little antsy,” Porter teases. “Heading down the season, he’ll have an on- and off-again romance with someone who’s very close with another character in the town — someone we haven’t seen yet — and that might cause some friction.” (Hmmm, Lavon’s cousin, perhaps? She is seated awfully closely to Mr. T in the photo above…)

New loves aside, the actor notes that George still isn’t entirely finished with either Tansy or Zoe.

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“[Mircea Monroe’s character] Tansy is definitely going to be involved on the show… but it’s not going to be in the same capacity,” Porter shares. “But it’ll be interesting to explore that relationship, with them as exes.”

‘Zeorge,’ meanwhile, will enjoy some much-deserved time on the backburner. “The game of those two going back and forth without actually giving it a go is over,” he muses. “The next time we tread into that territory, it’s time for them to actually go public. ‘Let’s give this a real shot.’ But the timing has to be right, [and it] has not been right yet.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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