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Once Upon a Time SpoilersWhen will Once Upon a Time‘s Neal reunite with Emma? Which Glee guy will get a blast from the “past”? What happens when Castle worlds collide? What does Hell on Wheels have on tap for its finale? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I was wondering if you knew if (or when) Once Upon a Time‘s Neal would go to Neverland? Based on some cast photos that were tweeted, it looked like he might show up there. –Allie
Or, Michael Raymond-James was just photo bombing his pals on their own set…? Because Neal’s road home will not be an easy one. “This show never seems to be short in the obstacles department,” Raymond-James shares. “It’s one of those things where the answer to one problem usually leads to seven more problems that one needs to overcome. So there’s some tough sledding ahead, I’ll say that.”

How has Once Upon a Time‘s Emma not questioned or had a glimmer of hope that Neal might have been saved? –ratinhos
Fair point. So we asked Jennifer Morrison if Emma might start to somehow “sense” that Neal survived his portal plunge. But she maintained, “They have no sense in Neverland what happened with Neal.” And as for Emma’s instincts, “Because of everything she has been through — and especially having been through so much loss with Neal — for her own sanity, she has to assume that he is dead.”

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Any clues on Regina’s Once Upon a Time love interest? –Natalie
You think you’re anxious to meet Regina’s romantic interest? How about poor Lana Parrilla, who when we saw her on the set Thursday had yet to start shooting that storyline. But with an eye on it, she said, “I’m like, ‘What?! I don’t think she’s kissed anyone in like 200 years.’ Well, [except for] the Huntsman. But there is something coming up. And I will say: Regina has not met him. But maybe the audience has.”

Do you have anything on AMC’s Hell on Wheels finale? –Gil
You mean the one airing Saturday at 9/8c? Can I interest you in an exclusive clip from the thrilling hour?

Loading video...

Do you have any scoop on Glee, for after [next week’s Finn-centric] episode “The Quarterback”? –Michael
How about some fresh casting calls to chew on? For Episode 6, Fox’s musical dramedy is casting the female dean of a prestigious college; an attractive and cool New York City photographer; and a former supermodel. Also, they need a lad with “blonde/light brown hair and large lips” to play 8-year-old Sam.

I saw some pictures around Twitter where Hawaii Five-0’s McGarrett, Danny and Chin are with a baby in HQ. Any scoop on that? –Clarlee
Was it this picture? That is from a late fall episode where the men of Five-0 must juggle the solving a case with taking care of a very cute baby. Which one of the guys is the Steve Guttenberg?
HawaiiFive0_Season4_babyI liked the new IT guy, Murray, who was in the NCIS Season 11 premiere. Will we see him again? –Kathi
“You actually will see Murray again,” Glasberg reports of Will Harris’ character. “He turns out to be a lot of fun. We’ve enjoyed him.”

Is any chance we’ll be seeing more of Chiandra, the cell phone salesperson (played by Misty Monroe) on 2 Broke Girls? Her comedic chemistry with Max (Kat Dennings) was wonderful! –Joseph
I brought your Q to show boss Michael Patrick King, and he allowed this much: “Max does have Chiandra’s phone number, so anything is possible. If we ever need to get in touch with her — we know where she is.”

I’m really impressed with the new shows, especially Trophy Wife, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mom. Anything for viewers like me to look forward to? –Lindsey
Ugh, the dreaded trifecta scoop request. Daunting for some, but not a Level 7 agent like myself. ABC’s Trophy Wife (Tuesdays at 9:30) will have a little “crossover” fun when one of the kids dresses as a certain S.H.I.E.L.D. “consultant” for Halloween. And speaking of the October holiday, Fox’s B99 (Tuesdays at 8) will reveal on Oct. 22 that Amy hates Halloween as much as Charles loves it — so of course they are tasked with going undercover, in costume, that night. CBS’ Mom (Mondays at 9:30) meanwhile introduces Justin Long this week as a possible beau for Christy – if she can get past her many issues and jump back into the dating pool. (At home, Bonnie teaches young Roscoe how to play Blackjack, for money, leaving out one kinda-important rule.)

Any The Mentalist scoop on Jane’s reaction to last week’s cliffhanger? (Is this font good enough? I even changed the colour.)- Hayley
Well done with the change-up in email font! (I wish the readers here could appreciate it.) So, Jane’s reaction…. ‘Member how he was resigned to not freak out? That time has passed. And as Sunday’s episode opens, we find him rushing into the house where Lisbon is (was?), quickly confirming her fate.

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How cool is Stana Katic?! And any more scoop on Castle? –Clare
You don’t even know, and of course! This Monday’s episode, which centers on the death of a defunct Saved By the Bell-like sitcom’s star, is the one I was on set for, so I invited writer Elizabeth Beall to preview it for y’all. “It’s a really fun world that we go into, one that offers all of our characters really distinct points of view about the ’90s sitcom thing,” she started. “Beyond that, it’s a really surprising type of case, for Beckett and the Feds to bump up against the boys in the precinct. And it takes a very surprising turn going from the fun aspects of the case to a much more serious, grounded conclusion.” As Kate temporarily reunites with her pals at the 12th, “It becomes a really nice big episode for Beckett and everything that she’s going through this whole section of the season.”

You know Gladiators are always up for more Scandal scoop. Anything to tide us over until next week? –Miranda
When I chatted up Joshua Malina at the Saks event this week, he described David’s dynamic with Olivia as now being “cautious friendship.” And as for David’s larger Season 3 purpose, he said that five episodes in, he has yet to see it quite crystallize. “I’ve argued a very important case — I think I can say that — and I’ve had a bit of the, ‘We’re friends/No, we’re on opposite sides of an issue’ thing with Olivia,” he shared. “It feels like their earlier dynamic.”

I know Brenda Song is currently on Fox’s new comedy Dads, but any chance she’ll reappear on Scandal? –Donna
Malina also told me that Song has yet to reprise her role as Alissa in Season 3 – “Dads has kept her from us” – but, he notes, “I have yelled to her off-camera.”

Big fan of you, big fan of TVLine, and big fan of Hart of Dixie. Anything on Zoe and Wade? –Jill
It would seem that the arrival of Josh Cooke’s character, who like Zoe is a NYC transplant, will shake up the canvas – meaning perhaps a bit less Zade action. “With Joel in town… the five original regulars aren’t working together a whole heck of a lot,” Scott Porter shared with us last week. “George is a kind of a satellite around everyone else’s storyline, and so is Wade. We haven’t as much together this season as I would like, but I’m sure it’s all coming.”

On Revenge, is Aiden’s pairing with Victoria to ruin said “Girl Next Door “legit? Please tell me it isn’t, as I am the many who believe in Aiden and Emily. –coalways
Oh, you must have missed our premiere post mortem Q&A with show buss Sunil Nayar. Sorry, but he said Aiden’s agenda is “absolutely” bona fide, adding: “He will state at the beginning of Episode 2 exactly what his opinions are about Emily.”

I would love to have a rundown as to how exactly the number of people watching a show is determined. Does DVR playback figure in? What if I fast forward through commercials — does that affect anything? –Jamie
For one, we’ll never know exactly how many people watch a show. A handful of homes are sampled by Nielsen, and ratings are extrapolated from that. Live+3 Day and Live+7 DVR playback does get figured in, if only to offer a network a better idea of how many people are exposed to a program. But really, all the advertisers (aka the bill payers) are deeply vested in is Live+SD data (since DVRnistas are fast-forwarding through ads) or, at their most generous, C3 ratings aka commercial minutes watched within three days of playback. (Note: This is a highly simplified answer that about 11 commenters will poke holes at, but I’m good with it.)

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  1. sasha says:

    Thanks for the Emma and Neal scoop :) Love them

    • Jovi says:

      ITA with thanks, although it would not hurt my feelings if Neal never found his way back to the rest of the party.

    • This topic is full of hateful Captain Swan fans…Hook helped ruin bae’s life, but for CS Neal is hateful because He is among /between Emma and Hook. That childishness is so sick

      • kath says:

        I’m not in favor of a Neal/Emma reunion because of the way he treated her when she was 17 and again when they met up last season. Hook has nothing to do with it. Some things may be forgiven eventually, but you shouldn’t trust again.

        Oddly, I liked Neal much more when he was with Mulan. I could go for that hook-up.

        As for Regina, I don’t care if she finds love or not. The last guy she was with, Graham, she turned him into her sex slave, and then killed him. Anyone wanting to get with her needs to think long and hard.

        • allegradante says:

          I’m all for Neal/Mulan as well. Especially if it keeps him away from Emma.They at least have chemistry that I feel Neal/Emma lack. Plus I do not want Emma getting back together with the man who abandoned her/didn’t believe in her etc. I don’t see how anyone can still ship them after watching that gut-wrenching scene of Emma giving birth alone, scared and shackled to the bed. That ship has sailed and after everything he’s put her through, he should just leave her be so she can find someone else/better. I know he says he “loves” her but it’s too little too late. I would be immensely disappointed if they end up back together. There is nothing in what they’ve shown us of Neal that would suggest he is Emma’s true love. First love, sure. True love, no.

          • Agreed, and though Neal professed to love Emma, we can’t forget that he didn’t even think to go look for her after the curse was broken, in fact he was on his way to marry Tamara if his father didn’t begin to search for him, and bring him back to Storybrooke and into Emma’s life.

          • Agreed. Even though Neal professed to love Emma, he never once went to look for her after the curse was broken. In fact, he was on his way to marry Tamara until his father intervened by beginning his search for him, eventually bringing him back to Storybrooke and into Emma’s life.

          • Kellie says:

            Neal is so focused on getting back to Emma in the hope of rekindling something with her, that he seems to have forgotten about Henry. As a parent I would think getting to his son, would be his first priority, but he only mentioned him once, after that is was all about getting to Emma. At this stage he has no idea if Henry is with Emma or Tamara or who he is with. His actions are certainly a stark contrast to Emma’s whose sole focus is finding her son.

          • guest says:


        • Mary Elaine says:

          I think it would be great if Regina Falls in love, and the one man we all have seen so far and Regina has not is Robin Hood.

      • Jovi says:

        I don’t ship Captain Swan. I believe MRJ is woefully miscast as Neal. If Neal was being portrayed by Warren Christie or a similar actor, I’d be all for Neal/Emma.

      • Michelle says:

        You mean when Hook offered Bae a home? Something NEITHER of Bae’s parents did? And Bae rejected him? Milah – I’m not saying what she did was right or wrong – but she made a choice. So did Rumple. THEY abandoned Bae, not Hook. Then Bae abandoned Emma, when he knew what it felt like. You saw Emma give up Henry right? SHE COULDN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIM. Because she thought she wasn’t worthy. Who made her feel like that? NEAL. Why on EARTH would you want them together?

        • allegradante says:

          Thank you! Goodness, I don’t know what the show has shown us of Neal that inspires such devotion/love for the character and the Swanthief/fire ship for some people. Neal is pretty much the antithesis of a true love hero (as we’ve been shown on OUaT). If they decided to make him a villain like his father and forget trying to reunite him with Emma, maybe I’d actually have a tiny bit of interest in the character.

          • Kellie says:

            Exactly. And the problem some seem to have is thinking OUAT is Gossip Girl or something. True Love couples NEVER give up on one another. They certainly don’t take the easy way out when it comes to love. Something the character said he did in last weeks episode. Neal moved on with Tamara and according to Eddy and Adam he genuinely loved her. The fact that she was evil is irrelevant. Because what if she wasn’t? What if Tamara was someone that really loved Neal ? He probably would have went on to have married and had a family with her. He being Emma’s True Love makes no sense given what the the show have show us it’s all about. None at all.

        • ratinhos60 says:

          Neal is the the boy named Bae ( A CHILD) whose adulterous mother was killed by his father Dark One, whose his mother lover Hook, after Bae rejected him, Hook handed him to Peter Pan. What angel…Hook was a man…Bae was only a sad sad CHILD
          Neal has the personality transformed by the terrible experience he had with Milah, Rumpel and Hook. 3 adults vs a child named Bae. THEY Made what Neal is today…the way he is…the way he makes his decisions. But he’s only a thief…not a killer as Rumpel & Regina or abusive , perverse like Hook…

          would be terrible if Bae not to participate in his son rescue. And worse, seeing his son raised by his mom Milah lover,and Emma.
          Hook took his childhood away with Milah, handed Bae to Peter Pan, now wants Emma and Henry too? This is an insult for all families. I dont care about chemistry or beauty…hope OUAT doesnt becomes a cheap soap opera.

          I’m against Robin and Regina as couple too…And if they think badly corrupted all legendary couples we know. It would be like destroying the legend of a country, traditions & symbols of countries identity

          • Brandy says:

            I agree.Hook knew Milah was married with a kid yet still had an affair with her instead of walking away, then Hook devoted his life to revenge.He gave evil Peter Pan Bae.Plus, if Hook and Emma were to get together, Emma would be with the man that had an affair with her baby daddy’s mom.It would be weird.Neal abondonded her cause August told him to so she could fulfill her destiny as the savior and learn how to believe (in magic, in herself,)& the magic in her and she wouldntve found her parents or Henry if he hadn’t.

          • courts says:

            What’s funny is that Neal later did the same thing to Emma. Because Emma was fairly close to the same age Bae was when Hook gave him to Peter Pan.

          • Lulu says:

            It’s a TV show. It’s not destroying anything.

        • Katie says:

          Sure he offered Bae a home, but the very *DAY* Bae said thanks but no thanks Hook handed him over to Evil.

      • L3nn13 says:

        It is possible to dislike Neal if you are NOT or are a CS shipper, as CHARACTER wise you know. I find he is he my least fave character and thats due to his actions and cowardice and mocking of Emma. And his general attitude concerning Emma.
        I am not a Rumpel fan, as a character i dislike him but i get the character and Robert is so excellent and i also get Rumbelle, even though not a shipper. You dont need to be a shipper or a shipper to dislike a character on its OWN merits. And Neal does it for me.

        As for Emma not having a glimmer of thinking he is alive… well obvious one is he was shot and went through a portal, so thinks he is dead. Another thing i find is why would she feel him, when there is no reason to trust or have faith in Neal – or put anything of those things in him, coz he has been a let down… Jennifer just said it on the interview there, so much loss of everything. He never once did anything to put any HOPE into him. Hell he isnt even a fighter.

        I laugh at comments as Hook ruined Bae;s life – how about NO, do we all forget that Rumpel let go of Bae – you know the father, Milah left him with his father, no abandoned him on the side of the road oops like Neal did to Emma. Also Neal the adult Neal ruined his own chances with Emma, its no ones fault but his own to not fight for Emma, he had a choice but he ran.

        And if Emma does happen to ever fall in love, i wish her the best coz she deserves it… esp as the woman she is today. And LOVE can happen anytime and anywhere you dont choose when and how you fall in love, it just happens. If its Hook, which we clearly saw from the episode Hook has feelings for her, then yes go for it IF its what Emma wants… above all Hook came back, is with her and fighting by her side and with her!!!!

    • Lorena says:

      Probably one of the only ones. Sorry.

  2. Lilys87 says:

    If Aiden were serious about destroying Emily, he would tell Victoria who she really is and what woud be the point of the show then ?
    I wouldn’t buy it otherwise.

    • Tahonia says:

      Excellent point Lilys87. He can’t be totally off team Emily, if Victoria is not told that she’s Amanda. Because that would bring the whole thing to a grinding halt.

    • Pati says:

      Exactly what I was going to say, his agenda can’t be real if he wants to destroy her all he needs to do is tell Victoria

  3. Rev says:

    Thx Matt

    Good to see Brenda Song in tv shows.

    Looking forward to more Once Upon A Time… Neverland, and the built up of that. Snowing and Emma-Hook, esp Emma’s belief into herself and everything else. More Hook backstory pls.

    Not sure about Aiden in Revenge, i find unreliable. Still Team Jack-Emily

  4. F.M. says:

    Regina was like 18/20 years old in the flashbacks of “The Stable Boy”, and Snow must be about 12 in those flashbacks, so they have a 6/8-year age difference, and last Sunday Emma said that she and her parents are the same age, so they’re 28/29 now, which would make Regina be 34/35. And even if we count the 28 years the curse lasted (in which she didn’t get older because time was stopped), she’d have lived 62/63 years. So how could she not have kissed anyone in like 200 years??

  5. Frivolouswhim says:

    I can’t wait for that storyline to kick off for Regina on OUAT. Thanks for the scoop!

  6. Chablis says:

    Why don’t they broaden the number of Nielsen viewers? How often do they refresh the users?

  7. LaLa says:

    I am really looking forward to the Hell on Wheels finale. The show has been nonstop all season.

  8. Cam says:

    Do we really need to see Sam as a kid? This current version is annoying enough.

    • Lydia says:

      Hopefully the kid version will have a better haircut.

    • ick says:

      Boo the glee spoilers are probably Blaine going to audition in NY where they set up a a more prestigious college than NYADA for him to attend and while he is there a supermodel spots him a takes him to her photographer friend who see him as super mega sexy foxy and he gets into school and pays if off by middling .

    • Mike says:

      Lol SO true ! Sam is really annoying.

  9. Linderella says:

    Beckett needs to come back to the 12th as the Chief.

  10. courts says:

    Didn’t they learn anything from S2 on OUAT? At least Emma and Snow were established and loved characters, every time they flash over to Neal, the only saving grace is that Mulan or Aurora was there. Although when he ends up buddy-buddy with Robin Hood, I guess they’re going with a cute little blended family when Neal/Emma and Regina/Robin end up together.

  11. Matt, as you already seem to be expecting the poking, can’t resist! ;)

    The most simple answer probably is to say that the only metric that really counts is C3, starting with the A18-49 C3, followed by A18-34 C3 and A25-54 C3 (the latter specially important for CBS, as looks like they make the most out of it) – and depending on the network, and depending on the show, several or all of their sub-demos.

    The ads the viewers watch provide the networks with the money they need to pay the bills for the shows they air, and to make a profit out of them. If you’re a Nielsen’s family and you skip the ads, you tell the networks which shows you do prefer, but do not help them to pay for them. It’s true that many viewers, when watching DVR shows, skip the ads, but not all viewers/not all ads.

    Live+SD is a good measure for the fans to know the chances of a show to remain on the air (is nearly impossible to see C3 numbers, only once in a blue moon they’re made public), but is not 100% accurate by itself, and on top, other factors must be taken into consideration (for instance, syndication prospects).

  12. Brooks says:

    Will Hell on Wheels be renewed for season 4?

  13. Kim C says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop. Will be interesting how they get Beckett back to NYC and the 12th.

    • Christina says:

      Pretty sure it’s going to be something related to connecting with the victims. Her time in DC is stressing that she doesn’t get to connect on a personal level, which is seemingly important to Beckett.

  14. I hope the Red John arc ends before Christmas reruns. Totally put off by the ending Sunday. I will also be glad when Castle and Beckett are once again together in the precinct. Whine, whine…

    • Mary says:

      Ausiello said Beckett would be stuck in DC for someting between 2 to 5 episodes, so I suppose we´ll have to wait a little more…altough Lisa Edelstein´s appearance will end on the next episode as it was said she would be in 3 episodes, so who knows?

      • Linda M. says:

        Apologize to people who are fans of the Washington arc and cast, but I am so eagerly awaiting Beckett’s return to the NYPD. I want to see not only more of Castle and Beckett working together again but more of Ryan and Esposito as well. Not particularly fond of any of the new characters myself but that is JMHO.

  15. Lori says:

    I cannot stomach Neal/Emma. After watching ‘Tallahassee’ I was left with a strong urge to punch him. I don’t think the actors have any chemistry and their scenes feel very forced.

    • seuss says:

      I agree. Neal is fine on the show – just not paired with Emma romantically. Emma has more chemistry with Hook, or they should bring in a new love interest. I didn’t think she had much chemistry with August either. If I had one criticism for the show, it’s that they don’t use enough of their fairy tale drama to create really interesting couple connections. They have so much material and people to work with yet it just seems they need to retake Chemistry 101 or something.

      • Lori says:

        Total Captain Swan fan. I seriously loved when he said that he fancied her when she wasn’t yelling at him.

        • JoRo says:

          Best moment was Hook’s reactions and expressions to seeing Emma lying on the deck lifeless, Colin was so awesome in what he brought out, without words, his eyes said it all. The realization that struck in those 3 shots of him we had watching Emma, lifeless, breathing and taking it all in when she is ok.

          Best line I fancy you – coz it told the audience what we already know, that he does but if she does now in a way. I think Hook is now on his way to falling in love with her… he nearly lost her on the deck that helped to make realize that he cares for her and feels more for her then he realized and was aware

    • allegradante says:

      This, this a thousand times THIS!

    • JoRo says:

      I tried to give Neal a chance when he came back but the attitude towards Emma was appauling and the words he said to her, i mean wow, this woman who is in shock and hurt – you basically told her i wish we never met, and then throughout then he really was insensitive jerk and the icing on the cake was hey i never believed what u believe about yourself you know when you have the thing about telling lies and also bot believing that Emma was even right about Tamara till he got shot lol. This is why i cant root for Neal these very things her concerning Emma… so no to Neal/Emma… Emma i think sees this hopefullly.

      I can root for Hook – WHY? Because him and Emma seem to connect and understand so much even without saying much. We saw that in Emma centric episode, the finale, and now in the new episode. If i just see Emma-Hook with one on one , it just speaks so much. Plus i find Hook has much more belief in Emma and sees she is a fighter, and believes that, he admires it.

      I think Regina;s romance could be Robin Hood, he seems sassy and she needs that with someone lol

      • Mel says:

        I mean I could forgive him for giving her up for the greater good, but his attitude towards her when she found him again? How do you explain that? Neal has made some bad choices in his life and sooner or later that is going to catch up with him. He can’t just keep getting away with it. Because I really don’t think the guy realizes how much hurt he has actually caused. The way he left out most of the things he had done when talking to Mulan about Emma really reminded me of Rumple and how he omits things that could paint him in a bad light when talking to people, especially Belle. Plus now Neal is using magic. Never a good thing. Magic always comes with a price!

  16. Louise says:

    OUAT: Ha, fair point about Lana Parrilla being at least as excited for that story as many of us are. Between the the fans and the two actors this is probably one of the most eagerly anticipated stories of this season.

  17. Alia says:

    I’d like Hart of Dixie to pair up Lemon and Wade, not for any true ‘shipper reasons, but because their portmanteau could be Lemonade, and that cracks me up.

  18. Amy says:

    Thanks for the ONCE scoop Matt, you always get the goods :0) ! So if Regina’s love interest is Hood (which I strongly suspect it is since we’ll be seeing more of him in the second half of the season and we’ve met him and she hasn’t) does that mean that Neal and Hood haven’t made it to NL as of 308 since they’re filming that now …..

  19. seuss says:

    Can’t wait to see Patrick Jane get all out of sorts over Lisbon. I feel like she is okay and am just looking forward to that makeup reunion after their fight and her life being spared (let’s pray). Hoping for a good scene payoff for us shippers.

  20. Diane says:

    I totally agree – Chiandra, the cell phone salesperson needs to be a recurring character on Two Broke Girls!

    PS – How awesome was last night’s Big Bang Theory!
    I loved the scenes with Amy and Howard!!!

  21. I LOVE NEAL!!! MY FAVORITE CHARACTER…Whole story originated on him, his dad and mom Milah…even if many fans do not want…

    Thanks for Neal and Emma scoop…If Emma will have an intimate relationship with Hook, she will be like Kate from Lost. At the end of the TV show, I even pretended she did not exist in the show.
    Neal has every right to go to Neverland, at least he will be more appropriate to save Henry, he is Henry’s father. Neal has every right to raise henry away from Regina killer, and Captain Swan. Emma reject Henry and gave him up for adoption. And Regina … we know what she is capable…Neal may have been a thief and many faults, but Neal/Bae never hit, shot or killed women,..And if Regina’s love interest is Robin Hood then …or Marian dies (because we saw her pregnant in S2), or Robin betrays Marian with Regina…If they parted this way the legendary couple Marian / Robin will be a shame.

    • Christina says:

      Great point – I totally forgot about Marian. That throws a wrench in that train of thinking.

    • Lynn says:

      WOW Hate on Emma much?? Emma gave Henry up for adoption because she believed that was what was best for him…she was 18 and in prison and had just been abandoned and betrayed by Neal (because at the time that’s all she knew) she was visibly shattered by his birth and had no faith in her ability to be a mother … I’m not sure why you’re such a Emma/Neal fan if you think so little of Emma…or Regina for that matter…she’s made a lot of mistakes too but she’s raised Henry to be a good person …also hate to break it to you but we’ve hardly seen any of Neal/Bae’s story and have no idea what he has or hasn’t done…

      • ratinhos60 says:

        I dont want to see Henry raised by Milah lover and Emma too, Hook handed Bae (a child) to Peter Pan…it’s said everything about him

        • JR1 says:

          He gave Bae a chance but Bae rejected him. As for handed to Peter Pan, i think in a way Hook knew he would be kinda-ish safe with Peter Pan then roam around Neverland on his own.

          I really dislike ppl who dont take a value of the whole episode and a character and just pick out things to suit themselves coz they dont like a character.

          And Hook is a bloody fighter, i rather have him on side then a bloody coward Neal

    • Louise says:

      Wait and see. I’m sure they are going to explain what happened to Marian. And I don’t have a problem with it if not every Disney/fairytale couple ends up together. They started out saying they want to put a new spin on things. If they would only ever retell what we have already seen and read elsewhere the show would get kinda boring. To me anyway.

    • kath says:

      IMO anyone who sends a 17 year old to jail because he doesn’t want to deal with his issues with his own father, and then doesn’t bother to check on her to see how or even if she survived (thus not knowing he had fathered a child) doesn’t really deserve the Father Of The Year award.

      • liz says:

        Ya, he’s more likely in the running for Gutless Douche Bag Of The Year than anything else. I’d vote for him.

      • Brandy says:

        You do realize Agust made him leave Emma right so she could fulfill her destiny a the savior and break the curse later and Neal gave Agust money for Emma to give to her.It wasn’t about Neal’s issues with Rumple and him not being able to handlethemHe didnt want to leave Emma God, sometimes I wonder if some of you actually watch the show (Did you watch 2.6 Tallahase?) or if yu just want to hate Neal and make stuff up to suit you dislike of him or yor Captain Swan ship.

        • liz says:

          Yes, it’s even better. Neal left her because Pinocchio, the guy he just met for the first time five minutes ago and admits that he’s been a bad guardian angel, tells Neal to leave Emma, and Neal says “Ok, whatever you say, Pinocchio. I trust you.” and leaves Emma twisting in the wind.
          You’re right. Neal deserves more credit. He’s a gutless douche bag AND a moron. I think he’s got this award all sewn up.

        • Mel says:

          You cant make someone leave someone. Heck even August said Neal had a choice. He chose to leave her so in his words she could “get home”. HOME.. Something Neal had told her he wanted with her, but in this moment he obviously didn’t see himself as part of that home. That’s kind of telling to me. Very telling indeed.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Neal is way better than Hook Neal hasn’t hit a woman or tried to kill her or shot or shoved one like Hook has done and I wish the media would stop trying to shove Hook down my throat enough is enough.

      • Becki says:

        Agreed Elizabeth that’s why Emma can never hook up with Hook without looking bad plus the fact Hook was with her son’s grandma is kinda sick if Emma went there with Hook.

        • Seuss says:

          Oh c’mon, it’s fine if you don’t like Hook. That’s a personal preference and that’s cool, but to try to blame it on these 21st century moral values on a fantasy show where they lived in a land where people ripped out hearts and kings could order your head offed — cut the guy some slack. He is supposed to be somewhat of a villain – though not totally unredeemable. Also, many of the other characters have done a lot more morally suspect things and they are still accepted into the fold. Most of the characters are flawed and evolving as they bounce back between these worlds. I don’t think Hook should have backhanded Belle, and I bet the writers wish now they would have softened that, but it’s not like he made her suffer sadistically, and it’s a show where the characters often make bad judgment calls. I could name a bunch of things from other beloved characters that are no less morally superior. And he did hand Bae over to Pan but we still don’t know everything about Peter Pan or how that all played out. He is an evolving character on a FANTASY show so you have to judge him in that context, not according to 21st century America. But the good news is that the more he seems to be introduced to Emma’s world and her moralistic values, the better he is becoming. She is good for him, I think. And I like Neal too, just not for Emma. He humanizes Rumple which I think is important. He may be good for Mulan, who knows? Ok, rant over. Hook ’em. : )

        • Lynn says:

          this article isn’t about Hook…it was about Neal…the media isn’t trying to shove him down your throats on this one..people who care about Emma and don’t what her to be with someone who abandoned her, damaged her at a young age and was too afraid to go after her brought him up. Has Hook made mistakes….sure???but so has Neal…and we have no idea what Neal’s past was…there is 300 years of information to fill in. Wow and on your assertion that being with Hook would make Emma look bad….does that know apply to Charming since Snow killed Cora…and Archie should never find love because he killed geppetto parents? And then Rumple doesn’t deserve Belle….he murdered that mute maid after all…and I guess we’ll throw Red in there too, since she ate her boyfriend….and let’s not talk about Regina….are we drawing the line at just who you think are villains …or just characters that get in the way of who you ship? I guess it doesn’t matter how Emma feels or what Emma wants..

          • Tegan says:

            I really don’t want Emma to be with either Hook or Neal. Neal because they lack chemistry and he’s a total asshole, and Hook because he’s a sleazy, slimy, abusive scumbag who both smacked Belle across the face and knocked her out, and shoved a gun into her throat, all because he wanted revenge on NOT HER, but the man she loves. Let’s not forget hitting on any female that moves. TV show or not, his character has squicked me from the start.
            He is hot though, I’ll give him that. Yes to Colin, no to Hook.

      • Lulu says:

        No. Neal only got a teenager pregnant and helped send her to jail(for a crime he committed) where she had to watch her child grow inside her. All the while believing she was worthless because everyone abandons her. The she has to give birth CUFFED to a hospital bed. She is afforded no dignity or comfort. So yeah. No he wasn’t physically abusive but he sure as hell treated her like dirt. There was real and lasting emotional affects from this. I don’t ship CS but I sure as heck don’t get you girls who ship Emma/Neal. All women and Emma deserve far better.

  22. Alisa Neely says:

    i am sooooooooooo looking forward to that eppy if H50……just so long, as we DON’T have catherine RUINING IT……i’m tired of her ruining shows, that should be about the CORE crew….especially something that looks like it’ll be FUN.

  23. Babybop says:

    Ugh. That Hart of Dixie news does not make me happy.

  24. Mel says:

    What I thought was very telling in the premiere was how they had Hook explaining how he had spent years trying to leave Neverland and how now he was returning to that place with he guy he had spent years trying to kill as his guest of honor. Emma is obviously a contributing factor in Hook’s motivation for doing this seeing as Eddy said that maybe Hook see’s a future with her. So here we have Hook,taking the hard path in the hope of finding love with Emma. He is putting her above everything, including his own life, all the while knowing there is no guarantee that Emma will ever feel the same way about him. Now compare that to Neal, who was so afraid that Emma would reject him, he took the easy way out and never tried. Those words were the exact words uttered by Neal on the show. So who do I want to be the person that earns Emma’s love? Certainly not Neal that’s for sure.

  25. Emma says:

    “How cool is Stana Katic?- You don’t even know”….thanks Matt for confirming what all of us Castle are thinking. She seems like a dedicated actress and true gem to be around..you’re so lucky to have gotten to meet her!

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Neal and Mulan won’t be paired Adam and Eddy already shut that down at CC and the actress only has a episode or two to go because she has a new show coming out and she isn’t a regular on Once .

    • Mel says:

      Adam and Eddy are masters with words. What they actually said was “The last thing Neal remembers is Emma telling him she loved him”. That does NOT rule out Mulan as a possible love interest in the future because we have no idea if Emma is even going to get back with Neal. Also Adam or Eddy said that Mulan and Aurora will play a big part in the last 11 episodes of the season.

  27. S. says:

    Thanks for the scoop on “The Mentalist”. I’m glad it picks up there. I really want to see Jane’s reaction when he sees what Red John did to Lisbon’s face. Actually, *I’m* ready for Red John to go down after what he did to Lisbon.

  28. Ash says:

    I’m not positive but I’m thinking neal/bae is having the same problems charming had in season one. He was always making the wrong decisions before the curse was broken. I think there was even a quote where he said something along the lines of I wanted to believe you but somehow I keep making the wrong choices. And I think that’s what bae’s deal is..I think the writers are just emphasizing how in “our” world there are no fairy tale happy endings. :)
    Love OUAT! I think all the characters are great! :) can’t wait for the rest of the season!

    • Mel says:

      Good point. But David was cursed. Neal isn’t. The choices he has made are all of his own doing. And David and MM never ended up together, because of his lack of belief in her. Sound familiar?

  29. Ash says:

    Very true! :)

  30. Sara says:

    Never liked Aiden on Revenge. Not surprised he’s turned against Emily. He’s too damaged. They won’t end up together.

  31. Kelly says:

    I actually really liked the kindred spirit Regina has in Hook. They are truly the only two people who get each other and they can be anti heroes together. But I’m guessing Robin Hood is Regina’s love interest on once upon a time.

  32. barbara says:

    Matt just want to say your recap, spoilers are great. keeps everyone uo to date on all the shows*thanku*