Castle: Stana Katic Surveys Kate and Rick's New Hurdles, Their Destiny and... Wedding Plans?

Castle Season 6 Preview Stana KaticABC’s Castle is (ostensibly!) heading for a wedding.

The ABC drama (Mondays at 10/9c) opened Season 6 with Kate joyfully accepting Rick’s marriage proposal — the second major decision she had made, after choosing to trade her NYPD detective’s badge for a sweet gig on a federal task force based out of D.C.

During TVLine’s visit to the Castle set, Stana Katic shared her thoughts on Beckett’s doubly exciting new future, the complications “Caskett” must now contend with and the possibility of elopement. Also: Do Rick and Kate = Romeo and Juliet?

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TVLINE | Did you have any concerns when you first learned this marriage proposal/job choice storyline was coming up at the end of last season?
No. I thought that this was the appropriate trajectory for the character. And I think it’s also a current topic, something that’s relatable for a lot of women today. Women are in the work force and are balancing a career and a home in ways that 30, 40 years ago people wouldn’t have tried — and they’re successful at it.

TVLINE | But you definitely didn’t want to see Beckett consider forgoing the job in the name of the relationship. You had a quote out there, that’d it make her a “loser.”
[Laughs] That was the extreme version of it, yes. But real relationships are not compromised because one person is having success in their career. Real relationships are compromised because of other things that are exclusive to problems that the individuals have. And if you can’t cross over the hurdle of “How are we going to make this work, while you’re having success in your career,” there are going to be SO many other hurdles that are more potent, more powerful and more important, that it doesn’t really make sense to continue that relationship. If I had a partner who had a level of success and needed to transfer to China or Paris in order to fulfill a personal dream, I would support that wholeheartedly. The wonderful thing about the characters we’re playing is that one is a writer, and that’s not exactly a one-city job. You can transit.

TVLINE | That’s what I said last spring — what, he can’t work out of a Georgetown loft?
Yeah. And it’s not like D.C. and New York are Dubai and London.Castle Season 5 Preview Finale

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TVLINE | Did you feel like Season 5’s last run of episodes was completely organic? Rick basically stepped on a bomb for Kate and then she’s nearly kissing Ioan Gruffudd, and not being 100-percent open about the job…. Did that track for you as an actress?
I don’t feel like she kissed Ioan; I feel like he kissed her. And I was hoping that what would come across was that she was dedicated to the relationship with Castle, but at that point maybe the real question of that story was that Castle wasn’t necessarily aware of the great thing that he had and was distracted. And the distractions kind of became a priority.

TVLINE | He was choosing videogames over vo-dee-oh-doh-doh.
[Laughs] Yes, he was choosing videogames over the girl in his shirt.

TVLINE | Andrew Marlowe told me this will be a season of complications.
Which is exciting, actually, because I think they’re willing to take storytelling risks this season — and I think we’ve got to. We’ve got to shake it up. It was really nice Castle Season 6 Spoilerslast season when the two characters were in a relationship, but as a consequence of the move they’re having a hard time navigating those waters. But, what’s really great is that they both want to work it out. I think Castle comes from a wonderful viewpoint on it. He understands that he’s the writer, and I feel like his character is really supporting of his partner’s career progression and dreams. People are supposed to help each other grow; that’s MY version of hopefully what a relationship does in the end, and I think that these two characters do that. It’s not always easy but they’re in it together. And when you’re in it together and you say, “OK, I want you to grow, and we’ll get through all the obstacles,” that shows a certain amount of strength and a wonderful future for those two people.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile, in D.C., on the new job…. Is Beckett completely in her element, or is there a learning curve?

There’s a bit of a learning curve. She’s making some rookie mistakes, and she wants to prove herself to her new partner and mentor, played by Lisa Edelstein. Lisa is awesome. We’ve really clicked, and I’ve quite enjoyed playing opposite her. She asks interesting questions, and she’s always pushing the story to create the best possible version of the story.

TVLINE | How would you describe the Beckett/McCord dynamic?
The initial dynamic is that McCord is the tough, high expectations STANA KATIC, LISA EDELSTEINmentor, and Beckett on paper is great but she’s going to have to prove it. These two people have to protect each other out in the field, and the consequences are death. McCord needs to know that Beckett can fulfill that role, because it’s that high of stakes. McCord’s not her bestie right away, but they grow into an interesting kind of partnership throughout the second episode [of Edelstein’s three-episode arc]. Again, the stakes are global at this point. It’s not concentrated exclusively to New York City, and that’s challenging for Beckett in a different way. Some of this is stuff we’ve seen her do for five seasons. She know show to interrogate people, she knows how to go for the truth….

TVLINE | …but her skill set thus far has been a bit localized.
Yeah, and this is different. Yeah, this is a bigger scope, the macrocosm.

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TVLINE | Have you heard anything about Senator Bracken (played by Jack Coleman) coming back?
Yes, he will come back – but I don’t know when, and I don’t know how.

TVLINE | I ask because some fans had the theory that he could figure into this D.C. storyline….
Yeah, there’s an interesting kind of mythology in that respect. For me, the main element [of Castle] is their love story, these two characters and what they mean to each other and how they come together and how they’ve grown. And then there’s the world around them with friends and relatives and all of that. But that’s all set against this backdrop of mythologies that we have left out there, and this is a great season for us to either resolve of further delve into some of those. One of them is the Bracken story, and another is Castle’s father — both high-stakes scenarios. And you wonder sometimes, why did these two people come together? Sometimes when we meet someone, it feels like we’re together because there’s a bigger cosmic purpose, and I wonder if there isn’t an even bigger thing than just the two of them really enjoying each other. Do you know what I mean? Like with Romeo and Juliet, they got together, they’re crazy about each other, but in the end their story changed everything for everyone around them.

TVLINE | So, maybe Kate and Rick being together was somehow a necessary piece for her to ever get closure on her mother’s murder? Like a “sliding doors” thing — if Castle had chosen a different muse, maybe you never find Bracken.
Possibly. And maybe Castle never finds his father? Maybe these two people are together not just because they fulfill each other, which I think they do, but also because the two of them were destined to be together. I don’t know if I believe in destiny, but maybe in this story it is there, because [their coming together] righted a lot of wrongs. That’d be interesting. It’d be exciting to explore.

TVLINE | Lastly, we of course have to talk about the presumably eventual wedding. TVLine reader Susan wanted to ask: “Would you like to see Kate and Rick elope?”
[Smiles] I think I’d like to see the lead-up to [the wedding]. I’d like to see the complications of putting two families and all of their opinions together in one event. I think weddings are fabulous fodder for comedy, so I’d very much like to see that!

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