Castle Recap: That's What Partners Do

Castle Season 6 Recap DreamworldThis week on ABC’s Castle, it was a race against time as Beckett and McCord scrambled to track down the toxin thief also in possession of the antidote needed to save Rick. In the end, would Castle have any strength to help crack the case?

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THE RECAP | “I’m not letting you out of our engagement that easily.” So said Kate, as the clock began ticking on Castle’s mortality — all 10 to 12 hours left of it. For his part, Rick relays the “Dreamworld” clue uttered by the dying Bronson, and that which Espo shared about it — that it’s code for a ghost base in the Middle East. That leads Beckett and McCord to a D.C. reporter (Alphas‘ Warren Christie) who had written an expose on Dreamworld only to have it spiked — by the Defense Secretary himself.

Pressed by Beckett and McCord, Reed ultimately ‘fesses that Bronson worked a mission out of Dreamworld, a strike on Al-Qaeda’s No. 2 guy, Zawari. Was the toxin stolen, and used on Bronson, as some sort of payback?

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After chasing a false-ish lead (a D.C.-based cousin of Zawari’s), McCord’s team secures the mission logs, massive chunks of which are redacted, But Castle finds a way to deduce that “Valkyrie,” the other odd thing said by Bronson, is among the blacked-out words. That leads McCord’s computer guy to hack the database where audio recordings of missions are stored, and they realize that Valkyrie was code for a person — namely, a female operative embedded within Zawari’s home. Bronson had warned that she was still inside at the time of the op, but Reed ordered the missile strike regardless.

Against orders, Beckett confronts Reed, suspecting he was looking to cover his tracks with Bronson’s death. When Reed makes a stink with the AG about Beckett’s behavior, it effectively rules him out as a suspect — and it is then gleaned that Valkyrie’s fiance was… Robert Parker, the reporter on the snuffed Dreamworld story.

At first, McCord & Co. think Parker is set to attack Reed at a presser, but Castle theorizes that it’s another false lead (a la the misleading break-in from the premiere), so Beckett spins the car around and makes a beeline to save Reed’s wife. Castle collapses upon their arrival, while Beckett chases down Parker — and with help from McCord, nabs him and the antidote, saving both Castle and Reed’s wife.

Afterward, Beckett’s joy over Castle’s cheating death is tempered when McCord says nothing is “black and white” in “this town,” and that there will be no resulting investigation into Secretary Reed’s morally questionable calls. (Anvil alert! D.C. job not so great!) After registering her disappointment, Beckett thanks McCord for having her back during the chase. “That’s what partners do,” she responds — words that echo for Kate as she looks back toward Rick’s hospital room.

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THE REVIEW | Though I missed the light touch that Espo and Ryan bring to a Case of the Week (and we’re now two weeks with zero Lanie), I’ve enjoyed this “Valkyrie” arc for what it was supposed to be. That said, while it’s tempting to ponder a Castle permanently situated in D.C., you just know the Big Important Cases would get to be a bit much, very quickly — kinda like the ever-escalating February two-parters. But these two episodes did what they had to: introduce Kate’s new world and illuminate the problems she and Rick will have trying to be together even when they can’t be together.

That scene toward the very end spoke to that, where they are able to make light of the ramifications of his endeavor to pay an unannounced visit. But when Kate wonders if he imagined “this” would be so difficult, he smartly notes, “The hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.” And: “At least I got to see you.”

I also liked that they covered the base of Rick touching base with Martha and Alexis when he thought he very well might not see them again (sorta makes up for keeping Meredith in the dark about Alexis’ kidnapping), and as ugh as Pi is, his goofy-ass presence at Castle’s bedside made for a funny moment. But still: ugh.

What did you think of this week’s Castle? Next week: It’s “boys against girls,” back at the 12th.

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  1. How long till Beckett’s in NYC for good again? UGH!

  2. Alichat says:

    Yes….agree about Pi. They need to toss that character quickly. I don’t understand Alexis’ interest in him.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      This 1000%. They try to play her off so hardcore as a frilly hippy who just falls in love so stupidly and carelessly. Maybe that in of itself is just annoying to me, but i also think Alexis is such a smart character typically…so seeing her with this stereotypical boyfriends is annoying. Then again Alexis is annoying sometimes (bratty, doesnt listen, etc) and Castle needs to actually take charge (actually tell them hands off while in his house and them say okay and respect that).

      • Francine says:

        He IS super annoying. But I guess it’s about time Alexis dates someone like him- every girl has dated a guy that makes everyone else go “huh??” at least once in their lives. Plus I assume there is more to why she is dating him. I’m sure (or I hope) we’ll see what those reasons are. I’ve heard some people say it has to do with the way she found out about Castle and Becketts engagement, but I don’t know I that’s true or not. I guess we’ll see.

        • scooby says:

          Yeah Pi wouldn’t be my choice. One thing you have to say, though, is that he seems genuinely caring and isn’t the type to hurt Alexis. There are worse guys for her to end up with and it’s probably just a phase anyway. Could be worse, she could date a guy like her dad at his most misbehaving without the humor or warmth. She’s going the opposite of bad boy (not that he’s bad at heart, but he did get arrested from time to time and acted like a playboy which would freak out most parents including Castle). This is just rebellion, but it’s not harmful rebellion.

      • This is why Castle won’t put his foot down. Remember this quote?

        “Listen to me. My dad tried to do the same thing when I was her age, and I ended up dating a grunge rocker who smelled like wet flannel and clove cigarettes for seven months. You do not mess with a teenage girl and her hormones.” — Beckett

      • Scretwitch says:

        I agree with your analogy of Alexis, but I can’t help wonder if Pi is coming up in some sort of plot… some pivotal role of a larger scale; other than being Alexis’s annoying boyfriend and the thorn in Castle’s side.

    • lauri5567 says:

      When I read a preview that mentioned “PI,” I thought it would be a 25-26 year old private investigator who seems like a good guy to everyone but Castle. He doesn’t like the older guy involved in a dangerous job. Still think that would be so much better than this.

    • Tinemi says:

      I don’t like this Pi character either. He’s annoying and borderline with stupid. But it is true that we all have dated someone against character and our only hope is that Alexis dumps him soon.

    • eridapo says:

      Come on have pity on Castle’s version of Jar Jar Binks..

    • suzie says:

      Pi needs to be dumped. He is a total waste of space in this show, and is why would Alexis even
      be interested in this loser??!! She has always appeared to be MUCH smarter than this…

      • John says:

        “always appeared to be MUCH smarter”
        And that’s why: everyone goes off the rails once in a while. It’s just her turn.

      • dmac says:

        I think that is the whole point of Pi, Alexis always seems to be wise beyond her years and it will do her good to have him in her life. Hell, every girls has their own Pi in their past.

    • Alan says:

      i get what they are trying to do with him, he is the inevitable embarrassing mistake relationship that everyone has when they are young and it should provide good character development for alexis but i hope he leaves soon because he doesnt fit, i just want to skip straight to alexis getting the development she deserves.

  3. Aly says:

    I’m not sure why but so far I’ve not been enjoying this season. Something is off (and I don’t mean the whole DC thing).

    • Kim R says:

      I kind of feel like this. I do love the show but I think last week was kind of silly. I mean it really wasn’t a cliff hanger. What were they going to do? Kill Castle off and start calling show Beckett? So this week was just meh to me. I hope they get back to what they did best and soon. As far as the characters go….you can see this is what Beckett thought it would be. Let’s go the way of Kalinda’s husband and just kind of erase it. :)

  4. Francine says:

    It wasnt my favorite and I enjoyed last weeks show much more than this one- but I agree with your take on these first two episodes. They did what they had to do but I want Beckett back in NY. I couldnt see this working long term (which I know it wont be). I’m looking forward to next week with more Ryan and Esposito. And yes I really miss Lanie!

    • JS says:

      I agree 100%. I care about the characters that been developed over the years. I think Andrew Marlowe “jumped the shark” on this storyline and needs to get it back on track quickly. As many have said please jettison Pi as quickly as possible.

  5. Mariana says:

    I like the recap+review format, keep it up Matt ;)

  6. K says:

    I hated that PI interrupted the family moment in the hospital room. PI isn’t a member of the family. Alexis needs to get rid of him.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ll allow it, but only because I thought Castle was going to groan, “…and you weren’t in my dream.”

      • scooby says:

        The look on Nathan’s face made Pi’s presence nearly worth it. Of course the problem is that Pi’s still there. Being Pi. Ugh.

    • martina says:

      Why is he even there? How did he get to DC? By car? I‘m not familiarized with the US customs system, but I‘m pretty certain that you can‘t travel by plane without a passport.

      • DarkDefender says:


      • Alichat says:

        As long as you have ID, you can fly anywhere in the US. Most people use their driver’s license or passport, but there are a few other IDs you can use. It’s possible he has a driver’s license. I’m assuming he lost his passport since they got back from Costa Rica. If he lost it in Costa Rica, he could have gotten a temporary passport from the US Embassy, and he shouldn’t have had any problems getting to Amsterdam. Since he’s back in the US, it would take him no time to get a passport. I don’t get why needing a passport warrants crashing at Castle’s house. Jeez I dislike this character.

      • John says:

        Acela Express: fast and quiet and a simply photo ID is all that may be needed besides the ticket.

      • I’m pretty much sure you can travel on a domestic flight without a passport, normally you just need an Id. =)

      • Alan says:

        i read somewhere that most americans dont have a passport, they dont need one to fly within the country and when the country has such diverse weather they dont need to leave for vacations.

  7. James D says:

    lol that sums it up about Pi pretty well Ugh… He needs to go, but everything else was great i’m really enjoying the direction their taking. This show needed to re-energize itself after the ending of last season and it’s doing it so far, although this better be the last episode with barely any Espo and Ryan, and no Lanie as much as this show is about Castle and Beckett, it doesn’t really work unless they have the others to bounce off of. I guess we know what brings Kate back now though, the grayish nature of working in DC will break her, no doubt seeing as her whole character is based around righting wrongs and putting bad guys behind bars. loved it, but again Marlowe you’ve made your point with Pi now have Beckett bust him for pot possession and lets be done with him :)

    • scooby says:

      From DC and the AG’s office to searching for drugs in Castle’s loft? Yikes I get that we want her back in NYC but not for that. I don’t know that we want Pi to be brutally murdered, maybe just a missing persons. ;) Someone should just expedite Pi getting his passport back. Surely it doesn’t take that long for another one to be made and sent to him. Rick could buy him a one way ticket to Amsterdam. Gates is bound to have a contact in the passport office.

  8. Lauren says:

    Didn’t enjoy this episode at all. This whole DC thing is a snoozefest. I’m tired of Beckett’s story being played out so much, why can’t the show spend more time with Castle — flesh him out more, give him more meat… because right now he just seems like a puppet and this is the Beckett show. I’m not feeling much for this season so far… everything is feeling so forced– nothing is flowing with the natural ease the show used to flow in.

  9. GPJ says:

    I don’t think Andrew Marlowe has a clue as to the “s–t storm” he has brewed up with the fan base and how poorly received this story line is. The only real question is how long the fan base will hang on before we start jumping ship and the ratings begin to show what a mess he has created. So disappointing.

    • Eric says:

      It is a poor storyline, but anybody who jumps ship is stupid. Why? Because anybody with a brain knows that the DC storyline isn’t going to last. You don’t have to read spoilers or anything to know that. It’s common sense. It’s common television knowledge. They’ll play this out for a few episodes and then Beckett realizes she wants to go back to NYC, as well as be with Castle full time. I don’t know how the fans are acting, but if they are acting ridiculous and crazy, then they need to chill out. Like I said, anybody with a brain knows that the storyline will play out for a few episodes, but will go back to the way things were soon. He hasn’t created a mess at all. He is just trying something different, which again, isn’t going to be permanent.

      • Just one thing says:

        Precisely. Though some fans seem alright with the storyline as is, so it isn’t completely hated. But it is so very obvious that they are going back to NYC. Anyone who saw the last five minutes of tonight’s episode should be able to guess that.

        • nicademus11 says:

          Count me among those who doesn’t hate the storyline. I think it is obvious about the trajectory, but I don’t think Marlowe and Co were trying to dupe viewers. While I think end game puts Beckett back in NYC what I have enjoyed about the first two episodes is the strengthening of Beckett and Castle as a couple. There is a confidence and certainty about the relationship that Katic and Fillion are playing into that I really like and I am enjoying Fillion serving as the source of strength as Beckett reconciles the two worlds she straddling. It’s reminiscent to season 3 when they felt really unified in their partnership/friendship. Pi is an issue I agree, but my hope is that his serving as foil to Castle will manifest into a storyline that impacts how the Alexis/Castle relationship has changed and is struggling to redefine post kidnapping and post engagement. I take Castle as I took LOST, I don’t need to love every plot turn because I am along for the ride and what drives me is the love of the core relationships between the characters in the show.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Totally agree! I actually am enjoying the DC storyline, though it probably helps that I’m fairly certain it’s a short-term one. It’s been great to see the emphasis on their relationship, and it’s also great to see Beckett get and take opportunities that arise in her career. Women need to see this kind of thing as often as possible.

        • The Guest says:

          And did you think Castle would die in this episode? Lots of things are obvious when it comes to TV shows. You’re the one choosing to watch.

          • Carl Nesbitt says:

            No one thought for a New York minute that Castle was going to die but the premise was to see how Beckett and McCord would collectively figure out what Dreamworld was and how it related to the death of one and the near death of Castle and Mrs.Reed. Once Beckett and McCord solved the mystery episode 2 came off much better than episode 1 but they still have a ways to go to satisfy the many Caskett fans. There’s a long way to go so I think when the show hits its rhythm it will make for an interesting season 6. Remember, this is about Castle and Beckett, has been since season 1 and the chemistry for the show needs Ryan, Espo, Lanie’s interaction and with a couple of new members to the cast we’ll see if “Castle” can continue to be great. Hang in there Caskett fans.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m sorry, is that question directed at me? Yes, I choose to watch. I enjoy the show.
            And, no… I didn’t the title character of the series was going to die anymore than I suspect Meredith Grey is going to die whenever her life’s at stake… Did anyone really think Rick was going to bite it?

      • Lupe says:

        Think the same way1:)

  10. Christina says:

    Still wish we could have seen a slightly more emotional Beckett, but it was all very in character so I can’t complain too much.

    • scooby says:

      I’m glad you noticed it was in character. Speaking in general to people who don’t realize that or really don’t like the character that she is, I feel the need to head their inevitable criticism off at the pass and say I’d rather she do her job when doing that job will remove the need to get upset in the first place. Stopping to well up would’ve cost precious time and letting herself feel the loss would cause her to be unable to function so best to be in denial. In the midst of getting the job done, a (at this point former) homicide detective isn’t gonna sniffle a ILY declaration, and didn’t they do the special Caskett handshake thing in part 1? People are saying they saw it. Kate hadn’t given up on saving Rick and any moment spent not doing that was a waste of time in saving his life. Saving someone’s life is kinda the biggest ILY gesture you can do, right? Speaking of saving Rick, she called him Rick for God’s sake. That’s not nothing. It’s like when Scully called Mulder “Fox.” They both were holding back their emotional devastation. He was putting on a brave face to the folks back home and to Beckett. Nobody was gonna be getting worked up.

      • Just one thing says:

        I think there was room for more emotion from Kate, and a bit more from Rick. But I can see why she held it together to get stuff done. Definitely in character for Beckett. And he is one for bravado (“too soon?”), so that worked, too,

      • a says:

        There’s plenty of room for emotion in Kate. Look at the post-traumatic stress episode, look at the one where Castle was taken hostage. Maybe Kate doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, but she’s typically enormously better at showing emotion than she was here.

        • Lori says:

          She showed emotion when alone – in fact she ran away so as not to be seen by anyone as she had her “breakdown.” I don’t recall there being any alone time in this episode.

          • Just one thing says:

            Exactly. The only time we have seen her break down in public was when that one guy who was connected to her mom’s murder died.
            It’s a fine balance, of course. Beckett is a action-oriented person at her core, and has a pretty solid handle on her emotions. Especially when in front of other people.

      • Christina says:

        Thanks. I honestly think anyone who’s watched for more than a season should hopefully be able to tell that her actions were true to form. I think we got more outward emotion in the season 5 one where she thought he was shot in a car (forgetting the episode, but it was the one with the murdered priest). All of her looks this episode were great, since they were the acknowledgement that yea, she cares tremendously, but she needs to focus to save him. It was like every time she looked at him, her resolve strengthened.
        I didn’t see the handshake, unless they’re just referring to her grabbing his hand when telling him that he had less than a day to live?
        Kind of referring to what Just one thing said though…I think they could have showed just a bit more when they were in the car. That was arguably the only alone time they had, and Castle did try. Kate was basically in denial. That’s kind of my only criticism though, and it’s super nitpicky. Overall, they (AWM/Stana/Nathan) did a fantastic job with the episode.

  11. nishen says:

    I’m not sure but I think castle shows on sunday not monday…

  12. gaby6034 says:

    this show is taking a wrong direction, it also has lost all its chemistry and spark. I wouldn’t be surprised if it drops in ratings soon.

  13. Becks says:

    A summary of the Castle fandom right now:
    Beckett fans are loving the attention; Castle fans are hating the lack of attention; Caskett shippers are either throwing their toys out of the pram cuz it’s not all smooth sailing or rejoicing at the work AWM is putting into making the relationship stronger; Rysposito fans are quietly suffering whilst waiting for their few seconds of screen time; and Lanie fans are just about dead….

    And the only thing we can agree on is that Pi is UGH. :D
    I love this fandom! In AWM we trust! :P

    • Just one thing says:

      Ha! Poor Rysosito and Lanie fans…

    • KHorn says:

      Yes let all of us, those who hate where Marlowe has taken our couple and those show love it, join hands and revel in our three minute hate of Pi!

    • Alan says:

      meanwhile the people like me who watch the show for the whole ensemble not just one aspect are enjoying the mixing up of the usual formula for a few weeks before we go back to the same old, same old.

  14. Moonlight4evr says:

    Totally agree with everyone. This season has started off very bad and there is tough competing shows on the other networks.

    I hate the whole DC plot. There is no chemistry with these actors. Where is Laney! Espito and Ryan are gone except for cameo appearances!

    This is NOT the same Castle. Get rid of the idiot PI. Worse character on tv.

    • eridapo says:

      I saw The Blacklist and Hostages tonight, and both were amazing. The Blacklist is definitely the best show of the 3 right now. NBC spent serious money on this show.. Tonight’s episode even had Isabella Rosellini in it, and you can see the high quality of the production. Funny thing in tonight’s The Blacklist Rosellini’s character is also poisoned with a Toxin, and Lissey has to plead with Red to give her the antidote. It also closes with Lissey with her recovering husband at the hospital.. What is amazing is the difference between The Blacklist feds and the feds in Castle…

      • Just one thing says:

        Really? After seeing the pilot, I got the impression that the Feds on The Blacklist would continue to be played as/for chumps to make Red look brilliant.

        • Christina says:

          I think the Feds are being played at pretty much the same level. I mean yea, in this case, Castle and Beckett need to come off more impressive because they’re ultimately the main characters. In The Blacklist, the Feds are the main characters, so we need to believe they’re most impressive.
          I haven’t seen Hostages, but of the other two, I still love Castle the most. The Blacklist is fantastic though, and I think it’s definitely going to be my back-up favorite when Castle inevitably ends.

        • Alex says:

          Exactly – I’m willing to suspend disbelief to a point, but that show is just too much. In the first EP where the bad guys are trying to kidnap, not kill, a small girl, they ram a dump truck into the SUV carrying her. No concern about she’d be unconscious and seriously injured, if not dead. In the next scene you see she has a small cut on her head – really??

          • Just one thing says:

            That was the most unnecessarily outrageous scene I’ve seen in a while. Read it in the pilot NBC bought before I saw the pilot and thought, “Surely they’ll clean this up and make it more believable.” Then… Nope. They left it as is. Made for great trailer fodder, of course. :-)
            I will check out other eps of The Blacklist, but there is only so much Spader Smarm I can handle.

  15. David4 says:

    Veronica Mars had Piz, now we have Pi. Next we will only have P.

    The episode was fine, but they did was too much fake drama. Castle isn’t going to die, there is no drama or anything there, don’t overplay it.

    I like the idea of changing the show up for a few weeks, but it’s just “ugh”.

  16. jeri says:

    So why did Beckett lie to Castle about the job in the finale?? We’re 2 episode in and geez this show is so dumb it hurts my brain… I hate that they made Beckett look bad for NO freakin purpose. She could’ve still gone to DC with all the lame drama that’s happening right now without Kate lying. They dragged her through the mud for the idiotic proposal scene. UGH, that’s terrible story-telling. And I agree with everyone else, I’m tired of this DC plot and the cheap drama like we had in this episode.

    • Amanda says:

      It does seem pretty tortured and forced just to create some drama. I don’t want to be too mean, but I think it’s some lazy or untalented writing on these. Sorry, but I gotta call it as I see it.

  17. Kevan says:

    I’m usually balanced in how I judge a show and I try to understand storylines and writers’ choices, but I have to agree that this whole DC thing is wasting episodes. If the ratings struggle later, this could conceivably 3 or 4 wasted episodes that could’ve been used later to adequately wrap up the series.

  18. luli says:

    I love Mccord!!!!

    • Alan says:

      it was cool to see her back her partner who she has only been working with for a few weeks with absolutely no knowledge of what the hell she was doing. plus its nice to get another woman in the crime solving team rather than having beckett stand on her own among the men; sure we have lanie, martha and alexis but they barely have any importance on the plot most of the time so its good to see another woman actually doing something on the show.

  19. James D says:

    Why are people so harsh on this season so far? I’m not trying to troll, but am genuinely curious? is it becasue the DC thing is different from what we usually see and people are turned off by it? is it because it puts emphasis on Beckett and not Castle? or is it a combonation of things? I’ll agree this might not of been the best episode in Castle’s history but IMO it certainly isn’t the worst. again I’m simply curious, so take it easy on me :)

    • James D says:


    • Eric says:

      Because they aren’t getting what they want. They want the DC plot to end, Beckett in New York, more screen time for Ryan and Esposito, more Lanie, etc. etc. If they stop complaining for two seconds and use their brains, they’d realize that things will go back to normal in a few episodes. TV shows always do this. It’s nothing new. Beckett will realize she wants to go back to New York and have her old job back, as well as be with Castle full time. It’s not like the DC plot is permanent. But you know, for whatever reason people aren’t realizing this. If they just hold out for a few more episodes, things will be back to normal.

      • James D says:

        that’s what gets me to be honest, why not exercise a little patience. I mean no disrespect to people who disagree, but to give up on a season before it’s even started seems silly to me.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Agree. Plus, a little change is good. It makes everyone (Castle/Beckett, the fans, etc) appreciate what they had and creates something new and different.

    • Alan says:

      because they already decided they didnt like it before the season started (look at the fan reaction on any story posted on here over the summer) and are unwilling to give the show a chance to prove them wrong.

    • abz says:

      It’s the sad reality of the majority of TV fanbases. With every show this happens. Some people have no patience whatsoever. Many of them are unwilling to give anything new a chance or let things play out how they will. I mean, seriously it’s only been two episodes and there’s already so much outrage. Patience and open-minds are what they need IMO.

  20. Paul says:

    I think it’s time for Castle to end. They had a good run; end it before it becomes a bigger joke. It’s getting painful to watch TBH.

    • a says:

      I would agree. I think it’s getting 7 seasons because that’s what the actors were signed up to do. Unless everyone is offered more money than they can possibly refuse, that’s it. It’s more than obvious that Fillion at least, wants out.

      • dmac says:

        Really, that is rather a sweeping statement because at no time has Nathan Fallon indicated he wants out and if you are going to judge what he doesn’t say unless you are a family member or close friend I would say you have no idea… Nothing is obvious. If you don’t like the show by all means don’t watch but leave the “obvious” stuff to those who know him.

    • M says:

      If someone so strongly wants that show ended – there are no problems switch the TV to other show. And those who wants continuation of show will look it further. And all are happy.

  21. Amanda says:

    This is an interesting arc with Beckett in D.C. But I really hope she gets back to New York soon (and not just next week to swoop in on a case) on a permanent basis. Lisa Edelstein is good, so I’ve enjoyed watching Beckett have a female partner who is serious and hardcore. But part of the reason I like the show is the lightheartedness – miss Lanie, Esposition and Ryan very much. And seriously, who can I write to at ABC to make this ridiculous Pi character go away? He’s horrible – and he only has a couple of lines but I cringe and want to fast forward. Would Alexis really bring him to her dad’s recovery bed? That girl is not as sharp as I thought. Throw him back.

  22. Karen says:

    You know what I’m tired of, Kate Beckett. Last season was all about her and this season -so far- continues in that direction. When will Rick get the attention he so deserves? He has been pushed to the background in favor of Drama Queen Beckett. No wonder Fillon looks so bored, they aren’t giving him anything to play with because they’re wasting time with Beckett’s pointless garbage and childish emotional angst.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Just off the top of my head, he had plenty of attention in the February two-parter. The show is about BOTH of them. And if Fillion looks bored, maybe he’s not the god of acting his diehard fans seem to think he is (and I actually like Nathan Fillion).

    • Just one thing says:

      “No wonder Fillion looks bored…”
      In his own words, on this site, at Paley last night and elsewhere, his primary concern lies with how long the show can last. He has chosen not to comment on storylines, character development, etc., because that isn’t really something he cares about. He lauds the writers and the hard-working crew, but it appears he has checked out beyond his contractual obligations.
      No offense, but I really hope people start grasping this concept soon…

      • Christina says:

        He just seems kind of over it in interviews, at least to me. I hate to compare to Bones, but Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz both do a great job discussing the show. I’ve personally stopped watching Bones because I can’t stand Brennan, but I’m jealous that the show has two main actors that clearly love it and don’t want it to end.

        • tp says:

          I thought I was the only person that felt that way about Brennan. Glad I’m not alone. :)

        • Jovi says:

          I am so with you about Brennan. She is an obnoxious, egotistical boor. I watch Bones for everyone else.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah, I floated in and out of Bones every other year. It just doesn’t grab me like other shows do. And Boreanaz’s childlike jealousy of Castle’s press started rubbing me the wrong way, so I just dropped it completely.
          But it is nice to see both lead actors are actively engaged and excited about their characters and the show nine years in. That can’t be easy to do with the schedule they have. They will have all rightfully earned their 10 years on air when the time comes.

          • Christina says:

            It used to grab me, but right around the time I realized I liked Booth and Hannah way more than Booth/Bones, I had to stop. Plus, the whole pregnancy thing happened shortly thereafter, and that was the last straw.
            Totally agree about the 10 years on air though, they all deserve the praise. They’re invested, and the show seems to be working to keep it interesting.

    • abz says:

      The show may be called Castle (because it’s a much better show name than Beckett), but the show really is about the BOTH of them.

      • lauri5567 says:

        I read a comment about Wonder Years that it was about Kevin and Winnie. However, Winnie was always seen through Kevin’s eyes. This show reminds me that we rarely see Kate through anything but Castle’s eyes.

  23. dove0709 says:

    Well that was underwhelming…………….the DC arc is doing nothing for me and I cannot wait for Edelstein’s wooden ass to be out the door so things can go back to normal.

  24. lame says:

    I for one liked the two parter. It actually let Caskett go where they’ve been forbidden to go, truly expressing their deep feelings for one another. I’m still waiting for that tiva style soul bearing convo, but this is Castle and AWM & Co go for the light hearted colloquy.
    Season 6 is off to great start, except for Pi and an explanation of what in hell Alexis see in him.

  25. DarkDefender says:

    Couple things… Was there more commercials than actual show this week? And I feel like the season opener was near perfect, and put them in a place where Caskett should have been mid-season 5 ish.. And this week was blah. I’m thinking because it lacked the Castle/Beckett case interaction..

    Regardless.. I loved that Beckett is reflecting on her true “partner” (Rick), that she looks like she is yearning for their give and take during a case (she does not have that with McCord).. And that the fed job is not about getting to the truth, but more about just getting by and sweeping stuff under the rug to save the careers of the high and mighty – something she has been against since her mother’s death and the lack of investigation of it when she was younger.

    AND I cannot wait for next week’s boys v. girls case solving… I feel an Epic Castle bet coming.. And we’ll see who lets who win (think A Deadly Affair).

    • DarkDefender says:

      And Nice recap, Matt.. Digging the format.

    • Kris says:

      Was thinking of Double Down but kinda different. Loved that episode!

      Apparently some people got to watch 603 already when they attended Paley. But haven’t seen any comments the episode…yet.

  26. Just one thing says:

    “His goofy-ass presence…”
    Love it. You’re speaking my language, man. That’s exactly how I would describe Pi.

  27. skrable2 says:

    Here’s the thing about “knowing” that a plot device — in this case, what Beckett learns about herself in this federal arc — has a short shelf-life:

    It better be strong enough to hold fan interest, because otherwise you sit there waiting for the thing to be over. And this DC stuff just hasn’t cut it. It’s dull, from the gray on gray sets, to the personality-less characters (except for the computer geek). In the end you ask, if this was all just to get Beckett back to NY, why do it at all?

    It’s fine to suggest to folks to be patient and let it play out; but TV doesn’t work that way anymore. There are other things to watch.

    A huge part of he problem here was starting the season with this arc. I think it actually would have worked as the midseason two-parter. But jumping from the high of the proposal into this boredom was a mistake. They could have learned about their relationship in the organic surroundings of family, friends and co-workers.

    Instead, we get this attempt to be different and the viewers who like the show for more than just the central relationship are tapping their toes, marking off time on the prison walls, waiting for the real show to come back

  28. Erin says:

    I frigging love Beckett and McCord as a team. Wish she would stay

  29. Rich Abey says:

    Not as good as the opener ‘Valkyrie,’ mainly because we see so many shows dealing with threats about national security that it has worn pretty thin, but the plot was still intriguing enough for us to enjoy it & I did not think at any point the reporter would be the final link (which shows that ‘Castle’ is not as predictable a show as some critics & fans say).

    On the plus side plenty of Caskett moments, plenty of emotion on display. Plus enjoying the new found openness between Kate & Rick where they talk & deal with the problems at hand on the spot. And I see a strong connection developing between Mcord & Kate, though the fact that the Defense Secretary got off scott free would a pretty big reason for Kate to come back to NY (who is not intrinsically a person to let guilty parties run off free of charge which in turn gives her the determination that has brought her all the way to the FBI).
    All in all a very very solid, if not a damn impressive, start to Season 6. Can’t wait for the rest!

  30. Kris says:

    Wasn’t the best episode but certainly better than a couple of episodes from past seasons. Especially filler type episodes.

  31. ljd213 says:

    Matt, I agree about the Lanie factor. We miss that sass and style, however having watched Season 5 over the last week on DVD I noticed there are a lot of episodes without Tamala Jones as Lanie. Can’t figure that out since she’s tied to Kate and Esposito so closely.

  32. Maria says:

    I actually like the DC arc for what it is…a hopefully short arc that shows Beckett that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. It’s greener where you water it. And also, Pi is just ruining everything. Anybody remember when the Brady Bunch introduced the character Oliver? Yeah…Pi is like that.

    • Becca says:

      Totally agree! The D.C. arc is a necessity for this character. Now she knows for sure that working with the NYPD and being with Castle is what makes her happiest. It’s also making the audience appreciate how awesome Castle and Beckett are as partners. I can’t wait for Beckett to be back in NY with Castle and the boys, and it’s going to be fun to watch when she is. And I totally agree about Pi! I feel like they gave us too much WAY too soon by having him move into the loft instead of just dating Alexis. Though I am hoping for some inevitably hilarious interaction between he and Kate!

  33. Andrea Aynsley says:

    I’m just peeved off at the moment because I just found out that some Castle ‘fans’ think they are so “PRIVILEGED” now just because they were lucky enough to attend Paley fest 2013 and see the WHOLE of 6×03 being screened and think that they are being honourable and KIND by not telling people what they saw but choosing to TEASE the rest of us with bits of snippets here and there pretending that they can’t spoil it for everyone else. BUT GUESS WHAT!!! The select few of you (usually the same group of people on twitter) already you guys think that it gives you the right to be the Spoiler Queens so that people who missed out or are desperate or curious have to beg you for more of this ‘CLASSIFIED’ information that you have only to be turned down…Either Hush or Share…Don’t be a hypocrite..Cut it out!!

    Sorry to the rest of you..I came here rant as it is where a lot of fans / viewers gather to read the latest articles. If we want spoilers and teases we have enough official and reliable sources like TV line and the castle crew as it is…

  34. Tom says:

    First, I’m shocked, shocked that Castle didn’t die in the second episode of the season. Who could have seen that coming? I agree with a lot of the sentiment here that the new story line isn’t working. I thought Beckett’s frustration over Reed getting off and the way things are done at the government level might be foreshadowing a return to the old format of the show. I hope so, because the new format is boring. We’ll see if next week is an improvement. I’m not ready to give up on this show just yet, but I’m sure moving in that direction. Also, I agree with other comments, Pi is just annoying and has to go.

  35. leigh says:

    While I am not a huge fan of Pi, I’m going to. Give him a pass for a while. Maybe the next couple of episodes. He is goofy, he is annoying to a point, but in some ways so is Castle. Smart, intelligent, loyal, all the things we love about Castle but different presentation. So I’m holding judgment for a couple more episodes.

    Btw love the first two eps. Waiting for next week!

  36. Teri says:

    Beckett is seeing that she does not want to be involved in all the federal coverups. She may have dealt with it better 5 years ago, but she loves Castle more than this so called dream job.

    • John says:

      Towards the end of the episode I think we were given a glimpse of her waking up from that dream.

    • Alan says:

      before finding out that a senator is behind her mothers murder she probably wouldnt have had a problem but given that information she cant live with covering up stuff for people like him. its not to do with her relationship with castle, she has more going on in her life than just that, not all of her character development comes from it.

  37. Kim says:

    1 of the worst episode I watched.

  38. jeff says:

    castle the wright is way off in my view, they need to go back to NYC or I’ll have to call this show over and stop watching, I did not see any of the first five season’s in these two episodes.

  39. Shaun Ed says:

    If I had a dollar for every close call this show ever had, then I’d be rich. Seriously why does this show keep doing that. Castle and Beckett has been in more life and death situation than any other procedural show couple combined.

    I honestly want Beckett to keep her job. Her new job is a giant leap in character progression. It would be boring if she becomes a NYPD detective again. Maybe she can be an FBI in New York or something. I dont like the show to go back as if nothing had happened.

    • Just one thing says:

      The show doesn’t put Castle and Beckett in any more life-or-death situations than the 10 CSIs, 12 L&Os, H50, Grey’s, ER or NCIS have put their own main characters. The difference is, in all of those other cases, there are more than two characters to constantly toy with.

  40. Mary says:

    One thing I learned: there will always be complaints from the fans – now it´s against the DC arc, when it ends it´ll be against the end of it, or something else!:) I can live with that:)
    Now, about the episode – I really enjoyed it!
    For me, showing emotion doesn´t mean crying out loud or melting down – I saw emotion on the way Beckett said to McCord “better than me” when she asked how Castle was doing – I felt emotion when he passed away and she called him Rick instead of Castle – and I saw emtion in the way her eyes were showing adoration when she was talking to him at the hospital; so, FOR ME, that is pretty much covered.
    I find Pi annoying, yes, but he was the one to provide me the laugh of the night – the annoying face Castle made when he saw him was priceless!:)
    So, I enjoyed this arc for what it was – I think its purposes were to show Beckett what else could be out there and if it was for her; now that she tried it, there won´t be any “what if” after her final choice is made – I think it made her grow in all aspects of her life. I liked the people from DC and think if there was to be some kind of spin-off I´d enjoy watching.
    Now, would I want the show to go on in DC? No, but I already knew this was a short arc, so I enjoyed for the refreshing side of it:)
    Now, bring on the next episode, as it looks very promising!

    • terri says:

      well said! you have to pay attention to Stana’s eyes. she is showing her emotion thru her eyes! I still remember that phrase ” I show you the look” ! some people ignore it , but the look on her eyes showing – more than words! Wow, I really like her!!!! I love the show ! it’s NOT boring for me! actually more action! she is really “physically fit” !!!

  41. John says:

    Yestarday paley was awkward, don’t know why…

  42. Adam Benson says:

    I hate when shows like this do these story lines. Did anyone really think that the character named Castle on the show Castle was is the star of the show, was going to die? Not for a moment did the majority of people think this and it takes out all the emotion and sense of tension.

  43. Henry says:

    I am a little confused by why everyone is surprised by the change in the show. Do you really want to see “Will they or won’t they” for 6 season? Castle has okay, good, and “that was awesome” episodes. The idea that things change is nothing new. The show is about a writer and his muse, and their lives. Sometimes, I think the problem is they give us “that was awesome” episode follow up by “eh” episode. Honestly, this is completely normal for shows. Grey’s, HIMYM, and etc, are shows that do well, and these shows all have good and bad seasons. Grey’s is the same everyone is sleeping with everyone, yet people come back week after week for this drama. HIMYM pretty much is a day in the life of the same person over and over. Both great shows, but the same idea over and over again week after week. Not bad. Now that things are going well with Beckett and Castle, people want to see them…what??? Fight? Break-up? cheat? Why do these things have to happen for it to be a good show? I have my episodes that I really love, those I like, and those I hate, but at the end of day, I am glad I can watch Castle, to just have an easy Monday (US). Castle is a show, that doesn’t break you, but allows you to enjoy TV. And if there were more shows like this on TV, I would probably watch more TV. There is enough drama in the news and in everyday life. Castle reminds me of M.A.S.H in a way (and I am under 30, and yes I know quality when I see it), it brings you back week after week, because you have funny shows, and serious episodes. Yes, at times the acting might not be the greatest, the storylines unreal at times, and the drama is slim, but it is still fun to watch. It is TV! At the end of day, I rather watch Castle for the next 10 years then have another boring soap opera drama, who slept with who, who did someone wrong, who dating who ,etc. crap that has no relevant storyline, and seems to follow the idea that life is some sort of dramatic event every day! We as viewers should expect more, and not just watch whatever junk they put on TV. As far as Castle this season, it nice to see Beckett and Castle in a good place, it allows them to bring the rest of the characters into the show, and explore those avenues.

  44. Kristine S. says:

    I’m bored with Castle right now. It’s not fun and that’s what the show is to me. There is no spark because everyone is separated. Bring them back together and get Castle teasing/flirting with Beckett at work and I’ll be happy. That’s not too much to ask, right?

    • Daniela says:

      What about the bathroom scene? Not enough spark there for you. There will be more teasing and flirting in the next episode, this episode was a bit more serious and they didn’t have time to flirt, they were trying to save Castle’s life.

      • Kristine S. says:

        Castle was never going to die. That was ridiculous. And I miss the gang at the precinct. And Beckett wrapping her legs around Castle and kissing him wasn’t the spark I was referring to. LOL. I want the flirtatious banter.

        • Alan says:

          sure we know that he wasnt going to die but the characters dont and it would be totally ridiculous if they dont react with the seriousness a situation like that deserves.

          • Kristine S. says:

            I’m saying the writers never should have written it. It’s cheap writing. No one in their right mind should buy into the death of the main character 2 episodes into the new season.

          • Alan says:

            the writers were using this for character development, to show us how the characters would react in a situation like this. its not lazy writing to put your characters through adversity, in fact its lazy writing to not put your characters through adversity in a show like this.

  45. maryd says:

    I’ve already watched both episodes multiple times. I think it’s great and not sure what all the whining is about. True Castle fans hang in there!

  46. Just one thing says:

    Nearly 11 million people watched the show last night. So clearly it’s not as irreversibly god-awful and globally despised as some people here claim…
    There’s only one more week left of this arc. It’ll be alright.

  47. Astrid says:

    I loved it! The DC arc won’t last forever so I don’t get to constant complaining. It’s getting really old.
    I love the fact that the writers let Beckett take the job instead of her declining it, that would be lame.

  48. Alex says:

    I’m really tired of reading complaints about Pi. Marlowe has been quoted as saying it’s just Alexis acting out over Castle’s engagement. So Pi is just a tool (and I mean that both ways) for the writers and will be gone soon enough – just like the DC story arc.

  49. John says:

    If people are complaining if because they care about the show, taking the time to read houndreds of comments and writing their own… not everyone is a troll

  50. Everyone hates Pi, but I’m sure he is an element that should give us a very good Castle-Alexis moment when Castle tells her that he doesn’t likes Pi, if the writers don’t use this character to give us something interesting on Castle-Alexis then he is really just a waste of time on that show.