Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Greys Anatomy Heather DiesWarning: If you have yet to watch Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 10 premiere, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, proceed onward…

Although it’s looking grim for Richard as the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season premiere kicks off — seriously, does it get any grimmer than lying face down in a pool of water after being electrocuted in a hospital boiler room? — is he the doctor who actually winds up in the morgue? If you haven’t seen the episode yet, read on and find out! (If you have seen it, read on, anyway, and try to act surprised.)

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TRADING PLACES | After Bailey orders Shane to find Richard, he lies to Heather that she’s actually the one who’s supposed to locate the missing M.D… which results in his rival for Derek’s attention getting electrocuted and dying during surgery! (Cue one immensely guilty conscience in 3, 2… ) Richard, on the other hand, pulls through, but not before Mer is forced to use her status as his chosen “next of kin” to rein in Catherine and empower Bailey to perform life-saving surgery.

ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING | Despite the fact that Owen and Cristina’s relationship “ended” in the season finale, he’s still able to maneuver her into bed by noting that, if he’d known their last time having sex was going to be their last time, he’d have done a few things, erm, differently. Shortly thereafter, she seduces him with the same ploy. But, all the nookie notwithstanding, the break-up is killing them.

COITUS INTERRUPTUS | Speaking of getting it on, Alex and Jo are ready to do exactly that. Unfortunately, if it isn’t Heather’s demise that wrecks the mood, it’s the number of times Alex has boinked Jo’s friends in the on-call room. Meanwhile, in zero danger of getting busy again anytime soon are Callie and Arizona. Not only does Callie announce to their fellow board members that her wife has been unfaithful, but she takes their daughter and moves into Casa MerDer.

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HERE COMES THE BRIDE | After April makes her infatuation with Jackson so obvious that even Matt picks up on it, he acknowledges that, by proposing in front of 100 people, he didn’t really give her a chance to say no. But all it takes is Jackson loudly reminding April that she didn’t want him when she could’ve had him to send her running back to Matt and popping the question to him – in private this time. And, glutton for punishment that he is, Matt accepts.

CHECKING IN | At first, all special guest patient Veronica Cartwright gets to do is ask (again and again) if her house survived the mudslide that resulted from the super storm. (It didn’t.) But eventually, we find out that she was a hero during the crisis and is obsessed with her home because her neighbors are the only people who tolerate her. This, in turn, prompts Stephanie to rally the interns around Shane when he heads to the mudslide to assuage his guilt. Oh, and to help people.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season premiere? Were you relieved that Richard survived? Sorry to see Mousey go? Surprised to find out that Leah’s mother once dated Mark? (Could she be his long-lost love child?) And what did you think of Chandra Wilson’s directing of the second hour? (I thought she killed it.) Vote below and then hit the comments.

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  1. alim says:

    good ep but too much going on

    • andrew says:

      WHY? brooks was the only intern that really got developed

      • Alichat says:

        I have to agree….her and Jo. The other interns I could give two s**ts about, and know nothing about them. I knew the moment they released that clip of Shane telling her to go find Webber that she was going to die, and Rhimes is going to use this as a guilt arc for the character of Shane. Sadly, Grey’s has become predictable that way. I know Majorino has a new show on TNT and that’s why she had to leave, but I would have preferred that her character lived and her exit was her moving back home to get her long term therapy.

        • sureeee says:

          I thought the same thing! Nit gonna lie either, I let myself be an optomist about her character when Derek went into surgery and said she might loss some abilities. Like you said, long term help back home so there’s a chance if reoccuring story lines later but I knew deep in my heart that Grey’s wouldn’t do that. Brooks was the only intern I truely enjoyed, and now I’m going to have to deal with at least a quarter of the season of shanes self depricating guilt trip. He should have been the one to get offed. Best wishes to Tina on her new show and the Veronica Mars movie though, it just blows that this show had to lose one of the best intern characters.

          • Rook says:

            Brooks was my favorite too, cause I’m a marshmallow. But now I’m secretly hoping Leah is Sloane’s long lost daughter, but they wouldn’t do that storyline again… right?

          • Olivia says:

            Ugh. I can’t stand his character. The only interns I like are Mousey and Jo, and now with Tina off the show Jo’s the only one left who doesn’t annoy me to no end. Shane eats enough screentime as it is, no need to let his guilty conscience make it even more annoying.

          • Doris says:

            One thing you know about Grey’s if someone is leaving the show they are leaving dead they never just let them leave for a different life so later they can be come back. When you leave this show you leave for good.

          • renie araral says:

            They killed off the best intern. She was the most likeable and intriguing. All the other interns/actors I could care less about. They are all annoying. Get rid of them. And there is zero chemistry between that one chick and dr. Blue eyes.

      • D. says:

        I agree, sadly the actress was not avaible for the tenth season.

      • Sheldon W. says:

        Tina Majorino has a lot of other stuff going on – like a series pilot called Legend (in which she’d be a regular if it does go to series) and the Veronica Mars movie among them.

        I’m just sorry to see the way she was written off the show. Heather deserved better.

      • Charles Dexter Ward says:

        Because Tina Majorino, the actress who portrays her, got a show on TNT.

      • meg says:

        I agree. Brooks was the only intern who was interesting and could go places. Instead her death is now basically padding for Smash’s guilt arc, and all the other interns are so meh.

      • Curmudgeon says:

        So true – the rest of them except the black one with the glasses, sort of fade into the woodwork. They brought so many on at once that it was hard to keep up, but they did give us enough of Heather to get an idea who she was.

        Heck, even the other interns didn’t seem to know her. They had to use the lame secondhand Jello story on her mom. :eyeroll:

    • Mary says:

      Agreed. The pace seemed faster than ever before. Lots of quick scenes.

  2. Slizabeth says:

    I thought it was good, but it was a little disjointed. Every five minutes someone new was being wheeled in on a gurney and it was hard to keep up. I love the relationship storylines though! And the Meredith/Weber relationship evolved so much. I love it. I’m glad to have them back!

  3. Sarah says:

    Didnt need to be 2 hours

    • trainwreck says:

      yup .. didn’t felt two hours were needed. It was a good premiere but I think Grey’s have generated better! Look forward to a better season..!

  4. megan says:

    Liked both eps. Really excited for more on Alex and Jo. Didn’t like Jo before but she and Alex are a great match and they’re completely adorable together. Wish there hadn’t been the whole sexual frustration issue with them yet.. Wanted to see how they work as a couple first but maybe that comes later.

  5. GS says:

    While I’m thrilled Richard is alive, I can’t believe trey killed the only other intern besides Jo that was a good character! Loved the episode and thought it was great from start to finish! It’s still so good after all these years!

    • ben says:

      Tina wanted out. What a shame, though, she would have been really good to retain.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        It’s not that she wanted out, it’s that before the interns were offered series regular spots, she was cast in a pilot that got picked up. :P Thus she was stuck with a “I can’t stay” decision. :P

        Sad day though, she was the best of the interns by far.

  6. TVPeong says:

    When Kempner was giving the “I choose you” speech, I realised that I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for too long. I feel like someone says that speech every season.

    • Terry says:

      I was yelling “RUN, Matt, RUN” but silly boy didn’t listen to me, smh.

    • Sara says:

      Truth! I feel like I’m just watching it out of loyalty because I loved it at the beginning

      • Kalisgram says:

        Amen Sara….is this the FINAL season…it needs to be…how many time can we watch the intern roatation…lets end on an UP…

    • kat says:

      Same here. Then and when whatsherface said something about the interns being Smash’s “people.” I was like Shonda, no, you can’t go back and try and substitute these interns for the ones that started. I thought it was kind of (not this dramatic, but can’t think of another word) betraying long term viewers. Or maybe just getting rid of whomever is left?

  7. Slaughter Shonda Strikes Again. Shocker.

    • KM says:

      Seriously, though. There are so many ways to write characters out of a show. WHY does she have to kill all of them? If I didn’t think the show was coming to an end in the next season or so, I’d stop watching it altogether.

  8. Lina says:

    Brooks was the only intern I actually liked!

  9. The two hour Grey’s premiere definitely “jump the shark”. RIP Dr. Brooks :-(

  10. erin says:

    So glad they killed off Mousey and not Richard (yet, at least).

  11. laurel says:

    i knew some one was has to die . SR likes death
    i liked Brooks

  12. Mark says:

    Thank god they didn’t kill off Webber. He’s my fav. I was nervous. Loved Catherine’s entrance. Thought it was a really good opener. Alex/that girl not so much a fan but whatevs. Meredith was swell this eppy. Like that Calzona isn’t perfect. Bailey <33

  13. Diane says:

    It seemed to move way too quickly. I usually get a gut punch from Grey’s, but tonight’s episode left me feeling “meh.” I loved Heather, but I there wasn’t enough emotion from the characters to make me feel her death. They could have spent more time on that and drawn it out, and less on Avery’s mom.

    • jaime says:

      i cried more when Derek told her mom and her mom was crying than when they actually said earlier in the episode that Heather died

  14. Juan says:

    Very sad about heather but it was a great 2 hours, I really loved it. I loved the little mentions of grey’s past. The Christina scene where she says just cause she ended it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt broke my heart a little but it was funny the last memory thing. I liked the interns more and how Alex told Jo that he had mer and Christina.

    • Alichat says:

      I liked that scene with Cristina and Owen as well. It was a bittersweet moment which showed how much Cristina, as a character, has grown. She’s much more open and willing to acknowledge and release her fear and pain. I have a feeling that Owen will be part of the catalyst to her leaving. That she will decide she has to leave since they can not work together and move on.

    • Mary says:

      I guess I didn’t care enough about the new interns to really care about Hearher’s death. I guess I didn’t pay attention to them last year. I didn’t realize no one liked her.
      As for my highlights, it was any scene with the original characters plus Callie and Arizona.
      Mrs. Avery is super annoying.

  15. Toby says:

    She has her own series. Plus a movie. Her death is the catalysts needed to bring the interns to light as their own grouping. Plus Dr Ross should be getting a major storyline when it all comes out the he sent her down to find Webber. Scumbag!

    • kavyn says:

      I think the problem is everyone hates Dr. Ross, and no one wants to see more of him. I love Brooks, I knew she was going to be written off, but I’m bitter they had to kill her off in such a stupid way (“Oh there are sparks everywhere, let me step on this puddle of water – oops! Dead!”). She died a ‘hero’, except not really because Dr. Ross had to save them both.

  16. Ever says:

    She was annoying and clingy. Bye!

  17. CH says:

    Sad about Brooks. She was my favorite intern. Still couldn’t care less about the rest.

    Christina & Owen was just … ugh. All they’ve ever had is sex, and I guess that’s just going to continue.

    Wanted to slap that screaming harpy known as Catherine Avery. I get that she was very emotional, but it was not a likeable moment.

    • sam says:

      I am so over Christina and Owen!!!! Enough already boring move on. Shane’s character was boring before, watching him pout all year about what he did is not something I Don’t want to watch , I am begging you please don’t make us! Lots of twist and turns, looking forward to seeing what will happen next overall.

  18. Lea says:

    RIP Heather…
    But I’m more bummed with the April/Jackson twist argghh… I wish he would’ve realized she really loves him and I wish she did not go back to Matthew a second after Jackson rejected her. Hope it’s not the end for them.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree. Jackson is angry and confused. They both have a problem with communication. I don’t remember Jackson coming out and telling her that he cared about her. And we all know that April can’t verbalize a coherent thought unless its medical. Good Grief!

      • Alichat says:

        He said it when she thought she was pregnant with his child. I believe she said she thought he was just saying it because she was pregnant, and she basically blew him off. But she knew he was serious and basically freaked out.

    • Jane says:

      April had her chance, she doesn’t deserve that glorious eye candy that is Avery. I’ll never forget her cruel “thank gawd we don’t have to get married now” speech.

  19. Ashley says:

    I am going to miss Mousy…yes she was somewhat annoying but a heck of a lot better than the Leah Murphy (Played by Tessa). I wonder how long Shane is going to keep quiet about getting Heather to look for Dr. Weber…so glad he made it! Did Arizona adopt Sofia…cause if she didn’t…she has no legal rights. And I am sorry about your leg and all that, but did she think about the consequences of cheating on Callie? Probably not most cheaters never do. Catherine was annoying. Happy for Jo/Alex…Meredith and Derek. Seriously Yang and Owen…you guy still having sex with interns dropping like flies?! I liked them when they first started but they want different things now…time to move on. And April….I know you are confused but marrying Matthew isn’t going to clear anything up for you. Bad Move!

    • JHarvey says:

      I was wondering the same thing about Arizona and Sofia! Because I pretty sure that Mark went down as the father and it hasnt been address since he died. I wouldn’t think she could adopt her before he died unless Mark was willing to give up his rights. Not 100% sure thought I know at one point Arizona told her that she wanted a paper saying she was a mother to Sofia but it was never brought up again

  20. Tazzy says:

    Great episode, but sad to see Brooks leave. It definitely opens storyline for Ross! Nicely done!

  21. Leah says:

    What did webber mean in the VoiceOver when he said he choose right?

    • Benington says:

      Seriously….Seriously. Pun Intended. He meant that he chose the right person in Meredith, as his medical power of attorney. Remember when Mer was an emotional mess and totally self-destructive…now the voice of reason and a grounding influence (even for Derek). Definitely a late bloomer.

    • DarkDefender says:

      He also meant he chose the right family. Meredith, Bailey the surgeons he has helped at MWSG/Grey-Sloan over his career.

  22. Babygate says:

    There was a lot going on. Scenes transitioned too quickly. One minute Callie is in the hospital and next scent she’s crying at MerDer’s house. But I blame that on the editing. I’ve felt for a long time that the editing in this show is not up to par. Nevertheless, this was the best premiere ever, imo. Well, with the exception of S3 because Izzie lying on a bathroom floor will always be epic. Arizona was heartbreaking. But they need to go through this. Her default setting is to sweep everything under the rug. Thankfully Alex was honest with her and told her to face the music. I’m upset that they killed Mousey. They could have given her a deficit and let her live. Don’t love that the interns are.taking up so much screen time. They get more substantial scenes than Callie and Arizona who are in the midst of a marital war. My favorite scene was April proposing to Matthew. Hope it works out. Loved seeing the grown ups gathered at MerDer’s house. It feels familiar and comforting to see Cristina, Derek, Callie and Mer in the same room. Hope we get to see those friendships strengthen instead of more interns who have just been here a year and are getting more play time than the vets. I don’t hate them, I just don’t want them shoved down my throat. They are good in small doses. But Shane, I deeply, deeply dislike. He’s unredeemable to me. Good to have Greys back. Shonda still got it.

  23. Sarah says:

    So far, Mac and Piz are both dead in Shondaland. It’s not the place to be for Veronica Mars actors.

  24. luli says:

    So i cried… a lot… I actually enjoyed the character of heather very much. So sad she is gone. RIP MOUSY, you’ll be missed… you were the only intern i liked…

  25. Alichat says:

    I have to say that Arizona annoyed the crap out of me in this episode. You have cheated on your wife….not…what…24 hours ago? Give the woman some space to be hurt and mad. I was so glad Alex called her on her bs.

    • Jane says:

      IKR! She’s bawling her eyes out and I’m just like, are we supposed to feel sorry for you?!? You did this! You cheated!

      • Laurii says:

        She not only cheated, she blamed it on Callie cutting off her leg to save her life. Hate this character, Arizona needed to be the one who died, not Mousey!

  26. nobody special says:

    i have always loved Jessica Capshaw and always HATED Arizona. there may be contributing “factors” to cheating, but no excuses. she deserves the misery she’s getting, and i wish Callie would kick her to the curb. SOOO happy Alex is both finding someone and realizing that he’s always really had someone in Mer and Christina. Romantic love is great, but having those folks (my kids won’t let me say “peeps” ) at your back is priceless. the only intern i liked was Heather, so i wish something awful would happen to Shane, but it probably won’t (rats) and Catherine just needs a good old-fashioned Meredith slap-down to make her realize that buying her baby boy a hospital and sleeping with Weber don’t make you queen of the world.

    • renatalll says:

      It’s too ridiculous of Arizona to be spending what must have been at least a year avoiding intimacy with Callie because of her missing leg and then jumping into bed with a stranger. I realize she held Callie responsible for the amputation, but still…Well, makes as much sense as everything else in Shondaland…zippo.

  27. Claire urbinac says:

    Honestly, i really waited for this season premier because of April/Jackson part..i must say i was sad with the outcome..i just hope there would be really good story for sorry all i could feel is sadness for this part..but other than that thumbs up for Grey’s Anatomy

  28. sladewilson says:

    I’m reading these comments and Shane is this unredeemable character? He would be if he sent her to die ON PURPOSE… Y’all act like the man knew… Stop. He’s gonna be guilt ridden, Derek will find out and probably after ripping him a new one, will help him thru. Alex had the best line when he said I got Mer and Christina – total truth… Not a bad opening for GA but they’ve done better. Oh yeah, Richard had better lived…. Loved the ending…

    • Babygate says:

      Yes, I believe that Shane is un-redeemable.From season 1 the interns have always been competitive but they have always been real about it with each other. The only one that actively stole surgeries behind people’s backs was Alex and he was always ostracized for his behavior. Shane, however, took it to a whole new level. Last season he actually threatened Heather because Derek chose to mentor her. Shane wanted neuro so badly that he decided it would be a dirty war and he would not stop fighting to get back into Derek’s service. Even though Derek had told him that he didn’t have the aptitude for it. Shane made the competition dirty. And in the premiere, he disregarded Derek’s specific instruction to leave things alone and get Heather. So we are talking about blatant subordination from an intern who is bent on dismissing his attending orders and evaluation of his performance. When he lied to Heather he had an evil grin on his face. He WANTED to screw Heather. That was his goal. It wasn’t about the patient. He ignored the ‘do no harm’ principle by ignoring his superior. Yeah, that’s pretty unredeemable to me. Plus, I have disliked his attitude from the beginning. He’s arrogant, like when he claimed that April was ‘all over him’, which was a lie, and he’s an unrelenting brownnoser and wants to use favor rather than merit to get ahead. He’s untrustworthy, manipulative and self-serving. Sure, he’s sorry now and I’m sure he’ll have some kind of ‘come to Jesus’ moment. But he will have to have a personality and character transfusion for me to ever like him. But, this is just my opinion and I realize no one has to agree with it.

  29. Nat says:

    I loved it?! could be because I didnt go in with my hopes too high, but it was a good one.
    loved the slo mo shot of the interns walking out too- flashback to izzie mer and yang
    looking forward to the rest of the season- awesome ending too

  30. Stacie says:

    Things That Didn’t Work: 1) I thought the 2 firefighters storyline, the one with the flesh eating infection and the other guy went on and on and for way too long. I get that it was supposed to connect the Jackson and April storyline somehow but it all was too thinly connected and didn’t work. 2)Same thing with the lady and the house and her being a hero. It was incredibly annoying her asking about her house for 2 hours only to find out that she wanted to know because her neighbors are her people, thus connecting the interns to one another. Again, another super clumsy way to connect storylines. 3)Owen & Cristina. I am so over them, they have needed to move on for years, and just when you think they did, they go and get together a couple more times.

    Things That Worked: 1)Callie and Arizona. Callie did what Callie knows how to do, drink and lash out. I am ecstatic they didn’t go the route of “Arizona isn’t really Sophia’s mother”, I am glad they didn’t address that because Arizona is Sophia’s mother also. I think it was a solid episode for them and I am excited to see where they go from here. They have a lot of built up problems, not just the leg to address. 2) I think the show needs some romance, so I think the Jo and Alex relationship is pretty cute. I like that she knows him so well, and doesn’t take his crap. 3) Merideth and Derek being the stable couple is pretty cool. After all those years of being the ones up and down, they are really the stable go to family. With him taking care of the kids and Merideth taking care of the hospital stuff. At least in this episode.

    Overall, a solid episode. Definitely a few things could have done without, but for a 10 year old show, not too bad.

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      Stacie, I’m with you all the way except on Alex and Jo. sigh. I just can’t. I preferred Alex and Jo’s as “bro’s” I know Shonda has decided Alex and Jo are MFEO. Its just gonna take me a minute to get there. The characters are written too juvenile as a couple. ugh

      • soxfan says:

        I have never thought Alex & Jo should be together – they seem forced & I agree, juvenile. I have always thought that Lucy Fields should have been paired with Alex. I think they were starting to bring them together when she left for 666 Park Avenue only for it to be cancelled after a few shows being aired. Sloane (Mark’s daughter), Lucy Fields, Izzie Stevens & Preston Burke were not killed off the show. Very touching & tender after sex scene when Cristina told Owen that she didn’t like being broken up & that it was very hard for her – Sandra Oh is now on Twitter & she said that scene was filmed before she told anyone she was leaving the show. Those tears seemed very real, she already knew she was leaving the show. Enjoyed the references to characters who are now gone. Loved the voice over by Richard Webber. He knew he didn’t make a mistake putting Meredith as his medical person – he has considered himself her Dad for many seasons now & she finally caught up to him with the big smile & hello when he finally opened his eyes. It will be interesting to see if she eventually slips once & calls him Dad & then just continues on calling him that. Bailey, Owen & Callie rocked the entire night. Poor Callie – second time a spouse has cheated on her … interesting that Cristina told Callie that Arizona was her friend & encouraged her to give Sophia to Arizona for 5 minutes – I would have thought that with Owen’s one night stand that she would be in Callie’s corner so I hope Cristina does the same to Arizona calling Callie her friend – I always thought Cristina & Callie were more like friends than Cristina considered Arizona. Maybe because of being in the plane crash. GREAT 2 hour opening show.

        • Babygate says:

          I’m with you except that Cristina called Callie her friend, not Arizona. She told her, I’m your friend. She had told Mer that Callie AND Arizona were their friends and they shouldn’t take sides but she told Callie, I’m your friend. And that makes a lot more sense to me because they go further back. I think Cristina has always been an upright person. You can count on her to be honest. When George cheated on Callie, Cristina was the only one that didn’t want to deal with George and she gave Callie a place to stay, and they didn’t even know each other that well. But I think that in this episode Cristina saw beyond their relationship and was looking at Arizona not as a friend, but as a mother and she realized what a heartwrenching thing for her was to not have Sofia at home. Cristina was being compassionate. But I hope that from now on she shows more support for Callie, just saying…

  31. Daniel says:

    I’m confused. Is the baby’s name Derek or Bailey ?

    • JKR says:

      Baby’s name is Derek Bailey Shepherd. But it sounded like they would call him Bailey. When Yang asked Meredith if it would get confusing, Mer replied with “Well, when I say Bailey peed on me, I think it’s safe to assume I mean my son…”

  32. Pretty Upset says:

    WOW!!!! Way to completely ruin my night…. At the top of this article you say “Warning, spoiler alert.” Gee, thanks a lot (sarcasm), seeing as how when I Googled Season 10 to make sure I was watching the premiere episodes in the right order, THE MAIN CAPTION ON YOUR ARTICLE SAYS “BROOKS DIES”!!!! So much for your spoiler alert disclaimer. You spoiled it without me even reading the stupid article. *smh* Way to go.

  33. Jayne says:

    I’m soo glad Richard survived. I hope Meredith really is finally accepting Richard as family. I didn’t care too much for the intern that died. I feel so bad for Shane though. He was just doing what a lot of others on this show have done before him; tricking another to get ahead. He had no idea that anything bad was going to happen, its so clear and I just kept waiting for him to tell everyone what happened and for everyone to start hating him. I hope it doesn’t turn out like that.

  34. Bark Star says:

    I know Tina Majorino has other obligations and couldn’t join the show as a series regular but this is symptomatic for Greys Anatomy anyway. Brooks was the only interesting one of the new kids. She gets killed off and the others join the already overbloated cast.

  35. Chablis says:

    Again the same recapper who can’t really recap. Did you watch the whole two hours or just the critics review? Epic fail as a recap-per.

    • Sarah says:

      Completely agree…I can’t believe how short and uninvolved this recap is for a two-hour premiere! Going to find a better one elsewhere.

    • Babygate says:

      You can do what I think a lot of people do: just ignore the recap because you know it’s going to be crap and go straight to the comments. Some people will offer way more insight into the episode that this person offers. This is not a new complaint… Or check out The Hollywood Reported and TVGuide. They have good recaps and great interviews..

  36. Carrie says:

    Great opening to the season.. Meredith & Derek rocked glad to see them being the stable couple & cute family to boot. I have to say a close second to me was Callie (Sarah Ramirez) rocked the woman scorned perfect she ran the gauntlet from torn apart to appropriately needing a drink the Derek & wine scene killed me.. OK I never have connected to any of the interns so they could all go and I wouldn’t miss them.. I really was optimistic about something between Jackson & April well I kind felt like he turned into Jerkson in my opinion not where I thought any of that would go I just don’t like her and Matthew or him and Stephanie but hoping it is leading to something better.. Alex & Jo hmm I want that but it was kind of weak bringing up where he slept with this one or that one.. Also the whole Christina & Owen just ugh not sure what needs to happen but we all know in the real world she leaving so not sure how it will all wrap up.. I liked the
    Whole Meredith and the chief being a family!!

  37. Sara says:

    Ugh Shane!! That is all! Actually no, yeah I know he didn’t know what he was sending her to, but his ego got the best of him. He wanted to be the hero and he played w a patient’s life and X-rays for what? I hope they address it but I’m sure they won’t. Shonda will probably use this to redeem him. Well shonda , it won’t work for me.

  38. LaLa says:

    I was so glad with the idea that the Callie/Arizona issue was not going to be a quick fix. I felt last season that Arizona was unfairly punishing Callie for saving her life. I understand that she lost her limb and that is not easy to deal with, but I just thought Arizona held on to that anger a little too long. And then Callie was just supposed to accept the affair as another one off from the amputation? I was happy to see Callie walk away from her, and I’m in for watching them work through this this season.
    Also, seeing Callie remember George and Webber walking in on her back in the day and also dealing with Webber’s surgery and all of the old heads pulling together – it really felt like old times. \
    As for the new heads – sorry to see Molly Singer go, but I hope they can give Shane enough good material, because as of now, I do not like the guy who is playing him. And I really want to learn more about Leah.
    Last season, I was hoping April would come to her senses about Jackson. Now, I am glad that Jackson checked her. I thought what he said was spot on. Finally, great to see Catherine Avery, but homegirl needed to check that attitude. So glad Mer put her in her place.

    • Babygate says:

      Wow, lots of good points. One thing to add about Arizona… I really feel her pain when it comes to Sofia and I’m glad that Callie didn’t go all ‘she’s not your daughter’ like some people thought she would. Besides Sofia, Arizona is not winning any brownie points with me. She STILL has not given Callie one single, solitary ‘I’m sorry’. Heartfelt or otherwise. Not once. She starts out just telling Callie in the scrub room, “let’s just put our problems aside”… like it’s nothing. Like, yeah, let’s all be avoiders of the issues like you, Arizona. That was mildly irksome. Then in the OR, Callie is decent enough to correct herself and acknowledge to Leah and Arizona is indeed a great surgeon, lest her professional reputation be muddied (this was big of Callie IMO). But then Arizona responds with a ‘that’s ok, we all say things that we shouldn’t’. And that ‘s when I’m like, seriously? You offer to cut off your wife’s leg to ‘even the score’ and then continue to castigate her for saving your life and all you can say now is, ‘we all say things we shouldn’t’??? She didn’t say, ‘we all say things we regret’. Nope. It’s more like, “I shouldn’t have said that because it upset you, even if that’s how I feel.” So at this point I’m just plain annoyed. Later, she tries to talk to Callie after she has already told her, ‘not now’. And she doesn’t start with an ‘I’m sorry and I’ll be here whenever you are ready’ or “I know I hurt you”. Nope. She’s like, yeah, maybe I deserved you outing me to the whole hospital but you know Callie, we really need to talk. Again, being self-centered, pushy and insensitive. And of course, at the end, even if I felt bad for her, she showed up when she wasn’t supposed to. It’s not like she had been away from Sofia for a week or even a day. She had just seen her that afternoon but once again, Arizona just dismisses Callie’s feelings. I love Arizona, but she really needs a smackdown right about now. How dense can you be? Ok, this is my rant…

  39. Mary says:

    Good episode but a little busy for me, way to much going on. I have only liked the new intern Jo, so I was not sad to see her go. I was thinking, hoping Shane would of run into the water also, sorry. It kind of felt that with Richard being hurt, it was full circle. The originals came together like they always had. They had become family for better or worse.

  40. sm says:

    Solid, if somewhat predicable, episode. Sorry to see mousy go as she was my favorite of the interns. The rest of them I don’t really care about one way or the other. My eyes sort of glaze over when they are on. Love how Meredith put Catherine nicely in her place when she said, “he picked you as the girlfriend.”

  41. Shaun says:

    Ok, I’ve been with this show since the beginning, but got weary of the recycled storylines and characters shortly following the plain crash. I decided to give this premiere a shot to see what this season would be like. First, the high points. Loved the plots revolving around Meredith and Derek, Cristina and Owen and Callie and Arizona. These are the power couples of the show and it works when they have good storylines to portray. Ellen, Sandra, Patrick and Sara are the bread and butter of the show, especially for people who have been watching since Day 1. Ok, plus Chandra’s Bailey. The low points. And they were low. I love Tina Majorino as an actress (marshmallow) and was sad to see her go. She seemed to be the only original in the gang of current interns, everyone else seems to be a recycled character from the show’s original 5 interns (Jo=Mer minus some of the issues, the girl with the glass engaged to Jackson=Cristina only slightly more personable, etc.). Alex trying to have sex with someone in a on-call room during the middle of a crisis? How many times have we seen this? Callie gets cheated on by her spouse with another hospital employee? Have we not seen this before? Admittedly, Grey’s is getting long in the tooth, but these actors, and us as a loyal audience, deserve better than that. This show is officially on the list of ones that are ok to skip some this season.

  42. Allison says:

    I’m over April after the last bit where she proposed to Matt. The relationship with Jackson made her more interesting and last night was just ridiculous. How about taking some time after what Jackson said to be on her own and think about what she really wants!
    Sad about Brooks but relieved about Richard, great ep for Callie and Arizona, didn’t mind the Alex and Jo stuff but the main thing I took away from the ep was how annoying the music was. Am I the only one? It was awful and over the top in many places.

  43. Alex says:

    It was obvious they were not going to kill Richard. Only the most naive viewer or the rankest newbie would think they might. So that plot lacked any suspense. I did like the material with Meredith making her decision and Shane telling the lie. I hope repercussions are felt in future episodes!

  44. Judy says:

    It was way too much of the things I like least about this show: the interns, April, and Mama Avery. Heather was the only one of the interns I found interesting, so too bad she had to be the one to go. I have less than zero interest in the rest. And I didn’t think it was possible to make Debbie Allen unlikeable, but Shonda Rhimes has managed it: Catherine Avery makes me want to throw something at my tv every time she opens her mouth.

    • Babygate says:

      Ha! So true! I liked Catherine right up to the moment she told Jackson “mama bought you a hospital”. At that point her “nepotism is for the weak” line just silently reverberated throughout the scene and she became a complete hypocrite so when I saw her name under ‘guest stars’ I actually cringed. It was not a welcomed surprise.

  45. Bubbo says:

    It was also pretty obvious Heather was going to die when her name (Tina Majorino) appears on the guest credits.

  46. So disappointed in how the April and Jackson plot was written. Last season the they did an awesome job of building up the Kepner Character and in a two part season premier they ruined her… They made her seem weak by running back to Matt just because of some ill timed words from Jackson.

    • Katrina says:

      I agree! Out of everything last night April was the worst! Why would they have her go back and fourth like she is weak and dumb! I was rooting for her and Jackson but at this point I just want it to be over and for her to just stay with matt. I cant take the back and fourth!

  47. ggny says:

    I dont get the point of the 2nd episode. Was it to get us to like the new interns more? If anything it made me hate them more maybe she had to tear them down to build them back up to the fans

  48. Trista says:

    Loved it! I have always loved the Mer / Richard dynamic and the fact that he chose her to speak for him really shows how much he truly feels like she is his family. Also, really like how Alex continues to step up.

  49. Olive says:

    I actually really love Kempner and Jackson, but the show keeps working overtime to make her look like a fool. If they’re not interested in getting them together, stop ruining the character in the process.

  50. abz says:

    I thought it was a pretty solid premiere. I don’t get the complaints about it being two hours. I love Grey’s so a double dose would be fine by me and I didn’t really see anything outrageous with the pacing. Plus, if they didn’t air the second half tonight we’d probably be seeing it next week. Sure some stuff was annoying like Alex/Jo and Crowen having sex or attempting to have it during all of this.
    Anyone else notice though that the way they’ve been filming the show the past few season has been really dark? Of course this episode was to be expected with the power outage, but in general I feel like the lighting department for the show really needs to be evaluated. Everything looks so dark all the time now and you can barely see things. Even last season it was like this, The first like 6 seasons were just so brightly filmed. You could see everyone’s face clearly and you could see what was going on and even in the hospital when they walk through the halls you could see the sunlight. Come to think of it I can’t remember the last time I saw the long bridge that connected the two sides of the hospital that they were always walking through the first season.
    Aside from Shane, I’m slowly starting to like the interns. I’m gonna give them another chance. Sad that Mousy’s dead, but I expected it.
    I love Callie, and it so sad to see her cry. I swear even when she’s heartbroken, they still find ways to make her make us laugh. When she was rambling on about everyone in life either cheats on her OR dies or cheats on her AND dies, I lost it. It was too funny, Also I could help but laugh when she she said this line: “Why is everything so horrible?” Everything in the world of Grey’s is horrible, Callie.
    Watching this premiere, you really see how much Cristina has grown. The vulnerability, The maturity, The way she has grown to love her friend’s children (Sofia and Zola) and even trying to calm Callie down to let Arizona see Sofia. She would have never done that before and would’ve sat back and hilariously watched. She is truly a remarkable character in television and while Shonda is just someone you want to love for creating this show but hate or get upset with for killing off so many of the characters I loved or really liked (George, Henry, Lexie, Mark, Susan, Denny, etc.), creating Cristina Yang and casting Sandra Oh was one of the best decisions she’s made on this show.