Fall TV Preview

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Preview: Captain Swan Feelings, 'Demon' Pan and 12 More Teases

Once Upon a Time Season 3 SpoilersTVLine took a trip to Neverland (or at least Burbank) to screen the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time Season 3 (premiering Sunday at 8/7c), and we came back with a treasure chest of teasers.

Read on for the scoop on Captain Swan, Peter Pan’s introduction, angry mermaids and much more.

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The season premiere opens with a flashback to 11 years ago, during which Emma faces an emotionally conflicting moment that showcases some of Jennifer Morrison’s best work on the series.

As we told you, Greg and Tamara really should have asked the Home Office more questions about their mission.

Believing that Neal is dead, Emma and Hook — who notes that he spent quite some time with Baelfire — drink to their fallen friend/loved one. While this scene is touching, there’s plenty of flirty ones between them, too, thanks to Hook, who seems to be winning over more than one member of the Charming family.

Mermaids are mean! And liars! So basically, they’re fishy mean girls.

Even meaner than the creatures from the ocean? Peter Pan! Hook sums it up perfectly when he says, “He’s a bloody demon.” And yes, viewers will meet Pan rather soon into the return. All we’ll say is the actor behind the villainous new character nailed it.

Regina is forced to work with Emma, Snow, Charming and Hook to get back Henry, which provides for some fantastic one-liners.

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While Storybrooke isn’t seen in the first two episodes, you’ll still get a glimpse of that world through Rumple’s personal crisis.

There are five people on the Jolly Roger: Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina and Hook. Four out of those five throw punches at one another in the season opener.

 The Oct. 6 hour will feature flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest shortly after Charming woke up Snow from her sleeping curse. The Evil Queen — sporting some spectacular couture — presents them with an offer that forces Snow to accept who she really is, while Emma is facing the same challenge in the present. Be warned: There will be tears.

For those puzzled by Rumple’s (or is it Mr. Gold’s?) appearance in this clip, his “half-and-half” look will be explained.

Another realm gets name-checked in the second episode, and no, it’s not Wonderland.

Some real-life fairytale films get hilariously referenced, prompting one person to ask, “What’s a movie?”

Henry + pixie dust = weeee!

It’s all about belief. And in Neverland, not having an imagination may be your greatest downfall.

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  1. “Another realm gets name-checked in the second episode, and no, it’s not Wonderland.” Donkey Island from Pinocchio?

  2. Joey says:

    Captain Swan just gives me the creeps. *shudders*

  3. Excited! says:

    Yay! So excited!

  4. Lysh says:

    I don’t think I breathed reading this. It all sounds very exciting and promising! Throwing punches! More than one person actually liking Hook! Another realm being mentioned (oh lord, I hope it’s not Oz either). I’m really excited for all the Emma things, too. Especially her flashback and then her figuring out who she really is.
    Thanks for the teases!

  5. Kara says:

    I’m glad the actor playing Peter Pan nailed the part, otherwise we would have been in for a looong season! Excited to see the Hook/Emma dynamic progress – I wonder who else he’s winning over? And if Jennifer Morrison’s performance is anything like the one she gave at the beginning of Star Trek…expect tears (from me).

  6. Jenn says:

    As if I wasn’t already excited for Sunday this just pushes me right over the edge and makes me want it to be Sunday NOW! Knowing they already have Peter Pan in the episodes makes me think that it’s a current resident of Storybrooke but I have NO idea who… And count me as someone on the Captain Swan “boat”. I LOVE Hook and any excuse to have him on my TV screen works for me!

  7. Ash says:

    I am sick to death of all this Captain Swan talk. It really puts a damper on any excitement I might have for the new season.

    • TQ says:

      I’m pretty neutral about them on the show simply because I don’t see any real story there. It was just a handful of scenes and shippers always see more then general viewers in those anyway. But I will say this. I’m tired of the media pandering and overpromotion, too. That and the obsessive, rude and stalkerish teenage fangirlish part of their fandom is quickly turning me off this story.

      There are so many characters and stories we got very few to no spoilers or teases about all hiatus and it’s hard not to get annoyed about that when you’re reading the same things about the same stories, pandering to the same part of the audience over and over again.

      I also thought OUAT would be one of those shows that doesn’t ruin it for those of us who are not all about ‘shipping’ and love triangles and who gets into bed with whom. But at least the promotion has put it on CW show level now. Which is not a compliment.

      • abz says:

        I definitely get the annoyance at ships. Somee people are just crazy. However, I think the thing is when considering the context of the show, romance is a huge theme and all of these love pairings and trianglesn are to be expected. The majority of these fairytales and stories are romance-driven. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Robin Hood, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast……. Every single one of these stories had romance as a significant aspect. OUAT is basically like Disney for adults. All of this is to be expected to a certain extent, IMO.

        • TQ says:

          I get your point. I agree to some point. But I admit that “Disney for adults” wasn’t what I hoped for when I started watching his and they said they’d put a new spin on those stories and update them for modern audiences and such.
          I also understand why the media pander to die-hard shippers. Eays way to raise clicks. Betcha this article’s gonna get lots of comments just because shippers are gonna go head to head again. Win-Win for them. But I also remember that the ship wars and the promotion of almost nothing but ships was nowhere near as bad during the first season and less bad last season. It’s only this season with this Emma love triangle bogus that it’s really bad and annoying for those of us who want the show to be more than that.

      • Ash says:

        I don’t see anything there either. It just makes zero sense to me but between the obsessive fangirls and the media I’m so sick to death of hearing anything about it. I agree that there is much more to this show than what has been teased and spoiled so far. There is actually quite a bit that they mentioned in here that I’m looking forward to seeing but its all overshadowed by all this Captain Swan pandering. I’m into shipping as much as the next person but this particular one does nothing for me and I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. This show is about much more than romantic ships. Its sad to see that its apparently all come down to an absurd love triangle.

      • Lysh says:

        No offense to teenagers, but I’m a little interested in CS and I’m definitely not a teenager (Emma’s my favorite character, so I just want her to be happy). But I know they get super excited about their ship, but heck – I get excited about things, too, so I just think it’s cute. I will admit that there’s an overabundance of CS in the media, though. It makes me happy, but it’s also a little embarrassing. OUAT has so many ships not getting equal time in the sun and to a majority of the audience, Once is mostly about the adventure and mystery, not the love stories.

        • ej says:

          ^ This. It’s bad enough that ABC’s publicity seems to be pandering to the CaptainSwan shippers, presumably for ratings, but even TVLine, which seems to be one of the more respectable TV sites, keeps flooding spoilers and interviews with annoying shipper stuff. I don’t care to know if Emma and Hook are eye-humping each other. Given the whole rescuing her kidnapped son thing, it’s kind of unlikely that Emma and Hook are going to take time out to have sex in the galley, so why can’t ye of the spoiler giving provide something that will interest ALL of the fans?

          When did the demographic of this show become fangirls of the Twilight and Beiber variety who can’t tell the difference between a TV show and real life? When it did it take the “real beauty on the inside” theme of Emma’s character and turn it into all about a sexy looking guy who deliberately singles out the weakest member of a group and uses them in horrible ways? I get that this show is about redemption, but can’t we actually have some redeeming done before the bad guys get turned into heroes… just for being cute? I get the appeal of the anti-hero. I don’t understand this crazy fan and media love for a character who has yet to atone for a lot of bad things. It would be one thing if he was loved for being bad, but the media and Hook fans seem to paint him in this irrational light like he’s actually a good guy who’s just misunderstood and, most importatly, *we should all want everyone to have sex with him and we should want to dream about having sex with him too*. He’s not misunderstood. I don’t want to have sex with him. I don’t want anyone having sex or being flirty while Henry is being held hostage by Demon Pan! It’s just sleazy. And bad form!

          With all of the talk about how shows like Breaking Bad are evidence of TV viewers being smarter and demanding more realistic and complex characters and realtionships, why is OUAT pandering to the old way? And why is the media taking it to such an extreme that it’s not even campy, it’s just becoming sad and desperate and reducing a show that was (and still is) a great concept to the same old shameless hot mess of, as TQ said, CW series?

          I don’t get it.

          • Cass says:


          • Abby says:

            Getting kind of ahead of yourself there. If people like Hook and Emma. People like Hook and Emma. Period. No talk of being fangirls painting him in an irrational light. There may be those but hey, just the crazy fangirl ones. That’s not all of us.

            You are assuming that all other aspects of his character are instantly forgone. Wait til you see the show. All this media talk about romance is because there will be romance at the same time as redemption. It’s not like it’s only one or the other. And there’s a lot because most fans do wanna see some Hook and Emma.

            I’m a Hook fan and I’m not painting him in a good light. I wanna see some redemption arc but I love to see some Captain Swan loving along the way. I know Henry is the main concern here but Hook and Emma do have that something and in one way or another it’s gonna get expressed even under the circumstances they are in.

      • Kara says:

        The last part of this comment kind of confuses me….did you watch Season 1? That whole season was relationship-overload! I think the romance angle is being played up in the press more than what we’ll likely see on-screen because,well, romance sells. Couples get people talking. I don’t think it will overtake the story anymore than it has in the past…but I guess time will tell.

        • TQ says:

          You may want to read my comment again. Hint: I wasn’t talking about what happend on the show in the last sentence.
          I’m not as convinced as you are that it won’t play a big role on the show this season since love triangles can’t be created out of thin air and especially not if you had no more than a handful of scenes between both sides of the triangle so far. But I’m open to being surprised.

  8. L3nn13 says:

    Looking forward to all.

    Finally the start of Captain Swan journey and picking it from what we saw before. Two ppl who have a connection and understand each other etc.

  9. Ls1 says:

    Glad to see alot of things will be happening and one of my fave is Emma/Hook build up. They are the running theme of season 3 along with other things.

  10. Mike R. says:

    While I’m not for or against “Captain Swan” at this point, I’m willing to give it a chance. From what I read here, things are looking up for season 3, so if I wasn’t before I am now excited for the season premiere.

  11. Angel says:

    I have no problem with captain swan. After swanfire/swanthief it’s my favorite Emma pairing, but why the pandering? OUAT is so much better than ships and pandering to them. OUAT is bigger than all that ridiculousness. The media needs to stop pandering. Anyway everything looks so exciting! Can’t wait

    • Ashley says:

      It’s called promotion, not pandering. There’s a difference. They are promoting the pairing. And the media loves Captain Swan, in case you hadn’t noticed, as do a lot of fans.

      • Nora says:

        It IS pandering when the media has been bleating on and and on about it in virtually every article.

        • Kara says:

          This is a show about fairy-tales, and romance is a major part of a lot of fairy-tales. It’s not pandering when the media promotes that, anymore than it was when they promoted Snow & Charming in Season 1. Besides, there were about 10 different points about the premiere made, with only ONE devoted to a pairing, and yet you’re acting like the only press about the show is ship-related. I read a whole bunch of stuff up there that had nothing to do with romance.

  12. abz says:

    More than one Charming liking Hook? I bet its Snow.
    Regina one-liners, more Hook, more Hook/Emma, angry mermaids, people throwing punches, Emma flashbacks, Neverland, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Robin Hood, Ariel………I’m so pumped for this season. Can’t wait till Sunday!!!

  13. Leslie says:

    Any Belle spoilers?

    • Cass says:

      In our dreams.

      • person says:

        This isn’t new but Kitsis and Horowitz said that the overall Neverland arc would tie back to Belle in a VERY important way by the end of the first 11 episodes.

        • Cass says:

          I remember something of that nature, but the thing is that I don’t want to wait eleven episodes. Or eight. Or five. Or even three. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice. And maybe what’s coming up will be so fabulous that I won’t miss one of my favorite characters. But from everything we’ve heard, I doubt it.

  14. sasha says:

    Ugh enough of the CS talk. Its sooooo annoying. Stop being bias there are other pairings. Team Emma and Neal all the way.

  15. Christina says:

    Is Gold not on board for the punch-throwing?

  16. Ls1 says:

    I think Rumpel goes off himself then stay with them

  17. Mel says:

    Cant wait for captain swan, neverland, one liners and punches this will be a great season

  18. Mel says:

    Thanks for the info Matt. @sasha, You say “Enough of CS talk” then go on to mention Emma and Neal. By doing that you sort of just gave away, why you don’t want any of the media talking about them. lol

    • Ashley says:

      Exactly. If you prefer another ship, it makes it obvious why the Captain Swan promotion would annoy you. If it was about their ship they would be loving it.

      • jr1 says:

        Its about time ppl get that Hook/Emma is happening coz of other ppl saying its not gonna happen even with so many spoilers and panel talk of it and seeing the finale. Now its front of your face and in the show etc. Acknowledge it.

        Who else better for Hook/Emma then each other both fighters and never give up and they GET each other and SEE each other as who they are

        • Sally says:

          There has been ZERO canon indication that Captain Swan is actually happening. They had at most a handful of scenes together and Emma was pretty much exasperated or disgusted with him in all.

          • Sol says:

            You failed to see Emma admitting they understand each other and connected on the beanstalk or him coming back. Pretty much what JMo has said at comic con about her and Hook etc

      • Cass says:

        The problem (well, one of them) is the OVERpromotion. Yes, I would like some info on my ‘ship. Which would be literally ANY other ‘ship on the show. Yet there’s nothing for Rumbelle, Snowing, Emma/Neal, Ruby/Whale, Grumpy/Nova….

        • jr1 says:

          Because a romance is not happening for them is it or start of it lol. Captain Swan is the running undercurrent for the season and whats to come much like seeing Neveland, Peter Pan etc…. thats what they are promoting and have done since the promotions to gear up to season 3. Once season 3 starts and underway other spoilers will come out.

          Captain Swan <3

          • Cass says:

            And if the romance for the whole season is Captain Swan, then good luck to the show and to you, because I won’t be watching. It will be interesting to see if OUAT can survive as a one-couple show. (Let alone based on the most cliched couple they’ve come up with, which is saying a lot for a show based on Disney characters, LOL.) Certainly the fascination of CS did nothing for the plummeting ratings last year, but maybe this year will be different.

        • Ash says:

          Agreed. It wouldn’t be nearly as obnoxious if there was promotion of any other ship to balance it out and there isn’t…at this point I’d take promo about on any other ship on the show.

          • Rita says:

            Oh guys, come on! They’re just talking about the first 2 episodes!
            Probably there is a bit more Captain Swan than other pairing’s romantic material in these first 2 eps, but later on there’ll be more Neal/Emma, Snow/Charming, Rumbelle, & I remember even hearing Regina would be getting a new love interest! Right?! So chill out!!

            Why make such a big deal out of this?! Just let those who like CS be happy & don’t be grumpy about it! You have a lot more to look forward to! Remember, the tv shows’ promotions are always made based on their premieres (aka, 1st episodes), not on the whole season! And specially in this article, they’re even STATING these are teases for the first 2 episodes! Ok? Relax ;)

  19. evangelin says:

    Cannot wait for S3, for Captain Swan development and their story both separately and together!! Killian is a man willing to fight for what he wants. Smells like true love to me!

  20. Katie says:

    Can’t wait to see how the Captain Swan storyline progresses. Has been coming since they first met :) Rumple’s story is going to be intense. Really looking forward to it!

  21. amada says:

    omg so good!!! thanks for all the news!!
    We are, we are
    We are timeless, timeless
    Everything we have, we have
    Everything oh my god
    You are, you are
    The only thing that makes me feel like
    I can live forever, forever
    with you.

  22. Ashley says:

    Cannot wait! I love the twist they are doing with Peter Pan and Neverland. And of course I cannot wait for Captain Swan aka Hook/Emma! The setup is there and I can’t wait to see that develop. VERY excited about Hook winning over one of the Charmings…definitely think it’s Snow. I think Hook and Emma could be an epic love story.
    And I think it’s hilarious when ppl complain about the relationships being what ppl care about..yes, this show is set in the fantasy world of fairy tales, but relationships, romantic and familial, are what drive the show and the characters. Don’t diminish their importance to the story by complaining about them.

  23. tatjash says:

    I love all. I can’t wait!! ^^

  24. Good luck for the show.
    It’s my time to say GOODBYE.
    Hook womanizer who made perverse sexual innuendo to all women, including married women (Snow) and it be forgotten, it is surreal.
    Hook gaining friendship with Charming family, after all, is really bizarre. What interesting story … SORRY, I WILL GIVE UP, BEFORE vomit!

    • abz says:

      Seriously, I get that people don’t like the character, but the womanizer and sexual innuendo thing is really getting old. I mean really what more did you expect from the little we’ve seen of the character. He’s a pirate/villain and a bad boy. Of course he’s not gonna be perfect.The character is continuing to develop and be fleshed out by the writers. Lots of characters do ugly and disgusting things on all types of shows, but over time they are allowed to change and grow (if the writing is good), but some people can never just get past a single aspect of their character. Hook flirts with everyone period. It’s just flirting. With Snow, it was to piss off Charming. With Emma, maybe he feels a possible connection and genuinely likes her. We won’t know until we continue to see how the writers develop the story.
      And by your mentality, it seems that the character should go on the rest of his life unaccepted by anyone because of some remarks he’s made. What if the writers decide to flesh out the character and develop him more and he starts changing, would he then still not be acceptable just because he made some sexual innuendos?

      • Joey says:

        I think that part of Hook’s personality irks the above poster so much because, like you said, Hook flirts with everyone. To me, Hook hasn’t treated Emma any different in terms of flirting than he’s treated anyone else, unless you mean that he’s used up /more/ skeevy pick-up lines on her than usual. If people want to think that means he’s head-over-heels in love with her, I guess they can think that, but I think their minds have been shipped off to the Merry Old Land of Oz.

        • Lulu says:

          That’s not the problem. It’s that this is used over and over again without anyone waiting for character development. The other point is that characters have done far worse than flinging some sexual innuendo. Regina has murdered people and magically rufied Graham into having sex with her. That’s despicable. Rumple has murdered and tortured people. Neal took advantage of an under age girl(Emma) and yes she was. She was 17 which is under age in Oregon. He was also way older. That to me is far far worse than Hook and his flirting or innuendo or whatever. These are the things that people should have moral outrage over and yet people still root for their redemption. It’s pretty messed up when people are morally outraged over Hook’s innuendo when worse things have been done. Just sayin

          • Joey says:

            I wasn’t aware that if I was morally outraged about Hook, then I’m not allowed to be morally outraged about anything else. Oh wait, that’s not how life works.

          • Francine says:

            I think people crucifying Hook are really taking things too far. I’m not crazy about him as it stands right now, but I’m also willing to sit back and give the writers a chance to develop him more. A lot of characters do despicable things but part of the fun of a show is seeing how they develop into a more dimensional person. A lot of shows never fully do that. I dont know if OUAT is capable of doing that- but i hope so. I do think saying Neal took advantage of Emma is pushing it though. Emma was not a normal 17 year old girl after the way she grew up. But that’s just my take on it. Others are certainly free to disagree.

          • Cass says:

            If tasteless (and unfunny) sexual innuendo was the worst thing that Hook had done, I’d agree with you. To me, that just makes him buffoonish (he reminds me of nothing so much as Pepe le Pew). What’s despicable are his zillions of other actions, such as, say, punching a chained woman in the face, and what’s disturbing is how happily his fandom excuses those actions. And it’s not that he’s beyond redemption or won’t have a sob story like any other villain–it’s that what we know of his basic personality, BEYOND being an unrepentant murderer, is pretty gross and unsavory. Unlike Rumple and Regina, who were at least decent people before their start of darkness, Hook was a boor, a bully, and a hypocrite. Reforming from outright evil won’t change those things, and–I almost never say this about a pairing–it would degrade Emma Swan, champion of the underdog, to fall for a guy like him.

          • abz says:

            @Cass: You seem to have this massive insight into Hook that the rest of us don’t. Correct me if I’m wrong, but at any point last season did we see any extensive background on Hook? Did they show how he became a pirate? Did they show how he grew up? Did they show his youth and childhood? Did they show his time in Neverland and the impact it may have had on him. No, they didn’t. All they showed was the reason for his vendetta against Rumple and how it turned him into the person he currently is. So please don’t jump to conclusion about a character that none of us really know much about. We have two seasons worth of backstory and character development on Regina and Rumple and other evil characters and very little about Hook. The character’s story is still developing and maybe when we are shown more of him, some will be able to look at him differently and get past the sexual innuendos. Some people can just see a character for a small amount of time and really get a feel for the true character whereas others may want more development and screen time to get to know the character.
            Also, do you honestly really believe that Hook was always the way he is now or how you put it “a boor, a bully, and a hypocrite”? I mean seriously after watching two seasons of seeing how one-time decent and good individuals like Regina and Rumple began their start of darkness, do you really think that Hook’s character can defined so simply like that? I highly doubt that OUAT’s Hook is as one-note as the Disney version of Hook. Most characters on this show are more complex than their Disney versions and you really should know that after two season. So really I think you and other people should consider keeping an open mind at least for a little while and giving the show a chance to see where the writers intend to take the story and whether or not it actually turns out to be successful. If you choose not to, well that’s your choice and the negativity won’t be missed.

          • Cass says:

            Abz: I don’t have any particular insight into Hook. I’m not one of the special people who can just see a character for a small amount of time and really get a feel for the true character so I’m reduced to this practice we insensitive viewers call “talking about the character who is actually portrayed onscreen.” Of course there is a sob story coming; maybe it will justify him picking on lame cuckolds and deformed beggars (setting aside the piracy, adultery, and child abandonment). That would be great. It would be better if those redeeming qualities had been present all along, that’s all I’m saying. I shouldn’t have to say, Well, I just know he has a deep and true heart because…he’s so handsome?
            Instead we’ve got a character who is cruel and bullying when we first meet him, cruel and bullying eight years later after almost a decade of enjoying true love, and cruel and bullying *300* years after that. We’ve got a character who has a pattern of targeting the most vulnerable people (lame cuckolds, crippled beggars, lost orphans [x2! Bae and Anton], chained prisoners [x 3! Belle, Aurora, and Archie]). We’ve got a character who repays the people who spare his life by locking them in magic cells to die, shooting them in the back, or stealing their last relic of their murdered family and then either standing by while a sorceress mutilates and imprisons them, or actually helping the sorceress. And we’ve got a character who claims to be a “gentleman” yet breaks every rule of honorable dueling (such as letting the challenged guy pick a weapon, usually one he even knows how to use), clobbers people over the head from behind rather than fighting fair, shoots people in the back, and uses THE most dishonorable, cowardly weapon: poison. (I honestly can’t think of one honorable action Hook’s ever done except try to rescue Henry.)
            Not to harp on Hook’s punching Belle unconscious and trying to kill her, but: usually, even on a show with a pitch-black morality such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, when we meet a character (a Joffrey or a Todd) who disproportionately, brutally, *casually* murders innocent women it’s meant to let the audience know that, whoa, here’s someone who is even more of a moral monster than the rest of our messed-up characters. But on OUAT, apparently it’s to tell us that this is the guy who is the perfect mate for our hero? Well, okay…

        • Lulu says:

          Then maybe you should talk about those things as well.

          • Joey says:

            So now I’m meant to pander to you because you don’t like that I’m currently only complaining about one thing? How juvenile.

  25. iMember says:

    Looks like a promising return. Looking forward to watching it Sunday along with REVENGEEEE!

  26. Heather says:

    I’m so excited!! I love all the tidbits! I can’t wait for more Captain Swan Emma/Hook bonding and I’m looking forward to seeing which Charming also warms up to Hook! As well as more Charming family bonding! I also can’t wait to meet this version of Peter Pan!! I want Sunday to get here faster!

  27. Amy says:

    Thanks for the latest OUAT news, from all that I’ve read it really looks like this season is going to one wild adventure! I’m excited to see it as OUAT has always been at the top of my favs…and I appreciate the Captain Swan scoop even though I’m not ‘stalkerish teenage fangirlish’ sect other posters are accusing you of pandering to (insert sarcasm) I’ve always loved Emma and Jennifer Morrison, and while I make no pretense of not loving the dynamic between her and Hook and that I see real potential there…like an epic love story… I’m mostly happy to see her being at the center of a heavily promoted story line and getting lots of interest…Emma is an amazing character who I think is under appreciated, I can’t wait to see her giving up Henry (JMO killed me in Star Trek), exploring her magic, growing more as a character and maybe just maybe open herself up because you can be a strong female character and want romantic love too!

  28. Kre says:

    Regina one liners = GOLDEN

  29. J.J. Sawyer Phillips says:

    Thank you so much for the scoop on the first two episodes! Kinda sad that we won’t see what happens in Storybrooke right away, but it’s totally understandable (they only have 43 minutes max of air time after all). It sounds like Kitsis, Horowitz, and Co. have put together something insanely magical, and Neverland is shaping up to be the epic adventure we have all been hoping for.

  30. Amy B. says:

    I am looking forward to so much this season!! Demon Pan?!?!? I wonder if they mixed him with the shadow hunter from Peter and the Shadow Hunter. That would be an amazing twist!! Eeekk! Captain Charming, Captain Swan, Snowing!!! Regina being snarky!! I think I will die in the first two episodes.

    Oh and for the record I’m in my early 30s… I am not a teen and I very much so love Captain Swan. The media can not help what gets them hits. If Captain Swan sells and gets them the hits they will continue to use it.

    • Len84 says:

      I am 29 yrs old and I follow the story and narrative and can see Captain Swan build up since last season. They put in an instant attraction and connection with them and understanding. Why else do that if not to progress it more and the first man to ever read and understand Emma and see past her walls. No man has done that. Even come back in any way to her but he did and is fighting with her etc. I finally found someone worthy for Emma who sees Emma and her walls etc

  31. Bia says:

    OUAT Season 3 = CaptainSwan = DISGUSTING

  32. ronnie says:

    You know Captain Swan is going to happen. He will do something noble or brave that endears him to her and she will get close. Then, once she makes that leap, she or someone, probably Snow, will discover Bae is alive at the mid-season cliffhanger. Then the second half of the season will be all about the triangle. Just watch and see.

  33. L3nn13 says:

    Emma deserves a epic love story. Who better then a Hook who is a fighter etc… Much interesting story here with these 2 people who have a intense connection immediately

    And who came back!!!

  34. BTM says:

    Honestly, media obsession with shipping was at its most ridiculous on Lost, while the press and very few fans drooled on about a romantic pairing centered on Kate, everyone’s least favorite character.

  35. Sol says:

    Emmma’s time for romance and love has come after getting her son and parents and now its her romance and love happening.

    Captain Swan <3

    • i will suspect you are at least 13,well let me tell you when your son is in danger the last thing you do is fall in love with someone. your mind is in other things because the person most imp in your life is missing

      • Mel says:

        I don’t understand this argument because love cant be controlled. It doesn’t pick the time or place or the circumstances under which it’s can happen, and it more often than not sneaks up on you when you least expect it. And BTW, no 13 year old here. I’m in my mid 30’s and somebody who met my husband of 7 years at possibly the darkest time of my life. Like I said, love doesn’t choose the time or the circumstances.

      • WTF says:

        Why be rude in the first place? with your comments. Its called progression in the character. Sure her son is missing but she is with someone who understands her by the way thats what Emma told us in the finale… love can happen anytime anywhere… you cant control… its about oh no her son is missing nothing else can happen

        As for age – you just proved your age in writing something so immature just to pee ppl off as usual

        Dont like certain things then dont comment on it as you did

  36. Sally says:

    What is this “buildup” and “connection” people are always talking about? Emma & Hook had a handful of scenes together last season and 9 times out of 10 she was so done with him. None of that screams true love to me…

  37. Diana says:

    Emma Swan is a new version of Kate from LOST… the new cheap girl…

    Emma was already the weakest of the characters from season 1, now it will ruin everything

    • i think emma was interesting in s1, s2 they ruin the character and a Hook/Emma thing will destroy it in my opinion. Most of the people that like that pairing are teenagers (the hardcore shippers at least). if they go with the love triangle yeah i will continued watching but wont care one bit for Emma´s character anymore. Hook is literally making me unable to enjoy the series as much as i used to. his fan call themselves Hookers, really a little self respect girls and He is the kind of guy i hate in real life.
      Very interesting in the Charmings x Regina interaction and Rumple journey this season, couldnt care less about romance for Emma or Regina since both of then are trying to rescue there son. PRIORITIES.

      • Lulu says:

        It’s not just teenagers who like the pairing. Adults do too. Like me. There are teenagers who like Swan Queen as well and they are just as entitled to their ship. Stop treating them as if they are not human beings who have feelings and emotions. You are basically watching a show where some of the most popular characters are murders and rapists. What I’m saying is get off your high horse and get some perspective.

    • Cass says:

      The problem is that Emma never was the “cheap girl” (which, wow…not a phrase I love). She is the hero of the show! And she’s a fascinating flawed hero who deserves so much more than to be reduced to a love interest, sabotaged by a triangle, or foisted with a mediocre, paint-by-numbers good girl/bad boy cliché.

      • Louise says:

        Exactly. This entire so called triangle is a trainwreck and the character who will suffer the most from it, take the most damage, is Emma. But hey, at least she’ll have a good looking boyfriend, right? That’s all that seems to matter lately.

  38. Rev says:

    Emma Swan is AWESOME!!!

  39. And really TV LINE “Captain Swan Feelings” who writes this a 14 years old crazy fangirl?

    • Abby says:

      boohoo. ugh you again. if it was swan queen you’d kneel before the writer. there are captain swan feelings so it makes sense to write about that, seeing as it’s what’s happening

      grow up, you’re the 14 year old crazy fangirl

      • Believe me is they put SQ feelings in an article i would have the same reaction,I find it cheesy.
        And to your info i am very excited for all the other storylines i don´t watch this show for ships. I think this season has a lot of potential to be ten times better than season 2

    • FFSake says:

      Its always the same ppl commenting crap and bashing not just here but every social media…
      If there are feelings between Emma and Hook obv media are going to write about esp if they have seen the bloody episode!!!

      Get over it!

  40. Mike R. says:

    The anti-Captain Swan people are 100x worse than the Captain Swan fans themselves, and personally I don’t even like the pairing, but I’m willing to give it a proper chance.

    • Abby says:

      THANK YOU. Exactly, that’s the thing, haters won’t give it a chance because it clashes with their own ship. Ugh, way to ruin the show.

    • Cass says:

      Trust me, the CS people are equally bad. It’s one of the joys of ship wars–every fanbase descends to the lowest level of the others. You may not remember but when MRJ was announced as a regular CSers spammed every single article talking about how boring the character was and how unappealing the actor is. So it’s a bit ironic that they don’t want to hear that some people are bored to death from hearing about CS (let alone having to sit through it, lol).

      • Jr1 says:

        From what i saw it was ppl who didnt quite like his acting and character… and i am sure it just wasnt CS ppl saying this only, did they mention CS in their comments because i didnt see it but then again i didnt go back and check the page again but from the comment i remember ppl just didnt take to Neal or even couldnt relate back to Neal to Bae.

        • Cass says:

          Yes, most of them mentioned CS and/or attacked Neal by comparing him to Hook. We can probably find TVLine’s post to check, if you are really that interested. But the point is that it would have been nice for MRJ fans to have a chance to celebrate and they did not. Oh well, as Rumple would say, “irony is everywhere.”

      • Kayley says:

        Way to assume it’s only the CS people who dislike Neal. From what I see, the bore comes from all parts of the fandom.

        • Cass says:

          I have honestly almost never seen Neal hate that was not coupled with either CS or SQ fanning. Except occasionally from myself.

  41. Caroline says:

    CAPTAIN SWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Hook's the only reason I'm watching season 3. Colin is making and amazing job by showing us a complex character, he's not just "evil" but he's not all "good". and I love it. I'm sooo done with Snow and her cheesy story. I do like Regina and Rumple, though. Henry and Neal can go to a mountain and stay there, I wouldn't care if I don't see them never again LOL

  42. JackP says:

    Thanks Matt and his team – always :)

    Neverland here we come lol

    Far as i can see Emma and Hook thing was set up in the finale pretty well, Emma’s words in the diner and him sailing back… he came back. Now sailing to Neverland with her and the crew… obviously there was going to be something developing here with two people who share an attraction seeing as we hear JMo say connection and kindred spirits words for Hook and Emma. And why not even i noticed it. Because he seemed like the only man to ever read her like an open book.

    Want to see more Snowing, Ariel-Eric… i think Regina could be Ursula (just have this feeling) and Peter Pan will be playing mind games it seems. Alot of things to look forward to :)

  43. abz says:

    It’s really funny how all these anti-CS posters are going crazy over CS being in the media constantly when out of 14 teasers in this article in particular, ONLY one of them mentioned CS. Geez.

    • Cass says:

      Well, obviously, it’s not about this single article then, is it?

    • Louise says:

      Come on now. Everyone who’s seen the promotion we got from the end of season 2 to now knows it’s really not just about one or even a few articles. It’s not even only about CS. I don’t care about them one way or another. Some of us are just sick and tired of having the same three characters and stories shoved down their throats all the time. It’s an ensemble show.

      • Abby says:

        I’m assuming you can’t possibly be talking about Captain Swan. Because those two had scenes in only 5 episodes throughout the whole of season 2. Obviously NOT the characters/pairing shoved down throats.

  44. The media and Captain Swan …. Geez it’s really really sick!

  45. anakl says:

    I bet the other realm is Oz because Henry shoes are red in his promotional pics… Maybe if he wishes to return home all he has to do is clap his shoes 3 times & say: “There’s no place like home!”… He is after all the grandson of a Wizard/Monster & son of two extremely powerful mothers…

  46. ratinhos60 says:

    It’s outrageous media promote Captain Swan (repugnance) almost as headliner of Once Upon a Time…The show is becoming something like cheap novel type

    • Kayley says:

      Oh the horror. Captain Swan Romance is promoted therefore Once suddenly becomes a cheap show. /sarcasm. Can it not be because that will play a major part in s3? It is a story about fairy tales anyway so it makes sense to talk about romance.

  47. Romane says:

    If you don’t like Captain Swan ok but stop. It’s not ruining because it will not focus on that. I ship it (even if ships really upset me) but it’s not because they talk about it that it will be canon.

    • Abby says:

      THANK YOU.


      It’s not like just because Captain Swan is hyped because of it’s fans, the whole show will be all about them. People can overreact so much geez.

  48. makki ako says:

    I think the new land will be Atlantica, right?? Seeing as that is where Ariel is from and there gonna be introducing the sea more in this one.. also characters such as Ursula(witch of the sea).. well that’s just my general opinion:)

  49. Laur says:

    Am I the only one that sees the inevitable Regina Hook pairing?

    • anakl says:

      No, you’re not. I see how the Swan/Captain fans might wish for a hook up since Cpt.Hook likes to tease and flirt with Emma but he’s great for Regina, they’re both broken, they’ve lost their loved ones tragically… I’ve said this before when I saw them together on screen for the first time… I see a Queen/Captain romance in the future.

    • Romane says:

      Except for the 2×20, I don’t see something between them but we’ll see :)

  50. Kayley says:

    “Henry + Pixie Dust = Wee!” Could this mean he’s flying at one point?