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Once Upon a Time Neverland SpoilersWill a Five-0 cop die hard? Does The Newsroom‘s Sloan have some season-ending sass to share? Will Revenge‘s Emily get a heavenly helper? Are two Once Upon a Time troublemakers in for a rude awakening? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Do you think we could get some information on Hawaii Five-0‘s Chin and Danny and what they’re doing this season? –Chris
I can speak for at least the season premiere, in which Chin makes like John McClane to Henry Ian Cusick’s Hans Gruber, while Danny chooses perhaps the most inopportune time to open up to McGarrett about his Gabby/”L-word” dilemma. The season opener also features one of the least expected outcomes to a hostage scenario, Chi McBride like you’ve never seen him before (fashion-wise) and a moment where Steve forms at least one (“obvious”?) theory about his mom’s connection to Wo Fat.

Anything on this weekend’s Newsroom finale? Something on Will/Mac or even just confirmation of more sass from Sloan? –Steph
Our Kim Roots can confirm two things: There’s tons of sass from the alluring Ms. Sabbith, who gets to the bottom of her book mystery in a very satisfying way, and several huge moments between Will and Mac — at least one of which includes mention of the Tiffany’s ring Will bought last season.

Anything on the upcoming season of Revenge? The new promo has me feeling positive! –Drew
James LeGros’ holy man will play a key role in Emily’s latest takedown plot. “There’s an element to which the nature of him being a priest puts him up against the concept of what is good and what is right and what is the moral thing to do,” previews showrunner Sunil Nayar of the arc. “And that, in turn, let’s us examine Emily Thorne’s mandate in a way we haven’t had a chance to do before.”

I have question about Revenge‘s Season 3: Is Henry Cherny (Conrad) still a series regular? –Chris
He absolutely is!

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This fall on Once Upon a Time, will we find out who Greg and Tamara’s mystery employer is? –Katie
Who or what the “Home Office” is “is something you’ll learn very quickly — within the first two acts of the (Sept. 29) premiere,” series cocreator Eddy Kitis assures. Plus, as Rumple hinted in the finale, Tamara and Greg are about to realize themselves that they are but mere pawns in a big, very dangerous game.

Once Red John is revealed on The Mentalist, doesn’t the whole reason for the series end? The basic premise is that Patrick Jane is working with the CBI so he can find Red John. Once that’s done, what else is there? – Michael
Where you see an “end,” a very exciting new beginning awaits, I am assured. Using his Ahab/Moby Dick analogy, show boss Bruno Heller says, “[Jane] has been out at sea hunting this creature for so long, I think people will want to know what happens to him after that. Does he live happily ever after? What happens when you’ve been searching for something as long as he has? And we are going to get into that. It would be cheating the audience not to tell them what happens after.”

Can I have a Bones spoiler on Angela and Hodgins? –Tori
Michaela Conlin foresees “an interesting year” ahead for the couple, as they deal with assorted strife. “We’re going to see some of Hodgins’ wealthy family, which owns the whole Jeffersonian. And I hear someone from his past is going to resurface,” the actress shares. And on top of that, “They’re still dealing with the lack of their fortune” — a matter which Hodgins and Finn’s hot sauce endeavor might somewhat abate.

Why is Burn Notice leaving the air? –Walter
Because when you’re a spy, it’s important to walk away once the mission is over. Shrugging off rumors that Miami’s razing of the building that housed their production offices led to the USA drama’s termination, Matt Nix says, “It would have been a pain in the butt to find a new place, but you don’t decide to make or not make a series on the basis of whether the stage spaces are available.” Rather, he maintains, “A lot of factors went into it, and a lot of them were just creative. When you’re making a series, you have a choice [to] end it on your own terms, in which case you will be invariably ending it what feels like a little early.”

My sister vanished in 1972 without a trace, and I would like to get her case investigated by TNT’s Cold Justice. is there a way to contact them? –James
I’ve gotten a lot of mail along these lines. Information on how to submit a case to be considered for Cold Justice is available on the TNT website.

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Any news on a renewal for FX’s The Bridge? And if they do get one, any idea what road the producers plan to take since they don’t have Broen Season 2 yet as a guide? –Saadia
While there’s no word yet on Season 2, EP Elwood Reid knows this much about any possible future: “We’re not going to have a ‘serial killer of the season’ every year.” As he explains, the current case Sonya and Marco are poised to crack winds up “radically transforming the lives of most of our characters. The killer, in a very odd way, ‘connects’ people through his actions, so in the second season, we’ll explore a variety of things.”

Please tell me you have some revealing tidbits from Revolution to share! –Cindy
I’m now two episodes into the new season, which as we all know jumps ahead in time from the finale. Well, interestingly, we do get flashbacks that reveal what went down in the Tower after Randall launched the nukes — save for one conspicuously omitted stretch of 16 hours during which something rather peculiar apparently happened. Oh, and anyone who suspected the show would be less bloody at 8 pm? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I feel like all shows are getting juicy scoop, but ours is tightly under wraps…. Anything Castle, please! –Heather
I know, it’s rough — but the fact is there is little to say without referring to and this spoiling the several major plot points from the Sept. 23 premiere. But I’ll say this: I’m quite pleasantly surprised that an OMG twist not directly related to either Kate’s job status or the marriage proposal has remained under wraps. Yea, Internet!

What can you tell me about Copper‘s season finale on Sept. 22? Will it be a cliffhanger? –Lainie
I am unable to confirm that it is a cliffhanger per se, but I am assured that it is quite the nailbiter. Tomato, tomahto?

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