Did You Ditch Dads? Can the Mad Men Cast Keep Mum? Best Newsroom Kiss? And More TV Qs!

Breaking BadWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Newsroom, Bones, Sleepy Hollow and Suits!

1 | We have lots of Breaking Bad Qs: For one, should AMC reconsider having the actors live-tweet these final, sacred episodes? (Is it adding anything to the viewing experience beyond taking us out of the viewing experience?) Next, is the biggest mystery of Sunday’s episode how Walt managed to keep his shirt and jacket so clean after the big desert standoff (during which he was practically rolling on the ground at one point)? And were you one of the eagle-eyed viewers who spied Walt’s missing pants – from the pilot! – as he rolled the barrel through the desert?

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2 | How exactly did Ray Donovan‘s Abby go from angrily demanding that Avi leave her house to, moments later, offering to make her hubby’s henchman scrambled eggs? And did anyone else miss Dr. Erica Hahn while watching Brooke Smith’s Frances deal with the gunshot wound?

3 | Did the Dexter writers see the promotional materials touting that “a storm is coming” and think they had to literally integrate one into the plot of the final season?

The Newsroom4 | Which long-awaited Newsroom finale kiss was more satisfying: Will/Mac or Don/Sloan? And if behaving like Will and Mac is the way to true love, then why don’t the leaders of warring factions in civil wars end up married more often?

5 | We love Boardwalk Empire as much as the next bootlegger, but don’t you think it’s high time the series set an end date so it could could go gracefully? We’re thinking two more rounds, max. #sixseasonsandamovie

6 | Considering Devious Maids‘ Valentina was desperate enough to go to fashion school that she considered selling one of her eggs, why is she suddenly so eager to throw away her dream and run off to Africa with Remi, a guy who up until a couple weeks ago didn’t even know her last name?

7 | Let us get this straight – Super Fun Night stars Aussie Rebel Wilson as an American, and now it’s cast Aussie Jacki Weaver as her mother? Why not just let them all be Australian, already?!

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Under the Dome Season 1 Finale8 | TVLine reader Bandit77, about the Under the Dome finale: “Why would aliens pick a town that is this stupid?” And we want to know, did the show airing the night after Breaking Bad make you feel for Dean Norris and almost wish, for this fine actor’s sake, that Big Jim didn’t survive to be in Season 2? 

9 | Breaking Pointe isn’t going to give us an Allison/Jonathan break-up scene/conversation? And didn’t Ronnie’s toast – which started off as a tribute to his pals’ performances in Cinderella – turn into kind of a downer, as he focused on how his injury kept him out of the show?

10 | Why did NBC bother to air the entire season of low-rated Siberia only to finish with a cliffhanger that offered absolutely no insight or explanation about the freaky goings-on the “contestants” had been experiencing? Heck, even a black screen with 30 seconds of text explaining “what happened next” would’ve been more satisfying, no?

11 | As pointed out by Rolling Stone: Given the new split-season swan song, do you think the Mad Men cast be able to keep mum on the series finale for a full year, from the time they film it until it airs?

12 | Did Sleepy Hollow prove that few things are scarier than a headless (and thus aimless) man letting rip with a semi-automatic weapon? And is this Fox show going to be the Once Upon a Time of the occult?

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Bones Season 9 Spoilers13 | Given the extreme level of awkwardness between Booth and Brennan while working the murder case in the Bones premiere, didn’t it seem like the episode picked up the morning after Booth called off the engagement and not three months later? And as hokey as the tie-in may have been, doesn’t it seem right that conspiracy theorist Hodgins would DVR Sleepy Hollow? Lastly: Are David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel visibly having a very good time with the upcoming wedding, or what?

14 | Any other New Girl viewers love Jess’ disheveled sexy sari look?

15 | On The Mindy Project, do you think all of the talk about Pastor Casey’s family history of heart disease may foreshadow how they will write off the departing guest star? And James Franco’s “Dr. L” is totally gonna hook up with Danny’s sexually frustrated ex Christina, right?

16 | Based off her hilarious scene-stealing as civilian administrator Gina in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiere, could you imagine Chelsea Peretti scoring a Supporting Actress Emmy nod next year?

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17 | Did you also have to turn off Dads before the episode ended? And what fraction of its 5.6 million total viewers will the series shed in Week 2: 10 percent? 50 percent? More?

Covert Affairs - Season 418 | Didn’t something seem a bit “posed” about the way Covert Affairs‘ Annie “died”? Was she, like, trying to spell out a secret message to Auggie with her limbs?

19 | Didn’t the Suits finale make you crave more Jessica/Donna and Jessica/Rachel scenes?

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20 | Do we all agree that X Factor judge Paulina Rubio brings nothing to the panel? And wouldn’t the Simon Cowell of 2003 be totally mortified watching the Simon Cowell of 2013 praise incredibly stiff (and barely talented) Andrew Scholz for his “charisma” and “charm” simply because the kid had the kind of torso that enviably fills out a plaid shirt?

21 | Where’s Laurel Lance?

22 | For being a pageant coordinator, wasn’t Big Brother‘s GinaMarie surprisingly terrible at answering the jurors’ questions on the season finale?

23 | Are you shocked that Project Runway‘s Ken made it through a real person challenge without insulting or upsetting his client?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Aleksa says:

    Definitely Sloane’s kiss.

  2. ggny says:

    Dads would be fine if they got rid of the dam laugh track that laughs at everything even when there is no joke

    • Jessica says:

      The laughing was so annoying and nonstop I wondered if they were just doing it to be ironically cheesy or something.

    • Chris says:

      I agree, the canned laughter needs to go away. Ironically, it reminds me of that Family Guy when Brian had that sitcom with James Woods.
      “Dad?!” (Laughter)
      “Hillary?!” (Laughter)
      “You’re in college?! (Laughter)
      “You’re my new roommate?!” (Laughter)

      You don’t need a laugh track to be funny, ask Parks And Rec.

    • Seth was on Conan the other night and said that they film the show in front of a live audience (no laugh track)

  3. 17. Yes. And not because it was offensive (which it was), but because it wasn’t funny. As for how much of it’s audience it will lose? Well considering that it’ll be up against the premieres of S.H.I.E.L.D. and NCIS, I’d say at least 50%, probably more.

  4. Meg says:

    Re: 18 – probably not since he’s blind. He’s still blind right?

  5. meem says:

    LOVED Sleepy Hollow, much to my surprise! I don’t normally go for that kind of show.

  6. Tricia says:

    As much as I didn’t like Dads, I have to admit I laughed at it more than NBC’S new comedy Welcome to the Family that I watched online. Maybe it was Ribisi’s (sp?) delivery of the line “daddy no.” Or maybe I was in a good mood waiting for the rest of the comedies.

    • MissMel says:

      II felt the same way. I hadn’t heard anything about Dads, because I don’t usually read reviews, so I went into it with no preconceived notions. I like both Seth and Giovanni, so maybe I’m biased, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Certainly no more offensive than some other shows I’ve seen. I also watched Welcome to the Family on Comcast’s “Fall Preview” section On Demand. I laughed way more at Dads than at this show, which is a shame because I have been waiting for Mike O’Malley to have his own show again. I feel like he’s wasted on this one and it’s going to be a huge dud.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    1. Personally I HATE live tweeting, it’s irritating and like you say distracting. Also as hard as some may try, they do spoil the episode for the West Coast.
    17. yes, I turned off Dads….terrible. I love B99 though :-)
    22. I not exactly happy that Andy won BB but I’m extremely happy that GM didn’t. Her answer to Amanda’s question was laughable.

    • Teag says:

      Live Tweeting SUCKS. After, viewers complain that they don’t know whats going on because they were busy trying to tweet/read the actor’s tweets.

  8. stevie says:

    8. tvline hates the show. we get it. some people – including me – are enjoying it though. it’s fun.

    • EWJ says:

      Me too… Though I could do with losing Big Jim, but rather for him being a douche than the actor being bad.

    • Jennifer says:

      I thought/hoped writer was referring, at first, to how incredibly STUPID Linda has become, it’s beyond words. I’d say the fiancé got off easy with that dome literally coming between them. And I’d seriously like the hour of my life that was used up in next to last episode. I literally almost turned that one off a few times. We ALREADY know Jim’s a bully and psycho but did we really need an entire hour of it shoved down our throats?

  9. Loved the Suits finale….and yes, I want to see more Jessica/Donna as well as Jessica/Rachel scenes.

  10. Allison says:

    #4: Definitely Don & Sloan! It was the perfect first kiss for those two. Don is so much more likeable this season than last when he was involved with Maggie. And Sloan is one of the best characters on the show (in my opinion).
    #10: Ugh, I feel like my husband and I the only ones foolish enough to keep watching Siberia through to the end. We even said multiple times that it wasn’t good but we just wanted to know what happened. Would have been better off dumping it and reading how it all turned out online. Very disappointing.

  11. Daven says:

    4. While I still think Don is a sleeze bucket, I appreciate that Sloan is attracted to him partly because he does not treat her as if all she is is sex in heels. Don/Sloan TFW!!!

  12. Jack says:

    funny how you are already talking about next year’s emmy awards. this time last year you were saying how impossible it was going to be to beat ellen barkin from new normal

  13. Kim says:

    We thought Brooklyn Nine Nine was completely awful and have deleted it from my DVR Season Pass. We thought Dads was funny and will be tuning in again next week.

    • Lauren says:

      Saddest internet comment ever?

      • wordsmith says:

        It’s a law of averages thing. Get enough people to weigh in on an issue and somebody is eventually bound to make the bizarre choice that nobody else is making.

      • Maria says:

        I’m with you Lauren. Saddest comment ever.

      • Sam says:

        Yeah, I’m with you on that one, Lauren.

      • scooby says:

        Team Lauren on this one. If you hated BNN and liked Dads, God help us all. Live and let live is fine and well when it doesn’t involve me, but people supporting Dads while hating on BNN might interfere with what does or doesn’t get renewed, so I’m not gonna agree to disagree here. Dads is straight up awful. The only way I’d be fine with it is if its existence somehow leads to an overall increase in ratings for the night including The Mindy Project. If you watch Dads and promise to stick around for TMP, I’ll forgive all.

    • Katie_Mead says:

      It wasn’t completely awful. It managed to get by without a laugh track, so it gets bonus points for that, if for very little else.

    • Audrey says:

      This also doesn’t seem like it was written by a TV fan – more like a “plant”. Who writes about TV this way?

    • J says:

      I’m with Kim on this one. Not the biggest fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine and am rooting for the underdog Dad’s. I actually laughed at some of the jokes on Dad’s. Not one smile from me while watching the other. It’s ok that this may be the second saddest internet comment ever.

    • Rodg says:

      I thought Dads was a little bit funnier than Brooklyn NIne Nine,but I probably won’t be watching either one anymore

  14. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I watched the entire episode of “Dads” to see just how offensive it was (and because we both like Seth Green). Meh. Brian Doyle Murray’s character Hank says much more offensive things on “Sullivan & Son” on TBS. Is all the uproar about “Dads” just because it’s on a regular network, because I don’t remember anyone ever saying anything about “Sullivan & Son”

    Also, I keep reading comments on different blogs about how ridiculous it was for The Headless Horseman on “Sleepy Hollow” to use an automatic weapon. Don’t people realize that he’s NOT the same Headless Horseman from the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”? The makers of the show have acknowledged that they have taken the mythology and played with it. He’s DEATH one of the Four Horseman of the Apocolypse.since he can chase after people and ride a horse, I’m pretty sure that DEATH can to use an automatic weapon, with or without his head.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think the problem is this.. If the headless horseman rose up at the same time Icabod did .. [becuase they were buried together through magic]

      Then how is it Icabod is stunned by moving vehicles and all the Starbucks and the HH has already discovered automatic weapons and knows how to use them.

      Regardless.. I was hooked on Sleepy Hollow before the first commercial. I can look past these things.. And enjoy a show.. (Cause it seems almost every show these days has plot holes).

      • Nicole says:

        I assume that perhaps the Headless Horseman (aka Death) is a little more all knowing. He can probably travel through time anyways so this might not be his first time in any modern era.

  15. madbengalsfan85 says:

    13: Three months of that awkwardness, no wonder Booth wound up sleeping in his office. The fact that Hodgins DVR’ed Sleepy Hollow makes me smile. And it really does feel like David and Emily are loving the wedding episode and all it entails

  16. Lisa says:

    I hate it when shows go overboard on product or other plugs. Hodgins “Sleepy Hollow” line was a groaner.

  17. Monica4185 says:

    For me, it was Will’s and Mac’s kiss because now Will can finally STFU about how Mac hurt him by cheating on him. He was getting on my nerves with it. I was like finally he got over it.

  18. bobbie says:

    Breaking Badly, very badly. Very Broken. Glad Hank is gone, but why did it take so long? Walt should have burned down Hank’s garage (and all the evidence in it). Or hired people to destroy the evidence.
    I like Dads, and Brooklyn 99. Dads made me laugh out loud. Martin Mull, hahahahaha. People being complete idiots. It was funny.
    Great episode from Aaron Sorkin. I liked both kisses. I hope he doesn’t mess up and make next season all about them breaking up again. Don’t do it, Aaron! Just don’t.
    The Suits finale made me decide to drop Suits. Do they really like to pair up people with zero chemistry or what? At the end of two seasons I’ve been left with 3 characters I like, Donna, Jessica, and Louis. I think the writers have their heads up their pumpkins.

    • Daisy says:

      I could not disagree with you more on the Suits front. I don’t love Harvey and his girl, I rather like thinking of him as a single man about town, but Mike and Rachel are just simply adorbs. This season so far has been way better than last and I loved last season.

  19. Jane says:

    16 – hilarious ??? She was so bad I thought she was suppose to be drunk or something. She is the second reason I won’t be tuning back in to that show, Andy being the first.

  20. Chelsea says:

    Re: 16. Did we even watch the same show? Her character was the least funny one to me.

    • wordsmith says:

      I think the main problem is that she’s playing it about 30% bigger than the rest of the cast, so she sticks out. How much you like her schtick will determine whether you think she’s the best or worst part of the show.

    • Babybop says:

      Same comment I was about to make! She was way too over the top weird.

  21. Matuse says:

    Did not like Dads or Brooklyn 99. Contrived and forced laughs and no chemistry between the cast members. Enjoy Under the Dome though I too did wonder why the script writers had aliens pick a loser of a town like Chester’s Mills to save. Hopefully they will write themselves out of the corner and come up with a good reason for the save.

  22. Shari says:

    #4 DON AND SLOAN DON AND SLOAN! I squeed like a fangirl!!!

  23. Just Sayin' says:

    I too took Brooklyn Nine-Nine off my Season Pass and didn’t bother to watch Dads after all the horrible reviews. I found Andy Samberg to be more annoying than funny. I thought the rest of the cast was pretty good, but didn’t find the show all that funny.

  24. Kim R says:

    13. Bones was great. Loved how they handled the entire thing.
    16. Brooklyn 99 is must see for me. I cracked up several times.
    17. Dads will be cancelled I’m pretty sure.
    20. Is Paulina like the Charo of 2013?

  25. Jared says:

    I dont plan on watching Dads but judging by the awful critiques of the series pilot I wouldn’t be surprised if it tumbles in week 2 losing most of its premiere audience especially with the other nets debuting there new series. Wouldn’t Dads work better paired up with Seth’s other show on Fox Sunday nights??

    I asked the same Where is Laurel Lance???…ive heard NOTHING about her specific storyline this season and she’s been absent in all of the promotional photos of ARROW S2. Loved Katie Cassidy during season 1 but it now feels like the writers aren’t sure what to do with her character now that Felicity stole the hearts of all the fans!

  26. Bay says:

    I wasnt as offended as what people were saying I should be, but Dads was just not funny, or fresh or unique.

  27. Nicole says:

    I got the feeling Casey is going to die on the Mindy Project too. But I got it from the airport scene because thats how tv foreshadows characters dying off scene. I love Anders Holm though! I need to see him on more shoes than Workaholics.

    • scooby says:

      *sniff* That was a sad airport scene, esp. if you think of it as foreshadowing death. Poor Casey. I want her with Danny ultimately, but geez, Casey’s kinda fun and I don’t wish him ill. I’m hoping it’s just too dark a direction for them to go. I can’t see it being super funny to kill him off, plus they might want to bring him back some time. What’s Mindy gonna do? Riff about her dead fiancé? Is Morgan gonna make wisecracks? Plus she seems to have potential love interests coming up. Hard to do that if you’re mourning Casey.

  28. erin says:

    Don and Sloan all the way! I’ve shipped it since halfway through season 1, nice to see it finally happen.

  29. J says:

    I LOVED Jess’ dishelved sari look!

  30. Pixley says:

    4. Don/Sloan, hands down, no contest. Great kiss that served as an exclamation point to their season-long arc (instead of coming out of left field).

    22. Anyone who saw GinaMarie’s attempts to make a speech as HoH during the nominations ceremony should not have been shocked (I believe she actually managed to bungle the phrase “no pun intended”). She should’ve just told everyone “Get to steppin’.”

  31. A says:

    21. Honestly, who cares? She’s the weakest link of the show.

  32. Elyse says:

    did anyone else watching New Girl notice that the morning after the wedding Winston’s arm injury was suddenly gone?!

  33. Boiler says:

    15. Hope James Franco’s character doesn’t hook up with Christina as I would hate to see Chloe Sevigny stay on the show.

    14. Jess looks good in about anything

  34. kathy says:

    Will & Mac everyone knew it would happen eventually, but it didn’t feel organic. Don & Sloan, there was more passion, so I’d go with them. Watched most of Sleepy Hollow, but you can sort of see how each episode is going to play out, but I guess the real question is, how long before other Horsemen show up? The shows on FOX looked stupid from their promos, no one here watched them.

  35. MB says:

    Suits: I wish Jessica would jump out the window. Can’t stand her.

    Dads: I will give it a shot. It surprised me.

    Under The Dome: Won’t last now with that finale.

    Best for Last: Sleepy Hollow! Hell Yeah!

  36. Babygate says:

    6. Agreed. Valentina suddenly willing to forgo her dream felt like lazy writing.
    7. Now that the first episode of Super Fun Night won’t air, I’m hoping for a bit more quality. But Rebel without her Aussie accent is not as funny.
    8. The Dome is a perfect example of CBS’ power to attract and retain viewers, even when the writing is poor. The fact that Julia was running around trying to save Barbie didn’t make anyone think that maybe the guy was innocent? And honestly, when it turned out that the dome was sent by ALIENS, I almost fell off my chair. Déjà vu to 1982 and E.T. Except that back then the idea of aliens was cute. Now it just seems incredibly ridiculous and downright laughable.
    17. I was done with Dads half way through it. Couldn’t even finish watching. The idea that tv is still receptive to such blatant sexism, racism and gratuitous crudeness is a bit baffling to me.
    18. Annie did indeed looked too posed. But what caught my eye was how she had been running around the entire episode in flat shoes and suddenly she’s wearing heeled boots. And also, how did she know that there would be someone on the other side of that elevator door? The way it was plotted out felt too convenient.
    19. I am fascinated by Jessica. Almost as much as I am by Harvey. I loved the way she outplayed Donna. But I see her as someone so sophisticated and smart that she’s head and shoulders above everyone else. I can’t see her having casual and friendship relationships with anyone beneath her stature.
    20. I don’t watch the X Factor and when I read that Rubio had been added, I immediately thought she was the wrong fit for this program and this panel.

  37. Sheila says:

    16: You must’ve been watching a different show. I found Chelsea Peretti to be bland and forgettable

  38. N tTVf says:

    Mixed feelings about Mad Men’s S7 50-50 split season in 2014/15. Fourteen episodes in a split season 7 is better, I guess, than one season of the normal thirteen (and to think, originally the show/MW planned was just for five seasons); but indeed, can the cast keep quiet for a full year, and then go back into full marketing mode to promote that final half season in spring 2015?
    I’m holding out hope that perhaps the year long hiatus will give MW and team a chance to consider a pilot spin-off of the series to feature EM/Peggy and CH/Joan in the 1970s. Maybe a ‘back-door’ pilot episode for the Peggy/Joan series late in the S7b season in 2015?

  39. Marco says:

    6. Love makes you stupid, I guess.
    8. I wanted him dead because he’s awful. Surprisingly, I didn’t find the show to be as bad as everybody says.
    10. That’s most likely because they shot 12 episodes, and for some reason, NBC decided not to air the last one. WTF NBC? If you’re going to cancel the show, at least AIR THE FINALE.

  40. Ann says:

    23. I had the exact same thought. I expected ken to go off since he’s “never designed for real women” before, but he didn’t. The dress was awful, but that’s just because he’s an awful designer.

  41. marcy says:

    How could Annie have left a posed message for a “blind” guy?

  42. Patrick Maloney says:

    Terrance Winter has said that he plans for Boardwalk to go on for either six or seven, I believe he said seven but I forget. The point is that there is an end point in mind.

  43. MED says:

    19.- I want to see more of Mike and mr Zane, they were great; im a little worried about Mike, he is in Luis hands!!!!!

  44. fawne says:

    The Don/Sloan kiss (and their reactions) was perfection – and also almost a season and a half in the making. Sloan has become the most popular character on The Newsroom and Don is the most interesting (layered/complex). All thanks to the talents of Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski.