Fall TV Preview

Grey's Sneak Peek: Will Postpartum Mer Play Hero? Where Has Arizona's Fling Flung Off To?

As ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy opens Season 10 next Thursday (with a two-hour premiere), the superstorm is winding down outside yet things are still plenty torrential within the walls of Grey+Sloan Memorial.

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In this clip from the premiere, Owen reports that the ER itself is in critical condition, lacking in supplies as more and more victims flood in. Will Meredith, fresh off giving birth to wee Bailey, come to the rescue using some of her mad board member skills?

Then again, who can even see what’s going on in the scene, given all the shade Callie is throwing at her cheating wife Arizona. She seems ready to burst — and just may do so when someone mentions She Who Shall Not Be Named (nor, apparently, seen).

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Is “forgive and forget” not on Dr. Torres’ treatment plan for her marriage? As the synopsis for the premiere’s second hour previews, “Callie makes a bold decision regarding her relationship.”

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  1. CC says:

    Wow, Callie. That was harsh. In front of everybody. Arizona’s expression is priceless.

    • brycealexander says:

      I LOVE that moment. Get in her shoes, yo. I’d do the same.

    • Melanie (@meluhhkneeee) says:

      Nah, the only ‘harsh’ thing was Arizona cheating on her wife. If Callie wants to lash out verbally, she damn well should.

      • Midge says:

        Hey, remember when Callie complained to Arizona about not having had sex in a long time because “of the leg”? Remember when Callie kept bitching during the preparations of their (failed) move to Africa? That sure wasn’t harsh!

        • Wyatt says:

          Remember when Arizona blamed Callie for losing her leg, pushed her away then told her she forgave her only to admit to still harbouring resentment over the fact that Callie decided that her life is far more important than a leg? And remember that even though Callie did whine about the sex, she still understood and respected Arizona to not push for it and patiently stuck by her?

          (Both made mistakes. Both aren’t perfect. The only difference is while Callie did sleep with Mark, she was single at the time. While Arizona cheated on her wife. She could have chosen not to, and had a chance not to do it, but did it anyway. So yeah, Callie had a legit reason to be harsh.)

          • Kauhalee says:

            Yes! You speak the truth! So glad someone else understands! Arizona was way out of line because cheating on you wife who has stuck by you is always gonna be way out of line.

    • Apolline says:

      Callie is right… After all they went through together, Arizona’s behavior is shameful, I am a Callie fan and I support her. Arizona has been cheating… that’s it She does that in a very hypocritical way and I understand that it hurts for Callie. She needs to vent to feel better or at least “less bad”. Callie is very sensitive and Arizona should know that better than anybody. Arizona was tactless and she didn’t respect her engagement. I am sad for Callie. Plus: Arizona keeps telling her that she wasn’t in the plane crash and that she has no right to say anything. That’s harsh.

  2. Sara says:

    Love everyone in Meredith’s room. That baby is so adorable!!

    Laughed at Callie, that is so her, she did the same with Izzie.. when George cheated on her.

    • C says:

      I remember that, Callie calling Izzie out in front of the gang and Meredith and Cristina being disturbed that Izzie and George were in love love, not sibling love!

      Awww at the Baileys!

  3. Gabi says:

    I love how much Bailey loves Bailey :)
    And that’s pure Callie right there, it’s still the same day so she has every right to be mad still. They’ll find their way back to each other eventually, I’m sure. (Please Shonda?!)

  4. Flor from Argentina says:

    Oops Arizona, that was rude!!!

  5. Jessica says:

    Meredith and Derek are such a cute parents. :D

    Loved to see Miranda with the baby.

  6. Damn says:

    Ive missed this Callie.

  7. Julie says:

    Well that was… boring.

  8. MKRR says:

    Wee Bailey, i love that.
    i can´t wait for grey´s to start again.

  9. Alichat says:

    Not surprised at all that Callie did that. It is probably just a few hours after she found out, so she’s still angry and hurt.

  10. megan says:

    Is it too much to ask for ABC to release any clips with Alex in them? I have yet to see them and he is a main character.

  11. Julz says:

    GO Callie! This was revealed much the same way when George cheated on her – only this time she is more hurt, more angry, more broken because her love for Arizona ran much much deeper.
    Arizona deserves the shade thrown her way.

    • Nany235 says:

      Yesssssssssss way to go Callie!!!! Arizona deserved that and… more.
      For months, Callie has done everything to please her wife and on the other hand Arizona was still whining and acting like she was the victim (the only one). Callie deserves better that this cheating weirdo who can’t keep for herself and fall in the first arms she’s invited to just to satisfy her big ego and be comforted about her looks. Arizona is vain and she can’t accept the loss of her leg, she ‘a angry at Callie for cutting it (even if otherwise she would be dead) and she acts childish every time it’s about her leg. Of course it’s not easy being amputated but there’s some compensations for Arizona but she doesn’t see them and keeps crying and acting like a spoiled brat. She should be over it now and act like an adult with Callie who loves her (even if she doesn’t deserve it IMHO), all I wish is for Callie to meet someone else (man or woman), be happy with Sofia and maybe another baby, a boy, why not? Arizona is really too boring and I can’t stand her anymore. She gets on my nerves because it’s always about her, ALWAYS!

  12. yuloooooo says:

    Ugh, I was hoping Callie wouldn’t do that. Intense scene though.

  13. jess k says:

    Oh, how I’ve missed bitchy Callie…

  14. Sidney.B says:

    Please take Arizona and Callie far far away from Seattle , their problems are boring .Both are childish obsessive whiner .Besides I’ve never seen someone as rude as Callie,she’s so condescending and entitled.

  15. lor says:

    Please, please let Callie and Arizona’s relationship survive. I don’t think I could handle it if they finished for good. If they do, I know it will be a long hard struggle but if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… I think from now on, when Meredith and Derek talk about Bailey it will take me a second to work out which one they mean.

    • Jessica says:

      From the sneak according to Miranda his name is Jared Bailey Shepherd. :)

      • abz says:

        I think the name would have been just fine as Bailey Sheppard.

        • lor says:

          Shonda Rhimes tweeted his name is Derek Bailey Shepherd.

          • abz says:

            I didn’t see the tweet if that’s what she said then I think that’s even worse than Jared. Why the hell would she name him Derek? That’s so lame and stupid. Plus even if she tweeted saying that was the name, in the scene Bailey refers to the child as “JARED Bailey Sheppard” so I don’t see how that makes any sense.

      • Toni says:

        I heard Derek Bailey Shepherd, clear as day.

        • abz says:

          I don’t think it’s clear as day, since many of us are divided on what we heard. I just saw Shonda’s tweet and it’s absolutely ridiculous that she said his name is Derek. I would’ve taken Mark Bailey Shepherd or Alex Bailey Shephed or whatever other random name rather than him having the same name as his father which is just dumb, Anyways, I listened to it several times and I definitely heard Miranda say Jared so I hope that is in fact his name because the alternative is just lame. Lol just realized how ridiculously obsessed I got over a fictional baby name. This is what Grey’s does to me! :P

      • sm says:

        Yes, I heard Jared Bailey Shepherd too.

  16. Ted says:

    This season will be so good. OMG so much Drama and Thrills :) Hoping for Calzona to survive after all drama with homewreck (Lauren). Me need happy Calzona :)

    • Eva says:

      From your mouth to Shonda’s ears :) Honestly, I didn’t even notice Mer or the baby or anything in this scene over Calzona… they are totally the best thing on GA ryt now.

  17. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  18. tahina says:

    Way to go Callie! Didn’t expect any different from her. Arizona, so aloof from everything, liking her less even more. O.O

  19. abz says:

    Bring on Bitchy Callie!! I’ve really missed her. Those last two seconds were AWESOME!!!

  20. Bravo Callie! Arizona deserves to feel the “fury Torres”

  21. Babygate says:

    There’s the Callie that I love! She spent last season being a doormat being castigated for saving her wife’s leg. It’s time she stands up and puts an end to the nonsense. Arizona is acting incredibly nonchalant, like everything is copacetic when she just destroyed her wife and her family. It’s like being deceiving comes natural to her. I hope that Shonda explores Arizona’s offer to cut off Callie’s leg because besides being cruel and dark, it was deeply disturbing and it cannot be glossed over. Otherwise, this becomes just another story of infidelity. Right now, the only apparent reason for Arizona to cheat is because she was attracted to Boswell, and if that’s is, then there’s no saving this marriage. Callie would never be able to trust Arizona again. Maybe its time to give these ladies new love interests. People that they actually have chemistry with. On another note, I really hope that Ellen will not pull a Sandra and quit. I hope she sticks around for the duration of the show. Patrick can have a limited role, but we need Mer.

    • abz says:

      While this is in no way of a defense of Arizona’s character as I really don’t like her, based on this scene, I think her “nonchalant” behaviour was just because they were in a public setting around their friends and she obviously doesn’t want their drama exposed. However, still very happy with the return of the awesome badass Callie that I love. The ending of that clip was so GOOD. I watched it like 5 times.

      • Babygate says:

        Guilty of watching it multiple times as well. Comparing Callie and Arizona, you see that Callie is really struggling to keep it together. Of course, because she’s the one that got hurt. Arizona is able to play it cool in a way that Callie cannot and to me that’s indicative of Arizona’s inability to fully gauge the consequences of what she’s done. I just believe that when you do something wrong of this magnitude, you should show some humility. Get out of the spotlight. But Arizona hasn’t done any of that. First, she didn’t apologize. Then she blamed Callie and now she’s socializing like everything is sunshine and rainbows instead of standing in a corner processing the magnitude of what she has done and the possibility of losing her family.

        • tahina says:

          X 1,0000

        • Ninna says:

          Completely agree. Her behavior is not the expected one. It shows that she doesn’t care that much with the possibility of loosing her family and her marriage. At this moment she should be worried with her own life in first place and not be enchanted with M/D’s baby. If she truly was broken with what happened, she wouldn’t act all ‘unicorns and rainbows’. If she had a knife in her heart like Callie has, there was no possible way of smiling and acting nonchalant at all. That’s what Callie is seeing, hence why she reacted that way. Callie deserves better.

        • Katerina says:

          Preach! Church! I totally agree with you on this!

          Based solely on Calzona scenes that I’ve seen for the upcoming S10- it does seem that Arizona doesn’t fully grasp the damage she has caused to Callie and their family! Ugh, like, I love Arizona and Callie-and love them even more together, but Arizona is making this difficult, like, I can only imagine how hard of struggle it would be to try and adjust to your life after an amputation like the one she had to endure because it’s life altering and no matter what it can never go back to the way it was, but it can progressively get better and she had Callie by her side who supported her and even took her verbal abuse- being belittled by her and Arizona’s infidelity is what she gets in return! I’m sorry, but WTF!? It’s not okay, so if cage fighter Callie wants to come out and vent in front of an audience or not, then whatever- she’s hurting! And, yeah, okay maybe her delivery is a bit harsh, but who can blame her! This is different from the George thing. I’m not saying Callie is without fault (maybe her biggest fault was loving Arizona too much that she ended up choosing her life over her leg) throughout their whole marriage- because they both are, but that doesn’t mean you cheat on your significant other. I think Arizona should have just let her in by talking to her instead of just shutting Callie out like she did. I do believe though that they can come back from this, sure it will be a struggle to regain back trust, but they’re not broken just bent. Ugh, after my rant I’m realizing how pathetic it is that I’m so invested in this fictional relationship! Damn them all: Sara, JCap and Shonda for making me feel this way! Now, I’m gonna go watch the video for the millionth time because I’m still not over it! LOL

          • Anna says:

            There has only been 2 min of scenes, no one knows how much grief Arizona will feel for her actions. To say that she is carefree is not accurate. She was totally nervous and anxious during the clip and I expect that throughout the season we will see her struggle and come to terms but not everything is going to spelled out and put on the screen in the first few minutes.

            Just need to wait and let the story lines reveal itself.

    • Anna says:

      Callie wasn’t a doormat at all. She was trying to be as supportive as she knew how in S9. When has Arizona constantly deceived her wife?

      • Olivia says:

        Arizona is the incarnation of Evil, don’t you know? I mean, she accepted to get back with a pregnant Callie, almost living with Mark who constantly reminded her that the baby is his, and all this time she had the nerve to want to be a parent to this baby girl. She even went as far as being mad because she lost her leg… How childish is that, right? I mean, don’t you see how truly awful she is?

        Seriously though. Yes, she was a total dumbass for cheating on Callie (even if I liked the fact that Hilarie Burton was on the show, and they had good chemistry IMO), but I don’t get why she’s always seen as the bad guy when Callie, who has had her fair share of wrong the past 4 seasons, is forgiven every single time by the apologists. Geez, even Karev doesn’t get such hate despite everything he’s done in 10 years lol.

        Calzona is no different than every other couple on the show. They both did bad stuff, they both betrayed each other at some point, the only difference is that in their case, there is only one who’s blamed for everything.

        Lol, fangirls.

        • Kristina says:

          Admittedly my viewing of this show has been a little spotty the last few seasons, but didn’t the whole baby thing come after Arizona dumped Callie at the airport and left to live in Africa? And being mad about losing your leg isn’t the same thing as resenting and abusing the person who saved your life.

  22. Babygate says:

    BTW, is Bailey that influential that she can force herself into a board meeting? Cause I don’t think that would really happen IRL. And Arizona’s expression is priceless. I’d bet she’s thinking, “darn it! So close!”

    • abz says:

      lol its a special occasion. Her intern baby Meredith grew up to have her own baby, so she’s kind of like a grandma :P
      and I don’t think anyone can question Bailey’s influence in that hospital. I mean she was called “The Nazi” for a reason.

  23. Here’s a lesson for people who marry Callie …if you cheat on her, she will tell ALL THE PEOPLE!! lol I love Callie and I hope Arizona feels like crap for a very very very long time.

  24. Joyce says:

    I know Callie is hurt and she has every reason to lash out on her and not forgive her. However it is very childish what Callie did. Why does it have to be everybody else’s business to know that Arizona cheated. Its none of their business and such as they don’t need to know what happened between them.

    • Babygate says:

      Well, Arizona told Alex before Callie told the board. That’s not very private. Besides, she is not the first woman that has been cheated on that will put it out there for every one to know because it’s worst when you keep it bottled up inside like a suffering wife when someone else has destroyed you. Like Meredith told Derek that he had no right to judge her for how she put together what he broke, Arizona did a low, dirty thing. She now has to deal with the consequences. AND, Callie has always processes out loud.

      • Hope says:

        Arizona telling one of her closest friends and Callie telling the entire board is not the same. However, I agree Callie has always processed out loud. And as much as I love Arizona she deserves some pain coming from Callie.

  25. Mareesa says:

    I’m so pissed that Lauren/Hilarie Burton isn’t coming back…. Horrible decision.

  26. Deb Saine says:

    wow! when did owen have time to get a new do’? continuity, people!!

    • LMSO says:

      Kevin McKidd shot a movie over the hiatus in which his hair was dramatically affected. I imagine the was a limit as to what could be done at this point (that is, before his hair grows back…LOL!) to make Owen look exactly as he did in the S9 season finale. I’m guessing they had to settle for doing the best they could in a tricky situation.

      • im2insaine says:

        hey, lmso! you’re right!! it just makes me laugh sometimes to see these dramatic or at least noticeable changes when they carry over from the finale to the premiere … i noticed some serious weight loss with one of the guest stars for the premiere of svu … lots of times, shows will tape the next scene or two for the premiere for that very reason so that there’s a smoother transition – but owen’s hair just made me laugh because it almost looks like an oompa-loopa
        swirl!! :0)

  27. Nany235 says:

    Is it me or Meredith’s voice has changed? She speaks like a little girl sometimes and it’s pretty weird. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel a difference though…

  28. Hope says:

    Okay… I can’t be the only one who is sick of it always being written that Arizona is the bad guy. Callie has some seriously flaws as well. Was Arizona cheating horrible.. yes. But if you re-watch season 9 Callie was NOT as supportive as people think. She did not once tell Arizona she loved her and she was proud of her and she thought she was brave. Callie was so concerned all season about HER sex life and getting HER wife back the way SHE wanted her. Arizona lost herself and she tried very hard to be the old Arizona for her wife. Then Boswell comes in and says all the things Callie has not. Callie has been in control of Arizona’s life since she got back from Africa. She wanted to buy the hospital without even speaking to her wife first. Callie takes Arizona for granted. I think Arizona feels terrible in the room with everyone… I think she was in a room with co-workers and was able to hold her emotions in better then Callie. Callie has never been good at that. In the past year Arizona lost her best friend to cancer, lost her leg, and lost herself. Callie experienced extreme loss as well, which Arizona needs to understand. I for one can cut Arizona some slack. Boswell saw her for who she is now, Callie is looking for Arizona to be pre-plane crash Arizona… and that’s not fair. Callie said she was patient and support for months, I am not sure how whining to everyone and everyone about her sex life is patient. It isn’t about the leg for Arizona, it has never been about the leg. It is about trust. She looked into her wife’s eyes at her most vulnerable state and asked her to make a promise to not let them take her leg and for Callie to not give up on her. On a very basic level Callie broke her promise and in Arizona’s eyes she gave up on her. It is not about the leg it is about trust. Callie never apologized for breaking the promise. Sometimes just saying you are sorry makes all the difference. Arizona has some serious PTSD, and she doesn’t even know it. That’s a really difficult situation to be in for both of them. She tried to keep it together for Callie, but she’s human and made a mistake. She loves Callie, and I think she liked the way Boswell made her feel. I do not think she actually had feelings for Boswell herself. I think they can fix this if they are both honest with each other. Their screaming match in the storm was the first honest conversation they have had since the plane crash.

    • Heck says:

      Poor little Arizona. Callie bad bad girl, you made her to cheat on you. Yes, and you should have apologized for saving her life.

      • Hope says:

        None of that is what I said. Callie certainly didn’t make her cheat on her. But yes poor Arizona, I am not sure you understand what losing a leg does to someone. And Callie should never apologize for saving her life. She should apologize for making a promise she as a doctor and wife knew she couldn’t keep. Arizona has a lot of apologizing to do herself as well.

        • Heck says:

          Callie apologizing would only reinforce Arizona’s feeling that she’s entitled. Callie has nothing to apologize for but the time she spent with a person who doesn’t value her enough to restrain herself of sleeping with the first hospital ho who gives her the eye, under the same roof her wife and daughter are. Callie might not be perfect, but after this she doesn’t owe apologies anymore. She has paid whatever she was in debt by large amount.

          • Hope says:

            I agree. The apology was needed before the cheating not after. Callie doesn’t owe Arizona anything after her cheating, I agree. The cheating is awful, I am saying that this situation is very different then most cheating scenarios. I think it is eventually forgivable after everything Arizona has been through. Neither is perfect but I think both can be forgiven. Arizona has most of the work to do, but I think Callie needs to realize some of her flaws in order for her to be happy with anyone. I don’t think Arizona is this evil person. She made a mistake. She wasn’t sneaking around having an affair, it was a stupid moment of passion. She’s a broken person who cares about her family. To judge someone’s entire future based on one stupid mistake (as long as they are truly remorseful) is unfair. As far as Grey’s cheaters go… Owen is forgiven, Mark is forgiven, Derek is forgiven, Addison is forgiven… but Arizona has been made out to be this unforgivable person. I don’t agree. And let’s be real every single character on Grey’s is “entitled”. I think Arizona has proved her love to Callie more times then not for this to determine her fate.

          • I think we are all forgetting that the only reason Arizona was “on the freakin’ plane” was because she threw a tantrum like a 4 year old because Alex was thinking about going to Johns Hopkins. Alex was supposed to be “on the freakin’ plane” but once again, someone didn’t live up to Miss Priss Arizona Robbins standards (can you tell I really don’t like her? lol I haven’t since the day she showed up, which makes me sad cuz I LOVE me some JCap.) But Arizona would have her leg and be all whole and healed if she had just told Alex they would talk about his plans when he got back. But no she screamed and yelled and took his spot on the plane. So she can shut up as far as I’m concerned.

          • Heck says:

            People adore to compartmentalize: This type of cheating is not by all means acceptable. This one might be, this one is completely and utterly understandably thus acceptable. To some extent I even agree. But saying that someone who gives way to a moment of passion is a poor victim of destiny is way too much for me. A moment of passion doesn’t happen in a blink. There is a whole process that led to it. Sometimes hours, days before. Nothing happens by chance. How many married people you think will face the possibility of a moment of passion like that and would like to succumb to it, but don’t? In this way of thinking everyone has their reasons to cheat on their partners instead of talking to them first. Self-indulgence is much more rewarding in the moment. Isn’t it?
            I don’t agree every Grey’s cheaters are forgiven. Look Addison. Forgiven but with terms. Out of Derek’s life and replaced for another woman. Owen, the vast majority of fans turned him their backs. And if Cristina seemingly has forgiven him, we’ll never know if this infidelity on his part won’t play a bit or reinforce her decision of not let her personal life overlap her professional life.
            It’s the second time Arizona commits a major disloyalty to Callie. And the way this one was depicted was truly horrible. Yes, the cruelty degree, intentionally or not, a partner subjects the other, comes into play when we talk about forgiveness. In my scale the plates do not hang over Arizona side.
            Personally, I think Callie could do much better but if she decides to give her marriage a second chance well go for it. But she should be expecting a third blow in the future. The trust was disrupted.

          • Anna says:

            When has Arizona ever demonstrated that she’s entitled? When it comes to Callie, she’s compromised time and time again for their relationship. With that said, Callie has made adjustments too. However since the fallout of Callie’s relationships with George and Erica, Callie admitted in S5 that she hasn’t allowed herself to be fully open and vulnerable. I think this plays into her marriage. I don’t think either of the characters are saints but I believe they love each other and there is lots of hard work needed to repair their marriage.

          • Heck says:

            @Anna. When did Arizona compromised? When she returned from Africa after realizing the big mistake she had done abandoned Callie behind and quit their relationship and had to face the reality that SHE had let Mark enter their life forever?
            I’m sick of Reading how good character Arizona is because she accepted Callie’s baby with Mark.
            First off, THAT only happened because she left Callie in the middle of the airoport with two words. As Mer once said, the way Callie chose to repair what Arizona broke can’t be subjected to judgement. Callie was single at the time. Hadn’t Az proceded in that disgusting way and Sofia(and Mark) wouldn’t be there in their middle and in her life. That was her exclusive fault. She has only herself to fault!

            Furthermore, why and for whom was Az accepting Sofia and Mark? To make the good for mankind? She did that for herself first. Because she realised how much it hurt to not have Callie in her life. It wasn’t a selfless act. She was thinking about herself. If Az hadn’t missed her, she would have left Callie heartbroken and devastated with Mark without a blink. She wanted Callie back so she had no choice but accept the mess, SHE created.
            So, no! she didn’t compromised anything. She had to accept it. She’s not that good because she accepted Callie and Mark’s baby, she had no other choice. They made the favor of incorporate her back in their life not the other way around.
            What was she expecting? That after she dropped Callie like a dead weight without two feelings, she could return and kick Mark out, now that he was not necessary? That everything was there awaiting her return exactly how she had left behind? I don’t pity her. Obviously that he reacted and didn’t let her exclude him from his daughter’s life and the mother of his baby. Not to talk about the situation she put Callie constantly in, when she tried to push Mark out and make Callie choose between them.

            I think that this played in their marriage in a huge way. Hence why Callie reacts many times toward Az the way she does. It’s called self-defense. No one can blame her.

          • Kauhalee says:

            This comment makes me happy. I’ve seen many comments justifying Arizonas actions and condemning Callie for reacting and they dumbfound me; I don’t even know how to begin replying to them but you took the words right outa my mouth.

    • Kauhalee says:

      This is some phuckery.

    • Anna says:

      Totally agree. It’s amazing the harsh feedback here and elsewhere. People don’t seem to know the characters at all really or seem to put them on a pedestal. Relationships are challenging and people make mistakes.

    • Torrizona says:

      At least Arizona could have at least told Callie how she felt before rushing in bed with the other woman and then making excuses

    • Torrizona says:

      Oh yah u do have a point and its true, Callie herself should take responsibility. Lauren did make Arizona feel the way she hasn’t felt in a long time, that love & care

  29. hannah says:

    wowwy this premiere is going to be something … looked up where christian will be leaving greys anatomy i hope she changes her mind and stays on it.. season 10 greys anatomy i cant wait <3 <3 <3

  30. Alex says:

    Had anyone else even noticed that Bailey mentioned paging Dr. Webber? Does that mean he’s alive and well? Because how they talk about Avery’s injury, it sounds like this is the next day.

  31. Peanut says:

    Don´t leave me is that not what Arizona says in season 8 to Callie and Callie replayed with i never Leave you i stick by you Look At them now it is sad to see them this way. hoping that they could fix there marriage there is a lot of fixxing to do and that also hopping/begging that Callie is not going back to men. Also there was hope that finaly a same sex marriage last longer this time but what a dissapointment

  32. Shants says:

    Okay, I just need to say that the premiere was exactly how everyone expected it to be. The way things ended in season 9 made it no surprise that we see the return of the old Callie. I for one am a huge Calzona fan and can’t imagine Grey’s without them as a couple! Grey’s Anatomy actually really helped me find who I am in life and helped me to come out to my friends and family. To think of their relationship coming to an end is devastating. I would literally re-watch episodes just to see them together. Let’s hope they patch the holes. Shonda, it’s all up to you.

  33. Torrizona says:

    Anyway am hoping Lauren comes back to G’s A to finish what she started, whether Callie forgives Arizona or not. Or its time for new lovers for each one. Both A & C had their wrongs and thts it.