First Photo: Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez Joining Keith Urban as American Idol Season 13 Judges (Oh, and Randy's Back, Too)

american idolHouston, we finally having an American Idol judging panel.

After weeks of rumors, innuendo and premature reports, Jennifer Lopez and Dr. Luke Harry Connick Jr. have officially joined the Season 13 judges’ panel. The pair will sit alongside Keith Urban, the only returning judge from last year.

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The news follows a summer of speculation about who’d snag the chairs left vacant by the exit of Season 12’s toxic combo of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, as well as human barnacle Randy Jackson, who’d clung steadfastly to Fox’s reality competition since its debut back in 2002 (and who is officially set to replace Jimmy Iovine as in-house mentor).

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Lopez, Connick and Urban are scheduled to begin work on Audition Round No. 1 later today in  Boston.

Lopez served as a judge in Seasons 10 and 11, which crowned eventual hitmakers Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips. (What’s more, Idol‘s Powers That Be reportedly began plotting Lopez’s possible return — and the ouster of Carey — with just weeks left in Season 12, a move that was eventually derailed by the latter diva’s attorneys.)

logoThe exposure J.Lo got from twice-weekly appearances on the reality-ratings juggernaut during her prior tenure is widely credited with reviving her then-flagging music and acting careers.

Connick, meanwhile, twice served as an Idol guest mentor.

Idol will also have a new executive producer this fall in Per Blankens, who takes over the reins from departing overlord Nigel Lythgoe.

What do you think of the finalized Season 13 panel? Hit the comments to expand on your thoughts!

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  1. reality says:

    Im looking forward to Harry Connick Jr. He was great as a mentor and had a lot of strong opinions. He wont just tell people like Lázaro how great they are If they stink. So happy to have a judge with a pov and wont be a producer Pet.

    • Lynnette says:

      Michael: read your first sentence again.

      • Aaron says:

        He’s probably having some sort of brain issue thinking about having to listen to J-Lo for another season. Good lord, who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea?

        • Emma says:

          I couldn’t be more disappointed to hear that she has been rehired. I was so hoping the rumors of her return would turn out to be untrue. sigh. I really can’t understand this at all, it’s nonsensical.

          • ciao says:

            IKR! I can see why she would want to come back, it’s easy money and a venue to promote her upcoming albums, movies, etc. etc. but what I can’t see is why they wanted her back. I can think of so many people that would be an improvement over her. I was on the fence about whether or not I would tune in again next year but the fact that she’s back ensures that I won’t be.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Word. I guess Idol must always have an idiot on the panel to balance things out. At least next season there will only be one, idiot that is. Glad Keith is back and love my Harry…

          • HTGR says:

            +1 they had us back and then they go and ruin it with that insane hiring, all she want to do is promote herself and as soon as some cute girl starts doing well she will get all catty and start trashing them no matter how well they do or if that was not the case then she will cave for cash if that was the case last time

          • HTGR says:

            Note how Michael writes the SHOW was credited with reviving HER career not that SHE was credited with reviving the SHOW! Her and Randy and their dirty fake tricks in S10 are what sent the show spiraling out of control into something manipulated but tolerably into a jumped the shark level of tawdry manipulation and fakery.

        • Tyler says:

          This is a REVAMP?! Prediction: the ratings for Idol will continue to go down.

        • ali says:

          unfortunately America is still a deeply racist country

    • Jay says:

      Bad moved by Fox Entertainment Kevin Reilly for choosing Jennifer Lopez as an Idol judge, for season 13, after here bag publicity activities performing to Eastern Europe dictators for 10 million, and claim she did nothing wrong, and kept the money, now you going to have all the Human Rights and Women Rights Foundation breathing down Fox Entertainment and the sponsors backs for their decision. Kevin Reilly and his associates should have research Jennifer Lopez present activities & history, By the way everyone, United States is going to war with the same type of dictator (Syria) that JLo performed in Eastern Europe a couple of months ago, Jlo is a trader?

      • marc says:

        trader? LOL! I think you meant traitor. And no, I don’t think it’s a sign she’s a traitor, I just think it’s further evidence that she will do absolutely anything for money. Remember when she actually “sang” on stage with a car at some awards show?! She has no integrity what so ever.

      • ali says:

        unfortunately America is still a deeply racist country

    • Nella says:

      I think Harry Connick Jr. is going to do better as a judge than other judges. He seems to know what he was talking about when he was there last season. And he is nice to look at while he is talking too. I think we have a real judging panel this time. Let’s see what happens.

  2. Gloria Seales says:

    Jimmy oIvine did a very good job – he was always spot-on with his comments even if they sometimes weren’t popular. Randy has always been so wishy-washy I don’t think he will add anything at all to that position. LOVE, love, love Keith Urban. Harry Connick, Jr. will be a good addition. Jennifer Lopez seemed to really care for the competitors. All in all, good panel.

  3. waffles says:

    Bringing J-Lo back is like is like loading more cargo on to the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. You would think if they are going to have judges who are singers, they would at least choose ones that don’t use autotune. Keith and Harry are entertaining and will make the show at least watchable for me. I’m so glad they didn’t bring any former Idol winners on as judges. Let’s hope they keep their distance from Randy Jackson.

    • waffles says:

      Ooops! I didn’t see the line where they said Randy was replacing Jimmy. I thought Jimmy was a buzz kill so I’m glad he’s gone but too bad they chose Randy as a replacement.

      • Mike says:

        What does Randy have on Idol as blackmail? Maybe they thought they would miss the following…
        1. Melt Bead Craft Projects mounted to clothes that are two sizes to small.
        2. Randy picking one line or phrase and repeating it over and over again.
        3. Even though all of the band Journey would do the show, he was the back up bassist.
        4. Graham Elliot’s Glasses.
        5. He is “yes man”, that will make sure that any white guy with a guitar will be whacked in the mentor session.

        Whatever the reason, putting his name on the “new” show just reminds fans of the the last couple of seasons that killed the show. Bad idea! they should have put one of the past contestants on the mentor spot because they went throw it, and then have a guest music producer each week with them, that fits the theme.

  4. Annette says:

    I’m loving the new judges Harry Connick Jr. Is amazing, he tells it like it is!!American Idol may have found a good fit.Hoping to get some real honest comments this year.

    • Ladyguard says:

      J-Lo and Randy Jackson??????????. I know I won’t be watching. I think the American Idol producers want to kill this show. So be it. I could not stand another season with these two as judges

  5. ktbanks says:

    I’ve had awhile to accept that Malificent (JLo) was coming back, so I’ve processed that. Pleased that Harry will be joining the show! He’ll keep it real, and won’t sugarcoat anything.

    And definitely glad Keith is back…he was by far and away the best judge last season, and was able to give constructive feedback in a postive manner.

  6. Denice says:

    Well, two out of three ain’t bad. I would not have brought J-Lo back. She’s a “mean girl.”

    • I don’t think that J-Lo is not really much of a “mean girl” but she gives credit what credit is due and bringing her back could go either way if the new season of IDOL is going to be another lackluster year just like it did the last time with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey as they considered themselves the “weakest link” in the judges’ table and they didn’t use their “SAVE” throughout the entire results show week after week after week.

      • Tyler says:

        Give me a break. Did you actually watch the 2 seasons of J-Lo? Her first season, she was intentionally tougher with Haley than the boys. Her second season, she was intentionally tougher with Jessica than the boys. The reason a woman won Idol this season is because J-Lo wasn’t one of the judges.

        • Mary says:

          I am not to thrill with J-lo coming back but lets be real, a woman won this year due to the 5 misfits guys they put through, it had nothing to do with her. I watch for the contestants so hopefully they will choose well. Glad Keith is back not to thrill with J-lo or Harry, he can be irritating sometimes.
          I am not sure if anything can save AI and having these judges is not going to help. They need better songs clear and a variety of artist. Time will tell.

        • MB says:

          I don’t think JLo was tougher on Jessica season 11. I do agree she was tough on Haley but so was the whole judging panel. Randy was actually the worse with Haley. He was downright cruel.

          • marc says:

            I think she was a “mean girl” to Haley for sure. Actions speak louder than words. I’ll never forget her reaction to James’ elimination… she was in tears, crying, sobbing, it was ridiculous. Then the next week when Haley was eliminated you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face, big toothy grin from ear to ear, clapping enthusiastically. Granted it’s all in ones perspective and if I wasn’t a Haley fan I probably wouldn’t have even noticed that, but I am and I did and it was MEAN.

      • HTGR says:

        She gives credit where it is due?? Like if some cute guy missed 3/4 of the notes or the producer wants someone to get credit she will give credit otherwise…. she was such a total phony the last half of S10 and she had issues S11 too.

    • Aprilcot says:

      Agreed. She tries to come across all nice and sweet with her “goosies!” and “baby” but the way she treated Haley Reinhart was atrocious.

      • SMDH says:

        Sad that things didn’t work out for Haley post idol. I fear that being dropped by Interscope was an insurmountable set-back that she is never going to be able to overcome. It’s really too bad the idol viewers who supported her when she was on the show didn’t stick with her and support her after the show by buying her album. But that’s the way it goes, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for her. Meanwhile J-Ho is thriving, making $17.5 million to “judge” another season of idol and promote her “music”. Something just isn’t right here. SMDH.

    • Lori says:

      Why can’t people be happy for her quit being haters!

  7. brandon says:

    This might not actually be so bad… Randy edited is a good thing. J.Lo can be annoying, but I kind of like the sparkle and warmth she brings to the show, in a weird way. Harry bothered me last season, but at least he speaks his mind. And I have no complaints about Keith…he was my fav last year.

  8. I’m still done with IDOL and the hit reality competition series still isn’t going away. With the new season of X Factor just 8 days away and I hope this is the beginning of the end for this, the question remains: how long will American Idol is going to last? How many more seasons have they got left and what are the chances? :-( :-(

  9. jo says:

    So their sweeping overhaul consisits of 1 out of 4 new faces (counting Randy). Lol..

    • Emma says:

      IKR, what a joke. And even funnier that this is the exact panel of judges that uncle Nigel wanted! Why did they even fire him? I guess we can’t expect any improvements to the format either.

      • Bill says:

        Agreed. If you’re going to relaunch a show, the best way to show people that you are doing that is by bringing in new faces! Harry Connick is ok for a fresh look, but do we have to be reminded of the beginning (or mid-process) of AIs decline when J Lo started. And do we have to labor through another season of Randy saying nothing, even in a limited capacity.

        But more so, by bringing in a panel consisting of three stars, it continues to show that AI is again focusing on the judges for ratings as opposed to the talent. I feel the original formula worked better partly b/c you had a panel with a producer (ie Cowell) that would give more of the marketability and business angles than the stars who tend to zero in on the “artistry.”

        In any case, we don’t know what format changes will be made and how they will run the whole production. Those can balance out the judging panel issues. But I still can’t help to think that their questionable judge selections are going to carry through to questionable production decisions. There’s no way to tell except to watch the first few episodes with an open mind.

  10. JCK says:

    This panel is more palatable than last season’s, although I think Harry tends to be tipsy sometimes. However, I won’t watch unless they limit the voting. I, and many others, feel there is no point in getting invested in a singer who has no chance against fanatic power voters. JMO

  11. Jared says:

    This judges panel is such a yawn and I really like Harry Connick Jr.

  12. BabyFirefly says:

    I think Harry will be brutally honest, along the lines of Simon. Or at least that’s what I hope… Also, are you going to be doing a recap of SYTYCD for last week? I’m missing your opinions on the dances before the finale!

  13. Larc says:

    Keith may do a better job without the dead-weight anchors that were Nicki and Mariah. Harry has good musical knowledge and can be interesting. But JLo’s return is a total mystery to me. She was a terrible judge the 2 seasons she was there, her main interest clearly being to promote herself. Maybe she or her manager Simon Fuller has something on somebody at the top and threatened to tell it if she didn’t get a huge salary for being totally worthless again.

  14. Kat says:

    I’m glad to hear that Keith is staying and that Harry Connick Jr. will be part of the judging panel. I found his mentoring refreshing. He didn’t just say what the powers that be wanted to be said. Honestly they need to stay out of it. Let the judges “JUDGE” and the voters VOTE and don’t try to push through who the higher ups want to win. This last season was the most boring season ever. I very much disliked any of the judging other than Keith, I’m over hearing Yo dude, and he’s in it to win it. So that part is not a positive to me. They should have left Jimmy Ivine in that position. Knocking off the guys one by one every week was so transparent it was disgusting. We could tell from the beginning that they were pushing for a girl to win and that one would no matter what. I’ll watch for a bit but if it hasn’t improved this year that will be it. Also PLEASE choose better song choices. The song choices this year were pretty boring and outdated.

  15. Carol says:

    I haven’t watched since Paula left, but I will definitely give this panel a chance.

  16. Sarah says:

    They picked the wrong Jennifer. I want Hudson.

    • Terry says:

      The show exists to help the career of Jennifer Lopez, the show does not exist to help the careers of former idols. Why else would they throw $17.5 million at that hoebag that nobody wanted back?! Aaaaaaagh. And that’s why there are way more former idol failures than success stories.

      • Taryn says:

        It’s a mistake they don’t do the show that way that would mean less money spent on ‘celebrity’ judges and more focus on what the show should be about and as an added bonus they might be able to help some of their former contestants careers take off if they picked 3 from the past season each season or something that would be the only sort of thing that would ever lure me back to American Idol

  17. Aprilcot says:

    I was prepared to tune out with the retention of Randy and the rumored return of JLo. But by bringing in HCJ they may have kept my eyeballs. I love him and I’m hoping he will tell it like it is.

  18. Alex says:

    Connick is good; Lopez stinks; the others are okay.

  19. Blinged Up says:

    Looks like this has already been said above, but I’ll repeat it.
    Not happy with J-Lo being back, but excited about the addition of Harry Connick, Jr and the return of Keith.
    I think it will be mostly a good panel, if I can stomach J-Lo’s “goosies” again (and again, and again, and…..)

  20. Kim says:

    So happy there are only 3 judges instead of 4. When there are 4 it just takes way too long to get through the comments and they say the same things over and over. I liked Keith last year and looking forward to HCJ.

  21. Ig says:

    Could of been a great season if Jimmy back and no Randy well anyway Jenny and Harry big plus and 3 judges always better than 4

  22. Tessa says:

    Out of town this weekend, staying in a condo with a dvr, happened to look at the programs on the recorder. Randomly, they had an old American Idol, Top 13 from 2009 recorded. Michael Jackson night. Watched with delight. Not sure what has happened to AI, but this recording was so much more engaging and captivating and exciting than anything of late. Judges were Randy, Paula, Simon and Kara. Kara was annoying, but Paula was hilarious. Kind of crazy, but fun to watch and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the contestants. Simon was brutally honest. Certainly better, generally more interesting contestants. This was the last season of AI that I watched and felt inspired to go to the concert. Granted, Adam Lambert was electrifying and is probably my all time favorite contestant ever, but Kris Allen was adorable and talented as well. What a treat, but also very indicative of how it has gone down hill.

    • CAS says:

      I think Adam Lambert’s excellence was the beginning of the end for Idol. After him, no other contestant ever measured up either in vocal quality or originality of arrangements or staging a number…..he was perfection. After Season 8 was over (and Season 7 with the battle of the Davids), nobody else could measure up. I didn’t go all through the day wondering what I was going to see that night that would push my musical buttons. And Season 9’s contestants were particularly brutal, so that made it even worse. I still remember Adam doing “Black or White” that night. Amazing.

  23. liz says:

    I hope they let them speak their minds. America’s Got Talent has the best history with their judges panel – always honest, sometimes brutally so, but they say when they love something too. And they get along really well (I’m loving this season’s panel the best). AI needs to be more like that. Don’t muzzle them.

  24. saeh says:

    It’s official! American Idol doesn’t want viewers.

  25. Billy McWerzelchizuerqvuken says:

    Yikes. I feel bad for the recappers. More Keith Milquetoast and Inspid JLO and the loud honking noises that answer to the name of Randy? No thanks.

    But I will be here to read your recaps Mr. Slezak. Thank you for sitting through the show for me. I’d send you a bottle of something syrah if I could, you’ll need it this season.

  26. RatingsPlummeting says:

    Ratings will continue to decline.
    Just a fact for a tired show.
    Show ended for me when Simon left.

  27. good riddance says:

    It’s Official : I won’t be watching!

  28. Kathy says:

    At least this year I will watch American Idol where as last year I did not…to me that was a total joke ,,,,except for Keith Urban

  29. RD says:

    I was looking forward to it-until now….

  30. JAson says:

    AT this point the only thing to save the show is to cancel X FActor and give Simon ownership in the show to entice him back!! And make it clear they want Season 1-8 Simon, notSeason 9 or X Factor Simon

  31. yep says:

    Well I think Harry Connick and Keith Urban are good choices. I have had my fill of Randy. I still haven’t forgiven J Lo’s previous idol behavior and will not be able to suffer through the “goosies” and the mean girl behavior. This is the first year I am not planning on watching idol from the beginning. Last year I found I really enjoyed reading some of the wittier recaps more than watching the show. So my plan is to wait until Hollywood week and see if I have to watch any parts of the shows to enjoy the recaps.

    I was in Kohls this weekend and saw a cute blouse. When I saw it was from Jennifer Lopez I realized my dislike for her was so strong from her idol behavior I would never buy something from her clothing line.

  32. J says:

    I was going to start watching anyway. I can always mute JLo.

  33. Brock says:

    Randy? Seriously? I sang for joy that he was departing. That is PATHETIC and I’m unimpressed with the Panel. I’d have rather seen Adam Lambert, J Hud & another graduate, as rumoured.

    • hobbs says:

      I do hope that Randy will at least bring back former idols, like the two you mentioned and other favorites, to mentor with him. Since they didn’t bring any former idols to the judging panel, it would be nice to see them featured as mentors and then to perform on the results show as well. Idol needs to promote it’s former contestants. They’re always bragging about being the only reality show to produce music stars but when you do the math, their record honestly ain’t all that great.

  34. Clayton says:

    I guess I just don’t see the appeal that J-Lo would bring to the table again. It’s definitely not consistency and seasons 10 and 11 still had a declining in viewership. It just feels reductive. I remember reading an article that Idol was going to try and get former winners or Idol stars as judges to lead in the next generation. Like Kelly Clarkson – while unlikely, but she was a judge on another singing show a year ago, so why not. And Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken and/or Jennifer Hudson. I thought that was a smart move. One would think if they could afford the over-priced paycheck of J-Lo, they could easily afford one or two of their former contestants. I’ve stopped watching this show years ago, so maybe my opinion doesn’t matter. The Politics of this is just show is just astounding. They can’t say their breathing new life into the franchise by making the same old decisions.

  35. Clayton says:

    they’re* Ugh. Typo. Sorry bout it.

  36. Tammy says:

    please please please someone piss JLo off so she will quit!

  37. MB says:

    So happy about Harry Connick Jr. Joining the judging table. I wanted him since season 9 and Simon left. I was ready to abandon Idol this year after the fiasco last season. Now I am excited for season 13. I have to say this is really a good looking panel. Lets hope they judge as well as they look.

  38. Elaine says:

    If this is an example of the “new” shop per Mr. Per Blankens, then my deepest sympathy to all of us fans. The new AI looks pretty much like the old AI and I can’t express how deep my disappointment and frustration is over JLo and Randy returning. I agree with the person who said that once again, it appears AI is more about the judges than the contestants. I think Harry C will do very well as long as they don’t muzzle him (but how much hope is there of THAT happening?). Keith was an okay judge last year.

    But oh God. Jenninado returning? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Why oh why when they could have saved themselves $12-$13 million and got Melinda Doolittle or Jennifer Hudson? For cripes sake, why give us all hope for an improved AI by getting a new producer then having the panel look like they were hired by Nigel anyway?

    I wasn’t going to watch at all because of Jennifer but Harry C MIGHT balance her out. I’ll skip the tryouts. I’ll watch Hollywood Week. I’ll follow suit with the person above and mute J-Lo. Well………. maybe. I mean, I became so disgusted with JLo in the past that I couldn’t even watch anything she did in the last year, so I may not be able to stomach her in spite of Harry C.

    Michael S. and some fans made such great suggestions here over the spring/summer, why the hell wouldn’t AI listen? Seriously, FOX, why give a sinking ship a new captain who appears to be running the ship the same as the last captain? What is up with that?

    Now I expect they’ll have a few superficial changes and call it a NEW SHOW!!!!!! [rolls her eyes].

    Change the voting? Best idea ever but that’ll never happen in this lifetime cause it’s not about the most talented performer, it all about AI being able to announce humungous numbers of voters live so that we’ll be fooled into thinking the show is more popular that it is (yeah right).

    I’ve really enjoyed this show in the past when it was about the singers. I’m afraid last season was my last hurrah. Damn you Fox/Producers for completely messing up my favorite competition show. R.I.P. :-( [I will continue to read this column though cause I think Michael’s not only knowledgeable, but also hilarious…and Idoloonies for the M&M Show…. so excellent. If Michael highlights any particular performance I’ll check it out on youtube. I may watch the finals if a miracle happens the judging turns out to be honest and constructively critical) {hell freezing over comes to mind}

    Farewell American Idol. We knew ye well.

  39. Name That Tune says:

    So they got 2 of the 3 judges right. One can only hope that Harry can have a good influence on JHo, and with another musician on the panel, that Keith will step it up. The only way we will know how this panel does is who we see in Hollywood Week. I am not willing to commit any time to this show until at least that point. And I will tune out fast if the show is about the judges and JHo promoting her latest single. Or appearing in some commercial about cosmetics. ‘Cuz there are other things to do on Wednesday and Thursday night in early spring.

  40. mary kay farmer says:

    Another season of about the judges, especially J Lo who is NOT a good singer to begin with, she can act, but sing, NOOOOO. Again the contestants if they get any good ones will be second thoughts only

  41. Sara says:

    I just don’t understand why they would bring back Jennifer Lopez. She really didn’t contribute much of anything, and they have to pay her a ton of money to come back and do it again. On the other hand, Harry Connick, Jr has been a great mentor. He gives some really honest and great feedback. Hopefully the producers don’t try to stifle him into the “oh, you’re so great” judging mold. I hope that Harry will bring some more honest feedback out of Keith. It seemed that he did when he was a mentor last season, if I am remembering correctly (entirely possible I made that up in my head.)

  42. Jody says:

    I like Keith and I loved Harry as a mentor so I am looking forward to seeing him as a Judge but J-Lo? UGH! J-Lo is a mistake! They should have gone with Shania Twain or a former contestant…someone from season one would have been good!

  43. HTGR says:

    Ugh WHY GO AND DO IT ALL RIGHT, bagging phonies Randy and Nigel and then you go and ruin it all by bringing back JLO!
    This could’ve been quite the panel had they only not had one certain member on it.
    The only way it could be good is if JLO’s bad judging and actions second half of S10 were due to pressure, but so what, she caved when she is filthy rich, Steven Tyler never caved in and turned on Haley, so JLo didn’t have to either (plus by the end the looks she’d give her made you think maybe JLo wasn’t even doing it out of pressure at the end).
    I don’t know that I can watch it. Harry gives me some hope for honesty. But man the JLo thing. I don’t think I can watch. And how the heck much money did they have to waste on her that could’ve gone to something better? And instead of bringing back past contestants to perform they will fill it with JLo pre-taped videos each week now. I actually used to like JLo but that was before she and Randy and Nigel proved themselves to be cheap manipulative sellouts/control freaks.

  44. HTGR says:

    Oh damn Randy is back too? OK wow with Randy and JLO back forget I am done. Harry seemed like a great and trustable move but he is only one guy. Keith I can tolerate well enough, not sure he could stand up to producers if needed though. So basically we have one guy Harry that you could likely trust. Sad to say that just isn’t enough. How the heck do they bring back/retain the two who most helped bring the show into a total loss of credibility?

  45. Australian’s want KEITH URBAN to return home to do THE VOICE, TOUR and promote his new album FUSE, that will be released this month … OI! OI! OI!

  46. Redeye says:

    What Lopez did was a disgrace, and the people in charge of Idol/FOX should have never hired her. This is what a good friend of mine posted, and I would like to share it: Jennifer Lopez was asked if she regretted taking millions of $ to perform for Turkmenistan’s president who has about the worst human rights records in the world. Her response? “I know that being seen as a role model means taking responsibility for all my actions. I am human, and of course, sometimes I make mistakes. But I promise that when I fall, I get back up. When I am wrong, I will learn the lesson and move on to face other challenges. For me, that’s what creating your own life is. Doing your best work while being your best self.” WTF? Thank God she has learned and grown as a person! How about donating the money to Amnesty International? Maybe she can go on a world tour with Dennis Rodman! (Remember what he did in North Korea?!)
    I wish they would have hired any of these talented people: Adam Lampert, Melinda Doolitle, Gloria Estefan, Barry Manilow. Also, Lopez was not a good judge, and she gets very jealous of the female singers!!

    • Yeah says:

      That is a pretty squirrelly response. She obviously didn’t learn when she sold out to Idol producers for cash last time. Seems she is willing to sell out her integrity for cash if enough is provided and it’s not like she is remotely poor and has any remote need.

  47. Davepar says:

    My ideal panel would be…….replace JLo w/ Stevie Nicks and replace Randy w/ David Foster. Wishful thinking. Thoughts?

    • toadily says:

      Brilliant suggestions — Stevie Nicks and David Foster would indeed make it a dream team! Maybe Randy will surprise us and actually show the music industry the knowledge reflected on his bio, and his tired, irritating phrases can be edited out. JLo is just a bad choice to revive interest or credibility, or lead us to think we’re headed into exciting territory, which has been missing. We’ve all had an overdose of JLo. Love Keith and expect he’ll step up his commentary now that he won’t have to be counting to ten between Nikki and Mariah cat fights.

  48. CAS says:

    I really, really wanted Adam Lambert as a judge (and I think he really, really wants to do it). But I am THRILLED with Harry Connick, Jr. Maybe he’ll put a stop to the endless runs and trills and make the contestants sing the melody of a song for a change. What a novel idea! He really has good technical musical knowledge and seems to have the ability to stand up for his opinion instead of being a shill for the producers. So…I guess I can wait a couple more years for Adam.

  49. rb says:

    Connick is a racist jerk!

  50. CAM says:

    Why in the world are they bringing back JLo? And seriously, just when we were celebrating Randy’s departure, he’s back? As a mentor? As a judge he was terrible- how in the world do they think he is actually going to be a good mentor for the contestants? (And why must they continue to plague us with him?) I guess JLo hasn’t been getting any offers lately and needs to come back to try and revive interest. Are there really a lot of fans out there that love her? Fox seems to think so. Hoping Keith and Harry will keep things real.

    • Lori says:

      There sure is just don’t know why some people hate her so much is it because she is latina and is making it. Can’t stand that Latinos are coming up in this world.