Idol's Candice Glover on Rearranging Drake, Reading Internet Critiques and Learning From Harry Connick! Plus: A 'Lovesong' Deep Dive!

Candice Glover IdologyIt’s something of an understatement to say that Candice Glover was ready for anything during her Season 12 run on American Idol.

After a brutal, unexplained cut during the Season 11 Vegas round, Candice returned home to St. Helena Island, SC, and listened to country, folk, blues and a lot of Taylor Swift on an effort to become a more well-rounded artist. In the process, she discovered an inner confidence that allowed her to face head-on a multitude of Internet message-board comments about her appearance and the judges’ failure to identify her as “commercial” or “the total package.”

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Candice stopped by TVLine HQ to discuss this epiphany — and how it informed her epic rendition of “Don’t Make Me Over” as well as her coronation anthem “I Am Beautiful.”

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Not only that, but we get deep dives into her rearrangements of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up,” Drake’s “Find Your Love” and The Cure’s “Lovesong” — and find out more info on why she feared her Group Round “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!),” which early song choice she wishes she could take back, how she understood Randy, Nicki, Keith and Jimmy not putting her in their Top 3s on Top 7 results night and what she thought of Randy’s “church girl” critiques.

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So press play below for the TWO-PART Candice experience, and for all my Idol news, interviews, recaps and video, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Vetle says:

    Candice Glover. <333

  2. Bernice says:

    Really great interview! I think it’s one of her best interviews to date. Candice has gotten a lot better at the interviews. I think it helps though that she’s Michaels’ fave, lol, he was totally invested in this interview.
    This was a really interesting listen/watch? And I loved hearing her thoughts on the different song choices.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Agreed, Bernice! She was so animated in this one in comparison to the Candice on the show and in other interviews. Perhaps because she’s a Michael fan, she felt more comfortable with him. I wish he’d asked if she remembers how she felt when she’d finished her duet with Jennifer Hudson. The look on her face as they faced the audience was just priceless!

    • DEREK W. NEWELL says:


  3. Jacob P says:

    CANDICE dszgdfjuhgfyfhjutrbhtsehyumkhykdgyeraszwetawehydehygtjuikhukghfjnmhndtyjuyfjhgdutyiyutdhyutdhugftykifyugkfyugjkfhyuhjfjksrthyudtytd ghtrdshytdhtrfsgyeragtegythfjghjkhuiugiyiiugyiy

  4. sprwmn88 says:


    Been waiting for this for SO long. Love this girl! Can’t wait for her album!

  5. American Idol Sucks says:

    This recent development of canceled shows has further fanned speculations that the once most-popular TV franchise is indeed struggling, with tickets to the tour probably not selling so well which may have caused the tour to be cut down. If it’s any indication, current champion Candice Glover’s and runner-up Kree Harrison’s singles have both tanked, the lowest-selling singles ever of any “Idol” winner or top two finalists, preceded by the continued downward spiraling of the show’s ratings.
    “American Idol Live!” 2013 Tour canceled shows:
    June 29 – St. Louis, MO (Chaifetz Arena)
    June 30 – Kansas City, MO (Sprint Center)
    July 02 – Minneapolis, MN (Target Center)
    July 05 – Detroit, IL (Joe Louis Arena)
    July 06 – Rosemont, IL (Allstate Arena)
    July 08 – Tulsa, OK (BOK Center)
    July 10 – Broomfield, CO (1STBANK Center)
    July 12 – Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Events Center)
    July 13 – Ontario, CA (Citizens Business Bank Arena)
    July 14 – Oakland, CA (The Oracle Arena)

    • Bumm says:

      No kidding the tour would fail, who would pay money to see that bunch of queens and nobodies perform? Its not struggling, its dying. You left out how Disney’s Idol experience has shrunk their commitment and revenue. In my mind, this is all fair. This season’s contestants do not deserve to reap the rewards of prior seasons as this one was a manipulated pile of BS that deserves to wallow in its own stink.

      And since I still dont see an announcement of Lythgoe, Warwick, Frot-Coutaz, Chew and even light-dimmer Kiernan getting fired, the show is not going to get any better. Someone put it out of its misery and give Seacrest a new contract to make his own version of Idol. Not that he’d do any better, but he couldn’t possibly do any worse.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Why would Kieran need to get fired? His gig is below the line. Give the guy a break, he has nothing to do with Idol’s failure.

  6. Lori says:

    She’s awesome!

  7. American Idol Sucks says:

    All the best to Candice. Why didn’t Kree or Angie get flowers! Too bias that Mikey is. Stop being a fanboy!

    • Alienate says:

      Ummm, because Candace was the Winner? And your name says all we need to know about you.
      L O S E R …

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      He only give flowers to one contestant per season … Last year Skyler, season prior was Haley … and man I watch this stuff way too much …

      • Kate says:

        Ha! :>

      • Montavilla says:

        I think Season Seven’s flowers went to Carly Smithson. I don’t know what they were. They looked exotic. Season Eight’s flowers were red roses and were given to Allison Iraheta. Season Nine’s were sunflowers and were presented to Crystal Bowersox. Season Ten’s were for Haley; they were yellow roses. Skylar got a bouquet of white flowers.

  8. Alienate says:

    Thanks Mikey. Good interview, and good season of Idology.
    Now start filming some Voice Goodies, please.

  9. dani n. says:

    Candice, gregarious and on point! Question I have is why during the show did Candi, Kree&Angie have people show up for them on stage in earlier rounds but Amber didn’t. Mike? Anyone have any guesses.Maybe they were top 3 all along, had special people to amp up their standing and judges praised Amberto bolster her so she could continue…The producers way of telegraphing their top 3?

    • twnkltoze says:

      I think perhaps Candice and Kree personally inspired their artists so much that they probably asked to be there. Perhaps Angie just wasn’t that inspiring to the artists she covered. But didn’t Colton Dixon show up? Oh yeah. He was already booked. Conversely, nobody asked Candice or Kree to fly to England to sing their song at a concert either.

      • twnkltoze says:

        Oops. Sorry. Read over and my answer would be, Amber didn’t inspire much of anything in anybody.

  10. I love Candice’s artistic style and her awesome personality. She’s a fabulous Idol winner!

  11. dude says:

    She’s SO wonderful and talented! Love her!

  12. sherab says:

    (and she sure is pretty, too…)

  13. Mik says:

    She’s so cool and down to earth! Amazing singer, amazing woman!

  14. Guitar Blue says:

    Here’s the sales figures via wetpaint site – on first week sales by the 12 winners of American Idol, on their single release right after the finale. First week only.

    1) Ruben Studdard, “Flying Without Wings” – 286,000

    2) Phillip Phillips, “Home” – 278,000

    3) David Cook, “The Time of My Life” – 236,024

    4) Kelly Clarkson, “A Moment Like This” – 236,000

    5) Taylor Hicks, “Do I Make You Proud” – 190,147

    6) Scotty McCreery, “I Love You This Big” – 171,404

    7) Fantasia Barrino, “I Believe” – 142,141

    8) Kris Allen, “No Boundaries” – 134,458

    9) Carrie Underwood, “Inside Your Heaven” – 131,504

    10) Lee Dewyze, “Beautiful Day” – 95,000

    11) Jordin Sparks, “This Is My Now” – 74,303

    12) Candice Glover, “I Am Beautiful” – 54,000

    • Temperance says:

      Yeah, but P2’s Home has made more money than almost all the rest combined since release, and that was just last year.

    • MamaLis says:

      Oh stop with this. Between you and the Idol Sucks killjoy.
      Let me put it this way – getting all hyped-up about the sales of the Winner’s First Single and speculating that it has ANY bearing on future success, is like observing a recent graduate of the Berkley College of Music as he begins his career in the theaters of New York City, then publicly blogging, “He got two Cs in his 3rd Quarter before graduating so CLEARLY, his future is limited and/or doomed.”
      It’s just but the first stepping stone in what is the rest of their lives/careers – if they so choose and devote themselves. :-)

      • Vetle says:

        Yeah, Ruben at 1st and Carrie and 9th is pretty much ’nuff said.

        • Lyle Lafee says:

          What you have to look at are sales to date,Rubin was first and Carrie ninth,but where is Rubin today,some people like Rubin and Candice should,take us to church,that where they started.and maybe God was sending them a message.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      and what would this chart be like if the winners were able to record and release and publicise kick-ass singles they wrote or personally chose instead of being force-fed second-rate generic songs written by committee and Idol’s producers?

    • twnkltoze says:

      Nobody can expect tremendous sales of these mostly schmaltzy songs that no mainstream DJ would even think about playing. It’s all up to iTunes these days. I think it’s the first album sales that really count. Do you have any figures on that?

    • Mel says:

      Single – debut/total
      Kelly – 236,000/1,223,000
      Ruben – 286,000/790,000
      Fantasia – 142,141/559,000
      Carrie – 170,528/880,000
      Taylor – 228,418/709,000
      Jordin – 74,303/334,000
      David C – 236,024/1,463,000
      Kris – 134,458/343,000
      Lee – 95,000/186,000
      Scotty – 171,404/851,000
      Phillip – 278,000/4,512 677
      Candice – 48,291/71,191

      Album – debut/total
      Kelly – 297,000/2,772,000
      Ruben – 416,569/1,792,000
      Fantasia – 239,389/1,839,000
      Carrie – 314,549/7,320,000
      Taylor – 298,199/705,000
      Jordin – 119,119/1,045,000
      David C – 280,000/1,325,000
      Kris – 80,000/346,000
      Lee – 39,000/151,000
      Scotty – 196,739/1,166,000
      Phillip – 169,158/885,231

  15. Adrian Arciniega says:

    The way she explained what “Don’t Make Me Over” meant to her made me like the performance even more than I already did.

  16. Vizay says:

    Glad to hear how intelligent Candice is. She is willing to tackle any style, listen to constructive criticism, stay true to herself and still work really hard. This girl has “It”
    and will be with us for a very long time. I still think she is the most talented American
    Idol ever. What a fantastic career she will have.

  17. LeahKittyS says:

    Wow. What a real, clever, beautiful woman. A queen worthy of the title. I just have a bad feeling the popular music industry is not going to appreciate that voice. As of now the Manchester tour show is still on, and I know she’s gonna bring. That. Arena. Down!

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Dear Miss LeahKitty,
      Good to hear from you again!! I agree with you completely. Candice was “pumped” for this interview. And in it, she displayed that she’s smart, down to earth, and truly beautiful! Between that extraordinarily gorgeous voice of hers and how she knows “just” how to use it, it becomes an exquisite gem she bestows to those of us intelligent enough to listen — and, thus relish. She really is quite the “package.”

      I suspect that she will have a hard battle in today’s pop “music” scene, particularly since it’s become as “non-musical” (sorry, having to rely on auto-tune is not a sign of musicality), and otherwise, stupid as it’s become. But, hopefully, music, i.e. “real music” might find it’s way back. — and soon.

      And there are several former AI folks (besides Candice, there’s at least Haley (Reinhart) and Elise Testone, just to name a few) who are there to lead the vanguard for a better and new direction.

      That is my hope. My hopes are rarely ever realized but that is my hope.

      OTOH, at the beginning of the season, I had hopes for Candice making it to top 3. I was quite certain, no matter how good she was — or, perhaps, because she was so good — that she’d never go beyond the 3rd spot. (I didn’t start paying attention to AI until hearing Crystal and Lee sing “Falling Slowly.” In the following 2 seasons, my favorites [Haley, Joshua] left in 3rd place.) There are times when I like being wrong — and, this time, I was thrilled at being wrong.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Oh my goodness, My Alter Ego, you won’t believe this. Just before I read your comment I was watching “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” on YouTube, and you wording was so articulate and sophisticated that I read it in Rarity’s voice. ROTFLOL What a way to spend a Sunday. I like that you have hope for “real music” and am starting to see it come back, so let’s hope Candice gets the success she deserves.
        P.S. My very favorite Idol alumni (not counting this season since they haven’t released original material yet) are Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry, Jordin, David Cook, Kris, Adam, and Phillip.)

    • Name That Tune says:

      I would not get so concerned about the short term careers of Candice and Kree. JHud didn’t leave Idol and magically become an overnight success. Katherine McPhee took years to land SMASH. This girl is so smart and talented. Her market may not be US based at all. It may be more international especially if she stays in the jazzy realm.
      Regardless it was nice to learn that this site has such a strong influence with the contestants. Just keep reading and posting guys. We’re being heard.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Good points, NTT. I’ve appreciated your observations and insights this Idol season, and thank you for the message above.

  18. Linda says:

    Candice – This was a FABULOUS interview! I’m so incredibly proud of you. I love the smooth, buttery tones in your voice and I, too, was outraged when only one judge had you in their top 3. I was visiting family and I started screaming at the television set! Since last year’s unfair cut, you were my choice to win it all and I am so glad you have. Keep on shining! You’re beautiful inside and out!

  19. TVDIVA says:

    This was my first season watching Idology and it was fantastic. I loved all the recaps and interviews. Candice is really a strong woman to read all that crap on the Internet and still sing like an angel. She is truly amazing and will have a long and wonderful career. I wish all the AI contestants who performed this season continued success.

  20. Lois Benton says:

    TV Line is my favorite review site, too. If American Idol goes off the air in a year or two, at least it had Candice, who is probably the best singer ever on this show. Kelly Clarkson being second. Joshua Ledet being third.

  21. Liz says:

    Great interview Michael! Love Candice and I think she is even more beautiful in this video than she was on the show. I have already prepurchased her album and can’t wait for it to be finished. Just because radio is too narrow to play her song it does not mean she is any less talented than the other winners. Shame on them. I hope they come to their senses soon.

    • kahuna says:

      Candice really did look great in that interview. When her eyes are done, she has a lovely sultry look, and I love the new hair.

  22. Nermal says:

    Great interview but sad that Idology is over for another year. Thanks for such an entertaining season. I have a request – can we please get a behind the scenes look at Idology? For example, have someone to interview Michael, Melinda and Jason on what it’s like to film it each week? And what it’s like to interview contestants, some that weren’t given great reviews in the recaps?

    • MamaLis says:

      Great idea!
      And THANKS MICHAEL (and Melinda!) for another FANTASTIC year of Idology. You guys are the BEST part of Idol; in fact, Uncle Nig should give you a %/$! In addition to the great girls this year – you guys are what keeps things current, fun, and engaging!

  23. Thea says:

    Great to know Candice is a much of an Idology fan as the rest of us. ;) Fantastic interview. What a smart, funny and talent young woman. I can’t wait for the album and for Candi to prove all the nay-sayers wrong. Could we possibly get a duet with Jessica on there? Think of the marketability, 19! (And the TALENT!)

  24. Tahoe Mike says:

    First time in so long that my favorite won this silly show!

  25. Zach says:

    Candice is beautiful!

  26. lilly says:

    wonderful interview. she is great and michael is as usual, a great interviewer. I hope she does well.

  27. Trouty Mouth says:

    CANDICE!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!!! First of all, she comes off as very well-spoken, very intelligent and such a genuine, nice person, which I love. It seemed like she and Michael had somewhat of a rapport (it helps that he’s been a fan of hers from day one as well). Also she proves that you don’t need to be a WGWG to be “creative”, and obviously her voice is insane and out of this world. I LOVED “I Am Beautiful”, and I got especially excited when I saw that the people who wrote it are the same people who are working with Naya Rivera on her album (I’m a huge Naya fan and I’d seriously love to see a collaboration in the future between her and Candice). I seriously hope Candice has as much success as her female predecessors (I’ve seen that the male winners don’t seem to have the same amount of success as the female winners; Phillip’s single was successful, but most of that was because of the Olympics). And I love that Candice was the recipient of the annual “Flowers from Slezak”, and it’s fantastic that FINALLY my fave has won. #TeamCandiceForever!

  28. HTGR says:

    Yeah her top six week was great!
    Hopefully she does well or at least well enough to do what she wants to do which is what matters in the end I guess. I wouldn’t put too much pressure on her to match the other girl winners though since the show was much better at launching people back in those days.

    • Vizay says:

      HTGR, Candice was launched the moment she sang with Jennifer Hudson. I actually
      feel she out sang Jennifer Hudson. Her tone and control were much better than Jennifer’s.
      The whole industry is waiting for this girl who will take her “money” notes and have a
      “moment within the note” where she lays herself bare. By that I mean her expressivity of
      emotion is what grabs the listeners heart and reels them in. She’s absolutely incredible

      • HTGR says:

        What I meant is it is nothing against her if she doesn’t sell as well as the first few girls who won. Not nearly as many people saw her perform with JHud as saw saw say the season with Carrie Underwood and it’s so many seasons in and there are so many shows now. So when they were talking about she has pressure to match them, it’s not really fair.
        Early on all sorts of contestants were getting multi-hundred thousand album sales. Now even second place finishes haven’t launched as well lately. Jessica Sanchez seemed to have something that was even chart friendly, but with few HS or college age watching it now, who even knows her song even exists? You need a huge push these days and can’t just rely on having been on Idol alone to guarantee a big sale for the initial album. P2 got a huge mega push from the Olympics. Scotty being country helped a bit.
        But she did win at least which will help. Maybe having won will be just enough. But matching some of the former female winners isn’t as easy these days I don’t think.

        • Danny says:

          Along those same lines, music in general isn’t selling as well and hasn’t for quite some time now. Look at the last album to sell 20 million records. It’s back in 2000. That was the Beatle’s compilation album. The last artist to have new material sell 20 million was back in the late 90s.
          With Idol having about 1/3 the viewers it had in it’s hey day, I’m inclined to agree w/ Hit and don’t think the pressure to match them isn’t really fair.

        • Danni says:

          Candice is so nice. I feel that with AI tanking, especially this season. Candice and any of the contestants will not be as well received by the masses. The exposure is no where near season 5 and 6. Season 5 was the best year I think. I have an aweful feeling her album will fail, not her fault. But there’s no buzz with AI anymore.

  29. daynamonet says:

    Love the interview. I think candice is so real and prolly the most relaxed idology interview ive seen this year. She kinda reminds me of me and the things id prolly say. So down to earth and just cool and can remain PC w/o sounding corny or sugar coating things. Love it!

    • GrammarMatters says:

      Cool! You know it’s “probably,” right? Or “prob” for short? And “I’d?”
      Right On!

      • HTGR says:

        Hey, they weren’t writing a paper and “prolly” is just an clipped form dating back decades and decades ago form some dialects. It’s actually found in some dictionaries (official ones, not just slang or dialect dictionaries).

  30. nnc says:

    One of the best interviews! Total admiration for Candice she is so talented. She also gave us a behind the scenes view of American Idol and the trials that the contestants have to endure. She should have made it last year but glad she won this year.

  31. G-Mom says:

    I am so glad Candice won!! I was also a big fan of Amber’s. Beautiful tone to her voice! I think Candice is my 3rd fave of Idol winners following Kelly and Kris (he is awesome in concert, believe me!). I have bought all of Candice’s songs and pre-ordered her album. And I liked Candice’s performance better than Jennifer’s!! Best of luck for a great future, Candice!

    • Sandy says:

      Hey cool! Kris is actually my favorite winner. Ruben, Kris and Candice are the only winners who were my favorite contestants in their seasons. Have yet to see Kris in concert but maybe someday I will see him as well as Candice.

  32. Marianne says:

    Candice was my favorite all along, although I see a great future for Amber as well. And in this interview (very well done, b.t.w.) she showed once again what a wonderful person she is. I truly wish she takes care in choosing representatives and companies, because her voice and personality promise a very successful future. And I’m also certain we’ll see her in movies as well. God speed.

  33. Yo says:

    Candice. Never, never, never read Internet sites. You had a fantastic season and will have a fantastic career: marketability is simply the talent for presenting good music in a new and different way. You got that down. Just be sure they give you good music, what you want, for your first album. Do your life and career your own way.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      LOL! Yo, you do realize that if Candice heeds your advice, she won’t have seen your message to stay away from internet sites. Right?

  34. Linda Davis says:

    Candace wasn’t my first choice, but I wish her all the success in the world with her career. And thank you for getting rid of Mariah and especially Nikki. They better come up with better judges or I’m afraid I won’t watching Idol next year. Keith did an awesome job. And Dawg will be missed.

  35. AlyB says:

    So happy to finally see her interview. Candice made some of the most interesting musical choices on her arrangements and delivered a body of work this season that earned her this win. I love her voice, her musical style and she seems like a genuinely funny and wonderful person. Go get ’em Candice. I’ll definitely be following your career.

  36. Baus Rufo says:

    Great interview! Very very insightful points from Candice. Girlfriend really did her homework to crush the competition!

  37. MamaLis says:

    FANTASTIC interview, Miss Candice! I had you for the win since the beginning and I believe your success comes at the *right* time for you, my Dear. When self-confidence, integrity, grounding, and talent align with timing, exposure, momentum, and “breaks.”
    If you’re COMMITTED to succeeding, and you’re willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life – you will! You absolutely will! :-)

  38. MamaLis says:

    In fact, I want to add something to my post – in response to several posts I read above about the “popular music industry not appreciating (Candice’s) voice” or speculation that Candice wouldn’t do well with “the masses.”

    In all kindness, I would suggest that some of these “posters” expand their music world a little bit and realize that Candice doesn’t have to have a career along side Taylor Swift and Katie Perry in order to have a successful career in music!

    Candice OFTEN reminds me of the exquisite Jill Scott and while not a household name or Top 40 Artist, Jill Scott has had a HUGE career in music and is still turning out stuff that people are buying! She’s A-Mazing! Look at Melanie Fiona or any of the BET Awards/Women Performers: Probably haven’t heard of many of them but they sure have had fantastic careers!

    Another suggestion would be to go to the NPR Website sometime. Seriously. Look under *Music* and then Jazz/R&B. Check out the featured artists. Check out the radio stations all over the country featuring old & new artists that are making quite a good living in the music industry! Candice herself said she loves Jazz and in time, she could very well carve a niche in JAZZ if she wanted!!!

    There are just SO many different artists out there, making it and SO much out there to do – to speculate that Candice wouldn’t do well based on the success/failure of her first AI single or the “temperature” of Pop Music – it’s just crazy. Truly.

    • Vizay says:

      My sentiments exactly. Never count Candice out. She has already proven herself.
      No matter what anyone says she is resilient. She has the ability to forge a new way.
      She takes a song and can rearrange it and transform it into something wonderful. She
      can take her career and do the same. This girl has so many options.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      I LOVE YOU for acknowledging JILL SCOTT, in fact, I’ve been saying this about thousand times already on this board that Candice doesn’t need to take the mainstream billboard approach in order to be successful because true R&B / soul music is still highly appreciated. Look at Sharon Jones, Ledisi, Janelle Monae, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Erykah Badu, and yes, Jill Scott, or even the less obscure ones like Chrisette Michele and one of her idols, Jazmine Sullivan. They can still make authentic r&b and be recognized. Of course in terms of success, she might not reach the level of Kelly and Carrie. But tbh, I don’t f-in’ care, because tons of number ones albums and singles don’t equate with good music.

      • MamaLis says:

        Yes! Yes! YES! Abso-friggin-loutely! And thank you!!
        R&B Soul IS highly appreciated and there is a tremendous market for it and the other women you’ve named are testament to the many, many possibilities for Candice.
        For sure, who f’ing cares about scoring the “Top 40.” It’s be nice, but yada yada.
        Frankly, I’d rather see Candice become one of the soulful “greats!”
        (And we could go down the same type of road for Jazz if we wanted, too!… : – )

  39. Laverne says:

    Candice has a very strong voice beyond the shadow of a doubt however after watching this interview I wonder if she realizes that she sounds a bit contradicting when she said she wasn’t going to let anyone change her yet her look is totally transformed (face wise). She’s allowed them to really pile on the make up which gives her an almost totally different face. It seems as if AI was not happy with the way she looked cause she was transformed almost IMMEDIATELY after her win!!!!!! I’m happy Camdice won but she doesn’t really seem happy with her win. Maybe because she knows AI was gunning for Amber and Angie to be a part of the Top 2. HOWEVER it did not work that way . GOD BLESS YOU ON ALL FUTURE ENDEAVORS

    • April Eunice says:

      LOL. gunning for Angie and Amber in the top 2? are you serious. the judges were stepping on Kree and Angie this whole time since Janelle got booted out. it was clear they wanted Amber AND Candice up there.

      • MsFiyah says:

        You realize that after the show AI has nothing to do with Candice right? She traveled to New York for this, and I’m pretty sure idol’s make up team didn’t follow. This could be how SHE wanted to look all along but idol wouldn’t allow it. Just saying you never know.

      • CJ says:

        Once Top 5 hit and the finish line was insight, I do think TPTB wanted Angie/Amber and Candice; what better to break the streak of 5 WGWGs :P *hides* I felt a little bad for Kree, girl couldn’t seem to do anything right at that point. Just my observation

    • Fan says:

      Trust me Candice is ecstatic with her win. She had no problems snatching up the pimp spot from Kree to secure it :)
      The thing with the winner is that for 1 year their soul belongs to the label :P I just hope she can put out something great.

  40. Steve says:

    If Fox were to do an Xtra Factor type show for Idol (or they probably could do it for XF) they should partner with TVLINE and let Michael & Melinda do it – Even just make it a live post show internet show and then keep the video up there for a week. Idology already does that so this partnership could get TVLINE more publicity…THink about it guys

  41. kahuna says:

    What a great interview. I love her even more. Also, I love her hair split in the middle and at that length. It looks great.

  42. Love Candice! What a great interview! She is so down to earth and lovely. I think it will be a tough road for her, but her talent will prevail! I’m buying whatever you put out Candice!

  43. deedee says:

    Thank you, Michael, for this fantastic interview! Candice is so beautiful and smart and talented. I hope Jimmy pushes her the way he did P2, and that she has massive success. She’s just too gifted to fade into obscurity. Good luck, Candice!

  44. init2winitdawg says:

    Thanks for the interview, it was a joy to hear her perspective. Good luck Candice, we have pre-ordered your album and wish you much success!

  45. Mark says:

    Candice comes across as a very thoughtful, intelligent, and surprisingly vulnerable young woman with enormous talent. I still don’t understand how she was cut last year, but it worked out for the better. Without her, this season would have been a total waste of time (instead of the near total waste that it actually was). Still, I’m a little bothered by the limited scope of her musical background. She previously admitted that she had never heard “One”–not the U2 version nor the Mary J Blige version. And here, she talks as though the only version of “Love Song” she has ever heard is the Adele version. She doesn’t seem to realize that The Cure originally performed the song, and that Adele’s version was a major reworking of the original. But even more revealing is just how bad the production of the show really was this year. All the technical problems with her performances, and the asinine and inconsistent critiques from the judges made this season something that should be turned over to Gordon Ramsay to fix. (“Get out!” All of you lying judges, get out!”) Nonetheless, she is talented, charming, and I wish her well. And Candice, if you are reading this, don’t worry about your weight. You are gorgeous the way you are, and talent wins out in the end, anyway. Just ask Adele, Jill Scott, or Anne Wilson.

    • deedee says:

      That’s ok. “The great Michael Jackson” was unfamiliar with U2’s music in their heyday, and that didn’t stop him from becoming “great” … lol. Candice has amazing musical instincts and will build her knowledge as she grows. What’s encouraging is that she thought to start studying the different genres in the first place! That’s more than a lot of Idol contestants ever bothered to do.

  46. Joe says:

    Hey Candice – Get that Idol tour out of the way and promise to come play Town Hall, Carnegie Hall, The Beacon Theater or the Apollo in NYC. My wife & I can’t wait to see you do your new songs and the covers you have in your suitcase in that kind of setting. You’re one of the best singers to ever be on any of these reality singing shows and you deserve everything you get from this. Stay humble, swing for the fences and sing. You have lots of fans out there waiting to support you. And don’t let the haters on here/online get to you. They’re just bored, angry and looking for something to distract them from their day/life. Anyone who doesn’t feel joy when you sing is broken. Period.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Joe, I like the way you think and I hope that it can happen for Candice. (And, if it does, I’ll just have to be jealous that you’ll get to hear her and I, on the other side of the country, won’t be able to be there to hear — and cheer her on!)

  47. dj says:

    Candice seems like a very down-to-earth, nice girl, and I wish her much success. I was reading that some of the concerts have been cancelled due to lack of interest, and I hope that doesn’t make her feel bad. I don’t think it’s about the contestants. I think the show in general is just losing popularity.

  48. Enoch Butler says:

    candice i love ur voice as am older man i love to hear u sing hurry with the alburm cant wait to hear it

  49. the best won end of show and the start of this Queens career wishing her every happiness and all good things .

  50. syb says:

    I really admire the self-possession and vision. The more I see the more impressed I am so I have high hopes for her over the long term.