Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Red Coat Revealed! [Spoiler] Lives! Another 'A' Unmasked?

Pretty Little Liars Finale SpoilersTensions were running high in Pretty Little Liars‘ summer finale, as World War ‘A’ kicked into high-gear — and those who were once thought to be dead were suddenly… not. However, the biggest twist of the night came in the form of yet another ‘A’ unmasking — and this one puts the previous reveals of Mona and Toby’s nef’A’rious dealings to shame.

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FREEBIRD FRENZY | ‘A’ immediately makes good on his or her promise to bring down a world of hurt on the Liars should Hanna’s mom Ashley go free — Spoiler Alert: she does — by sending them a Mona-centric surprise. Arriving via a mini-coffin, a doll that looks an awful lot like the reformed ‘A’ssistant comes with a message of doom: Find the missing Mona before the cops do. Otherwise, the girls will be implicated in yet another murder.  Having yet to locate her, another treat arrives for the girls — this one touting the theme of a magic show. A brief bit of web browsing reveals that there’s a magician dropping by the neighboring town of (and subject of the upcoming spin-off) Ravenswood, so the girls hit the road.

VIDEO | Ravenswood Season 1 Trailer: Caleb Comes to Town

SLEIGHT OF HAND | While the ladies watch Aria take part in a “disappearing act,” it’s Emily who actually vanishes. The three remaining Liars embark on a wild friend chase and find Em trapped in a coffin of her own — one that is chained to a conveyor belt and rapidly approaching a table saw. After Red Coat Numero Uno turns the belt off (yes, there are a pair of them present!), Spencer chases one and Aria goes after the other.

MOVES LIKE BUFFY | Without hesitation, Aria puts a slayer-level beatdown on her pretty little red one, learning that her identity is in fact Cece Drake. However, in the midst of the battle, Cece falls over a railing and “dies.” (But she doesn’t die; she escapes, much to the Liars’ shock and dismay.)

BOND, ‘A’ BOND | The second Red Coat, meanwhile, appears to want Spencer to follow him/her, and leads her straight to an ‘A’ super lair. (Think Mona’s little motel room, only super-huge, super-classy and super-high tech.) The Ravenswood-area dwelling features timelines documenting the lives of the Liars, some of their men and even Red Coat. (Are they not in cahoots?), There’s also a bank statement that indicates ‘A’ has his or her own corporation. Also up for interpretation: A closet full of men’s business attire.

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SHE LIVES! | As the ladies exit the building, they encounter Ali’s old sorority house pal Mrs. Grunwald — who reveals that Alison is alive! (!!!) She explains that way back when, Ali knew she was being stalked and sought out the Ravenswood soothsayer for help. Feeling that something was “off” the night of Ali’s murder, Grunwald drove to Rosewood and rescued the latter from her grave of dirt. However, Ali vanished from her car before she was able to check her into a hospital. “It’s dangerous for you to go chasing after her,” she insists to the baffled Liars. “She doesn’t want to be found!” More telling, though, are her final remarks: “You’re being watched…. He’s hoping you’ll lead him to Alison.”

REUNITED | Before moving on, let’s flash back to the beginning of the installment: Jake suddenly seems a little disinterested in his relationship with Aria, which leads her to a very sweet run-in — and an even sweeter kiss! — with Ezra, at The Brew. Alas, Red Coat is watching the reunion from right outside. Toby and Spencer, too, came back together, with the former vowing to let go of the search for truth about his mom.

EZR’A’ | As the ladies decide to not heed Mrs. Grunwald’s warning — opting instead to stick around Ravenswood for a costume party (aka the setting of the Halloween installment airing Oct. 22) — a black hoodie-wearing figure lurks in the shadows. Said figure then makes his way to the super lair, removes his hood and… IT IS EZRA! (Take a breath. Let that sit with you for a minute. You good? No? We’re not really either…) Ezra canvasses the room, and then, in a fit of rage, slams shut a closet door with all his might. Is he mad because the girls are in on the truth about Ali? Or is this just another red herring and really Ezra is just attempting to look after Aria and has just uncovered the fact that ‘A’ is still tormenting his lady love? (We predict the latter. Though Ezra did come to town for the very first time in the pilot, so…)

EVERYTHING ELSE | Shana is somehow connected to Wren, who is once again tied to Spencer’s always nutty sister Melissa. Upon following her to a meeting with an alive-and-well Mona, Toby overhears the following convo:

MONA: “You sure she’s OK with this?”
SHANA: “She doesn’t have a choice.”

Meanwhile, Caleb is hopping on a bus to Ravenswood — aka his new home — to assist Hanna & Co.

So, Little Liars, what say you about Ezra’s big reveal: ‘A’wful? ‘A’mazing? ‘A’trocious? ‘A’bsurd?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. neha says:

    If the writers pull the same exact stunt with Ezra, as they did with Toby, I actually do think I’m done with this show. There’s bad writing (aka this entire season), and then there’s lazy writing. I can’t tolerate the latter.

    • Olivia says:

      x2 to everything.

    • Pat says:

      Maybe Elra has an evil twin. Otherwise this makes absolutely no sense. Ezra has been spending all his time teaching and taking care of the kid he thought was his. If he’s really not cut off from family money why take the teaching job. Wouldn’t that interfere with all the timeline work? Just absurd and ridiculous. They’ve gotten do convoluted I’m rapidly losing interest.

      • missindependent says:

        Couldn’t agree more with this, especially the part where he knows every. little. detail. about the kid who turned out not to be his. WHILE teaching. and visiting lawyers and dealing with the kids mom, and pining for Aria, ETC. It makes NO sense that he’s had any time to scheme with/as A – LET ALONE run around town leaving clues and notes and such.

      • neha says:

        Actually, if Ezra is A, him being a teacher makes perfect sense. A) He can gain the girls’ trust and B) He can keep an eye on them all the time. The show has already said that “A” is paying people (like CeCe) to do dirty work for him. So, theoretically, it would make perfect sense. Ezra and Wren are the only two that fit the right age and have the money to do it. So, it has to be one of them, IMHO.

        And for people saying that A has done things to hurt Aria/Ezra/etc. If Ezra is A, he had to do it. Or else it would look suspicious.

        • I agree. And as far as him not taking his family’s money, we only have his word of that. It would take a lot of money to do the things A does and I always wondered where it came from. If he is on the A team, everything he ever said or did may not be real.

    • Sarah Stokes says:

      their is anothr article that has olive confrming that ezra is A

    • kate says:

      I think Alison and CeCe are the real A. They are both in the red coats and lead them to A’s quarters. I’m guessing Ezra realizes Alison is alive, just like Melissa and the girls have suspected at various times. Ezra is employing Wren and by association, Shawna and Jenna in an effort to track down Alison. Mona was in with CeCe and Alison. The A gifts in this episode were much different than previously, much classier but Ezra knows they will follow anything.

      CeCe is spying on Ezra as an effort to help Alison in the previous episode.

      I also think there is a lot more in the stand alone Halloween episodes than people think. The books have the twins and so do the Halloween episodes. Alison (or Kourtney) is dead, the other is in hiding. One of the twins is dead though based on the “ghost” which visits the Marin household on Halloween.

    • t86 says:

      Exactly.They said a lot of things with Toby’s reveal in S3, and in the end, was just to protect Spencer. If they do the same with Ezra, it will be really frustrating and repetitive

    • MidnightJenny says:

      Yup. Ezra isn’t A. He’s protecting Aria. He vandalized that car when the classmate smeared her name. He’s had her back the entire season. She even got upset with him about it and told him he couldn’t be that person for her anymore. He was mad in A’s lair because he was seeing a whole world of crap that he hadn’t been able to protect her from. And that’s all.

  2. Diogo says:

    I surely hope that Ezra is in fact in the A-Team. I really believe he’s Big A.

    • JC says:

      Then why would he send a letter to Byron saying that Aria and Ezra are dating and will be at a specific restaurant tonight? And why would Ezra then show up to that restaurant and nearly get caught? Just to throw off the home audience?

      • Julina says:

        Yeah; when you say it like that what he didn’t really make a lot of sense unless he just wanted to get caught (but I doubt that very seriously).

        • Pérola Cardozo says:

          The best way to not be seeing as the bad guy, is victimizing himself. I knew it was Ezra from the beginning, too “perfect” to be true. I’m happy for that.

          Now, the most intriguing, to me at least, is… Why did Hanna hid that diary from the others, like she was afraid they find out?

          • Pérola Cardozo says:

            Watch the episode again and look into Hanna’s expression, she looks like she knows something. She’s the one trying to convince everyone that Mona’s in trouble, at the same time she looks pissed that she can’t find out where Mona is. She tells Aria to keep Jake close, maybe Jake’s part of the mess? She doesn’t look very surprised at the boxes being delivered, and she kind of seems very irritated with Spencer. In the magic show the tall guy seems to recognize her from somewhere, she’s looking to Emily’s side all the time, then she’s the last to pick up the phone, when the pair of read coats show up she doesn’t show any reaction in chasing them, she looks worried, she’s very angry when Cece’s escapes alive, when they get in A’s lair she doesn’t say anything for a while, and looks worried and goes straight for the diary. She’s the only one in the computer, not getting it right, she stops talking with Caleb when Spencer finds the bank account, and she’s fast to blame Cece’s, when that doesn’t work, and Emily finds the album, she’s the one to sent them in the “older guy” direction, and very quick finds the man’s clothes. When They are talking to Ms. Grindwald, she says that Ali can trust them, and Ms. Grunwalds basically look at her and says Ali can’t, like she knew something more. And before they enter the store, she looks straight on Ezra. I think she’s playing against Alisson, Alisson is the one who put Hanna’s mom in jail, to send a message, and Hannah is more pissed than ever because of that. She’s in A Team somehow.

      • I think it was Alison. The other A. I believe that there’s A and A team (after A, who is Alison). She wanted Byron to caught Aria dating Ezra, so she will not end up like her.

      • sophie says:

        It wasn’t him who sent the letter, it was Mona. Ezra didn’t wanna get caught.
        She didn’t work for Red Coat until she ended up in Radley.

        • melissa says:

          I think Sophie is correct. In the beginning of the show, A was Mona. I believe she mentioned in the beginning of the season that after she was sent to Radley, another Big A took over and she was just part of the A team. From this episode, it seems like Ezra is the Big A that took over, and mostly likely is the same A that was tormenting Ali before her “death.”

          • sophie says:

            What I don’t get is, who was Alison’s A? Because I thought it was revealed that it was Mona, but now it seems that it was Ezra the whole time.
            When did Ezra started being A? Why would he steel Alison’s body if he knew she was alive?

      • Stefan says:

        Mona was A back then.

      • DeeKayTee says:

        Well now we also have to figure in the Ali factor. She could be an alt-A sending all of the more helpful A clues and trying to break up Aria and Ezra would seem like #1 on her agenda if he is the “big bad” (which I REALLY hope that he is but doubt after they played us out with the whole Toby thing)

      • hmmoorman says:

        I think it’s dumb that Ezra could possibly be A, but it does make sense. A lot of people are saying “well then why would he write a note to Byron telling him where Aria and Ezra went out to dinner” it’s because Ezra didnt write that. Ali did. Ali is alive and always has been and I think she’s trying to secretly help the girls as much as possible, even if it might hurt them at the time. If Ezra really is A, and he’s going after Ali, then of course Ali would want her friends to stay away from him. Ezra is just like Heisenburg (shout out to all my breaking bad fans) no one knows who he is and he’s good at what he does.

    • david says:

      None of u make sense its him hes the mastermind the typewriter the whiskey bottles he didnt just see aria and wander into A s lair the old lady said hes here watching them and thats him it makes perfect sense hes the perfect character to be biga noone else could be more unexpected he was the beach hottie that allison spoke about wren doesnt make sense cause he was with melissa ezra believeing allison is 18 than believeing aria was graduateing college thats no coencidence he planned it because he has people watching them everywhere the whole reason hes after the liars is because he knos if he cause distress to them allison will come to protect them so that he can have her in his grasp hes the ultimate mastermind and if the writers ruen this with saying he has a twin or hes blackmailed or something like that the show is runed

  3. jenn says:

    I actually loved the finale. I really hope Ezra is the big bad A, even though it’s early in the scheme of things, because I’m sick of every villain in PLL being ambiguous. Is Jenna bad? We don’t know. Was Ian really bad? We don’t know. Same for Shauna,CeCe,Noel,Paige,Lucas,Jason,Mona,Wren,Melissa and even Alison.Toby and Caleb are 100% proven good guys. With Ezra being this psycho who knew all along who Aria was, it gets downright wrong and makes for compelling story telling. As for Ali still being alive, let’s wait and see.

  4. Esaul says:

    Called Ezra from the start. Hope this sticks.

    • Damn says:

      It would be good if they do stick with it without twisting it that he was doing it all for Aria etc.
      But I doubt it.
      Shame, it would bring something new to the show.

      • Esaul says:

        I agree. I don’t want it to be a Toby move. Ugh. Funny thing is, I haven’t even watched this episode yet, nor the subsequent ones leading up to it. I fell behind when I moved, so I’m slowly catching up. :D

        • Damn says:

          Same here, but I usually save up the entire season and watch it all at once across a few days.
          Its better that way, more satisfaction.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    There’s no reason to take that woman’s word that Alison is alive. I don’t buy it. Another non-revelation from PLL. Kind of ridiculous, though, that we got the same summer finale as last season, except Toby’s been switched with Ezra.

  6. david says:

    can this show get any more ridiculous?? oh wait it just did. why am i still watching this crappy show. cant wait till next year when one of the PLL is unmasked as A one by one until there’s no one left

  7. neha says:

    Also, I’m supposed to believe that this A person is such a genius mastermind, but he leaves his “office” completely unlocked and without protection?

  8. AJ says:

    This episode was written so lazily. The person who wrote this episode really needs to learn how to write a proper story. A kidnaps Emily in a park full of people in like 5 seconds, Cece disappears from the mill after fall, which would leave most people incapable of walking for a while, in what seemed like 2-3 seconds, they reveal a couple of things very superficially so they can see how fans react before giving answers instead of writing a story themselves. God, and those are just a couple of problems this episode had. I like this show as a guilty pleasure and Troian Bellisario is really good in it, but it is just getting more convoluted by the episode.

    • neha says:

      Yeah, Emily being kidnapped in a crowded park was the laziest piece of writing ever.

      • cas says:

        I’m not saying it wasn’t lazy but kids do get kidnapped in public places all the time. I was thinking maybe Emily saw something and ran after redcoat and then was nabbed.

  9. S says:

    So they couldn’t destroy their precious Toby but will Ezra? Sorry but that is just wrong..

    • neha says:

      I’m like 1000% sure that Ezra is going to be revealed not to be the real A. He was probably just following Aria, because he was looking out for her and was angry that the girls are still being hurt.

      For the record, I think Toby was destroyed much more this season by having the most boring storyline on the planet. Does anyone care what happened to his mother?

      • Shae says:

        same!! dont think he’s A. If he was A, wouldnt he have followed the girls to the party? But no, instead he goes to check out the lair. And he seems pretty surprised by what he finds there. I think he followed the girls there to make sure they’re okay.

        • Amanda says:

          He went back to his lair to put on his costume for the party (the dude at the end with the gas mask. I think Ezra is totally gonna be a part of ‘A’, hence why they brought Jake into the picture.

        • Prisilla Ortiz says:

          Unfortunately itbwas said that by an executive producer that this is real. Hes def A … it upsets me bc the decided this season that ezra will be A so obviously all aria and ezras love scenes were ezra rlly in love and I think this show would be considered a smart writtened show if the qouldve decided from day one who A was gonna be amd rolled with that bc now I feel like I was invested in ezria amd watched them gall in love I believed they were soulmates even when jaked came into the picture I still thght ezrias chemistry is way string than jake and arias chemistry could ever be (which btw they only brong jake bc they want us to want aria to be w. Jake and not ezra) its just annoying that we live this couple together and they did that

      • Roxy says:

        I think Ezra is definitely apt of the A team because the person wearing the same black outfit and gloves watched the girls go into the store to buy costumes. If that was Ezra watching out for Aria he would have gone into the store after her to make sure she was ok, not find his way to the lair by himself after she had already left. And on top of that it is very suspicious that Ezra was never ratted out to the school board or principle. Emily, Spencer, and Hannah had to go through a lot from A but Aria was definitely affected the least. It would have been so easy to reveal Ezra and Aria’s romance but A never did. Hmmmmmm very fishy. Also, Ezra had no problem illegally dating a girl incredibly younger than him so the crimes or possible murders he might have committed don’t seem too out of character. Regardless, I’m sure the writers of the show will find some way to turn it all around.

        • Roxy says:

          And on top of that, who else could get the money to put together that classy/super high tech lair together: Ezra’s rich mother/family. He obviously never worried about getting caught with Aria because even if he lost his teaching job, he had his incredibly wealthy family to live off of.

          • Kiki says:

            and yet how small is his apartment, and how could this genius mastermind (A) get locked out of his own class in the second last episode

        • Shannon says:

          Actually Ezra IS ratted out to the school board. Remember aria and her principles convo from the beginning of the season. And arias mom and colleges knew he was seeing a student

  10. Vanessa G. says:

    I hope that what we saw with Ezra is actually true and they have a very good (more than reasonable) explanation for this because, if they are gonna put him there kicking things just because he’s mad that (“actual”) A. is still going after the gilrs, this whole plot sucks and we don’t deserve to be teased in such a lame way. And it actually thrills me to see that the “obvious” people that we thought to be the bad guys are nothing but pieces of the puzzle, like Shana (GOD, I prayed badly so she wouldn’t be Red Coat or A or something!). The lesson I get from this whole thing is that the A-Team is actually a corporations with specified departments, positions and hierarchy, lol.

  11. david says:

    guys and girls get ready we will probably get an interview tomorrow where she will “answer/explain” and then tell us all about how next season will learn Ezra’s motives blah blah blah. please stay and watch we have some many things planned lol, Same old, same old

    • tripoli says:

      It’s so sad how true your comment is. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for said exciting and insightful article.

    • Elyse says:

      LOL! so sad but true David. every word in the articles usually end up being lies too. they’ve tried to fool us so many times!

  12. Tori says:

    I am hoping it’s Ezra because in the best mysteries, it’s always the one you would never expect. having Ezra as A make sense, all the things A has done takes a great deal of money and connections. I know Ezra’s mother supposedly cut him off but who is to say he did not put away money from his trust or received money from another relative? Just because he is a high school teacher do not mean he did not learn a thing or two from his family about making wealth grow.

  13. wassup says:

    its all just kinda lame now.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I know a lot of people don’t want the same situation that happened with Toby so they want Ezra to actually be A, but I love Ezra on his own and Ezra with Aria too much to want that to happen. I want beautiful, smart, poetry loving Ezra back!

    • Ana says:

      I absolutely agree! I will be so angry if they taint Aria and Ezra’s relationship with him actually being A just so they can finally give us a shocking reveal that isn’t fake.

  15. Shae says:

    ill be pretty pissed if ezra is A. I know people dont want the toby thing repeated, but think about ezra/aria fans? it sucks. and if he is A, its a total waste of three seasons for them

  16. Jessica says:

    If you watch the preview for the Halloween special it appears that Ezra is there with the PLLs. I can just imagine Aria saying something like “Ezra, why are you here,” and he is about to go into some long speech about it and then they are all interrupted by something shocking. Plus this season you know he was suspicious of the girls being tormented again. I think he may join the super boyfriend/girlfriend squad and start playing detective. Plus the Ravenswood people are seriously weird as it is I highly doubt they would notice anything hinky with whatever “spell” they seem to be under. My guess is creepy mask dude is the bad guy and that isn’t Ezra

  17. Brandy says:

    It makes sense:1.Keep your friends but your enimies closer.Ezra hates ali & her friends so what better way to keep an eye on them but by being thier teacher and Arias boyfriend.
    Ezras family was rich and he suddendly had a bunch of money hidden in his place and A has money to bribe people, to send the Liars stuff.
    A summer fling with Ali and dating Aria shows hes sick and has a fondness for teenage girls.
    I bet he knew Arias routine ,knew she was Alis friend and staged/planned thier meeting at the bar.Plus, season two Halloween episode showed Ariad met Ezra before they met at that bar.
    Also,each Liar has thier own personal connection to members of the A team:Hannah_Mona bffs, Spencer & Emily_Toby,Aria_Ezra.

    • Brandy says:

      Plus, didn’t he get that sudden influx of cash despite loosing his jobs at Hollis and Rosweood High after Jason offered a reward for Ali’s remains and Ali’s body convientley shows up in front of Jason on the Hlloween train right after Ezra shows up.Him having gone to college,being an English teacher he could easily come up with the poems ect on the cards of the gifts and the messages the Liars get from A.A has been shown to be sophisticated ,worldly, cultured like Ezra.There were men’s clothes in the lair and Grumwald said”He’s here.Hes hoping you’ll lead him to Ali” then it showed Ezra in Ravenswood in the lair.We already know he,Wilden,CeCe,Ali all were at Cape May that summer..Also, who better to make A than quiet,nice, good guy Ezra for a twist people don’t expect.Plus, look how upset he was when he found out Malcolm wasn’t his, maybe he wants to teach Ali & the Liars about lies,lying,secrets and playing games with people to get them to stop doing it and he’s showing them what it feels like.He seemed to me like he was mad the Liars are getting closer and closer to finding him out,not that he was mad A was still tormenting the Liars,though he did ask Emily a few episodes back if it had started/was happening again.

    • Meg says:

      But why would Ezra hate Ali’s friends? They knew nothing about him and he didn’t know them.

      Also there was no way to know Aria’s schedule when they met at the bar. Aria and her family had just come back from Iceland. She didn’t have a routine in Rosewood yet.

      • Iris says:

        My guess is that if he is the boardshorts he hooked up with ali and was the one who stalked her, she escaped and he tries to lure her out by tortering the girls. Or its a CeCe like situation where he thinks they are involvolved in ali’s escape, or that they know too much.

        If he stalked Aria he could have heard/seen her make plans to go to the bar.

    • debz says:

      tht was excalty wot i was thinking. wot if erza planned this whole thing and used aria and her friends to get closer to find out more about ali and any clues where she might be. but wot i dont get is why is he after ali. wot is connection to ali

  18. Jen says:

    1) I sooooo called Ezra as A the whole time the show has been on. He has the money neccessary to do A things, he is always conveniently everywhere, he’s already creepy for going after a student.. 2) don’t be dumb and make Ezra innocent on the next episode. 3) we obviously know next season will be alllllll about finding Ali.

  19. JHG says:

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I genuinely think Ezra has been running the A team from day one. What kind of teacher would date his student knowing he could be fired and/or arrested? He took that risk so that Aria and the others would trust him.
    There have been other instances of him being suspicious as well. Remember the time Aria found all that money in his apartment, and he looked freaked out when she brought it up? Remember the last Halloween episode when he randomly showed up and looked surprised to see that Aria was okay?
    There was also an episode where Aria had a flashback to her and Ali visiting Mr. Montgomery at the college, and they showed Ezra in a background shot. Maybe he took notice of Ali then (that’s my theory anyway).
    Anyway, I think the writers (for once) gave us a real answer. They can’t possibly be so lazy as to recycle the same plotline Toby had when they revealed he was on the A team.

  20. Carla fiawotso says:

    I knew he was A or at least apart of the a team something about him at times seemed a little off and one of the episodes in the previous season (dont remember which one just remember something major was happening) he was wearing a black hoodie which only made suspect him because that not really his style for the most part so it seemed off to me.

  21. Gilda says:

    This could have been an exciting reveal, but it can so easilly be explained as frustration that Aria is still in danger that I can’t get into it. He may very well be A, but they left such an obvious escape route for themselves so the speak the way the filmed the twist that it’s hard to be worked up. If it turns out to be true, I wish it had been more menacing or concrete a clip. Same with Allison’s definite survival. Might be a total lie, but if it’s not, a shocking meeting with the girls and their very much alive former friend would have been more impactful.
    Other than that, I really liked the episode, but it played more like a penultimate episode than a finale, which is kind of annoying considering how long we have to wait for the Halloween special.

  22. Good says:

    Spencer’s dad, Peter Hastings, and Hanna’s dad, Tom Marin, are the ONLY grownup men in PLL who wear suits.

  23. Julina says:

    I just don’t know what to think anymore; I mean for Ezra to string Aria along like that for so long is just plain wrong and what is aria going to do once she finds out its him?; and if ali really is alive then who did they bury in the first place? Just when you think you finally got all the answers you wanted more questions pop up. Like how did Ezra find out so many secrets about the girls? Why was he tormenting them for so long? And why can’t Ali tell the girls about whose after her? I swear this show is so confusing, confusing, but very entertaining.

  24. Kissan says:

    Actually they confirmed that Ezra has always been a member of the A-Team but he has true feelings for Aria

  25. Kre says:

    I would like for A to be Ezra, that would be a nice twist, but I don’t think it’s him. I think the PLL writers will reveal who is really behind the A Team in the series finale. Since PLL has been renewed for a season 5, we will have a ways to go before we find out who’s really in charge.

  26. Jo says:

    Ezra doesn’t wear suits. It isn’t him…

  27. Mackenzie says:

    I just don’t see a world where the writers will have one of the girl’s love interests be revealed as “A” in the season finale AGAIN only to have them actually not be. Why would they repeat themselves so blatantly after what they did with Toby? They wouldn’t dare, particularly for as much as Marlene King promised actual reveals this time around. As much as people may not want it to be true, I have a strong feeling they’re sticking with Ezra as “A”.

    If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. He came back onto the scene in Rosewood right after Ali “dissapeared,” and he fits the profile perfectly of the older guy she was seeing in secret. Didn’t Aria find that cash he mysteriously came into right around the time Jason DiLaurentis was offering a huge cash reward for whoever could produce Ali’s body? Was that ever explained? And wasn’t Aria suspicious when he mysteriously showed up on the train so fast in last year’s Halloween episode right before Ali’s body was found? Also notice that there were no photos of Ezra anywhere in all the surveilance posted in the lair. I’ve rewound the scene a couple times now and they’re nowhere to be found, which you think Aria would notice when Hannah points out it looks like “A” is a guy. Anyone referencing the Malcolm/ Maggie subplot as proving why he’s not “A” is off track. That’s a genuine curve ball that was thrown his way. Also, CC being outside his door last week leads me to believe she didn’t know who she was working for and was finally piecing the puzzle together herself.

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why Ezra would be torturing the girls so incessantly simply to draw Ali out and find her for himself. It doesn’t seem like he’d have to go to such extreme lengths to torment the girls personally, nor would he possibly have access to ALL that personal information. Why would he care? But I guess that’s what we’ll slowly start to learn now. Also, we know CC was on A’s pay roll, but was she working for him or really WITH Ali to try and protect her? What was her role? And where the hell is Lucas?

    So much to find out! I’m also curious how they’ll explain Caleb’s introduction to Ravenswood.

    • sophie says:

      Yes, where the hell is Lucas? And Jason? And Jenna? There are too many characters who just randomly come and go in this show.

    • Meredith says:

      I think Lucas is being home schooled or he transferred to another school. I remember Hannah going to see him at his house and they had a discussion about it. Also, didn’t Ezra finally settle in Rosewood right around the time Ali’s body was found? A year went by after Ali disappeared and before they found her body. I totally agree w/ you on his motive. It seems bizarre that someone in their mid 20s would waste their time tormenting high school girls he doesn’t know very well. If they stick w/ Ezra as A he is the biggest sociopath ever.

    • Hannah says:

      Yes! I couldn’t agree more with that last part. WHY would Ezra be torturing the liars? It just doesn’t make sense. Plus, I’m a total Ezria fan. Even though I don’t think I can stand another plot twist that turns into nothing (aka Toby 2.0), I really really do not want Ezra to be A.

  28. Courtney says:

    Here’s to hoping that Ezra is the big A. Hate his character, hate him and Aria together even more.

  29. kacholave says:

    I think Ezra is definitely A but Alison was also a part of those who tortured the girls but only to save them. A was against Ezra and Aria”s relationship before, that could mean Ali wanted to lead Aria away from Ezra because it’s not safe. Which would also explain why Ali as Red Coat is watching over Ezria while they kissed in the finale. Also, Mrs Grunwald said “He’s here.” after she recounted the Ali incident. Then Ezra magically appears like he just reached Ravenswood. But I dont think it’s Ezra acting alone, there is, as usual, a bigger story. IT COULD ALSO BE POSSIBLE THAT ALI STILL DOES NOT KNOW WHO WAS THREATENING HER UNTIL NOW. Mrs. Grunwald said that she hasnt seen Ali since that night.

  30. ina3b says:

    They gave us a big question – what is Ezra’s thing in the whole A-game? Is he protecting Aria and her friends or he wants to see them hurted (don’t know why?)..?
    About ali being alive I think we all knew she is. But still – I wanna know why she’s hiding.
    One thing is for sure – I will watch this show. It’s crazy, but pretty interesting!

  31. camille says:

    this is bul$@&t ezra being A doesnt do it for me i dont see the connection between him and the girls we know all the people on the A team have an issue with either ali or the girls maybe its just me or am watching a different show but there has never been an indication that ezra has anything to do wit the girls the only time he actualy showed him to have anything to do with them was aria when she went to her dads office and bumped into him but apart from that no so i guess am missing something Ezra as A nt possible

  32. sophie says:

    I love Ezra being A. I hope it’s not a red herring, once again. I never liked him but I never believed it was him just because they made such a big deal of Ezria. I was always sure that Melissa was A. Now we at least know why A was so kind to Aria.
    So, if Alison is alive, who’s body did they found in the pilot? Didn’t they make an autopsy to make sure it really is Alison??? And why didn’t Alison just went to the police and reported who tried to kill her?

  33. Elyse says:

    I’m so mad… it doesn’t even make sense!!!!!!!

  34. Alex says:

    This show keeps getting dumber but I can’t stop watching. Ezra clearly isn’t A.. because that would mean his character was the least bit interesting.

  35. ragincajun says:

    Ok, this show has seriously jumped the shark! I really thought I was watching the old Batman series with the events that transpired after Emily was kidnapped – from the cheesy box on the sawmill to the horrible stunted fight. The only thing that was missing was the “SPLAT” when CeCe hit the floor. Horrible, just horrible!!!!!!

    • Yeah I have no idea what the producers were thinking when they decided to implement one of the biggest clichè rescues in all of television and cinema. I mean what’s next Hannah tied to a set of railroad tracks? I honestly feel the show is becoming more and more convoluted. The first two seasons were great, logically constructed, and the -A reveal actually made sense. I guess I’m just a die hard Ezria fan because it seriously makes zero sense. And for everyone claiming evidence to suggest otherwise, said evidence is inadmissible considering it interferes with Mona’s nefarious dealings, episode chronology, and lineage. I really do appreciate how invested fans are with the show, but some of their theories are just flat out ridiculous and unfortunately are influencing the writers to actually concede to some of their nonsense.

    • Paula says:

      Agree with both ragincajun and Stella Arson. First one person is A, then it’s someone else. Everyone is A, basically, and A is everywhere. That tree over there is A. I’m tempted to say the sawmill thing was a “jump the shark” moment, but admittedly I’ll still watch. It’s a fun show, but it’s becoming more and more like “Lost” all the time. Instead of answering questions, moving on and developing new storylines, it’s all just one big tangled mass of details that make no sense. At least the old woman telling the girls about how Alison is alive and in hiding does seen like a clear answer–but I wouldn’t be surprised if a future storyline says “just kidding, never mind” and changes direction again, like that never happened. It’s taking so long to answer two simple questions: is Alison alive or not? If not, who killed her? I swear to God, real-life murder investigations are not this twisted.

  36. aprilrichardson319 says:

    When you look at past facts, there’s the money Aria found when Jason was offering a reward – Ezra said he sold an old car; after the Halloween episide on the train – Ezra was there in record time; this season seems there have been awkward moments of creepy staring – oh yes and don’t act like you didn’t see him starring at Aria all those times; his mood gets really ruffled around the time Maggie says she’s taking Malcom to Washington poor Mr Fritz gets an attitude – this is also around the same time Mona admits to killing Wilden and that lie seems to be coming unraveled; the writing on Emily’s hardware gift card and Toby’s envelope were definitely a mans – ladies we don’t write that bad in gloves. BUT I don’t want it to be Ezra :( I love Ezra’s character and hopes he is just pissed from finding out there’s an A again. He doesn’t wear suits and there’s no photos of him anywhere because for once he wasn’t involved with Aria this season. AND when you think about it, who tortured the girls for the supposedly five weeks he was meeting who he thought was his son last season – I don’t know if he would have made those trips then. And A who was spencer at the time working for redcoats working for A stole Malcom!!! Ezra would have flipped!! And remember Jenna talking to the pilot earlier this season??? PERSONALLYid rather it be Wren, Spencer’s dad, Byron, Jason, Jake or Lucas than Ezra. But it will be interesting to see how they do this now. (Sorry so long)

    • sophie says:

      Also A is seen drinking whiskey. Ezra brought Byron whiskey when he came to dinner and Jason’s porch was full of whiskey bottles. And the A-team played with whiskey bottles once.
      Then there is the typewriter Ezra has. Just like the combinations to all of the student’s lockers as a teacher.
      Also why would he come to Ali’s funeral if he didn’t know her?
      There are many clues but so there were for others like Melissa. I just hope Marlene doesn’t pull a Toby 2.0 this time,

      • aprilrichardson319 says:

        Ah Sophie good note on the whiskey thing. Byron could have been going for Ali even like he partially admitted to for blackmailing him. Sooo many clues like you said l. I don’t want it to be a Toby 2.0 either but at the same time I hope he’s not in on it at all. And I will give him credit that he wasn’t wearing a black hoodie just a black jacket and hat. And weird curious question I just had – how did Jake know Arias shoe size party trick my butt.

        • sophie says:

          Jake was Aria’s karate teacher and she had to take off her shoes before the lessons so he could have noticed it then.
          Well maybe, but Ezra was seen in a black hoody before in one episode, and the hoody was more Mona’s thing, and I think Mona was just at the beginning A (read my theory in a reply to Leah’s comment).
          I’m excited that Ezra could be A, it will take the show to another level. But I never was a big fan of Ezria so..
          Toby was the one who broke my heart last year. And I’m sad that Caleb is gone, he was my fav

      • If they’re going ahead with this Ezra is A thing then for heaven’s sake I hope they provide decent, logical explanations for all of it that don’t interfere with the fact that Mona and Toby were the previous -As.. And I agree that I would’ve much rather had it be Wren, Jason or hell even Mike! Okay maybe not Mike but I digress. As for Toby, he wasn’t necessarily protecting Spencer, he was just obsessed with finding out what happened to his mother.

  37. heather says:

    Well I have to say that since about half way through season 1, I had started to constantly think that Ezra was A, purely because I liked the idea of it. I found Ezra Fitz such a boringly predictable character. Maybe Marlene King presented Ezra in such a straight, honest to god good almost boring guy throughout seasons 1 – 3 in order to really throw us as an audience off guard for this one: Ezra has constantly been seen as the good guy, he’s been a constant source of support for Aria. Removing that source of support in the most cruel fashion (being ‘head A’ and the girls tormentor) is definitely an emotionally crushing thing to do for the characters involved, particularly Aria.

    I think that there have been subtle clues to Ezra being A, or something to do with A throughout. Just little, small tiny hints and clues, like the fact he had a typewriter, A went through a stage of using a typewriter. They called the second part of season 3 ‘season 3b’. 3B is Ezra’s apartment. He has access to the funds and money from his parents that can be used to blackmail countless amounts of people. And the way that A works, sending all the little hints and clues to the girls is strangely poetic in itself, bringing out his artsy side. Also, people forget that in the Halloween episode of season 2 ‘UnmAsked’, Marlene King said that A would be unmasked. Who were the only people to take their masks off? Ezra and Aria. I am mighty sure that they are going to follow this one through. Although I think they’ll keep it so that it’s a constant state of dramatic irony for the audience; what with us knowing he’s A, Aria getting cuddly with Ezra again and being blissfully ignorant of the fact the man that she is both hopelessly and unfortunately in love with is the man that has been ruining her life for the past however long it’s been.

    I think it’s interesting, but if they turn it the Toby way – repetitive and lazy writing = unamused viewers.

  38. Leah says:

    If Ezra is A, it possibly makes sense that he’s “board shorts” and made Ali afraid of him…like, that I can come around to. But what the HECK business does he have with the other girls? The other 4 didn’t even know about Ali’s other side of her life, with CeCe and Wilden and whatnot. Ezra tormenting Ali, fine. Ezra tormenting the other 4? MAKES NO SENSE!! Sure, there are clues about him as previously mentioned by other comments, but seriously… why would he have anything to do with Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily? This show has turned into something ridiculous adding more and more questions with more and more suspects and nothing getting completely answered. This show shouldn’t last much longer as a series because they’ll wind up losing viewers. We need definitive answers, not series long questions that never get answered. People come and go and then randomly come back and then we’re done with them again. The writing is lame and I think people read too much into little things. They never get solved and we never hear from them again.

    Being a superfan of the books, I’m highly disappointed at the twisted, crazy turn they’ve made from the books. I appreciate them wanting to make it their own, however introducing ideas and theories over and over again to not be solved vastly differs from the books. I’m definitely hoping for more answers. ACTUAL answers, too. Not more theories.

    • sophie says:

      ok, I have a theory:
      Mona was the only A who was messing with the girls until she got caught. Ezra was meanwhile searching for answers for Ali’s whereabouts and got close to Aria and the girls. He would jump in from time to time like when he killed Ian, but without Mona’s knowledge. Then he stole “Alison”s body to find out if it really is her and since then he was sure Ali was alive and hiding from him. So to get to Ali he started the A game again, just much crueler this time to get Alison out of her rabbithole. He obviously stalked everybody from that night, like Melissa, Ian, Garret, Jason, CeCe, Wilden and made them his puppets while killing some of them along the way. All because of his sick obsession with Ali.

  39. cas says:

    I’m just more confused than ever. I love Ezra but I totally get what people say about not wanting them to do what they did with Toby. However, I feel this would make Ezra a full blown psychopath. I mean what possible reason could you have for tormenting 17 year olds? And stalking them? And I saw someone’s post that said it was confirmed he is A but has real feelings for Aria. How is that possible? You don’t torment someone and her friends but love her at the same time. Plus now I am confused with who A is vs. who is the A team. Who does what to whom? Are they all bad and after Ali? Is Ali doing bad things to the girls? Or is everything done by A or is it done by the A team? Seriously super confused.

  40. Shannon says:

    I believe it was wren that stole Ali’s body. At one point A makes themselfs a drink of vodka soda…..the very same drink spencer tries to order at the Resturant in the first episode. Wren ACTUALLY orders it and let’s spencer sneak sips. Wren also has medical know how and could has easily kept the body. Also with wren working at radley he could easily get pirvied info…..he also showed up in the pilot and he and Mona’s last convo leads me to believe that Mona knew him before radley. To be honest I think Ezra is just mad that A is tormenting aria again. By the way he looked around it seemed like he’d never seen the place before. Also of you watch the trailer for the Halloween episode he is with the girls more than once and he seems to be aideing them

  41. Zee says:


    EZRA Was the older guy that Ally was scared of, he followed her, obsessed over her, and possibly got her pregnant.
    Wilden was jealous, tried to bring her down.
    Cece was interested in Wilden, and was possibly in a relationship with him, so she got her vengeance by pairing up with Ezra to bring both Ally/Wilden down….

    Maybe Im being far fetched, but this finale has left me shaking… OMG bring on Halloween

  42. Musicfan5 says:

    Agree, no Toby 2.0. this time. To repeat would be the laziest writing. Like ever. Agree, the sawmill scene was sooooo cheesy. I hope it’s Ezra. Have always hated him. His relationship with Aria at least makes more sense in this light.

  43. I kind of like the idea of Ezra being A. There are really interesting hints throughout the season and it would make the show very interesting.

  44. Leah says:

    So. There are more and more theories out there that Aria is also in on everything with Ezra and whomever else…I just know in the opening credits the song that’s sung? ARIA IS THE ONE WHO’S FINGER IS OVER HER MOUTH SHUSHING meaning she has a secret!! I’m shocked by this.

  45. QueenB says:

    In the promo Ezra is standing with the Liars in the same clothes he had hern so I think it’s a red Herring to soon he was probably following Aria and was pissed that she didn’t tell him

  46. This writer is wrong! Ezra did not just come to town when the series started, he went to college at Hollis. They even showed us that in the first Halloween episode. Get it together!! Ezra was not confirmed to be A (like Toby cleary way) it just looks bad. Ezra might be involved with A, because A is blackmailing him too. Ezra has ZERO motive, and loves Aria. They writers are just messing with us. STOP ASSUMING!!

  47. When PLL comes back, I’m crossing my fingers to see Aria and Ezra breaking up because these two don’t seem eye to eye with each other since the beginning. Don’t know if Mr. Fitz is going to do the same thing Toby did a year ago.

  48. I agree with some of the comments in here that they are doing the exact same thing with Ezra as they did Toby. Although there are some fishy things with Ezra showing up in Rosewood it just doesn’t add up. Why would Ezra have a vendetta against the girls it just doesn’t add up so I think since he and Aria broke up and knows based on stuff going on with the other girls A has been after them again he has been trying to protect Aria and the girls and what happened last night was him following Aria and him seeing it is happening again not that they found his lair but that its happening again. I think Mona was the big first A reveal then Toby was kind of a trick then CeCe was recently revealed as Redcoat and then now Ezra is again another twist and trick to the situation. Out of all the characters it doesn’t add up Wren is more likely to be A than him to me at least. Plus he is in cahoots with Jenna, Shanna and Melissa it is just weird. Just a theory though I think he has been following Aria and trying to protect her and realized it is happening again and that is what he came upon in the lair………………………

  49. samantha frost says:

    I really love this show, but its got so ridiculous it makes me cringe to watch it half the time. It would be awesome if Ezra is A, just because his character was really boring before and it would make the show so much more interesting. But I really believe the writers are going to back out of it yet again. Its like they do these big reveals just to get everyone excited then by next episode they’re dismissed and forgotten about. There have been so many supposed ‘reveals’ that turned into nothing. I want to see answers, enough with all the questions! It doesn’t really make sense for Ezra to be A, so if they’re sticking to it they better have some good explanations ready.
    Besides, I’m convinced Aria is going to end up being A. Now that would be good

  50. lucy says:

    I don’t think the writers actually know whats happening to be honest. They have no idea where the show is going, they’ve forgotten half the things from previous shows (why do we still not know who killed Ian??) and they’re relying on the fans comments on sites like this to write future episodes. There is no consistency at all. Its like Rowling did when she killed Harry Potter then brought him back to life, her and PLL writers want the sensationalism of these big revelations, but haven’t got the guts to follow through on them. I know it doesn’t sound like it but I love this show! Im just getting bored of being assumed stupid and want some intelligent answers to the many questions