Pretty Little Liars EP Spills Ravenswood Secrets, Talks Crossover Potential - Plus: Hanna's Fate!

Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off Ravesnwood SpoilersA few Pretty Little Liars faves venture into Rosewood’s supernaturally charged neighboring town of Ravenswood for the first time this Tuesday (ABC Family, 8/7c) — but what’s the real story behind the community at the center of the upcoming spin-off?

Here, executive producer Oliver Goldstick reveals all (he can) about Ravenswood and its imminent debut — plus: Find out what fate awaits the just-arrested Hanna.

TVLINE | What brings Toby and Spencer to Ravenswood this week?
There’s somebody in Ravenswood who is going to be the Alison connection, the lynchpin here to tell us why Alison was reaching out desperately to that phone number during her summer in Cape May. Spencer and Toby are going to recognize very quickly that somethin’ ain’t right about Ravenswood — and it’s not just a lack of Starbucks! [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Based on our previous first look, Ravenswood seems grittier and much scarier than Rosewood.
This is a town where the living are very comfortable mingling with the dead. The town has an expansive graveyard. It dates back to a period where there are older graves right in the center of town. We’ve seen those towns in [real-life in] New England, where they didn’t move the graves; they left them in certain places because there were churches there that had since been converted to something else… This alone is jarring and unnerving to Spencer and Toby. The town has a foot in the past; they have not let go of a terrible calamity that happened some years ago.

TVLINE | We know that Ravenswood has some supernatural elements. Will those be included in any of the upcoming Pretty Little Liars episodes?
You might see a bit of it [this Tuesday]. But the supernatural exists in Ravenswood, not Rosewood.

TVLINE | Will we meet any of the new series’ characters in this installment?
You’ll meet one person… Mrs. Grunwald, from the sorority house — but you won’t meet the others until the Halloween [special].

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TVLINE | What kind of repercussions will there be after Hanna’s arrest last week?
It will not be a designer jumpsuit, I can tell you that. Orange is not the new black for Hanna! [Laughs] This is about as scary as it gets. Don’t forget that Ashley is looking very good for [the murder of Wilden] still. ‘A’ has worked overtime to help make Ashley Marin look guilty, and that will come to fruition… It could not get much worse for the Marin household.

TVLINE | In other unfortunate news related to the Marin clan, Caleb will soon be on his way out. What can you say about his impending move to Ravenswood?
A series of events will lead him there, and once he’s there, he’ll be compelled to stay.

TVLINE | Can fans expect to see any crossovers between the two series, or will there be a clear delineation?
There is some room for crossovers, but we’re not shooting it here [in Los Angeles]; we’re shooting it in New Orleans. That will make it difficult production-wise, because that would mean a travel day for one of our core actors. It’s an ordeal psychically to get that person there and then get them back… So, we recognize all of that, but we’re not ruling it out. We’re figuring out how we can do some crossovers.