Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Toby's 'Soulful' Path, Ezria's 'Growing Pains' and Caleb's Send-Off

PLLS4Pretty Little Liars kicks off its fourth season tonight (ABC Family, 8/7c), and according to executive producer I. Marlene King, it’s a year of change and — more importantly — answers.

Is Alison alive? What (or who) was in that trunk? Is ‘A’ done with Toby? How will things wrap up for a Ravenswood-bound Caleb? All of these questions and more will be addressed in the upcoming run, which consists of a summer season, a Halloween special and another batch of episodes this winter.

TVLINE | Talk about Mona’s new place in the group. Is she a true Pretty Little Liar now?
Last we saw Mona, she was in the same boat — and car — as the Liars, and there’s a unique dynamic between them because they do need each other. Mona has a lot of answers that the Liars want, and Mona wants their protection as well. She feels like she’s a target now. But they’re also withholding information from each other, so no one is on the up-and-up. It continues to be a fun game that we’re playing with them.

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TVLINE | What kind of impact will the contents of that trunk have on the rest of the season?
There’s a twist on what or who is in the trunk that appears in the premiere episode and that will have a huge impact on the rest of the summer…Part of the mystery is who or what is responsible for what’s in the trunk.

TVLINE | In Mona’s absence, has Red Coat become the sole face of the ‘A’ team?
Who is Red Coat is another big mystery of the summer; the girls are trying to figure out, is Red Coat ‘A’? Is Red Coat Ali? Is Ali ‘A’? Is Ali alive? Is Ali dead? Those are all the questions that we will answer this season. A lot of answers come this summer. Some come in the Halloween episode, while some come in the winter, too.

TVLINE | Executive producer Oliver Goldstick recently told me that Toby will endure some pretty emotional stuff in Season 4.
‘A’ is not finished with Toby; ‘A’ feels that [he or she] can milk him for more. ‘A’ gets ahold of some information that involves the truth about why Toby’s mother passed away. He’s going to find out that what he was told was possibly wrong information. It leads him down a very soulful, soul-searching path.

TVLINE | What is the status of the newly-split ‘Ezria’?
They’re back to where they started; they’re looking at each other over the tops of students’ heads. Neither one of them wants to go back to where they started. They feel like they’re grown… They have growing pains with life as individuals and as a twosome.

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TVLINE | Does this mean some solo storylines for Ezra this season?
One of my favorite scenes in the show is when Ezra is sitting in his car and Spencer jumps in… [Laughs] It was so awkward and weird because even though Aria knows him so intimately, the others girls don’t. So, we have some fun this season with Ezra having little storylines with all the Pretty Little Liars and mentoring them in some ways. He’s being their teacher, but still being the guy who had a relationship with their best friend.

TVLINE | Where do things stand with Emily and Paige moving forward?
Paige and Emily have a very grounded story — ‘A’ is the instigator of the story, but it’s becoming a tale of two high school seniors in love and trying to figure out what their future holds. They’re planning where they’re going to go after they finally graduate from Rosewood High.

TVLINE | How quickly will Ravesnwood teasers be doled out in Season 4?
It’s very organic. The introduction of Ravenswood is a very seamless story point. It’s actually Toby and Spencer who first go to Ravenswood; they’re following a clue that they hope will take them to the ‘Is Ali dead or alive?’ story. As a result, the Liars get sucked into the world of Ravenswood as well. It will end really organically and in this beautiful, organic, Casablanca moment between Hanna and Caleb. Even the actors are really embracing the way we decided to spin off that world. We’re hoping our fans will embrace it in the same way that Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn have.

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