Idol Chatter: Hitmaker Dr. Luke Bows Out as Possible Third Judge -- So, What Now?

American Idol Season 13 JudgesVeteran music producer Dr. Luke will not, as recently rumored, be joining American Idol‘s Season 13 panel, due to a professional conflict — calling into serious question who will be the third judge.

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As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the songwriter/producer — who over the years has given unto us myriad hit singles including Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,” Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” and Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” — is under contract with Sony Music, and thus would be preempted from helping develop artists for rival Universal Music Group aka Idol‘s default label.

Plus, as a source explains to, with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe label busy getting rapper Becky G off the ground, deferring the time-demanding overture from Idol “was the best thing for all parties.”

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Thusly, with no one else reported to be on Idol‘s short list (only The Beebs’ manager, Scooter Braun, has merited any recent chatter), it is almost anyone’s guess who will join Keith Urban and (the unofficially officially returning) Jennifer Lopez as judges for the next cycle.

Hey, what’s Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter up to these days…? She has some pop music savvy, no?

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  1. Cherry says:

    Aah interesting. They should Red One or Rock Mafia. It’s nice to see them interested in a judge that actually has expertise in the field, not someone who JUST can sing.

    • JCK says:

      The judges don’t matter. Limit the voting!

      • Tyler says:

        The judges do matter as much as the voting. With that said–please do NOT bring back J-Lo. Haven’t we had enough of her?! Why can’t Idol find judges like Usher and Shakira? As much as i didn’t care for the Top 5 last season, I still watched THE VOICE because of its judges.

        • Emma says:

          I was thinking Idol should have totally scooped up Usher and Shakira after The Voice let them go. I thought they were awesome but there’s no way Idol would ever consider that because of the constant ribbing they’d get from The Voice. Still, they’d be a thousand times better than Jlow.

    • Slowride says:

      Or can’t even sing that well…

  2. Dave says:

    Makes no difference who they hire…. bringing back JHo is not going to generate any renewed interest in the show. The show is so contrived that people who used to be rabid fans now have passing interest. When the viewers realized that they were being shown who the producers wanted to move forward and win many were turned off completely. For me, the end came when Simon left, Paula was gone, and they kept Randy and brought in ‘judges’ who had so little musical background (sorry, lip syncing and studio production/manipulation does not equate musical expertise) that the show lost its focus.

    • james says:

      You act like this is something new. I remember Justin/Tamyra, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, etc etc etc all getting pushed at us early on in the season. Also, are you telling me that Paula Abdul never lip synced or had studio manipulation on her voice? C’mon. (And to be fair, Mariah and Steven Tyler definitely qualify as professional musicians who have enough clout to give advice to aspiring musicians.)

  3. JK says:

    They should just give up already and cancel this sinking ship.

  4. Joel says:

    Bring back an idol talent ala Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and show that Idol at sometime could produce talent. Seeing as the Voice just wants to produce ratings and has no need to garner a talent post the show. Try to make idol stand out by marketing it as the pop hit maker it once was. We have learned that big names in the judges seat don’t bring back the viewers but maybe someone that “America” already voted for would have a vested interest in seeing them judge.

    • Austin says:

      I think they want really qualified judges and the problem is the former AI contestants aren’t as impressive as someone like Mariah Carey. Even though Mariah Carey couldn’t be very helpful, she was still impressive to the viewers. But, if they think Nicki Minaj is qualified then so is Sanjaya Malakar.

  5. Brooke says:

    Idol definitely needed Dr. Luke more than Dr. Luke needed Idol. Bullet dodged, Dr. Luke.

  6. bamabunny says:

    They’ll probably just beg Randy to come back…ugh.

  7. james says:

    BOOO. This is such a bummer. I think he really would’ve been great for the show. I would love another industry person and/or a rotating alumni chair.

  8. kendon says:

    That’s too bad because I was looking forward to seeing doctor Luke. I think it would be great to have someone who isn’t that well known on the panel. Simon became a star from the show, and while I think the show can’t really produce a star judge again, it would be nice to get someone on there who most people aren’t familiar with. Just please no more randy Jackson.

  9. anibundel says:

    Two words:
    Randy Jackson

    • scooby says:

      Oh please no. No no no. I thought we’d escaped him as a judge. Someone lock up the dawg pound before he gets out again. Mentor is perfect for Randy. He knows what he’s talking about in the producing part. He’d actually make the idols better. Please don’t slide him back in to the judging panel, Idol.

  10. Shar says:

    David Foster please

  11. Sarah says:

    What happened to Adam Lanbert and Jennifer Hudson?

  12. Steve F. says:

    Nile Rodgers or Babyface! They’re both veteran producers and musicians.

  13. Aaron says:

    If I were Adam Lambert I’d be sick of the dangling carrot. I think they should bring him on board – at least he’s not afraid of stating his opinion and would bring a different take on it since he’s been through it already. I just wish they weren’t bringing JLo back – she is a complete waste of space on this show.

  14. april-ann says:

    In response to the last question of the article? No. And as far as who could join them as judges, I still think Gavin DeGraw could inject the type of fresh, new dynamic so desperately needed there.

  15. Steve says:

    braun would be a disaster…all idol needs to kill it once and for all is to get a one hit wonder or some more teen pop drivel like Psy, or The Wanted. Lets hope they dont fall back and give us Randy as the third judge. Idol really seems to be committing suicide. For all its talk of a revamp show, theyre bringing back a judge from last year (Nothing against Urban but its not like hes going to bring any new viewers) and a judge from 2 years ago (they must have research saying people want JLo back but thats doesnt seeem to be the consensus online. She also had ratings drop during her seasons but now she sees life on national TV twice a week is better for her career and has been desperate to get back on the show…plus the paycheck beats performing for dictators & helps all of her other business…but she wants to be Americas sweetheart so everyone gets goosies). They should get an industry person an someone who is willing to tell the truth…So far Idol looks like its putting the last nail in its coffin. No format change or new set or different way of eliminating is going to create excitement. Theyd have to have the equivalent of a Susan Boyle contestant to garner any interest at this point

  16. Emma says:

    With Keith Urban coming back and probably Jlow (please no) they really need someone who will be brutally honest when a contestant is bad and tell them so! We don’t need 3 “judges” skirting around the issue and saying it wasn’t your best but I love your shoes!

  17. Name That Tune says:

    I don’t think it matters any more. The new powers that be haven’t got a clue. It doesn’t seem anyone of substance wants to do the job. So just let the show go. A panel JHo and Keith just isn’t going to cut it.

    Really, this floundering by the new team is getting painful to watch.

  18. Babybop says:

    I like the idea of rotating judges… but somehow I think it would be difficult to get enough rotating judges to last the entire season.

    • Emma says:

      Not if they choose former Idol contestants to be guest judges… I think that would be a great idea! They could do a little what have you been up to since Idol feature at the top of the performance show, and then let them sing on the results show. I think Idol should support it’s alumni and I think people will tune in to see their favorites again.

  19. Roger says:

    I can see keeping Keith Urban – but why bring JLO back? Surely, Adam Lambert would be a great choice – there was talk at one time about Jennifer Hudson, she would be terrific – also Kelly Clarkson would be good. If they have to bring JLO back, then add Adam Lambert to the mix – he would bring an honest perspective and is not afraid to tell it like it is which is what AI definitely needs.

    • Emma says:

      I sincerely hope when all is said and done that the Jennifer we have on Idol next season is Jennifer Hudson and not the other one. Fingers crossed!

  20. Tahoe Mike says:

    Pay her what it takes and get Sharron Osbourne. She has forgotten more about the business than most people know, and she will tell it how it is.
    No J-ho, and fire anyone who speaks Randy’s name aloud.

  21. deborah hall says:

    Please bring jennifer hudson as a judge if you really want ratings don’t bring back jennifer lopez she didn’t do anything when she was on the show.You need new faces.

  22. JON says:

    How about Gwen Stefani? She was really good when she mentored during season 6.

  23. Anise says:

    Just leave it at two judges so I have less blather to fast forward past.