So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Students Become the Teachers [Updated]

So You Think You Can Dance Travis AmyIf last week’s introduction of the Season 10 All-Stars added a little snap, crackle and pop to the So You Think You Can Dance Tuesday-night cereal bowl — come now, let’s all admit flakes and milk are not just for breakfast anymore! — then tonight’s decision to let the show’s alumni choreograph all eight competitive routines was like an additional dollop of blackberries, strawberries and wheat germ.

Let’s be clear: More important than the nostalgia factor of old pals Allison Holker, Mark Kanemura and Courtney Galiano (among others) bringing their energy and grace to the stage was the simple pleasure of experiencing the art of dance channeled through fresh, new eyes.

No disrespect to NappyTabs, Stacey Tookey, Spencer Liff and Jean-Marc Genereux, but six consecutive weeks that played out like “I Know What You Choreographed Last Summer” had sapped Season 10 of the element of surprise, the vibe that there were still steps left unstepped on the SYTYCD stage.

The nifty “let our alumni be our guides!” approach — suggested in this column just a few weeks ago, for what it’s worth — was exactly the right move at exactly the right time, the tonic to salvage a snakebit season from its own internal toxins. And yep, the fact that Top 8 week also marked the judges’ final opportunity to meddle with America’s votes didn’t hurt, either.

Anyhow, enough of my pontificating — let’s examine how the episode played out:


Fik-Shun: A wickedly fun bit of animation that started out with a backbend so ridic, I’m pretty sure the kid’s spine is made of putty
Hayley: A blah bit of contemporary dancing that didn’t in any way indicate these could be some of her final moments on the stage
Jenna: A cheesy but fleet burst of ballroom somewhat marred by a hein sequined bustier and cheap taffeta cape
Tucker: A throw-everything-against-the-wall display of athleticism that managed to wow — in spite of hideous tan pants and ugly print t-shirt

Jenna (which probably means Nigel’s gonna start tossing around the phrase “America’s Favorite Dancer” in 5, 4, 3, 2…)
Tucker (and just when that “Who Inspires You” pre-performance package — and two weeks of fantastic routines — turned me into an unabashed fan!)

And now my quick take on the night’s eight competitive routines:

What did you think of this week’s SYTYCD? Who was best in show? Who will and should be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments. And for all my reality-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Lilly says:

    I know our judges can tend to gush a bit – especially in these last episodes – but Amy & Travis’ number tonight was absolutely breathtaking. Amy seemed correct when she said the first few minutes with Travis’ choreography took her places she had never been before artistically. It truly was beautiful to watch, and it’s one I won’t soon forget.

    • daisyj says:

      I had been resisting the Amy love train, but that performance was amazing. I know she had a leg up (ha!) thanks to Travis’s choreography and partnering, but I thought she more than held her own.

  2. Jess says:

    I thought giving Travis to anybody was unfair considering his expertise/experience. Also, Amy and Fik-Shun had a huge leg up considering they had contemporary with those partners.

    • Eli says:

      Not to mention Amy once again got the pimp spot…

    • brycealexander says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t cool. Travis is supposed to be in another league. Plus, I’m sure they could’ve easily gotten any other contemporary alum.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I would agree, except having him choreograph this week also meant him dancing, which he might have come back as an all star if not for this week. It was so great to watch him dance again (I wish his show on Oxygen was still on…).

    • Isabel says:

      If we use that logic every dancer had a leg up as they all were dancing with beloved All Stars. Poor Fik Shun however has had contemporary routines these past two weeks which let’s face it are the opposite of his specialty. Obviously excelling outside your wheelhouse is what is needed to do well on this show. I like all 3 remaining male dancers and each has qualities I enjoy. I would give the edge to Paul and Aaron in versatility over Fik Shun but to be honest this week I felt Paul was the weakest against his All Star (also outside his wheelhouse). It will be interesting to see how the votes play out. I know this was the first week I voted.

  3. Drew says:

    This week was more entertaining than this season has been so far. Probably because the choreographers were gone and we had fresh talent in there. The dances pretty much stuck to the styles that they were supposed to be for a change. Plus, we had the choreographers putting themselves on stage.

    I think that maybe it’s time to make the choreography part of the competition. If the dancers don’t choreograph themselves, then have a bunch of choreography contestants come in each week, with one being voted off along with the dancers. The way it’s done now puts the “routine” in “dance routine”. Every week. Over and over. Same thing.

    Also, stop having the choreographers tell us the story behind the dance before we see it. It usually looks nothing like what they’re describing and I spend the entire time thinking how off the mark they are in their storytelling abilities. Plus, I’m tired of the judges crying and praising bad dances because of the powerful story that was supposed to be behind it.

    • GTS says:

      I agree. How many times have the judges not been able to judge the routine properly, just because it’s about cancer of child slaves or something else equally sad.

      • Drew says:

        I can’t believe that I just laughed at the comment, “cancer of child slaves”. How horrible does that make me?

        But yeah. If the judges or choreographers need to tell us why we should be emotionally touched by something, then it was bad. It’s like a comedian having to tell you why something was funny.

      • Christina says:

        EXACTLY! If I see one more piece about a terminal illness or a dying relative, I am going to have a conniption.

      • dancegirl says:

        “Cancer of child slaves” <—- THIS! Hahaha!!!! I know exactly what you mean!!

    • twnkltoze says:

      LOL. I love how the choreographer’s always think they’re the first to come up with the concept of two people meeting and falling in love. I enjoyed the fresh perspective tonight but I agree. Cut the concept commentary if we’ve heard it before. And we have….a million times.

    • Cheryl says:

      A few seasons ago I missed an episode and when I watched it later I skipped past the “packages” and went right to the dances. There was a dance by Tyce Diorio about a woman and her husband dealing with her cancer. I was incredibly moved by the piece and I got the story without any need for the upfront blah blah blah. If the dancers and the choreographers do their jobs right, we don’t need to be told what’s behind the piece or what we should feel.

    • Cheryl says:

      A few seasons ago I missed an episode and when I watched it later I skipped past the packages and went right to the dancing. There was a Tyce Diorio piece about a woman and her husband dealing with her cancer. I was incredibly moved and I got the story without hearing the blah blah blah. If the choreographers and dancers do their jobs well, we don’t need to be told what’s behind the dance or what we’re supposed to feel.

  4. analythinker says:

    Hmm, Amy. The one contestant I simply can not get from the beginning. Yes, you read that right.

  5. Aki says:

    I truly hope Paul won’t be eliminated, because he really deserves to make it all the way to the end. My attachment to him is equivalent to my attachment to Cole last season, and I feel like they’re very similar. Fik-shun is this year’s Cyrus, but I really hope that this year’s Cole will get past him this time.

    • LB says:

      I can see why you say that Fik-shun is this year’s Cyrus, but I think you are being a bit unfair. Yes, they are both street dancers with little formal dance training, but that’s where the similarities end. Fik-shun is so much better than Cyrus ever was in every way imaginable – dancing in his own style, dancing outside of his own style, personality, charisma, etc. Yeah, it’s probably time for Fik-shun to go, but at least I don’t cringe every time he’s on stage like I used to with Cyrus.

    • heyang says:

      My problem with Paul in the final 4 is that I don’t remember him. I can’t remember his performances week after week. That’s why I can’t call him America’s favorite dancer. FikShun brings a lot of personality to the stage and as others have written, he’s better than Cyrus. Thus, my top 2 guys would be Aaron and Fik-shun with Aaron as the top guy.

      • Michelle says:

        I agree totally! Paul is the far superior talent, and yet, even though I watch this show religiously, I still can’t even get a clear picture of his face as I sit here straining to recall it. I would also vote for Aaron as #1 (plus, I adore the fact that Aaron was the judges’ #11 pick…)

        • Linda says:

          Paul is the “far superior” talent? Superior to whom? In my opinion, he’s been fairly versatile, but no more-so than some of the others. In some group numbers, he did no better than Fik-shun. I didn’t notice a superior technique in his own genre, when compared to Alan. Also, Alan’s last number, the Broadway, was fantastic, even though he was somewhat hampered by his partner, unlike Paul, who had a fantastic partner. I would rather watch Alan’s Broadway again over most anything Paul has done. Paul is good, and like I said, serviceably versatile. But superior? I just can’t agree. I consider him as deserving an equal chance at the finale, but not a slam-dunk, unless you count the hotness factor. He certainly has that going for him.

  6. Alex says:

    You gotta be out of your mind if you think Paul and Comfort was the worst of the night. Not only was Comfort’s choreo better than Twitch’s tonight but Paul absolutely nailed every single move of it.

    • Aki says:

      I totally agree with you. Comfort’s choreography was immaculate and definitely more gratifying to watch than Twitch’s. And while Jasmine brought a lot of personality to a somewhat lackluster performance, Paul really got in there and did a great job.

    • LB says:

      I agree also. As much as I love Twitch, I thought his choreography was the worst of all the routines tonight. As far as Jasmine goes, I can usually overlook her sloppy-ish style because she brings such personality and uniqueness to her dances (and because the choreo is usually good), but tonight was a mess…

    • Babybop says:

      Ah-greed. Paul nailed it, Jasmine did not.

      • Iris says:

        yeah Im pretty over Jasmine, all the other girls showed much more control. Jasmine is the most mature but the others have better technique and even better performance.

    • wordsmith says:

      I agree too – Comfort just plain out-choreographed twitch this week, and she really got Paul “into the pocket” as they’re fond of saying, while I thought Jasmine was just mirroring Twitch’s moves in a somewhat unflattering fashion.
      For the record, I usually like Jasmine better than I like Paul (though I’d rank both as 2nd place finishers), but Paul made the stronger showing this week, hands down.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Paul nailed it all technically, but I didn’t feel like he ever got really into it. The ‘swag’ and grit wasn’t there. He wasn’t able to completely let go of the perfection that his own style requires. I think, if he had more time to loosen up and feel comfortable, he would have perfected it. Instead, he was perfect in it, which doesn’t really work in hip hop dancing.

    • Christina says:

      I completely agree. Comfort and Paul’s routine was my 2nd favorite of the night (after Travis/Amy) and was a million times better than Twitch’s routine with Jasmine.

  7. Lan says:

    I wonder why Nigel reminded the audience of Tucker bravely persevering after a knee infection, yet failed to mention that the reason Aaron wasn’t in the group routine was because of a shoulder injury. Even before MRI results came back, he was given the option of dropping out or dancing through the pain. He chose to stick it out. He was also the only one given some specific negative critiques, part of which even mentionrd his shoulders. Could it perhaps be that an injury like that combined with the energy of that routine might have limited what he could do with his shoulders?

    • lea says:

      because there is always an agenda to get certain dancers they love farther along (dwts too) – i think aaron is abt as far as they’d like him to go.

      • LB says:

        Yeah. It’s probably pretty embarrassing to them that they are so out of touch with what their audience likes. They didn’t even select Aaron to be on the show and now he has a good chance of winning.

        • Grace says:

          Both Nigel and Mary seem disappointed when they talk about Paul and Aaron. I guess they never thought this 2 will be in the Top6. Alan, for me, was Mary’s favourite male ballroom dancer and Nigel should be happy to finally see a tapper in the top ten: this is actually the first season in which we could see a ballroom dancer and a tapper in the finale but I guess Paul and Aaron are not the ballroom dancer and the tapper they WANTED in the finale.

    • sarah says:

      I was wondering why Aaron was not in the group number!

    • daisyj says:

      Not to mention giving him the jive and the opening spot. Talk about stacking the deck against him.

  8. Kate says:

    Did anyone else notice Kathryn just sitting there while everyone was clapping for Courtney? She normally seems so nice, so it was kind of striking to see her just sitting there with a blank look on her face. I LOVED the return of Mark!!!

    • lea says:

      not to create drama where there is none, lol but i saw that too!! it was bizarre. everyone was applauding but her and that look on her face… maybe a friend fall-out? ;)

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I read it as her being emotional over Courtney’s medical situation, not being catty. Obviously, I could be wrong, but I thought she was having a moment of being overwhelmed.

  9. Jess says:

    Can we also talk about Courtney having MS?! I loved her Season 4 as a dancer and personality. I cannot believe she may be unable to dance someday soon. She’s so brave.

    • Shannon says:

      Me too. I had no idea and I just cried when Nigel said it. My mom has had MS for over 25 years and at 59, although she moves a lot slower than most people, she can still walk (with a walker) and I’m always so amazed at how resilient she is. Courtney has a rough road ahead of her but it’s not the end of her dance career. It might end sooner than she would have wanted but she has a lot of years to go.

  10. Jessica says:

    I enjoyed most of tonight’s dances. My favorites were Amy & Travis, Twitch & Jasmine and Mark & Jenna. Mark’s choreography was so weird, but it was so funky and cool at the same time. I had a smile on my face while watching it. Twitch had a great idea for his dance and Jasmine tore it up, like usual. Amy and Travis were simply beautiful. I’m glad we got to see her do this piece.

    Is it just me or was there hardly any Rumba in Dimitri’s choreography? I’m not a dancer or anything close to it, but it looked more like a contemporary piece to me.

    • A says:

      Mark’s props in the routine kind of reminded me of the book “A bad case of stripes”. :) Like how at the end of the book, her face turned into the room. I don’t know why but that’s the first thing that popped into my head when the dance ended. I love Mark’s quirky style! :)

  11. Jaylene says:

    I think the Jive should be considered the kiss of death rather than the quickstep, theres way more of them on the show and they are almost always a trainwreck, that being said I think Aaron killed both of them! Though I did like his quickstep with Jasmine better. I was peeved that no one mentioned he had injured his shoulder, that dance requires a lot of energy and that can’t be fun when you’re in pain.

  12. Meredith says:

    I feel like the best of the night and worst of the night mentioned above are flip-flopped. Paul nailed his hip hop and I thought outperformed Comfort. His routine was one of the night’s that I actually rewound to watch over. Amy danced beautifully but lost me on her facial expression. She had the same one the entire routine and it was sad/devastated/pained. I couldn’t feel any chemistry or any attraction to him on her part. If she was supposed to be overwhelmingly attracted to him (per Travis’ story) she shouldn’t have looked like she was about to cry the entire time. I LOVED Mark and Jenna’s routine and was sad to see her go but I would have missed anyone who left tonight :(

    • I agree about Paul & Comfort. He was awesome! Slezak has been saying for weeks that Paul would land in the bottom 2 or 3, but he has yet to do so and I highly doubt he will be in any danger this week.

    • Christina says:

      UMMMM… Are you crazy?

      • Meredith says:

        UMMMM… This sounds more like an unsupported attack on my comment rather than a genuine interest in my mental health, but let me know where you find issue w/ my opinion and maybe I can clear things up.

        • Christina says:

          “Paul nailed his hip-hop” WHAT!

          • Meredith says:

            Absolutely. For a ballroom guy he was really able to get down and get in touch w/ his swag. I’m not saying he has a future in hip-hop, but for dancing outside his element and compared to all the other non hip-hop guys who tried and failed this year he outshone them all. It was a great routine and definitely does not deserve to be qualified as the worst.

  13. buckyr64 says:

    Mark, Mark Mark, you made me rethink my opinion of Jenna. Such creativity, I loved it. Also I didn’t realize how technically sound Amy is as a dancer. Typically I get annoyed at the gushing that befalls on Travis, but my God, did he bring something out of Amy and that routine was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s nice to have the All-Stars choreograph the routines they are in. Keep mixing things up SYTYCD!

  14. Jaylene says:

    Am I the only one who forgets that Hayley is in the competition until she’s on stage? I can’t recall a single routine she’s done.

    • Rissa says:

      I totally agree! Same with Paul. It took me quite a few weeks before I could even remember their names :(

    • Christina says:

      What? How on Earth could you forget the Broadway routine with Nicco? The crazy bananas leg flip thing over his head? Simply awesome. And I loved that ladder dance she did with her old partner (the tapper with the bad sholders). I connect with Hayley way more than I ever did with Mackenzie. Love Hayley. She’s in my top two along with Jasmine.

    • Rain says:

      I’m the same. It’s weird to me because when she’s up there dancing I love what she does but I always forget about her completely after the show ends!

  15. Emily says:

    No way Paul goes home next week– I think it’ll end up being Fikshun. I totally disagree with you though, I definitely think Paul and Comfort’s hip-hop routine was AWESOME! It was so cool to see him get so into it. If Jenna and Tucker got passed their attempt at hip-hop, I think Paul will be okay.

  16. Leah T. says:

    Love Twitch as a dancer, HATED his choreography. This routine would’ve been awesome if NappyTabs had done it.

    • Anissa says:

      Yes I was expecting so much from it! I mean excellent premise and perfect for him, but the choreography was mostly meh and for a gal named Flexigirl she didn’t seem to domuch other than the one leg lift (which was higher in the reh footage). Plus, if she was Flexigirl why was there a big J on her chest (yes for Jasmine but still meh)? Bummer.

  17. Sarah El says:

    Please let Mark come back and choreograph more. I mean all of the choreography was at least pretty good but it’s true – his was just unique and perfect and ugh. The bitter Makenzie fan in me at the beginning of his routine had to mutter, “just imagine if he had Makenzie.” Jenna’s been good too, but I’ve been with Nigel – I love Makenzie.

    Also, I’m disappointed in tWitch. His solos are always so strong and unique but this routine felt like a fairly generic NappyTabs piece (not saying all their routines are generic – some are outstanding – but you all know the difference). The conceit was cool but there were no outstanding or particularly interesting moves that I expect from someone of his talent.

    I’m SO GLAD to see Travis dance again. He’s such a beautiful dancer and choreographer. I’m glad he got Amy too – she really was the best of the remaining for him to work with.

    And I guess I must be alone in thinking Hayley’s rumba was spot-on! Girl is good with her ballroom between this and her tango (and doing pretty good with a samba with a pretty eh partner at that time, sorry Curtis)! I was rooting for Jasmine for the girls last week but this week I’m actually on Hayley’s side.

    • I agree with you about Hayley’s dance – just gorgeous. In fact, whole show picked up for me from that point on, with Mark’s dance my fave. But Hayley has always been stellar.

  18. Babybop says:

    Amy and Travis were immaculate. Love love love love and love.

    Worst of the night to me were the Jive with Aaron, and the Hip-Hop with Jasmine.

    I really liked Mark’s dance, but I thought he did waaaaaay better than Jenna, who I thought was a little offbeat.

    • Rain says:

      I don’t even have to write my own comment, you just did it for me! I’ve never been a huge fan of Aaron and Jasmine and this week they both showed me why I didn’t like them.

  19. Lana says:

    I was thrilled to see Mark, he has always been one of my favs and always so weird and wonderful. Loved what he and Jenna did. I have always liked Jenna but knew her days were numbered since she was on the bottom a lot. I don’t know why except ballroom girls don’t do so well on SYTYCD. To be honest everyone is so good I hate to see anyone leave but my favorite’s are Aaron and Jasmine so I am only voting for them. I really loved having the ALL-STARS choreographing the dances, but on DWTS they do that normally so its something I’m use to and I noticed they did use ALL-STARS that have experience in doing that. It was neat to see Allison and have her engagement to Twitch acknowledged. I really enjoyed tonight’s show, though I do think Fik Shun should have gone home instead of Tucker as Tucker has out danced him in the last two weeks, seriously!!

    • Rio Brewster says:

      I agree – I can’t believe they kept FikShun and booted Tucker. I mean the show isn”t America’s Most Improved Dancer. I loved Jenna and Mark, but her solo was really underwhelming.

      • Amy Cantor says:

        I agree. I was shocked that the judges sent Tucker home. FikShun is a great entertainer with a really fun personality but i can”t believe the judges kept him over Tucker who is clearly a better dancer. Even more surprising is that Tucker got the boot after that poignant dance the week before with Robert. Am wondering what the judges are thinking……

  20. I agree that on a technical scale Hayley and Fik should be going next week, but if we’re taking everything into account I think we have a pretty solid final 4 coming consisting of Amy, Jasmine, Aaron and Fik-Shun. Paul and Hayley have never really connected with me.

    • Lore says:

      Yep, i agree with you, i dont know about Amy or Jasmine, both are awesome but i like Jasmine more, and in the guys, they should give Aaron the win already, he is so great, the jive wasnt his best dance, but he is reaally really freaking great

  21. LB says:

    Loved Mark’s routine. I wish Jenna could have kept up with him, though. Her quirkiness wasn’t quite up to par. Glad she’s gone – I got annoyed a few weeks ago when I found out she’s a member of Stacey Tookey’s dance company. That may explain why she was able to hang around so long. Perhaps the choreographers were all voting for her because she’s an insider and Stacey talked her up.

    • lea says:

      wth…seriously? :\ i kept trying to figure out why on earth they were saving her week after week – emotionally i didnt feel her at all… no wonder!!

    • babs22 says:

      It was more than that. Seen it mentioned on another recap last week that there’s an umbrella group for choreographers called NUVO that Jenna is also affiliated with in some capacity. About 6 or 7 of the SYTYCD choreographers are also affiliated with that group and have a prior relationship with Jenna. I figured once that became public knowledge they’d have to send her home this week. But how unfair, out of the 15 judges/choreo’s voting each week she has a relationship with about 7. I wonder if that had not come out if she would have been sent home last night.

      • Michelle says:

        Yeah, that REALLY shed light on some of the decisions being made. I’m surprised that her affiliation was even mentioned at all. I think most of us are under the impression (and are led to believe) that these dancers are just “off the turnip truck,” so to speak–taking classes in their little studios in their little Podunk towns, when in reality, the majority of the ones that make it to the top 20 seem to have firmly established connections in the dance world. It makes sense when you think about the elaborate back story videos made about some of the hopefuls right from the get go.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Shoulda known,… she wasn’t as bad as Mia’s clonky Ryan Ramirez who we were subjected to for overlong, but still. If I was more of a fan of Malece’s and/or Mackenizie (yah I know, spellcheck, looks effed to me too) I would have been really POed.

  22. Beth says:

    I was over the moon thrilled to see Courtney tonight! She was my fave her season and when I heard she was diagnosed with MS I was absolutely heartbroken. So you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face watching her on stage and seeing her doing to well. Yay!

  23. BillB says:

    Chelsie tweeted that Aaron danced with a torn labrum in one of his shoulders and that she was proud of him for doing so well under that circumstance. I’m surprised that Mary made a point of talking about his shoulders if she knew about this injury. I can understand that no excuses can be made, but knowing about that might give her a reason why he was having difficulty with it. Add that to the fact that he was the only one given such specific negative notes from two judges, while others who were also lacking in technique were not similarly called out makes me wonder. Hope he’s not in the bottom next week. If he is, he’ll probably be cut.


    With the number of marketing trolls on this board pretending that someone in America is actually watching this unwatchable quasi-competition show, it would not be surprising to learn that the studio audience are actors orchestrated to give them their audience reactions. This show is as phoney as the other imported communist junk deception shows such as the criminally misnamed “American Idol”, which is produced by the same criminals and their communist government.

  25. Nichole says:

    Travis was amazing in the choreography, but I just can’t get behind Amy this season. For me her performance is the problem, it always feels over baked. Technically she’s very good, but she needs to look at Haley or Jasmine for performance standards. Can’t believe they kept Fik’shun over Tucker either, Tucker has been amazing these last two weeks, has really stepped it up a level while Fik’shun still comes across too immature. Tucker in that opening number was fantastic! Hope Paul and Aaron make it to the final.

  26. KevyB says:

    I have a bit of a problem with several of your comments tonight, Michael. First, I totally agree that Mark was about 80% of his awesome routine, but because of that, I cannot give top props to Travis’s routine tonight because he was AWFUL at the transitions! Gawd, just so, so bad that I couldn’t get beyond them. Aaron has had his issues with transitions but even his were more fluid tonight than Travis’s. It was painfully obvious that Travis doesn’t dance much anymore, focusing more on choreography. I wish they had given the slot to someone who isn’t more choreographer than dancer and saved that excellent routine for a better dancer. I also thought Dmitri’s dance was extremely well-designed. The rhumba is a ridiculously posey dance, so I give him credit for putting in all those amazing lifts, even though that routine did not match the story he told us all about in the rehearsals. And both hip-hop routines were totally uninventive, the only thing making one worse than the other was Paul just didn’t sell his nearly as well as Jasmine sold hers. I never thought I’d say it, but bring back NappyTabs! I also want to know why they didn’t mention the reason Aaron didn’t dance in the opening number. Chelsie has said torn labrum, so why didn’t anyone else? And Tucker was the best dancer of the night and he went home. So, whatever, show.

  27. Fawna says:

    I liked the Rumba… But then I remembered that Dmitry choregraphed the Samba number with Danny and Lacey in Season 3 (Hip hip chin chin) which is one of my all time favourite ballroom piece on sytycd… Please bring Dmitry back more often!!

  28. John says:

    Do they still pick the style randomly? Because if they don’t I think it’s very unfair; i’im sure that Hayley will make Top 4 if she would have been paired with Travis…

  29. Elke B. Herold says:

    I was so confused at the end…..were they voted off or not??? What was this about them coming back again next week? My husband and I both sat there stunned to see Tucker not saved,( we think ). What happened? I thought I heard Nigel say that they would be leaving them, but them he said only for a week and he would see them next week. We totally didn’t get it!

  30. Jaime says:

    did Mary ever say who the 2nd couple was? ( i think the first was Hayley and Curtis right?)

    • Lana says:

      I want to know too. Is it Aaron and Jasmine? Please, I don’t do tweets and so I don’t know what Mary said on either couple.

    • Kate says:

      I had to go find her on twitter. It’s apparently Fikshun and Mariah, and Alan and Mackenzie. Although it’s hard to say if they are really couples, or there is just an attraction. Her response to someone guessing Alan and Mackenzie was “that’s the rumor on set anyway”.

  31. Mel says:

    Travis and Mark <3333333333333333333333333333333333 They are BRILLIANT. This was my favourite show of this whole season.

  32. sarah says:

    First Robert last week and Mark this week! My two favorite guys from all the SYTYCD seasons! So excited! I also enjoyed watching Travis dance. Then to also have 2 of my all time favorite girls: Courtney and Allison was great!
    I do not get the hate for Jenna, she is a great dancer and for her to get the first of the 2 standing ovations last night proves that! Hayley and Jenna were both in the bottom and so I think it was a toss up for who they were sending home. As for the guys I really think Fikshun should have been sent home before Tucker!
    However I predicted that the top 4 will be Aaron, Jasmine, Paul and Amy and I am sure that will be the results after next week. I really like Hayley but I have a feeling she will be sent home next week.
    These are my favorite dances in order: nothing to do with who I like the best but just based on the dances themselves:
    Amy & Travis
    Jenna & Mark
    Tucker & Courtney
    Fikshun & Allison
    Hayley & Dimitri
    Aaron & Chelsie
    Paul & Comfort
    Jasmine & Twtich

  33. Emily says:

    I absolutely LOVED Amy & Travis’s piece last night!! It was breathtakingly beautiful!
    Something that bugs me about this though is that everyone thinks that it is AMY’S fault for having a majority of the “cutesy” routines. The dancers don’t select their dance or choreograph the routine. So while yes, Amy has had a lot of amazing “cutesy” numbers that she has pulled off perfectly, it isn’t her fault that she hasn’t had the slower, more touching dances.
    Amy is an amazing contemporary/jazz dancer and as a fan I hate seeing people & the judges get on her for the routines she’s done. She deserves more respect & praise for what she HAS done rather than what she HASN’T been given the opportunity to do.

  34. Christina says:

    I feel like Nigel is trying to get rid of Aaron. Aaron was the only person this week who got a “weird” style, when I saw Chelsie, I was like THANK GOD, Aaron got ballroom. But then the give him Jive… really?
    Paul doesn’t stand out to me, other people like Jasmine, Aaron, & Amy have a huge stage presence. Paul doesn’t. Also, I’m pretty sure that Paul is the only one not to have gotten a standing ovation yet (and with the rate the judges have been giving them out, that’s pretty bad.)
    I hope Aaron doesn’t go home !
    Fik-Shun seems cocky to me. Every time the judges give him compliments he has a look on his face like “yeah, I know I’m good”.
    I really don’t know who’s going to win, last year I was pretty sure Eliana would win but this year Amy and Jasmine have both been in the bottom once, and are very strong (Hailey is out of the running). I think if Aaron makes it past the next elimination, he will win.
    I was about to have to curse Nigel out through the screen after I saw them give Jenna a standing ovation. I thought Mary would try and save her ballroom girl AGAIN.
    My favorites were Tucker & Courtney, Jasmine & Twitch, and Fik-Shun and Allison. I hated Jenna’s performance, Aaron’s was boring, and Paul’s didn’t stand out. I can’t even remember what Hailey did so…
    Best Case Scenario: Aaron is safe, Paul gets African Jazz
    Worst Case Scenario: Aaron goes home, Fik-Shun wins

    • Kara says:

      Paul hasn’t connected that well with many people but I do feel like he has a lot of fans. Why would he be safe over Fik-Shun? He has gotten two standing ovations thus far. That is like what every couple has gotten except for Amy and Fik-Shun of course.

      Yet aaron and Amy for the win!

      • A says:

        Paul has TONS of fans. Every week all the obnoxious girls in the front row are screaming at him. I don’t really want him to win because he’s already won sytycd in another country. If he wins this one people are going to make a huge deal about it. I agree that Aaron should win. It continues to shock me every week that he wasn’t in the top 20 in the first place! (Fingers crossed!!!)

  35. Kara says:

    You are ridiculous if you think Paul and Comfort were the worst of the night. I love my Jasmine and Twitch but my God was that painful to watch. By far the worst choreography of the night and it wasn’t even that much dancing at all. You seem to have something against Paul or something. A lot of people do but as a dancer, he is incredible. Of course Comfort out danced him just like most of the all star’s did but he was way too good for a ballroom dancer.

    Even though I feel like Paul is without a doubt the best male dancer, I want my Aaron to win. And he will. I’m pretty sure. I hope America votes for him. Fik-Shun, I love him too but I feel like he lost a lot of stream that he used to have. We’ll see.

    Amy and Aaron for the win.

  36. Magically Suspicious says:

    Jenna performed Mark’s piece like she was enduring a root canal. Maybe she just realized that the odds of being saved AGAIN were not in her favor and she was off her game, but she looked like a preteen that’s being forced to hold her dad’s hand in the mall.

    • Christina says:

      Hahaha, I was just praying that she wouldn’t get Travis though. I literally would have sent Nigel a hate letter if she did.

    • Phillip says:

      Let me start off by saying your life must be a total root canal. Your probably somebody that nobody likes or cares for your opinion! You probably sit home on Facebook every weekend, or twitter, and say every 4 minutes what ur update and what movie your watching by yourself! Jenna dance was the most new age and brilliant dance the show has ever seen! Why she was getting a standing ovation you were tweeting how much of a bore your life actually is, and how awesome your routines would be for the dancers! But you can’t dance with no friends, but ill wait to see u on the show next year, or ill just probably replying to your lonely comments because you think u can dance, NAH!

  37. Jason K says:

    I think Hailey suffered from having Curtis as partner. Let’s be real Curtis was terrible. She (along with Nico) was the only person in the top 10 without their original partner. I think Hailey also has a boring personality on TV. Even I’m routines that were great from her, I couldn’t really love them because she didn’t connect as much.

    And like seriously? The judges pick now to start listening to the voters. Tucker and Courtney were my favorite this week. The one week where I finally start to like Tucker and he’s cut… really? REALLY?

    If Nigel says one more thing about how “we don’t cut dancers, we save them.” I will scream.

  38. Christina says:

    The performances this week were all really good, but I think it was partly because all of the all-stars were actually ALL-STARS. I mean who in their right mind actually considers Witney an all-star. How about Cole, Will, or Tiffany.

    Also, would it be awkward if Jasmine danced with Cyrus in the finale.

    • babs22 says:

      I hope that doesn’t happen and don’t think it will. They’ve never had animation as a couples performance that I can remember and Cyrus can’t do anything else.

    • R.B. says:

      If you’re going with season 9 for all stars, I’d pick Chehon and Eliana. Chehon does choreography and I’m sure Eliana could as well. I realize Eliana is busy on the Taylor Swift tour so maybe her turn would come next year. But I think Chehon is free, since he assisted Stacey Tookey in her piece with Aaron and Kathryn.

      I really hate how Nigel focuses on all stars that only made it to top 10 or 8/6 and almost completely ignores the winners, who by default had many fans voting for them. I’d love to see more of those winners return instead of Nigel’s favorites, whom he always seems to be apologizing to for their non-wins. We see a lot of the same people over and over again.

  39. Ann VerWiebe says:

    Last night really demonstrated how Amy has been hurt by being paired with Fik-shun. The choreography had to be simplified and lightened for him, when she had a lot more to prove. And it was ironic that Jenna finally had a great dance that connected with the audience the week that she got sent home. I wonder if Nigel was trying to game the system to assure Jasmine and Amy make it into the finals.

  40. jeffrey says:

    Al-li-son! Al-li-son!

  41. Iris says:

    Honestly tonighy opened my eyes about Jasmine and Aaron, they are great personalitys and very mature. Especially Aaron, you just want to love the big teddybear, but they do not perform as well as the others do. Jasmines technique is nowwhere as good as Amys or Haileys is and Aaron is good at doinng the lifts and big jumps but in tonight showed a lack in technique almost as big as fik-shuns is. Paul is my favorite dude, he does most styles very well!

  42. tstephen51 says:

    Paul is a ringer to me. That’s been my biggest issue with him. And he smiled way too much during hip hop.

    • Kara says:

      That’s one ridiculous comment. I have to agree, his body had all the swag, his face didn’t. Even though he hasn’t had a stand out moment he has been constantly great every single week and is, without a doubt the best male dancer. That says a lot for a guy that started dancing 5 years ago. A lot. Still, because he has won, I feel that Aaron should win and I like him more too. Neil Haskell went to another SYTYCD too…

  43. Alysha says:

    I would say part of the problem this season, despite the talent, and they are talented, is the music. I’ve never been so bored by the music the choreographers have picked before. In previous seasons I’ve spent half the episode searching for one of the pieces I heard on the show. I’ve not done that once this season.

    • Pong says:

      I agree. Usually I get my playlist from this show. And boy are those songs hard to find! And my player has all of them on loop up until now.
      But I’ve not downloaded one single song from this season. I miss Mia Michael’s playlist! Although I do know about that song Mark and Jenna danced to (by 2NE1). KPop!LOL.

  44. R.B. says:

    I differ from most in that I wouldn’t characterize much of the choreography as “fresh or different”. If I were to look at the routines without knowing that some of our favorite dancers did them, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of ‘same ole-same ole’. Contemporary romantic entanglements, hip-hop with a silly backstory or unnecessary props, a serviceable rumba, etc. They were good, but no better than what we usually see.

    I hated to see Tucker leave. He added such skill to the group numbers, where he seemed to do his best work. Fikshun has noticeably improved, but still just seems too young to pull off the more serious pieces. Both Aaron and Paul have proven to be equally versatile, though I’d give the edge in hiphop to Aaron. In direct comparison to each other in group numbers, Aaron has done the better work, in my opinion, both in technique and characterizations. And to me, Paul seems almost as devoid of personality as Tucker, though not as talented. While he’s very handsome and garners the devoted screams and sighs of the ladies, he has made no impact on me as a performer. I do think Paul will win on the guys’ side. Judges and fans alike seem to love him. The girls are harder to call. I have no idea which of the three will even be in the finale, much less win.

    I would have been happy if Tucker made the finale. I feel we’ll be missing some great work from him.

  45. Kari says:

    Does anyone know why the group dances arent live this season? I really miss that aspect, and especially when Cat walks out through the group, it makes her more connected to the dancers.

  46. Ben says:

    The caption for slide 2 should read “working the pole,” not “working the poll.” Courtney wasn’t taking surveys.

  47. glatzj says:

    Caveat: I’m a biased Hayley fan. It feel it is totally unfair that Hayley has not received an opportunity to dance with a strong contemporary partner and has had to dance three ballroon dances – all technically great I might add. Her last two routines were dumbed down – I’d rather see her fail than not have a chance. Jasmine, with only a very technically bad quick step, doesn’t get Dmitry and hasn’t proven hersef in ballroom But instead Jasmine gets Twitch in hip hop and wasn’t that great, when 2 weeks ago she showed she could kill hip hop with Aaron in the Gold Rush program. Jenna also didn’t get the same opportunity Paul had with Witney – she never got a strong ballroom partner to show her stuff. Amy gets Travis=a fix. Unfair and uninteresting programming.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      So if Travis were paired with anyone else, it wouldn’t have been a fix? I’m not getting this continuous complaint. Why does everyone hate Amy so much? They hate her smile. Say it’s fake. Well my stepdaughter smiles the same way, so maybe I don’t hate her. She the freaking female twin of Adam Lambert, for pete’s sake!

      • glatzj says:

        Miss Otis. Pairs could have been Jenna with Dimitri (style on style), Hayley with Travis (style on style), Jasmine with Twitch (style on style), Amy with Mark (style on style). The producers know the voting results before the pairs are assigned. For a better show, don’t you want to give the underdogs the same opportunity as the front runners. Thus the fix – and my comment above. It is manipulating the voters for who they want in the finale. Amy is great – I’m not hating on her. Jasmine is great – at hip-hop, will likely lose the finale on a ballroom routine.

  48. Kevin says:

    I agree that the All-Star’s as choreographer made things more interesting and fresher. My Husband and I always play a game in the opening number. We guess who the choreographer is before they announce it.

    I’m okay with the eliminations. The two they kicked off were the better dancers, but neither of them have connected to the audience very well.

    I also agree that it seems unfair that one contestant gets someone like Travis for a partner and all the rest get a substandard “not-Travis-model”, but that has been true for a long time. In the early seasons anyone that got a Mia Michaels routine had an advantage, but Mia seems to have used up all of her good ideas at this point.

    What was the deal with Cat’s look? She looked like someone beat her up for her drug stash.

  49. Cass says:

    Am I the only person who dislikes Jasmine? I find her lacking personality and all limbs, which makes for awkward moves most of the time. I thought tWitch’s choreography was kind of boring (too much story, too), and I thought it was the worst performance of the night. And I really, really love Aaron, but I didn’t like him doing the jive, either.

  50. Miss Otis Regrets... says:

    Am I the only person not to dislike a random female contestant for some stupid reason?