Did Breaking Bad Boldly Go Too Far? A Bloody Boring Funeral? Liars' Tough Call? And More Qs!

blog_megan_mashup_8.16.13We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including True Blood, Pretty Little Lairs, Teen Wolf, Drunk History and more!

1 | So that vertical runway on America Next’s Top Model… How was that not a big enough liability to be vetoed at the pitch stage? And is the guys and girls edition making you miss Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel something fierce?

2 | Was True Blood‘s Terry really such a beloved character that he warranted not only the longest funeral in television history, but a flashback episode as well?

3 | Wouldn’t it be nice if Food Network execs develop a show for Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillips that focuses strictly on her new southern cuisine and drops the gimmicky “Eat, Date, Love” concept adopted in her final pilot-presentation challenge? And what are the odds that runner-up Rodney Henry gets some kind of irritating “on the road” show greenlit, as Bob and Susie attempt to make him Guy Fieri 2.0?

4 | Theories as to how Dexter’s Hannah managed to single-handedly haul an unconscious Dex all the way to the outskirts of Miami? Maybe she stuffed him in one of these?

5 | Could anyone have predicted before the start of Devious Maids‘ inaugural season that Rebecca Wisocky would score more laughs per scene as the imperious Evelyn Powell than any other regular or recurring cast member?

BadgerBReakingBAd6 | As fantastic as Sunday’s Breaking Bad was, can we all agree that Badger’s insanely detailed Star Trek dissertation went on about two minutes too long? And appreciating that Breaking Bad needed/wanted to fast-track a Walt/Hank face-off, wasn’t it a bit convenient that Walt almost immediately was given occasion to notice that Leaves of Grass was missing? Lastly, has the sound of a garage door closing ever been more gasp-inducing?

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7 | Where do you fall on the issue of Newsroom‘s Sloan and her naughty pics: Team Shoulda Known Better or Team Leave Sloan Alone!?

8 | Were you moms and dads out there surprised by how deep into it Good Luck Charlie got with the Teddy/Spencer/Beau emotional agita — with no tidy “We can be friends!” ending for the losing lad?

9 | So, where do we think Ray was taking Marvin at the end of Sunday’s Ray Donovan? Also, anyone else still scratching their head over the Abby-as-shoplifter plot?

10 | We admittedly haven’t watched in a few months, but what happened to Suze Orman’s cute and mostly-off camera sidekick/stage manager?

11 | For the love of Balanchine, why would Breaking Pointe‘s Allison even consider giving up her career — and that coveted soloist spot — for a man who’s never once come to Utah to watch her perform?

12 | Does Under the Dome‘s Big Jim ever get tired of clenching his teeth and frowning?

13 | If any actor from NBC’s low-rated Siberia is destined for future TV success, who’d be your pick? (For the record, we’d guess Esther Anderson, who plays delightfully conniving model Esther.)

14 | Regarding this week’s opening scene, the Teen Wolf writers are totally messing with Sterek ‘shippers, aren’t they?

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15 | How strange and disconcerting was it to have the So You Think You Can Dance judges cryptically mention a dark period experienced by choreographer Travis Wall’s brother (and fellow former contestant Danny Tidwell) without any concrete information? If he’s experienced personal difficulties of late that aren’t public knowledge, shouldn’t they have been left out of the critique?

EzraPLL16 | Screaming at the TV in agony when Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria ignored that call from a heartbroken Ezra was the appropriate reaction, right?

17 | Who convinced Criminal Minds‘ Paget Brewster to get inebriated on Drunk History, and how can we get more of our TV faves to do that?

18 | Could any Big Brother viewers make sense of Elissa’s math lesson during the Veto competition? (“First, you have to take the ratio of the sample size that we’re provided…. and estimate given the ratio of how many proportions of the ratio could fit on the display. So… it’s a lot of math.”)

19 | What kind of cruelty is it that The Real‘s hilarious summer test run ended before that of the vastly inferior fellow fledgling talker Kris, starring the Mother of All Kardashians Kris Jenner?

20 | How are there enough people defaulting on their aircraft that Airplane Repo can exist as a series? And does Mike Rowe narrate every show of this nature?

21 | We’re as excited about Jon Stewart’s return as the next person, but after John Oliver’s gush-fest over “the magnificent” Regis Philbin on The Daily Show this week, aren’t you sad to see the funny Brit sign off as host? Also, when former Daily Show correspondents Rob Riggle and Wyatt Cenac showed up for Oliver’s last day, what other famous faces were you hoping would appear? (For the record, we would’ve love a check-in with Vance DeGeneres.)

22 | What was more entertaining: Watching Project Runway‘s Ken, Sue and Alexandria scramble to dress their model in the hallway moments before the runway show, or Tim Gunn’s consternation at the “unprecedented” event?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. True Blood has really run its course as far as I’m concerned,it was boring last season,it’s worse this season,juxtaposition of funeral and carnage didn’t work for me at all.

    • dude says:

      I think you’re the only person alive who thinks this season is worse. True Blood is better than it has been since Season Two.

      • Eh. It’s better than last season, but that’s not saying much.

        • Cheeky says:

          Agree. Saying it’s back to the way it was during season two is a bit of a stretch. It’s better than five, but that’s not saying much

          • twilight123 says:

            I’d argue it’s better than seasons 5 and 3, I liked season 4 (witches season)- but I know I’m in the minority on that one.

      • Sansa's Hound says:

        I agree with you whole heartedly. It’s definitely better than the last few seasons. It does have it’s problems though. The writers make quite a few mistakes. Like, why didn’t Steve, or any of the other vampires just run out the door when Bill busted in? Also, before Terry’s funeral episode, whose grave was Arlene crying on? Some things have been nonsensical. Or unexplained rather. As far as Terry’s funeral goes, I for one, am glad they did it. Lafayette, Arlene and Terry should have had their own spin off shows. They are truly the most entertaining and lovable characters on the show.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree. It is overcrowded And now they just seem to be trying to top shock with shock in order to stand out. The characters have no heart and there is no character growth or development anywhere.

    • Sivan Merom says:

      I really enjoyed this season. And I liked terry but the. Funeral was boring not for nothing.

  2. courts says:

    Team Sloan is the Only Good Character on The Newsroom, tbh.

    • dude says:


    • Daven says:

      I’m team both! She should have known better and people should leave her alone…especially now that she’s at the ‘rage’ stage.
      PS – Is it just me or do others hate Don more now than they did last season? I wish I could fast forward through every scene he’s in, but then I’d miss plot points.

      • Sam says:

        Don has always been awesome

      • Mandy says:

        I jumped into the middle of season one and hated Don. I thought he was the thing keeping Maggie and Jim apart and he sucked. But since going back an watching all of season one, Don is one of my favourite characters and his scenes with Sloan only make me like him more. He doesn’t hold back his punches and he is smart and sweet.

      • DL says:

        Me, I like Don way more this season than last season. He was mostly a likable character for me, but so aggravating with the Maggie relationship. Now he’s getting more funny bits (the physical comedy with the chair was hilarious), and I love the chemistry between him and Sloan. At this point I care way more about the two of them than Jim and Maggie. :P

    • Sam says:

      False they are all good

    • Jack says:

      I’ll take Team Let’s-See-Those-Sloan-Pics-For-Ourselves-and-Then-Pass-Judgment.

  3. Star Trek blow by blow went on far too long on #BreakingBad,need Jesse to be more reactive,the big reveal with Hank and Walter happened way too fast.

    • Mel says:

      Had to happen fast. Only 7 episodes left. AND I was OK with Badger’s Star Trek treatise. I thought it was highly entertaining. As dark as Breaking Bad is, they put in just enough humor that once you’re done watching the episode you aren’t severely depressed.

      • Cooper says:

        A lot of people have theorised that the Star Trek episode pitch was actually a very detailed metaphor foreshadowing the final episodes. Notice the fact that Jesse leaves before ‘the best bit’… could mean a Pinkman-less finale.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          I’m banking on Pinkman being in the finale because Aaron Paul is going to be the big guest at the huge finale party being held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It would be weird if he was watching the finale with so many fans and wasn’t even in the episode. Wouldn’t it? I think it would be.

          • Rusty says:

            I hope you’re right–no one wants Jesse to die. And I loved the Star Trek bit and Badger is hilarious. It was good to have a little lightness sprinkled in. Whoever is complaining about it is just anxious for the end and isn’t able to appreciate the pacing.

  4. Matthew says:

    The answer to all of these questions is 42.

  5. Badger and Skinny Pete talking Star Trek was the best damn thing about the episode.

  6. AT says:

    2 – I liked the funeral. It reminded me of the first season when all of the characters interacted with each other and there was really one main, cohesive story line. I really liked the flashbacks too and I liked that so much time was spent on a human.

    11 – Thank you! My thoughts exactly. I get that he can’t leave his residency but why does she have to leave her career? If they’re really in love, they can make it work for a few more years until they can be together. At that point they can go move somewhere where she can dance and he can work.

  7. D'Arcy says:

    The Star Trek spec script scene was AMAZING, come on guys.

    Breaking Bad is the only show that would do that kind of thing – devote 4 minutes of screentime to relatively minor characters in a PREMIERE episode.

    It’s not like nothing happened – they cut to the damn chase after all.

    It was a great episode.

    • sansahound says:

      I agree. I love Badger and Skinny Pete. A show as heavy as this needs a little comedy to balance things out. There is just as much comedy in real life, as there is drama. So why not have it on the show?

  8. G.Rhapsody says:

    Someone hasn’t been paying attention to Paget Brewster’s work outside of television. Thrilling Adventure Hour anyone?

    • LDSK says:

      I LOVE TAH! Sadie Doyle for the win! It’s a shame most people are familiar with Paget from Criminal Minds because she does amazing comedy work. I hope she finds her way back to TV soon with a show that will really allow her talents to shine. (but not if it interfears with her TAH work!!)

    • Emtifah says:

      Clink!! Love the Thrilling Adventure Hour, especially the Beyond Belief segments. So tempted to go to NYC to see the show when it comes to the East Coast. Until then the podcast will have to do.

  9. Bruce_F says:

    2. People a making way too big of a fuss about this. The episode was alright.
    7. Leave Sloan alone. Show me a person who hasn’t made a stupid decision with someone they trusted and I’ll show you a liar.
    9. I’m scratching my head about the whole show. It’s a mess.
    17. Paget was a great sport and her segment was fantastic. We need an episode of Drunk History with Nick Offerman next.

  10. Sarah says:

    16: Aria and Ezra are boring – thank god she didn’t pick up, saved us from the boring ‘Ezria’-moments for at least one more episode.

    • Elyse says:

      I like Ezra… don’t get me wr

    • Elyse says:

      wow I really need to stop commenting using my phone because I always fat finger it and send the comment too soon. I was trying to say: I like Ezra don’t get me wrong but he and Aria are pretty boring. I’m loving this new guy Jake!

    • macabre says:

      Ezra and Aria are the most boring part of the show. I understand that each of the Liars have their personal story lines but Aria’s story is almost always about the men in her life. Her father, her brother, Ezra, Jake, Jason… she is the least connected to the main story line of the show and now, in the 4th season, it is even more glaringly obvious.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Thank you for saying this! I have really enjoyed having a few episodes where their “love” was not shoved down my throat. I really don’t understand the appeal of this couple and the show is much better when they’re apart. I am sure that we will have to endure their eventual rekindling, but I am just loving this time off from them!!

      My issue with the episode mainly regarded the fact that Ezra’s son is not actually his. What was the point of that storyline?? It is completely pointless now and it was boring me before! Very frustrating! The writers cannot follow through with anything!!

      • itberice says:

        The “Ezria” fans are very vocal, especially on twitter, and by vocal I mean they attack people who work on the show. So the writers most likely ended the story line with Ezra’s son for that reason.

        • itberice says:

          I apologize if this comment sounded like I was insulting all Ezria fans, I was not. Merely point out that some of their fans can be…. extreme in their shipping.

        • Cassie says:

          I had the same thought. I wonder if it was always there plan that the kid wasn’t his or fan outrage cause them to course correct.

        • C says:

          Perhaps you’re right, but I kind of remember the producers/writers hinting that Maggie wasn’t as truthful and good a person as we’re led to believe. And something that they said (I can’t specifically remember what) made it seem like the boy might not be Ezra’s son after all.

          • C says:

            I forgot to mention that they were saying/hinting it right when they were introducing the idea that Ezra has a son with his high school girlfriend.

  11. dude says:

    18. I don;t think Elissa even knew what she was talking about. It’s like…jargon, ratio, algebra…math.

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    2. I loved Terry’s funeral and seeing the flashbacks of how he came to Bon Temps.

    18. Nothing Elissa says makes any sense, N.O.T.H.I.N.G!!!

    • Mel says:

      Loved Terry’s funeral too. And loved the back and forth of the funeral/vampire escape. Why are people so critical?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        IDK, people love to trash something others like. It’s okay if you didn’t like it but sheesh, some take it to far. It’s like they get a kick out of rubbing your happiness in the dirt.

  13. Jeff Bohn says:

    #7. I’m Team Needs to Thoroughly Examine the Pictures Before Making Any Further Judgment.

  14. MG says:

    Saying a scene went on too long in Breaking Bad is like saying the Mona Lisa would be a better painting if her nose were a little smaller. The show is one of the great works in its medium. You can like it, not like it, interpret it or appreciate it in different ways, but questioning the artist’s decisions is silly. The show, like the painting, is what it is.

  15. Alex says:

    1: I loved Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel, the winner of season 2 reminds me of one of the ANTM guys. 2. Funeral..WAY too long 13. I really want Daniel from Siberia to do more projects…

  16. RD says:

    You can’t please some people. Last sunday’s episode of BB was thoroughly entertaining and riveting. Just like great television ought to be. Quit whining and appreciate great characters and writing please.

  17. Nora says:

    Breaking Bad: The entire discussion of the pie eating contest was a metaphor, which apparently you missed completely. When they’re talking about blueberries, they’re talking about blue meth. Something goes horribly wrong with the “transport” (Lydia, perhaps) of “blueberries” and the former benefactor of this transport dies a horrible death, coughing up blood (a common symptom of Walt’s cancer). That’s one possibility. there are a number of interpretations, all of which are more interesting than assuming it means absolutely nothing. Another theory likened the replication of the blueberry pies to Walt and other manufacturing more and more blue meth, which eventually lessens the quality. Another thoery is that transporting the blue meth into space is echoed in Jesse throwing the proceeds of blue meth out the window of his car. The only way that scene went on 2 minutes too long was if you weren’t paying attention at all or have no sense of critical thinking. In reality, it was among the most thought-provoking, compelling, and ominous scenes in the episode, if not the series. That anyone would watch that scene and honestly think it was just a couple of guys randomly talking about Star Trek is a pretty sad endictment of our public school system. It shouldn’t take an English degree to identify such obvious subtext.

    • There were also the frequent mentions of Chekov, bringing to mind the Chekov’s Gun principle..and that ricin is still floating around, yet to be ingested.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I love Breaking Bad, but its fans have been getting extremely douchey lately. You, my dear, are queen of the douchebags. And this is coming from someone who actually has an English degree, which I will use the power of to identify the obvious subtext in your comment that you enjoy putting people down and believe your enjoyment of Breaking Bad somehow makes you better than others. It doesn’t. It just makes you an elitist snob.

      • Rusty says:

        She may be douchey, but not as douchey as the person who said the scene went on too long. It’s all instant gratification anymore with some people. The can’t tolerate waiting just a little bit to inject a little levity or for the writers to carefully and thoughtfully play out the story. The guy was probably on his phone the entire time the scene was playing, which was probably why he missed the subtext.

  18. Sarah says:

    The question I keep having about Project Runway is why Alexander dresses like a citizen of the Capitol from “The Hunger Games”

  19. I was thinking the same thing about Danny Tidwell. I wonder what happened with him. I even tried to google it and didn’t find anything.

    • Karen says:

      Same here. I’m equally confounded why they would even mention it, if they (Danny and his family) wanted to keep it private. Now people are really gonna snoop around.
      But still an amazing routine, and an overall incredible show SYTYCD pt on this week, I must say.

      • Jenny says:

        Danny is a soloist with the Oslo Opera and Ballet. They were referring to his childhood and how he struggled with dance -he was (is) great at it but did know if it was what he wanted to do. This was a major story point in Danny’s season

  20. Shannon says:

    Terry’s funeral was the best episode of True Blood in the past 3 seasons. I thought it was very well done and I loved seeing all the flashbacks. It’s been like 3 seasons since Sookie actually worked a shift at Merlotte’s so it was nice to see her and all the characters back in Bon Temps and together!!

  21. Ashlee says:

    1 I feel like this cycle of ANTM is a terrible version of Make me a Supermodel. I miss that show!

    16 I actually was happy Aria ignored Ezra’s call! It was one of the first things in this series that is similar to real life.

    18. I’m just over this season of BB. I don’t think anyone left deserves to win.

  22. Aimee says:

    #17 – Loved having Paget back on my TV again. she is such a Hoot! All the “drunks” are such a good sport about it and I love how they all take it really seriously. They REALLY want us to learn about this stuff. :-)

  23. Aly says:

    Wow, Devious Maids has surprised me with how good/enthralling it is. I know the creator (producer?) is the same but it reminds me of the good ‘ole days of season 1-3 of Desperate Hosuewives!! Keep it up!

    • liz says:

      Same here! And I hope it stays as good as its been cause I stopped watching Desperate Housewives somewhere in season 3 because it got boring. Hoping Devious Maids doesn’t, cause I’m loving it!

  24. Daisy says:

    14. Wait. There are “Sterek” shippers? That can’t be a thing, can it? Tell me that’s not a thing.

    On the other hand, I do like the relationship with one of the twins and the other guy whose name I can’t now remember. And only want the twins to stick around so that can continue. But from the looks of things, I don’t think it will. Great season though, Really great season.

    • Mike R. says:

      Where have you been Sterek shippers have been here since very early on the shows run, and they make up a good majority o the teen wolf fans. Love it or hate it, it exists.

      • hipper says:

        I never got the Sterek thing. More power to those ‘shippers as long as they keep watching. I think it’s really just Dylan O’Brien acting circles around his castmates. I’m more on the side of Scissac side of things when it comes to fantasy couplings that’s never gonna happen.

        • liz says:

          Dylan’s acting is really quite fabulous; he’s got chemistry with every single member of the cast. I hope he has a successful career after the show is done. Same with Holland (Lydia) – I think she has the talent to make a go of it after.

    • liz says:

      Sterek is the #1 ship for the fandom. I never watched Teen Wolf but my friends were constantly “OMG watch it! The Sterek!” … And so I did and now I’m a member of the Sterek-fanfic club :P

  25. Sam says:

    Why can’t it be both for Sloan?

  26. girl says:

    make with the rookie blue question… please? :)

  27. meah says:

    Well I thought I was the only one that enjoyed The Real,the ladies were so much fun..hope it gets picked up.its The View for younger people
    As much as I love EZRIA(they are the shows most loved and popular couple)am glad aria didn’t pick the call.I like her new bf,he seems cool.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Are they really? How dysfunctional are teenagers? Of course, most of the relationships on the show are destructive in one way or another, but it really does surprise me that they are a popular couple. Hanna and Caleb have a much better relationship and Toby and Spencer at least have great chemistry. I genuinely find this very interesting.
      I agree that it has been nice seeing aria with someone new!

      • CC says:

        I agree! Anytime they bring in someone that could potentially break Aria away from Ezra, I’m always for it. I don’t see the appeal of their relationship, as I much prefer Hanna/Caleb and Spencer/Toby. I can’t really say much for Emily/Paige as Paige doesn’t appear as often as the other significant others. Maybe the Ezria shippers find the allure in the “forbidden love” aspect of the relationship.

  28. DanielleZ says:

    #9 It will be interesting to see where Ray took Marvin. Not sure what to think of the shoplifting but anyway Ray has nice suits.

    #11 My sentiments exactly. Still laughing at your comment for this one.

  29. Lisa says:

    I think that the Daily Show has certainly found the heir apparent if/when Jon Stewart decides to leave the show. John Oliver was brilliant! (I love British men so I’m probably a bit biased, but still…)

  30. John says:

    For some reason, I keep watching Siberia; it’s just so bad it’s good and I need to see what happens next. As for Drunk History I’m amazed at the guest stars they have each week and it’s really becoming one of my favs

  31. Mandy says:

    Ray Donovon- clearly Abby was acting out like a spoiled teenager. She wanted Ray’s attention so shoplifting and getting in trouble got her that.
    I think Ray was taking Marvin back to his neighbourhood, likely to his mom’s house to show him what his life could become if he keeps messing up.

    • Cassie says:

      Of all the odd behavior on this show, Abby’s shoplifting is the least of my concerns. I think my biggest complaint of the last episode would be the actor buying the movie rights to what is essentially already his story. Why would he want to put that on the big screen?

    • Xavier R. says:

      All the scenes with Abby and Ezra’s girlfriend felt sooo contrived. This show needs to give Ray’s henchmen (and woman) some more screen time.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Yeah, that was pretty much my thought about Ray and Marvin as well.

  32. Nate says:

    Terrible call on your first two Breaking Bad comments. First of all, while most people seem to have enjoyed every second of Badger’s Star Trek story, the fact that you thought it took too long actually works to demonstrate how Jesse must have felt…just sitting there, agonizing, as Badger droned on and on and on about something pretty stupid (in the grand scheme of things). So if you didn’t love it, it helped you identify, however minimally, with Jesse’s mindset…either way, the show wins. As for the second point…I don’t know if Walt’s cancer/chemo, which has played a role in, I don’t know, just about every episode since the first and was the impetus for Walt heading down this road in the first place, is “convenient.” “Well-planned,” maybe? “Thoroughly foreshadowed,” perhaps? Seems like you’re just complaining for the sake of complaining.

    Excellent point on the third, however.

  33. Walkie says:

    There are only 7 episodes of Bad left folks. Walt and Hank had to confront each other this soon. It’s so much more interesting than both of them playing a “who knows what” game for two or three more episodes.

    And if all you can nitpick is the Star Trek monologue, that says a lot about how great the show is.

  34. Matt says:

    #12. The only time I think his hasn’t had that look was when Junior almost shot him, but I really do think that Dean Norris has done an awesome job with character so far. Granted, the dialogue has been kind of so, so, but his performance, especially the scene I just mentioned with Junior almost shooting him was awesome acting on his part!

  35. Brandy says:

    #11i know right?She just got promoted ,she’s been working toads becoming or. Soloist or maybe one day a prima ballerina almost her whole life.Shes sweated,bled,cried literally fo it.I don’t like Jonathon, he dosent support her dreams and goals but expects her to support his and give up her career friends in BW for him,yet he’s never come to see her dance.Allisons right on one hand:long distance relations ar hard& that part has to end sometime and n that we can’t/won’t dance forever and she should have love,happiness outside of her career.But n the other hand,sh can still dance for a few more years(Chris & a are mid 30s still dancing).I think if she does retire for jonthon, she’ll regret it and resent him.Id hate to see her retire than a couple weeks later realize she made a mistake and go “OMG what did I do?”Jonathon seems to want/expect Allison to be a dutiful wife, Susi Homemaker with diner n the table when he comes from work.Whtat other job /career could Allison have f she retires?If Jonathon really loved her, he’d want her doing what she loves and want her to be happy and not demand she quit dancing.Allison’s a great dancer.

  36. cjeffery7 says:

    4. that’s one of those “special details” where i deliberately choose to suspend my disbelief.
    7. TEAM LEAVE SLOANE ALONE. how can you even ask that question? nobody deserves to be betrayed like that after putting their trust in someone under the guise of genuine human connection. i’d rather not slut shame thank you very much.
    12. i WILL miss john oliver! now stewart’s gonna come off like an old fart… hehe jk… except kinda not… :<

    • Cassie says:

      Despite the faults that this season of Dexter has, I’m choosing to believe that all these loose ends are going to be explained in the final run of this season. My theory is that Hannah and Elway are actually working together. I don’t think Hannah would have been able to pull that all off alone, but I’m sure there is more to this storyline.

  37. PLD says:

    If by screaming at the TV you mean for Aria NOT to answer then yes, that was the appropriate response……Aria and Ezra are boring, seriously what teenager acts like that? She needs to let loose a little, as much as these girls can. Jake is awesome, and less complicated.

  38. GTS says:

    15. I hate when SYTYCD judges expect us to know everything that’s going on in the dance world. Also, anyone know what the “dark period” was? (Did they mean his life as a child, before being informally adopted by Travis’ family?)

  39. Brandy says:

    #5.Zolia has great one liners too.Zolia to Mrs DelaturtY”Your face is telling you to stop pulling it s tight .”Mrs D to Zolia”my new dr could tell me I needed to be on mood stablizers in 5 minutes.”Zolia “It took him that long?”

  40. Martin says:

    #13 – Totally agree, Esther is brilliant. Best part of the show. Another success story from the aussie soap Home And Away.

  41. M3rc Nate says:

    2) Thats what i thought! I mean im not the BIGGEST True Blood fan in the world, but i’ve watched every episode and enjoy the show, and i felt bad during all that Terry stuff cause it made me wonder “am I not like all the other TB fans? Does the TB fan base love Terry and im just odd and dont? Cause i honestly havent care about him ever, but especially when they started giving him story (his iraq murdering, the smoke monster, his suicide, his funeral etc).
    4) Well…at least Dexter seems to be like 5’8 not 6’3 so it’s not completely unbelievable that she could drag him. I mean he wasn’t THAT far from the road where he was found, and he was right by the sliding door when he was drugged in his sisters living room, so she could have dragged him. Yvonne (Hannah) is fit enough that its clear she works out, and with a burst of adrenaline she could do it.
    7) Im majorly “you should know better”. Don’t get me wrong, Sloan is my favorite character and i love me some Olivia Munn. My biggest issue wasn’t the nude pictures in general, but it was that she has some nude/sex photo shoot with a guy she knew for 6 weeks. That’s the line for me, if the guy was a boyfriend or husband, then I see no wrong doing or lack of smarts if they somehow leak (BF/Husband betrayal, hacking, etc) but when it’s a one night stand or a “having fun” with a new guy like Sloan did, then I say you’re stupid.
    I liked how they broke it down, though it’s a huge breach of trust and its disgusting of him to do, she bought the camera, she was a willing participant, etc…so she can’t sue or anything. I like that they made it real by showing in that scenario, there’s nothing she can do legally. I did NOT like that because she could do nothing, she resorted to violence and the show portrayed it in a way of “yeah, he deserved it! She should have done more! Badass Sloan!”. I’m not saying it was somehow morally wrong to have that in the show. I do kinda wish they would go back to reality and have charge her with assault and battery and with the eyewitnesses, and picture she took along with the cops would take pictures when they showed up of his face, she would most definitely get charged and found guilty and that would ruin her career for good, and get jail time, so I don’t get why he wouldn’t do that to ruin her for good. (Not that I want Sloan ruined or off the show, but I do want as much realness in the show as possible)
    12) Thats your Under the Dome question? Not “so the body of the mother is upstairs for…12 hours now? Medically at death bowls and bladder are released, Decomposition starts, at 12 hours she is rotting and the acids in her body at eating away at her organs etc…and supposedly the black mom is just up in that room, mourning still? Then the even bigger questions….like: when will there be good acting on this show? How many psychopaths and sociopaths and murders and rapists and ego-maniacs live in this small town? etc.
    21) I think Jon Oliver proved her can shoulder and host his own show, but i think theres already enough shows and his wouldnt be different enough from The Daily Show to warrant him going off and making his own show. What i noticed right away is that the show didnt change at all. The show is the writers. I mean the host is reading a teleprompter and Oliver didn’t do much different than Stewart would have.

  42. Patchi says:

    I fast forwarded during the funeral scene for Terry I didn’t care about him at all, should have spent the time on other characters.

    As for pretty little liars I liked Ezra and Aria but she needs to move on and I like the nice guy

    • Cassie says:

      If you fast forwarded through all those flashbacks then you missed out. They were just as much about the characters eulogizing Terry as well as him. Lafayette’s was hilarious. I think they were also used as a great device to show just how much the characters have changed since before the vampires came out of the coffin. Of course Lala was still his same beautiful self.

  43. Angela says:

    #21: Yes. Absolutely. John was a great host these past couple months. And it was really nice to see Wyatt and Rob show up!
    Also, in regards to Oliver’s last show, I have a question: can John Oliver and Simon Pegg hang out together more often :)?

  44. A says:

    16) Wait, we are yelling for joy right? Cause if so, that was totally me. I was so stoked Aria shut Ezra down. I have been waiting for that for 4 seasons. PLL is my favorite show but I cannot stand the character of Ezra. Up until this season I could not stand Aria either but I found that she is a really great character when she is not 1/2 of Ezria. I really hope Ezra joins the A team- that would be one of the best turn of events in PLL history.

    23) Is anyone else excited for more Jo and Tyler on Twisted? Is anyone else watching Twisted? I am a fan.

    • CC says:

      I agree with your points for #16! I was so glad that Aria finally decided to not let herself revolve around Ezra. It was a nice change.
      And I am excited for Jo and Tyler! I, for one, think they’re a great pairing, despite the pranks he pulled on Danny. I think Tyler’s an interesting character, and it’d be nice for Jo to not let Danny’s situation crowd over her own life.

  45. Magali says:

    17 – Drunk Paget Brewster was a delight!

  46. 13. Joyce Giraud
    16. I was glad that Aria ignored Ezra’s call. That relationship has always bothered me and I’m ready for the show to move past it (as unlikely as that is to happen).

  47. DavidSask says:

    I was sad that The Real never had full YT episodes like the horrid Kris. If the latter comes back and The Real not something is very wrong or paid for by someone!!!

  48. Marco says:

    16. NO.

  49. If you think that the “Star Trek” scene in Breaking Bad went on too long, you totally missed the point to the point that I’d seriously question your credibility as a TV critic. Good thing this isn’t bylined.

  50. bobbie says:

    2. For me, Terry was very beloved and I’m sorry to see him go!
    4. It’s very hard to drag a dead body which is worse than a 150 lb. sack of potatoes, the blood and weight shifting around while you’re trying to move it (I took a couple of criminal justice courses). So, yes it’s very hard to believe!
    6. I thought the Star Trek speech was too long, I got the message of how bored and uninterested Jesse was long before it ended. The last scene was awesome, “Tread lightly,” says the man who has nothing to lose. For heaven’s sakes, just burn down the garage – all the evidence is in there!
    7. I fall will Maggie and her comment, which was something along the lines of “Why are women who like sex considered sluts? I like sex.”
    9. I don’t know where that madman Ray was taking Marvin, he’s so out of control. I think the shoplifting wasn’t out of line with Ray as controlling husband (typical that someone so controlling, needing to control every detail goes out of control) that Abby has never just gone out and spent money on clothes or things she wants. It was a crazy moment.
    12. Haha about Big Jim clenching his teeth!
    21. I hope John Oliver gets his own show! I totally miss Jon Stewart.I was worried when Jon left because one of the writers left at the same time, but the writers are hotter than ever! I really really loved the John Hodgman segment (John Hodgman Millionaire).