Breaking Bad's 8 Most Bitchin' and Bold Twists!

Breaking Bad Plot TwistsFiery graves and poisonous plants and gunshots gone awry are just a few of the things that make AMC’s Breaking Bad (which kicks off its final run this Sunday at 9/8c) the most deliciously dark, addictively twisted series on TV today.

They’re also a major reason why we’ll miss following the saga of Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman when their meth-fueled misadventures come to an (inevitably) tragic end in just eight short weeks.

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As such, we’ve compiled a tight collection (with the caveat that the options for this one are endless) of Bad‘s eight most bitchin’ twists from the past five seasons. (We’re pretty sure Jesse would approve of the title.)

From moments that defined the series to those that broke our hearts and crushed the characters, our picks  take fans down a pretty devastating — but enjoyable! — memory lane.

Click through the gallery below — MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! — then hit the comments: Which game-changing twists would make your list?