Breaking Bad Boss Vince Gilligan 'Very Proud' of Series' End, Hopeful for Saul Goodman Spin-Off

Breaking Bad Series Final SpoilersTo any Breaking Bad fans anxious about the acclaimed AMC drama’s swan song run and imminent conclusion (beginning Aug. 11), fret not: You’re in good company.

“I was really nervous about coming up with the end of this thing for a year straight — for six years straight,” creator Vince Gilligan confessed Friday at the Television Critics Associations’ summer press tour in Beverly Hills.

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However, the EP admitted that he was able to breathe a bit easier upon finally realizing that “the best hope we had to come up with something that, hopefully, most people will like was to satisfy ourselves, the seven of us in the writers’ room, [as well as] the cast and the crew.”

“I am very proud of the ending,” the candid Gilligan continued. “I can’t wait for everyone to see it. I am very cautious in my estimation, in general, of how people will respond to things; I hope I am not wildly wrong to estimate that most folks are going to dig the ending.”

Bryan Cranston, meanwhile, took this opportunity to spoil Bad‘s series finale for the critic-filled room. “Everyone will be satisfied with the ending, where we hug it out [and] where all is forgiven,” the man behind Heisenberg said, laughing. (Spoiler Alert: It’s a joke.)

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While Walt and Jesse’s journey is coming to a close, Saul Goodman’s may continue. As previously reported, AMC is eyeing a spin-off centered on Bob Odenkirk’s underhanded lawyer — a project Gilligan is eager to tackle.

“It is my fervent wish that there will be a Saul Goodman spin-off,” he shared. “I’m not speaking for any company or professional entity when I say that I really hope it happens. I would very much like it to [come to fruition]. And creatively, we’re working toward that.” Echoed Odenkirk: “I love everything that Vince just said… I would love to do it; I’d do it in a second. Because if Vince wrote it, it’s going to be awesome.”

That said, the actor will be equally fulfilled if AMC opts not to call Saul. “Everything good that’s already come from me being a part of this is all I would ever need to make me happy,” Odenkirk said.

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