Grey's Anatomy Shocker: Sandra Oh Leaving After 10 Years -- 'I Am Ready to Let Cristina Go'

Sandra Oh Leaving Grey's AnatomyThe doctor is out.

Sandra Oh has decided to leave Grey’s Anatomy when her contract expires at the end of the ABC hit’s upcoming 10th season, TVLine has confirmed.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the news, Oh said, “Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go. It’s such an interesting thing to play a character for so long and to actually get the sense that she wants to be let go as well. [Cristina] wants to be let go, and I am ready to let her go. We have to start the process, story-wise, for the Grey’s writers to think of why she’s going to go.”

Series creator Shonda Rhimes, meanwhile, promises Cristina will get “the exit she deserves.”

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Oh is one of six Grey’s actors facing expiring contracts in May. Fellow “originals” Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson will also be deciding their GA fates in the coming weeks and months (Pickens’ may be decided for him in the season premiere, when we learned if Richard survived the finale).

“I spoke to [ABC Studios] and asked really clearly that I know sooner rather than later,” Rhimes told TVLine last month. “Last time they kept me guessing up until almost the last minute, which was really stressful. This time I asked to know much sooner, so that we could plan for it.”

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  1. A says:

    Wow. Things just got really. Maybe the show should end after the 10th season.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. I love Cristina, and Oh does a phenomenal job. However, 10 years is a long time, so I have no hard feelings toward Oh. Good for her.

      • Liz says:

        I agree. But I just can’t imagine Meredith without her best friend with her. I hope Ellen & Patrick will leave the show as well. After all, they’ve both said they’re only doing it for the money now, so… They can find a more interesting job elsewhere (Ellen with acting, PD with his cars).

        • brycealexander says:

          The only reason I don’t want them to leave is because I know it’ll bring a flood of people saying, “Just cancel it already blah blah blah” when really there’s no need. I found a way to love April more than I ever did Izzie and I like Jackson just as much as I did George. If the story’s there, canceling is no bueno. Derek and Meredith leaving would be weird, but I wouldn’t care if Pompeo and Dempsy were wanting out. And now that the hospital is renamed, the show will still be about “Grey”‘s Anatomy.

        • Nancy says:

          Neither have said they are ONLY doing it for the money. That is not true. They appreciate their fans and said they do it for us. Yes the money is nice but they both have families and Patrick races which is not a cheap sport. But to say they ONLY do it for the money is just wrong. Neither have said that. They said that the money was one reason.

      • Isak says:

        Agreed. Actually I think this may lead to a chain reaction of leaving announcements from the original cast. There’s not a lot of them left so, unless they really want to stay, I picture them saying “Oh Sandra is leaving? Gosh, it’s time to leave as well”.

    • dave says:

      Don’t worry, April will take lead of the show and it can go on for years to come. Can you see it?

      • Mateo says:

        No, I do believe the show should end after 10th season. Grey without Yang, Shepard without Slone, I don’t know it’s just not right. And the only one that I saw taking over the lead was Lexie, and we all know that ship is sailed.

        • jestsaying says:

          The show’s heyday is gone. It’s just one stunt after another now. I wish they’d ended it a few years ago. People need to learn to let shows run their course and go off the air when they’re still good instead of drawing it out and ruining characters by making them more and more unlikable just for the sake of contrived drama. Of course networks will never agree with this because they are all about making money with a hit as long as possible. But if you’re a fan you should want a show to end while it’s still creatively good.

          • jestsaying says:

            Also, as an actor, i know i’d be bored with how they show is progressing and ready to move onto other projects. I’ve followed Sandra’s career since she was on Arliss. Love her and wish her the best of luck on any future endeavors!

          • anne says:

            I concur. It has been a great run and I loved it, but it is now getting too far out and unrealistic. Let it end on a high note.

      • I can see it. April has the chops to lead the show, I truly believe. And there are plenty of characters that could keep the show going for a few more seasons.

        • Sandy says:

          Oh please…I’ve grown to like April more since Season 6. But she’s not leading lady material yet.

          • trainwreck says:

            April is one of the least popular character in Grey’s history of regular characters. currently the only person (IF there HAS to be a Grey’s without Meredith – which is an absurd idea in my opinion) whom i can see in a position or pivotal character to take the show forward is Camilla Luddington’s Jo! Camilla is young, easy on eyes and far less annoying as April. She is attached with Karev, an original cast member.

            If Lexie were alive, story would have been very different but as she is (..gulp) dead so my choice will be Jo. Although i would say it again – she should have her own spinoff – not Grey’s Anatomy!

          • Chris says:

            Jo sucks! She’s really annoying, and I couldn’t even remember her name for ages. She can’t lead the show. EWWWW.

    • greysfan says:

      Wow. Just wow. However i did expect one of the originals to leave after this season. It will be interesting to see who else follows suit. I am not calling for season 10 to be its last though just because Sandra is leaving. In saying this Meredith without her person is going to make me sad :( When Ellen decides to call it quits is when the show should wrap. I’ve always said that from the start. Instead of whining about it enjoy it while you can because shows like Grey’s don’t come around too often. Just look at last season, so many cancellations.

    • JoAnn says:

      You might be right. If Meredith and Derek’s characters leave, I won’t be watching anymore. They made the show, to me. Most of the others played minor roles in my eyes.

  2. What will Meredith (Yin) do without her Yang?

    • Tav says:

      I know, as long as Meredith had her BFF and husband by her side I would’ve watched. What a bummer, I hope they don’t destroy the friendship to explain her departure.

    • Mary Jane Kallinger says:

      I agree, I Love Christina! She is Meredith’s perfect Yang, gosh I just really relate to Christina: She is just me, in so many ways, I do not want her to go, can’t she stay a bit longer? More Episodes, Please?
      What I really like is her attitude! It was something! She is one of the best actresses I have ever seen, especially in Greys Anatomy……Gosh, I am so sad to see her go.

  3. Lana says:

    Shocker? Not so much…

    • Amanda says:

      Agreed. Not a shocker for any actor to want a new job after 10 years.

      • Temperenace says:

        Especially one that should have “Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy Award winner” spoken before her name as she’s announced.

    • Olivia says:

      True. Who can blame her anyway? 10 years is an eternity in TV land. And she did a hell of a job with Cristina. I’ll miss her but I don’t see the point in having some actors being stuck if they don’t enjoy their characters/jobs as much as they did after all this time. I can see Patrick, Ellen and maybe Chandra leaving as well.

  4. Ella says:

    Wow. We knew it would start. Frankly, I thought Patrick Dempsey would be the first to make the call. How about Grey’s end after this season?

    • Alexia says:

      Sandra Oh’s acting is what makes the show watchable, despite of the subpar storylines over the last few seasons. Too weird to keep the show going, if Yang is gone. Meaning…Mer is w/o her person. Owen is w/o his person. She can’t be replaced within the interns. Sorry. End the show on a high note like the Fan favoriates: Friends, SATC. Shonda needs to invest in a spin off, instead of dragging this on pass season 10.

  5. Clover says:

    she will be missed, i loved her character but maybe now Owen can find a lady to start a family.

  6. Jim says:

    Grey’s needs to end after this season. Most of the core cast’s contracts are up. End it and be done with it.

  7. Jeannette says:

    Makes sense. Sandra Oh is a truly talented actor who has been basically stuck in the same storyline, or variation thereof, for years and as a character who really hasn’t grown or changed all that much. 10 years is a huge amount of time for anyone to spend playing any character, let alone one like Christine. She’ll be missed but it makes sense. Enough with Owen and Christine already.

  8. Matthew Swanson says:

    She is by far the most interesting character on the show at this point. Losing her will be a big loss. Maybe they should just wrap it up for everyone. Scandal is clearly where Shonda is at right now.

  9. trainwreck says:


  10. megan says:

    Oh man. That is truly sad. This show won”t be the same without her. Who is next do you think? It didn’t seem like Patrick wanted to stay, and what will Meredith do without Yang?

    If Justin leaves, I am gone though. He is the one reason I am still tuning in.

    • Cíntia Mara says:

      I can’t imagine Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith, Alex and Cristina together. But, as a huge fan of Alex, I think it would be so sad if the show ends just now that he is about to be happy with someone. And I want so bad to see him being a father that I can’t desire the show ends at this season. I wish Sandra could reconsider and stay for another two seasons at least.

      • megan says:

        Oh yes.That’s why I will be so heartbroken if he leaves as well. He is finally on his way to being happy. He needs that happy ending.

  11. Julz says:

    it’s not a shocker. But it is sad.
    If Ellen and/or Patrick decide to leave, too, the show should REALLY start thinking about packing it in and ending the series. It’s already not going to be the same without Yang, it definitely won’t be the same without Meredith.

  12. hello says:

    Maybe they can resurrect Lexie

  13. nochallegesremaining says:


  14. DRW says:

    Woah! Without sounding over-dramatic then I sort of wish they’d just end it after this season, I really can’t imagine it without Cristina and Meredith at least!

    • trainwreck says:

      seriously .. she is one of the biggest reason i would have stuck by grey’s for years! Without her and Meredith’s friendship, the core relationship of the show will not be there. End Grey’s Anatomy and give some other character a spinoff!

  15. Auch, you can really cancel the show then after season 10.

    • For those who can’t stand the idea of “Grey’s Anatomy” without Yang, don’t watch after next year. But leave it on for those of us who do love the show – THE SHOW – not just one person but the whole concept and Rimes’ brilliant writing.

  16. End the series, devote more time to SCANDAL!

  17. Cindy says:

    Call it… It’s done. Thank God.

  18. Samantha says:

    I just gasped. I’m so sad.

  19. Cavelle says:

    I literally screamed out no for a full minute or so reading this. Sandra Oh and her portrayal of Christina, as well as the relationship between Christina and Meredith has been one of the reasons I love this show and continue to watch. Not saying that I’m goin to stop watching, cuz I won’t but gosh, she will definitely be missed!!

  20. MeeMee says:

    Ok, well, clearly it’s over after this season then, right? There is no Grey’s Anatomy without Christina Yang.

  21. Roger Canada says:

    Go Canada !

  22. Elyse says:

    aw man. I’m really not sure how they can go on without her :(

  23. Mo says:

    End it after S10! Cristina was one of the essences of the show….Give the entire cast a great send off on a high….instead of riding a dead horse for the next few yrs, just coz you can…..

  24. Brooke says:

    Not a surprise after 10 years, but still very sad to hear. It’s hard to believe we’re almost at an entire decade of this show, and that so many of the originals are still there after all this time. I’m glad that they’re making these decisions early so it can all be written with an eye to giving her a proper send-off.

  25. megan says:

    This show won’t end. Shonda brought those new interns in for this very reason. I would probably expect more cast departures soon.

  26. COForeverOr5evah says:

    SWEET. I don’t have to watch Kevin McKidd chew off her face anymore. I need to celebrate. I may actually watch Grey’s this season just to see her go. Thank God she’s finally free. She is MUCH too talented for that show.

  27. Alia says:

    Last season, not problem.

  28. Eric says:

    Wow, I do not like that. Cristina is by far the most interesting character on Grey’s and I don’t want to see her leave. Honestly, I think this is just the beginning of the main cast leaving. Ellen and Patrick will probably be leaving after this season as well. I’ll probably be through with Grey’s after the 10th season. Too bad ABC wants to continue for a few more years. They are just dragging this show out too long.

  29. Bobbi says:

    Will really miss the character and Sandra Oh. She’s a great actress and has added so much to this show. But, I’m glad they’ll have time to do justice to the character.

  30. raiza says:

    The end is near for Grey, Sandra is one of my favorites..I’m afraid either Sara or Jessica will also leave(just a gut feeling.) (:

  31. bill says:

    Is Grey Anatomy still on ? who still watches it?

  32. CH says:

    I don’t blame her. 10 years is a long time for any actress to stay on a show, and it seems like Christina’s storyline has become stagnant. It won’t be Grey’s without the twisted sisters.

    I really hope they don’t kill her off. I equally hope she doesn’t ride off into the sunset with Owen.

    • Cristina and Owen simply are very different people. Owen should find another lady who wants kids and family. Hope Shonda makes a beautiful closure for them, though.

      • Ninna says:

        Find him another lady will turn the AU episode a joke. The episode where he was married to another lady and had a bunch of kids and was deeply unhappy. If she writes him glowingly happy with another person will be a desconstruction of everything that was written for him since S5. The writers cornered themselves with the writting for these two and Owen specifically.

        In fact all their story line was a continuous nonsense. Another joke. Shonda never had the intention to keep them together in the end. Never. No other couple in the show faced so much stupidity. Now, we know why! She made them run in circles and going no where as much as she could.
        What a payoff!!!

        • prish says:

          Well, all of us that jumped ship after her decision didn’t see that episode. So, there is that. Also, writers could construct a story to counter the dream one. They are expert at story manipulation, motivations, and characterizations. That’s their profession.

          • Ninna says:

            The fact that many, rigthfully lets say it, jumped ship and didn’t watch the episode doesn’t mean it hasn’t aired. And it was carrying a message. It was telling us that even if he gets everything he always wanted in life, kids, a family, he still is profoundly unhappy because those things were not achieved with the woman of his life. At that time that message had a purpose. Purpose that won’t come to a climax now because SO is leaving.

            Yes, I believe that the writers are capable of manipulating, destroying characters, the continuity of the SL and unabashedly forget what they wrote before.They’re capable of this and much more. But, for me it’s very strange that Owen can forget a ‘cosmic’ love like that and be seen all happy and fulfilled with another woman when we all heard him saying that Cris was the love of his life and that he woudn’t love another woman. They cornered the character, unless what he was saying to her in that moment was not the truth.

            I personally prefer him leaving and do that off screen, away from our sights. At least that wouln’t be a clear manifestation of the writers idiocy.

        • A says:

          Okay. I think you are taking the alternate universe way too seriously. It was just a fun, random episode of what it COULD have been like, but in reality if they were actually to have the show be like that it wouldn’t make any sense. Who would have helped him overcome his PTSD initially? How did he end up with Callie? How did he arrive at Seattle Grace? How did Arizona arrive at SG? One thing about the AU episode that was clear was that both Owen and Arizona’s presence in it was only because the actors/characters were on the show in the actual reality and so they needed some random way to incorporate them into it. It was all a really random episode. We don’t really know anything else and that was just one episode which is not really a good indication of what it could be like if the characters follow future storylines in the current reality. His unhappiness in that ONE episode means nothing because there is no foundation for anything before them showing us him unhappy.
          It seems like you are all for Owen giving up something he has wanted deeply in his life for this “cosmic love”, but Cristina doesn’t have to. It’s a double standard that I keep seeing where people just want him to give up what he wants and make fun of his desire for a family just so that they can see OTP Crowen together.
          IMO, they can show the both of them going separate ways and meeting new loves. This doesn’t mean that they will forget each other. They can love each other but not fit well together because they have different life goals and desires. Look at Addison and Derek. Addison loved Derek and I do believe at one time Derek did love Addison, It still leaves her uncomfortable a lot of the times when she had to have encounters with Meredith, yet she still managed to maintain a relationship/friendship with Derek and probably even Meredith (to an extent) and while it took her a while, she got her happy ending with the love of her life. I think it’s time for the both of them to move and have us watch them embark on paths to find people who they actually love and who are accepting them for who they are and who share the same beliefs and same wants they have.
          If the show insists on keeping them together, then at this point I’d rather them come up with some story about Cristina coming to the realization that medicine is not all there is to life and it won’t last forever (she could mess up get fired, she could become disabled. she could no longer perform surgeries, etc.) and maybe a family would be nice to have. I can personally picture Cristina as a great mom teaching the little Crowen babies medical terminology and talking to them about how to do surgeries and how kickass their mom was today.

          • Ninna says:

            Well, it’s your opinion and I’ll respect it. But, for me that episode was not random at all. Nothing in Grey’s in done unintentionally. Every single detail is very well thought and presented on screen. So, saying that an episode that presented two characters hungry for kids and a family as Callie and Owen, who share the same goals in life, downright unfulfilled is not indicative of nothing in special, serves only for Owen’s lovers see him as a father and get rid of Yang without pangs. Even the writer at the time alerted to the importance of the episode. I’m not inventing nothing.

            ‘Who would have helped him overcome his PTSD initially?’ No one! As you saw. That would be one of the consequences of choosing a family over the love of his life.
            ‘How did he end up with Callie?’ Easy. Starting from their mutual goals in life they could get to that point very easily. In fact, theoretically they were the perfect match. But in the end, they weren’t. That was the point.
            ‘How did he arrive at Seattle Grace?’ The same way he arrived minus the kissing part probably, or in another way. Irrelevant.
            ‘How did Arizona arrive at SG?’ It’s irrelevant, too.
            Obviously that now comes very in handy dimiss that episode, because if Owen gets a new love interest that arises some good issues.

            ‘It seems like you are all for Owen giving up something he has wanted deeply in his life for this “cosmic love”, but Cristina doesn’t have to…’ This is you putting words in my mouth. I never said he should be castrated. I only argument against some people’s idea that Cristina should be yielding to Owen’s demands, denying herself. Why not him in that case?
            I always said that they’re not MFEO because they don’t share fundamentals in life. That they should go separate ways and if it was not fair to make her to have kids, was equally unfair to make him not have them. It was the writers who wrote them incompatible, not me. In fact, for me the decision of the abortion, while I recognise as her right, was the decision that showed beyond doubts that they never were to be. Who does that to a beloved one?

            And yes, Cristina is giving up on something too. They both are. And if we are going to be fair, he gathered the antipathy of many regarding this wish of fatherhood, not because he wanted to be a father but on account of the way he treated her over the issue of kids. Was despicable.

            They can show the both of them going separate ways and meeting new loves? Of course. This is a show and happens everywhere in real life. But, IMO the way they portrayed Hunt, that will sound very strange. They have to make him do a turn, and I honestly think that is what they will make him do in S10, as McKidd said in the latest interview. But that I think this is twisting the writing of his character, I do. I pity the woman who will put on Cristina’s shoes. I wouldn’t like to be in her place.

      • prish says:


        • prish says:

          Exactly! (clarification)
          to the post, “Cristina and Owen simply are very different people. Owen should find another lady who wants kids and family. Hope Shonda makes a beautiful closure for them, though.”

      • Candy says:

        C’mon! Shonda could make Crowen a happy couple if she wanted to. But NO, she created all these unnecessary drama and unsolvable problems for them. She should have ended them several seasons ago. She’s been dragging on just like how she’s still hanging on to this show, despite of the boring plot and contrived story lines. Also, this show is about ensemble cast. With Sloan dead and Cristina leaving( or dying), there’s no comedic anchor anymore. I loved the scenes with Mer, Alex and Cristina together. Shonda needs to learn to declare victory on 10 season and move on to the next project.

    • prish says:

      He’s my most favorite character, being a fan of his since Rome. So, my hope is that they don’t kill him off.

      • prish says:

        Ooops! Owen is my most favorite character. I’m a fan of McKidd. I love this site, but I do miss an edit button, at least for the first half hour after posting.

        • Roxie says:

          I know. I too am annoyed with the negative Owen comments. I wish people would just remember that these characters did’t create themselves. A bunch of twisted or maybe drunken psychotic writers came up with the stories. Kevin McKidd is a fantastic actor and his Owen Hunt character in Season 5 was so intriguing. Crowen was such a badass pair. I love them. Shonda missed up Cristina and Owen with the baby drama for 3 seasons. So stupid! As a fan of good drama, I’m hugely disappointed with how everything turned out with Crowen.

  33. I’m not surprised. I stopped watching after Mark and Lexie died. Greys really lost its charm and quirkiness. Now with all the sleeping around and infidelity, this just looks like soap opera. Cristina also stuck in basically same storyline, no character development at all. With an actress that’s highly talented as Sandra, I dont blame her for leaving GA. She’s a way better actress and a way better person than Katherine Heigl. She’ll do well. Oh great, now Calzona will get even more screentime.. *eyeroll* Hope GA is wrapped in season 10. It just needs to end. MerDer makes me yawn, Crowen makes me want to punch myself, Calzona? never care about them. I have high hopes for Jolex and Japril, though. Both couple are interesting and hopefully get more storyline in season 10.

  34. Eric7740 says:

    This is just the beginning…. As much as I love Greys Anatomy, season 10 should be the last!!! 10 seasons is a great run!!! Go out on a high note Greys!!! BTW, Sandra Oh most definitely deserved an Emmy for her stellar work on Greys!!!

  35. Jillian says:

    Shonda better not kill off Cristina like she does every other character whose portrayer decides to leave the show.

  36. Waage says:

    Straight from the horses mouth. What a shame. May she ride into the sunset.

  37. ALIM says:


  38. Amy says:

    If Lexie hadn’t been killed off I would of sworn she would be Merediths replacement if Ellen had decided to leave.

  39. Dexter says:

    I love Cristina ! I think that her departure will surely have a great impact on GA. However, I would probably still watch it without her – provided that Patrick, Ellen and Justin all carry on. If any other cast members leave, then I would have serious misgivings about Grey’s continuing. It would be better for it to end on a high note, rather than continuing only to suffer dismal ratings and recycled plot lines. I love this show, and believe it deserves a proportionately good send off.

  40. megan says:

    Not surprised. Her storyline with Owen was getting extremely old. There was only so much push and pull they could keep going through. I hope the others decide to stay. Not much of a Meredith/Derek fan but I enjoy their hospital storylines. I can’t see Justin leaving yet, especially with Alex starting a new relationship with Jo now.

  41. Daniel says:

    I think the character development of Cristina may be what is partially responsible for this. There has been so much back and forth with Cristina. But, by leaving, at least Oh is enabling the character to have a degree of closure to her story.

    • Sunny says:

      I think so too. It’s exhausting just to watch her. I can’t believe the writers were that dumb to let the story go on for so long.

      • Daniel says:

        Yes ! Sandra is such a talented actress, and I really feel as if she was let down. The story was interesting for a while, but it’s just old now. I think that Sandra leaving demonstrates just how well she knows her character, and that in itself is a testament to her dedication and professionalism.

  42. cintiamcr says:

    I will be really sad, but I can keep watching without her. If Justin or Ellen leaves, then I’m sure I can’t.

  43. CJS says:

    Can Grey’s continue on without Cristina? Perhaps, but it just wouldn’t be the same for a variety of reasons. Honestly though, this news just feels like the beginning of the end. If anymore of the originals decide not to renew, then Grey’s should just end next year. 10 years is a great run for any show today & Shonda would then be able to fully invest herself into Scandal (which she’s probably already done anyway.)

  44. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t the same without Cristina because the main relationship of the show is Meredith-Cristina. But Sandra did say, she will make appearances if they ask her to, including the series finale, or even the final season, she’s willing to come back for an arc, so that says a lot about her decision

  45. Babygate says:

    It’s funny how people want to put Greys down and saying it should end. As of last season it was still the highest rated drama on network tv in the 18-49 demo. ABC is not going to let this show go without a fight. S10 may be the beginning of.the end but it still has enough juice for at least a couple of more seasons. I still love the other characters like Callie and Bailey and I’m looking forward to seeing a happy Karev. however, I will miss Cristina. She is absolutely one of my favorite characters. But I understand her decision. She got written into a corner with Owen. The baby drama has been going on for three seasons. They haven’t grown. At this point, there’s no credible way they can stay together. So Cristina can go somewhere else and be the fabulous surgeon she was meant to be and find someone that can understand and love her as she is.

    • megan says:


      I actually enjoyed last season. I hope the show continues on for more seasons after this one. Can’t always please everyone.

    • Ben says:

      I agree. For me the only thing the show needs to continue is Derek and Meredith. Although Cristina and Bailey are really two it won’t be the same without. Having said that, I also don’t mind Shonda wrapping it up here, better to end now than end after one of the other two leave.

    • twilight123 says:

      I don’t think the majority of the commenters are saying it should end because it isn’t popular. That is only the minority of naysayers. The general theme in this comment thread is that Grey’s should end while it’s still on top. It seems to be a lot of long term fans who would rather the show go out on it’s own terms than get crippled with cast turn overs and repeating storylines in the years to come. A lot of Grey’s fans don’t want Grey’s to turn into ER. I think that is respectable.

    • Joanna says:

      Very true. The writers made some very poor decisions writing Cristina and Owen into a corner with no way out. Their relationship didn’t seem real to me after season 7. I think they hurt both characters. Sandra knows it. I think Ellen and Patrick are exiting too. I hope they end the show with season 10.

  46. Camden says:

    Well, I guess too much of anything is always bad.. This should b the Grand Finale, then mayb Shonder should cr8 samthing just as good/even better.. Can’t wait. Sad Christina is leaving, Poor Meridth

  47. Hugo says:

    No… If Christina is leaving, without her and her relationship with Meredith, Grey’s lost his sense.

  48. Apres Ski says:

    Gray’s Anatomy can go on forever as long as they get the right actors to replace the outgoing ones. It’s like Law & Order. Just get the right actors at the right times and voila, Law & Order continues until Jesus gets here . . .

  49. Sean says:

    Guys… The show’s not going to end no matter how much you want it. This has nothing to do with creativity. It’s a business. ABC president said recently that he’s looking forward to many more seasons of Grey’s.

  50. Cheli says:

    Sad but not surprised. 10 years will make any job stale. Christina was my favourite character but her storylines have bored me for the past few seasons. All the best to Sandra Oh, she is a fantastic actress!