Dexter EP Prepares for Polarizing Fan Reaction to Series Finale, Maintains, 'It Feels Right to Us'

Dexter Last Season FinaleIt’s nearly impossible to please everyone with a series ender these days. But the folks behind Dexter (which wraps its eight-season run on Sunday, Sept. 22) are feeling confident about that prospect, while nevertheless preparing for the worst.

“This has been the ending that we [the executive producers] have talked about for years now,” the Showtime saga’s EP Sara Colleton shares with TVLine. “So to us, it feels right for our show and how we feel about it.”

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While the brains behind the Dark Passenger “hope fans will think it’s right,” too, Colleton notes, “At the end of the day, we know that you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

“There will be people who hate it,” she admits, “but we can’t try to anticipate that or put it through the lens of any other show’s finale — because that was another show. This is our show. This is Dexter.”

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Love it or… what Colleton said above, the producer and her team stand behind their yet-to-be-seen finale decisions. “At the end of the day, we would rather go down with what we feel is right than try to figure out how to make everybody happy,” she explained. “We feel that we’ve pulled off what we wanted, and that is what we needed to feel.”

Do Colleton’s comments give you confidence or cause some concern going into Dexter‘s final days? Sound off below!

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  1. scorpo says:

    It has to end with his death, there really is no other conclusion

    • Michael says:

      Why? His death would wrap things up very neatly and the showrunners have never really done what was expected. I hope that Dexter abandons his code and goes off into the world as a full-fledged serial-killer without a conscience…and thus leave us wondering and a little on edge.

      • DarkDefender says:

        ^^^ THIS

      • Jeff says:

        Love it, great idea!

      • fruffybunnies says:

        Too true. We completely expected them to get it together and craft a masterful final season, drawing from what came before. Instead we got 5 episodes of mad Deb, and a whole bunch of characters thrown in to the mix. There’s still time to somewhat salvage a decent ending to this show (though I doubt it at this point, my guess is Dexter gives up killing and while he’s trying to get away, Quinn, of all people, catches him.), but I fully expect this to be even worse than season 5 at this point.

        This series should have ended with season 4.

    • git says:

      I have a feeling that Dexter is already dead (hey, they did a Psych plot, why not The Six Sense too)

  2. lilys87 says:

    I’ve always thought the best ending was Dexter’s death, but I’m ready to accept whatever the writers/producers have planned, this is their show after all :)

  3. Bruce says:

    The Morgans be dead….like Francisco Franco, LaGuerta will valiantly fight to remain…dead….

  4. Brendan says:

    As long as it doesn’t end with a Dex/Deb wedding, I’m sure it will be fine. That really is the only way to completely screw it up.

  5. Nat says:

    I think that’s always the best approach to ending a series. You do what narratively feels right. Even if you try and appease fans, there are still going to be people who hate it, and you’ve sold out for no reason. I trust that Dexter will end appropriately.

  6. Queerbec says:

    I imagine Dexter will be killed by another vigilante who rationalizes serial killing by only killing other serial killers. The circle of life, etc.

  7. bobby91 says:

    Hannah kills Deb, Zach kills Dex.. Zach and Hannah then run off together, thus setting up the spin-off.

  8. Josh says:

    The best ending would obviously be the death of everyone at the Miami PD. It’s a happy ending, knowing that maybe this time they’ll get competent, less horrible human beings to protect Miami.

    I do think Dexter has to die…And maybe when he does it becomes about Deb now taking Zach under her wings(keeping him to the code) and obviously raising Harrison.

  9. Eve says:

    I’ve got a feeling “the series” has been him reflecting on his life on death row just as he faces the chair.

  10. jo says:

    If they do ‘student becomes the master’ I’ll throw my television out the window.

  11. CC says:

    I don’t think that Dexter dies. Everyone has been predicting that. If it happens, everyone says, “oh, yeah, I saw that coming a mile away.” What would be the suspense in having him die?

  12. erk says:

    I hope it ends with his death honestly, it’d be the best TV experience.

    Just imagine a f*cking epic 5 minutes long Dexter monologue as he’s dying. That’d be bloody (no pun intended) great.

  13. D says:

    Deb will die. That’s pretty obvious.

  14. sleeplessghost says:

    Deb will die in the series finale. That’s pretty obvious. I don’t think Dexter will die though – that will be the most obvious ending. Though maybe they will do some kind of flash forward or use some kind of device that shows that the last few seasons were only in Dexter’s head, as he is about to be electrocuted or something.

    • Michae says:

      Deb’s death would free him from his code. Her death could open up many possiblities for Dexter’s journey into the beyond, wherever the beyond may be.

  15. Last 3 episodes was just awful.

  16. McKenzie says:

    Oh, it ‘feels right’ to the writers/producers? Then obviously the series finale will end with Dexter being exposed as none other than…. Batman. No one deny that the final seasons are nowhere near the same show at the brilliant start, with pointless side stories and God-awful nannies. So naturally, our C- writers will make him Batman.

  17. Matthew says:

    I think a natural ending, whether Dexter himself dies or not, is the elimination of his Dark Passenger. The Dark Passenger has been the villian the whole time, the true antagonistic force of the show, and for Dexter to succeed as an anti-hero, this force has to be reconciled. Dexter “cured” might be the true ending, choosing not to kill someone, and this is who the new character (played by Sam Underwood) might be. The first killer he chooses not to kill.

  18. They’re making a creative decision and sticking with it. Good for them.

  19. danna says:

    so much information about the finale episodes is already out there , I don’t think people are going to like the ending.

  20. JAB says:

    Setting the bar low by using the “well you can’t please everyone” excuse. Interesting.

  21. jDAWg says:

    I hope Dexter kills Hannah this week so that they do not drag this on eternally but she needs to go.

  22. Matt Alex says:


  23. roxy says:

    as long as quinn has nothing to do with dexters fate, I’m fine. Actually I would prefer quinn to die.

  24. rb says:

    dex and hannah killing deb would be lovable

  25. laverne says:

    what we’re seeing now turns out to be Harrison, as an adult, telling the story of his dear old dad. he’s telling the story to one of his own victims. Harrison has followed in his father’s footsteps and grew up to be a killer too.

  26. alistaircrane says:

    I would like to see Dexter arrested and then flash forward ahead to his execution. That is the most satisfying ending in my book.

  27. Midori says:

    How it ends.

    The screen turns to white with blood splatters right in the middle of a scene. ;)

  28. Spoiler Junkie says:

    With all the spoilery details out there, I am already preparing myself to be disappointed by the finale. IMO, Dexter (the character) doesn’t deserve a happy ending. I would feel robbed if other central characters (*cough*Deb*cough*) meet a tragic end while Dexter lives on happily in Miami or some other country.

    The show runners have been setting up S8 to look like Dexter is not to blame for who he is and it’s all Vogel’s fault and she is the one who made him into a killer. So, what’s stopping them from giving Dexter an epiphany that he can stop killing and be completely normal and go live a hassle free life with Hannah in Argentina. If the show indeed goes down this path then it will be a major disappointment (for me). Dexter is a serial killer and it will be poetic if his luck runs out and he gets caught/dies – his loss control over the past two seasons leading him to make mistakes and not follow the code are already breadcrumbs to his devolving as a man in control.

    Or maybe, I have been spoiled by Breaking Bad – where the philosophy is that “all bad things must end” and I am perfectly okay with accepting the fate of Walter White/Heisenberg.

  29. John Moshier says:

    how about theres a accident he loses his memory and debby takes care of him

  30. Kerry Kissiger says:

    How about Dexter dies (at Debs hands) and Deb continues the family tradition?

  31. Dexter could be in a Glass cell like Hannibal Lecter! he’s probably gonna die though and unlike trinity his secret will be kept so that Harrison doesn’t find out the truth unlike trinity’s family.

  32. Ken says:

    It all comes down to whether or not they are gonna leave Harrison orphaned…..just can’t see it…..But if they do kill off Dex, they could always have Zach teach Harrison the code to continue the Morgan family line. But more likely, is that Dexter and Hannah decide to take off together and leave Miami….which angers Deb…….Deb kills Hannah……Dexter kills Deb in a fit of anger…then kills himself with grief…………. with Harrison in the other room discovering all the blood after hearing the commotion……and the series ends where it began…with a young child sitting in a pool of his dead parent’s blood. Full circle.

    • Matthew says:

      I would be satisfied with this ending.

    • Penny says:

      now that is the only ending i’ll be satisfied with ;p

    • DarkDefender says:

      Then Quinn scoops up Harrison, who is crying & bloody and he fosters then adopts him (because like Harry, he feels obligated to Deb) By the finale he has proposed to Jamie, who accepted, and she knows Harrison.. They get custody which makes the adoption easy.. And flash forward.. Quinn seeks out a therapist to help with Harrison and she/he ends up being a believer in the Vogle methodology and they teach the code.

  33. cas says:

    IDK I still sort of like Dexter, I mean he has gotten a little less likeable the past few seasons but I don’t want Harrison to be without a dad, and I don’t think Deb deserves to die either. I for one was happy she killed LaGuerta, because she was just annoying. But in general I really am not overly fond of anyone else on the show besides Deb and Dexter.

    • Nicola says:

      I know right? I don’t get why everyone is so keen to see them die? I want a happy ending. Dex and Deb (not romantically) sailing off into the sunset with Harrison. Dexter’s voice sending us into the credits where he talks leaving his dark passenger behind in Miami. It’s such a dark show, having it end in the sunshine on Dex’s beloved Slice of Life would be perfect.

  34. R.O.B. says:

    I like the ideas on here where his running inner commentary somehow comes into play. That would be interesting. Although the commentary always seems to be in the present, so it isn’t likely. I think in the end, Dexter will do something human and selfless, sacrificing himself to save his sister and his son, maybe even all of his friends. Someone’s going to try to blow up Angel’s bar or something.

  35. Cam3x says:

    Shouldn’t he become the manager of a funeral home…..

  36. Cam3x says:

    I know…he kills Susanne Plechette!

  37. Cam3x says:

    He wakes up and kills Susanne Pleschette!

  38. I have no problem with Dexter dying. But if Hannah McKay kills him I’m going to be beyond pissed.

  39. laura meakin says:

    Well so far I’ve been bored with the season but I’d hope Angel finds out who killed Maria and we have the fallout from that somehow which would lead nicely into an Angel/ Dexter showdown. As for Hannah, Debs, Harrison (who aged too much between seasons) and Quinn I don’t care tbh.

    • mike d says:

      I agree about the aging of Harrison. Season 8 started 6 months after deb killed Leguertta. I wonder why the stopped using the twins they used to play Harrison the other seasons?

  40. Lisa says:

    I missed a portion of last season’s episodes…don’t know if it’s ever been established, but I believe Deb and Dex are Harry’s children . Maybe Dex will go to jail only to protect Deb from something she did. Of course Deb will raise Harrison.

  41. Steve says:

    I am a bit puzzled by the picture of Dex for season 8, it looks like his face is wrapped up and ready to die. That seems to oblivious but I think the producers and writers are going to have him die.

  42. canadian ninja says:

    Dex starts to see Vogel as the one who warped his life.
    Vogel sends Zach to kill Dex – guess how that goes.
    Dex & Deb kill Vogel.
    Dex fakes his death and runs off to live with Hannah – leaving Harrison to be raised by Deb who won’t teach him to kill but he will grow up to swear like a sailor.

  43. Dexter/ Breaking Bad- viewer says:

    I think:

    Zach will die in the next few episodes because he can’t learn to control/postpone his dark desires.

    Vogel will be killed by Dexter for using him as a lab rat.

    Hannah will be killed off because she knows too much and tried to kill Deb

    Quinn will realize by chance what Dexter is (and that Deb knows it) and he will be killed by Dexter.

    Finally, Deb can’t get over killing LaGuerta and her guilt over everything she has done for his brother (look how her mood swings in the episodes of this season). She will go insane and be locked up in a facility. Dexter stays alive, raises Harrison and visits his sister regulary.

  44. raven64 says:

    I guess noone ever had to read or watch “The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” in junior high. If Dexter has been on death row remembering his life,that would be a cop out on the writers part and a terrible ending for an original and innovative series

  45. Mikael says:

    Dexter dying just seems too obvious. I’d rather he went on the run with Hannah and Harrison. And I hope Zach dies. Unlike Dexter, there doesn’t seem to be anything likeable about him, including that awful haircut.

  46. I always though Debra would shoot Dexter… Didnt happen so..

  47. fran says:

    I always thought the final scene would be Dexter saran-wrapped to his own table with a knife pointed at him.

  48. Sally says:

    As long as Dexter doesn’t get killed, I’m ok with however the show ends. It’s been a great 8 seasons and Dexter will always be one of my favorite shows.

  49. Marty says:

    Through all speculation, ppl forget…. overall Dexter is a “good” person… his character does the dirty work most normal ppl feel should be done. Though, this does not, excuse him, we have all seen the growing turmoil his actions cause for him and those he cares for. I would like, previous ppl have said, Dexter finally gets rid of his dark passenger and can lead a normal less tortured life. I like happier endings obviously, but to like the show is to like Dexter.. so why would anyone not want him to be free of his torturous inner self?

  50. HemiGirl says:

    I just don’t want it to end! This series has had the best cast and storyline ever. Oh, and if I were younger, I would love to hook-up with Michael C. Hall!!!!!