Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Grey's, Suits, Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars, NCIS and More

Castle Grey's Anatomy NCIS SpoilersIs Castle prepared for (gulp) complications? Has Orphan Black‘s bad girl truly lost the clone war? Has a Grey’s Anatomy doc’s incendiary affair flamed out? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I take any scoop you have for Castle. — M.F.
I give scoop for Castle! In speaking with TVLine about the season-ending proposal, Nathan Fillion said that while he has no idea what’s ahead (and truly, conspiracy theorists, it seems he doesn’t), he “absolutely” is looking forward to what Andrew W. Marlowe has teased is a “complicated” Season 6. “That’s one of the things that Andrew has done very well, in that it’s very realistic that two people who really ought to be together maybe don’t see it. Or the timing isn’t right,” the actor said. “These are things that happen in real life. That life gets complicated. That it can never be easy. This is something, I think, that we can all relate to. It’s a truth in that everyone is comfortable with.”

Is Orphan Black‘s Helena really dead? –Jack
OK, first of all: Spoiler! (I’m only on Episode 7.) Secondly, though series lead Tatiana Maslany at first hedged when we brought that burning Q to her, ultimately she opined, “Yeah, I think she is [dead].” And while the actress noted that “in Orphan Black style, it could all change,” for now she’s in mourning. “I will miss her entirely…. There’s this emotion in her, this depth of love, that she can’t show because she has been conditioned to be aggressive and to kill. For me, finding the humanity in a character like that is really exciting.” (Helena gave me the creeps; I’m all about Allison.)

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Please give me some Pretty Little Liars scoopage on when we will find out the identity of the body found in the woods! And please say it isn’t Jason!!! –Amanda
Oh, you’re going to have to sit tight at while longer on that reveal. And: Jason?! I can confirm it is definitely not Jason.

Do you have anything — and I mean anything — on the Pretty Little Liars spin-off? –Gina
Here’s a curious comment from exec producer I. Marlene King. Explaining the one confirmed cast member crossover, she says, “It was always thought [behind the scenes] that Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn) would move over to Ravenswood. And when our audience gets to know what Ravenswood is, they’ll understand why it was the right choice for him to take us into that world.” (Me: Ravenswood’s a gym?)

I really want Hilarie Burton to come back to Grey’s Anatomy. I find her character a lot more interesting than all the interns combined. Is there any chance she will come back ? –Cris
If you know me at all (raise your hand if you remember the time Hil tried to slow dance with me on the Tree Hill set?), you know it pains me to report that, after snooping around some, I’m seeing no signs (yet) that lustful Dr. Lauren will be back.

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When Suits returns, is there going to be a huge fallout with Harvey and Jessica? –David
Oh my lord, the way those two go at each other in the season premiere is ferocious and relentless. Suffice to say, the chip on Harvey’s broad shoulders is bigger than ever, and he sees right through most every ploy/bit of underhandedness by Jessica to “smooth things over” — and ends the July 16 premiere by revealing his most audacious move yet. But dare I say, the rift between Harvey and padawan Mike is just as formidable — and might only be mended if the latter succeeds in his plan to literally construct a “time machine.”

I am counting down the days until Suits comes back, I’m so excited about it. Any scoop on what’s in store for Donna this season? Remember, it is Donna, and “she knows everything”! –Jared
Indeed, Donna does — especially when she lays her peepers on Mike after his first (and apparently prolonged) ravaging of Rachel. Alas, that all-knowing quality of hers could stand in the way of Mike getting back in Harvey’s good graces.

Is the final season of Burn Notice being split up or airing all at once? – Drew
Save for a pre-emption on July 4, all 13 episodes will air this summer, with the series finale set for Sept. 12.

I was very happy with the new element of Amanda Callaway on White Collar this year, and was wondering if she would be returning? –Erin
If Emily Procter returns — and that’s a huge if — it won’t be anytime soon, and certainly not in the first slew of Season 5 episodes.

Have you heard anything new on the Scream TV series? –Salva
There are no major updates to report, but an MTV rep assures me the pilot is still in the pipeline.

I’m happy to see Longmire back on A&E. Any hints on what’s on the horizon for Walt & Co.? –Jen
I’m a week behind on the series, so forgive me if any of these teasers have reached their expiration date: “Vic’s past starts to catch up with her…. Lizzie returns with a surprise for Walt…. Secrets will be revealed about what happened with Walt and Henry in Denver…. And the election results will soon be in!”

Does NCIS plan on continuing the storyline regarding McGee’s father having Stage 4 cancer? –Jeannie
Show boss Gary Glasberg was “really pleased” with that March episode, “Squall,” and how it built to “an understanding — and a resolution — between the two characters.” That said, and though it’s too soon to tease Season 11, he says the storyline “is certainly something that we’ve left open and that we’d like to revisit, not only dealing with the admiral’s health issues, but in terms of what their relationship is moving forward.”

What happened to the new NCIS spinoff? Are they going to do it, or did it die and nothing has been said? –Lori
NCIS: Red be dead. Granted, we never reported that outright during the madness of Upfronts, but it’d take an epic poem to detail every pilot that did not make the cut. Sometimes you need to just read between the lines.

Please how do I get the complete series of Season 2 Arrow? –Smith

How many episodes is Gloria Reuben in for this season of ‪Falling Skies? Loving this season so far! — @mspenn1013 via Twitter
I’ve watched through the June 30 episode, and she is very much still around. In fact, you could say her role as “President” Tom’s No. 1 there in Charleston is soon to become even more critical.

I just finished watching the season premiere of Necessary Roughness, and I’m really not happy with all of the changes. I really enjoyed the show the way it was. Was this a USA Network mandate to get their renewal? –Lynda
I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a “mandate,” but if NR has suffered from anything its first few seasons, it’s been a lack of heat, a dearth of buzz. It was likely believed that they needed a “name” to put more fannies in the seats, and John Stamos is an inarguably familiar (and not unattractive) face.

In Once Upon a Time’s flashbacks, Rumple has a rotted, monstrous appearance. Shouldn’t he have that same appearance now, since Storybrooke has magic? –Michael
This is an oldie but goodie – your question fell behind the couch, sorry — but the answer has been burning a hole in my pocket, so here goes. “There’s a difference between the memories being restored and the physicality. It’s why Billy the Mechanic didn’t turn back into a mouse,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz explained to me. “The characters need to exist within the framework of the realm they’re within.” Besides, on a more practical level, “Rumple made a deal with Regina that he wanted to be here and have a good life and be taken care of,” Eddy Kitsis notes. “That means not walking around Main Street with gold reptilian scales.”

I’ve been wondering if we’ll ever actually see Philip Stroh on Major Crimes? –Estee
This is a very good question. And when I reached out to TNT about this myself, I thought, “Surely, Billy Burke can come back for a trial scene or two.” But then it hit me: If they’re going to show us even a second of the Stroh trial, it’d be glaringly conspicuous(/disappointing) if Brenda herself didn’t pop up, and that simply isn’t going to happen. In other words: I won’t be surprised if they write around Stroh’s “reappearance.” P.S. This coming Monday’s episode is a goodie, especially if you’ve warmed up to Rusty and/or are a fan of Ben Feldman (Mad Men‘s Ginsberg).

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  1. Dan says:

    I absolutely love ‘Orphan Black’ and Tatiana Maslany. I really hope Helena isn’t dead. Sure, she’s done some evil things and has made Sarah’s life more complicated but the character is just too awesome to die…yet. They can kill her off in Season 3 or 4 but not now! it’s way too early for her to go. (imo)

    • Important feedback. says:

      Definitely too early, I agree. The character has a lot of mileage left in her yet.

    • CC says:

      I’m hoping she’s not dead as well. I don’t know what it says about me, but she was my favorite clone.

    • Linderella says:

      Totally agree. I think Helena would have been Sarah’s protector had she lived and it looks like Sarah is going to be needing one. I hope rumors of Helena’s demise were grossly exaggerated!

    • mia says:

      100% agree

    • DarkDefender says:

      Matt, Matt, Matt… You are only up to episode 7 with Orphan Black? You need to get crack-lack-in’.. Those last few episodes are crazy good!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        The rest of the DVDs are in the mail!

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I’m getting more and more curious to try this show. I had never heard of it before the CCA Awards earlier this month. I’m usually late to the party with good shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. I just barely started watching The Americans today, and that’s going to keep me busy for awhile. I also just started watching Archer for the first time last night. So at this rate, I’ll probably be starting Orphan Black after it runs two more seasons, lol.

    • Kate says:

      I truly hope Helena is not dead. The redemption/salvation of her character is a series long arc that would be poignantly compelling to witness.

  2. ilona says:

    Yes! Some #MajorCrimes scoop! I still have a hope for Brenda to be back on the show even for a scene! :)

  3. Thanks for the scoop on NCIS. :) I would love to see more of Mcgee’s dad. I just hope they don’t kill him off. Love Gibbs and the Gibblets, Ziva, Tony and Mcgee.

  4. Zesylene says:

    So glad NCIS:Red is dead, horrible casting with the exception of maybe Scott Grimes. No more spin offs of NCIS please. I LOVE the original and have learned to like elements of LA… but let’s not kill off a wonderful thing like they did with CSI by introducing too many off shoots lacking quality.

    • Chloe says:

      Completely agree with you!!!

    • Kaye says:

      The original is actually JAG. NCIS is a spinoff itself.

      • Janice Watson says:

        Yes, and I still miss JAG! I also love NCIS, the original, with Mark Harmon, and cast. Would love to see David James Elliott as Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr. make an appearance. He is such a great actor and with John Jackson and Catherine Bell they could really help Gibbs out of his predictament! DJE is in the process of making another movie, but I do wish they would try to get him to make some appearances on NCIS because he OWES Gibbs for getting him off on the murder charge of Lt. Loren Singer. Remember?

    • Doris Grillo says:

      I agree 100% with the above post!!!!!!!!

    • Ed & Audrey Derby says:

      I agree. No more spin offs of NCIS. The LA one doesn’t come close to the original. Stories difficult to follow. Too much joking between Deeks and Kenzie….on and on argue with sneaking up on a terrorist! And the background music takes the voices away….have to keep replaying to see what was said. Ditch the background music on ALL shows! Two people whispering, life in danger, and the band plays louder and louder. Takes any amount of realism out! Original NCIS amazing. Great relationship among players. Relationship on LA is “forced”

      • Looney says:

        NCIS is the best, but how could we live without LA’s Hetty!

      • Lou says:

        It took awhile for the cast to gel, but now that they do, I find I like NCIS:LA a lot better than the original. The frequent undercover missions, LL Cool J’s freaskish resistance to aging like a regular mortal and Hetty’s backstory are highlights of the show.

  5. JCK says:

    I had to laugh at the OUAT question. I got a mental picture of Jiminy Cricket walking Pongo.

    • Delirious says:

      The answer didn’t take on what’s next, tho, so I feel I gotta ask (maybe Matt will read this?)… Will Rumple go back to his “icky style” once Hook’s boat gets to FTL? And the weird voice, too?

  6. sara says:

    Good to see Kitsis and Horowitz still give contradictory info about the curse.

  7. Don’t know if we haven’t seen the last of Jason on PLL. We didn’t seen him much during the second half of Season Three and his current whereabouts. Don’t know if he’s gone for good during the first half of its current season.

    • lorna says:

      I love sexy Jason, and wish Aria would give him a chance. I think the spinoff is a dumb idea. Love Caleb and want him to stay on PLL!! Also, they need to bring back the Lying Game, I like that show better.

  8. sladewilson says:

    Wow – alot of summer shows scoop – I approve!!! As for Suits – I’m hoping that the war between Mike and Harvey doesn’t last long. That bromance is the base of the show and if it’s Alicia/Kalinda Fractured, that’s NOT a good thing… And rumor has it that Rach throws down an ultimatium to Mike – quit or suffer the consequences. If she goes there, she goes on the hated list quickly…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ha, the premiere features probably at least 5 ultimatums/crafty “deals,” coming from alllll directions.

    • Mo says:

      I’m afraid at least one of those ultimatums is going to be Harvey to Mike, especially since he specifically told him: 1) don’t sleep with Rachel, and 2) don’t tell her his secret. At least he didn’t do it on Harvey’s couch. Yet.

    • Cynthia says:

      I think she’s going to tell him to quit because she’s worried about Mike’s future. If he does get exposed one day, there will be consequences…Besides Mike & Rachel are going to be a couple this season, I doubt he’ll choose to be with someone who “threatened” him.

  9. GeoDiva says:

    I’m kinda over the whole Rusty drama on Major Crimes. I’d rather see the home life of the other officers instead of his.

  10. Sheila says:

    I’m puzzled by the idea of John Stamos as a name actor. Are they just banking on kids who watched Full House caring as adults? But then, I also don’t get why Heather Locklear saves shows.

    • Bill says:

      I agree completely. I think the addition of John Stamos to the cast of Unnecessary Roughness has hurt that show, not helped it. He seems to be just walking through his role and acting as if he just needs to look good and that is all he should have to contribute. Overall, I really was disappointed in the changes they made. I recorded the second episode, but still haven’t watched it and probably won’t.

  11. tahina says:

    I’ll hate see Lauren back but I also love drama in Grey,’s. A lesbian threesome would be too much to ask. ;)

  12. Linderella says:

    Sorry, but I don’t the see the value of dragging out the Castle/Beckett commitment issues. Loyal viewers waited forever for them to get together – playing will they or won’t they again is just wrong.

    • april-ann says:

      I agree. Like throwing an engagement ring at her must force her to choose between the job of her dreams and her man! Archaic! They made the relationship work beautifully, I don’t know how they did it but they did which is rare for a show like this, and I think with some really good writing they still can. They may believe that keeping them apart will keep viewers tuned in, and they may be right, but I don’t feel comfortable with the notion that any small (or seriously outdated) issue will do. I hope they come up with something better. It doesn’t need to be as dramatic/soapy as the reason Castle’s parents weren’t together after their one night, but surely they can and hopefully will come up with something interesting.

      • scooby says:

        Watch the proposal again. He wasn’t forcing her to choose anything. She can have her cake and eat it too. Castle said he’s in regardless of her job decision. They’re not trying to keep them apart at all. Beckett just needs help realizing how to make it work, while Castle needs to realize he’s gotta be less glib about things sometimes. She needs him to be blunt. Marlowe doesn’t believe couples have to be kept apart for drama to happen. He’s said that a million times. How is Castle’s parents’ situation soapy? He’s a spy. He couldn’t tell her what he did for a living. I’m sure accidental babies have happened in the CIA. It’s the keeping up with Castle’s life afterwards that might be considered fluffy, just because I’m sure a lot of the time they go home (maybe to a spouse and other family) and know that they have a kid out there. Using CIA techniques to keep up with them might not be that far fetched either, but it all had to be discussed in a couple eps (mainly the 2nd) so there wasn’t a chance for those things to be revealed organically. It’s not like James Brolin’s available for a lot of shooting.

        • c-mo says:

          I think I’ve finally decided that Castle is the woman of the couple and Beckett is man. When you look at their relationship that way, I think it makes more sense.

          • Just one thing says:

            This comment sounds like it belongs in the 1950s. Castle isn’t pushy or aggressive in driving the relationship, so that makes him a woman? Or Beckett is independent, so that makes her a man?
            Yikes. Just yikes.

        • april-ann says:

          I couldn’t care less about the availability of any actor. I care about the story. And yes, it’s totally soapy.

        • Dr. Mystery Novelist says:

          Seriously, people are entitled to their opinions about the finale and the proposal. And if one more person tells me to ‘rewatch it again’ I may just have to use my red ink pen. The subtext was so horribly f-ed up that is really hard to decipher what AWM was intending throughout this episode. As I tell my students, if I have to work to figure out your intentions, the failure is on your part, not mine. And my friends, Watershed’s subtext failed. Just ask real authors and storytellers, not the hacks on fanfiction.net who think they’re writers.

          • CastleFanForLife says:

            Not to rain on your parade here or take sides in this “argument” (I do have my own opinion about the finale and I’m not forcing it on anyone) but scooby is right in one point – Castle didn’t make Beckett choose between the job and him but he said “WHATEVER happens, WHATEVER you decide..will you marry me?” That wasn’t subtext at all, it was plain and simple and direct, nothing to misinterpret here. So people who think he makes her choose SHOULD actually watch it again because they missed one very crucial and obvious point…all the other stuff was pretty subtext heavy, I agree, and it took me several re-watches to get everything (well, at least what I THINK I should interpret as subtext) so I’m not gonna say this or that is the right interpretation. Maybe there isn’t one right interpretation. But the opinion that Castle made Beckett choose between job and him is just plain wrong,so I’m with scooby on that one. :)

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah, people have a right to their opinions without being told to rewatch the episode. And I happen to agree with you to some extent when it comes to the show’s excessive use of subtext.
            I wouldn’t say it was a failure — it certainly got people talking. But I would say it was likely less than effective, and a bit too unclear for the audience to come to a general consensus.
            I’m not sure why you called fanfiction writer hacks though. Kinda random.

        • Lauren says:

          Scooby: This comment isn’t so much in response to what you’ve said as to *how* you’ve said it. Week in and week out, I always appreciate reading your comments because they are thoughtful, thought-provoking, and well-written. I think I read (at some point, in some thread) that you are a literature student? Or that you were? This fits. ;-) I always look forward to reading your thoughts, and I often look for them (specifically). Keep ’em comin.’ Regards, Lauren.

          • jill says:

            I’ll second Lauren’s comments to scooby. I may not always agree with you but your posts are always so well thought out.

    • CaskettLover says:

      When did Caskett break up? Couple have issues. I don’t see anything wrong with those issues flaring up occasionally. The Castle fandom (the impatient fans) cry and complain at the FIRST sign of problems and don’t have the foresight to look at the big picture. These characters continually evolve when faced with a challenge and nothing in Watershed made me think Caskett would brrak up over their fight. They fight sometimes. One of them walks away mad but they ALWAYS find their way back together just a little bit closer. S5 was full of shipper moments and some fans can’t even appreciate those moments because they’re too focus on this invisible break up that may never happen. Just because other shows do that doesn’t make it fair to Marlowe not to have Caskett go through complications together. They CAN and usually DO grow stronger and closer when they overcome them, but I love how Marlowe keeps things open for more growth and evolution. Some fans need to have patience and stop flipping out over EVERY THING THAT ISN’T ALL ROSES, RAINBOWS, AND UNICORNS. I’m sorry but that is definitely not realistic and on tv can become quite dull. Sometimes things need to be shook up to keep the audience invested. Look at the reaction to Watershed. People are talking. Good or bad. Marlowe accomplished what he wanted. You’re invested whether you liked the proposal or not. Besides. Common sense should tell you that the proposal answer won’t be revealed in an interview. It’s all propoganda to sell their show as it is also a business.

      Caskett did NOT and HAVE NOT broken up.

      I am loving the direction things are headed. I guarantee Marlowe’s comments about the juicy moments he didn’t touch upon in S5 is Castle’s ex-wives, Martha living with him, and Alexis and Beckett’s relationship.

      I saw the beginning of S5 as the writers testing what would and wouldn’t work with Caskett as a couple and when they got feedback the second half of the season was a reaponse to that feedback, but at the end of the day this is Marlowe’s show. If you don’t like how things turned out and psychic enough to predict doom before allowing Watershed to play out in S6 you have a choice to stick with the.show or turn the.channel. 12 million people average live and dvr ratings keep coming back. I think Marlowe is doing an amazing job and this cast and crew is phenomenal.

      So sorry some of you are looking for a fairytale romance with Castle. Just because it’s on a Disney network doesn’t mean it has to always be roses and balloons and fun fun fun. I am sorry but Caskett seems to progress the most and grow cloerr during the more serious episodes. I love the light and fun episodes as much as anyone, but sh!t has to get real sometimes and allow the characters to find and stretch their wings and fly after taking a fall.

      This fandom is one of the most ungrateful ones i’ve.ever been a part of. Most sites seem to whine and complain more than enjoy the show. I just don’t get it. You’d think this was the worst show ever. Every single season it’s the same thing.

      Keep up the great work Marlowe, StaNathan, the rest of the cast and crew as well.

      I didn’t care for parts of Squab but I didn’t threaten to quit the show and all the other foul things said about Marlowe and the Beckett character. It’s almost like everything has to be perfect or the show sucks…

      Castle is far from that!

      • CastleFanForLife says:

        AMEN!!! YES to all of the above!!!
        I love this show and couldn’t be happier with the way Andrew Marlowe runs it. It stays interesting and true to the characters all the while being funny and dramatic and just plain awesome! I’ve never been so sucked in into a show before. That doesn’t mean I don’t see weak points when they occur but I’m willing to overlook them in favor of the overall picture. And let’s be honest here – to run a show over 5+ seasons while staying strong, original and true to the characters, developing a relationship that is true to real life (because every relationship has its ups and downs, it can’t always be roses and sunshine, people, that’s not realistic!) is a pretty amazing feed to accomplish and Marlowe&Co. did just that! Of course there are some missteps bound to happen, but the overall writing (and acting) of this show is amazing and very clever. I like that Marlowe has an overall plan, stays true to it and doesn’t just curve along without a real goal. Keep up the amazing work writers, cast and crew! Best show on tv!

        (Also, can I just say that this so called Castle scoop wasn’t any scoop at all? I mean really, there wasn’t anything new in here, nothing that didn’t come up before now. So I’d kind of appreciate it if you guys would cut back on the “breaking news headlines” until you can give us something more concrete. I do understand that this might not be possible at the moment since the writers are only back from hiatus for about two weaks, filming doesn’t start until mid-July – so there can’t be any big and juicy spoilers yet.)

        • CastleFanForLife says:

          Also, I just wanted to say English isn’t my first language, so I’m sorry for any mistakes..I just spotted one ( an amazing *feat to accomplish of course), and I’m pretty sure there are more.. :)

        • Glenda Shearman says:

          I could not agree more with Castle Fan For Life! I agree 100%! I am so tired of so-called fans trashing the show, writers, cast and crew! If you feel that way, you should change the channel and watch something else.I see the glass half- full, not half-empty. I love this show, writers, cast and crew. I am a Die-Hard Castle fan and proud of it! Way to Go , Caskett lover and Castle Fan For Life! Very well said!

          • nancy galuppo says:

            I would not mind a bit if Captain Mal seeped into Castle’s personality….he is dominated by three females!
            I would miss Susan Sullivan And Molly….if there is a family change….A day without Castle is so uneventful! If you know David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter….Nathan could do it…a great character.

      • Dr. Mystery Novelist says:

        The only ungrateful fans I’ve seen are the idiots who trash characters. But I’ve a fair amount of the so-called nice fans beat people over the heads with the “you just don’t see it” or “you need to rewatch the scene to get it” when it comes to the finale that only adds to the already tense feeling in the fandom that exists.

        If there are so many people harping about the proposal, complaining about how the last three of our episodes played out or are expressing confusion, disappointment and a lot of other things then something failed along the way.

        No one I’ve talked who had a problem with the finale felt that the proposal had to be all roses with pomp and fanfare. However, the biggest complaint seems to be in the failure of the rush to the end of the season was to construct something that was believable.

        The only episode that made any sort of sense was “Still.” “Squab,” “Human Factor” and “Watershed” seemed to be an evolutionary process of how can we destroy the growth progress of the characters by creating faux drama?

    • Linda says:

      This is JMHO and not asking anyone to agree or disagree, just adding my piece. Don’t know whether I will be turning into Castle this season or not. I will read synopsyses and catch up later, if I like what I read, if I don’t I won’t. Too many other interesting things to do to spend time watching something that doesn’t give me what I am looking for in entertainment.

      Personally I think it it totally possible to keep a couple together and still write an entertaining story. Take Nora Roberts aka J.D. Robb. She has keep Roarke and Eve together and fascinating for I’ve lost count of how many NY Times bestsellers. Do they have issues, hell yes! Does the reader ever doubt they love each other, hell no! I am looking for that in a television series too. So far the shows that have been able to deliver have been few and far between. I don’t know why these talented writers can’t seem to manage what Nora and others like her do.

      Not sure whether “complications” will mean Rick and Kate will break up or not, all I can say if it that’s what it does mean I am out until the writers reunite them, if they do.

      Again JMHO and not needing a lecture I why I should still watch anyway. We are all entitled to our own choices and opinions.

  13. Kristina says:

    THANK YOU for answering the BN episode airing question, I was hoping that would be the way they did it.

    And I love the new setup on NR! I think all the changes have been good ones.

  14. Karen says:

    Oh man, I wish Hilarie would come back to Grey’s Anatomy. This is disappointing!

  15. marge says:

    HB aka Lauren Boswell can stay far far far away from Grey’s. Please and thank you.
    Orphan Black is SO FREAKING GOOD, it’s going to be a long wait for S2. :/

  16. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Regarding the Suits scoop – it’s like Harvey is unintentionally proving Daniel Hardman’s point that he (Harvey) would one day turn on Jessica. If Harvey indeed makes some power moves, I am fully on Team Jessica – because she is awesome and a more shrewd fighter than Harvey.

    • Sparky says:

      Is it just me that thinks Harvey taking Jessica down….or at least trying to, is not in keeping with his personality? Sure he has an igo the size of the Grand Canyon but he is also fiercely loyal to those around him and she did give him everything and this is how he repairs her! I do agree that he was going to do it but at the same time I’m in denial that he is going to go through with it!!!

      • Alex says:

        I’m beginning to think that “you want to take Jessica down” means to take Darby down. It’s probably part of Harvey’s scheme…I keep reminding myself that Harvey might be arrogant but he is a fair guy.

  17. Ram510 says:

    I still can’t believe this is the last season of Burn Notice, especially since its still the top rated drama for USA. Why did they decide to make this the last season, it seem abrupt?

    • Alex says:

      Well, at least the show writers know going in that it’s the last season. Plus, how long could they make Mike on the run? It was getting to be a little to drawn out. They could have just changed the series and made the premise that Michael and company open a detective agency, but that would get old quick. Look at it as the show going out on a high note.

    • Estee Thomas says:

      i believe one of the reasons is that it is an extremely expensive show to make i’m not sure if that has actually ever been sited as a reason for this being the final season but i imagine it plays a big part

  18. Ari says:

    OUAT and Major Crimes?! Good post!

  19. still crossing my fingers for a season arc on castle (and bring espenson to write it!)

  20. April says:

    I keep clicking these articles hoping for legitimate Castle spoilers, but it’s always vague comments that spoil absolutely nothing. :-(

    • c-mo says:

      It’s hard to spoil anything when it hasn’t been written or filmed yet.

      • Alex says:

        If there is nothing specific to report about certain shows, IMO those questions should not be included in columns of this nature. The vague non-answers are useless and frustrating. Guess the people behind this site just want the cheap page hits.

        • Just one thing says:

          I guess it is vague, but I feel like both actors have given hints and insight about the new season that will make more sense once the episode and arc descriptions come out. (Another entertainment site has done the same thing, by the way.)
          They may not know and/or (certainly) aren’t able to give more specific details. But I think that if we were so inclined to make some guesses based on their comments, that could be considered spoiler-y.

  21. Babygate says:

    Yeay for Lauren staying in a galaxy far, far away from Seattle, Arizona and Callie. The calls for a threesome are disturbing. We are talking about a homewrecker who deliberately went after a married woman. The idea of Callie wanting to do anything other than punch her in the face is unrealistic and a bit sadistic. That idea can only be contacted in the mind of someone that just wants to watch a bit of gratuitous is sex. On another note can Orphan Black please 15 episodes next season? I too hope Helena is not dead.

  22. Andrea Aynsley says:

    I agree about the Castle spoilers..vague comments that spoil nothing if not ‘bad’ connotations that create viewer / shipper angst!!! Other sites somehow seem more positive…but relating it back to an earlier TVline comments by:

    1. – Castle creator Andrew Marlowe tells TVLine, “There are a couple of really, really big, juicy and interesting moments” he was not able to get to, but still hopes to cover. Without detailing said moments, he explains, “We feel like next season is the proper time to tap them, if we’re going to be honest and true to this relationship and the complications that often come into play.”

    If this is to happen in S6, Caskett has to be together…if they break up or take a break or any of that nonsense…there is no relationship to tap into so they have to still be ‘officially’ together to work on stuff…coz we all without doubt know that Castle is more than capable of walking away from her like he did in S3 / S4 because of her stubbornness. But somehow they ALWAYS find their way back to each other
    2. They’d stay put. ”The precinct doesn’t go [with her],” Tamala Jones, who plays Lanie, notes. “I think [Kate] would still help from D.C., or wherever she was. But I hope she doesn’t take the job. What’s Lanie going to do without Beckett in the same [city]? I don’t think Lanie would like that!”

    So whether Kate takes the new DC job or not is unimportant coz’ there will be no show with her alone in a new federal job. So if she does take on that job they will have to somehow work her back to NYC ASAP im thinking…and how boring would that be all those heavy cases and no 12th precinct ‘family’ team dynamics..

    3.“The sixth season, heading into that, I was told the show is going to be a little bit more ensemble oriented. God knows they’ve given Jon and I a lot more to do so we’ll see if it’s headed in that direction because it’s a lot of fun when those episodes happen.” – Seamus Dever

    So if S6 is gonna be more ENSEMBLE ORIENTED then all the 12th Precinct will have to be back working together like I said above…

    I don’t know are these clues??? Hopefully about a happier / more mature and stable S6 for Caskett??

    No relationship or Bad relationship = Angry / Disappointed viewers –> Ratings Dip–> S7 Renewal risk and if AM & TEM really love their fans like they say they do…I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t be letdown…they must have a plan up their sleeves. Castle fandom is already pretty split as it is!!!

    • Dr. Mystery Novelist says:

      But a show’s creators cannot totally rely on what the ‘fandom’ wants. What we discuss in the inner sanctum of message boards and websites doesn’t translate to what the viewing public wants. My husband worked in television as a writer and a producer. He said and I quote: The studio and network always warned us to not give full cred to the fandom because at the end of the day, what a bunch of fangirls and fanboys want doesn’t reflect what Susan Audience wants 99.9% of the time. We found that out the hard way when we catered to what the audience wanted. It blew up. It failed.

      AWM is smart enough to give us a wink and a nod and a tip of the hat. But he also knows that if something isn’t working, he has to fix it. Otherwise, ABC will hand over a pink slip to the series.

    • Dr. Mystery Novelist says:

      If someone truly loves someone. If they feel that that this is the one–they’ll walk through the ring of fire to be with that person. If they do break up, I’m guessing Castle is willing to give Beckett the space she needs to figure things out. And he’ll wait. And he’ll come when she calls him.

    • Just one thing says:

      All good points! There are enough clues to surmise that the couple isn’t in long-term jeopardy. They might not even be in short-term jeopardy. I’ve avoided speculating about the path they take, because I have very little idea how the show is going to resolve this hurdle — and I kind of like that. :D I’m totally against the proposal and how it was executed along with Beckett’s new career opportunity. (I think most of us agree that the set-up felt incredibly rushed.) But I recognize that it was a good launching point for new stories, and I’m interested to see how they develop. All in all, I think it’s safe to bet that Caskett is safe.
      And if they’re not 100% safe, depending on how it’s written, that could be interesting, too. I understand people’s frustration, but part of what makes Castle and Beckett so intriguing to me is the fact that they have a crap-ton of potential and often fail to reach it due to their own insecurities and flaws. The idea that there’s a pay-off down the road in small and big ways is pretty cool.
      To some degree, I can see how some people think viewers are being yanked around. And I think there’s been enough desperate outcry from folks to suggest that breaking Caskett up could have a severely negative effect on the show. But as long as the show stays true to the characters and takes the necessary time to flesh out big hurdles (which I don’t believe was quite done at the end of this season), I think it’s totally worth sticking around next season.
      Like you, I’m rooting for a more mature and stable relationship for the couple. And I’d be willing to watch a re-formatted show with a more ensemble focus, too. Spreading the focus and work from two characters/actors may be more beneficial to the show in the long run — and in a number of ways.
      My only serious concern is the new competition from NBC and CBS. They’ve got a critically buzz-worthy series with James Spader and a shiny, high-stakes thriller in Hostages. At this point, I’m really wishing ABC had switched Castle to another night/timeslot.

  23. a says:

    HB/Lauren should say. She’s more hated than Addison was when she showed up and wrecked a good thing. The thing is that Burton could easily make the audience fall head over heals for her in much the way Walsh did, despite the controversial entrance.

    • Babygate says:

      The dynamics surrounding Lauren and Addison are completely different. Addison was still married to Derek. She still had a stake in that marriage and she was trying to salvage it. And she didn’t pretend she didn’t do anything wrong. She was sorry and apologetic and tried to make it up to Derek. At all times we saw her vulnerability and her fear. Lauren is an opportunist. She deliberately went after a married woman who was still recovering from a life-altering situation. She had no respect or regard for Arizona’s family. Even after their tryst when Arizona says she made a mistake she continues to pursue her. Lauren is a shameless homewrecker who has no sense of propriety or decency. The only people that can support that are Hilarie fans from One Tree Hill or those who consider her physical attributes more important than the commitment of marriage.

      • CalzonaStrong says:

        YES TO ALL!!!!! Bravo! You said it all! I think I love u!

      • Sam says:

        Agree with you on all the above…. I get she used Az’s insecurities to her advantage but wat I do not get is after the deed was done…. What was she expecting that Az would say ‘oh ur the one for me’ ‘I like u a lot’ ‘4get my wife and baby’ ‘lets run away together’….I mean seriously wat was with the whole ‘I’m nt gonna leave things like this though’ ‘I like you….a lot’
        Any who just do not get your hopes up coz I really do not see how she won’t be back…. N there is a big big big ‘yet’ on Matts response….
        Also wateva Lauren’s faults Az was the married one and dare I say she ws not drunk or having a bad day or anything, she stepped back and made a decision to lock that door…I love love love Calzona but this issue will need to be dealt with the same appropriateness and screen time as Owens cheating was….

        • Emma says:

          When Owen cheated he and Cristina spent a full episode just in their apartment talking it out, they also spent an episode in therapy together. I’m a huge Calzona fan but I don’t expect them to get the same courtesy. The sad truth is Calzona are always treated differently.

      • marge says:


  24. AnaZ says:

    I hate Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sam says:

    I think Lauren will be back as a guest star (recurring) just not as a series regular….. Coz I would be really really surprised if she does not come back for at least one more episode…..though as a die hard Calzona fan I want her to stay far far far away…. Kinda also need Arizona to step up though if she gonna be with Callie…..so hey….if Lauren ain’t there in the 1st slew of episodes I think Calzona are done for and she wil be thr later on in the series….dunno wat Shonda has in mind bt am sure it wil be brilliant as well as infuriating all at once…..just hope thr are more good episodes next season than there were this season and dear lord….Interns….no….take em away…. N Leah? Like really?

    • Emma says:

      I agree with you re: Leah. Like seriously she’s the one intern out of them all that from the start of the season fans have been vocal about how much they don’t really like her. I know I don’t, and not in the April way that she’s annoying at first but now I love her, I just do not like Leah and don’t want screen time wasted on her. No offense to the actress intended at all.

  26. Chris says:

    I thought the McGee and his Dad’s episode was one of the best NCIS episodes of this past season, I do hope that the Admiral goes to visit more. Maybe a Christmas episode where Tony’s Dad and GIbbs’s Dad shows up as well.

  27. CalzonaStrong says:

    “I’m seeing no signs (yet) that lustful Dr. Lauren will be back.” Oh I’m soo, SOOO HAPPY NOW!!!!! Calzona 4 ever!!!!!

  28. Alex says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Longmire. I guess Vic is/was in witness relocation and now the criminals know where she is.

  29. Maya says:

    “But then it hit me: If they’re going to show us even a second of the Stroh trial, it’d be glaringly conspicuous(/disappointing) if Brenda herself didn’t pop up, and that simply isn’t going to happen.”

    Matt, why are you so sure Brenda won’t guest star on Major Crimes? James Duff and Kyra Sedgwick were talking about 3 possible appearances in their interviews last year. Both seemed willing to make it happen down the line and James Duff recently said, responding to fan questions on facebook, that he hopes Kyra is available for the Stroh trial this season. What makes you believe it couldn’t happen and did TNT respond to this at all? You didn’t mention that.

    I still hold hope we some day see Brenda and Fritz together again on Major Crimes… he’d be there to support her if she has to testify against Stroh.

    Thanks for the Longmire scoop!

  30. sarah says:

    I will not be watching Necessary Roughness when it airs in Canada. I really liked the show but personally I thought her and Matt had heat! I love Marc Blucas! They also got rid of DR D’s kids. I also liked the relationship she had with TK and now that she no longer works for the Hawks that will be too bad too!
    Suits: I loved the Mike and Harvey dynamic and it will be a tough season seeing them fight and not getting along. I hope they mend fences!

  31. Mary says:

    Thanks for the Orphan Black scoop Matt! Just finished binging on all 10 episodes and it was fantastic! Tatiana Maslany for all the Emmy’s!

  32. rmr says:

    Thanks to all the positive thoughts on Calzona and to those who want Lauren away from this galaxy. I feel positive about the new season and how Calzona will tackle this new hurdle..w lots of hot arguments and angry elevator kisses.<3<3

  33. Emma says:

    I love Hilarie Burton as much as the next OTH fan but Lauren I hate. She can just stay away, to be honest though, it would be a bit random for her to stay and want a relationship with Arizona when they only knew each other a few days and Arizona clearly regretted it. There can be much drama between Calzona without Lauren being there if the writers are creative enough. Also, don’t even care if it’s an unpopular opinion, Arizona may be the one who cheated but it’s the reasons for it that are more important and tied in with that is the fact Callie is no saint, though so many put her on a pedestal. They both need to work on things.

    • Mo says:

      See I get Callie is no saint, hell Calzona as a unit are responsible for the state of there marriage….but Az needs to find herself b4 she can be any partner to anyone regardless of whether that means she is with Callie or any1 else….I am hopefully to see Az’s journey coz you dun amputate someone’s leg and show em in depression for four episodes for a collective time of 2.45 mins….that’s hw much time was spent on Az… So now ok I get it ws 2 show how they brush everything under the rug but if they dun give this story the respect and the closure it needs and requires I’d be very disappointed…. I get Shonda wants to “take the show back from the fans” bt really last 2 yrs her finales have been Calzona centric plane crash (Az dead or alive speculation s8 and s9 the whole cheating storyline) so plz follow through….I mean I adore Sandra Oh bt Owen n cris have gone over the baby yay n baby nay over n over n over again….need that to be done already….

    • JustInTime says:

      Callie gets put on a pedestal?! HA! The fact that this is being uttered in the context that Arizona is the one that cheated and has potentially broken up her marriage/family suggests that it’s actually Arizona who’s been put on a pedestal with the Calzona fandom. If Callie had cheated, I highly doubt people would be jumping through hoops looking to explain away the reasons why.
      No, Callie is most definitely not a saint. And yes, Arizona’s anger and issues towards her wife are understandable – as irrational as they may be in the bigger picture (because, hello, it was a life or death situation), but they do not in any way, shape, or form even begin to excuse or explain-away Arizona’s choice to cheat on her wife with a woman she knew for 2 whole days.

      • Cleo says:

        I think the “Callie on a pedestal” comment was more in regards from the writers. Callie has NEVER owned up to her mistakes (throughout her entire time on the show), it’s usually brushed to the side and never discussed again. Whereas if Arizona does something wrong she will at the very least acknowledge it and not brush it off. I think that’s were the unfair criticism comes from in the Calzona fandom.

        From a fan prospective, the “Arizona cheating” is just one in a very long list of ill deeds done against Callie in order for the WRITERS not to have Callie admit to her own faults yet again. No, Callie is no saint, but she would never admit to that. Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Jackson, Owen, April, Mark, Arizona and every cast member have all admitted it, why can’t Callie? It might just be because her character is put on a pedestal by the writers making it hard for some Calzona fans to treat them equally because the writers sure don’t. Maybe bringing Lauren into the situation in 9th season will be the “thing” to stop this cycle from continuing.(I hope that this spoiler is true and Lauren doesn’t return)

        • Emma says:

          That is exactly what I meant by my comment. I like Callie, I wasn’t trying to get at her in that sense, it just like you said the writers have, at least from my interpretation, gave her too much credit in a sense. Shonda says that Arizona’s cheating doesn’t make Callie a victim but my feelings on that are, sure she isn’t a victim and sure she can take a firmer step on moral ground as opposed to Arizona who cheated, but Callie can’t make this all about herself yet again and she also can’t be all guns blazing (lack of a better metaphor right now!) on Arizona, she needs to start taking some time to see her part in all this, people keep saying Arizona should be glad she’s alive and in the grand scheme of things it was a life and death decision Callie made, but I can see it from Arizona’s perspective and more people need to be open to that, just like JCap said, it’s not really about the physical leg, it’s about the fact that Arizona always tries her best to be there for Callie and in Arizona’s greatest time of need, where she was in so much fear about her life and future, she begged her wife, not to give up and not to cut off her leg and Callie promised her she wouldn’t, so the way Arizona sees it is, in her greatest time of need, her wife made a promise to her but then did the complete opposite and this is probably where her PTSD comes in, in her mind all she can focus on is that broken promise.

          • Sam says:

            Callie will make it about herself coz that is what she does. She does not know any other way. But what mistakes do you want her to cop to? I do not get you guys point about her being put on some pedestal by writers or not. Arizona was the one who was on the pedestal hence her cheating was the shock value the writers were looking for. Callie after the amputation tried to reach out to Arizona but was shot down time and time again. So therein she started doing thing herself and let Arizona concentrate on herself. Again they are both at fault for the situation they are in.
            Also the main thing in the relationship is that the trust is gone from both parties so as JCap put it how do you recover from this, if you do so at all.

          • Cleo says:

            Just think of any mistake made by Callie on her entire run of the show. Then tell me, out of all her faults will the writers explore them or have Callie acknowledge it or will they have someone one up her by doing something major to her (ex. George cheating on her right after she neglected to tell him about her financial prosperity. Or Erica walking out on Callie and making it about her bisexuality right after she was having sex with Mark right after Erica. Or Arizona getting on the plane for Africa because according to Callie she was just “cranky for a week” when in reality she was resentful of Arizona. These are just a few examples) causing her to be in the victim role yet again by the writers.

            In the beginning of the season, yes both Callie and Arizona have their faults and make their mistakes but with Arizona cheating it just exacerbates her mistakes and diminishes Callie’s (yet again). The writers even made the amputation about Callie rather than Arizona, which is one other Callie being on a pedestal. Again, hopefully this Lauren story line will be the end of this cycle.

          • blancaster60 says:

            OMG! The womnan cheated on her wife!! To say they are making this all about Callie is laughable. And when Arizona lost her leg, I never thought they were making it all about Callie. Did it appear that Arizona’s resentment toward was getting kind of crazy? Yes. We weren’t talking about a 95-year bedridden person whose DNR you decided to ignore. Ariaina was a young skillful daughter who would still be able to use her skills, enjoy the love of her wife and beautiful daughter. There are many people who would give up both legs to have what she already had.

            Arizona has been the poster child for the “it’s all about me” attitude and with her cheating, she achieved her crowning glory in that department.

          • blancaster60 says:

            I can’t believe what I am reading. If anyone has made it about herself, it’s Arizona. She made that blatantly clear by her verbal onslaught toward Callie after being caught cheating. How more “about me” could she get?

            As far as Arizona being on a pedestal, I disagree with that as well. Ever since she decided to leave Callie and go to Africa, I haven’t seen her as being that saintly or a character who isn’t allowed to make mistakes. And when she lost her leg, she became a terror to be around. Just when she seemed to face that fact that her life would be better if she stopped using that tragedy to treat everyone around her like crap, she goes and commits the ultimate “it’s all about me” act. And no sooner is she found out than out comes the broken promise excuse, which is really starting to wear thin.

            As far as Callie not being a victim in this mess, if by that SR means that you are only a victim if you let yourself be one (a little too touchy feeling belief for me), okay fine. Then Callie can not be a victim by kicking Arizona to the curb and finding someone who will be faithful to her.

          • blancaster60 says:

            Sorry, but I really don’t understand Arizona’s continued resentment toward Callie about not keeping “the promise” for several reasons. First, Callie isn’t just her wife. She is a doctor and a very skillful one. She should have enough faith in her that she wouldn’t let them take off her leg if it wasn’t a life or death decision. And Callie basically had to decide if Arizona would rather be able to keep on living to help raise their beautiful daughter, even it if it meant doing it with a prostethic leg. Trust works both ways. Arizona has shown no trust in Callie’s gut wrenching decision to break her promise to her. And as for the promise that Arizona broke when she crawled into bed with Lauren, I find that far worse than Callie’s act of “betrayal.” Sadly, Arizona apparently doesn’t.

          • Sam says:

            @cleo and @emma ok so I thought over what both you guys have said and I’d disagree on the comment of Callie being put on a pedestal by the writers and all her faults being brushed aside. Actually most of her faults and mistakes have being bought front and centre time and time again and she has always had to pay the inevitable price for it (George’s cheating, Erica leaving, Being sacked as chief resident, being whiney and Arizona leaving her in the airport, Arizona cheating) nothing is brushed under, her faults are brought front and centre just Callie is so flawed you cant help but empathize with her. You want her to admit her faults? I like she pays the price for it more. N no one in the show has ever admitted to there faults even when the Crowen cheating happened Owen tried to justify it by saying he was sad n lonely. he said he was sorry but the next minute he bought up the abortion(for which he held Cristina’s hand) When has Cristina ever admitted her faults infact I love that she is how she is and thats that. I could keep going but ill spare everyone.

            Where as this situation is concerned of Callie ‘acting like she was on the plane’ everyone take a step back look over the entire season….You have the people on the plane and you have the people not on the plane. Where did Callie fit in? There was alot of hate for what the lawsuit did to the Hospital and even the level headed Bailey who always understands everyone for being ‘human’ and ‘doing horrible things but that does not make you a horrible person’ was lashing out and blaming the people on the plane for the situation the hospital was in. I also feel Callie felt more responsible coz it was because Arizona was on the flight that the insurance refused the pay out.
            Also I have a few questions what was Callie doing those four days they were in the woods as she dint even go to Boise, was she chilling?
            Arizona’s cheating is on Arizona. The state of there marriage is both there faults.
            My wish for Season 10 and this couple. Break them up let them move on. Sometimes you just simply fall out of love and the way Arizona was behaving it probably is that however sad that maybe.
            Arizona also needs to let go of the fact that Callie gave the go ahead to cut her leg off it was an impossible situation (with counseling or someone making her understand or whatever) and Arizona needs to realize that and move on without Callie preferably just not with Lauren, I would like to think Arizona would not want someone like her long term coz she came across as fun and in awe of Arizona; yes but she also came across as someone who has little to no regard for what her actions could mean not that she needed to coz she is not married she goes for what she wants its just hard to swallow that Callie would stick around to see Lauren and Arizona’s relationship blossom.

          • Cleo says:

            I don’t think you are quite getting it. Callie’s mistakes are actually never brought up again after something and/or something has out staged her.

          • Sam says:

            Thats the whole point its not just with Callie. The whole show is full of characters that do not admit there mistakes. It all gets upstaged by the next big thing that happens to them.
            Completely get your point that for Callie to move on she needs to understand what went wrong in her relationship and what her faults were and learn from them. Am not saying she has not made mistakes just I do not feel that its only her whose mistakes are usurped.

          • Sarah says:

            I think its not just with Callie. Every character on the show never admits to there faults its always upstaged by the next thing that happens to them.All I am saying is its not just with these 2 character where that problem exists its across the board on Greys.
            I agree for Callie to move on (with or without Az) she would need to analyze what went wrong in her relationship and learn from those mistakes/her mistakes. Otherwise she will always find herself in the same situation.

        • Bill says:

          As far as Callie not always admitting to her faults or wrongdoings, that has nothing to do with what Arizona did. Arizona cheated on her wife and then tried to blame it/”explain it” by jumping all over Callie for not understanding her situation.

          Bringing up Callie’s shortcoming of not always admitting to her faults is an obvious deflectve maneuver trying to justify all of this just going o away and Callie just take Arizona back because she’s no angel either. I hope that Shonda Rimes has more backbone than that.

          I am sick of the “nobody’s perfect” excuse being used in both fictional and non-fictional settings to avoid someone having to pay the price for bad decisions. Suffering the consequences of screwing up is a part of life. We seldom get do overs. Many of us have learned that first hand. Besides, Arizona didn’t exactly beg for Callie’s forgivenness. Instead she reacted to seeing Callie’s heart being ripped out when learning of her wife’s infidelity by proceeding to verbally assault her for not knowing what it’s like to go through what she has and yet again, beating her up for not keeping “the promise.”

          Callie should give Arizona 24 hours to get her stuff out of their apartment and then tell her that she will work out some arrangement for her to to see their daughter periodically – or let the courts work that out. Arizona shouldn’t have any problem with that since she is so furious with Callie for not letting her die, which seems to indicate that having two legs was much more important to her than watching her daughter grow up.

          • Sarah says:

            I agree Arizona did not show any remorse for her actions. All she did was tell Alex that she was a “horrible person”….am not even so sure she felt bad.
            But according to me that is because as Shonda has said in her interviews ‘its going to be interesting how Arizona figures out what her infidelity means’ so I am guessing Arizona’s PTSD mind has not caught up to what she has done or what this means.
            Where as Callie is concerned if you watch the fight scene you see she emotionally checks out at the end so I do not see her forgiving and forgetting and moving on. So Arizona being kicked to the curb, Sofia custody battle, them being part of the board and fighting, one of them leaving the hospital. These are all possibilities.
            I just hope they get the required screen time whether to sort things out or to break up for good there journey needs to be shown in a better manner, this couple’s problems are always a quick fix and let’s forget about it from the baby break up to Africa to Callies pregnancy.
            Lauren will be back even if it is for one episode maybe not in the beginning of the season but somewhere along the lines she will. Or Callie and Arizona will just move on with others.

          • blancaster60 says:

            Good comments, Sarah. You could be right that Arizona has kind of a warped view of reality right now because she is still not over her PTSD. And when Arizona unloaded on her wife, Callie did kind of look like a deer caught in the headlights – talk about hitting someone when they are already down! I guess being the old geezer that I am (I’m 63), I just get tired of hearing the “everybody makes mistakes/nobody’s perfect” reactions in TV land when the characters screw up big time, like Arizona has done. Making mistakes is normal and so paying a price for tose mistakes, sometimes a life changing price. Also, was the deep seeded anger that Arizona apparently still feels toward Callie the main force behind what Arizona did? Was it a product of her resentment toward her? Because I found the whole “wanted to have control reasoning” a little hard to swallow. Infidelity is often seen as one of the best examples of losing control, and as a result doing something very stupid and hurtful. Perhaps if/when Arizona starts acting more contrite about cheating on her, Callie may think their marriage is worth saving. I do agree the various directions this story arc can go does make for some good drama.

          • Cleo says:

            This is not me trying to ” bring up Callie’s shortcoming of not always admitting to her faults as an obvious deflective maneuver trying to justify all of this just going away and Callie just take Arizona back because she’s no angel either.” This is me wanting to see Callie grow and take responsibility for her own actions, not dwell on how people have done her wrong (I swear she’s the anti-Alex in this department) and realize that she has hurt people too. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Callie but this aspect of her characterization has always troubled me.

            How can Callie not ever admitting or acknowledging what she has done wrong in her relationships NOT have anything to do with Arizona cheating? After 9×04 she tried to move on and get over the loss of her leg for Callie, not herself. The other thing is if history dictates chances of us actually seeing this from Arizona’s perspective is very slight so in turn, this has to be about Callie. Even if Callie moves on with whomever and this pattern continues she will always be “married, betrayed, gay, abandoned and no idea how she got there”. Because how can you be in a relationship where one party never has to deal with their faults because the other party always upstages them?

          • blancaster60 says:

            Sorry, Cleo. I just don’t see a connection between Callie not admitting to her faults (something which I’ve never really seen as a major flaw, but apparently others have) and Arizona cheating on her. I thought Callie was very patient and loving toward Arizona while she went through her extended period of bitterness and depression over the loss of leg. Arizona did everyhting she could to drive her away and basically treated her like total s*** and Callie just kept being there for her. Ironically, if anyone would have been expected to stray it was Callie. How many times can you tell someone you love them and they react by acting like they want to spit in your face before you begin to think maybe there’s someone out there who won’t treat me like something they just scraped off the bottom of their shoe?

            I put Arizona’s decision to cheat on Callie squarely on Arizona’s shoulders and not as some understandable reaction to Callie not always admitting to her own faults. I just don’t see a correlation between the two. On a related note, I know Arizona tried to put a guilt trip on Callie when confronted with her cheating, a classic defense maneuver by people who have been caught in that type of situation. The tactic seldom works and I don’t think it should in this case either.

          • Cleo says:

            That’s ok, because I didn’t see it until I saw it. To me, it became more apparent that the writers take this approach with her character in 7th season. And what I mean about “how can Callie’s inability to acknowledge her faults not be about Arizona cheating” is more on how the writers deal with it. Both Callie and Arizona have their faults. Neither of them were perfect during this ordeal (something I was very adamant about before the cheating became on the radar) but yet again the writers have Callie’s significant other do something major to her. It’s like, instead of dealing both of their issues, they essentially erase Callie’s mistake/fault and make her the wronged party (it’s almost as if the writers want to evoke people’s sympathy for Callie hoping they forget her faults). How can that not be a major flaw with her character? If the she does leave Arizona and finds someone new and this pattern continues, she again will be the wronged party. And again to me, that is a major character problem.

            I’m also pretty sure if there was a Lauren type person for Callie in the beginning of the season hitting on her relentlessly,Callie might have strayed too.

          • blancaster60 says:

            Okay, I’m willing to meet you half way on this. Callie is not the best person at admitting to her own faults and I would like the writers to have that character evolve a little more and have her become more self-critical. But for me, trying to tie that flaw in Callie’s personality to why Arizona decided to cheat on her serves to lessen Arizona’s responsibility for what she had done, and I think that is just not right.

            Callie’s shortcomings will cause her problems down the road, no doubt (as will Arizona’s – big time). That is a common destiny shared by all of us. Still, I don’t think that Callie is doomed to have a string of partners that will be unfaithful for her because she is too reluctant to admit her faults. She will likely have other relationship problems, but I don’t think that is necessarily going to be one of them.

            As for whether Callie would have cheated if a hot woman like Lauren had hit on her when Arizona was treating her like crap, we’ll never know. Frankly, if she had, I think I would have understood more. Although it wouldn’t have been any less wrong. Arizona’s cheating happened at a time when it could have hardly made her look worse. Callie was bending over backwards trying to help Arizona get back to a place professionally that both of them knew she needed to be. She was giving her unconditional love and trying to be there for her in her darkest time. She was doing all the things a loving supporting spouse should do and Arizona responded by sleeping with someone else. What she did was emotionally crushing, selfish and thoughtless. She threw away her marriage and apperently gave little thought to the damage she could be causing to her daughter’s life. Then, after breaking Callie’s heart she proceeded to stomp on it with her “You don’t know what it’s like to suffer loss like me” tirade. I guess what it comes down to is that I’m in no mood to cut Arizona some slack any time soon. And focusing on Callie’s problems when discussing Arizona facing – as we all should – the consequences of bad behavior seems to go down that road.

          • Cleo says:

            Again, this isn’t me trying to excuse Arizona’s cheating or give reason as to why Arizona cheated, it’s just me simply saying the writers always choose this direction for Callie. Seeing how this pattern has continues time and time again, what is say that in Callie next relationship it’s not going to happen again or even if she continues to be with Arizona (not necessarily cheated but something major)? It’s also not like they have Callie rise above and beyond after these situations, she dwells (maybe dwell is a strong word for what I’m trying to say) on them and how people have done her wrong and moves on. Therefore putting Callie in the victim role. Oddly enough though, she can admit her faults professionally and rise above them but not personally.

            Yes Callie was there for Arizona right after the plane crash, but were was her empathy for Arizona? Was she doing it out of love or out of obligation? Why was Callie so adamant about assuming Arizona would just pick her side in anything (her decision to buy the hospital without Arizona’s input, her conversation with Jackson about how Arizona will always vote with her because she’s her wife or just her overall dismissiveness whenever Arizona has an opinion)? But the chances of us actually getting these answers to those questions are extremely slim because Arizona cheated on Callie. Just like they never went into why Callie let Mark into her and Arizona’s relationship despite Arizona’s reservations because Arizona crashed the car and she left Callie in the airport. Just like we never got to see Callie own up to the fact that she did cheat on Erica because Erica left Callie and blamed it on Callie’s sexuality. Or the fact that she did lie about her financial with George. but it never discussed again because George cheated on her. Again, this is not to say this as an excuse to why Arizona or George cheated because that is on Arizona and George. Or to excuse Erica leaving without any regard to Callie’s feelings because that is on Erica. All I’m saying is, the writers seem to go this route to excuse Callie’s actions and as a Callie fan it becomes frustrating.

          • Mo says:

            @cleo @blanc guys do not bother coz if we know anything it is that none of what we want with Calzona is gonna happen….they won’t even get the appropriate screen time for the audience to understand what there issues are or were…. Probs the last 30 secs every 3rd episode…. We have 4 interns they need screen time to develop there story and we have a new romantic pairing for Alex. So hey am not getting my hopes up n neither should you guys…..just saying….

  34. Alan says:

    “Please how do I get the complete series of Season 2 Arrow?” why was this question even answered?

    • Laura says:

      Because there has only been one season.

      • Alan says:

        its badly written, in what appears to be broken english, i still cant figure out exactly what the guy wanted to know. i cant understand why a question which is actually readable, is about something that can be answered and would add to the discussion wasnt answered in its place.

  35. Caro says:

    I happen to really like the changes in Necessary Roughness! I hope Mike will be gone for good and I hope there’s hope for a Nico relationship! I’m wondering how this whole secret FBI insider snooping by Nico will play out…!

  36. JimC says:

    The demise of NCIS: Red comes as no surprise. The casting was horrid. Not the actors themselves but the fact that a few of them had played other characters on the other two shows. As viewers, we will buy into actors from other network shows that join the NCIS realm, but your show will take a hit if you cast actors that have played other characters on your other two shows, just braindead casting and asking viewers too adapt too much.

    • Estee Thomas says:

      @jimc: while agree that the casting was not great i think corbett killed it for me…he gave a sub par performence IMO & i will have to site one show that goes against your “your show will take a hit if you cast actors that have played other characters on your other two shows” theory however because all of the law & order series have done this for years (even with the individual series) they did this frequently & they all did pretty well with the exceptions of the LA version & trial by jury (CI went 10 seasons SVU is on it’s 15th & the original did 20)

  37. Just one thing says:

    There were people who actually thought Fillion was lying? Weird. I certainly believed him. Just thought it was strange.

  38. Erin says:

    It would seem I would be the first to comment on the subject, but I am dissapointed to hear of Procter not returning to White Collar.

    Over here in my little corner.

  39. broscaro says:

    Will there be a DVD of the first season of Beauty and the Beast?

  40. Mac says:

    Psych is the ONLY show worth watching! That is all.

  41. White collar suits says:

    I liked NR till the last episodes of the last season. All these changes. Eh, not liking it. I don’t mind staMos. But, come on! Quit it with the changes writers!

    I lost interest. Reel me back in guys

    • Bill says:

      I had been a fan of NR since it first aired. I watched the first episode of this season and haven’t seen another one since. Change is not always good.

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