Showtime Boss Previews Dexter's 'Emotionally Satisfying' Finale - Plus: Spin-Off Update!

Dexter Final Season SpoilersDexter‘s final season kicks off in just two weeks (airing June 30), but behind the scenes the cast is inching toward the finish line. In fact, they’ve just completed the table read for the drama’s penultimate (!) episode. And according to Showtime boss David Nevins — who likens the impending finale to that of Friday Night Lights‘ send-off — things on and off-screen are “getting increasingly emotional.”

VIDEO | Dexter‘s Final Season Trailer: Deb Confesses

“I really wanted Dexter to have an emotionally satisfying and emotionally wrenching ending,” he shared with TVLine at the saga’s premiere party Saturday night. “As [the season] develops, you can feel that temperature rising… This week, there were some sniffles from some actors and some sniffles from some producers at the table read. You wouldn’t think that a show about a psychopath — who has for eight seasons been relatively devoid of human emotion — would be that way, but it really is.”

Noting that while “you can never promise all things to all fans,” Nevins is confident in “great care being taken” to wrap up Dexter‘s eight-season journey.

“The [writers and producers] are harvesting seeds that were planted many years ago and that’s how you get to a good ending,” the exec explained. “We had a similar thing on Friday Night Lights when I was a producer; we had an ending that we’d planned two years in advance, and I thought that show ended beautifully… Dexter should be on the same path.”

VIDEO | Dexter Season 8 Trailer — New Doctor Knows Dexter’s Secret

As for recent Dexter spin-off buzz, Nevins maintained that he plans to “let the dust settle” following the potential mothership series’ swan song before making any development moves. “I do think this is a vital franchise to Showtime,” he noted, further fueling the offshoot talk. “It put Showtime on the map in original programming and it has remained lively to the very end.”

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  1. Nick says:

    I struggle to envision a successful spinoff of this. The most interesting parts of the show are Deb and Dex, who almost certainly wouldn’t be in it. They have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to tell good stories with side characters. Hell, there were years where they couldn’t even tell a good one with Deb and Dex either. I just can’t imagine any show I’d watch in this universe without those two.

  2. “It put Showtime on the map in original programming ” that was Stargate SG-1 and Outer Limits.

    • martina says:

      Not really.. Stargate is a good sci-fi show, but Dexter was critically acclaimed and was nominated in every existing award show! I believe that’s what Nevins meant when he said “it put Showtime on the map in original programming”.

      • in terms of putting the channel on the map for original programming, that would go to OL and SG 1. In terms of putting it on the map in award shows for original programming THEN you can credit Dexter. Facts matter.

        • Jase says:

          It depends on what you mean by “on the map.” For many of us. Stargate and OL disn’t exist as mainstream, pop-culture conversation fare. They might as well have been on the Sci-Fi channel for all most of us knew! But everyone knows Dexter bore Showtime’s imprimatur.

        • Shoukichi says:

          Being “on the map” is an expression, and just as an attraction would “put a town on the map”, it only meant that it made it more noteworthy and significant, it oftentimes wasn’t meant literally. Saying Dexter put Showtime original programming on the map isn’t factually inaccurate, because it doesn’t mean it was the or

        • Shoukichi says:

          Being “on the map” is an expression, and just as an attraction would “put a town on the map”, it only meant that it made it more noteworthy and significant, it oftentimes wasn’t meant literally. Saying Dexter put Showtime original programming on the map isn’t factually inaccurate, because it doesn’t mean it was the first Showtime original program I appear. The point being argued is purely semantic and assigns meaning to a phrase that was not expressed in the statement being referred to.

        • dude says:

          Nope, sorry. Dexter put Showtime on the map. Those shows may have had cult followings but they weren’t the mainstream success Dexter is.

    • Midori says:

      They let Stargate leave and it became mainstream popular on SyFy. when people think Showtime Shows they think Dexter and Homeland.

      • Diane says:

        Love those two shows but to me Showtime is “Shameless”!!!!!!

        • Kate M. says:

          So for you, Showtime is a remake of a brilliant British television show.

          • Emily says:

            So what? Showtime’s Shameless is brilliant in its own right. Hardly a cheap knockoff. More like criminally underrated, and depending on the person, even preferable to the original. It’s a different show, in a good way.

        • cas says:

          Love Shameless and Dexter. The only 2 shows I watch on Showtime! Also, I have read that the British Shameless isn’t as good.

    • Steven says:

      I don’t think people really remember that either show started on Showtime. Dexter and Weeds made people notice Showtime.

    • Abby says:

      Beyond that, The Outer Limits was a remake of a classic show, so it’s hard to classify it entirely as original programming. Dexter was based on existing literature, yes, but as a TV concept was new, risky, and critically acclaimed. That said, I always thought that Weeds was the show that broke Showtime into the ‘big leagues’ with the likes of HBO in terms of quality cable programming, and Dexter followed soon after…Both shows got weaker as the years went on, but Weeds’ first year was phenomenal without question!

      • The Beach says:

        I agree. “Weeds” was what got me to subscribe to Showtime, then Dexter came along and sealed the deal.

  3. A spin-off? The only way l see this show carrying on is if they have every character (except Dexter) return and they continue with cases at Miami Metro. Still, l can’t even imagine that whatsoever. However, seeing Jennifer Carpenter carry on the torch would be amazing, as she really shined last season and will once again this season.

    • Suz says:

      Doesn’t matter if Dexter lives or dies, Carpenter says she wants Deb to die and there be no question to the end of Deb’s story as the show always had the backbone of Dex/Deb, past the killings, cop, etc aspects.

      There are enough cop shows on TV. (Burn Notice also set in Miami is ending this summer.) Any spin off should also break ground with an original concept and only 1 or 2 characters from the original.

  4. Suz says:

    Masuka needs a 1/2hr comedy show! Masuka’s day job just doesn’t seem to fit his off hours personality and that’s where the funny would come into play. Angel does retire and own the bar that Masuka hangs out at to try to pick up ladies after work. Little mention of crime, Deb stops in now and then (assuming she lives) for help from Angel on her PI cases.

  5. odyssey2001 says:

    How about 10 years on, Harrison is all grown up, dealing with his father’s action and exploring whether he has his own dark passenger.

    • Suz says:

      Interesting idea. Problem comes to finding a good actor to play Harrison at age 14 without the show being some teenage melodrama.

  6. Hm, in my opinion, Dexter should never die. After all, he has a code. He is after only bad guys, in that way he’s doing a service to the society. But the writers are working hard to portray him as a negative force in the past season (which is going to be extended to this season as well if the trailer was anything to go by). In short, they are trying to portray him as a negative person to justify his killing at the end of this season (presumably). Of course he discarded the code to kill those who were after him. Does that make him a dangerous person to people around him? Well, the show never gave such a vibe as far as I’m concerned. Well, let’s see. I guess, it’s the end of the rode for Dexter this season.

    • cas says:

      I agree. The whole series was about Dexter and his code. And I feel last season they were trying to sway from that so whatever happens in the end they can justify it. But what about Harrison? He will end up without a Mom and Dad? That is sad. Plus, was anyone really sad to see LaGuerta die? I sure wasn’t. I’ve disliked her since the beginning.

  7. roadi says:

    I had the impression “Queer as Folk” put Showtime on the map in original programming, long before “Dexter”.

    • bbau05 says:

      I thought so too. And while Dexter is one of my favorite TV shows ever. There has and probably will never be anything like QAF on TV. And just for that, it’s in my top 3 all-time favorites. It prortayed this part of society in such an honest and real way, and the characters were all really developed. I liked how Brian had this toughness over him and always rejected love, but in the end he wanted with Justin what he had always loathed about other couples.

    • Midori says:

      A bad British Ripoff.

      People didn’t start taking SHowtime shows seriously until Dexter and Weeds and now Homeland.

  8. Geo says:

    If Dex dies at the end, the spin-off should be Harry’s ghost running around desperately trying to get people to notice him. Suddenly, he runs into Edward James Olmos…

  9. Really hope Desmond Harrington’s character Quinn gets killed off during Dexter’s final season come June 30th. He’s still the most annoying character in the series especially what went down in Season Five when Quinn is forced to work with Stan Liddy (Peter Weller) to track down Dexter Morgan.

  10. tito says:

    The only reason I pay for showtime is dexter.

  11. Kim R says:

    Here’s my 2 cents….I don’t want them to make Harrison an orphan so in my scenario the guilt that Deborah feels gets to be too much for her to bear and she snaps, taking herself out. Understanding that he was the basic cause for her demise, Dexter has a true epiphany and through the course of the remaining episodes, maps out his plan to make a new life elsewhere with Harrison. The. End. :) (Of course there will be a big bad in the season as well).

  12. Vetle says:

    I can’t DEAL. ;___; Love this show so much. Hard to believe it will actually end this season.


  13. Grahamkrack says:

    Look, I don’t understand why Showtime insists on having all their shows go for so many seasons. Dexter should have ended after the 6th season. Same with Weeds and that stupid Duchovny show. More episodes does not equal better quality. Actually, it is pretty pathetic to drag these shows on for so long.

  14. J Fab says:

    Sherman Oaks!!!! That show ruled.

  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Cristi says:

    Weeds was awesome but should’ve ended 2 seasons before it did–I hope Dexter ends better than Weeds! As for a spinoff, I could see them doing something along the lines of the books with Cody and Astor (and Harrison) having their own “Dark Passenger” but I can’t see it lasting more than a couple seasons