Hot Video: Does Dexter's New Doctor Know the True Identity of the Bay Harbor Butcher?

The latest promo for Dexter‘s eighth and final season (bowing June 30) will leave you asking two questions: Who is this new doctor assisting a Miami Metro case? And why the heck is she zeroing in on Dex?

The character in question is portrayed by British actress Charlotte Rampling, who joins the last leg of the Showtime saga as Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a neuropsychiatrist known as the “psychopath whisperer.” While it’s unclear what her connection to the Dark Passenger and his alter ego is, the accompanying tease that “she will change everything” indicates that it’s got to be pretty huge.

VIDEO | Dexter‘s Final Season Trailer: Deb Confesses

Does Evelyn see through Dexter’s facade? Does she actually know who the Bay Harbor Butcher is? Also, what happened to Harrison?! Hit the comments with your theories and predictions.

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