Veronica Mars Movie Adds Piz -- Is Mac Among the 'Bunch' More Returns? And What's Been Cut?

Veronica Mars Movie Piz MacPiz is in, too!

Chris Lowell is the latest Veronica Mars vet to officially join the forthcoming fan-funded film adaptation, exec producer Rob Thomas announced on Saturday.

Lowell’s mop-topped alter ego arrived on the scene in the show’s third season and soon developed a crush on (and began a romance with) the show’s titular sleuth.

UPDATE: Appearing at the ATX Television Festival on Saturday, Thomas said that beyond Lowell, Percy Daggs III and other already confirmed encores, “We actually have a bunch of cast deals done, but we’re trying to parse them out… We want to give everyone their own moment.” (As such, keep tabs on TVLine as more additions are trumpeted over the next 10 days.)

Veronica’s gal pal Mac is a character Thomas said it would be odd not to see in the movie, but he stopped short of confirming Tina Majorino’s casting.

Alas, with the ensemble growing and the budget finite, as the film nears production later this month, there’s already been one (minor) casualty. Thomas shared at ATX that opening scenes were already over-budget, so rain during a flight Veronica is on had to be cut. “So, as you see her land and come out of the Balboa County Airport, imagine rain,” he laughed.

Speaking further on the film’s prospects, Thomas said, “It’s not going to be Hunger Games, but I’m excited about the scope. It’s at the top-end of what my expectations would have been.” That said, when it comes to a fight that breaks out at ‘Ron’s high school reunion, he quipped: “Please don’t expect a Matrix-level brawl.”

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As previously announced, original cast members Jason DohringEnrico Colantoni and Percy Daggs III have also signed on to the film, which is set at Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion and will begin shooting in about 9 days.

Press PLAY to hear Lowell’s grateful thoughts — including details on the promise teased in the above headline — then hit the comments, Marshmallows!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I’m just waiting to hear if Mac/Tina will be back. And Dick/Ryan. Preferably together.

    • I believe Tina Majorino was originally cast (in part, at least) because she’s known Rob Thomas since her childhood–she contacted him as part of a school project, and they remained in touch for years afterwards. With that kind of personal relationship, it would indeed be odd for her to be absent for non-plot reasons.

    • Alia says:

      Kinda glad I’m not the only one who ships them. (-: I hope they both sign on soon!

      • Ashley says:

        Oh man! It often felt like, when the show aired at least, that there were only a handful of shippers for them. I loved them. It would be such an opposite and hilarious dynamic. It seemed a bit like they might go there with that moment on the beach (or maybe Dick just being Dick), but then TPTB sucked and cancelled the show. :( Here’s hoping to see something within the movie!

    • Mandy says:

      Dick will definitely be back. He was on the original commercial and he and KB are tight, so I am sure he will be in. We need the comic relief.

  2. yvette says:

    Now they really need to add mac and weevil!

    • Ally Oop says:

      I hope both are in. Honestly I hated Piz and I don’t miss Wallace. For me it was Veronica, Keith, Logan Mac and Weevil.

  3. K says:

    If Piz is there I wonder if him and Veronica are still together. I hope not.

    • Drew says:

      I wouldn’t mind it. It would be cool for Veronica to end up with a nice guy who was never a serious rape or murder suspect. Logan is swell and all but why can’t the nice guy ever win?

      • Because Veronica isn’t a nice girl? Because Piz was completely annoying?

        • Drew says:

          I disagree. I liked Piz and thought that he was good for Veronica. There is a need for TV shows to idealize relationships that are based in pain and misery. Piz was just a normal guy. I thought that was what Veronica needed after everything she went through.

          • Well, first of all, it’s a neo-noir mystery show – not The Partridge Family. Good, untroubled people are boring.

            Secondly, Piz didn’t really have a character. Zero character development. He saw Veronica once and crushed all over her until she said screw it, and rebounded in his direction. She kind of treated him like crap, too. Didn’t really care that they were going to spend the summer apart, didn’t really have any meaningful scenes with him… the last scene Lowell ever had on Veronica Mars was looking crestfallen on as Veronica and Logan (the man who beat him into a Piz shaped bruise the episode before) had eye-sex right in front of him.

            It’s hard to argue that Veronica and Logan had the healthiest of relationship. It’s ridiculous to suggest that should be the aim.

        • Whatevah says:

          So agree! He wasn’t part of her high school and if she’s still with him? Boring!

        • kikiyo2011 says:

          I don’t think Piz was annoying. I think he was always meant to be the Baxter, but I really did love him and Veronica together!! Logan is awesome too, though.

      • Alichat says:

        Because Logan is what she wants. Duncan & Piz were Veronica’s ‘Riley Finns.’ Great guys, ‘nice’ guys (although Duncan upped his street cred when he took off with his kid and had Aaron Echolls whacked,) the best for her on paper, but not what she wants.

    • Tara says:

      I agree. I was never a Piz fan, as far as a relationship with Veronica goes. I just didn’t see any romantic chemistry between them.

    • Tonya says:

      If they are doing the high school reunion thing I feel like piz will be there as someone’s husband or boyfriend. But not Veronica. Perhaps Mac. I guess we’ll see.

  4. ed says:

    how does he figure into the story? i mean i like him but rob said veronicas boyfriend would be someone new…

  5. I don’t know how I felt about the romance but I really loved Piz as a character, for a newbie he became a part of the VM cast/family really quickly. So glad he’s back, hope more return!

  6. Deion says:

    I’d sooner have Parker back.

  7. Henryp says:

    It’s a 10 year reunion. However could they justify bringing back Piz if he’s not still with V?

  8. Dominique says:

    Ok, I liked Piz, A LOT. And I’m glad he’s back. But the next “_____ returns for VM Movie” title I see better be about Francis Capra, cause I need Weevil back, more than any of the others.
    That being said: welcome back Chris, you were the best new addition in season three!

  9. Sage says:

    It seems since fans paid for this, then fans should get to have a say in the making of this movie. Otherwise, rich entitled actors, writers, and producers asking for my hard earned dollars is pretty moronic.

    • Dominique says:

      I don’t mind as long as they’re bringing back actual VM actors. They were a part of the show, os it’s okay, if if some of them are less loved by the fans than others,
      I DO mind, however, when I read Rob Thomas saing things like how he wants Rebel Wilson or some other big start in the movie. Cause as long as all the other VM actors are not announced yet, that is NOT what I paid for.

    • No, because you will never find fans that would agree with everything you want. Fans shouldn’t get a say in the movie, even if you paid for it, you paid for THEIR story, not someone else’s. Their story is what made it great for 3 seasons, and that’s why they should do what they want to.

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Sage – Absolutely not. This is Rob Thomas’s film. If you want to make your OWN movie, feel free.

    • Dude says:

      Fans paid to have a VM movie made period. Your reward is having it made. If you think you deserve creative control just because you chipped in 10 bucks, you’re an idiot. Rob knew what was best for his series for three years. Good luck having 90 thousand people agree on the creative direction of a movie.

    • VM says:

      Nah, that would just turn it into a total disaster!

  10. brycealexander says:

    So he pretty much has to be dating someone other than Veronica because he didn’t go to Neptune High? I wonder who hmmmmmm

    • astrid says:

      oooooh, that’s a great thought! I could live with that! The alternative is him being somehow relevant in the investigation… can’t remember his major, so no idea what he could be doing.
      I am SO NOT happy to see this guy back, but as Mac’s husband I could suffer him.

      • Hurding Katz says:

        Try this: Piz wanted to be a broadcaster. He succeeded. Never Got out of Neptune. Covering the reunion for local TV news. And therein lies a cameo, which put Piz in the movie with a “moment.”

        The mystery here is why VM would even go to her 10-year high-school reunion. She hated her time there. No love lost. Nostalgia’s not the reason.

  11. Amanda says:

    yeah. Sorry. I don’t even know why he’s in the movie or why Rob would think a lot of us would share his excitement….

    I’d much rather announcements about Dick and/or Mac. (And if they’ve had babies together yet…)

  12. Lilu says:

    YaY to the nudity!!!

  13. Patti says:

    Like Chris but not a Piz fan. Kinda see his return as pointless unless he is the killer. if it’s the high school reunion he makes the least sense.

  14. Lori says:

    I’m glad Piz is back! I enjoy Chris Lowell and I always liked the character (even if I didn’t “ship” Piz/Veronica). I’m still friends with many people I went to college with, so I don’t see how it’s soooo weird for Piz to still be in Vernoica/Wallace/Mac’s life(ves).

    • Lori says:

      Ugh, typos kill me – *VERONICA! Also, there are plenty of ways I can think of to include Piz: maybe he stayed in Neptune after college and works in town. Or maybe he’s a talent-scout/agent who knows Logan’s dead pop star girlfriend (that was a thing right? Maybe I dreamt it. Is it a spoiler if I think I made it up/can’t remember where I read it?). Maybe Piz works at Neptune High, because why not? I prefer not to judge something until I’ve seen it.

      • Alichat says:

        I had that same theory a while back…..when there was talk of how he’d be tied to the story. I was thinking that he would be a music reporter doing a story on the pop star’s death. I’m interested in seeing how they tie him in since he’s not a Neptune High grad.

  15. Linda says:

    I too want Tina Majorino, Francis Capra and Ryan Hansen back. I’d also like it if Teddy Dunn returns.

  16. Fido says:

    If all Piz does is go up to Logan and smack him in the mouth then leaves, well I’ll be happy. He deserves some pay back for Logan’s unjustificed beatdown on him.

  17. Josh says:

    Why would Piz go to the reunion? Unless he’s with Veronica…I’m not to thrilled. I always found him very bland, sort of a one dimensional CW ready character…STill haven’t heard about Mac or Weevil…those are the two I care most about now that Wallace has been cast.

    • Josh says:

      Let me also say that Chris Lowell is a great actor and he’s a lot of fun….but I just don’t think Piz ever really fit on the show. Better then Parker but if it’s between giving Tina/Mac more money and not having PIz is in, as a backer, I’d rather have Mac.

      Plus I rather not deal with any love triangle non-sense. I just want Veronica to be awesome, independent Veronica.

  18. Tabitha says:

    I like Piz, but I just don’t see how he would fit into this storyline. I need Weevil, Mac, and Dick to be in this movie though. Just wouldn’t feel right without them in it.

  19. Alichat says:

    Hmm…I wonder how they will fit him into the story, since this film is using a 10 year HS reunion backstory??

    Did anyone else find it funny that the actor portraying Veronica’s calm, dull boyfriend had the witty, fun YouTube video, but the actor portraying Veronica’s wild, witty boyfriend had the rather dull You Tube vid? LOL! I know they are not their characters, but it did strike me as funny while I was laughing at Chris’ rambling.

  20. jess k says:

    Okay, I liked Piz, but I don’t see how he can fit into the storyline we’ve all been told about. I really want to see Mac & Dick return!

  21. K. says:

    This is ok, just as long he’s not Veronica’s boyfriend…. I want her Logan together….LoVe!!!!

  22. mia says:

    Uggg. Piz was one of the worst things about season three. Hopefully he’s not in it much; I want classic VM cast.

  23. amichelle says:

    i’m excited chris lowell’s in the movie and I would say that they need to add tina and ryan but then I remembered they both have tv shows coming on in the fall so they’re probably busy filming them

  24. pau says:

    Better be A CAMEO Rob..

  25. Simon Jester says:

    Wow, a lot of seriously non-creative people here if you really believe a talented writer can’t come up with an explanation for his presence at the reunion.

  26. Pam says:

    It will not be complete without weevil!

  27. Tom Charles says:

    still praying they reveal Meg’s death was faked. Not realistic I know, still, hated when they killed her off

  28. Krystan says:

    I am happy Piz is back. I just rewatched the whole series and I have to say that I am not a LoVe fan. I am a Piz or Deputy Leo fan. Not that I will be upset if she ends up with Logan. The majority of fans will be happy. I prefer the nicer guys I guess.
    I could not agree more that Weevil needs to come back. Francis tweeted awhile back about an interesting opportunity And I bet it was the movie. You can’t have a VM movie without Weevil. Or Dick…. or Vinnie…

    • Edith says:

      I LOVE Leo! I wished she would’ve stayed with him, when she was with him!! :( ♥

      • Krystan says:

        I wish she would end up with him, but fans would revolt. It is funny how little time V and L were actually in a relationship during the series and still people go nuts for them. I thought Leo was awesome!

    • Allie says:

      Yes! Not a LoVe fan either. Logan would be a terrible person/boyfriend in real life. I loved Piz for that reason.

  29. Eli says:


  30. Mari says:

    I just can’t imagine the movie without Mac, Weevil, Madison and Dick. I could live without Piz tho. I have nothing against Chris but It would be just better if we had the rain instead of paying his salary or if they really need another Veronica’s ex-boyfriend they should just bring Duncan back. He played a bigger role in VM’s life being her first boyfriend and everything.

    • Krystan says:

      While I would love to see how Duncan turned out, last we saw him he was a fugitive and wanted by the FBI.

      • Mari says:

        I know but don’t you think that if Rob Thomas can write Piz back in even tho he didn’t go to the same high school as the other characters he wouldn’t find an even more great way to write Duncan back in?

        • Krystan says:

          I bet he at least gets mentioned. I woUld love to know how that played out. (I also can’t wait to rock My VM kick starter shirt)

  31. Evan says:

    They’re already over budget? Set up another short term Kickstarter. LOL you’ll get another 2 million in no time.

  32. Melanie says:

    Weevil and Mac. Weevil and Mac Weevil and Mac Weevil and Mac Weevil and Mac Weevil and Mac!!!!!!

  33. Drew says:

    Woohoo! Piz rocked! I was happy to see Veronica with a nice and normal guy.

  34. Becky says:

    yay! Now Deputy Leo please….

  35. PattyStamps says:

    I’m sure they’ll wait to announce Ryan Hansen since he’s a not of a bigger name these days. If any of the ransoms are be k like Leighton Meesyer or Ari Graynor, they’ll keep that quiet too. I can’t see Weevil not being back.

  36. MoshiMoshi says:

    ughhh really really don’t like Piz!!!! why is he back, he didn’t go to neptune high!!!! Bring back Mac!!!!

  37. The only thing that matters to me. I love Piz! I know he gets crapped on because he ~ruined~ LoVe, but he’s a great dude and I hope he ended up rich and happy and (obviously) still beautiful.

    • mia says:

      While he did sorta get in the way of LoVe, Piz gets so much hate because the character was about as interesting as a sack of mud. Veronica had many boyfriends and they weren’t all hated on (Leo is quite loved), so its not the fact that Piz wasn’t Logan, it was the fact that he was SO dull.

  38. Krystan says:

    Maybe he is in a flashback that goes back to when V left for Stanford? You never know and Rob loves his flashbacks.

  39. VMism says:

    So, basically. Except for Kirsten Bell and Amanda Seyfried, noone has amounted to anything after VM?

    • Jan1 says:

      Yeah, whatever happened to that Deputy Leo guy, right?

    • Alichat says:

      Depends on what you mean by “amounted to anything.” Enrico has been on Flashpoint since VM ended, and was on Person Of Interest. Then there was that Bones ep he was on with Francis Capra. Dohring was on Moonlight and Ringer. Julie Gonzalo is on Dallas, and was on Eli Stone. Chris Lowell was on Private Practice and in Up In The Air and The Help. Michael Muhney has been on Young & the Restless for years. Tina Majorino had a huge career before she was on VM. After, she’s been on Castle, Bones, The Deep End, Big Love, True Blood, and is currently on Grey’s Anatomy. Oh…and as Jan1 said…I’m pretty sure that Deputy Leo guy has been up to something.

  40. Midori says:

    Piz is not needed at all, but whatever, just get Mac back.

  41. em says:

    I’m probably one of the few who actually liked Piz, so I’m glad Chris Lowell will be back. Of course, I doubt Veronica and Piz will be together by the end of the movie. I would love to see what Weevil, Mac and Dick are up to now, although I do wish that Sheriff Lamb hadn’t died.

  42. Josh says:

    Ha, it’s funny that it sounds like the opening scene was going to begin with rain because the show closed with rain too. I’m sure Thomas intended that.

    Can’t wait!

  43. Kay says:

    I loved Piz! Yay! Thanks Rob.

  44. LSJ says:

    Not excited about this. I hope Piz takes up as little screen time as possible. Yes, he was on the show, but not until the 3rd season. I’d rather see characters that we started with in the film, like Duncan and the whole crazy Kane family, Weevil, Dick, Mac, etc. Piz never really felt a part of the whole VM family to me. Love the actor, hate the character.

  45. Alia says:

    Love Chris Lowell! Kinda curious as to how Piz will fit into the story, though. Ah well, in Rob we trust!

  46. Allie says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Piz!!!

  47. Nicole says:

    Yes! I actually loved Piz too so I’m happy :)

  48. didi says:

    Michael Muhney! Michael Muhney! Michael Muhney!!! This movie needs to bring Sheriff Lamb back to life.

  49. Whatevah says:

    Can’t wait to miss it. Piz? Ugh….

  50. I liked Piz, I just didn’t like him with Veronica. I’m not disappointed by the casting news, but he’s also not the cast member I was most waiting to hear about being in the movie.