Enrico Colantoni Set For Veronica Mars Movie

enrico-colantoni-veronica-mars-movieVeronica Mars‘ P.I. pop is officially on board for his daughter’s big-screen debut.

Enrico Colantoni will reprise the role of Keith Mars when the movie based on the fan-favorite CW series begins shooting this summer.

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The Rob Thomas-driven project announced the casting — which was hinted at with the actor’s appearance in the fan-funded project’s launch video in March — via Twitter Thursday.

Colantoni joins his former castmates Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring, who have already signed on to the project. The grassroots movie has raised nearly $6 million, thanks to pledge-happy fans who wanted to see the tiny blonde one back in action.

Since Veronica Mars was cancelled in 2007, Colantoni’s TV work has included Bones, Flashpoint and Person of Interest.



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