Netflix Is Open to More Arrested Development -- Are You? And How Many Eps Have You Watched?

ArrestedDevelopment_300If the funny folks behind Arrested Development decide to make more dysfunctional family magic, they’ll have at least one home at which to do so.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on Wednesday said that while there are currently no official plans for a fifth “season” of the revived cult comedy (the second on the pay streaming service), it’s certainly not out of the question.

VIDEO | Arrested Development: Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi and More Preview Season 4

Arrested is unique because that’s really up to the talent,” Hastings shared on CNBC. “If the talent were willing to do more… I’m sure we would be willing.” (Though Netflix famously refuses to release viewership data, Hastings said that AD sampling has been “huge, just as we had hoped.”)

If what Jason Bateman recently told TVLine is any indication, the gang is in — and already planning — for more.

“This [season is] just 15 episodes that serve as Act 1 of a three-act story,” he explained during a pre-premiere interview. “Those other two acts will be in the future; whether they’re a movie or back on Netflix, I don’t know. People smarter than me will figure that out.”

So, smart people, get to figurin’!

Do you want more Bluth-y goodness on Netflix? Or should Mitch Hurwitz & Co. jump to the big screen as originally planned, to spin a more linear story? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Aleksa says:

    TV, film, or carrier pigeon, don’t care. Just keep them coming.

    • Soopah-Soopah-Soopah says:

      I would actually love to see what they do with Carrier Pigeon, I think it would be brilliant.

  2. Tom Charles says:

    All I’m saying is there needs to be more after that ending

  3. A says:

    There has to be more! Hopefully a movie so that they can get all the cast together and bouncing off one another again. I loved this season and admired the format, but I did miss Bluth family interactions.

    • ninalouise says:

      I hope they do another season, but I like the old format. Bring the family together in most epidodes. Much funnier to me. Did George Michael & Maeby get a divorce? Never mentioned!

    • Plum says:

      By the time you get half through you see that events that happened in the first eps related to everything that come next, so that when you get to the end and go back to the beginning all the bits in the background (Maeby running from the cops early on) pay off big dividends. It’s like it’s one 7.5 hour episode instead of 15 segments.

  4. M says:

    I think they were hurt by having to keep everyone separate for the most part, and yes I understand why this needed to be done, due to the busy schedules of each actor. The individual storylines for each character made it that not every episode was strong, since not every character could carry their own episodes (which is not to say that the actors who portrayed those characters couldn’t). I also didn’t like certain directions they went with certain characters, though I’ll refrain from spoilers. All in all, I was disappointed, though I would certainly watch more.

    • Lee says:

      Agree. I just didn’t like how everything was separate. It would’ve been OK if each episode could stand on its own two feet, but I didn’t think it could. If they do make another season then I hope there’s more interraction amongst this dysfunctional family.

    • Rain says:

      What is it about this show? I agree with you, I was disappointed and yet would watch more if they made them.

      • Personally I thought Michael’s episodes were the weakest. Shorn of his family, he loses his superiority complex, which I think makes him far less interesting… although it was interesting how badly his life goes when he’s separated from them.

  5. The Kaibosh says:

    YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!! The fourth season was fantastic! People who feel somewhat let down by the fourth season need to accept the fact that its different because it IS different. Time has passed. These aren’t the same characters. They have also evolved. I’m definitely in for more Bluth lunacy. Side note: I counted four Office cast members doing cameos in the show. Five if you count Ed Begley Jr as Stan Sitwell who played Erin’s long lost dad in the Office series finale (spoiler alert)….. but I digress. YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!

    • Lee says:

      But that’s just it–I didn’t think the characters did evolve. To me Gob seems the same as he was 10 years ago! Same goes for Maeby, which is fitting that she’s still in high school. Michael changed, but I think he changed for the worst. He used to put his son first. Now he seems to put his career first. I just wish Lindsey and Tobias would get a divorce already so we can be done with their constant bickering. I felt the weakest segment of the season were the George Sr. episodes. I loved the first 3 seasons but didn’t care much for the 4th season.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’m either embarrassed or proud to say that I’ve watched it twice now and it is beyond brilliant. People seem to have a lot of trouble adapting to the new format of the Netlflix medium, but I’m glad to see TVLine readers get it! Can’t wait for the next season.

    • K says:

      Most critics seemed to review it after only seeing a few episodes. I think you have to watch the whole season before judging it. Initially I thought it started off a little slow but looking back I’m able to appreciate those first few episodes and how everything was set up more after seeing the whole body of work. It was a great season and definitely need more after the way they ended it.

      • ScrubsGuy says:

        I think you’re right about judging it based on the first few episodes only. You really need see all of it to see all to get the right idea. I enjoyed the middle episodes the most, but I was pretty disappointed in the ending. But I’m happy to hear if this is like “part 1 of 3” and that we’ll see more – that would definitely change my opinion if they’re going to build on top of this. But please try to get the entire cast together this time – they really shine as an ensemble!

      • R.O.B. says:

        I’m glad you said that. We have only watched the first two episodes so far (we’re trying to savor this like corn balls and hot ham water). There were a few good moments (the door handles, the ostrich) but I wished I found myself laughing out loud more. I hear more people saying they get funnier a few episodes in.

        • PB says:

          Yep we stopped at episode 4…I keep reading it gets better. There has been a few chuckles here and there but really not enough to immediately watch the next ep. I’ll get around to it. Hubby who is also a fan has already checked out and probably will not watch anymore. If scheduling was such an issue, then I would have rather had fewer episodes with tighter writing. Also I think the 30+ minutes isn’t helping the pacing either but I know that was Netflix pressure to make them longer.

          • Matthew says:

            Well the fourth episode is the best of the first four, so it’s kind of surprising to me that someone would leave as it’s getting better.

            Sick of all the whiners on here. Classic “it’s not the original!” whining syndrome. Same thing is killing some still fantastic shows (eg, Survivor). People are too stubborn and don’t form their own opinions anymore because they’re afraid of not being accepted by a majority. I just feel bad for the human race…

            The simple fact of the matter is, Season 4 was great, right on par with the other 3. This is not debatable at all, in any way shape or form; it simply is a fact.

            It is also a simple fact that Season 5 needs to happen. Too many cliffhangers. But good cliffhangers make good TV as long as they get resolved.

      • Ditto… I think I watched the first 3 seasons 3 or 4 times before they went from ‘quite funny’ to ‘OMG my body hurts’.

  7. Eric says:

    I haven’t finished it yet. I am about halfway through. I’d love to see more, but only if they drop the new format. Not every character is interesting enough to carry an entire episode. George Sr. is funny, but only in small doses. I honestly had a hard time being interested in his episode. It had its moments, but having an entire episode dedicated to him was too much for me, especially since George and Oscar are my least favorite part about the entire show. Judging from what others have said, it was left open ended. So like I said, I’d love to see more. I just hope they can get the entire cast together and drop the format they had for Season 4.

  8. Babybop says:

    I loved it! I need more after that ending!

  9. Mindy says:

    More, more, MORE!!!

    I’ve watched the whole 4th season twice through, now. It is really good.

    If they do more, however, I hope they can find a way to get the cast together while filming. i’d like to have more scenes with multiple characters.

  10. Patricia says:

    I am so in for more!! They better not leave it like that!! I didn’t mind the format, I actually quite enjoyed the intricacy of the story. However, I would prefer episodes that were a little shorter. I felt 30+ minutes was pretty long and prefer the 20-23 minute range seasons 1-3 had.

  11. Anna says:

    I hope there is more, that last episode was so open ended.

  12. Mike R. says:

    I want more, while I’d like if they could get these actors on contract for season 5, so they can all be together again, but even if it is another season of them all separated I’d be ok with that too, since by te end of season 4 I actually liked the new format. I just want more.

  13. Lara says:

    It would be cruel to leave season 4 in such a cliffhanger – not to menti

  14. J says:

    I imagine Hurwitz will only continue to hone this difficult new format, and I’d love to let him.

    What I’d ideally love is a Brit-TV-esque “special” where we can actually get the whole cast interacting like old times, and then another (honed) season like this one, then another special, etc.

  15. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Watched the whole thing twice over now. It’s funnier the second time through. I hope they make more, though I was under the impression it would be done as a movie. But I hope it will be a full season instead. Get more to watch that way. Season 4 was really fantastic. Different, but fantastic nonetheless.
    Will Arnett better be getting nominated for an Emmy because he was totally the season MVP. I’d be happy if Tony Hale and David Cross could get nominated as well. They had the best episodes.

    • Lee says:

      They can’t be nominated for an Emmy because the season was never shown on TV.

    • Ryan says:

      Could agree with you more. Despite what a lot of critics seem to be saying this is some of their best work, and they definitely did not Britta it.

  16. Warren says:

    I loved season 4, maybe even more than the original series. At first I was really dissapointed, but as the season grew on and evolved, I realized those first few episodes were slow for a reason, and it just made the whole thing so much more intricate and fun. I’m all for more, but it needs to be in a show format- I have no interest in seeing the story of the Bluths condensed into a two-hour movie.

  17. Josh says:

    No…I want a movie because I think that’s the best option for an ensemble comedy. I think it’s asking too much of this very busy cast to do 15 episodes…so I really think a movie would serve the comedy better as I was sad we go no real “Bluth family action”…So while the movie would be shorter, it would also be sweeter(aka funnier)

  18. tazzy says:

    Open for more, but need to manage it better than this season. Can’t do this twice. In truth, didn’t really do a great job once…..

  19. Julio says:

    More please. (And I guarantee you Hurwitz is smart enough to know that ending was gonna have all the fans clamoring for more, and soon.)

  20. Tony says:

    I did like it for the most part. Without getting spoilery, there are parts I really don’t care for and others that were just awesome. But that ending just left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.

  21. rflairfan says:

    Did everyone stay after the credits in the final episode? I have noticed alot of people havent until I or someone else pointed it out to them. Also I want more episodes.

  22. YowzaPowza says:

    I could totally be wrong here, but is there way more narration from Ron Howard this season than in previous seasons? It honestly seems like he never shuts up, and it’s a little annoying for me. I don’t remember his voice over THIS MUCH in seasons 1 through 3. He was usually at the beginning and the end, and maybe one or two lines in the middle. Am I right?

  23. bobbie says:

    I’ve watched all 15, and plan on re-watching all 15. They are great, and yes, I want more!
    These episodes actually made me glad I’m a longtime Netflix subscriber, and that Netflix might actually care about what I, the viewer want to see. I’ve watched House of Cards (the best ever! Kevin Spacey! Yay season 2!) and Hemlock Grove.
    I definitely want more of these! I looked over their proposed new shows that they are thinking about producing or will produce, I”m not sure which, and none of them seemed like something I would want to see, but neither did House of Cards (but it had Kevin Spacey!) or Hemlock Grove, and I enjoyed both.
    Though, I wish they had a “suggestion box”. Doesn’t everyone want their opinion counted? If they could pick up shows that people are passionate about, but that the networks can, it would be a win, hopefully for Netflix and subscribers.

  24. johnny johanson says:

    well, if they cant get the actors n the set at the same time due to their schedules then its pointless to me to do it again. these episodes are boring because the actors arent together much , which is how the show initially succeeded. its like having a led zeppelin reunion but the band cant show up at the same time, so they have the drummer come out do a solo, then page shows up and does asong by himself, then the bass and singer come out and do something. its not the same show, i dont really want to watch maebe for 30minutes with virtually nobody else from the cast with her, sorry.

  25. dan says:

    Please, please, please do more. That alone will make me keep my subscription.

  26. ggny says:

    Considering everything was left wide open of course i want another dam season

  27. I require more. I DO NOT ACCEPT that ending. I can’t deal with the wide gaping holes in the story/father-son relationship. DDDD:

  28. Et al. says:

    Where’s the option for ‘I’m already into the rewatch’? The season is even better the second time around. It’s brilliantly constructed. Considering the scheduling and budget limitations, Mitch Hurwitz and company pulled off a miracle. I want more seasons. I want them now.

  29. Melanie says:

    Definitely need more after that ending. Would prefer a movie if that is the only way to get everyone’s schedules together. I enjoyed season 4, but really agree with previous comment that the group “shines as an ensemble.” Also, this season did seem to pack in even more content per episode with increased narration by RH. I guess I just prefer the style of seasons 1-3, but I will take the Bluths any way I can get ’em!!!

    • tripoli says:

      Agree with you on all counts, Melanie. I was a little disappointed as I didn’t feel the show had the same spark and humor with this format. Sure, it was funny and I’m glad it happened, but the Bluths are at their most humorous when they’re all bouncing off each other.

  30. Mark says:

    Please, please let there be a season 5!!! I finished it in three days. I need more AD!!

  31. Katherine says:

    I would definitely watch another season!

  32. Jay says:

    Yes! Though I feel it works better as an ensemble (i.e. not just focusing on one character per episode). Surely they could do multiple subplots and just have one or two scenes per episode where they intersect with each other – would make filming around their schedules doable…

  33. Sarah El says:

    Just finished watching and I’d love to see a new season or a movie or both with the potential of tying things up and without having to cover so much time-jumping ground! I really enjoyed the new season but it definitely felt like more would be coming so more better come.

  34. Elyse says:

    I wanted to rewatch all of it so I’m still on season one… and it’s freaking hilarious.

  35. Yep, I’ll be HOT MESS if there isn’t anymore..

  36. lisa says:

    Sign me up right now! I will watch anything with the Bluths!!!

  37. Winnie says:

    I was a Sunday binge watcher, and please, Sir, may I have some more? There were times where it was easy to tune out (which I partially attributed to how many I watched), but I’m happy with the show’s return and the execution. I see what they meant about the serial killer-tracker string map for connecting the dots in how it progressed, and found it very creative with new ideas and ways to tell the story but many old storytellng devices and references AD fans have come to love.

    I don’t think this is a spoiler, but just in case, I wrote the word “spoiler” so look away! A lot of people are down on the first/Michael’s Arrested Development episode (which I’m not disputing, as such enjoyment is subjective), but I enjoyed the setup, especially the college scenes. My favorite episode was Gob in “Colony Collapse.” *hums “Getaway”*

  38. Raftrap says:

    Watched the whole thing, and of course I want more, another season, with the cast interacting with one another, I don’t care about their “contractual obligations”, I say ignore them and TAKE TO THE SEA!

  39. John Berggren says:

    Good for Netflix. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.
    I hope they consider other series that have this kind of following.

    Stargate is expensive, but definitely has the following. Pushing Daisies would be most welcome.

  40. Kristina says:

    I’ll take more! I think it’s great Netflix is producing TV shows now :)

  41. Brad says:

    I thought it started a little slow but I’ve really enjoyed this season. I’m on episode nine and can’t wait to finish them out and then move onto other shows. I subscribed to Netflix for this sole purpose but am looking forward to watching other shows that I’m late to the party on, as well as House of Cards.

  42. Brigette says:


  43. amanda says:

    I want it on Netflix that way we get more bluths. I have always loved this show and I love the new season just as much!

  44. Anna says:

    I wanted to see more of Annyong. That bit at the restaurant was far from enough!

    Otherwise I want more more more more more. We need TV like this, TV which makes us happy. Such an amazing show, I can’t find words for it. Keep the seasons coming!

  45. Dave garner says:

    More please. I’ve watched Season Four and was surprised by the number of jokes that can’t possibly be understood the first time through. George Michaels pool party with all the suck ups becomes so hilarious the second time around (when you know who these people really are). The first time the lines are funny in one way. The 2nd time they’re downright hilarious in a completely different way. Please Mr. Hurwith, make Season Five! Ill give you ice-cream and Twister if you do!

  46. Derek Johnson says:

    Watched all of it, and I do think the show needs at least one more season, albeit ten episodes might be enough. They probably should have trimmed a few episodes down by 4-5 minutes, because stuff just went on and on.

    Actually, I found the show was really hard to follow with all the shifts back and forth through time and from character to character. I don’t think the whole arc of the show was as well defined, and that it should have been modeled after a show like Heroes’ first season, which did a better job with splitting the narrative between characters. It also needed a more definitive scene at the beginning of the season to say “Here’s where we are going!”

    And yes, there was a definitive lack of energy without the whole cast being involved in every episode. They might have been better off to focus the whole thing on Michael and shift other characters in and out. In a way, it was like Netflix was doing a commercial to various shows saying “Hey, My Name is Earl cast, here’s how we can do a ten episode reunion season for you!”

  47. Dakota Millwee says:

    The new season of Arrested Development was remarkable! I have been a long time fan (since it originally aired and I was simply a very dumb little middle school student) being that dumb middle schooler it’s safe to say I had to watch the episodes over and over again; much like most of the show’s fan base. I was saddened to see how critical fans were with the new material. Albiet, the first couple of episodes were a tad slow in pace, the writers had an incredulous amount of backstory to cover; moreover they had exponential standards to exceed in setting up and executing new jokes. The chances someone will see my comment and more importantly take it as significance in regards to putting more episodes on Netflix is unlikely, yet i’ll be shameless and not pragmatic whatsoever. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK <3 <3 <3

  48. Alexa says:


  49. Tarator says:

    I have two problems with the new season:
    1. It is not necessary for the episodes to be 30-35 minutes. There are some scenes that can be removed rather easily and everything can still be understood smoothly.
    2. The biggest charm of AD is the acting crew. And now they have limited time together. They are at their peak when they are together! :)