Video: Arrested Development Cast on the Brazen, 'Banged-Up' and Possibly Blue-d Bluths

Arrested Development Season 4 PreviewBreak out those Cornballers and dust off your best Chicken Dance moves: Arrested Development is back!

Courtesy of Netflix, the long-gone cult comedy (finally) returns this Sunday, May 26 with 15 all-new installments — but what can faithful followers of the Bluths (and Funkes) expect out of the revived series?

TVLine posed that very question to Arrested vets Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, David Cross, Jessica Walter, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat during a recent round of interviews, and their answers might surprise you.

VIDEO | Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

For starters, shares Cross, “You’ll get to see [these characters] outside of the family,” in Season 4. “In the first three seasons, they move and age as a family unit… The [new format] is satisfying as a fan of the show” — sentiments with which de Rossi agrees. “It’s very satisfying as an actor… because you just get to do so much more in this format than we ever did in the original show.”

As for where things stand when we pick back up with Bluth straightman Michael, “He’s banged-up from the seven years,” Bateman laughs. “He’s not in as good of a financial situation as he was before… And [he’s trying] not to fall for the same temptation that his parents fell for.”

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There’s also the matter of certain characters “blue-ing” themselves once more… But we’ll leave that explanation to the pros.

Press PLAY below to watch the preview, then hit the comments: Are you looking forward to Arrested Development‘s return?