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NCIS Castle Psych SpoilersDid NCIS‘ Ziva (gasp) “Friend” Tony? Which Castle couple is due for more lovin’? Which NCIS: LA agent will get a blast from the past? Who’s conspicuously silent in Psych‘s musical episode? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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NCIS | To Inside Liners Nisha, Joyce and others, this is for you. With many “Tiva” fans fretting that the pair’s season-ending heart-to-heart essentially landed Tony in the dreaded Friend Zone, showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains that over the course of Season 10, “We made huge strides. Their relationship has evolved, has changed. They’re a little more open with each other and a little more emotionally connected, certainly more than where we were at the beginning of the season.” With that same passionate group of ‘shippers having been vested in “The Year of Tiva” (a mantra initiated by, I believe it was, Michael Weatherly), Glasberg admits the couple’s closeness “may not be the big leap that a lot of people would like it to be, but I also feel like we’re enjoying the pace at which this is happening. That’s not to say we’re not headed in the direction  everyone would like to go, but I think we’re getting there.” As the EP explains, “It’s very complicated when two agents who are working together get into a relationship, and that’s something that [Tony and Ziva] would be very conscious of. So I think they would tread lightly, which is why, in theory, we’re treading lightly and being very careful about the steps that we take.” (As for Cote de Pablo’s contract status for Season 11, as of Wednesday night, Glasberg had no update to share: “I wish I had information for you, but I don’t.”)

Casting About | Before we dive into the reader mailbag, a few casting calls that have floated across my desk: MTV’s Awkward will close Season 3 with the introduction of Bailey, a “smart, very sarcastic and funny” freshman underdog – or, Jenna: The Next Generation? … On Necessary Roughness, the therapy-needing baseball prospect to be played by Entourage’s Jonathan Keltz is getting an increasingly concerned father…. And Californication Season 7 is casting a pair of TV stars: an African-American named “Hashtag Black,” and Amy, a pretty wit who’s heard a lot about Hank from her pal/Season 4 character Sasha Bingham.

And now…. Real questions, real answers!

I’m down on my knees here begging you for any and all info you might be in possession of on Psych! I’ll bake cookies, or send you a pineapple. Just please give me something! –Melinda
If you’ve longed to hear Arnie Becker let loose with a tune, the USA series’ musical episode — a two-parter set to unspool on one night in November or December – will not fill the bill. “I must tell you the truth, I don’t sing — and that’s probably why I only speak three words” in the much anticipated outing, Corbin Bernsen tells me. The pipes boasted by the rest of the cast, however, are “extraordinary,” Henry’s portrayer raves. “It sounds like Broadway stuff — the sort of stuff that I can’t do.”

Got any Castle or Suits scoop to help me through finals? –Christina
Suits up! At the USA Network upfront event, I asked Gabriel Macht what sets the stage for the new season’s flashback episode, which dives 10 years into the past. “The DA played by Gary Cole in the first season is brought back, so we’re going to see the origin episode of why Harvey left the DA’s office,” he shared. And what surprised him most about this latest bit of time travel? “It was interesting to find out where Harvey gets the value of not sleeping with the people he works with.” On a related note, Macht says the issue of where “Scottie” (played by Abigail Spencer) lands – New York or London – “is explained in the premiere, [airing July 16], so she’s back for that episode.”

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I really hope to see more “Esplanie” on Castle next season. Anything you can tease so far? – Marine
Know who else hopes to see more Esposito/Lanie scenes? Andrew W. Marlowe, that’s who. Acknowledging that things are “complicated” between the detective and the M.E., (“I think that Lanie isn’t sure about wanting to commit “), the series’ creator says, “There is much more going on in that relationship than we have had time to show. There’s some great storytelling that we’ve talked about, but to give it the real breadth we want to, we need a bit more time. So we’re going to have some hallmarks next season on that front.” So I in turn ask fans: What hallmarks would you like to see?

What is new TV series/movie of the Jensen Ackles? –Emma
If there is a God: My Bloody Valentine 4D.

Can you tell us more about what’s coming in the second season of Beauty and the Beast? –Sakran
Presumably in addition to Catherine’s biological father, “We’ve got some new people joining us [for Season 2], which is going to amp things up,” Jay Ryan says. “Fresh blood!” As for the show’s sophomore run as a whole, Vincent’s portrayer has these expectations: “I think we’ve found our footing, as far as what the tone of the show is — and we can only grow bigger and better from there.”

Does Hart of Dixie’s Scott Porter think George and Zoe will finally be more explored in Season 3? And what would be his dream storyline for George Tucker? –Stephanie
What if I told you that his dream storyline does not involve Zoe…? Porter told me his No. 1 Season 3 wish is that “George is single, for most of the year. That we get to see him more fleshed out and go on some solo adventures as opposed to always being tethered to a relationship.” The actor noted that in Season 2, George “was single for one episode, and then had a revolving door of women coming through his life, and I want to see George outside of that.” As such, this storyline in which George shutters his law practice for a bit to indulge his musical leanings has a good ring to it. “There’s a part of George that is a little bit more wild — and he needs to start letting that side out.”

On NCIS: Los Angeles, will we ever meet Kensi’s ex-fiance Jack? –Lauren
No sooner did I utter your question to show boss Shane Brennan did he respond, “Yes.” But was that a yes as in sometime soon-ish…? “I answered you pretty quickly,” Brennan smiled, “so perhaps it’s something we are already thinking about.” As for what Jack might be like, Brennan isn’t locked into a type just yet, though he did venture: “Kensi likes Deeks, so maybe he’s a Deeks lookalike, another ‘shaggy dog’?”

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Does Neal/Bae come back in Once Upon a Time Season 3, or is he really dead?? –Jessica
Judging by this bit of exclusive goodness (318 comments and counting!), he sure seems to be alive. (Unless he has another identity, that of Casper the Friendly Ghost.)

Covert Affairs is back filming and @ChrisGorham is tweeting cryptic teases. Any info on the upcoming season? –Janice
Gorham already dropped some juicy teases in Ask Ausiello, so I instead give you Kari Matchett sharing a taste of the tempestuous times ahead for the USA drama’s resident marrieds. In addition to the budding Annie/Auggie romance, she said, “There are some really interesting personal things going on [in Season 4] that inform the professional life in a bigger way for Joan and Arthur. I can say there is a very serious breaking point that comes up. I can’t tell you what the outcome is, but there is a very, very serious breaking point.” (Could Matchett’s real-life pregnancy play into this relationship drama? “Viewers will have to tune in and see,” I am told.)

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email InsideLine@tvline.com! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Becca says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop!

  2. Ted says:

    Any scoop about Grey’s Anatomy?

  3. Tam says:

    Really really dont care about Esplanie. I feel like we’re gonna get no real news or word on Caskett until September *sigh*
    Really excited for Suits flashback, so glad its gonna be back soon,

    • Mary says:

      I don´t really care about Esplanie too…and I hope to get news on Caskett before September! Maybe by the time the titles of the first episodes are out, we can have an idea about how things will be:)
      And when they start to film outside, maybe some of the people watching can see if Kate wears a ring,,,a fan can always hope!:)

      • Tam says:

        Oh im sure Caskett will be fine by the 2nd episode as they always are. But im very excited to see the premiere and the resolution of their issues.

    • Sela says:

      Woow…Caskett fans are so selfish. We barely had any Esplanie the previous seasons, come on. All shippers can be happy, can’t they?! The show isn’t only about Cakettn there is other characters and fans of other characters.. I’m very happy if we get more Esplanie and I hope it will be a serious thing.

      • Tam says:

        Actually i like Lanie and Esposito a lot! I would hate to loose them. But its not what i watch Castle for. Its not about being selfish, its just my opinion, i respect yours and id like it if you return me the same courtesy. Its ok for ppl to watch the same show for different reasons.

      • LeighLee says:

        I love Esplanie, but let’s be real here. The show IS about Caskett. I’d like to see Esplanie moments, but I don’t really care about “hallmark” moments. Just like I’m not thrilled about next season being more of an ensemble show. I like the other characters, but they are SUPPORTING characters and that’s where they need to remain.

    • jj says:

      I don’t mind Esplanie but I certainly don’t need any “hallmark” moments of them. A little bit of snippet at the end of an episode (just before Caskett moment) once awhile is fine but I don’t want it to take a good chunk of time out of an episode. I much rather have that time used for crime solving or Martha w/ Castle/Beckett. So, something like the Valentine episode is OK but nothing more than that.

    • Alex says:

      OMG SUITS flashback episode! “…find out where Harvey gets the value of not sleeping w/the people he works with.” It must be a Harvey & Donna moment!

  4. M. says:

    I love Esplanie, but I’d rather see some “real” Caskett-moments next season than Esposito fooling around. But maybe that’s just me…

    • Lisa says:

      It’s not only you. ;)

    • Lauren says:

      Not just you. I think Esplanie is great, but not at the expense of Caskett. I tune in for Castle/Beckett, and though I love the supporting characters, start to get frustrated when the focus shifts primarily to them. If Castle and Beckett aren’t still together next season, no amount of Esplanie-related exploration will make up for it.

      • scooby says:

        Please, people complain when they show the case too much instead of Caskett. I’m a big shipper, but geez, I prefer a well-rounded show. Caskett is better and more fun when there’s a rich world for them to inhabit. If the rest of the show suffers because we gotta watch gushy fan fiction, it’s gonna be hard to watch. I guess you want Beckett to move to DC and get Castle to come along. Why bother having any supporting characters? Just Nathan, Stana, and a parade of nameless guest stars. Esplanie is hot. More please.

        • Sela says:

          AMEN TO THIS :)

        • Sable says:

          Could not agree more. The storytelling on Castle is outstanding. To watch it only for the relationship between Castle and Becket is so limiting. It’s a great ensemble cast; I want to see all of them. I one who IS interested in Esposito and Lanie alone with Ryan and his wife and Martha and Alexis. I’d like to see a couple of new poker games this season and some juicy cases as well, but I can easily do without the FBI connection. .

    • Mary says:

      No, not just you:)
      I love all the caracthers, but have to admit I watch mainly for Castle and Beckett:) And if they are still together, I hope to see more of them, for example on dating dinner or going undercover!

    • scooby says:

      You know they can show more than one couple on a show, right? There’s not gonna be a case of Marlowe saying “I had so many grand Castle and Beckett moments I was gonna do, but I can’t because of what I gotta write for Esposito and Lanie! Darn it!” He’s gonna give you what he wants for each character. They put off the Beckett/Lanie girl talk of The Limey til that moment because they didn’t have time the season before. If anything, Caskett bumps other people, not the other way around.

  5. Carol says:

    I want to see a relationship with Espisito and the young pretty girl they brought in who was helping them with computer research stuff. Didn’t he start dressing up, wearing suits when she was there??

    • Sela says:

      That’s the thing about Esposito…the guy flirts with every girl which is very lame and Lanie deserves better in a way…but I’m still a shipper and think they’re great together, and I hope he’ll stop playing around because I’m pretty sure he’s got strong feelings for Lanie, not for the new girl.

  6. katy917 says:

    FINALLY some news on ncis and ncis:la!!! :)

  7. tahina says:

    Please, need something on Grey’s Anatomy to get me through the summer..how about a scoop on the 200th episode coming this fall. Hopefully good Calzona news!! Thanks! <3<3

  8. estefania says:

    thanks for info about NCIS , TIVA fans we wait for a long tie and I know that GG and team writers who are so talented could be ziva and tony couple and this is going to work very well, it’s time that tony and ziva are happy, also people who don’t know real NCIS agency allows couple ariied and couple working together , so rule n°12 won’t a problem , because gibbs knows that tony and ziva is real love and they deserves happy

  9. Gina says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop, and guess what Tony and Ziva no longer work together then there are no more excuses.

  10. Seems Mr. Glasberg has forgotten that Tony and Ziva resigned in the Season Finale, therefore, at this point, they are no longer work partners so Gibbs’ rule no. 12 doesn’t apply to them. Please remind him of this as well as the 8+ years of this ‘will they, won’t they’ dance because it certainly hasn’t hurt the ratings for both ‘Castle’ – Castle and Beckett and ‘Bones’ – Booth and Brennan. Also, please remind him that the last time Tony and Ziva were not under Gibbs’ authority was when he ‘retired’ to Mexico in the summer between Season 3 and 4, when they spent the summer together. And then of course, there was the time Tony ‘avenged’ Ziva’s ‘death’ in ‘Truth or Consequences’, only to find out she was alive and when Ziva asked him why he was there, he replied ‘Couldn’t live without you, I guess’ in Season 7. The ‘Year of TIVA’ started with such hope only to end with a ‘forehead kiss’ and a ‘friendship’ comment!

    Thank you for bringing us the NCIS/TIVA scoops, as always, Matt, and Vlada. :-)

    • Gina says:

      oh marla i love u lol

    • beckstle says:

      I’m not an NCIS viewer, but for what it’s worthwhile Bones lost a chunk of it’s fanbase in ,i8 season six when they blew the couple apart. They realized the error, cut that storyline short. Then they managed to patch it up and stop the bleeding. It’s not nearly as good as before but if they hadn’t fixed it the show would have tanked. There’s a point where you can’t keep a couple apart whether they’re the focus or not. Miss that breaking point and things start falling apart. (check the reviews for the 1st half of Bones season six) Look at the X-files – as awesome as that show’s 1st five years was the memory of it is tarnished by the way they proceeded to not move the characters forward after that season. It’d be nice for NCIS not to have that as part of it’s legacy.

      And, yeah, Castle’s done it practically perfect in every way – mainly my throwing the “How to write a TV relationship” manual out the window. Hopefully the new shows being developed will take note.j771

      • cindy coppa says:

        Excellent point, and there are aloy of other characters that may do well with at least a date,every now and then.

    • Melissa says:

      Good point!!

    • estefania says:

      I love marla too

    • ana says:

      what is it with shippers that they don’t see the ratings drop when their ship goes canon?

      already NCIS was losing viewers because of the insipidly dumb ‘Season of Tiva’ and that loss had nothing to do with GG not moving the couple together too slowly but the very fact that there were far too many ship anvils in nearly every episode.

      Here’s hoping with the loss of Nicole Mirante, that the other 2 heavy ziva/tiva writers also leave and the team is yet again a team instead of having a show focused on the perils of ziva.

      • SAM says:

        Ana, this season was, as far as ratings were concerned, one of the best ever. The “Season Of Tiva” didn’t hurt them one bit. So sorry, try again.

        • ana says:

          SAM the ‘season of tiva’ had the ratings it had because of ONE episode.,…as stand alones, many of the episodes didn’t do as well in comparison to other seasons. Also the vaunted ziva finale arc was flat as well – still #1 for scripted but just wait til they get competition. It’ll be bring it or lose the fans & tiva won’t help then because, as that forehead kiss showed, Tony has little to no positive feelings for ziva

          • SAM says:

            Um, no, think that there were two episodes that got really boffo ratings. Also think that there were more than a few other episodes that were at or around that 20 million number. So, the numbers speak for themselves. And for every scene like the one you describe, you get another one where he is showing jealousy over her hookup with Adam. So, again, you’re wrong, he’s got feelings for Ziva. And as for competition — we’ll see. A few years ago Glee was supposed to sink them. The exact opposite happened. “S.H.I.E.L.D” looks like it might give them a run for their money, but looks can be deceiving.

      • Gina says:

        ncis rating dropping?

        season 1st 11.84
        season 2nd 13.57
        season 3rd 15.27
        season 4th 14.54
        season 5th 14.41
        season 6th 17.77
        season 7th 19.33
        season 8th 19.46
        season 9th 19.49
        season 10th 21.90

        just for you ana.

        • Nat says:

          BRAVO, Gina!!! :D While I DO think Glasberg is doing some MAJOR “Defensive Backpedalling”)(he did NOT deliver what he promised), it’s still clear that the show did very, very well overall this year – and special credit DOES go to the historic “Shiva” & “Shabbat Shalom” episodes – Ziva was a huge part of this season’s success, and people really responded to it!!

          • Gina says:

            Thanks Nat, I’m tired of people saying that the rating is dropping because of tiva when it is not true.

        • Gaara says:


    • Annie says:

      There was also the time, do not know which season it was, when one of her fathers friends had arrived in Washington and was questioning Ziva and asked Ziva if her and Tony were sleeping together.. He then provided pictures which showed a little, but he had her under surveillance and mentioned how Tony was leaving her apartment at different hours of the morning. She had replied, “And if I am?”

    • Joy says:

      Great Ncis memory Marla! Totally agree with you!

  11. Josh says:

    Why do Psych fans have to wait til november or december to see the Musical? This is BS!!

  12. ArcticT says:

    Hey Glasberg not everyone wants TIVA. Love the character driven show but don’t want a soap opera.

    • SAM says:

      You know what a soap opera does? It goes through outlandish means and methods to keep the main couple apart. Put them together if you don’t want a soap opera. That’s what DPB was planning on doing with them at some point down the road.

      • ArcticT says:

        Yup and still don’t want them together…she treats him like pond scum except when she needs him and is only loyal to herself (no matter how much they try to gloss over that). If my partner knocks me down when i have a broken arm and puts a gun to my chest, I instantly go yeah that’s someone I’d like to spend the rest of my life with…scary….and soap opera.

        • SAM says:

          Guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree on the subject. All of the points that you have brought up have been discussed and cussed over and over and over again. She apologized for the actions that you mentioned in “Reunion” and he accepted it. His treatment of her in the past has been less than stellar. Stress that word “past”, as they are in far better place now than what they were then. You don’t like or respect the character — fine. Many do, so there’s an end to it.

          • L. Burke says:

            I think this is one issue the shipper vs the nonshippers are never going to see eye-to-eye with.

            I do think the nonshippers make a very good case for domestic assault there. If it had happened on American soil Ziva would have been in jail. It would NEVER be acceptable for an enraged Tony to knock an injured woman to the ground and point a loaded gun at her simply because he was angry with her. Never would fans been okay with it being brushed under the run with a lame apology either. I don’t see how it should be acceptable for a woman, much less one with Ziva’s training, to do it except for our society’s ridiculous double standards when it comes to domestic abuse.

          • ArcticT says:

            L. Burke made my point on the domestic assault issue between the two. The double standard scares me. Also, Ziva apologized for not trusting Tony but not for assaulting him. Yes, lots of points have been debated but in my score card Tony still wins because unlike her, he’s never physicallly assaulted her, been purposefully mean (an annoying goofball/snoop- yes), or been disloyal. However, both characters are interesting and yes I lean more towards Tony, but see the value of both characters making the show interesting. As I said, I like how the show is more character driven than a boring regular crime procedural. I just don’t think they should be sleeping together…dangerous relationship to me and I don’t think it would end well. Ultimately it will be GG’s decision how he wants show to be.

            And yes, we can agree to disagree because everyone has a right to their opinion and watch for their own reasons. For me, if the show turned to romantic TIVA, this loyal viewer would probably stop watching or fast forward through those parts;)

      • Tory says:

        Actually DPB intended to have Kate and Tony get together. Ziva was a totally different thing.

  13. Sela says:

    Thanks for the Esplanie scoop!!! I love them and really can’t wait to see more…

  14. A says:

    The Psych Musical is so FAR AWAY!!!!!!! :(

  15. betty says:

    HEY writers & Glasberg don’t listen to the ravings of this crazy Tiva shippers NOT EVERYONE that watches NCIS WANT TIVA!! -_- this shippers DON’T make up the WHOLE fanbase there are plenty more fans that watch the show for NOT having pairings & the soap opera crap that comes along with it -_-

    • Gaara says:

      DUH those old “soap opera” excuses are so unbelievably stupid -_- When you fall in love, do you scream: “Stop right there! I don’t want to live in a soap opera!” ? .. No?

      Some people are so afraid of changes, they may as well watch reruns every Tuesday night instead of new episodes -.-

      • ana says:

        Some people can’t see that the actors have zilch chemistry….Tony treats ziva as a team mate and friend. ziva, or is it cdp, looks at Tony the way a black widow spider stares at its mate.
        There was more chemistry in the hairline kiss Tony gave McGee than in any ‘Tiva’ moment scene.

        Here’s hoping S11 starts with ziva where she belongs – federal prison.

        • felinefriend says:

          I agree completely! Tony and McGee were great! As friends and co-workers, they’ve come a long way. The forced Tony-Ziva action has convinced me (a long time fan who owns the first 8 seasons on DVD – I’m thinking of selling season 8 now) – to give SHIELD a try in the fall. Sigh.

          • Gina says:

            I agree with you the kiss was a little awkward, but the way I see it, they have been friends for 8 seasons, and he has never kissed or hugged her, so for me that kiss was a big step, (episode 3×8 don’t count).
            My boyfriend usually kiss my forehead when we are in public places with more people so one day I ask my brother the meaning of this kiss and he answer: ‘to me it means, I truly love you & care about you no matter what, I’ve only done this with 1 women before & that’s because she meant a lot to me.”
            So yes I agree with you the Mcgee kiss that was a friend kiss, the Tiva kiss was an awkward kiss between 2 people that have been friend for 8 years and now he is finally showing that he wants something more than a friendship.

        • SAM says:

          Gosh, the people who cast Cote as Ziva noticed the chemistry between her and Michael Weatherly right from the get go. One of those people was none other than DPB. I think I’ll side with them, thank you very much.

          • ana says:

            like you LOVE to tell others, you can’t keep living in the past SAM. Take a hard look at them – it’s all one sided coming from cdp….

          • Gina says:

            Ana you should watch the last interview they gave to the talk and if u still thinking it’s just cdp, then I will tell you that you only see what you want to see and if that make u happy so be it.

        • Spikenalabama says:

          Don’t take this the wrong way, ana, but I love you!! I DO NOT want Tony and Ziva to “get together”.

      • Editor says:

        BRAVO !!! Well said….There are still some who are weeping over KATE for heaven sakes,,,,she’s moved on – wouldn’t you think they could as well ??? yep !!!!

        • Editor says:

          ohhh I was replying to GINA as she was referring to THE TALK. I don’t want anyone to think I was agreeing with Ana….no….Tony and Ziva love each other and I for one can not wait to see them together !!!!

    • SAM says:

      Maybe not all of the fans want them together, but it would appear that a significant number do, and that an even greater number won’t get upset if it happens.

  16. ollie says:

    did the person asking the bae question not watch the finale when it shows bae is alive just knocked out. maybe im in the minority but I wouldnt mine having esplanie scenes together. I would like an ep featuring a gates and one for lanie backround story like they did with javie and ryan.

    • ollie says:

      and I agree with scott I also would like to see george single for alot of the season and his wild side. I think we need a break from the quadrangle.

      • lucy says:

        Yes, for the love of God, keep whiney George Tucker single! That man is a giant baby. When he was whining to Wade’s ex about how Zoe Hart ruined his life I wanted to smack him! One tiny (albeit crazy) woman does not hold that much power. You made your choices, accept them like a man.

        Needless to say I am all about keeping George away from all women for a long time. Or have him explore a relationship with a man? That show could use a little diversity in that department.

        Oh! George and Jonah! They hate each other…until they don’t. THAT I’d watch.

  17. Marie says:

    Honestly, I love the supporting cast of Castle, but it doesn’t matter to me in the least what they do with them. It’s all about the leads, and I already feel pretty crapped all over as far as they’re concerned. So while they supporting cast is great, they are the supporting cast. Give Castle and Beckett back everything they worked so hard for and I’ll watch. Lanie and Esposito aren’t bringing me to the tv every week.

    • Marine says:

      well, you’re not the only one in the fandom. Some fans rather watch the show for the supporting characters…It’s a minority, so what? Writers can still give us what we want and make us happy…I has nothing to do with Caskett’s screentime..Of course what happens to Lanie, Espo, Ryan or others would always be a tiny thing so don’t worry about that, you’ll still have your Caskett dose.

      As a HUGE Esplanie shipper, I’m very very happy to know we’ll see a little more next season. It can be just like season 3 or beginning or season 4..You won’t see a big difference, and shippers, will, I hope, be happy.

      I just wish Caskett shippers would be a little less selfish and be happy for the other fans as well…EVERYONE isn’t a Caskett shipper in this fandom…It happens. And fans of other characters watch the show for the supportive cast (like me), and it’s amazing to know when we’ll get a little more.

      So thank you Andrew. Really lookin forward to more Esplanie next season!!!!!

    • Joy Moore says:

      I DO NOT like the supporting of Castle/Kate. They will never get together, just touch & go, touch & go. And I mostly think there should Bloody Valentine 4D. With nothing but Jensen. I think Danneel
      should be in there too.

  18. Shaun says:

    They are totally JAG-ing Tony and Ziva….maybe they’ll flip a coin too at the end and cause my tv rage button to go off again.

  19. guest says:

    Thanks for the Hart of Dixie scoop! Can’t wait for next season!

  20. John says:

    “a Deeks lookalike, another ‘shaggy dog’?”

    That would be hysterical: her trying to explain a Deeks clone to Sam and G would be wonderful…

  21. Amaevis says:

    I was a little disapointed with how Tiva played out in the finale, but Glasberg seems to still be on track with the pairing, so I am still a happy shipper. I am much more interested in the relationship being set up in a way that will last – the last thing I want is for them to get together and then break up. But, I do think Season 11 is the last season he can tease it – if it doesn’t happen this season, alot of fans will give up and move on.

    • Maria says:

      Some of us already have. That’s how I discovered Castle and Beckett.

    • ana says:

      a lot of fans? HA! Fans who are sick of the pairing and character are already leaving! cdp is not a main star of the show & it’s about time her character was written as such – not like she can act anyway

      • SAM says:

        Ana, you are aware of the fact that the show averaged close to over 20 million viewers this season? Doesn’t sound like very many hand abandoned it just yet.

        • ana says:

          SAM average….

          take a close look at the individual ep ratings. Outside of Shiva, ratings were lower than in previous seasons

          • SAM says:

            I have looked at the ratings Ana. The ratings for this season averaged 21.90. You want to take away the ratings for the two parter? Fine. Take away whatever the two lowest rated episodes for the season were, and you would still have an average close to 20 million — probably just a tick higher than what they were for Season 9. They had a damn fine season, ratings wise. And, oh, again, judging from Tony actions and behavior in “Berlin” alone, MW more than brings chemistry into the mix to match what Cote brings.

  22. katmandu says:

    Season 11 will be the Season of Tiva – Season 10 was all about laying the groundwork and I personally think GG was very smart to do it this way.

    • Editor says:

      Katmandu – my fingers are crossed that you are correct…..I wanted Season 10 to be the SEASON OF TIVA – but I am willing to admit I liked the groundwork all year – Cote and Michael have such amazing chemistry together – more as the years go by – Cote is an amazing actress and this year was her best !

  23. Marine says:

    Very excited for Esplanie next season…about the hallmarks, well…I want Espo to stop playing around because it’s tiring and doesn’t bring anything to the show…In season 3, he was way more serious with Lanie and we miss that…

    We definitely need explanations on WHY did they break up in the first place (probably Lanie’s fault but we STILL need to know WY)

    And well, seeing them being serious and getting domestic moments just like Caskett did.

    The Esplanie communitie is passionate and I think we deserve to be happy just like the Caskett one ^^

    I’m so glad Andrew himself said he wants more of them…because I honestly lost hope recently…now I wanna be optimistic again…And Esplanie deserves something serious..Jon and Tamala has the best chemistry, and the characters are sooo perfect for each other! That’s why I wanna keep believe in Andrew for next season…Because they’re worth it..love them just like others love Caskett.

    So thanks, Matt, for answering my question :)

  24. Tory says:

    When will you remember that just as many fans do NOT want to see Tiva become canon?

    • SAM says:

      Apparently more do want to see it than don’t, hence the fact they are moving them, albeit very slowly, in that direction.

      • ana says:

        keep dreaming SAM….just because the tiva fans bully til they control twitter and FB does not mean there are more of them….

        • SAM says:

          Ana, the fact that the ratings have been as high as they have been this season is proof that there are both a lot of Tiva fans, along with people who don’t mind it being in the mix. You and your group are a loud minority, but a minority just the same.

  25. Pauline says:

    TIVA TIVA TIVA, NCIS now is the show only cares about these four characters. How about other people in the show? Other interaction between team? I’m so sick of TIVA!

    • L. Burke says:

      I for one would LOVE a storyline where they actually tell us what happened to Abby’s Dad. There’s another dangler I’d love to see them address.

      I’d take that over more Mossad story lines any day. For Abby a storyline like that is WAY over due.

  26. Pat says:

    My thoughts on my favorite show, NCIS is that when the producer’s of this show know when the last season is going to happen, which I hope is in a couple of years and hoping and praying that Tony and Ziva will still be on the show, that is when you might finally see them together which would happen in the two hour series finale! Thank you NCIS and NCIS LA, you make my Tuesday nights.

  27. amy-lee says:

    As much as I love NCIS LA and I have been looking forward to maybe meeting Jack one day, I don’t want him to be Deeks 2.0 or a ‘shaggy dog’. I’m such a big Densi shipper, and I think i’d feel a little rejected if the only reason she likes (well lets face it, she lurves him)Deeks is because he reminds her of her ex? That would suck! We finally got somewhere in the season finale, you know until they decided to rip our little Densi hearts out of our chests! lol That would just be too much for me !!

    Still can’t wait for Season 5!

    • Alicia L. says:

      I’m actually hoping he is the exact opposite. It would make a lot of sense to me if she picked someone that reminded her of her father considering Jack was a Marine. And why would Jack be a shaggy dog, Marines are normally clean cut and have a high and tight (so I am assuming that is what he looked like when they were engaged). If he is shaggy it could be just how he is now.

      I would really like to see Jack appear just as Deeks is finally recovering the trauma of what happened in the season finale and interrupt their budding relationship just for some good drama.

      • Patricia says:

        I agree. I always imagined Jack as a total opposite of Deeks, also when it comes to physical appearance.

  28. prish says:

    The producers are going at the right speed for the Tiva thing. I was assuming they had bonded, years ago, but my husband was taken aback at the idea, just last year. He couldn’t see it, and was distressed at the creators ruining the show. However, he is seeing a slow, life normal development of a relationship, and is ok with it. So, I see the methodical, step by step approach is best to capture all the viewers. As far as Neal/Bae goes, my husband saw the headline, while walking by me, and said, “Of course Neal is going to be alive. This is a fairy tale. If it were real life, he would be dead, but this is a fairy tale.” For myself, I am glad they nailed the commitment between Neal and Emma, now, so we can move on to other stories. Kudos.

  29. mia says:

    I’d love some more Espo + Lanie stuff! More of Lanie and Kate hanging out too would be awesome. Of course we watch for Caskett, but it is an ensemble show and I love all the supporting characters. Having them grow and get screen time doesn’t hurt the main couple, it enhances it.

  30. Nas says:

    Gary Glasberg’s answer is depressing (and comes across as vaguely defensive IMO). Essentially the show has no guts to actually do something that would change the game so it continues treading water with ALL its characters. The only one who gets life changes is Palmer because he’s pretty much offscreen.
    They’re probably going to slap the two together in the last episode and no one is going to care. These people are adults, it’s been 8 years but they’re portrayed as teens who can’t make their own life decisions.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if the show wasn’t responsible for hyping the pairing so much this past season. If Glasberg’s grand plan for a big Tiva year was to cap it with a ‘friend’ discussion and rather lame forehead kiss, they need to dial their PR way back. They set expectations that things were happening and all of it ended up being vague and as inconclusive as usual. It made some fans feel like they were just being played. It feels like they’re playing games with the audience. Don’t hype it if you’re not going to deliver something meaningful. I know the characters are “closer” but really, how long is that going to last until they introduce the next lame conflict? I have zero trust in how they’re writing this story.
    TV Line recently asked if Tiva fans were cruelly being toyed with. It seems the answer is yes.

    • Dee says:

      ICAM. How can you trust a showrunner who proclaims they made “HUGE strides” which he then describes as a “LITTLE more open” and a “LITTLE more emotionally connected”??? Seriously?

  31. ana says:

    GG needs to remember that he has an equal number of fans who can’t stand the pairing. (It would be nice if Ausiello and company would also remember that as well and ask something that doesn’t include Tiva or Ziva)

    • SAM says:

      Uh, no, I think the number of people who want them together outnumber the people who don’t. By a lot. Of course both of those groups are outnumbered by the one’s who probably don’t care one way or another as long as the show remains a good one to watch. The numbers suggest they still like watching it.

    • Kathy Agel says:

      I think what you need to remember is that the majority of viewers of any show aren’t involved in fandom. They don’t visit websites like this one, they don’t post to forums, they don’t read or write fanfic, they don’t tweet, and they certainly don’t attend conventions. They may visit Facebook, but that’s it. But they’re the ones giving shows those high ratings — we active fans are a very small percentage of the actual viewing audience. And all of the mainstream viewers I’ve spoken to, either face to face or on Facebook, want Tony and Ziva to get together. You may not like that statement, but in my experience it’s true.

      • L. Burke says:

        I don’t know.

        I frequent many general TV websites that have nothing to do with the NCIS fandom and the Shippers vs Nonshippers seem to be spilt pretty evenly.

        Frankly this fan is more a Tony/Abby shipper herself. I always thought they were much more fun to watch on screen than Tony and Ziva. I miss seeing Tony and Abby hanging out on screen together.

        • sadfan says:

          I love the Tony/Abby relationship. Friends who respect each other mutually. I’ll take this friendship over a supposed “romance” where the female character disrespects, disses and coldly dismisses the male at every turn. How is that “love”? They write Tony as the chump who moons over and forgives Ziva as she treats him like gum on her shoe. Tiva fans try to whitewash Ziva’s every transgression by bashing Tony, but the facts stand. The Tiva fans inflated sense of entitlement has ruined this show for me.

        • Pauline says:

          I miss Tony and Abby too :(

  32. Buffygirl says:

    So happy Beauty & The Beast is coming back for a second season. The show has everything and I especially love the romantic moments between Catherine and Vincent. the cast has meshed and I agree with Jay that they have found their footing. Looking forward to things amping up in Season 2 like Jay said. Dying to find out about Cat’s biological father and how he factors into the story line. Didn’t see that coming Love Jay’s portrayal of the Beast – he’s a handsome one at that. Wonderful show and provides a great escape. So grateful for “B&B” being renewed.

  33. L. Burke says:

    Gary Glasberg’s answer made a lot of sense to me about them taking it slow.

    It being common sense and all.

    Technically Tony IS her superior. The only way they’d be able to get together is for one of them to leave the team.

    Dear Mr. Galsberg one request from a hard core fan?

    Could we *please* get a story line that’s not Gibbs or Mossad centered?

    For example it’s been a dangler dropped in numerous episodes that the Baltimore crime family Tony took down still wants him dead. (Remember its last mention in Frame Up?) It’s been stated in a couple of episodes if Tony ever lost the protection of his Federal Badge they’d be coming for him. Could you please address that in those ‘four months off” time line? Please? Maybe bring back a little of that super street smart Tony back?

    Thank you.

    • ana says:

      lol…not going to get that lucky L Burke…Tony is around now only for idiot comedy and to be in ziva’s shadow….
      at least until they get rid of the other 2 writers who focus only on her and her one – sided romance

      • L. Burke says:

        Yeah, I know.

        I read in another GG interview he ‘wasn’t sure yet’ what he was going to have the characters doing those four months.

        I almost threw something at my computer screen.

        It’ was a “Come on. Tony’s four months should be easy!! Running from the mob hit men (I believe Fornell said) would be after him in less than 24 hours if he ever lost his federal badge.” And you’d think having a mob hit out on your head might be one of those obstacles that might impede a development of a serious long term relationship and all.

      • SAM says:

        Ana, really — show a little faith. And a little objectivity. Tony has had more than a few episodes that have concentrated on him over the last few yeas and he will again. Chill.

  34. lisa says:

    It sounds like Castle is becoming a show I am going to watch less and less of. I watch it for Castle and Beckett and if the last episode was an indication of what is to come, I would rather not watch. The beginning of the season was good and then it seemed to have gone off track and became just difficult to understand and enjoy.
    It was fun show, witty and entertaining….now it is just confusing and depressing.

    • Susan says:

      I don’t think we watched the same season. While season 5 was not my favorite (season 3 gets that vote), it did offer several outstanding episodes. I even enjoyed “Still” ! I didn’t care for the final episode, and hope and pray that it turns out the job offer is a thinly disguised ploy by the Senator to cut Beckett off from her support system, but “After the Storm” and “The Wild Rover” were excellent.

  35. Gayle says:

    First, this guy Matt has a super awesome job! Who wouldn’t want all the upcoming dish? I have both wanted and feared this issue of Jack. I’d hate to Kensi hurt anymore, but closure would be nice. And man oh man, what is Deeks gonna do about that?! And in no way should they make him anything like Deeks. I’m all for conflict, but that would seem like too much turmoil for Kens. I think the thing we really like (at least I do) is that Deeks is supposedly such a departure for Kensi and that’s what makes their ‘ship so entertaining, complex, unknown, etc.

  36. Courtney says:

    Please tell me I am not the only Psych fan worried about them doing a musical Episode… I just don’t think it’ll work out as well as everyone hopes. I could be wrong, but as a long time fan I’m worried.

    • This won’t be the first musical episode…they did one a few seasons ago, I absolutely LOVED it…Hysterical, stupid(as Psych plays it), energetic, pun-ny & fun…I’m looking forward to this one…IIRC, this one is for HALLOWEEN.

  37. Lyla says:

    I’m so confused. People are still waiting for Tiva to happen? IMO, they’re waiting too long I’m so bored. Thumbs up for NCISLA who finally gave the viewers Densi kiss in season 4! Although now Kensi’s ex will be back. Oh, well. They love to torture us!!!!!!

  38. RichCsigs says:

    Dear Mr. Glasberg – No, not everyone is enjoying it. In fact, I down right hate it. I am sooooooo sick of the “will they/won’t they” crap with Tony & Ziva that I literally fast forward through their “intimate” scenes now. Either get them together or drop it totally! One or the other, I honestly don’t care which anymore. Just…. DO SOMETHING ALREADY! NCIS: LA did in 3 season what you have yet to do in 8! Poop or get off the pot as my mom used to say.

  39. Alicia L. says:

    TIva is not my reason for watching the show, but I do agree with the fans who want it to happen because it has taken to long. Either put them together or make it definitive that they won’t.

    GG needs to stop promising things that haven’t happened. My main question about Tiva not getting together is what is still in their way? I mean last season they had that episode where Gibbs saw how life would have been if Kate hadn’t died and she and Tony were together and married. Why would it take Tiva longer to get there?

  40. Eli says:

    FALLING SKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Rich Abey says:

    Wow I see some tough love from fellow Castle fans towards Esplaine. Sure they are not as important as Caskett but they do have their fan base too and are a vital element of the show. Its important to have bits and pieces (at the very least!) of elements not relating to Caskett to have regular air time as its the collective output that makes the show what it is and so sucessful. I personally love both Caskett and Esplaine and the latter certainly deserves some much needed spotlight. Plus it helps to refresh things up and maybe even improve ratings further.

  42. KyNcisFan says:

    Thanks for the NCIS spoiler! I am a Tiva fan & was a little discouraged at the way the season ended after all of the Tiva build-up/hype. I did still love the season overall & I’m excited to see where season 11 will take us assuming that CdP renews her contract.

  43. lame says:

    If Lanie has issues about commitment, why not have Javi start seening the cute video tech who’s appeared in a couple of episodes. Wasn’t it Lanie that told Beckett what she was in was a holding pattern? Time for self evaluation.

  44. lame says:

    Come on Andrew, start getting Gates more involved the each episode like Montgomery used to be. You’re waisting one hellava good actor.

  45. Sophia says:

    Why is Marlowe trying to make Castle more of a ensemble? That was the main problem in season 5. Supporting characters are important but as a C or D plot, Castle and Beckett should always be the main focus

    • Kim says:

      Yes! This! Why can’t make season 6 like season 3? playful, witty, full of castle/beckett moments. That’s the show i love

      • Marine says:

        But the other characters are still important (if less, they still have fans) and Marlowe wants to make everyone happy which is a good thing….If there is more of the other characters we all know there won’t be less Caskett/Beckett so relax…But Espo, Ryan, Lanie, Gates, Esplanie & other ships are in the show, it’s a fact, and it’s a good thing for their fans and for the wonderful actors portraying them, to get a little more to play with…Castle isn’t ALL about Caskett.

      • Krithika says:

        Oh, don’t even get me started on Season 3. That was the season which really introduced Castle to me and IMO it was the best season ever. Except for Josh and Gina, I loved every single episode, though every one of them filled with so much of angst and longing. I think that was the season where Kate and Rick finally started to sit up and take notice of each other. Almost every single episode was a wonderful balance of fun, mystery, romance and angst. True, it had its weak points as well, but it was truly amazing on so many levels. That season made me fall in love with Caskett. Season 5 was great in its own way, but I wish the episodes were a little more balanced. And as for the ensemble issue, Castle never was, and no matter how hard it tries, never will be an ensemble show. 2 or 3 episodes focussing on other characters is acceptable but anything more is gonna bring down ratings. And for God’s sake, Gates really needs more time on-screen in more episodes. She can never be Monty, but please atleast give the poor lady a chance.

        • Mary says:

          I agree, Season 3 is also my favourite! Don´t get me wrong, I loved season 5 and Castle and Beckett together as a couple!
          But in season 3, altough they were with other people, I feel that´s when the major development in their relationship happenned:)

  46. Daniel says:

    Yes I ship caskett but I dont primarily watch just for them i watch for everything so seeing some explanie scoop i like it I have missed their scenes togther and i cant wait to see where all them go in season 6

  47. RichieS says:

    Personally I’m ready for Castle to be re-titled ” The Molly Quinn Show ” (sigh)

  48. Doris says:

    The finale of Nashville was very upsetting to me! Please tell me that Deacon will stop drinking and that there are no fatalities in the car accident!!!!!

    • Tory says:

      And yet so many of my friends who don’t participate online and/or are casual viewers feel that the relationship is a distraction, there is little chemistry between the two actors, etc. it just depends upon who you know. Your friends and acquaintances are pro-Tiva and mine are not.

      I do agree,that in the beginning there was chemistry between MW and CdP, but that it has faded over the years. What might have been an organic relationship growing over time has faded,; now it is a forced and u comfortable relationship that is “told” rather than “shown.”

      In the case of Abby and McGee, this pair are shown to have a lot of interests in common and the possibility for more is always there. Except for a few rare times, the show hasn’t shoved it into everyone’s mouth that they belong together.

      Please, p,ease don’t think that just because all the people you know are Tiva fans that that is the majority out there. I believe that the numbers next season are going to drop big time. Too many angry fans on both sides, too much competition from new shows, and too much lazy writing that doesn’t look at the big picture or the logical consequences.

      I’ve been a fan for quite a few years and even I am surprised by the many voices raised in disappointment over the last few episodes of the season. Fans that pay attention and love the show are getting frustrated by the quality of,the writing squandered in the push to meet the demands for ROMANCE and soap opera. Soap operas are known for,their over the top dramas and illogical plot lines. NCIS shouldn’t be added,to that list also.

      • SAM says:

        Frankly, there were just as many people angry that they were not putting Tony and Ziva together in a relationship, and were coming up with yet another cheap excuse for not doing so by bringing up what happened with Adam. And I have also seen as many people say what you have about T & Z in regards to Abby and McGee. So there seems to be a variety of opinions on these subjects. As for the ratings of the last two episodes: 17.29 for “Double Blind” and 18.79 for “Damned If You Do….”. The members of fandom can argue about the quality for each of these episodes, but I dare say that TPTB for both the show and the network were quite happy and satisfied with the ratings that both episodes received. They won their timeslots hands down, and in the end, that’s what counts, as far they’re concerned.

        • Tory says:

          I believe I said that next season the ratings are likely to drop. Additionally, I said that fans of all sides of the arguments are unhappy and expressing their unhappiness on blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I’ve been surprised by the people who are complaining, because some of these people have maintained they would love the show no matter what.

          The viewership this season has ranged in the 16 million to 22 million numbers, with no consistent viewership really. I would’ve expected higher numbers for the season finale, but I think that the fans are getting mad.

          I’d like to point out that a large chunk of these numbers come from the live+7 viewing and not just the live viewing.

          Based upon my many years of being a fan of various shows, I suspect that this is the last big year for NCIS. Should the Tiva fans get the relationship they want, they will leave quickly. Love affairs are not as interesting as the lead up. In the meantime, I think many non-Tiva fans are getting frustrated and will start dropping away. The new shows coming out next year sound phenomenal. I might even watch one of them instead of NCIS. I don’t watch it live anymore as it is.

          My opinion is that when the show began to concentrate on the relationship so much that it took over the show, that was the real killer. I see some really great actors getting short-shrift to make room for the romance. It detracts from the show. Why couldn’t it have been done with more subtlety and less center of attention.

          I must say Sam that I’ve noticed you really answering a lot of people here and getting a little feisty with some of your answers. :)

  49. Nancy says:

    OMG, is Jensen leaving Supernatural? My friend and I were just talking about how Dean hasnt had much to do on the show lately. I hope it’s not true that Dean’s being phased out. He’s my favorite!

    • Paulette says:

      That’s weird, I thought Dean was being dropped from “Supernatural” too. I stopped watching the show a few months ago, since it looked like Dean wasn’t doing anything anymore. Thought I saw something on twitter about Jensen leaving too. Wasn’t Dean killed off in the finale? I’ve been looking for new series news for Jensen Ackles.

      • SueP says:

        Nope. He’s contracted for season 9. I agree, Dean had little to do in the horrible season 8 and I do hope they don’t make the same mistake twice. Another season of Limp!Sam and I may just forget about the show for good! Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve made the angels a focus for next season. I was hoping for less angels, more Winchesters, but I’m not holding my breath. Jensen will be back, I’m just not sure a lot of the longtime fans will be.

    • Mare says:

      You know, I was wondering the same thing!! The lack of writing for him in the second half of the season did feel like they were gradually phasing his character out. I thought maybe Jensen had decided to move on to other things and this was their way of reducing Dean’s role so the show wouldn’t suffer when Jensen was gone. Makes sense: the show has been set up perfectly to carry on with just Jared and Misha since both are the lead actors who are driving the main stories and are the focus of both stories. I was expecting an announcement after this season finale, especially with the insiders coming out and talking about how the writers just don’t think Jensen can handle a lead story (which I think is ridiculous but you never know with Hollywood!). Wherever he goes next, I will support him! He’s a fabulous actor and it’s just a shame that he doesn’t seem to get the respect and attention from the show that the other actors do. Maybe his next show!!!

      • Leeta says:

        I hope Jensen’s not going anywhere. A lot of people noticed how Dean wasn’t really involved in either the demon tablet or the angel storyline. I started to also wonder if something was going on, especially with all the Sam pimping. But it’s less likely Jensen’s leaving if he signed a contract so I’m hoping this was just a temporary sidelining that’ll be corrected next season.

        Haven’t heard anything about that “insider” stuff- my guess is that it’s a bunch of balarky some jealous fan made up. Because as mad as I get at the writers sometimes, I don’t think they’re complete morons. Anybody with eyeballs can see Jensen would totally rock as the lead in a storyline. He’s amazing! If Jensen really is being held back, it’s not because of lack of talent, popularity, or lack of professionalism. He’s got all those in spades.

        • barb says:

          jensen sign a contract for seasons 9 & 10 (if the show goes on 10 seasons of course). as a huge dean-jensen fan i’m really disapointed that they drop one more possible story arc for dean in s8 starting with purgatory & following with his pstd, badass hunter, mol, & trials possible arc passing it again to sam, based on the s8 finale season 9 propably will split between watch wrong with sam (again) & cas dealing with his issues (not spoiling cause don’t know if you watched the finale), which leaves dean without a story arc (again) just to babysit them both, so i’m not holding my breath for another season like that, as for jensen based on the purgatory scenes alone he can verry well handle a story arc by him self but they are obviously holding him back over & over again, so much for the show having 2 leads when they give the story arcs only to one from the beginning of the show (& they will continue doing it till the end). it’s a shame they treat jensen like that but what worries me the most is that the long exposure through the show, playing the same character for so many years with no other variations (like the other 2) & the fact that he does’nt have time to do anything else can mess his carrier really bad, no matter how talented he is. seen it happen before & the fact that he is in a genere show in a small channel does’nt exactly rises the possibility’s for him to get hired on something different afterwards, at least the other two actors had story arcs & variations to their characters, jensen almost have through purgatory & the pstd but they wore dropped after only 2 episodes, & don’t get me start on how many other possible story arcs were dropped from the beginning of the show. hell of a way to treat your lead. sure as h*** aint give a done abt the show anymore, i stick on supposrting jensen in every other way possible through polls, comments on possible parts he could take (if he was’nt attached to the damn show) & defend him when some so called fans attack him, that’s all i can do

  50. Lisa says:

    Castle is the reason I watch the show, the secondary characters are just that and should remain so…..unless folks are ready for the show to go away. I dislike the Esposito character the most on the show. I suspect if Marlow thought that too much Castle and Becket would tank the show, I am certain that taking away the focus from them will. I have never tuned in for the secondary characters of a show, it’s just not interesting enough.
    Catering a show to secondary “ships” is just stupid and indicative of a show runner who does not seem to know what he is doing.
    Is Marlow trying to kill the show? Perhaps they should bring back the really great writers of season one and season two….you know the good one who obviously left and took the humor and heart with it.