Grey's Finale Sneak Peeks: As the Superstorm Rages, Mer's 'Intense' Childbirth Begins....

Oh, baby! With a superstorm sweeping through Seattle in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale this Thursday, there is no shortage of drama to be found.

Explaining her decision to shift gears, scrap her original finale plan and brew up a storm, show boss Shonda Rhimes tells TVLine, “I always really like us to set ourselves up at the end of the season so that we’re in a place where we’re reinventing the show and starting fresh. So I came to the realization that we’re going to get complacent if we did what we were going to do. So we decided to do something different.”

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Rhimes notes that her finale vision always involved a storm of some magnitude, but “the stakes of what happen to certain people definitely weren’t going to play out the way that they do now.” Including but not limited to an “intense” childbirth scenario for Meredith (get more scoop here).

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As seen in this three-pack of video sneak peeks from the episode, Meredith’s ready to deliver, but labors to buy time until proper help can arrive — cue her person Cristina with distracting prattle… Arizona coaches her troops to help other makers of baby humans feel calm amid the mayhem, only to get flustered herself by Lauren’s offer of help… and Callie and Bailey lay witness to an event that’s sure to flood the ER.

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  1. Norwegian-Girl says:

    I SWEAR that if aaaaanything happens to either Derek, Meredith or the baby – I’m totally quitting the show. Seriously!

    • Donna D. says:

      That’s exactly what I said last week when I saw the preview.

      • Fren says:

        I am quite sure the baby will be fine.I don’t think Shonda would put him in danger. I am definitely more worried about Meredith and Derek.

    • Carmen lucia says:

      Esperamos um final feliz,para todos que prestigiaram os episódios de Grey´s Anatomy até agora,e que vcs possam a dar continuidade a essa série,que e muito apaixonante…obrigada a todos que tiveram o carinho e a dedicação de publicar cada post e mensagem,e alegrar as nossas vidas…Parabéns a todos do elenco,diretores,etc…bjs. Carmen

    • Olivia says:

      They’ll be fine! Matthew is dead for sure, though.

    • vveera says:

      I have been saying that since George died, that if anything happens to my favorite characters, I’ll quit… But somehow I just can’t do it, Shonda keeps me so locked that I just can’t stop watching :D And obviously something always happens to them, but still, here I am :D

  2. Lo says:

    So much for a quiet introspective season finale

    • Addie says:

      I feel like those finales are really underrated. Sometimes it’s totally fine to not have a BIG GIANT, WHO WILL LIVE/DIE!!!!!!” event. Sometimes it’s nice to just end a season with everything clam and everyone (fairly) happy.

      • Addie says:


      • Lo says:

        Totally. There can be internal conflict and drama (i.e Callie cheating, April and Avery, Owen still wanting kids), without a plane crash, superstorm, crazy shooter, etc. It is now starting to border on the ridiculous. After losing Lex and Mark last year, I would have loved for a simple finale this year… alas, it was not to be :(

        • Ninna says:

          Completely agree. It just doesn’t impact the same way as before. Nothing shocks anymore!
          I’d prefer a quiet but meaningfull finale. Which could be equally heartbreaking if well written.

  3. Soopah-Soopah-Soopah says:

    Dat Bus.

  4. Jessica says:

    Meredith, Derek and the baby!!! Can’t wait.

  5. Jpdx says:

    Not one doctor grabbed a fire extinguisher before they run out towards a bus on fire? lol.

  6. SJ says:

    Yeah… because when a van is on fire and is about to explode, the logical thing you do is, you run TOWARDS the fire. This show is so ridiculous at times…

  7. shred05 says:

    Oh Matthew is sooo dead!

    • I hate spammers says:

      It would be terribly cliché if that happened, especially since he just proposed, but I’m guessing that it’s inevitable…

  8. Ted says:

    OMG this will a be good episode can’t wait to see it, hoping that Arizona didn’t go all the way with Lauren.

    • Lauren says:

      It doesn’t really matter if she did or didn’t, she kissed her, she locked the door, she cheated. Callie was cheated on by George, there’s no way her character would tolerate any sort of cheating again. When she finds out, they’re done.

      Side note: it annoys me when characters on TV have the same name as me and they’re a villain. Rargh. There never seems to be any nice Laurens on television.

      • Ninna says:

        Poor Lauren. LOL
        Don’t give up just yet.

        But it’s true, that Lauren is a good piece of human garbbage as the Owen’s slut was/is. And as the garbbage they’re I expect they get treated adequatelly and tossed into the trash bin.

  9. Ashleah Youn says:

    Welp it looks like April’s new engagement will be short-lived. He’s totally going to bite the dust helping someone, and Jackson will be there to pick up the pieces.

    • Laura says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Unless Jackson is the one who gets hurt during the rescue and April realizes how close she was to losing him and dumps Mathew. I don’t care how it happens- I just want Japril back together!

    • L* says:

      I really hope not! I like Matthew a lot, i think he would be the best for April.. Plus, it would be a lot too much like the Danny-Izzie-Alex storyline..

  10. Tia says:

    Oh, Meredith is hilarious. Better nothing happens to the baby. This is what I’m looking forward for.

    April’s fiance is so going to bite it, and we’ll have next season like s3 with Izzie. Ehh

    • Addie says:

      Yeah, I’m picturing a scene that mirrors the S2 finale- Jackson will probably lift April off Matthew’s dead body. Be careful April, you might end up with cancer 3 years from now!

  11. nitemar says:

    Bitchy Arizona and pissed Lauren. Hmm..maybe there are Calzona gods after all. <3<3

  12. justme says:

    Damn. Is Owen gonna die!?

    • Jessica says:

      The focus of if Cristina talked to him or not, could be foreshadowing that he’s the one who’s life is hanging as a cliff.

  13. Mareesa says:

    Please keep Arizona & Lauren together……

  14. martina says:

    OMG matt is so dead, i could’t imagine anything different. i hope the best for MerDer and the baby, if anything happens to the baby i will not watch this show anymore!

  15. hege88 says:

    I do hope nothing happens to Matt, though i’m afraid that it will happen something to him. Trying to be all “hero”. And then April will be heartbroken like the whole season 10? No, no, no.. She’s supposed to be happy with Jackson!

  16. Tania says:

    I’m putting it out there – it will be Cristina in jeopardy. It’ll be Owen’s wake up call; he’ll finally realize that a dream of having kids is not worth losing the reality of what he has with Cristina. Owen has a really romanticized vision of parenting. Cristina in jeopardy will finally make him come to his senses.

  17. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I just can’t buy that a superstorm would hit Puget Sound. A superstorm is a cyclone. I realize there are a few historical records of cyclones hitting the Northwest, but they are so incredibly rare and infrequent and are usually not very strong in intensity compared to the type of superstorms that hit the Northeast. Plus, you know, whenever Seattleites get news that a big rainstorm is coming, they just blink at you and say “And?” Even when the rivers are expected to reach flood stage (which is all the time), they don’t take it too seriously. They just go put the sand bags out and keep an eye on it. I can’t really suspend my disbelief on this one. Stupid Grey’s.

    • UKD says:

      Have you watched this show EVER??? Seriously, Izzie talked to ghosts, 85 doctors have died in some type of fashion and that’s the least of the doctors’ troubles. Questioning the legitimacy of a cyclone hitting the Northwest makes me laugh.

      • rowan77 says:

        Britta’s got a point. There were always real-world reasons for the deaths on the show and even Izzy’s ghost (loved Denny, hated the ghost-lover storyline) was caused by tumors pressing on her brain. For some people in the know, this is a little too far-fetched, because, scientifically speaking, it can’t actually happen. I’ll watch anyway because I love a good disaster on a TV show (as opposed to real life where it’s something to avoid when at all possible).

    • rowan77 says:

      A hurricane is classified as a tropical cyclone. Hurricane Sandy last year was considered a Superstorm because of the immense damage. As for Seattle, the waters in the Pacific are too cold for a hurricane to manifest, let alone a Superstorm. Even with global warming, it’s still to cold. Perhaps they should have done some research and called it a Supercell storm, which is a massive thunderstorm with winds that creates a great deal of damage, but is not a cyclone.

    • Loni says:

      My thoughts exactly Britta. I grew up in Seattle and we had an occasional bad windstorm or freezing rain, but nothing ‘superstorm’-esque. I now live in Houston and have seen a couple hurricanes and those are definitely superstorms. So yes, I agree, completely implausible and ridiculous.

  18. BingeWatcher RI says:

    Is anyone paying attention Owen has to Die!!! I like Owen and it will be lousy to lose him too but its a must and for the Greater good especially if Greys has only one Season left. Bailey MUST BE CHIEF!!! If Bailey doesn’t become Chief then the whole Series was pointless.

  19. luli says:

    What does Cristina say at the beginning of the clip???