Fall TV Preview

Fox Fall Schedule Revealed: Bones to Fridays, New Girl Snags 'Super' Slot, The Following Held

Fox Fall Schedule 2013No Bones about it: Booth and Brennan are on the move. New Girl‘s Nick and Jess, meanwhile, scored the most coveted timeslot in all of TV.

Fox on Monday announced its official schedule for the 2013-14 TV season, and herewith are the biggest headlines: After launching its ninth season in its regular Monday/8 pm timelsot, Bones will relocate to Fridays at 8 pm in late fall (after the World Series); a special episode of New Girl (in addition to one of Fox’s freshman comedies) will air after the network’s telecast of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014; at midseason Glee will hand over its Thursday-at-9/8c timelost to the Greg Kinnear legal drama Rake (Glee will resume its fifth season in late spring and run through June); and M. Night Shyamalan’s event series Wayward Pines (starring Matt Dillon) will launch in 2014.

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Elsewhere, a limited series reboot of 24 is set to launch next May, J.J. Abrams’ new post-apocalyptic cop drama Almost Human will assume Bones‘ Monday perch post-baseball, where it will lead into fellow rookie drama Sleepy Hollow (The Following will reclaim the 9/8c slot at midseason).

On tap for midseason, in addition to American Idol and The Following: New series Gang Related, Surviving Jack, Us & Them and Murder Police.

Fox has not yet decided the fate of The Cleveland Show.

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All told, the Fox schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8/7c Bones (fall)/ALMOST HUMAN (late fall)
9 pm SLEEPY HOLLOW (fall)/ The Following (midseason)

8 pm DADS
9 pm New Girl
9:30 pm The Mindy Project

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8 pm The X Factor (fall)/American Idol (midseason)

8 pm The X Factor Results (fall)/American Idol results (midseason)
9 pm Glee (fall)/RAKE (midseason)

8 pm JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (fall)/Bones (late fall)
9 pm Sleepy Hollow encores (fall)/Raising Hope and ENLISTED (late fall)

7 pm Fox Sports Saturday

8 pm The Simpsons
8:30 pm Bob’s Burgers
9 pm Family Guy
9: 30 American Dad

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Ben and Kate, The Mob Doctor, Fringe and Touch

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  1. Goku says:

    So, does it mean that Glee will have shortened season 5?

    • alex says:

      no it means it’ll take a break from december to march

    • Raven says:

      No, there was another article a few days ago that said Glee is expected to carry over into the summer season a little bit.
      But like others have said I’d much rather have one long hiatus than have every other week. That was so annoying and was making me loose interest in the story.
      Of course this season was kinda meh overall. I like the music but there was just so much going on that made no sense.

    • Tv junkE says:

      There splitting up season 5 it’s going to start in early fall and play out to midseason then come back in the spring and roll into summer

  2. kirads09 says:

    Well, The Following is the only Fox show I watch anymore, so sadly I have a longer wait.
    Why the delay until midseason?

    • iMember says:

      So they can run it straight through without any breaks in between.

      • kirads09 says:

        Now that makes it worth the wait.

        • Maria says:

          Agreed. I always liked the way they did that with 24 and it’s worked well with The Following this year too.

      • Raven says:

        I prefer when shows do that. Lost did that the last couple seasons too. it was so nice not to have the long hiatus.
        I wish all shows did that. One set of shows from Sep – Dec, another set from Jan – May, and then the summer set from May-Sep. Give or take a few weeks so they can get their 24 eps.

        • Kate Moehn says:

          You know when a show moves to Friday night, it’s a death sentence! Bones! I love Glee! I agree with the person that said Sept thru November, take a month break for December, come back mid Jan thru May! That would be ideal! Viewers lose interest when there is too much of a gap!

    • Because it is only 15 episodes, same as this year. It doesn’t have enough episodes to stretch it out over the whole season. Besides, this way, they only will miss a couple days for special episodes.

      However, I think since they aren’t coming back until mid-season, The Following should be the first episode of the Following. Can you imagine the huge increase in viewers for the new season?! Same thing they did for 24 and House. The comedies will not have the same retention of viewers as a strong drama. Nobody cares about these comedies anymore.

    • Dizzle says:

      Part of Kevin Bacon’s deal to appear on the show is that 15 episodes is all they do a year. There’s a similar deal in place with Greg Kinnear for their new show, Rake (hence it not bowing until midseason either, despite rave reviews)

  3. Charlie says:

    Ew the Mindy project on Tuesday the fudge?

    That show is unfunny and horrible

    It deserves to be on Friday instead of raising hope

  4. Elyse says:

    Starting a new show off on Fridays is never good. Hopefully enlisted can handle it.

  5. badpenny says:

    Thank god for Bones. That Monday slot against ABC’s and CBS’s dancing/singing competitions was murder. Now I finally have a reason to turn on the TV on Friday. :)

    • badpenny says:

      Oops, I meant to type ABC’s and NBC’s.

    • Speak for yourself, I don’t like those reality shows, so my mondays are gonna suck!

      • TV Gord says:

        I believe badpenny was speaking for his/herself, and she/he didn’t say anything about liking reality shows, so what’s with the snark?

      • badpenny says:

        My point was that the people watching those reality shows were really biting into Bones’ ratings. Putting Bones on a night without reality show competition is good for its rating as people won’t tivo it while watching one of the reality shows. That Monday time slot is killer.

        • Jeff says:

          Actually, Fridays are known as the Death time slot for shows – I guess Fox figures that the show’s been on long enough.

          • TV Gord says:

            Maybe they’re trying to change that. A Friday time slot hasn’t hurt Blue Bloods, which is entering its fourth season. Fringe went on much longer than the ratings warranted (thankfully), because it was moved to Fridays, where expectations are lower. Don’t count Fridays out yet.

            Now, if they moved it to Saturdays….

    • Lally says:

      I agree with you.

  6. chelsea says:

    Wait is Glee only getting 13 episodes or we going to have to wait like 4 months for it to come back!

    • alex says:

      THR says it’ll be returning in the spring

      • O'Brien says:

        I just read that, and from the sound of things, it sounds A LOT like S1 – that ran into June, and it was really kind of fun to have it to look forward to in the “off” season.

    • O'Brien says:

      Until we get an episode order number, I would go ahead and assume they’re getting a half season order, and that’s it? But then that’s a half season with the World Series in the middle of it…WTF, Fox. W. T. F?

      If it is a half season in the fall, then a big hiatus, and then something like the Season 1 “back nine” scenario, I actually think that could be pretty cool, considering that we’ve got to finish up the school year. If spring episodes picked up after the end of the school year, it could work. But I suppose we’re going to have to wait for clarification!

  7. Bones on Friday?! Not cool! That’s just as good as a death sentence. :(

    • Jenn says:

      I totally agree. Friday slots are where shows go to die. That’s what happened to Fringe.

    • Dizzle says:

      Fox desperately needs a new drama hit (The Following only runs for half a year, and Glee has dropped sharply), so something had to move to Fridays. Bones is a reliable performer but it is definitely closer to the end of it’s run than the start, better to move it to a less competitive night where it will provide decent ratings, and free up a weeknight timeslot so they can try and launch a new hit show.

    • Brooke says:

      Bones is older but reliable. I’m not surprised or alarmed by a move to Friday. At this point in its wonderfully long life, it will be ending sooner than later due to the actors not wanting to sign new contracts or the network deciding that it’s too expensive to pay what the actors want. That seems to be the case with most long running shows like this.

    • Angela says:

      no it’s not, it aired on Friday’s about two season’s ago.

      • Lisa says:

        Angela, Bones has never aired on a Friday before this new schedule.

        • Sg. Grant says:

          She is probably thinking of The Finder.

          Bones used to air on Thursday, back before Glee was there, and before Fox overstuffed their fall schedule with the some old singing competition.

        • Sg. Grant says:

          She is probably thinking of The Finder.

          Bones used to be on Thursday night, back before Fox aired Glee there with the same old reality singing competition in the fall. Fox needs to dump X Factor and get some quality programming in the lineup.

    • SueK says:

      OK Bones fans just take a deep breath and think this out. The thought that Friday is a “death slot” becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, only if the fans allow it be. Bones fans have followed the show all over the map from day one. There is no reason to believe that they won’t watch the show anymore just because it is on Fridays. So my question is, would stop watching your favorite show just because it moved? If so, then we have different concepts of what it means to be a fan. As for Fringe, it held the Friday slot for at least 2 years and did quite well there. No reason to think that Bones won’t do the same or better.

      • Lisa says:

        It only becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy is Nielsen families stop watching. It doesn’t really matter what anybody else does-including loud, on-line fans which in the grand scheme of things represent a very small number.

        • SueK says:

          One would have to assume that the same proportion of Nielsen families would or would not watch in Fridays as the general viewing audience.

          • Lisa says:

            I’m making no such assumption. Thankfully, SD+3 DVR #’s are now seriously considered by the networks view of ratings because even true fans of Bones go out on Friday nights.

    • Raven says:

      I think it’s a death sentance for shows that don’t have a strong fanbase. But Bones has a very strong base like Fringe did so I think it will do okay on Fridays. But personally I don’t think it will go much longer just because I’m sure the cast would like new projects at this point. I’m not saying I want it to end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

    • Joe says:

      If you can’t figure out a dvr you’re probably too old and out of the demo anyway. I’ll be watching Bones on Monday where it belongs.

  8. MrChalky says:

    This might be the worst scheduling ever. fall / late fall? Who’s the brain that came up with that. Only new series I was looking foward is Us & Them and it’s midseason.

  9. Mel says:

    I am confused. So, is Glee only doing half a season next year? I find that funny, as the Fox execs admit they messed up royally with the scheduling of Glee this year with so many hiatuses. Why sign a show to two more seasons if you aren’t going to give a full 22 episodes

    • Shorter seasons lead to better stories. Look at the Following and all the USA shows. They are much better and written tighter, because they don’t have draaaaaaawwwwwww ittttttttt ouuuuuuuuttttttt so much.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        The Following was much better than Glee? The writing was equally terrible this year, but at least Glee has made known over the years that cheesy stories and terrible writing was part of the charm. The Following is just a bunch of inept FBI agents *almost* getting the bad guy every single episode, and a “let’s shockingly kill off every character” fest. X)

        • Jay says:

          Watching paint dry is better than Glee! The Following wasn’t perfect, but at least it was fun to watch. Enough said!

    • Kevin says:

      I’m assuming they’ll do what they did during the first season and just have one extremely long hiatus

    • Hurding Katz says:

      Fox is saying that Glee season 5 is a “full” season, split between fall 2013 and late spring/early summer 2014. They say there’ll be a “creative twist” contained within the early-spring section of the season

      The show has also be picked up for a 6th season, but there’s no word on the number of episodes in that season (See Fringe’s final-season order, for example.)

      Glee season 4 ended before the school-year ended. Until then, seasons and school years ran together, so there are stories that have not be completed.

      At today’s upfront presentation, when asked if the 2-season order meant the show was on “a march to its end,” there was no comment, only silence from Fox.

      Overall, Fox said that it’s moving away from 20- to 22-episode show, and into 12-, 15-, 17-episode series. The network is also moving back to the way it used to work, with shows starting and ending at different times, rather than defined Fall and Mid-season startups.

  10. keith flemming says:

    Fox hasn’t had major success since 24 went off the air and that goes for nbc and Abc

  11. Boiler says:

    This seems to be an idiotic schedule. I hope Glee is not only 13 episodes. I was hoping that the end of the current school year would be the first half and then start whatever they would do after that after hiatus. Bones on Friday? You all should have some tough questions from all the networks this week

    • anne says:

      I was hoping the current school year would finish in 5 episodes, not 13. Most people don’t care about the high school stories anymore.

  12. Ethel says:

    Moving both Bones and Raising Hope to Friday nights??? I think FOX has a plan and it is not good a good one for viewers.

  13. Karen says:

    Bones on a friday you may have jusm ade that move a death sentence

  14. keith flemming says:

    Fox hasn’t had Stellar success since 24

  15. Sal says:

    Where is Raising Hope? I thought I had read that it had been renewed.

  16. Everyone should relax about the move to Fridays. It has been the death slot for many shows, but I think this is their plan to try and draw viewers to Fridays. Right now, ABC DOMINATES the night with Shark Tank, I think this is Fox trying to say “Hey, look over here, a good scripted drama, not reality schlock.”

  17. Rita says:

    Every other show that will take over Bones’ slot is going to fail.. Especially a new show. I don’t understand why they thought it was going to be a good idea. Bones has been moved countless times and here they are with a 9th season. This show is the only steady drama Fox has and they keep treating their audience like crap.
    At least David Boreanaz had the decency to inform the fans on Twitter before it was official.

    • bgeesfan says:

      Welcome to a Supernatural fan’s world!!!

    • timesquaretang says:

      Bones is the only decent show on FOX right now, along with the following. I feel like FOX has been abusing Bones these past few years, and uses it to promote new shows.

  18. Esaul says:

    If the ratings don’t hold up on Friday’s, this could be the last season for Bones (and Raising Hope maybe).

  19. ES says:

    Raising Hope deserves better than this. Comedies haven’t done well on Fridays since TGIF. I am hoping than it will move back quickly to Tursday.

  20. Sue B says:

    That’s smart to divide up Glee. That gives Ryan, etal time to wrap up New New Directions, send anyone they like to NYC (Blaine, maybe Artie, etc.), and then focus on NYC in the late spring, The ratings have been terrible for Glee, so this seems like the only way to do it. (Not sure why it got a two-season pick-up, though.)

    • Raven says:

      yeah I really shocked it was picked up for 2 seasons. Ryan Murphy must have given a helluva sales pitch.
      I agree with you. I like the split. I hope they just wrap up McKinley during the first half and then just move the whole thing to NYC. It would be easy to move Blaine, Artie and even Mercedes there (now that she’s basically producing herself).

  21. Nina says:

    I’m hoping this means that they’re wrapping up McKinley in the fall and focusing on stories and characters that people actually want to see in NY during the spring eps. Glee is a sinking ship so Fox had to do something different. I like this change.

  22. kandee says:

    Why is Friday the death slot? The X Files did just fine on Fridays for many years.

    • Jay says:

      The X Files was on Friday for 3 years. It was on Sunday for 6 years. Every show that has ever tried to replace it has died a miserable death. That is why Friday is the death slot!

  23. tara17 says:

    Raising Hope on Friday?

  24. Diana C. says:

    I find it funny How everyone says Friday is a death sentence when I was younger I remember when ABC was for Friday comedies and NBC had Saturday comedies some people day want to watch TV.

    • Yes, but back then people stayed in with family on Friday & Saturday nights to watch those comedies. I don’t know many people who stay in on those night anymore, and they certainly aren’t watching TV if they do.

  25. Saif Salman says:

    Raising Hope anybody? Where is it?

  26. Michael says:

    I will try ALMOST HUMAN and SLEEPY HOLLOW ( as long as they don’t interfere with my Monday SyFy, ABCFam, and other interests – THE FOLLOWING, CARRIE DIARIES, DEFIANCE, LOST GIRL, SWITCHED AT BIRTH, BLACKLIST); else no interest in Fox programing. Excepted, I DVR NASCAR. Thank Fox for hosting…

    • Mikael says:

      I had to watch The Following’s reruns on Saturday nights because it kept interfering with Being Human on SyFy. It’ll probably be the same this year, but Sleepy Hollow shouldn’t have any competition for me.

  27. Maybe Bones moving to Friday will keep it on the air and not be bumped for sport shows or whatever comes along on Fox. As long as Bones stays in the top 10 we have a chance for renewal hopefully. You never know about networks.

  28. Jaime04 says:

    I love seeing Glee from Sept-Dec, then back from Mar-June! Better that last season, too many short breaks!
    Hopefully Dec will end in graduation and the remainder season will be in NY!!!

    • Raven says:

      Oh yes I love this theory. I agree with you, all the mini hiatuses were so annoying. 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 1 week on, 4 weeks off, ect. Ugg

      But it would be cool if they split it like you said. The first part can be split like this season but then just move the whole thing to NYC.

  29. Mark says:

    Looks like Bones and Mindy will continue to be my only Fox programming. I might DVR Brooklyn Nine-Nine just to see if it’s any good, but it “feels” like the kind of thing that’ll be cancelled after a season.

  30. How come Fox left out the new drama series Gang Related from the schedule?

  31. Mandy says:

    Glad to see Glee is taking one big break this year… Those stupid short breaks drove me absolutely insane this year.

  32. Andy says:

    “Bones” moving to Friday isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is closer to its grave than its birth, but it will die after this season (or maybe it’ll get a tenth and final season, if it gets super lucky). “Fringe” barely survived on Fridays and that had a serious cult following. A lot of people like “Bones,” but it’s not a cult show.

    Also, Fox must not have their hopes too high for “Almost Human” or “Sleepy Hollow.” Putting two brand-new shows back-to-back on Mondays without a lead-in, against things like “The Voice” and presumably “Dancing with the Stars” and CBS’ comedy block? That’s a “we wanted these on the schedule because they tested well, but we don’t think they’re that good” if I’ve ever seen one.

  33. Maryann says:

    Good for Bones something to watch on a Friday night, since CSI New York is being taking off the air.

  34. I thought that The Flintstones was supposed to be revived this season.

  35. Mrs. Peele says:

    Bones on Friday – that’s different. I have watched it from the beginning, but I seriously think that Bones may be winding down. Just a feeling I have. Bones and Booth have a child; Angela and Hodges have a child; Cam has a boyfriend; things just seem to be getting neatly ‘tied up’ for maybe a Bones/Booth wedding finale. As soon as they get rid of Pelant and his story line which is really stretching beyond all imagination! Let’s end that and move on.

  36. Mare says:

    The bones being moved to Friday reminds me of when the CW moved Supernatural to Fridays for ’10-11 season. They may have been trying to put a horse out to pasture but all they did was make the ratings better.
    Same with Grimm, I thought for sure the move to Friday’s was going to kill it. Turns out it was one of a handful of shows that year that got renewed by NBC.
    Bones has a strong following, so it’d do good. These reality shows might not work, so its very likely Bones will end up being a lead-in to a different show like Rake or the new JJ Abrams show.

  37. GK says:

    Almost Human, Wayward Pines and Sleepy Hollow seem to be the ones I’ll follow on FOX next season.

  38. Hammy says:

    YAY for New Girl!!! Awesome!!

  39. Leslie says:

    Stop trying to get rid of Bones. Don’t screw around with them just because they’re going into season 9. I will watch Bones until the end of time, regardless of when it airs, so don’t try and push it out before it’s really done. And Fox better promote the hell out of it. Such disrespectful slackers.

  40. Missy Kelly says:

    Where is Raising Hope? I thought that was renewed?

  41. Vivian James says:

    I think many of us fans were so disgusted with the ridiculous powers the writers have given to Pelant that BONES is starting to seem like a reality show. Let’s get rid of him so the fans can see more of the rest of the excellent cast

    • John says:

      Yes they did crank the supervillain superpowers wattage up way too high on him. And his blocking the engagement was just too soap opera.

    • A says:

      I like Pelant and enjoy that he’s so powerful and messing with them. Our favorite Jeffersonian staff/awesome FBI agent have been a little too comfortable this past season. Dare I say completely boring at times and when he shows up everything changes. I really don’t understand why so many people are pissed and saying he’s taking over the show. He only appeared in like 3 episodes last and 2 episodes the season before. Not very much. I think the cast is heightened during his presence. The episodes with him in it tend to be more interesting and there is a sense of urgency spread out through the episodes. They become fast paced and interesting with action and drama. Seeing as how this is probably the final season (especially considering this move to Fridays), I personally am gonna enjoy seeing him mess with them a little more and watching him ultimately make several mistakes that will lead them to eventually take him down and who knows they may probably end the show with a Bones/Booth wedding series finale!

  42. James says:

    i figured as much about Bones moving to the death spot. Almost human i will definitely check out and maybe Rake cuz i love Greg Kinnear. is it me or does their schedule look unusually thin? i know they have a bunch of mid-season stuff but still. good news for new girl. and Jack Baur is back to pimp-smack some terrorists which is always a good thing.

  43. LuLu says:

    Bones has survived the writer strike, the time slot changes (during mid season), time changes, the long hiatus because of sports, competition with reality tv shows, under promotion from FOX (especially about the time and date changes) and yes a pregnancy from their female star, yet Bones has survived. This move to Friday will make it official that Bones will air on every weekday. From the schedule it seems it will air like 4 to 5 episodes on Monday to help promote the new show then move to Friday nights. If this is truly the last year for Bones why not give it the same respect like they did to HOUSE and let it finish is 9 year run on Monday nights. I am just done with watching anything new on FOX and when Bones finishes its run and all my FOX tv watching will be on Hulu or Netflix until the shows I do watch are over. I did the same thing with ABC and NBC so FOX your next on my list of no new shows watching.

    Season 1 – Tuesday (8PM) then Wednesday (8PM)
    Season 2 – Wednesday (8PM)
    Season 3 – Tuesday (8PM) then Monday (8 PM)
    Season 4 – Wednesday (8PM) then Thursday (8PM)
    Season 5 – Thursday (8PM)
    Season 6 – Thursday (8PM) then Thursday (9PM)
    Season 7 – Thursday (9 PM) then Thursday (8PM) then Monday (8PM)
    Season 8 – Monday (8PM)

    • lshepard47 says:

      Thanks for posting that so people can really see how horribly fox has treated Bones all throughout the entire series I was so happy that the show was able to handle all of that I just wish they could let it stay on the same spot for season 9 and 10 (cause I still believe that s10 will happen) as season 8 was on. I’m so tired of the constant move to Friday threats and now it seems more of a promise then a threat this time. I just don’t understand why they plan to move the show to Fridays when it has proved to be a strong show with a strong following they should just let the show stay on Monday nights and your post especially showing all the moves they gave the show makes me lose all respect I had for the network and after Bones and New Girl end I will be joining you in not watching the network anymore.

    • Dana says:

      Everyone I know has stopped watching Bones and it’s not because we don’t know when it’s on, sorry. If you still like it, I don’t see why you want FOX to cancel it on Monday instead of seeing if it can survive on Friday. Also unless you’re a Neilsen house, you’re actually helping FOX more by watching their shows on Hulu than you would live.

  44. nikki says:

    WTF???? Where the frick is Raising Hope?

  45. Chablis says:

    @nicki look at the fricking schedule – late fall.

  46. ggny says:

    random ass spot for Raising Hope. But it might work

  47. Midori says:

    $50 says Bones never moves to Fridays. This is about the 3rd time they have said it will move to Fridays and never has.

  48. Raising Hope is now in the Dead Zone. :( That is one of my favorite shows! Lets just hope the lead in from Bones gives them a good bump.

  49. TV Critic says:

    The show that could give Bones a death knell: Marvel’s Agents of The S.H.I.E.L.D

    More clear as there is really a strong hit on any of the major networks.

  50. cjeffery7 says:

    Bones to friday half way through the season? that won’t be confusing at all. and poor Raising Hope. i love it, but i think we all know what premiering on Friday means for what is essentially a niche show.