Fall TV Preview

Fox's Top Exec Confirms 24 Reboot Set for May 2014; Plus -- Scoop on Glee's Season 5 'Twist'

24 ReturningFox has officially restarted the clock on 24.

Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed Monday during a conference call with reporters that the seminal Kiefer Sutherland thriller will be revived in May 2014 as a limited series event titled 24: Live Another Day.

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“[It’s] 24 compressed over 12 weeks,” explained Reilly. “It will go chronologically over the day, but it will skip hours. It will be dictated by the plot.”

The idea for the TV continuation came after the long-gestating 24 movie was deemed unworkable. “[The producers realized that] 24 compressed into two hours is not 24,” said Reilly. The limited series conceit “is the perfect form[at]” because it’s essentially the original 24 minus 12 hours of filler. “The spine of the original 24 episodes was about 12 hours,” Reilly pointed out. “Those were when the big events occurred, and then there were little events and connective tissue in between. So [we’re] taking the best 12 [of the 24].”

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Other highlights from the Reilly presser:

* As TVLine reported early MondayGlee will take a midseason break before returning in late spring with what Reilly called a “creative twist.” Season 5 will then spill over into the summer.

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* Contrary to reports of a complete panel overhaul, Reilly would only confirm that one current American Idol judge won’t be back next season: Randy Jackson. Beyond that, no decisions have been made about the panel (although he did hint that a return to the three-judge setup is “likely.”) “The format, more than anything, will have a few fresh twists next year” giving the show a fresh “jolt” in the wake of this season’s ratings woes.

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  1. Jason says:

    Is this as a 1 time deal only, like in place of the movie, or will it be something they bring back in this format for a couple years etc?

    • Ratings may determine that.

    • skytzo425 says:

      I guarantee you if the ratings are high FOX will do whatever it takes to continue 24. In this day and age where these shows seem to get cancelled as quickly as ever, if 24 proves to be the giant it was before there’s no way FOX is going to let it get away again.


        • alex says:

          You can watch season 8 on Netflix nm

        • John says:

          I have all seasons with the exception of a 2 hr program b4 next season started,I’d watch as well as buy 20 24 seasons,an as far as saying it wouldn’t work in the movies they could make it work even a 3 hr movie an add sequels like rambo,rocky,sex an the city never say it can’t work an you keep stupid shows on an take 24 off which was more superior

  2. dee123 says:

    Please only bring Chloe back. I don’t wanna have to buy a new TV and if i see Kim on my screen i will throw the thing closest thing near me at it!!!

  3. Timmy Bauer says:

    I would like to see Audrey, just to give their relationship a proper ending. Chloe is mandatory!

  4. cb says:

    I don’t like how they are going to miss hours that’s not 24 but I guess if it gets it back on tv then good. I was sad when the ended it so I hope it’s back for a few seasons.

  5. Brooke says:

    Might depend on the ratings?

    • Brooke says:

      Well, that was supposed to be a reply to the first comment but now I’m floating out here talking to myself.

  6. Julio says:

    Give us Chloe. And if she dies, we riot.

  7. Daniel says:

    I would like a confirmation on Logan’s fate. Also, I would love to see Tim again; he was one of the better characters introduced towards the end of the series.

  8. Autumn says:

    I’d like to see Tony so they can fix his character. The show was ruined for me after that.

  9. Wording – is it a reboot or a revival?

  10. TV Critic says:

    This will likely be a “x” night event throughout May. Some two hours long.

    Total of 6 episodes will be made.

    • Emily says:

      Hmmm… I like that. It worked for Torchwood: Children of Earth. Paring it down, focusing the story and airing it quickly did that show a world of good.

  11. Derek Johnson says:

    Not sure I like the whole “skipping hours” idea. Just do it for 12 consecutive hours and call it 24. And by the by, everyone said the 24 movie script was great after Mark Bomback polished it. This is just Fox’s way of paying up to Kiefer Sutherland, with some underwriting from Netflix.

    Better this than Kiefer Sutherland ends up doing something like Touch, which wasn’t 24 but tried to be. I’m on board.

  12. TV Gord says:

    It’s not a reboot. A reboot is something that re-does the concept of the show with an entirely new cast (Hawaii Five-0, Battlestar Galactica, the new Ironside, the latest Star Trek movies). 24 is merely a continuation of the series, just as Dallas and Arrested Development are.

    • I think we’re defining our terms with unnecessary rigidness here. While this is not a continuity reboot like Hawaii Five-O or a complete production reboot like Doctor Who, the transition from out of production to in production in a retooled format can technically be referred as a reboot of the series and not to be confused with the term ‘remake’ that Hawaii Five-O can also be labeled with. Serenity can be referred to as a reboot of Firefly. I don’t know what you’re supposed to call these new in-continuity but still a remake Star Trek movies, though. Overrated?

      • TV Gord says:

        “Reboot” is synonymous with “restart”, as in rebooting a computer. You can’t arbitrarily re-define words. If you could, why not call it “Ralph”? (Incidentally, the new Star Trek movies are a reboot of the original Star Trek series.

        • MelindaB says:

          “…why not call it ‘Ralph’?”

          Bwahahaha! Once again proving why you’re one of my favorite commenters on the web, Gord. :)

        • Len says:

          Words constantly change. Language is fluid.

          At one point there wasn’t even such a word as reboot.

          • TV Gord says:

            Yes, yes, I hear that argument all the time, but the fact remains there is no dictionary where ‘reboot’ has a new or different definition, so until that happens, reboot mean reboot.

        • I know what reboot means. When you reboot your computer, is it in the same state as it was when it was brand new? Do you have all new hardware components inside suddenly? Do you have Windows8 when you had XP before rebooting? No. Hence, differentiation with additional terms, like ‘continuity’ like I already said. 24’s production ended, now it’s starting. Again. Starting again. You can even go so far as saying restarting. But that doesn’t make it a continuity reboot. You seem to be making this distinction that all reboots are continuity reboots when they’re most definitely not. And the new Star Trek movies are within the same pre-existing continuity that all the previous shows and films were a part of but on a different timeline. It would just be a simple remake if they didn’t have the time travel plot involving the original Spock.

  13. MLO says:

    Kiefer Sutherland and a gun make me happy.

  14. Pat says:

    Wish it was coming back on a more permanent basis but I’ll take what I can get. This show is like the air that I breathe!! And I agree with others who have said Chloe MUST be brought back.

  15. Ron says:

    This is great news! Will the original players be back? I especially want to see Chloe back!

  16. EJ says:

    I wonder where the location (s) will be. The “skipping hours” format would work very well if it was set in various European locales.

  17. Matt says:

    It will be the same tired 24 crap that made the last few seasons unwatchable.

  18. TV Critic says:

    The last time we saw Chole, she was taken away by the Feds.

    NOTE: Scene only part of the deleted cut.

  19. James says:

    great to see its coming back even if its a strange set up and a one time thing. Chloe will definitely be back you can’t have the show without her. i wonder if they will have it in the states or pay the money to have it done over sees Jack Baur in Russia would be pretty cool.

  20. Jim Lengell says:

    I think another great “event” would be to bring back the X-Files as a way to close out the alien mythology story. They’ve been trying to get a third movie made but it seems to be going nowhere. Perhaps this would be the way to go.

  21. Dannie says:

    Glee’s “creative twist” = First half at McKinley, Second half in NYC.

    • SylwekG says:

      I hope it will be first half at McKinlay and NYC, then second half only in NYC. I don’t really care about the newbies so much to enjoy the half of the season mostly about them, especially now, when Brittany is gone.

    • MelindaB says:

      I was thinking that the “creative twist” would be continuity and decent scripts. :P

      • Sela says:

        I don’t think that will ever happen again. Season 4 was an example of that. And if Reilly thinks that the core fans like season 4, he’s not in the loop of information. I like the idea of few hiatuses during fall and spring. Just 1 big 1. Dec to April hiatus. But if the fall is just McKinley which I can’t stand, then I will start in April to watch Glee. I don’t care about graduation or Nationals. But what are intra-mini arcs? Anything like season 4. 5mins of NY to 55min of Lima. Season 5 will be as bad as season 4. I won’t believe anything Glee says til it airs.

  22. Bring back Chloe O’ Brian and Tony Almeida for the 24 reboot next May.

  23. When last we saw Jack in 24, he was on the run and Chloe gave him a head start before she would send CTU forces after him. They’d have to resolve that as Jack has been hunted down by CTU many times during the show.

  24. I KNOW this will spark angry replies but I was hoping FOX would COMPLETELY reboot 24 by having another agent go through the hours and letting Kiefer executive produce. Just reboot the the characters and agency and local and start over.

  25. Jules says:


  26. Alley says:

    I hope the original characters come back! I hate it when they change them up. Please keep Chloe, she was great!

  27. Alia says:

    This show is OVER, it’s stupid to make a reboot of 24. Fox if you want to revive a tv show make it with Firefly.

    • MelindaB says:

      I loved Firefly too, but many of the actors are on other shows. As much as I would love to see it on the air, I just don’t think that it’s possible right now. And although it’s gained even more of a following since it left the air, it makes sense to revive something with proven ratings.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Yawn @ Firefly.

      I’ve loved almost everything Joss Whedon has touched… except Firefly. No idea why so many people enjoy such a slow, boring show. X)

  28. sladewilson says:

    Jack and Chloe. Resolve the hunting Jack issue and give Jack a newbie to work in the field with so Kiefer can turn the reins over to them. Then lets get to hunting some baddies!!!!

  29. Krethgar says:

    LOL. Reilly has practically dismissed half of the show.

  30. Sheila says:

    Am I missing the scoop on Glee? Is it merely that someone has deemed it “creative”? Has the meaning of scoop changed?

  31. octopus says:

    Hopefully the creative twist with Glee is that it will make sense and be good again

  32. J says:

    I need 24 back in my life. This show is so good and is so missed! I am glad it’s returning to TV, even if it’s limited.

    I bet ratings will go high for its return.

  33. Don J says:

    Here’s Mary Lynn’s comment from twitter:

    mary lynn rajskub ‏@rajskub 17m
    I love you twitter people I promise to tell you if/when I hear about ‘Chloe’ on 24. . Let’s ‘Live Another Day’

  34. Don J says:

    Also, on the season 8 DVD there was a special extra scene where Chloe got arrested for helping Jack escape. I wonder if that will be addressed if she’s included.

  35. Shawn says:

    LOVE the idea of 24 being back. I basically don’t watch TV anymore, but this is one show I’ll definitely watch.

    It was wise to take some time off, as the show, as great as it was, was getting redundant and tired, but I think they will now find that most the audience is ready to have it back.

    I agree with other suggestions. Do a full season or two with Jack, and then transition to a younger agent.

  36. IMHO says:

    I hate these huge gaps mid season. Can’t we just have a new episode each week (except holiday weeks though these can be scheduled around if you try) and when they are all done, show something else. The something else could always be a repeat of an earlier season so no real expense involved. Okay, I know it is just me. Oh, and scrap the silly sweeps months and just see how a show does across the whole season, it isn’t as if the execs don’t have data coming out of their whatevers. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :-)

  37. Babygate says:

    How I have missed Jack Bauer. Please say that Chloe will be back as well. Getting excited just thinking about it. Damn it Chloe!

  38. Babygate says:

    Glee S5 will be spilling into the summer? I kind of like that idea. It would help lessen the void left my so many shows going on hiatus. Now, if only the news involved getting rid of Lima once and for all, it would be perfect. I kind of feel bad for Heather Morris. I think that her crying during the finale was real, not acted. I think she realizes that she may be gone for good and that’s got to sting. It’s almost like getting penalized for being pregnant.

  39. DavidSask says:

    Am happy for the shows return and if its successful leave the ending opening so it can return if wanted. Glee so glad there is huge break as the interruptions before in show were awful and alienating fans, and the show itself has jumped shark so late spring summer perfect for second half!!!

  40. Cat says:

    Dammit, twelve hours is not enough time!

  41. diane says:

    Please bring back Chloe. Her and Jack make the show

  42. Linda Lawrence says:


  43. Jack S says:

    Best tv news I’ve heard in a long time! I have a renewed withdrawal and will be having a few 24 marathons to ease the pain of the long wait for May to roll around. Welcome back Jack!

    X-files can definitely ride this format on my screen as well!

  44. William Rosa, Jr. says:

    One of the BEST show in T.V. history and trust me there have been great ones. BUT Tony is a must and not as a bad guy

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  46. Blabla says:

    Revive Nina and Steven Sanders. <3

  47. arlander says:

    I have all 8 of 24s and cant wait for the next 1also when is it going on sale so I can get it for my collection

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  49. Jan Perkins says:

    Please have 24 next year – it is the best!!

  50. Negotiate a contract with “24” Stars & bring it back annually, this Fall.