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Fox's Top Exec Confirms 24 Reboot Set for May 2014; Plus -- Scoop on Glee's Season 5 'Twist'

24 ReturningFox has officially restarted the clock on 24.

Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed Monday during a conference call with reporters that the seminal Kiefer Sutherland thriller will be revived in May 2014 as a limited series event titled 24: Live Another Day.

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“[It’s] 24 compressed over 12 weeks,” explained Reilly. “It will go chronologically over the day, but it will skip hours. It will be dictated by the plot.”

The idea for the TV continuation came after the long-gestating 24 movie was deemed unworkable. “[The producers realized that] 24 compressed into two hours is not 24,” said Reilly. The limited series conceit “is the perfect form[at]” because it’s essentially the original 24 minus 12 hours of filler. “The spine of the original 24 episodes was about 12 hours,” Reilly pointed out. “Those were when the big events occurred, and then there were little events and connective tissue in between. So [we’re] taking the best 12 [of the 24].”

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Other highlights from the Reilly presser:

* As TVLine reported early MondayGlee will take a midseason break before returning in late spring with what Reilly called a “creative twist.” Season 5 will then spill over into the summer.

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* Contrary to reports of a complete panel overhaul, Reilly would only confirm that one current American Idol judge won’t be back next season: Randy Jackson. Beyond that, no decisions have been made about the panel (although he did hint that a return to the three-judge setup is “likely.”) “The format, more than anything, will have a few fresh twists next year” giving the show a fresh “jolt” in the wake of this season’s ratings woes.